Classes of original records

Pages xvii-xviii

A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 1, the City of Chester: General History and Topography. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2003.

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Palatinate of Chester
CHES 2 Exchequer of Chester: Enrolments
CHES 3 Exchequer of Chester: Various Inquisitions
CHES 19 Sheriffs' Tourn Rolls and Files
CHES 25 Chester County Court: Indictment Rolls and Files
CHES 29 Chester County Court: Plea Rolls
CHES 31 Final Concords and Recoveries Files
CHES 38 Miscellanea
C146 Ancient Deeds, Series C
Exchequer, King's Remembrancer
E 179 Records Relating to Lay and Clerical Taxation
Exchequer, Court of Augmentations
E 301 Certificates of Colleges, Chantries, and Similar Foundations
E 315 Miscellaneous Books
Exchequer, Trustees for Crown Lands and Fee-Farm Rents
E 317 Parliamentary Surveys
Home Office
HO 107 Census Returns, 1841 and 1851
Obsolete Lists
OBS 1 Obsolete Lists Associated with P.R.O. Holdings
Privy Council
PC 2 Registers
General Register Office
RG 11 Census Returns, 1881
Special Collections
SC 6 Ministers' and Receivers' Accounts
SC 11 Rentals and Surveys, Rolls
Secretaries of State
SP 12 State Papers Domestic, Elizabeth I
SP 16 State Papers Domestic, Charles I
Legal Records Relating to Wales
WALE 29 Palatinate of Chester: Ancient Deeds, Series F
War Office
WO 30 Miscellaneous Papers
Office of Works
WORK 14 Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings: Registered Files
Estate and Family Papers
DAL Aldersey of Aldersey
DBA Barnston of Churton
DDX Miscellaneous
DVE Vernon of Kinderton
Diocesan Records
EDA Administration
EDC Consistory Court
EDD Dean and Chapter
EDE Episcopal Estates
EDT Tithe
Church Commissioners
EEC Chester Cathedral Chapter
Parish Records
Wills and Probate Records
WC Diocesan Series (Disputed Wills)
WS Supra Series
ZAB Assembly Books
ZAC Assembly Committees
ZAF Assembly Files
ZAP Assembly Petitions
City Council
ZCA Boundary Reports
ZCB Council Minute Books
ZCCB Committee Minute Books
ZCCF Committee Files
ZCEA Poll Books
ZCEB Burgess Rolls
ZCEC Ward Lists of Burgesses
ZCH Charters
ZCHB Cartularies
ZCHD Corporation Deeds
ZCL Corporation Lawsuits
ZCLB Parliamentary Bills
ZCLC Commissions of Inquiry and Public Inquiries
ZCX Council Manuscripts
Private Records
ZCR 4 Williams and Co. (bankers)
ZCR 39 William Titherington (Dee Hills estate deeds)
ZCR 55 Chester Methodist Circuit
ZCR 56 Miscellaneous
ZCR 60 Thomas Hughes (antiquary)
ZCR 77 Lanceleys Ltd. (engineers)
ZCR 92 Butt and Co. Ltd. (jewellers)
ZCR 95 Thomas Welsby and Co. Ltd. (wine merchants)
ZCR 115 Roger Barnston's Volunteer Corps
ZCR 159 Chester Liberal Association
ZCR 164 Chester Council of Social Welfare and associated organizations
ZCR 204 Chester Council of Social Welfare
ZCR 210 Samuel Taylor Parry (mechanical engineer)
ZCR 256 Hydraulic Engineering Co. Ltd.
ZCR 294 Chester Co-operative Society Ltd.
ZCR 310 Richard Jones and Co. Ltd. (drapers and furnishers)
ZCR 352 Daniel Peck (merchant)
ZCR 366 J. H. Taylor and Sons (boat builders)
ZCR 388 Medical Officer of Health (printed report)
ZCR 420 Brookhirst Switchgear Ltd. (electrical engineers)
ZCR 469 Aldersey Family
ZCR 470 Chester Trades Council and Labour Party
ZCR 529 T. G. Burrell Ltd. (department store)
ZCR 558 Hendersons (Chester) Ltd. (furnishers)
ZCR 566 Chester Trustee Savings Bank
ZCR 572 Chester Evangelical Free Church Council
ZCR 586 Associated Lead Manufacturers (Chester Leadworks)
ZCR 600 Chester Municipal Charities (printed report)
ZCR 658 Browns of Chester (department store)
Accumulations of Deeds
ZD/HT Henry Taylor (antiquary)
ZD/JWW Jolliffe, Wickham, and Wood (solicitors)
ZD/PB Potts and Ball (solicitors)
Council Departments
ZDH Health
ZDHO Housing
ZDLC Town Clerk, Land Charges
ZDS Surveyor
ZDTR Treasurer
ZG Guild Records
ZMB Mayors' Books
ZMBB Assize of Bread
ZMF Mayors' Files
ZMIP Inner Pentice Files
ZML Mayors' Letters
ZMMP Mayors' Military Papers
ZMR Portmote Court Rolls
ZMUB Account Books
ZMUR Account Roll
ZMUV Vouchers
ZQCI Inquisitions
ZQCR Court Rolls
Quarter Sessions
ZQRL Licensed Victuallers
ZQSF Quarter Sessions Files
ZSB Sheriffs' Books
ZSBC Sheriffs' Court Books (Pentice Court)
ZSFB Sheriffs' Files: Bonds
ZSR Pentice Court Rolls
ZCAS Assessments: Subsidies, Aids, and Taxes
ZTAA Annuitants' Receipt Books
ZTAB Account Books
ZTAR Account Rolls and Rentals
ZTAV Vouchers
Town Clerk
ZTCC Papers Relating to Corporation Business
ZTCP Papers Relating to Private Legal Practice
Statutory and Local Authorities
ZTRH Hoole Urban District Council
ZTRI Police (Improvement) Commissioners
ZTRP Chester Civil Parish
Other Records
Cowper Collectanea Devana of Dr. William
MSS. Cowper