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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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In the book of doomsday Scrobye is only a berue (or hamlet) of Sudton, the archbishop of Yorkes manor.

(fn. 1) William de Melton arch-bishop of York, 17 E: 2, had free warren in Southwell, Lanum, Scroby, Askham, Sutton and Plumtree.

(fn. 2) William Whorwood, 37 H: 8, claimed for the king against Robert arch-bishop of York the manors of Scrobye, Raveneskeld, Lanome, Askham, Sutton, and the North Soke, and twenty mess. twenty tofts, ten dovecotes, twenty gardens, one thousand acres of land, five hundred of meadow, five hundred of pasture, five hundred of wood, one thousand of furz and heath, and 20l. rent, and passage over Trent, and several fishing and free warren in the said manors, with the appurtenances in Scrobye, Ravenskeld, Lanome, Askham, Sutton, North Soke, Calff Holme, Bownyng, Dunwardewynge, Westwode, Hayton, Clareburgh, Tylne, Everton, Scafteworth, Welholme, Bole, Whetle, Cavome, Everton, Carr and Carr, except the advowsons of the hospital of St. John in Notyngham, and of the colledge of Sybthorpe, the rectory of Kenalton, and the advowson of the church of the vicarage of Kynalton, the advowson of Carleton in Lyndrick, and except the advowson of the chapel of St. Mary in Southwell, also except the advowson of the church of Barton in the Beanes, with the appurtenances.

Here, within memory, stood a very fair palace, a far greater house of receit, and a better seat for provision than Southwell' and had attending to it the North Soke, consisting of very many towns thereabouts: it hath a fair park belonging to it. Archbishop Sandes caused it to be demised to his son sir Samuel Sands, since which the house hath been demolished almost to the ground The church (a fair one too, if not ruinous) is appropriated to the arch-bishoprick of York. Mr. Francis Saundes is the present tenant.

(fn. 3) The freeholders in Scroby cum Ranskill towns 1612, are thus set down, John Ashetone, Richard Torre, William Thorpe, Anthony Denton, Stephen Welles, Thomas Hudson, Symon Bucks, James Lawe, William Smith, — Fitz-Williams, gent. Thomas Crumwell of Sutton upon Lound, Robert Smith.

[Throsby] Scrooby.

The land contains 1546 acres, enclosed in 1775. Lord of the manor, the archbishop of York. Impropriator, — Cavendish, esq. The tithes, in this field, both to him and the vicar, are settled in land. The soil is sandy. The principal owners are the Arch-bishop of York, whose land is on lease of lives to Pemberton Miles, esq: 426 acres, and Richard Acklom, esq; who possesses 456 acres. Other proprietors are R. Miles, esq; Mr. Goadby, and others, chiefly copvhold, fines small and certain.

The village stands on the side of the high road to Doncaster, about 2 miles from Bawtry.

Patron, the duke of Portland. Rev. John Eyre, V. (See SUTTON.)


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