Gourton, Bleseby, Noetown and Gibsmere

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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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Gourton, Bleresby, and Noretown, I suppose, were involved in Suthwell, in doomsday book, wherein is shown that Raph Fitz Hubert had in Gipesmare, and Mortun, land rated to the geld or tax at one car. three bov. of the Soc of Sudwelle, which land was three carucats and an half, and both before the conquest, and at the time of making that survey in the latter part of the Conquerours reign also was valued at 28s. This the lords of Annesley held, and it descended as in Moreton may be seen.

Robert de Burstall, knight, gave to William, son of William, of (Car) Coleston, with Ales his daughter, 6s. 6d. rent in the town of Gouerton, (fn. 1) to be received of John, son of Hugh de Gouerton, and his heirs, the sum of 4. and of John, son of Albert, 2s. 6d. which the said William, and Ales after him, gave to the priory of Thurgarton, and the said sir Robert de Burstall confirmed. And also gave one bovat of arable, with meadow in the fields, and meadows of Gouerton, and Bleseby, and all his meadow in Smething, and a tost in Bleseby, and another bovat in the said fields and meadows, and confirmed several lands given to maintain the fabrick of the church of Thurgarton: as for example, one wong, with the head-land upon Brerum, lying between land of the chaplain of Bleseby, on the west, and the land of Henry, son of Robert de Gipesmere, on the east, which Thomas, son of Alan de Gouerton, sold to William de Blitheworth, for five marks, who gave it for the soul of Robert de Oxon, canon of Southwell, all or most of which John, son of the said sir Robert de Burstall, also confirmed. There were many other parcels in this territory given to the said fabrick. Dru, son of John, son of Richard de Gipesmere, gave five selions, which his father had given before. John, son of Hugh de Gouerton, gave an acre of meadow in Smething, and Richard, called the Cementar, son of Hugh de Gourton, three selions, and an head-land, and the like, which John, son of Robert de Burstal, confirmed also, to the said fabrick, lying all in the fields of Gouerton and Bleseby.

By a fine, 13 E. 2. (fn. 2) Robert de Burstall, of Birton, passed the manor of Bleseby to John de Crumbewell; and by another fine 14 E. 2. (fn. 3) it was settled on Richard de Crumbewell, and the heirs of his body, for want whereof it was to revert to the said John de Crumbewell, and his heirs. Alice, who had been the wife of Robert de Cressover, then held the said manor, for term of her life. In the time of E. 3. it was Raph de Crumwells, as in Baseford may be noted. Maud, the cousin and heir of Raph lord Crumbewell, widow of Robert lord Willoughby, levied a fine, 21 E. 4. (fn. 4) of the manor of Bleseby, with the appurtenances, and of two mess. four tosts, one hundred acres of land, twenty of meadow, sixty of pasture, and 29s. rent, with the appurtenances in Bleseby, Gourton, and Gippesmere, to William Hastings, knight, William Chauntry, dean of the colledge of the Nework at Leycester, William Moton, esq; William Grimmesby, esquire, Robert Moine, clark, and Thomas Kebeell, whereby the premises were settled on her the said Maud for life, and then to revert to the said William, William, William, &c. and the heirs of William Chauntry.— This came from the family of Hastings, as in Lambley may be discerned, to Will. Willoughby, of Woollaton, and is now the inheritance of the marquess of Dorchester, purchased I suppose, by his father Robert, earl of Kingston.

There was a fine levied 20 E. 3. (fn. 5) between John, son of Thomas de Sireston, and Margaret his wife, quer. by William de Batheley, keeper or guardian of the said Margaret, and Thomas de Sireston, and Amicia his wife, (mentioned in Sireston) deforcients, of two mess. one bovat, and five acres of land, fifteen acres of meadow, and 7d. rent, in Bleseby, Gourton, and Gipfmer, whereby they were settled on the said John and Margaret, and the heirs of their bodies, remainder to Thomas and Amicia, and the heirs of Thomas.

Galfr. de Staunton, at the assizes at Nott. 31 E. 3. (fn. 6) recovered his seisin of two mess. 12 bovats of land, fourty eight acres of meadow, eight of pasture, and 26s. 8d. rent in Bleseby, Gouerton, and Gippesmere, and Thomas Alweys was amerced. The jury, 32 E. 3. (fn. 7) found that William de Staunton had an estate in two mess. 240 acres of land, and 48 of meadow, and 40s. rent in Gouerton, Bleseby, and Gibsmere, for the life of John Alewys, according to a writing dated at Gouerton, 27 E. 3. which lands were held of the arch-bishop of Yorke, by the service of 16l. per annum, and three appearances yearly at his court of Southwell.

I find no mention of Noetown, and therefore suppose it only some houses which are parcel of some of these hamlets.

(fn. 8) In the year of our Lord 1612. Bleasby, with Gibsmere, and Gourton, had these for owners, viz. The lady Arbella twenty-nine oxgangs, William Cooper, esquire, five oxgangs and an half, Michael Grundy, of Thurgarton, twenty six oxgangs, William More five oxgangs and an half, William Ferryman, of Goreton, four oxgangs, Richard Wightman, gent. a wind-mill, the bayliff of East Retford, seven oxgangs, and John North, of Lowdham, two crofts. Mr. John Grundy is now resident at Bleseby.

(fn. 9) The vicarage of Bleisby was seven marks. 'Tis now 4l. value in the king's books, and the chapter of Southwell hath the patronage.

[Throsby] Gourton, Blaseby, Noetown and Gibsmere.

The land, in this place, is in the hands of a number of proprietors. At Bleasby there is a small vicarage dedicated to St. Mary. Here is also a good old mansion house, formerly inhabited by families of note.

Chapter of Southwell Propr. and Patron. Incumbent, —. King's book, 4l. os. od. Clear yearly value, 17l. 12s. 0d. Syn. & Prox. null. Archiepisc. 3s. Val. per ann. in mans. cum. 2 oxgang. ter 13s. 4d: catag. 7s. clos. voc. Bulting 2s. clos. voc. Cromwell 2s. in decim. Hesilford-ferry, &c.


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