City of Norwich, chapter 42: Middle Wimer ward

An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 4, the History of the City and County of Norwich, Part II. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1806.

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Francis Blomefield, 'City of Norwich, chapter 42: Middle Wimer ward', in An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 4, the History of the City and County of Norwich, Part II( London, 1806), British History Online [accessed 13 July 2024].

Francis Blomefield, 'City of Norwich, chapter 42: Middle Wimer ward', in An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 4, the History of the City and County of Norwich, Part II( London, 1806), British History Online, accessed July 13, 2024,

Francis Blomefield. "City of Norwich, chapter 42: Middle Wimer ward". An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 4, the History of the City and County of Norwich, Part II. (London, 1806), , British History Online. Web. 13 July 2024.

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Contains the several parishes of St. John of Madder Market, Holy Cross, St. Andrew, St. Christopher, and St. Michael at the Pleas: and first of

(87) St. John Baptist's Church in Madder-Market

Took this distinguishing appellation from the market held on its north part, for the sale of madder or [maedderre] a plant much used in dying. This church is a good flint-stone building, having a nave, two isles, and two porches covered with lead, a north vestry tiled, and a square tower and six bells.

This church is as ancient as most in the city, being founded before the Confessor's survey, and was originally dedicated to the Holy Trinity and St. John Baptist, the patronage of it was in 12 burgesses, by whom it is most likely to have been built; it seems the Conqueror seized it and gave it to the Bishop, (fn. 1) from whose family it afterwards came to the Giffards, and Walter Giffard Earl of Buckingham, the third of that name, who died about 1402, confirmed to the priory and monks of St. Faith at Newington Longavile in Buckinghamshire, which was a cell to the alien abbey of St. Faith at Longaville in Normandy. (fn. 2) The church of the Holy Trinity and St. John at Norwich, and a pension of 6s. 8d. per annum was paid out of it, to the Prior of Newington Longaville; and with the revenues of that priory it was seized and remained in the Crown many years, in right thereof, and so continued till King Henry VI. granted it to Winchester or New College in Oxford, where the patronage remains at this day.

It is sometimes called St. John at Pottersgate, was valued at 5 marks, and taxed at 20s. and paid 3d. synodals. It stands in the King's Books at 7l. 10s. 2d. ob. and was sworn of the clear yearly value of 13s. 9d. ob. q. and so being discharged, was augmented by the commissioners of Queen Anne's bounty in 1714. Dr. Prideaux places the arbitrary contributions at 24l. and the whole is now worth about 40l. per annum.



1303, Peter de Weston.

1332, Rog. at Cross of Weston.

1361, Tho. Christmesse, who was buried in the church in 1385.


1385, John Creton.

1386, Rob. Longham, buried here in 1404.

John Alderford.

1419, Sir Ric. Kellow.

1420, Sir John Caton.

1421, Sir John Colwich.

1426, Will. Colyns.

1427, John Dyra, buried in the chancel in 1450.

John Parlet.


1450 Wil. Bowle, LL. B. he died rector.

1456, Wistan Browne, A. M. resigned.

1458, Will. Bafyn, who is buried here, with this on a brass plate,

Orate pro anima Domini Willi: Bafyn nuper Rectoris istius Crrlesie qui obiit Mense Junii Ao Dni. moCCCColxviio, cuius anime propicietur deus Amen.

1467, John Dade or Dod, LL. B. resigned.

1482, John Crisp.

1488, Tho. Audeley.

1497, John Elmham by lapse, resigned.

1503, John Baker, died rector.

1518, John Fremantell.

1523, Will. Sallet.

1570, Ric. Bourne.

1598, Will. Batho.

1604, Henry Byrd.

1611, Rob. Fisher.

1612, Rob. Murden.

1613, John Forster.

1614, Will. Stinnet.

Mr. Bradford.

Ric. Hughes, died rector.

1677, James le Franc.

1689, Will. Adamson, who lies buried in the middle of the chancel, under a stone having two brass plates thus inscribed,
1. Under the South Side of this Stone lyeth William Adamson, Rector of this Parish 18 Years, he died Oct. 15, A. D. 1707, aged 77 Years.

2. And under his Coffin lyeth Mary his wife, who died Dec. 29, 1706, aged 72 years.

On the same stone, P. M. S. Ex Variolis defunctorum, A. D. 1714, Tantum non semel, at simul, hoc inhumantur in uno, Quatuor heu! Fiski, marmore herè, nefas: Invida mors ridet, sed deridetur ab illis, Qui per eum vivunt, [EIS TON AIONA AMIN]

This stone hath also lost an ancient effigies, inscription, and arms.

1708, Samuel Jones,
1724, Charles Leaver, on Jones's death; he held it united to Reedham, and is buried in this chancel.

1727, 21 Dec. the Rev. John Francis, LL. D. the present [1745] rector, on Leaver's death, who holds it united to Morley in Norfolk.

The religious concerned here were, the Prior of St. Olave, who was taxed for his temporals at 2s. 8d. the Prior of Hickling at 4s. the Prior of Norwich at 1l. 5s. 8d. the Prioress of Carrow at 1s. 6d. and the dean of the chapel in the Fields at 1s. 6d.

Persons buried here for whom I find no memorials, are, 1472, Agnes Wife of Ralf Segrym merchant, in the church by her husband, and gave a silver chalice and censer. 1501, Hamon Claxton, merchant and alderman. 1504, Tho. Bowde clerk buried in the alley at the west end of the steeple, in the churchyard. 1505, Joan Marlburgh widow, buried in the church, and settled a stipend for a priest to sing a certain time for her in our Ladie's chapel here.

In 1563, on the 7th of Feb. at night, in the Duke's palace in this parish, died the virtuous Lady Margaret Duches of Norfolk (fn. 3) daughter of the Lord Audley, second wife to Thomas Duke of Norfolk, who was beheaded by Queen Elizabeth, and was solemnly buried on the north side of the choir of this church, on the 18th of Feb. the singing men, priests, and dean, went before in the procession; then the mayor and aldermen, then the chaplains and almoner to the deceased; then followed the Bishop, steward, treasurer, and comptroller, with white staves in their hands, and hoods on their shoulders; then the great banner of arms of that noble family; then Rouge Dragon Pursevaunt; then Norroy King at Arms, and Garter King at Arms; then the corpse born by six gentlemen, and at the four corners, four assistants, and with them four bearing banners; and over the corpse a canopy of black velvet born by 4 gentlemen; then came the Countess of Surrey, the chief mourner, supported by two gentle women, her train born by Mrs. Catherine Howard, who was supported by Sir Nic. le Strange, Knt. Chamberlain; then followed 8 ladies mourners, with their hoods on their shoulders; then her Grace's gentlewomen in black, followed by all the yeomen, ushers, gentlewomen, servants, and dependents, belonging to the family.

Being seated in the church, when they offered, the chief mourner offered first, with the 3 officers of arms with her, then the 8 mourners and assistants, then the gentlewomen 2 and 2, then the steward, then the mayor, aldermen, &c. the Bishop performing the service.

In 1542, Rob. Blickling, Esq. who was buried in St. Mary's church in Carhowe priory, gave 40l. towards new leading and roofing this church, and a whole vestment of cloth of gold; and ordered inscriptions to be put on the marbles in this church, lying over Isabel formerly wife of Simon Blickling, his grandfather, and Roger Blickling, their son, and Anne, his wife.

There are memorials remaining here for,
John Marsham, who built the corner house over against the Duke's palace on the west side of St. John's-street; in the windows of which are the arms of

Marsham, arg. crusuly fitché sab. a lion passant gul. between two bendlets az. each with three croslets or.

And gul. a fess between three hedge-hogs arg.

There is a shield of the five wounds with, Jesus est Amor Meus. and the grocers arms, with Da michi Bratiam. and this,

Spend mell, and Hi from fli from Sinn Kepe mell, and com to Hehyn. In omni opere memento finis.

By his will, which is in Regr. Briggs, fo. 167, he made Eliz. his wife, (fn. 4) and James Marsham his brother, executors, and gave 10l. towards the New Mills, on mending the common stathe; his own and wife's effigies, as also five sons and eight daughters, remain on his stone in the south isle, but all the arms are lost except the grocers, and a fess between three hedgehogs. He was ancestor of the Marshams of Stratton Strawless in Norfolk.

Of your Charye pray for the Soulles of John Marsham, sometyme Maire of this Cittie of Normiche, t Clizabeth his Wyffe, myiche John deceassed the xiij Day of May in the Year of our Lord Hod Mo Vc. xxv, on mhose Soulles and all Cristen Soulles, Jesu habe Merry, Amen.

Memento Nomo, quia Morieris.

On the same plate, on the side next the stone, is this, as appeared when it was pulled off, it being now loose in the vestry,

Charitable Pepyl that shall lore upon this Ston, Nabe John Marsham in Remembrance of your Charite, Mayer of this Cyte sumtyme mas his Person, and the xiii Day of May that departed he, And A Mo vc. and xxv C rist Yeres nnointed: for Eliz. his wife of your Charite pray, that in the feyth Catholich from this morld departed, In the yer of Crist m. vc. Ye shall not lost your charitable Dcvocion, XII. Carqinals have graunted you xiic Dayes of Pardon.

On a brass on a stone by the altar having the effigies of the man and his two wives,

Orate pro animabus Thome Caus, nuper Civis et Aldermanni Norwici, et bis maioris eiusoem Cibitatis, Johanne et Helene Urorum eius, qui quidem Johannes ab hac luce migrabit xxiiio die Sept. Ao Dni: 1560 et pro quibus idem Thomas orare tenetur, quorum animabus propicietur deus Amen.

God have merry upon the Soule of John Todenham and Johne his Wyff for here lyeth he buried.

His effigies remain, and on a label is this,
God yat sittyth in Trinite, On the Soule of John Todenham have Merry et Pite.

On a stone on the south side of the altar, are the effigies of a man and woman, between them, the city arms, and lower, the mercers; at his feet John Cerri, at her feet Lettys Terri. out of his mouth on a label, Miserere, and from her's, Nostri. Over their heads,

Deyote Crystene Peple desioruse to knowe, Mhose Body resterh under thys stone so lowe, Of John Terry marchant, the tyme bys Lyf ledde Mayr et Alderman (fn. 5) of thys Cyte in dede, Uertunse in lyvynge, to the Comonwelth profyghtable, And to Ryght t Conscyence ever conformable, The same to preserve, ande also to ayde, And eyke to be mayntenede, cc l. have payd: Among the Cytizens, in Lone for ey to remayne, Therewyth for a Tyme to easse ther Nede t Payne. And over that cc l. to purchase Lande or Fec, To comfort t releve por Fowks at necessyte, When herafter yt chauncyth the Ryngs Tasks to be layde, The Rentts of the same for them to be payde, For the wyche Dedis, Gode that ys but one, Ertend his Pety upon the same John, Wyche thys World departyde in January the fyrste Day, And hys Sowle in Marry to have that beste may, The Yere of owre Lorde God moccccco xx and fowre, The Trynyte his Sowle kepe from all Delowr.

In the chancel,
Here lieth buried the Body of master Nicholas Sutherton, latte Mayer and Alderman of this Worschipfull Cite, whiche the nerte yere after that he was Mayer, discessid out of this transeitorie Lyfe, that was the yere of our Lord 1540, the x Day of Nob. On whose Soule say yow, Jesu have Merry, For as he is so schall ye be.

Sotherton, arg. a fess, in chief two crescents gul. impaling Hetherset, az. a lion rampant guardant or.

In the nave,

Orate pro anima Johannis Wade.

On a stone by the font,
Hic iacet Walterus Moneslee et Isabella Uror eius qui quldem Walterus obiit xxo die Mensis Novembris Ao. Dni: mccccoxii quo- rum animabus propicietur deus Amen.

Orate pro anima Johannis Martyn, cuius anime propirietur deus Amen.

In the south isle in St. Mary's chapel, on a very large stone, two effigies remain, all the rest being lost, except a modern brass for Ric. Scottowe, alderman, and Mary his wife, daughter of Alderman John Sotherton, who had two sons and three daughters, he died 26 Feb. 1616, she 18 Nov. 1619.

There is a stone in this isle, having the portraitures of a man and a woman; from his mouth, Pater de Delis deus miserere nobis. From her's, Filli Fiedemtor Mundi deus miserere nobis. At each corner a coat, viz. a chevron ingrailed between three mullets, and the mercers arms.

From the four sons mouths, Deus proicius esto animabus parentum nostrorum. The daughters are pulled off, a label as that before, remains,
Of your Charytie pray for the Soules of Robarte Rugge Es- quier, somtime Alderman, and twyse Mayer of this worshipfull Citie of Norwich, and Elizabeth his Wyffe, which had Issue betwyrt them fine Sonnes t three Daughters, and the said Rob. Rugge departed this trancitory life the xviii Daye of Februarie in the yeare of our Lord God 1558, of whose Soules say you, JESU have merrye Amen.

Of your Charite pray for the Soule of Elizabeth Wright, we- dowe, John Watts t Alyng Wright sumtyme Hosbunds of the said Elizabet, on whose Souls God have Merry.

Francis Sonne of Ric. Skottowe Alderman, deceased 22, Oct. 1618.

In the north isle, on a large stone having two effigies, in All-Saints chapel at the east end.

Jesu Merry. Lady Helpe.

Hic iaret Ricardus Host nuper Cibis et Alderman' Civitatis Norwici qui obiit xxiiio die Mens. Aug. Ao Dui: Moccccolxviio. et Elena uror sua, que obiit viio die Mens. Augusti, Aoccccolxxiii, quorum animabus propicietur deus Amen.

In the chancel, on the north side of the altar,

Orate pro anima Johanne nuper Uroris Thome Caus, que obiit ultimo die Septembris Ao Dni. Moccccolxxxvo, cuius anime pro- picietur deus Amen

Two effigies in the chancel on the north side of the altar.

A mural monument at the east end of the chancel on the south side of the altar having the effigies of a man and woman, three sons and five daughters; arms over them are,
Layer, per pale arg. and sab. a unicorn passant, between two croslets counterchanged. Over the woman arg. a lion rampant gul. a ragged staff in bend or.

Quarterly, Layer and arg. on a bend gul. three Catherinewheels or.

PAX. VANITAS. GLORIA. LABOR. represented by four persons.

Christopherum Layer gestantem pectora Christum, Cæsareos-que Animos, Justitiâque Numam, Juridicaque Toga, Fabium, rigidisque Catonem Moribus, hæc gelidi marmoris Urna tegit. Qui ter vicenos et ter tres viderat annos, Cum sua Telluri Membra tegenda daret, Annis Magnus erat, sed multo Major honore, Nam bis Norwici maximus urbe fuit. Quinas cui peperit natas charissima conjux, Tresque mares, Viduo moesta relicta Thoro, At binæ periere satæ, Patrique superstes, Unicus hic posuit Filius hunc Tumulum. Obijt 19 Junij 1600, illa 23° Junij 1604.

On a mural monument on the south side of the altar,
Effigies of a man and woman, Sotherton quartering Steward, Norwich city, and nebulé a chief quarterly, one and four, a lion of England, two and three or, two roses gul. on each quarter.

Lege, Vir, ac Uxor, Titulo Nicolaus et Agnes, Gente Sothertoni, Quos humus una tegit, Sexta ad viginti confecit Junius illam Nona November Luce peremit eum. Illum annus Domini qui quadragesimus auxit Mille et quingentos jussit adire deum. Octo hijs trigintaque Annos super addidit illa, Quos omnes Viduo vidit abire thoro, Ille Urbis fuerat Pretor cum viveret hujus, Et bis sex Capitum non sine laude Pater; E quibus occumbens natos sex, Filiolasque Quatuor, Uxori liquerat ille sue.

On a mural monument in the south isle,
Effigies of a man and woman, two sons and six daughters, and a faldstool between them, and two books on it.

Crest, a goat's head erased, collared with a coronet or.

Arms of Sotherton, and az. a lion rampant guardant or.

Here under resteth the Bodye of Thomas Sotherton, late Alderman of this Cittye, being the Sonne of John Sotherton of this Cittye Alderman, who married Francis Foxe the widow of John Foxe of Alborowe in the Countie of Suffolk, by whom he had two Sons and six Daughters, and died the 12 of Maye 1608, being of the Age of 53 Years.

Under this could Marble sleepes, Hee, for whome even Marbell weepes. His Name lives heare, in good Men's Hartes Whilst Heaven injoyes his better Partes. The Race of fyftye Years & three, His Lyfe runs oute relygeouslye, Of gentell Blud, more worthy Merrit, Whose Breast inclosed an humbell Sperryt. Oh! Death thou hast the Boddy wonne, Of worthy Thomas Sothertone. His Vertues 'bove thy Power is raysed, And shall while Tyme dooth last, be praysed, Hir one Year's Father Norwich chose him, And wished then she might never lose him, So deare a Friend unto hir State, Is reft from hir by cruell Fate, But 'twas decreed, all that hath Breath, Must pas the Wombe, to Grave, by Death. So all must tread the Path that he hath done, And by Death follow, worthy Sotherton.

In a window,
Thorp's arms and de-lis for difference; and az. a chevron er. impaled.

Thorp, impales sab. a fess ingrailed between three de-lises ar.

On two loose brasses,

Orate pro animabus Thome Martyn et Agnetis Consortis sue qui quidem Thomas obiit vicessimo die Mensis Febr. Ao. D. mocccco xxxvo.

Orate pro animabus Henrici Jakys, et Margarete quondam Uroris sue qui quidem Henricus obiit xxxviio die Mensis Decem- bris Ao. Dni. mocccco xlio.

On brass plates in the nave:

Hodie mihi, cras tibi.

John Melchior died June 25, 1657, And here the Body is interr'd Whose Soul to Heaven is transferr'd, Where Angels sing eternally, All Glory to the Trinity.

John Melchior senior 1707, 85. Cornelius Melchior 1713, 47.

By the south door,
Major Francis Roberts 1650.

In the chancel,
Roberts, az. three estoils or, on a chief wavy gul. a lion passant guardant or.

Duke impales Snelling, gul. three eagles heads erased arg. a chief indented er.

Anne late wife of John Duhe of Colchester in Essex, M. D. 1649, he died there May 16, 1629. she was Dr. and Heiress of John Snelling of Boxford in Suff. Gent. they had issue, Mary married to Laurence Wright of London M. D. Eliz. to Thomas Cock of Pebmarch in Essex Esq; and Judith to Rob. Paynell of Belaugh in Norfolk Esq; Anna their third Daughter 1647. Judeth Paynell 1652. Robert Paynell Esq; Councellor at Law 1658.

All-Saints chapel at the east end of the north isle, hath its roof adorned with angels, holding labels, on which, part of the Te Deum is written, and the word JESUS, in crowns of thorns; out of this is an entrance into the vestry.

Opposite in the south isle is St. Mary the Virgin's chapel, the roof of which is adorned with angels holding labels, on which,
Ave Maria gracia plena Dominus tecum, Virgo serena. tr.

And the cipher of the word MARIA crowned, is scattered all over it.

In the south isle, on a mural monument,
Here resteth the Body of Francis Gillians Worsted Weaver, who by his Will gave 100l. for binding out Apprentices with the Interest thereof for the Parishes of St. Helen, St. Martin at Palace, St. Simon & Jude, St. John at Madder-Market, & St. Stephen, in this City, which is payed into the Hands of the Mayor, Sheriffs, Citizens, & Commonalty of Norwich, for an Annuity of 5l granted by them, to be yearly issuing out of Butter-Hills, to bind out 1 Boy yearly an Apprentice for one of the same Parishes, beginning with the first, & so on successively for ever. He also gave, after the Decense of his Wife, all his Houses called Sherrod's Gap in St. Michael's at Thorne Parish, of the yearly Rent of 26l. 12s. or thereabouts, for ever, upon Trust, that the clear Rent thereof (after all Taxes & Repairs deducted) should be disposed for paying the Minister that shall preach at the Cathedral from Low-Sunday, (fn. 6) to and upon the Sunday next before Advent Sunday, for reading Prayers & Preaching at this Parish the same Day in the Afternoon, 10s. when perform'd, as in the Will directed, (except on the Bishop or Dean's Days) and 10s. to the Minister of this Parish yearly, for reading Divine Service and preaching on St. Andrew's Day, 2s. 6d. to him for giving Notice and reading Part of his Will the Sunday next before; 20s. per Ann. to the Clarke; & 5s. per Ann. for Candles; 15s. for the Expences of the Church-Wardens at yearly Meeting, to settle Accounts, & more for Cloathing the Tenants when there shall be Money to spare, as in the Will is expressed. He died the 20th of Dec. 1719, aged 64 years, and this monument was erected by Lidia Gillians his widow and executrix, in pursuance of his will.

Within the rails, at the altar,
To the Memory of Dame Rebecca, the deservedly beloved Consort of Sir Benjamin Wrench Knt. Dr. of Phisick, of whose singular Vertues in every Relation of Life, the Remembrance of surviving Friends is the amplest Testimony, and the best Monument. After thirty six Years happily spent in the conjugal State, she departed this Life the 4th Day of March 1727, in the 59th Year of her Age.

Near her lie interred her two daughters,
Anne who died Jenny Maria. the 2d. of Jan. 1709, aged 16 Years. Dec. the 23d, 1722, in the 18th Year of her Age.

In the chancel.

Mr. Rob. Bocking, late Alderman of this City 15th Sept. 1669.

Hic depositum est quod mortale fuit Thomæ Russell hujusce Parochiæ Mercatoris ferrarii, obijt 9° Aprilis.

Anno Salutis humanæ 1740. Ætatis suæ 39.

Crest, a goat passant. Russel, arg. a lion rampant gul. on a chief sab. three escalops of the field.

Sarah the Wife of Thomas Statham, Feb. 25th, 1725, aged 55.

Eliza. Ux. Tho. Corre Ar: una Filiarum Chr: Layer Ar. Filij secundi Christopheri Layer nuper Civis & Aldermanni hujus Civitatis. Nata 20° Sept. A. D. 1608, denata 19° Feb. A. D. 1682.

In the north isle beginning at the east end in All-Saints chapel, there is a small mural monument against the north wall, for Abigail Dr. of John Boseley, and Wife of Tho. Jenney Gent, 1728, 29. and Anne and Hannah their infants. Also for Mary his 2d Wife, 1729, 35, & Jonas their son.

Jenney impales Boseley arg. on a fess between three cinquefoils sab. three de-lises or and gul. two fesses, in chief three annulets arg.

Will. Walen 1686.

On a mural monument against the north wall of this isle,
To the pious Memory of the much lamented THOMAS BUBBIN Esq; late Captain of the Militia, and Mayor of this City, in which Office he died the 30th Day of October, Ao. Dni. 1717, aged 66, and also MARY his dearly beloved Wife, who departed this Life the 16th of October Ao. Dni. 1705, aged 47.

This North Isle was repaired at the charge of that worthy Knight and Citizen Sir JOSEPH PAINE, highly eminent for his Civil and military Accomplishments, in the Year 1668.

In the nave, beginning at the west end,
Mr. John Wilson 1730, 77. Mr. Will. Emperor 19 Oct. 1735, 62. Mary Wife of John Wilson 1711, 56. John and Rob. their Children. Lidia Breese 1729, 20. Peter Woodfall 1687, 53. Peter his Son 1717, 49. Also Tho. Woodfall 1726, 35. Sarah Gunton 1734. John Rushbrook 1743, 78. Eliz. his wife 1738, 61. Hannah and William their Children, and 4 Grand-children Infants. Gregory Booty 1719, 69. Mary his wife 1721, 81. Lydia Huson Dr. of John Gobbet Gent, 1691, 22. John Son of Thomas Huson an Infant. Tho. Hare Gent. 1719, 42, and Sarah, Tho. Eliz. and Eliz. his Children. Mary Dr. of John Robins 1640. John Robins Husband to Mary Robins 1665. There is a small mural Monument against the North Wall, for John Robins Upholster, 1723, 65. Joseph his only Brother 1725, 62. Eliz. wife of Joseph 1733, 70. Samuel son of John Barnham, Mary his Dr. 1669. Margaret wife of Will. Barnham, Dr. of Charles Windham of Stokesby in Norff. Esq; 1679. Rebekah his second wife, Dr. of Simon Mydelton of Hackney in Midlesex Esq; 1683, and Rebekah his third wife, Dr. of Edw. Beacon of London Mercht. 1695, 22. Eliz. Dr. of Will. and Margaret 1590, 15, Eliz. Harrison 1688.

Stebbing, quarterly or and gul. on a bend sab. three bezants, impaling
Seabourn, barry wavy of ten, arg. and az. over all a lion rampant or.

MARIA, Uxor dilectissima HENRICI STEBBING, de - - propè Norvic' Gen.) & modestissima, Fœmina, Filia Thomæ Seaborne Gen. Wymondham - - natû minima. obijt Sept. 24° Ano Dni. 1710, Ætat. 27°.

In the south porch, Will. Slack 1697, 30. Susan and Anne his Children. Mary wife of Henry Youngs 1686, 32. In the north porch, Mary Slacke 1699.

On the 3d bell, Har in conclave, Gabriel nunc pange suave.

4th Dona ropenda Pia, Rogo Magdalena Maria.

5th Sum Rosa pulsata Mundi, Maria Uocata.

The following persons were buried in the church here, as appears by the parish register.

1572, (fn. 7) Tho. Winter alderman. 1589, Edw. Shelton Gent. 1593, Mary wife of alderman Roger Welde. 1594, Will. Calthorp clerk, and Gent. and also Henry Groome Gent. 1621, Frances Lady Mor daunt, buried 23 Oct. 1621. John Gallard A. B. of Christ's col lege in Cambridge, Rector Stinnet's brother, buried under the second pane of the biggest chancel window northward. 1622, Hester Sayer and Susan Buskard, in one grave. 1628, Justice Francis Cocke, buried in a lead coffin on the north side of the altar. 1638, Christopher Layer, Gent. Ester Buskard at the altar. 1639, Justice Rob. Craske. 1640, Master Duncan Burnet, M. D. Scotus, Medicus prestantissimus 3° May. 1649, Mrs. Anne, widow of Doctor Duke. 1664, Will. Stinnet, minister above 50 years, buried Nov. 21.

I meet with no benefactions to this parish, except the ozier ground at Thorp, which is let at 2l. 10s. a year, and several tenements in the parish, which join together, containing five low rooms, in which are placed such poor people as the parish approve.

The common pump called St. John's pump, at the north end of the churchyard, is repaired by the parish.

(88) The Duke's Palace, was anciently in many tenements, bought in by Alan Percy, clerk, (fn. 8) brother to the old Duke of Northumberland, of whom it was purchased by the Duke of Norfolk, in Henry the Eighth's time who made it his palace or chief house of residence; and it hath attended the fate of this noble family ever since. In 1602, the old palace was demolished, and a noble grand house begun, by Henry Duke of Norfolk, and was scarcely finished before it was pulled down by Thomas Duke of Norfolk, his grandson; on account of the ill behaviour of Tho. Havers, then mayor, &c. towards him, in not permitting his comedians to enter the city with their trumpets, &c. from which time it hath been neglected, as it now is, being a sort of common stathe only, and the remaining part of the building is now one of the city work-houses, hired of the Duke for that purpose. There was a play-house, bowling-alley, tennis court, (fn. 9) &c.

In the palace-yard, at the entrance of a house near the river, lies a large gravestone, with an abbot in his robes cut thereon, and the following circumscription, which without all doubt was brought up by the boats from the ruins of the abbey church of St. Bennet in the Holm at Ludham:

Frater Ricardus de South Walsham Abbas Monasterii Sancti Benedicti de Hulmo, qui obiit Anno Domini quadrigentissimo vice- simo nono.

The arms of the monastery are on this stone. The very ancient effigies of St. Benedict in his robes, sitting on a throne, which is now fixed in a gable on the east side of Coslany bridge, on the south side of the river, was brought from thence.

The eastern part of this parish was the ancient parish of the Holy Cross, which was perpetually united to this; the church which belonged to it was commonly called

(89) St. Crowche's,

And was dedicated in honour of the Invention of the Holy Cross, but is now totally demolished; the churchyard is still surrounded with common lanes or passages; and the publick-house called the sign of the Hole in the Wall, stands on its site, the advowson belonged to the prior and convent ot Norwich, and was appropriated to the infirmary. It was given them by Clement, rector here in Richard the First's time, who it seems granted the parsonage to William de Hofetune, which stood on the spot now the garden to St. Andrew's parsonagehouse; it being afterwards in St. Giles's hospital, of which it is now held by lease, at 1l. rent, paid by the church-wardens. (fn. 10)

It was subject to the Bishop and Archdeacon's jurisdiction, and paid 6d. synodals.

In this churchyard, Adam and Botild, father and mother of Bishop Gilbert, (fn. 11) were interred, whose graves many pilgrims and other devout people used to visit, there being an indulgence to all that came thither and prayed for them, of 300 days of pardon.

1458, John Browne, worsted weaver, was buried in the church by the tomb of Margaret his wife. 1464, Alice, widow of Ric. Browne, merchant, by her husband in the chancel, and had two new windows made like the other, in stone-work, and glass-work, at her charge. 1479, Rob. Stenton, buried in the yard on the north side by the cross there, and gave 10s. for a new cross. 1483, John Dyghton, vintner, buried in the friars minors church, and gave 9 marks to the parish priest here. 1515, James London of Thompson, buried by the corner against the sign of the Crown, by Margaret Haute, his sister, and settled a priest to sing for her 4 years. 1532. Will. Hert, alderman, buried by Margaret his wife.


1272, Walter Lomb. 1492, Sir Rob. Playford. 1497, John Baxter.

1505, Tho. Smith, alias Salter, priest, buried here.

In 1546, Edward Duke of Somerset had a grant of the advowson, but to no effect, for the same year it was granted to the Dean and Chapter, and by them leased in 1549, April 10, for 500 years at 4d. per annum rent, to Tho. Codde and Thomas Marsham, aldermen, by the name of the advowson of the church of St. Cross, with the buildings, walls, and cemetery thereto belonging, with all the tiles, stones, glass, timber, bells, &c. without impeachment of waste; for the city, which had every thing but the ground given them, on Mr. Marsham's paying them 22l. released all right in them, and on the 14th of Oct. 1551, the church was demolished, (fn. 12) and the parish consolidated to St. John's, except a house or two which were added to St. Andrew's.

The hospital of St. Giles, the Prior of Beeston, the Prior of Norwich, and in 1292, Brother Lupus, proctor-general in England, of Rocidival hospital, received 7s. 10d. rents here.

(90) The Church of St. Andrew the Apostle

Is a fine fabrick, being esteemed the best parochial church in the city, except St. Peter of Mancroft. The ancient church that stood here, was founded before the Conquest; the patronage of its rectory was given by John le Brun the patron, to his college of St. Mary in the Fields, when he founded it, (see p. 180, 181,) by and with the consent of Jeffery le Brun, his brother, who was rector here, and confirmed it in 1267. In was then valued at 5l. taxed at 20s. and paid 3d. synodals.


1267, Jeffery le Brun, in whose time the dilapidated and near adjoining church and parish of St. Christopher, was perpetually annexed to this. The parsonage-house here stood on the west end of the site of Bridewell, and at the appropriation went to Chapel-field college, and was leased out or sold, soon after.

1303, Thomas.

1333, Sir John King, who resigned.

1339, June 15, Richard Yve, all which rectors were presented by the dean and canons of St. Mary in the Fields, who in 1340, obtained a license from King Edward III. to appropriate it to their college, along with St. George on Tombland, and another from Henry Duke of Lancaster, lord of the fee; and in 1350, upon a bull from Pope Clement VI. exhibited for that purpose, William Bateman Bishop of Norwich, appropriated them to the college, and allowed the college to serve them by chaplains or vicars, who were to dwell in the college, and not be forced to take institution, but were only nominated to the Bishop, to be approved by him: and from this time to the Dissolution, it was served by the canons of the said college, who are sometimes called vicars, and sometimes parish chaplains, as Sir Edward Kelyng was called in 1466.

1526, Sir Ric. Hugheson was parish priest, and in

1533, Tho. Hall, parish chaplain.

At the Dissolution it came to the Crown, and there continued, till Edward VI. Ao. 1552, granted the advowson of the rectory and vicarage, to William Mingay and Will. Necton, and their heirs, to be held of the King of his manor of East Greenwich, by fealty only, and not in capite. And on the 2d Nov. 1559, they conveyed it to Tho. Sotherton and others, as trustees for the parish, who purchased it of them; and from that time it hath continued in feoffees, in trust for the parish, as it still remains at this day, it being a donative in the feoffees hands, on whose donation the Bishop licenses.

Curates, or Parish Chaplains.

1556, Mr. Overy, on the donation of Mingay and Nectun.

1559, Sir Will. Canvas; by them also,
1561, Mr. George Hovey, the first nominated and appointed by the feoffees; he was buried in the churchyard on the south side in 1562, in which year he was succeeded by Dr. George Gardiner, dean here, (see Pt. I. p. 620.) 1571, Mr. Buck. 1572, Mr. Slater. 1573, Mr. Greenaway, 1571, Mr. Moore; buried here, 16 Jan, 1591. 1580, Mr. John Linacre. 1583, Mr. Rob. Linacre. 1591, Ralf. Fumes. 1596, Roland Nut, buried this year June 20. 1596, Mr. Harrison. 1591, Robert Hyll, nominated by the feoffees; he was B. D. of St. John's college in Cambridge, and published a book of divinity, while he was minister here, dedicated to Judge Popham, printed at Cambridge. 1602, Tho. Newhouse, buried Aug. 12, 1611, succeeded by Dr. Bound, who was buried 26 Dec. 1613; and Mr. Gallard was appointed, but was set aside in 1615.

In 1614, there were three lectures erected here, and Mr. Greaves was appointed lecturer every Monday morning at 7 o'clock, Mr. Heylet every Thursday morning at 7 o'clock, who were paid by the court; and the parish minister's lecture was every Friday morning at 7 o'clock, for which the parish allowed him 10l. per annum.

1616, Mr. John Yates, B. D. of Emanuel college in Cambridge: he wrote against Montague's Appello, &c. (fn. 13) and published also a Model of Divinity, catechistically composed, printed in quarto at London in 1622; in which year he was succeeded by Laurence Howlet, who had also one of the court lectures; he was buried Nov. 26, 1626. 1627, John Chapell, who resigned in 1634, and the feoffees appointed George Cock. In 1638, Mr. Henry Hall was chosen, who in 1640, was one of the assembly of divines, and died at London in that service.

1643, May 3, Mr. Bridge was apppointed Monday lecturer, and Mr. Cushen, Friday lecturer, and the court paid each 13l. 6s. 8d. a year; but on the 25th of August they conferred them both on Edw. Reyner, who came from Lincoln, having been plundered by the Earl of Newcastle's forces, and they allowed him 20s. a week for the two lectures. In 1661, all the lectures were set aside by the court, and then one lecture was established in their places, to be preached by the minister every Thursday morning, who was paid 20l. per annum, which continued till 1743, and then was set aside by the court; so that now there is not one sermon on a week-day, in this large and populous city.

Mr. John Thornback, who succeeded Mr. Hall, was buried here March 13, 1647.

1648, Paul Raynham from Bedfield, died 1657, and was succeeded by Sam. Bordman, who staid a few months only, and Rob. Harmer succeeded; and conformed at the Restoration. 1678, 21 April, Benedict Riveley was appointed; he was A. M. of Emanuel college, chaplain to Dr. Reynolds Bishop of Norwich, whose funeral sermon he preached on Job. xxx. 23, which was published at London in 1677. In 1679, he published a sermon in q°. London, on Rom. xiii, 4, which was preached at the cathedral June 17, at the annual solemnity of the mayor's admission to his office. (fn. 14)

There is a mural monument at the north-west corner of the north isle by the door there, erected to his memory, with this,
Memoriæ Sacrum, Viri Reverendi Benedicti Riveley, hujus Ecclesiæ quondam Ministri, qui obijt sexto die Februarij Anno salutis 1694, Ætatis 67. Atque ad pedem hujus marmoris sepultus est. Psalmistœ sequentibus versibus ab ipso Epitaphij vice designatis.

I had rather be a Door Keeper in the House of my God, than to dwell in the Tents of Wickedness for ever. Ps. 84, 10.

Piè posuit Edvardus, Filius, A. M.

Riveley, arg. a fess between three squirrels sejant gul. each eating an apple or.

1694, 17 Feb. Joseph Ellis, who died minister; for whom there is a mural monument erected at the south-west corner of the south isle, with the arms of
Ellis, arg. three eels naiant in pale sab, and this,
Exuvias hic deposuit mortales, Reverendus vir Josephus Ellis, hujus Ecclesiæ Minister vigilans. Animarum sibi commissarum Pastor solicitus, amator Studiosus, Evangelij Præco indefessus. Qui cum annos octodecim plus minus Scripturis sacris exponendis operam hic navâsset arduam, Nephritide, plusquam Ætate confectus, et involutum se evolveret, et onus vitæ molestum opponeret, perlubens in Gremium ipsius Apostoli, cui hæc sacra dicatur Ædes, ut felicem Immortalitatem indueret, pride. Festi Divi Andreæ animam recondidit. Anno Æræ Xtianæ MDCCXIImo Ætatis LVmo.

Ben-Josephus, Filius charissimus, in Grati Animi Testamentum mœrens hoc posuit.

1712, 9 Dec. The Rev. Dr. Ben-Joseph Ellis, the present [1745] minister, is also minister of St. Peter of Hungate, and rector of Hasingham and Bukenham-Ferry in Norfolk.

The following persons were buried in the church, whose meomrials were most of them lost when the church was rebuilt.

1386, Bartholomew Appilyard, who gave 20l. towards new covering the church with lead, which was done this year. (Regr. Harsike, fo. 67.) 1389, Cecily de Lopham, formerly wife of Rob. de Bumpstede. 1400, Rob. Lomynour, merchant; he ordered Margaret his wife, to find a wax candle of 3 in the pound, to burn day and night in the chancel before the high-altar, in honour of Christ's body; and tied his messuage, &c. which he gave at her death, to Nic. his son, to find it for ever. 1442, John Cambridge, alderman, buried under the great stone that lieth over his wife, before the chapel of our Lady, and gave 10l. to be kept in a chest behind the altar in St. Anne's chapel, to be lent out on security, to the poor of the parish; he gave his messuage to Corpus Christi college; which college, in Henry the Sixth's time, received rent for a tenement with the garden of St. Christopher, which was formerly the churchyard of St. Christopher, abutting against the wall of the Friars-preachers on the north. 1459, Margery Cosseye, widow, by the tomb of John Cosseye her husband, and gave 10 marks towards rebuilding the church. 1467, John Gilbert, alderman, buried in the chancel, and gave 10 marks towards repairing the church, 100 marks to buy a vestment, 20 marks to the cathedral; 10 marks for a vestment in St. Anne's chapel in this church, in which a priest was to sing for him 10 years. Annor his wife was buried by him the same year. The stone over them is 4 yards long, and 5 feet broad, having their two effigies and 17 children, and this,
Orate pro animabus Johannis Gilbert, quondam Cibis, Groceri, t Aldermanni, atque bis Maioris Civitatis Norwici qui obiit i xo die Mensis Novembr. Ao Dni. moccccolxviio, et Annore uroris eius que obiit vjo die eiusdem Mensis eadem Septimana Ao supradicto quorum animabus propicietur deus Omnipotens Amen.

1467, John Drolle, alderman, buried in our Lady's chapel on the north side of the church by Agnes his first wife, and gave 20l. to build a south porch, and settled a priest to sing for him and his wife in the said chapel. He gave two altar cloths, one to the high-altar, the other to our Lady's altar in her chapel, both of white, and their frontels of cloth of gold; and also a velvet cope, with vestments for priest, deacon, and subdeacon, of the same. Also a russet velvet cope, powdered with branches of leaves of gold; and also two choir copes, and a vestment of fine blue worsted, to our Lady's altar. He also gave his renters or tenantries in this parish, (fn. 15) in Rackey-lane, to the church for ever, to be infeoffed in the church-wardens and 12 other parishioners, to keep his obit on Passion Sunday, with dirige; and the day following, to have mass for his own and wives souls, Will. Drolle, and Alice Drolle, his father and mother, and John and Mary Cosseye, his wife's father and mother. Agnes, his second wife, was afterwards buried by him.

1470, Will. Undirwode, goldsmith, buried by Alice his first wife, at the steeple door, by the chapel of St. Mary the Virgin in the steeple. (See Pt. I. p. 546.)

1474, Nic. Plumstede, buried in the north porch. 1476, Thomas Cambridge, mercer, in the churchyard before the image of our blessed Lady. 1486, Rauff Est, &c. and all gave legacies towards building the steeple. 1496, John Hayne, organ-maker. 1496, Cat. Kerre, widow and gentlewoman, buried under the gravestone of Rob. Aleyn, her late husband. 1497, Alice late wife of Will. Gilbert, draper, buried by her husband, both which gave much to the steeple. 1499, Anable, widow of Will. King, goldsmith, buried on the south side of the chapel which is under the steeple, and gave a legacy towards rebuilding the church. 1500, Tho. Aylmer, grocer, in the church by his kindred. 1502, Margery Dilham, widow gave 8 marks towards rebuilding the church; the same year Nic. Colich, alderman, was buried by his wife in the church; he gave 10 marks for a vestment to serve in St. Anne's chapel here, where a priest was to sing for him; and 50 marks towards rebuilding the church, and a holy water stope of silver that weighed 70 ounces. "Item, I wyll it be graven in the Fote of the same that noe Man selle it, ne set it to Pledge, as they wyll answere ad justum Dei Judicium." he gave 7l. to buy a new legend, 40s. to be put into Cambridge's Chest, 20l. to be lent to two poor men going into business, on security to repay it at 7 years end. 20l. to the poor. 10l. to St. George's gild if they purchased 40s. value in houses or lands in 10 years time, and 5l. to St. Giles's parish if they purchased 5s. a year with it, to pay the poor's taxes, and also legacies to St. Luke's and St. Barbara's gilds.

1503, Joan widow of John Heyne, buried in the church by her husband; and the same year the following 6 persons were interred here: Tho. Hood, skynner, and gave 10 marks towards rebuilding the church. John Balles 5 marks. John Withnale 20 marks, and 6s. 8d. towards maintaining the daily mass of Jesus and our Lady, in this church. Will. Cossyn, he gave a legacy to St. Loy's gild. Clare Withnale, widow, by her husband, gave 10 marks, Jeffery Steward, alderman, he gave Cecily his wife his swan-mark in the King's stream.

1504, Agnes Est, by Rauf Est her husband, towards rebuilding the church 20l. to our Lady in the steeple, a pair of beads of silver; her executors to purchase land of 20l. value, and to settle it to keep her obit in this church, on which day every year, 2 wax candles of half a pound each shall burn on her grave; 1d. to be offered, called the mass penny, &c. her house in Cutler-rowe to be subject to find the obit, if they could not settle lands for it. 1505, Edmund Wright, 20s. to the church lights to be set before the images of our Lady in the chapel of our Lady of Grace, St. Andrew, and St. Saviour. An altar tomb was erected for himself and wife. 1508, Robert Gardiner, alderman, buried in our Lady's chapel in the steeple, gave 6l. for a pair of gilt chalices; a well disposed priest to go to Rome to sing there 13 weeks for him and his wives, and the rest of the year in St. Andrew's church, and he to have 20 marks. He gave towards finishing the glazing on the north side of the church, which was yet undone, 10l. and his name to be written in every window; the said priest, when at Rome, was to purchase a bulle, that "eche wel disposed person wiche in the chapel wher my body lyethe, say for my soule, the soules of Kateryne and Eliz. my wives, Will. and Marion his Father and Mother, and the Soules of John Drolle, Agnes and Agnes his two Wives, and Andrew Gardiner, with other Frends Soules, shall have CCC. Days pardon, if it can be purchased under the Sum of v Poundes. Item, I will that all the new Stoolynge in the Church and Isles of St. Andrew in Norwich, be made at my Cost. Item, I will that the Perke in the same Church, be made at my Cost in the middest of the same, accordyng to the old Werke made on both Sidys." 1509, Will. Boneham, rector of Horsted, gave 10 marks to glaze a window, but is not buried here. 1510, John Chirche gave a legacy to gild the image of our Lady of Grace in her chapel. 1512, Henry at Mere, alderman, buried in the churchyard. 1518, Eliz. Thursby, widow, buried in the church by alderman Rob. Aylmere, her late husband, and gave 10 marks towards finishing the church, and her best gilt chalice. 1521, Annor, widow of John Belton, goldsmith, buried in the churchyard by him, gave to the church 40s. and 2 paxes of silver of 27 ounces, and 20s. for a new tabernacle for St. Andrew. 1522, John Smarte goldsmith, buried at the south door in the churchyard, and had a marble with his name, a roll, scripture and heart of Jesus, and gave five marks towards St. Andrew's new tabernacle. 1526, Tho. Clerk, alderman, buried in the south porch by Annabill his mother, by the window of our Lady's chapel there, and had a marble laid over them; he gave to the said chapel a pair of silver chalices, and two silver gilt candlesticks to the high-altar, like those in St. Michael's in Coslany, of the gift of Mr. Gregory Clerke, weighing six score ounces, after 3s. an ounce, and his name to be graven on the feet of them. 1527, John Holly, brewer, buried by the font, gave 10l. to the church, 10s. towards making a tabernacle for St. John's image, and 3s. 4d. to the gild of our Lady in her chapel here. Eliz. his widow was buried by him the same year, and gave a cope and vestment for deacon and subdeacon, of 30l. value, and 5l. to finish St. John's tabernacle. In 1528, Simon Tower, grocer, gave a gilt tabernacle with St. Simon and Jude's images in it, to be set in the church, and tied his house to pay 1d. every Sunday to the priest, when he is saying high mass, to remember him.

The steeple was rebuilt in 1478, and was totally finished before the church and chancel were rebuilt, which begun to be pulled down for that purpose, in the year 1500; (fn. 16) at the east end of the south isle, is St. Anne's chapel, where the gild of St. Andrew was kept; and opposite in the north isle is our Lady's chapel: under the steeple was a chapel of our Lady of Grace, in which was her image with a light always burning before it on her altar, and a gild to her honour was always held here, and Jesus mass was daily celebrated in the chapel in the north isle. There were the several tabernacles with the images in them, of St. Andrew, the Visitation of our Lady, St. Saviour, St. Nicholas, &c.

The religious concerned here were, the Prior of Peterston, whose temporals were taxed at 10s.; the Prior of St. Faith at 8s.; the Prioress of Carhow 3s.; the Dean of the Chapel in the Fields 1l. 1s. 10d.; and the Prior of Norwich at 1l. 17s. 2d. for divers rents paid him out of the houses here, of the gift of William the Cook, Ernald de Cambridge, Rog. de Hoxne, chaplain, John de Hakeford, and John son of Herbert de Norwico or Norwich.

In the nave, beginning at the west end,
James Fletcher 1741, 42, Christian his Wife 1741, 45, Nathaniel Son of Nathaniel Remington 1617, 14, James Grundy 1604, Frances Fenne 1669. Kat. Wife of John Rix 1668. Samuel their Son 1668, Henry Fyrmage Gent. 1638, Rebecka Remyngton 1604, Easter Dr. of Daniel and Easter Pycroft 1725, Will. Fyrmage a Twyn 1630, Nic. Brother to Nic. Fyrmage interred by him, Sons of Henry and Eliz. Fyrmage 1625, Will. Goddard Brasier, 1629, 78. Sarah his Wife 1722, 70, Will. Carter 1734, 84, Henry Potter Confectioner 1731, 65. Laurence Goodwin, late Alderman, 1725, 92. Barbara his last Wife, Mary his 1st Wife, and 3 of their Children. Mr. Tho. Paul 1737, 65. Eliz. his Wife 1729, 67.

Rosier, arg. on a cross formée sab. five stars of the field.

Frances Dr. of Roger Rosier of Hatthestone in Suffolk Gent. 1698, 82.

Sarah wife of Will. Lombe Merchant 1727, 68, with 4 children and 4 grand-children, Eliz. Sarah, Mary, and Thomas. Arms of Ellis.

Be sure thou Grave, thou faithfull prove, The dear Depositum observe, Tell every Sinew, Bone, and Nerve, They're all recorded in the Register above.

The font is placed on a stone that hath lost four shields, two effigies, and an inscription, but thus much of the circumscription remains.

Prey for the Soule of Robert Aylmer Citezeyn and Alderman of the Moneth of July in the Yer of our Lord God mocccco lxxxxiijo. on whose Soule God

Near it lies a stone with an effigies and this,

Orate pro anima Elizabethe filie Roberti Aylmer nuper Civis et Aldermanni Norvici que obiit xvo die Sept. Ao Dni. mocccco lxxxxiijo. cuius anime propicietur deus.

In the middle of the nave lies a stone having had a cross, with a heart in the midst, and the hands and feet of our Saviour saltier wise, to represent the five wounds, and over the cross a scroll; by the cross was the effigies with a label from its mouth, but the brass plates are reaved except this inscription,
Pray for the Soul of John Underwoov Doctor of Devynyte and Byschope of Calsedony, and Suflragan to the Byschope of Norwyche, the whiche decessid this World the xvij Daye of Maye in the yere of our Lorde God, a thousent ccccc forty on, on whose Soule Jesu have Marry Amen.

Being a zealous Papist, and great persecutor, he was turned out of his suffraganship. (fn. 17)

Underwood, gul. on a fess erm. between three annulets or, a lion passant az.

Cary ar. on a bend sab. three roses of the field. Crest, a lion.

M. S. Sub tegmine hujusce Lapidis conduntur Exuviæ Thomæ Cary, Juvenis longe alijs artis scribendi peritioris, Qui cum vix quinque annos summâ diligentiâ, nec Minori Laude in eâdem inter adolescentes profecisset, deploratus omnibus occubuit Aug. 29, A° 1723, 27.

Crowe, girony of eight or and sab. on a chief of the second, two leopards heads of the first. Crest, a frette of arrows proper, impaling

Ward, chequy or and az. a bend er.

Henry Crowe of Norwich Merchant, Son of Henry Crowe of Norwich Esq. and Jane his Wife, Dr. of Sir Edward Ward lately of Bixley Bart. Mr. Hen. Crowe died April 8, 1710, 43, Mrs. Jane Crowe April 10, 1708, 33.

Alderman Rob. Gardiner's mark is on most of the principals of the roof, and in the north windows, and his effigies remains very perfect in a north isle window, and the grocers arms and Gilbert's marks on those of the south side.

In the north isle,

In St. Mary's chapel there, lies a stone with this inscribed on a brass plate,

Of your Charite pray for the Soule of John Clark late Alder- man, t tweys Meyor of thys worchiphull Cete, wyche departed owght of thys present Lyve on Mydlent Sonday, that felle the xxii Day of Marche, in the Yer of our Lord God moccccco xxvijo. t for the Sowlys of Elizabethe, Cecili, t Agnes his Wyffys t ffor all his Frends sowlls.

Against the north wall of this chapel, is fixed a small mural monument for Alderman Rob. Garsett, who died March 18, 1611, leaving issue, Eliz. and Robert, who erected the monument in 1613. There is a bust of the alderman, with Robert on his knees, at his right hand, and Eliz. at his left, and
Garsett's arms, arg. a saltier between four mullets sab.

At the east end wall, on the northernmost part, is a monument thus inscribed,

Hic prope Patricio Ruggorum sanguine cretus Franciscus recubat, qui septaginta duosque, Per-vivens annos, isti ter præfuit Urbi, Anna que ab Aldricijs quæ progeneratur avitis, Hujus Francisci nuper fidissima conjux, Condidit hunc Tumulum recubantis honore Mariti.

Obijt Ille die xviii° Mensis Octobris A° Dni. 1607.

Obijt Illa die xxiiio. Mensis Maij 1611.

A Senator of Senators renowned Race, Was Francis Rugg, now intombed in this Place, He was thrice Mayor in 72 Years Life, Ann, being by birth an Aldrich late his Wife, In Love hath reared this Memorial, To celebrate his worthy Name withal.

Rugg, as in Pt. I. p. 550, quarters 1st, arg. a chevron ingrailed between six keys sab. 2d, arg. a chevron ingrailed sab. between three birds. 3d, Brome. There is a crescent for difference.

The said quartered coats impale Aldrich, and there is a shield of Aldrich single.

Against the same east wall, towards the south part of this north chancel chapel, is a mural monument with the arms of

Suckling, per pale gul. and az. three bucks tripping or. Crest, a buck tripping gul. armed or.

And the portraitures of a man and woman kneeling, with a faldstool between them; behind him were five sons, and behind her are five daughters all kneeling, and over the faldstool are the city arms, There is an iron grate by it.

Robertus Sucklinge, quondam hujus Civitatis Norwici, Civis et Aldermannus, ex hâc vitâ migravit Mense Novembris A°. Dni. 1589, Erat Vir magnæ Prudentiæ et Pietatis, bis Præturam (præcipuum hujus Urbis Magistratum) Summâ suâ cum Laude gessit, suscepit ex Elizabetha, primâ ejus uxore dignissima, quinque Filios, totidemque Filias, omnes (post mortem Matris) Superstites: Equibus vero Johannis Sucklinge natû minimus (olimque Thomæ nuper Comitis Dorset, ac summi Angliœ Thesaurarij, Secretarius) sumptibus suis proprijs, hoc Monumentum, Pignus flagrantissimi Amoris ergà pios suos Parentes perlibenter posuit, Mense Augusti, A°. Salutis 1611.

Against the north wall in the same chapel, is a most sumptuous monument enclosed in an iron pallisade; at top are the crest and arms of Suckling, impaling

Cranfield, or, on a pale az. three de-lises of the field.

And three images playing on viols. On the altar tomb are the effigies of Sir John in full proportion, in armour, and his wife, both in cumbent postures; over them against the wall, is a lamp almost extinguished, and under it, Sparisco, and opposite is the ark with the dove by it, and Sciolta. Over the lamp is this, Sic depereuntes perimus. And under the ark is, post putredinem Resurrectio. At the top is a beam of light springing up, and this by it, Spero Videre Dominum in terrâ viventium. In the midst is this inscription:

MARTHÆ Vxori carissimæ Johannis Suckling Armigeri olim Thomæ (nuper Comitis Dorset, summi Angliœ Thesaurarij, Secretarij, modoque Collectoris Principalis Subsidij serenissimi Domini Regis pro omnibus Mercimonijs inducendis infra Portum Londini, ac Receptoris dicti Domini Regis omnium Finium, & Pecuniæ summarum pro Alienacionibus &c.) Qui ex illâ suscepit duos Filios, Quatuorque Filias, omnes (divino favore) superstites Præclaris ornata virtutibus, vitam degens Pietate ac probitate insignem, Parentibus eximiæ bonitatis Thoma Cranfield, Mercatore Londoniensi, Martha que Uxore ejus, oriundâ; vivit annos 35 obijt Norwici vicesimo octavo die Octobris anno salutis 1613. Mœstus maritus hoc Monumentum bene merenti piè posuit.

Mirror of Time, bright Starre of Pietie, A Peereles Peece, moulded by Chastitie, Rarest of Witts, cannot give the thy due, Thou wert so good, so chast, so wise, so true, Heaven hath thy Soule, the World thy living Fame, A Tombe in Norwich, London gave thy Name.

At their heads is one son, on his knees, and this addressed to his brother kneeling at their feet.

Frater, Mater nostra non mortua est sed dormit.

And he addresses his four sisters on their knees on the south side of the tomb.

Sorores, Cui bono hœ Patris nostri Lachrimœ?

Over the youngest sister's head is this, Sed Patri, et nobis, periculosissimæ.

The eldest answers, Non Matri. the 2d. Non Patri. the 3d. Nec Nobis.

At the west end of the altar tomb, is a ship carved, under full sail, in a storm, to represent the dangers and uncertainty of human life, and under it,
Sin viento soy nada.

At the east end are carved dry and dead bones, with grass, flowers and trees springing from them, as an emblem of the resurrection.

Ni croissons, ny Tombons, en semble.

This Sir John Suckling, was son of Robert Suckling, Esq. alderman and mayor of Norwich, and Eliz. his wife, and father of the famous poet Sir John Suckling; he was of Greys-Inn, and afterwards settled at Whitton in Middlesex, was made one of the principal secretaries of State, March 1622; and was afterwards comptroller of the household to King James I. and Charles I. to which last he was a privy counsellor; Sir John Suckling, his son, the poet, was 19 years old at his death, which happened March 27, 1627, when he was buried here by his wife. (fn. 18)

His will is dated 30 Sept. 1626. "Item, whereas I have erected in the parish church of St. Andrewe in the city of Norwich, two severall monuments, the one in memory of my late worthy and religious parents Rob. Suckling Esq. sometime citizen and alderman of the said city, and Elizabeth his wife; and the other in memory of my late dear wife Mrs. Martha Suckling, and whereas I have for about the space of 12 years last past given several summes of money unto the poore of the parishes of St. Andrew aforesaid, St. Augustine, St. George of Colgate, and St. Saviours in the said city, with a yearly allowance to a preacher for the making of a sermon on the feast of St. Simon and Jude, and also to the clerk of the parish of St. Andrew aforesaid, for looking to the said monuments. Now I being very desirous to have a perpetual contynuance, as well of the said monuments, as of the said christian and Charitable worke, in lasting memory of my said dear parents and wife, it is my special desire and intention, to give a yearly summe of money to be distributed yearly for ever, for the preaching of a sermon in the parish church of St. Andrew aforesaid, on the Friday next after the feast of St. Simon and Jude in every year, between the howers of two and four of the clocke, in the afternoon, of the same day, by some godly and learned minister and preacher of the word of God to be thereunto appointed, by my eldest son John Suckling, during his life, and after, by the mayor of the said city of Norwich for the tyme being; also toward releiving of the poor of the parishes aforesaid, and for the gratifying such others for their pains and diligence therein to be had, as herein after is expressed. And therefore to that use and purpose, I do give, devise, and bequeath, unto the said mayor, sheriffs, aldermen, and common councell of the said city of Norwich, and to their successors for ever, one annuitie or yearly summe of eight pounds of lawfull money of England, to be issuing, payable, and leviable, out of all that the scite of my manor of Barsham in the countie of Suffolk, and out of all such other my lands, tenements, and hereditaments, as do belong to my said manor of Barsham in the county of Suffolk, to have, hold, levy, and receive, the said annuitie of 8 pounds, unto the said mayor, &c. for ever, at the feast of St. Michael yearly, or at the furthest within 20 days next after the same, and if the same be unpaid at any time, they to distrain, &c. And I will that the said mayor, sheriffs, aldermen, &c. shall yearly for ever, give and distribute the said annuity of 8l. as follows, viz. to the said preacher being nominated as aforesaid, who shall preach the said sermon in St. Andrew's church, on the Friday next St. Simon and Jude yearly as aforesaid, twenty shillings, to be paid yearly to such preacher, as soon as his said sermon is ended; at which sermon, I desire the mayor of the said city of Norwich, with the sword-bearer and 3 or 4 justices of the peace, and the sheriffs of the city for the time being, to be present yearly, &c." The mayor to have 2s. 6d. and 7s. 6d. to be divided among the justices, sheriffs, and sword-bearer, and the mayor, &c. to pay yearly the sum of 6l. parcel of the said 8l. to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor for the time being, to be distributed among the poor sort of people of their several parishes, on every such Friday after St. Simon and Jude, viz. to the poor of St. Andrew's 40s. of St. Augustine 40s. of St. George of Colgate 35s. and of St. Saviour 5s.

And that the said mayor, &c. shall yearly for ever, deliver and pay the sum of 10s. residue of the said yearly sum of 8l. unto the parish clerk of the said parish of St. Andrew for the tyme being, upon the Friday aforesaid in every year, for his pains in making and keeping clean of the said monuments; and that the said mayor, &c. will be always mindfull to call upon the church-wardens of the said parish of St. Andrew, to cause the said parish clerk to do according to my said meaning; and my intent is, that the gifts by me herein before willed and given to the poor of the said several parishes, and to the parish clerk aforesaid, shall be no cause or any diminution of any other charitable benevolences or pentions, to be given to the same poor, or of any wages to the said parish clerk. Provided always, that for the more sure distribution of the said 8l. per annum the mayor, &c. shall bind themselves to the dean and chapter, and if they do not, this gift to be void, and to devolve to the dean and chapter, who in that case are to bind themselves to the mayor, &c. for full and true performance of it.

Also I will, that my executors within three years next after my decease, bestowe 40l. to buy land of inheritance for the said parish of St. Andrew, (where I was born) and the yearly profits thereof, arising to go onely to the repair of the two monuments aforesaid, which are by me erected within the chancel of the said church of St. Andrew, and not otherwise wherein I have appointed to be buried near my late dear wife. Yet it is my desire, that the churchwardens there would repair the church it's self with the yearly profits of the said land, untill the monuments or either of them have need of reparations, and when they are in want and decay, the said churchwardens are then presently to repair them out of the yearly profits of the said land, for which end and purpose I bequeath the said 40l. as aforesaid, requiring my executors to be carefull in the performance of the same accordingly." And they procured the said manor of Barsham to be charged with the annuity of 40s. so that the whole is now [1745] 10l. notwithstanding which, the tombs are in a ruinous dirty condition, the very letters being almost illegible. (fn. 19)

The same Sir John Suckling in his donation to the Norfolk preachers at the cathedral, appointed another sermon to be preached yearly at St. Andrew's church, on the Sunday sevenight after Michaelmas synod, between 2 and 4 o'clock, for acknowledging God's mercies and favours towards him; for which the preacher receives 10s. (fn. 20)

In the window over the last mentioned monument, is the effigies of William Layer, who was mayor in 1537, and his arms, quartering arg. on a bend gul. three cinquefoils or, with his merchant mark.

Westhorp, sab. a lion rampant er. crowned or, impaling Gooch.

Mr. John Westhorp died 1687.

Edward son of Eliz. Rand 1737, 12. Mary his sister 1739, 23.

Salter's arms and crest. John Salter, Esq. late mayor, 20 Nov. 1669, 77. Henry Reeve Gent. 1720, Hen. son of John Dannye 1674, Sarah Lombe 19 Aug. 1694, Tho. Linstead 1676, 55. Linstede or Linstead's arms. sab. a saltier between 4 arrows arg. Crest two single bows in saltier sab.

Fui Paynellus Brome, Filius Nathanielis Brome Gen. & Franciscæ Uxoris ejus, obiit 15° die Junij A. D. 1671.

Crest, a stag's head erased. Amyas arg. a boar's head cooped between three croslets fitché sab.

Audry Wife of John Amyas Surgeon, 5 June 1737, 34, in the same grave with Thomas Howes late of this Parish her Father, who died Dec. 15, 1738, and Audry her Mother, April 3, 1716.

There is a neat mural monument against the north wall, with the arms of Wingfield, impsling az. two bendlets between two estoils or.

Haud procul ab hoc marmore Exuvias suas deponi voluit Robertus Wingfield, hujus urbis Indigena, Adolescentium in artibus computandi & scribendi Præceptor peritissimus, necnon Humanitate, Prudentiâ & Probitate Ornatissimus. Natus 3° die Decembris A. D. 1694, mortuus 17° Septembris A. D. 1742.

Heu! Pietas; Heu! Prisca Fides.

Duo etiam Pueruli sui in eodem Sepulchro sunt conditi.

Nuthall, arg. a shackle-bolt sab.

Sub hoc marmore requiescunt Corpora Thomæ Nuttall qui obiit 3° die Decem. A. D. MDCCIXo Æt. suæ LXXo et Mariæ Uxoris ejus, que obijt xiiio die Julij A. D. MDCCXXIo. Æt. suæ LXXXo Hic etiam jacet Corpus Saræ nuper Uxoris Benja mini Nuthall Filij prædicti Thomæ quæ obijt ivo die Aug. A. D. 1713, Æt. suæ XXXIXo. ad pedem hujus Lapidis jacent Corpora quorundam Infantium dicti Benjamini, tam ex predictâ Sara quàm ex Maria Uxore ejus secundâ, genitorum,
On a mural monument against the north wall,

Riveley ar. a fess between three squirrels sejant gul. each eating an apple or, impaling, per chevron ar. and gul. an annulet in fess, counterchanged, a canton of the 2d.

Juxta depositæ sunt Reliquiæ Edwardi Riveley A. M. qui per triginta quatuor annos in Ecclesijs, Parochianis Sti. Benedicti, Sti. Swithini, S. Margaretæ, in hac Civitate, Boni Pastoris officio functus; tandem fato cessit, Mercedem in Celis reportaturus, obijt vicesimo primo die Maij, Anno salutis MDCCXXIXo. Ætatis LXIV.

Hic. jacet Carolus, charissimus Filius Benedicti Riveley S. T. P. et hujus Ecclesiæ Pastoris, Juvenis summa spei, et in vitâ et in morte, Cui dedit Lumen villa de Southacre in Norfolc. Literaturam, Schola Norvic. Gradum in Artibus, Academia Cantabr. Locum inter Socios Aula de Clare ibidem, inter Sanctos, Domus Dei, quæ est in Cælis; evasit, erupit, excessit, annos natus pene 22, Mart. 8, 1682.

At each end of the two isles are doors entering from the porches, and over them are the following verses. Over the south isle door.

This Church was builded of Timber, Stone, t Brichs. In the Year of our Lord God xv hundred and sir, And lately translated from ertreme Joolatry, A thousand five hundred and seven and fortie. And in the first year of our noble Ring Edward, The Gospel in Parliament was mightily set forward.

Thanks be to God. Anno Dom. 1547, Decemb.

Over the north isle door;

As the Good King Josiah being tender of Age Purged the Realm from all Jdolatry, Even so our noble Queen t Counsell sage, Set up the Gospell and banisht Popery. At twenty fower Years began she her Reigne, And about forty fource did it mayntain.

Glory be given to God.

Mr. William Jackson, Master of the King's hospital in Norwich, Dec 30, 1626. Ellen his wife 2 Nov. 1622.

On a brass plate on a stone in the middle of this isle,
Hic jacet Corpus AnnÆ Vxoris Augustini Blomefielde, Generosi quæ obiit vio die Julii Anno Dni. 1634.

In the chancel,
On the principals of the roof are the arms of Bishop Goldwell, who was a considerable benefactor to it, as also those of Bishop Nix, in whose time it was finished; and on the outside at the east end are three niches, the images are pulled out of them, but there remain 15 shields: 1, a lion rampant for Goldwell, and 2, the same impaling Goldwell with the three wells on the chief. 3, an eagle displayed with two heads. 4, England single. 5, the East-Angles arms. 6 the city arms. 7, St. George's cross over France and England quartered. 8, St. Andrew's cross. 9, the instruments of the passion. 10, the emblem of the sacrament, viz. three cups and wafers on them. 11, St. George's cross. 12, quarterly a bendlet. 13, a lion rampant quartering chequy. 14, a lion rampant. 15, a saltier ragulé. In the east window is the story of the serpent lifted up in the wilderness, and the stoning the man that gathered sticks on the Lord's day.

There is a handsome set of plate belonging to the altar; 1st, a fine old gilt cup made by the parish in 1568. 2d, a handsome standing cup and cover, the gift of Mr. Nathaniel Remyngton, alderman. 3d, a large silver paten, the gift of Eliz. Salter, 1680. 4, a large offering dish of 47 ounces weight. Ex Dono Laurentij Goodwyn Armigeri hujus Civitatis nuper Prætoris. To do good and communicate forget not, Ao. Xti 1704. There are also two noble flaggons of his gift, one weighs above 59 ounces, and the other above 58: on each is this, Altari Ecclesiœ Sti. Andreœ in Civit. Norvic. Consecratum 1704.

There is a branch of 16 sockets, and in the south vestry (which is tiled) are several old books, among which a qo. MS. of Trevisa's translation of the Epistles, Gospels, and most of the New Testament, in which is this,
O Deus Anselmi, Barbour, miserere Wylelmi.

On a brass under the altar,
Here lyeth the Body of the vertuous and Religeous Mrs. Anne Skelton, the Wife of William Skelton Gent. she was the Dr. of the Worshipfull Mr. Nic. Crispe, Marchant Adventurar of London, 13 July 1648. William Skelton Gent. Febr. 2°. 1658, 86.

Skelton, az. on a fess between three de-lises or, a Cornish chough proper, impaling
Crispe, arg. on a chevron sab. five horse-shoes or.

Eliz. wife of Henry Watts, Esq. 1649.

There is a flat stone with this inscription in the altar rails,
To the pious Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Coulson, Widow and Relict of Christopher Coulson Esq. of great Ayton in Cleveland in the County of York, who lies buried in the Round of the Temple Church. She was one of the Daughters of John Man Esq; formerly of this Parish, High Sheriff of the County of Norfolk, fined for Sheriff of London, and was Mayor of this City in the Year 1653. She died at Thorp the 29th. of Jan. 1732, in the 88th. Year of her Age; and lieth here buried near her Father, and other Relations.

On the south side of the altar, is a neat mural monument for the same person, with this inscription,
Near this Place are interred the Remains of Mrs Eliz. Coulson, late of Thorp near Norwich, Widow of Christopher Coulson of Ayton in the County of York Esq; and Dr. of John Mann of this Parish Esq; sometime Mayor of this City, and High Sheriff of the County of Norfolk. She died January 29th. in the Year of Our Lord 1732, and of her Age the 88th.

Out of Gratitude and Honour to the Memory of so near and dear a Relation, her Grand-daughter and Executrix Mrs. Eliz. Skottowe, since the Wife of Dr. Thomas Tanner Bishop of St. Asaph, hath caused this Monument to be erected.

In a lozengé, Coulson arg. two luces hauriant sab. chained together or, impaling

Mann, sab. on a fess counter-embattled, between three goats or, as many pellets.

Within the altar rails is a stone disrobed of its inscription, with the effigies of a mayor and his wife, with their mark, which shows me that it lies over Will. Layer, who was mayor in 1537, and his wife.

There is a hatchment on the south side of the altar, for Justice Nicholas Helwys.

Crest, a goat's head erased arg.

Helwys, or, a bend gul. surmounted by a fess az.; a crescent gul. for difference, quartering,
1. Gul. a griffin arg. 2. Gul. a chevron betwixt three eagles displayed ar. impaling,

Grimes, arg. three cross taus or, (but they should be three mallets or,) the same on a pretence.

On a mural monument on the north side of the altar opposite to the former,
Crest, a dolphin embowed vert, armed gul.

Havet, vert, on a fess between three angle hooks arg. three delises sab. impaling

Hastyngs, arg. a maunch sab.

To the Memory of Mr. John Havet late of this City Merchant, who departed this Life the 6th Day of Febr. 1724, aged 91.

And of Ann his Wife, one of the Daughters of Martin Hastings, late of Hindringham in the County of Norfolk Esq; she died the 27th. of Aug. 1710, aged 70 Years. They had issue nine Children, several of which lie interred with their Parents near this Monument.

Alderman George Gobbet, sometime Sheriff of this City, Nov. 7, 1723, aged 54 Years. Eliz. his Wife Sept. 9, 1721, aged 38.

Mary the Wife of John Boyce, Dr. of the above Mr. George Gobbet, Aug. the 9th. 1729, aged 35.

Susan the Wife of Thomas Wiss of this City Esq; the 15th of Aug. 1679. Also Tho. Wiss Esq; March the 4th 1702, 78.

Crest, a demi-lion proper, holding a trefoil or.

Wiss, per chevron gul and erm. in chief a bezant between two trefoils or.

On a monument against the south wall of the south isle, not far from the west end,
M. S.

Saræ Uxoris Ben-Josephi Ellis, A. M. meritò desiderabilis, Filiæq; Johannis Goose, hujus Civitatis nuper Prætoris, primogenitæ. Quæ obijt Apr. 26, Anno Dom. 1724, Ætat. 36. Et cujus (si cujusvis) maritus, Solomonis aphorismi vim expertus, huic marmori inseruit. Prov. 18, 22, Qui consequitur Uxorem, consequitur bonum, et favorem obtinet â Deo.

In St. Anne's chapel, at the east end of this isle,
On a small black stone fixed against the wall, is this inscribed;

Near this Place resteth the Body of Mary the Wife of Samuel Manning, who departed this Life the 31st. of Decemb. 1713. Also 3 of their Children.

Over the vestry door, is a mural monument, on which

Rogerus Crowe, cujus Reliquiæ non procul hinc marmore obteguntur. Ex opibus quas è foro congessit haud mediocres, centum libras huic urbi legavit, easq; quinq; artificibus post tyrocinium suum probè peractum, singulis scilicet viginti Libras pro septennio gratis collocandas.

Crowe's arms; see p. 33, and Pt. I. p. 425.

On a flat stone,
Rogerus Crowe medij Templi Londinensis Generosis, Qui hic sepultus jacet, et cujus munificentiæ Monumentum in proximo videre licet pariete, obijt quinto die Octobris Anno Dom. 1690, annoq; ætatis suæ quinquagesimo primo.

Let Charity this Man commend To diligent Apprentices, whose End Brought Mony to their City, Stock to lend.

Near it is a large mural monument with this, Suckling Jay of Holveston in the County of Norff. Esq; for the perpetuating the Memory of his honourable Father John Jay of Holveston aforesaid Esq; who died in 1619, in the 56 Year of his Age, and also of his ever honourable Mother Lucy Johnston (Wife of the said John Jay) who died in 1647, in the 70th. Year of her age. And also of his dearely beloved Wife Bridget Heveningham, who died in 1639, in the 25th. Yeare of her age, and lye all of them here interred, erected this Monnument, and was him Selfe afterwards buried by them in 1677, in the 74th. Yeare of his Age.

Vive Deo, tibi mors requies, tibi vita Labori, Nam postrema dies, sit tibi prima quies.

Jay, gul. on a bend ingrailed ar. three roses of the field, seeded or.

Jay impales Heveningham, and Johnston, per pale sab. and az. on a saltier ar. between three castles, one in chief, two in fess sab. and two spears in saltier or, in base, five cocks gul. armed or.

On a flat stone. Here lyeth Suckling Jay Esq; who erected this monument.

Arthur Haslewood, March 22d. 1671. aged 78. Martha Haslewood his Daughter, the 8th. of Sept. 1719, aged 42.

In the south isle is a stone having a brass with the effigies of a mayor in his robes, remaining, which probably was for Tho. Bewfield, who was mayor in 1488, for in 1504, Catherine his widow was buried here, and gave 26s. 8d. towards building the church.

Thomas Nelson 1695, aged 84. Thomas Whaley 1714, 31. Arthur Haslewood 1684, 46. Eliz. Haslewood his wife, 1715, 71, Arthur Haslewood 1740, 66. Mary Dr. of Stephen and Eliz. Gooch, 1740, 29. Edward Ward Gent. 1741, 38. Francis Burgess 1706, 30. Thomas Hey 1719, 73. William Hartley and Eliz. his Wife, she died 1659, 66, he 1681, 93.

Susan Dr. of James Baldwin Gent. and Frances his Wife, 1669. Baldwin, arg. a saltier sab. impaling barry of 8.

Edward Hyrne 1658. Eliz. Dr. of Edw. and Ann Buxton 1664, Edw. their son 1754, Mr. Edw. Buxton 1665. Luce late Wife of John Jay of Holveston Esq; 1617. Martha widow of George Herring Gent. 1653, Mary Dr. of John and Eliz. Keene 1662.

Robert Gooch Gent. Sheriff of Norwich. 1660.

Gooch's arms, as in Pt. I. p. 598. Mrs. Mary Gooch his Wife, 1661, Gooch impales a chevron between three carpenters squares.

John Cobbe Apothecary 1574, Susan Dr. of Ralf Bleverhasset Esq. Wife of Thomas Buxton of this Parish 1651, 23.

Daniel Latthow, born May 28, 1585, died Sept. 2, 1614.

Whose Vertues cause him live, tho' hee, From Mortall Eyes, here hidden bee.

There is a stone by the west door of this isle, that hath lost two effigies, inscriptions, &c. but the merchant mark with J. C. and seven children's effigies, remain. Which shows me that it was laid over Alderman John Cambridge in 1442, who was buried as before, whence the stone was removed.

1502, Nic. Colich, alderman, gave 20l. to be lent gratis to two poor men, at 10l. each, when they went into business, on giving security for the repayment; and there is some money now lent out in this way.

1574, June 7, Roger Munnes gave his tenements in St. George's of Colegate, to the parish to be in 12 of the parishioners hands as feoffees, and when six of them be dead, the survivors are to make a feofment to 12 others; the clear profits are to be bestowed every Christmas for wood, coales, and clothes, or such like;" at the discretion of the church-wardens and two principal inhabitants; the church-wardens to have 4s. for their pains. It is now 12l. per annum, and is given in coals, and lies about the middle of Bridge-street on the east side thereof.

Suckling Jay, Esq. gave 8l. per annum, out of which 3s. worth of bread is divided among the poor every Sunday.

Mr. Nowel Sotherton of Grey's Inn, one of the Barons of the Exchequer in James the First's time, gave 100l. to the corporation, for which Sept. 5, 1607, they granted a yearly rent charge out of their manor of Hawkyns in Barnham Broome, to be paid to the churchwardens of St. Andrew's yearly, who are to pay for a sermon here on Easter Tuesday in every year 6s. 8d. and to the clerk 3s. 4d. and to divide 20d. every Sunday among the poor, and the first payment began on the 18th of Sept. the same year.

There are also two estates belonging to the parish for the reparation of the church; one lies in St. Giles, next the city walls on the south side of Pottersgate, and is leased at 12l. 10s. per annum, the other in St. Saviour's parish in Rotten-rowe, opposite to the lane leading to St. Paul's church, and is leased at 10l. per annum.

The chest in the vestry was called Cambridge's chest, because he first established it at his death in 1442, leaving 10l. to be put therein, and be lent to poor people gratis by little sums by the church-wardens, they taking pledges for the repayment of them: in 1504, Nic. Colich, alderman, gave 40s. to it, and it was increased so, that in 1650, the stock was 50l. but in 1656, it was found to be all misemployed, and converted to other uses, by the parishioners; on which a decree passed, that in ten days time it should be put there, in order, "to be lent out to poore people of the same parishe, upon pawnes, without paying any thing for loane thereof," according to the true intent of the donor. Cambridge's 10l. still remain in the hands of the church-wardens.

In 1488, the parishioners had a tenement late of Margaret Ives, which is now the most southern part of the present parsonage garden; the parish-clerk's house, which joins to the parsonage, was of Mr. Rugg's gift; and the parsonage-house was purchased in 1570, of Rob. Stephenson, and one Allen, for 100l. and the garden on the west side of it is an hospital lease, for which the church-wardens pay 1l. yearly, and was anciently the site of the parsonage of St. Crowche's church.

In 1625, in the chamberlain's account, a rent of 3d. was received by him of John Puttock, Gent. for a tenement some time the widow Hogen's, after belonging to the church-wardens of St. Andrew, and lately to Mrs. Puttock, widow. And also 6d. of Mr. Christopher Barret, alderman, for part of a tenement some time John Withnale's, after belonging to the church-wardens of St. Andrew, who also formerly had a tenement and yard in Upper Newport-street, all which, it is likely, were seized at the Reformation.

There are 8 bells and a clock here, and on the biggest bell is this
Let us sound, and tune together, England's sweet Peace for ever.

Dean Prideaux says, this donative is endowed with 15l. per annum that the arbitrary contributions were 70l. per annum, in all 85l. Here is service once every Sunday.

Hall's sacramental lectures are preached the Friday before the the first Sunday in every month, alternately, at St. Peter Mancroft, St. Andrew, St. George of Colgate, and St. John of Timberbill. See Pt. I. p. 437.

The Lecturers following were nominated by the Corporation.

1718, Mr. Rively.

1719, Mr. Salter.

1720, Mr. Richardson.

1721, Mr. Jeffery.

1722, Mr. Brand.

1723, Mr. Burges.

1724, Mr. Manlove.

1725, Mr. Thornton.

1726, Mr. Lever.

1727, Mr. Suton.

1728, Mr. Herne.

1729, Mr. Harvey.

1730, Mr. Beales.

1731, Mr. Bennet.

1732, Mr. Ray.

1733, Mr. Ames.

1734, Mr. Taylor.

1735, Mr. Brooks.

1736, Mr. Burcham.

1737, Mr. Gogill.

1738, Mr. Arnam.

1739, Mr. Blackburne.

1740, Mr. Meagoe.

1741, Mr. Smith.

1742, Mr. Brand.

1743, Mr. Brooks.

1744, The Rev. Mr. Hethe, vicar of Geyton in Norfolk, the present [1745] lecturer.

For Dr. John Cosin Bishop of Durham, see Pt. I. p. 416: who by will dated 11 Dec. 1671, gave to the poor prisoners in the goals at York, Peterburgh, Cambridge, and Norwich, 50l.; to the poor people in Norwich cathedral's Precinct, and in St. Andrew's, where he was born, and educated in his minority, 20l. and 20l. to the cathedral, 10l. of which to be laid out for a table or memorial of Dr. Overall, Bishop there, whose chaplain he was.

At the north-east corner of this churchyard, is St. Andrew's common Well, which in Queen Elizabeth's time was made a common pump, as it still remains; and on the south side of the churchyard, the whole length of it, is

The City Bridewell, which is a noted building, being esteemed the most curious wall of black flints in all England, for its neat work and look, the stones being broken so smooth, and joined so well; it was owned by Bartholemew Appilyerd, bailiff here in 1372; but the present building was built by William, his eldest son, who was the first mayor of Norwich, and kept his first mayoralty here in 1403; and in 1418, he settled it on Margaret his wife, and Rob. de Erpingham, parson of Braken, his trustee; who with Nic. Appleyerd, their son, released it to Tho. Ingham; it came afterwards to Tho. Cambridge, who, in 1454, conveyed it to John Paston, &c. who released it in 1488, to James Hobard, and he in 1491, to Philip Curson; but it seems as if these were all in trust only, for in 1520, Curson released it to Roger Appleyard, Esq. of Braken, who in 1522, sold it to Rob. Browne, whose son, Rob. Browne, in 1536 sold it to Tho. Codde, and he in 1546, to John Sotherton, and he in 1557, with Helen his wife, sold it to Nic. Sotherton in trust, for Mr. Baron Sotherton, his brother; and it contained the whole space encompassed within the several lanes and streets about it, and hath been a long time used as a common bridewell, or house of correction.

Between the lane at the end of this chancel, and that leading out of Wimer's-street to the Red Well, where the late Mr. Havet's house stands, opposite to the Friar's-preachers churchyard, anciently stood

(91) The Church of St. Christopher,

Which was one of the old churches demolished by fire in Henry the Third's time, and was never rebuilt; it was perpetually united to St. Andrew's, and the churchyard annexed to that rectory, and went, at the appropriation of it, to the dean and chapter of the college of St. Mary in the Fields, by whom it was leased out, and then built upon, and was afterwards Alderman Cambridge's, as is before said; its parish included all between the two lanes aforesaid, and part of the north side of Cutler-rowe, to which there was an entrance from the churchyard; and some of its parish was annexed to St. Michael at Plea; but the greater part of it to St. Andrew's.

(92) The Church of St. Michael at Pleas

Was built in form of a cross, consisting of a nave, south and north transept chapels, and a chancel, which are all leaded; it hath a square tower, clock, and five bells, besides the saints bell; there is also a vestry on the north side of the chancel, besides a south porch, and another chapel built against the south side of the chancel, and joined to the east side of the south transept.

In the chancel, on flat stones within the rails:

Sub hoc marmore, situs est Vir integerrimus, Johannes Peck Armiger, Thomæ pronepos, una cum optima carissimaque conjuge Sarâ è Whartonum Gentè in Agro Nottinghamiensi, Idem jam complectitur Sepulchrum, quos annos propre quadraginta affectus mutui conjunxerant, et nuptiæ imitatione dignissimæ. E Liberis IX, Masculis VI, Fœmellis III, thalami castissimi incrementis, filios duos unamque filiam superstites reliquerunt simul ac pientissimos, cæteris ineunte primâ Infantiâ, jam olim defunctis. Natus est ille Apr. XV. MDCLII. obijt Mart. V. MDCCXXXII. Illa Decemb. XXI, MDCLXVII mortalitatis primum habuit diem, Mart: XX, MDCCXXIX, supremum. Si quid ultra quæris, scias utrosq; re modicâ contentos: privatam Vitæ sortem virtutem parum vulgari ornâsse; et sæculi labe intactos, Parentum, Amicorum, Hominum, officia omnia explevisse.

Peck's arms and crest impaling Wharton, sab. a maunch arg.

P. Parham M. A. ob Jun. 1mo 1720, Æt. 29. Anto: Filius 4tus Petr. Parham M. D. & Susannæ Uxoris, natus 7 hebd: obijt Aug. 26, 1685. Johnes: Filius 5tus Novimestr. obijt Aprilis 26, 1687. Petrus Filius 2dus natus annos 5 demptis tantum unde viginti diebus obijt Octob. 29, 1687. Susan Filia 2da. Pet. Parham M. D. & Sus. Ux. nat. 14 Septem. obijt Febr. 16, 1689. Gul. Fil. nonus undenos Mens. obijt Julij 19, 1693. Susan Fila. tertia sex ann. nat obijt Sept. 23, Anno Dni. 1700.

Susan Sparrow Ux. Antonij nup. Epi. Norw. Def. obijt viceso die Men. Aug. Ano. Dni, 1697, Ætat. suæ 76.

Nicholaus Parham A. M. Socius Caio-Gonvil: filius natù maximus Petri Parham M. P. avito hoc fruitur tumulo, denatus VIIIo die Augusti Anno Dni. MDCCXXIIIo;
Fas sit illorum misereri cineres Mira cum esset animarum similitudo Eandem Vivi excoluerunt Pietatem Eandem mortui affectant Beatitudinem.

Hic situs est Samuel Cooper, Civis, Amicus, Pater. obijt 6°. Decem. Anno Salutis MDCCXLIo Ætatis LXIo.

On the south side without the rails:

Edmond Rogers 10th. Octob. 1692, 73, Bridgett his wife 12t Aug. 1700, aged 76.

In the south chapel, a stone with the arms of Guyborn,

Mary and Frances Guyborn, Mary died Feb. 23d, 1709, aged 73, Frances May the 20th. 1709, Grace wife of Thomas Havers Octob. the 16, 1718, aged 63, Tho. Havers Esq; 1732, aged 86. Havers impaling Berney.

Edward Phillips Nov. 6, 1720, aged 35.

Mary the Wife of Rob. Sadler June 17th. 1709, aged 37, Robert Sadler 1714, aged 42, also his 2d wife Ann the Daughter of Peter Thacker Esq. Aug, 15th, 1706, aged 31, and Robert his Son July 15, 1699.

Crest, a demi-lion crowned; Sadler, or, a lion rampant per fess gul. and az.

Mr. Samuel Mann Sept. 12th. 1733, aged 50, Mary his Daughter Nov. 5th. 1718.

On a plain mural monument against the west end of the south transept chapel:

Sacred to the Memory of Bridget the late Wife of Mr. Samuel Man whose conjugal Affection to her Husband, tender Care in the Education of her Children, and affable Behaviour to her Friends and Neighbours, procured her the just Esteem and Love of all that knew her. She died March 16th. 1726, aged 39 Years.

Crest, a demi-griffin or, armed gul.

Mann, az. on a fess embattled between three goats trippant or, three pellets.

Impaling az. an eagle displayed or.

On a very neat monument against the south wall,

Sacred to the Memory of John Boseley Gent. who died 27 Decem. 1739, aged 79, and Abigail his Wife died 10th April, 1738, aged 71, and also Thomas their Son died 17th May. 1715, aged 20. This monument is erected by John Bosely of Terrington Gent.

Boseley, impaling three escalops, 2 and 1.

Two exceeding large stones lie in this chapel for the founders thereof, entirely disrobed of their brasses, but their merchant marks remain on the outside of the building, carved on the stone-work in many places; as do also many shields with an alderman's gown on each, and many text [a]'s, and over the porch door is a carving of St. Michael and the dragon; and on a stone put into the church wall on the south side of the churchyard, is this,

Here lyeth the Body of honest Tho. Page, Who died in the 25th Year of his Age, 1705. Will. his Brother 1727, 64.

In the nave,

Jermey Gooch Gent. 28 Jan. 1652. John his son 1653. Jermey another Son 1669. Gooch impales Parmenter.

Jane Wife of Tho. Keregan Gent. 1709. 37, Robert Lulman Gent. 1732. Pepys's arms. Mr. John Pepys Publick Notary and Deputy Register of the Archdeaconry of Norwich 1716, 31. Rob. Craen 1674. Charles Marsh 1727, 43.

There have been eight stalls taken out of the chancel, which are now set about the church; and there still remain several ancient paintings on boards, as an old salutation hanging at the west entrance, and our Saviour's resurrection and crucifixion, on the north side of the entrance into the chancel; together with the Virgin of Pity, surveying her son's dead body, the salutation, Judas betraying Christ; and St. John, and the Virgin; and opposite are paintings of the crucifixion, with Mary and John by the cross, St. Margaret and the dragon, St. Benedict and St. Austin.

There are also stones for, Henry Son of Hen. Weld, 1658, James Lowe 1632, Will. Chapman 1602, John Warner 1648, Jaques de Hem 1624, 76, Tobyas de Hem Gent. 1629, Mary Dr. of Ric. and Margaret Ponder 1655, Rob. Playford the Elder 1649, Mary Wife of Ric. Farrer Alderman, and once Mayor, 1605. Barbara Wife of Will. Farrer, twice Mayor, yeilded up her Soule to the most Holy Trinity, on Trinity Eve 1588; there is a skeleton on this stone, with an Ecce quid eris. And in the north transept is a fair altar tomb, covered with one marble of 9 feet 3 inches long, and 5 feet 7 inches broad, on which is a brass plate thus inscribed,

Hodie nobis. Cras vobis.

Here resteth expecting the second Coming of our Saviour Christ Jesus, the Body of Anne Ferrer Wyfe of Robert Ferrer Alderman and twice Maior of this Citty, obijt 3° Maij Ao Dni. 1530. And the Body of William Ferrer her Sonne, Alderman and twice Maior of this Citty, obijt 9° Novembr Ao Dni. 1577. And the Body of Richard Ferrer his Sonne, Alderman and once Maior of this Citty, obijt 29° Maij Ao Dni. 1616.

And findeth that Rest within his Grave, Which in his Lyfe he could not have.

Crest, an eagle's head erased, collared. Motto, Deus videt.

Ferrer or Ferrar, verrey or and gul. on a chief sab. threelions heads arg.

By it lies Dorothy Ferrar 1687; and by her is this on a stone,

Corpora Susannæ Uxoris Johannis Havett, mulieris permodestæ, ac verè religiosæ, et Johannis Havett, prolis unicæ eorum, hic dulciter simul dormiunt in spem beatæ Resurrectionis, Hæc, 30 Julij, Ille 2 Aug. 1662.

Horrida Sum Pravis, Justis optabile Lucrum, Illos, Supplicijs, Hos, ego mitto, polis.

On the east side of the tomb lies Katherine wife of William Brome, Mayor of Norwich died Febr. 1569.

In the chancel, at the east end, hangs a table

To the Memory of John Harbord of Gunton Esq; by whose generous Benefaction of one hundred Pounds, and the kind Assistance of the Parishioners, this Chancel had a new Roof put upon it, and (being before thatched) was covered with Lead, Ao. 1711.

And under it is the crest and shield of Harbord.

There are also hatchments with the arms and crest of Peck impaling Hastyngs, motto, Pour mon Foy. And Brereton, arg. two bars sab. a crescent or, on a crescent sab. for difference.

On the north side of the altar lie, Robert Son of Sam. Cooke and Susanna his wife, 1682, 15 Days, Samuel their Son 1688, 5, Robert 2d son of that name, 1689, 45 Weeks, John a Son 1689, 2, Susanna a Dr. 1693, Thomas, a son, 1694, Ric. their Son 1739, 33, Susanna Wife of the said Sam. Cooke 1720, 63.

Tho' dead yet dear, tho' dear yet dead to me, Dead are their Bodies, but dear their Memory.

Bridget Sherringham 1658, Cath. Holbecke widow, Martha Baker 1652, Alice Dr. of Robert and Alice Suffield 1713, 13, Sarah Grove, great Aunt to the said Alice, 1720, 73.

In this same Grave, my Body lies at rest, 'Till Christ my King shall raise me to be blest.

Over the entrance of the vestry, (which is tiled,) on a mural monument,

Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Nicholas Browne, some time Register for the Archdeaconry of Norwich, who discharged that Office many Years with universal Esteem, for his Honesty and Ability, he died Aug. 7, 1681, and lays buried in the vault within this vestry, rebuilt at his own Expence; In the same lay Mr. Nicholas Browne his Son, and Successor in his Registership, who died June 25th 1706, and Mrs. Mary Cobb his Daughter, who died Apr. 21, 1710. This Monument was set up at the charge of the said Mrs. Mary Cobb, and her Executrix Mrs. Ann Browne.

On the pillar opposite to this monument, is another, on the upper part of which, is a faldstool placed between John Playford and Rebecca his wife; over her head is,

Terram terra tegit, Spiritus alta petit.

Over his head is, Fide, —Et nos Ordine Sequemur.

Behind her are the effigies of her dead children, and this, Mortuæ Vita.

Behind him are his living children, and Viventis Memoria.

Sponsa decens, suavis conjux, perpulcra, pudica, Ingeniosa fuit, simplex, fœcunda, benigna, Dignaque Luce Diuturniore, nisi quod Luce, Meliore digna.

Whose onely Dust doth here in Pawne remaine, That those now parted, once shall meet againe,

Rebeccæ Uxoris charissimæ ac dilectissimæ Johannis Playford Corpus hìc inferius requiescit, cui ex illâ nati, nati quatuor, quorum cum illo duo vivunt, duoque verò cum illâ dormiunt, obijt sexto Januarij 1614, Ætatis 24.

On a stone under it,

Johannes Playford et Rebecca Uxor ejus sub hoc marmore requiescunt, obijt Johannes Jan. 22° Ao Dni. 1639.

There is a handsome mural monument on the north part of the altar, against the east chancel wall, having the arms of

Peck, arg. on a chevron ingrailed gul. three croslets patté of the field, impaling

Guyborn, or, a lion rampant sab. surmounted of a bend gul. charged with three escalops arg.

Fato Sacrum.

Thomas Pecke, inclytæ hujus Civitatis Civis, Senator, & bis Prœfectus, Denisenariæ prolis Pater, Vir pius, ornatus & liberalis eximiè, cui, non nisi amico sale condita arridebant Opsonia, tandem, autem quò innotesceret, ut vel præclara virtus, utcunque mori non possit, ad humum tamen usque possit procidere, hic jacet, sepultus, Feb. 26°. A. D. 1591.

Ursula Pecke Fœmina viro consimilis, et illi, non minus animo, quam Thalamo, conjuncta, nè nesciremus Charitatem in terris æquè ac in Cœlis post Fata superesse posse, Monumentario hoc opere comitem diutius se præbet marito, interijt Oct. 10°, 1607.

Blest Payre by Death not sever'd, whom as one Bed did containe, so doth this weeping Stone, Sleepe, gently sleepe, slumber this Night away, The World at last shall burne, and make it Day.

There are stones in the chancel for,

Rebecka Dr. of Henry King 1655, Anne her Sister 1656, Henry Son of Henry King Esq. 1652, Eliz. King 1654. Thomas another Son 1655. Mr. John Rant 1671, 40.

Rant, erm. on a fess sab. 3 lions rampant or. Crest, a lion sedant.

Capel Son of Shelton and Eliz Suckling, 1710, 5. Anne Roger 1691, Bernard Tooley Gent. 1706, 31. Crest a demi-lion, a fess wavy, and on a chief 2 pellets, impaling on a fess between 3 lozenges erm. a trefoil between 2 eagles heads erased, collared.

Salter's arms and crest, a bird's head erased billetté.

Within the Vault under this Stone lie the Bodies of Mr. Edmund Salter and six of his Children, who died young ob. 27, Nov. 1729, 52, whose Conduct in Life, was conformable to his Faith in Christ. Eliz. his Wife March 6, 1742, 6l.

Here lyeth the Body of Mrs. Eliz. Acton, eldest Daughter of Mr. John Acton of Bramford in Suff. Esq; by Isabella his Wife, who was the eldest Daughter of John Buxton of Tibbenham in this County Esq. she died the 28th Day of April 1664, in the 15th Year of her Age. Hodie mihi. Cras tibi.

Acton in a lozenge gul. a fess in a bordure ingrailed erm.

Here laieth the Body of Ann Cory, Dr. of Tho. Cory Cittisen and Alderman of Norwich, which said Ann departed this present Life in a sure and stedfast Hope of a happy and blessed Resurrection, the 15 Day of Aug. in the 17th Yeare of her Age, Ao. D. 1634.

Crest and arms of Norris, impaling Eyre.

M. S. Memor esto Judicij mei, sic erit et tuum;

Hoc tibi altè inclamant, Viator, vel muti hi Cineres, Hieremiæ Norris Gen. natus Nordovici Anno Salutis MDCXXX, Ibidem obijt MDCC, Dec. 27°. Antiquæ Fidei et morum Vir, sit in Pace locus ejus, et Habitatio in Sion; sic illi apprecata quarta conjux Teresa, Filia Thomœ Eyre de Hassup in Agro Derbiensi Armig' Saxum hoc funebre mœrens posuit. Reliquiæ Annæ, Uxoris Thomœ Reilly Gen. Filiæ Jeremiœ Norris supradicti ob. 27 Jan. 1711, 34.

Crest, a boar passant: per fess two mullets in pale, impaling a chief and chevron.

Sacred to the Memorie of Mrs. Eliz. Vere, the beloved Wife of Alderman Thomas Vere of this City Merchant, she was the only Childe of Mr. Stephen Dey late in St. Andrew's, and departed this Life on the 25 of Sept. Ao. 1714, in the 26th Year of her Age. Here also layeth two of their Children, Eliz. and Ann, who died in their Infancy.

In the nave,

Sub hoc Lapide depositæ sunt reliquiæ, Edmundi Ferrer A. B. Viri, literis Latinis Græcisque egregiè docti, obijt die Maij xvjo. A. D. MDCCXXXo æt. suæ XLIIIo.

Francisca, Thomœ Husband de Belaugh, Armigeri Filia, Guil. Ferrer Genr. Ux. ob. II. Maij A. D. MDCCIIIo. Æt. XLIXo Gulielmus Ferrer Genr. ob. xii°. Aug. A. D. MDCCXVIIIo, Æt. LXXIXo.

Samuel Portland 1715, Eliz. his Wife 1724, Edw. their Son 1694, 16, Hannah their Dr. 1730. Milecent wife of Peter Decele 1688. Lock, per fess az. and or, 3 eagles counterchanged, crest, an eagle perched or, holding a pad-lock in his beak. Edmund Lock Gen. 1741, 61, Sarah his Wife, Dr. of Stephen Buttolph Merchant, 1713, 32, John their Son 1710, 5, Judith Lock his sister, 1742, 54. Bernard Rant 1665, Abraham Decele 1658. A cross between 4 crescents; Mary Wife of William Barnham, Nov. 2, 1729, 22, and 3 Children, Anne, Eliz. and Daniel, Children of Tho. Clayton, the last of which died in 1674.

There is a plaster monument against the west wall, having the man and wife on their knees, with five sons behind him, and five daughters behind her.

Here by her Mother's Side, interr's doth laye, Anna de Hem, Daughter to Paul de Hem, The Wife of Jakes de Hem, clad in Claye, To whom she wedded, bath tenne Children borne, But as Gods Tythe, the tenth Fruet of her Wombe, Brought her by Rachel's Death, to her last home, At the Age of fourty fower Yeares died shee, Octobers 5th one thousands, sir hundred, three.

In a north window is, gul. a chevron between three keys arg. andMater electa Dei

The north transept chapel was dedicated to St. John Baptist, and the south chapel to St. Mary the Virgin; and there were lights kept before the images of those Saints, at their altars in the said chapels; and also before those of St. Anne, St. Christopher, St. Nicholas, St. Thomas, the Holy Rood, Sepulchre, and Sacrament; and there was a hanging branch of lights burning before St. Michael, towards finding which, a messuage on the north side of the churchyard was tied in Edward the First's time, to pay yearly a pound of wax.

The following persons were buried here, as their wills inform me:

1386, Jeffery de Sweynesthorp. 1405, Thomas Porter, and tied his messuage in this parish, after the death of Margaret his wife, and Margery Henley her neice, to find a wax candle burning on the rood-loft daily at mattins, mass, and vespers, before the image of the Virgin, there, and to find a mass weekly every Monday, for their souls, and the soul of Margaret de Norwich.

1460, Rob. Machon, alderman, buried before the altar of the Virgin Mary in her chapel, on the south side, and gave a missal and suit of red vestments. 1468, John Northalis, mercer, buried in the vestry, and founded a certeyn for himself and friends for 20 years, and 40s. towards new leading and battelling the church, and 20l. for a silver cross gilt. 1475, Marion Machion buried by her husband's tomb, and gave vestments to St. Mary's altar. 1485, John Hebbys, mercer, buried in St. John's chapel, where he founded a certeyn for 32 years, and gave vestments &c. and charged his house to find a lamp for ever on the rode-loft, to burn daily from 6 in the morning to ten in the forenoon.

1498, Rob. Machon the elder, browderer, buried by his father and mother aforesaid, and gave 20l. for a suit of vestments, 10l. for a stock (fn. 21) to be vested in the principal inhabitants hands, to be lent to the poor gratis, no one borrowing above 40s. and each leaving a sufficient gage or pledge to repair it in a year: (fn. 22) he ordered his executors to buy as much free-land in the Field, as should cost 6 marks, and vest it in 8 feoffees, who must be parishioners when chosen, and the clear yearly profit is to be put into a box, and there remain to pay any tax, subsidy, or aid, that shall be laid on the poorest of the parishioners, not discharging any persons that are laid above 2d. 1500, John Watur buried in the south porch, and Joan Drake, late wife of Alderman Stephen Bryan, buried in the chancel by her husband. 1503, Alderman Rob. Pynchemore, buried in St. John's chapel. 1504, Alderman Tho. Bewfeld by the font, and founded a mass for 8 years, every working day at 8 in the morning, and his executors were to find 8 poor men and women daily to attend it, and sit on the font and pray for his and his friends souls, and each to have 4d. every Saturday. The same year Katherine his widow was buried by him, and gave 24l. for a suit of black velvet vestments and copes, and 10l. to make a silver foot gilt to the best cross, 5 marks to paint the rood-loft and gild it, 40s. to repair the chancel, and a certeyn to be kept for 20 years. 1515, Margery Doget, widow. 1522, Stephen Leman, in the churchyard by the cross on the north side, and gave a legacy to buy a jewel.

The religious concerned in this parish were, the Prior of Norwich, who had divers houses and rents here, given by Ralf Norkes, Tho. de Stanfield, and Rob. de Sprowston, by license of Edward I. and were settled on the cellerer and almoner. The house at the north-west corner of the churchyard paid 6d. to the Abbot of Sibton, and 2s. 6d. to Norwich priory, and was given in 1289 to the monastery of St. Benedict at H⊙lm, by Sir Ric. de Griston, rector of North Burlingham; and the sacrist of that monastery was taxed for it at 8s. the Abbot of Creyk was also taxed 7s. 6d. ob. for temporals here, the Prior of Hickling 2s. 10d. the Prior of St. Faith's 16s. 5d. and the Prior of Windham 4d.

The Rectory of St. Michael ad Placita was commonly called St. Miles at Plea, because here the Archdeacon of Norwich used to hold his pleas or courts, and the general procession of all the Norwich clergy used to meet, the register's house being in the parish: (fn. 23) in some old evidences it is called St. Michael near St. Christopher's, in others St. Michael Motstow, or Much stow, that is the head or chief church of St. Michael, because of the aforesaid pleas; (fn. 24) in others, St. Michael at Muspole, that is, Much-Pool, there being formerly a pool, where the Red-well now is; (fn. 25) and hence at this day, it is by corruption called by some, St. Miles of Musball. It was first valued at 20s. but not taxed, and paid 3d. synodals; it afterwards paid 6d. synodals, 19d. ob. procurations, and 13s. tenths, of which it was discharged, it being only 6l. 10s. in the King's Books.

The Regr. of Holm abbey, fo. 86, says, that it was confirmed to that monastery by the bulls of Pope Eugenius and Lucius, and that they possessed it in 1147, but I do not find that they were ever patrons; the patronage being always alternate, in the lords of Horsford and Sprowston, as it still remains.


1302, John de Honing. John Bacoun.

1327, Thomas atte Hille of Bodeneye. Sir John Bacoun, clerk.

1333, Stephen de Stalham. Rich. de Catefield.

1349, John de Heydon, Katherine, formerly wife of Sir John Bacoun, Knt.

1354, John Baxter.

1368, Tho. Cutts of Little-Cove. Sir. Edm. Ufford, Knt. lord of Horsford.

1375, Adam son of Alan Dicles, of Potter-Heigham. Walter de Byntre.

1412, John Newton. Sir Will. Bowet, Knt. ob.

1427, John Grey, buried in the chancel before St. Michael's image.

1427, John Honyngham, buried in the chancel. Jane, late wife of Sir Barth. Bacoun, Knt.

1447, The advowson was settled by Sir Tho. D'acre, Knt. and Eliz. his wife, on Thomas Hoo, in trust.

1449, Will. Fytell. Henry Inglose, Knt. and Anne, his wife.

1452, Ric. Ferror. Will. Calthorp, Esq. ob.

1467, Ed. Rightwise, A. M. ob. Ditto.

1493, Tho. Bryan, ob. Ditto.

1506, Tho. Fiennes, Lord D'acre, resigned.

1508, Tho. Vele, he was also Dean of Cranwich, (Hist. Norf. vol. ii. p. 228.)

1510, Robert Legge, ob. Ditto.

1524, Robert Brown. Sir Phil. Calthorp, Knt.

1533, Will. Nockold.

1536, Robert Saham, some time a white friar of Ipswich. (Stripe, p. 286.)

1550, John Barret, S. T. P. the King by lapse; resigned.

1560, Sir Tho. Hughson. Sir Will. Woodhouse, Knt. and the Lady Eliz. his wife, daughter and heiress of Sir Philip Calthorp, Knt. resigned.

1582, Robert Petchie, Assignee of Lord D'acres; resigned.

1585, Roland Nutt, Assignée of Sir Philip Parker, Knt.

1591, John Holden, lapse.

1612, Dan. Heylet. Tho. Corbet, lord of Sprowston; he is buried in the chancel with this inscription on a brass plate,

Daniel Heylet Master in Arts, and Pastor of this Church, deceased Sept. 4, A. D. 1617, and of his Age 27.

Admir'd Heylet lieth beneath this Stone, Who for Invention, Judgement, Memorye, For Skill in Artes, in Tongues, and Historye, For Life and Doctringe, second was to none. He gaynes by Death, his Vertues cannot dye, His Soul in Blisse, behouldes her Maker's Eyes, His mortall Body shall in Glory rise, And both with God shall live eternallye.

1617, John Ward. Ric. Lord D'acre, lord of Horsford. He was buried in the chancel with this on a brass plate,

Johannes Ward, in Artibus Baccalaureus, Collegij Emanuelis in Academiâ Cantabrigiensi Alumnus, obijt 20 die Junij A. D. 1634, cujus anima cum Christo Salvatore triumphat, et Corpus hic intus requiescit.

1638, Will. Dawson. The King, as guardian to the heir of Sir Tho. Corbet, Knt. and Bart. He was buried in the chancel with this, now covered,

Vulneratus non victus,

Gulielmus Dawson Rector hujus Ecclesiæ mortem obijt 24 Oct. A. D. 1641, Æt. 31.

1642. Thomas Tofts. Francis Lord D'acre; ob.

1678, Stephen Painter. Sir Will. Adams. He lies buried in the chancel with Painter's arms and crest, and a crescent for difference.

Stephanus Painter A. M. hujus Ecclesiæ Rector, et Alicia Uxor ejus hic contumulantur è quibus alter obijt xiiio die Julij MDCLXXXIX, altera viii die Julij 1684, Hic requiescit Paulus Painter ex Liberis Parentum supradict' ultimus superstes, et Hæres (si præmatura mors non abstulerat) Pauli Painter Equitis Aurati, obijt 21° Maij 1702, Æt. 19°.

1689, 11 Aug. Thomas Clayton, Thomas Earl of Sussex, lord of Horsford. He held it united to Colney, and was official to the Archdeacon of Norwich, and died March 18, 1743, and is buried in the nave, under a black marble thus inscribed,

P. M. S.
Viri Venerabilis THOMÆ CLAYTON A. M. Archidiaconatûs Norvicensis Officialis: Rectoris de Colney in Agro Norfolciensi, et hujusce Parochiæ Pastoris per LIV Annos vigilantissimi et Fidissimi. Beatus servus ille, quem, cùm venerit Dominus ejus, invenerit sic Facientem. Math. 24, 46. Placidè in Domino obdormivit, die xviij° Martij, Anno Ætatis suæ LXXXo. Salutis humanæ MDCCXLIIIo. Hic etiam inhumatæ jacent Reliquiæ Thomæ et Mariæ Clayton, Parentum ejus dilectorum.

He published a sermon in 1704, qo. Lond. on Rom. 12, 4, 5, dedicated to John Freeman, Esq. mayor, &c. preached at the cathedral Jan. 9, 1703, Unity of Worship earnestly recommended, &c.

There is a good parsonage standing against the street, joining to the south-east part of the churchyard, which, with the voluntary contributions, &c. makes the rectory about 35l. per annum. Dr. Prideaux says, it is endowed with 7l. per annum, and the contributions were then 20l. per annum.

Benefactors not mentioned before, are,

Cicily wife of John Fellows of Norwich, Gent. who in 1570, gave 10l. to be added to Mr. Machon's 10l. to be lent out to young beginners, free of interest; and at this time there is 36l. parish stock lent out interest free, by the parishioners.

Mr. Brereton, attorney at law, left a house situate between Mr. Mickleburgh's and Mr. Randal's, now let at 5l. a year, to be distributed to the poor in coals, candles, bread and money.

Mrs. Gibbs gave 50l. the interest to buy coals; and Mr. Gibbs gave the brass branch in the church.

Justice Salter's gift to bind out poor children, see in Pt. I. p. 412.

An offering bason belonging to the altar hath this on it,

Ex Dono Tho. Havers Ecclesiœ Sti. Mich. Ao. Dom. 1694.

There are also two flaggons, each holding about 2 quarts, with this on each,

Altari Ecclesiœ Sti. Michaelis ad Placita consecratum 1691.

And a cup and cover with the same inscription and date; there is also a paten dated 1712.

The small ward, called


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