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A History of the County of Essex: Volume 4, Ongar Hundred. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1956.

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The following abbreviations are used, sometimes with the addition of the letter s to form the plural: abp., archbishop; adv., advowson; agric., agriculture; Alex., Alexander; And., Andrew; Ant., Anthony; Art., Arthur; b., born; Bart., Bartholomew; Ben., Benjamin; bp., bishop; bro., brother; Bt., baronet; Cath., Catherine; Cathm., Catholicism; ch., church; char., charities; Chas., Charles; Chris., Christopher; ct., court; ctss., countess; d., died; dau., daughter; Dan., Daniel; dchss., duchess; Edm., Edmund; Edw., Edward; Eliz., Elizabeth; Elnr., Eleanor; Eus., Eustace; f., father; fam., family; Fran., Francis; Fred., Frederick; Geo., George; Geoff., Geoffrey; Gil., Gilbert; govt., government; Hen., Henry; Herb., Herbert; hos., houses; Humph., Humphrey; hund., hundred; inc., inclosure; ind., industry; Jas., James; Jos., Joseph; jr., junior; Kath., Katherine; Laur., Laurence; Lawr., Lawrence; ld., lord; Lond., London; m., married; man., manor; Marg., Margaret; Mat., Matthew; Mic., Michael; Nat., Nathaniel; Nich., Nicholas; noncf., nonconformity; par., parish; Pet., Peter; Phil., Philip; pop., population; Prot., Protestant; pub., public; rect., rectory; Reg., Reginald; rel., relief; Revd., Reverend; Ric., Richard; riv., river; rly., railway; Rob., Robert; Rog., Roger; Rom., Roman; s., son; Sam., Samuel; Sar., Sarah; sch., school; Sim., Simon; sis., sister; sr., senior; Steph., Stephen; stn., station; svces., services; Thos., Thomas; top., topo- graphy; vct., viscount; vctss., viscountess; w., wife; Wal., Walter; Wm., William.

Abberbury, John and his w. Alice,

Abbott, Rob., and his w. Bethia,

Abbott & Habersham, architects,

Abdy, Sir Ant. Thos. (d. 1775),
-, Sir Ant. (d. 1921), Chas. B.,
-, Joanna, Caroline, see
-, Hatch; Sir John, Bt. (d. 1691),
-, Sir John, Bt. (d. 1759),
-, Kath., Sir Rob.,
-, Bt. (d. 1670),
-, n Sir Rob., Bt.
-, (d. 1748), Revd. Thos. (d.
-, 1798),
-, Sir Thos. Neville, Bt. (d. 1877),
-, fam.,
-, see also Rutherforth (later
-, Abdy)

Abdy (later Hatch-Abdy), Caroline,
-, see Hatch; John Rutherforth,

Abercrombie, Prof. Patrick

Abridge, in Lambourne,

Abridge Brewery Co.,

Adam, Geoff. s. of, see Roinges,
-, Geoff. de

Adam, John s. of,

Adam s. of Fulk,

Adam le Tailleur and his w. Joan,

Adams, John, Sar.,

Addington, Ralph, n; Thos. (d.
-, 1543), Thos. (fl. 1543),

Addison, Wm.,

Adeane, Anne, see Jones; Hen. J.,
-, Gen. J. W., Rob. Jones,

Adelaide, queen of Wm. IV,

Adeney, Revd. B. F.

Adkyn, John,

Ælfstan (fl. c. 1043-5),

Æthelgyth (Ailid) (fl. c. 1043-5),

Ailid, see Æthelgyth

Ailmer, Roger Fitz,

Ailric (fl. 1066),

Ainsworth, Wm.,

Air Ministry, the,

Air raids, see War damage


Alan, Count of Brittany,

Albyns, in Stapleford Abbots,

Alchorne, Wm.,

Alderton, in Loughton,

Alderwich, Nich. and his w. Alice,

Aldgate (Lond.)
-, St. Botolph's ch.,

Alestan (fl. 1066),

Alexander, Anna Caroline, see
-, Ewing; Caledon du Pré,
-, Edw., Hen., Nich.,
-, Thos.,

Alexander (later Bennet), Bennet,
-, n,

Aleyn, Arabella m. Fran. Thompson
-, , Ld. Geo. Howard,
-, Eliz., see Scott; Sir Edm., Bt.,
-, Sir Edw., Bt.,

Algar (fl. 1066),

Alger, Steph., Wm. Hill,
-, Wm. White,

Algor, Ric.,

All Hallows-the-Great (Lond.), par.,

Allam, I.,

Allen, Thos., Capt., Mrs.,

Alsop, Geo.,

Altham, Jas., Thos.,

Alvric, the father of,

Alwin (fl. 1066),

America, United States of, see also Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Amice, Abbess of St. Sulpice
-, (France),

Andrews, Alice, Revd. Edw.,
-, Hannah, Rog.,
-, Thos., Wm.,

Anesti, Ric. de,

Anglesey, earls of, see Annesley;
-, earldom of,

Anne, Queen,

Anne (of Cleves), queen of Hen.
-, VIII,

Anne (of Denmark), queen of Jas. I,

Anne, dau. of Thos. of Woodstock,
-, Duke of Gloucester, m. Edm.
-, Stafford, Earl of Stafford,

Annesley, Art., Earl of Anglesey,
-, Art., Vct. Valentia, Ric.,
-, Earl of Anglesey (d. 1761),

Annys, Lazarus and his w. Mary,

Ansell, Thos.,

Ansty (Herts.),

Antrobus, Revd. Ric.,

Apilton, Thos. and his w. Anne,

Appeltons (Old Farm) in Chigwell,

Arblaster, Alice, see Legh; Thos.,

Archer, And., Ld. Archer, Ann
-, m. Chris. Musgrave, Elnr.
-, m. Sir Wal. Wrottesley,
-, Elnr. w. of Sir John, Geo.,
-, Harriott m. Edw. Bolton
-, Clive, Hen. (fl. 1584),
-, Hen. (d. 1616), John
-, (fl. 1548), Sir John (d. 1682),
-, John
-, (d. 1707), John (d. 1800),
-, Kath. Lady Archer, see
-, Tipping; Maria m. Hen. Howard,
-, Ric., Sar. m. Other
-, Windsor Hickman, Earl of Plymouth
-, , Sim., Susanna
-, m. Jacob Houblon, later assumed
-, surname of Newton,
-, Susanna, see Newton; Thos. Ld.
-, Archer, fam.,

Archer (formerly Eyre), Sir Wm.,

Archer-Houblon, Harriet,
-, John (d. 1831),
-, John (fl. 1841),
-, Capt. Lindsay, Mary Anne
-, w. of John, fam.

Ardeley, Wm., Abbott of St. John's,
-, Colchester,

Arderne, Sir Pet.,



Arneway, Adam,

Arneways, in Lambourne, see
-, Arnolds

Arnold, John, John Roger,
-, Mat., poet, see also Dent and
-, Arnold

Arnolds (Arneways), in Lambourne,

Arnulph, Prior of Rumilly,

Arrowsmith, Revd. Thos.,

Arundel, earls of, see Fitz Alan

Arundel Herald, see Cosoun, John

Ascelyn, Ric.,

Asevile, Ralph de,

Ash, John, n; Wm., n; fam.

Ashby, Giles,

Ashfeld, Thos.,

Ashhall, see Nash Hall

Ashley, Sir John, Solomon (d.
-, 1778), Solomon (fl. 1783),
-, Wm., Winifred, see Pitfield

Ashlyns, in Bobbingworth, formerly
-, in High Ongar

Ashpitel, W. H. and his s.,

Ashwell (Herts.),

Aske, John de,

Assartis, Ralph de,

Aston Hall, in Oswestry (Salop),

Atforth, Adam,

Atkin, Mrs. J. Worthington,

Atkinson, Rob.,

Attlee, Wm.,

Atwood, Alice, see Salyng; Anne,
-, Dorothy, see Walter; John,
-, Wm. (d. 1600), Wm. s.
-, of John (d. by 1664-8), Wm.
-, (fl. 1664-8), Wm. (fl. 1701),
-, Wm. (fl. c. 1723),

Aubrey dau. of Rainald m. Eus. de Selflege,

Aubrey, Mary Lady, see Colebrooke;
-, Sir Thos., Bt.,

Audelin, Wm. Fitz, his w.
-, Juliane, see Doisnel

Audley, Hugh de, Earl of Gloucester,
-, Marg. de,
-, Ctss. of Gloucester, see Clare;
-, Marg. de, m. Ralph Stafford, Earl
-, of Stafford, Sir Thos.,

Auger, Thos.,

Aumale, Count of, see Forz

Austin, Anne, see Bingham; Wm.
-, (d. 1634), Wm. (fl. 1650),


Austry, John,

Avery (Averry, Avere), John (fl.
-, 1536), John (fl. 1662), n;
-, Thos., Mr.

Avranches, Maud de, m. Hamon de
-, Crevequer, Sim. de, n;
-, Wm. de (fl. c. 1174-82),
-, Wm. de (d. 1230), Wm. de
-, (d. by 1235),

Aylesford (Kent),

Aylett, John, Wm.,

Ayloffe, Audrey, see Shaa; Thos.,
-, n; Wm. (d. 1517), Wm.
-, (d. 1584), Sir Wm. (fl. 1610),

Babington, Norman and his w.
-, Marg., Rob., Thos.,
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1454), Wm. (d.
-, 1474),

Babraham (Cambs.),

Bacon, Sir Fran., John, sculptor
-, , Sir Nich.,

Bagstar, Geo.,

Bainard, Ralf,

Baker, Bernard, Bramston,
-, Col. F. J., John (d. c.
-, 1518), John (fl. 1702),
-, John (fl. 1732), John (fl.
-, 1784), Marianne, see Meyer;
-, Sarah, see Green; Wm. (fl. 1536),
-, Wm. (fl. 1718),
-, Wm. (fl. 1849),

Balaclava, battle of,

Baldwin, Edwin, Gèo.,

Ball, Edw. Hughes, see Hughes
-, (formerly Ball); Miss

Balliol, Hen. de, Lore w. of
-, Hen. de,

Ballard, Ric.,

Bampton, John de (fl. 1362),
-, John (fl. 1369),

Bancilhon, Eliz.,

Bangor, bp. of, see Vaughan

Banham, P. R.

Bank of England,

Banks, Sir John, Bt., Mary m.
-, Sir John Savile,

Bannister, Revd. John,

Bannockburn, battle of

Barbados (West Indies),

Barfoot (Barefoot, Barfott), John,
-, Kath. w. of Rob., Rob.,
-, Thos. fam.,

Barford, Ric., Mary w. of
-, Ric.,

Barfott, see Barfoot

Barker, F. H., n; Jos.,

Barking, see also Claybury

Barking, Abbey of,

Barkway (Herts.), see Nuthampstead

Barley (Herts.),

Barlow, Dr. Nat., Nat. s. of
-, Dr. Nat., Wal.,

Barnaby Rudge, by Chas. Dickens,

Barnard, Hen., Sam.,
-, Revd. T. M. R., Wm.,

Barnes, Ann w. of John, John,
-, Wm. Pemberton,
-, Mrs. Pemberton,

Barnes, in Springfield,

Barnet, John, Bp. of Bath and Wells,

Barnet (Herts.),

Barneys, Wm.,

Barningham (Suff.),


Barrett, Revd. J. L.,

Barrington, Alice de, n; Alice,
-, see Battail, Anne Lady, see
-, Rich; Edm., Eliz. m. John.
-, Sulyard, Eus. de, Humph.
-, de (fl. 12th cent.), Humph.
-, s. of Humph. de (fl. 13th cent.),
-, Humph. (d. by 1487),
-, John (d. c. 1368), John (fl.
-, 1412), John (d. c. 1426),
-, John (d. 1537), Kath. m. John
-, Pykenham, Margery de, n;
-, Sir Nich. de (fl. 1249), Nich.
-, (d. by 1274), n; Nich de (d. c.
-, 1330), Nich. de (fl. 1344),
-, Nich. (d. 1505), Nich.
-, d. (1515), Thos. (d. 1472) and
-, his w. Anne, Thos. (fl. 15th
-, cent.) and his w. Marg., Thos.
-, (fl. 1563), fam.,

Barrington (Cambs.),

Barrington Hall, in Hatfield Broad Oak,

-, (Little Chigwell; later Rolls Park), in Chigwell,

Barrow, Maurice,

Barry, Joan, see Mandeville; John,

Bartlet, Ant., bellfounder,
-, Jas., bellfounder,

Barwicks (Berwick) in Stanford
-, Rivers,

Basevi, Geo., architect,

Basing, Anne, see Pawne; Bridget m.
-, Wm. Chatterton,
-, Rog.,

Basire, Jas. (d. 1822), Jas. (d.
-, 1869),

Baskerville, Wal. de (d. 1244),
-, Wal. de (fl. 1279),

Basle (Switzerland),

Basset, Aline m. Hugh le Despenser
-, , Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk,
-, Ela, Ctss. of Warwick, see
-, Ela; Fulk, Bp. of London, Sir
-, Phil.,

Bastick, John,

Bataille, see Battail

Batayle, see Battail

Batayles, in Stapleford Abbots, see
-, Battles Hall

Batells, see Ongar Park

Bath and Wells, bps. of, see Barnet,
-, Burnell

Battail (Bataille, Batayle), Alice, m.
-, John Barrington, Alice, see
-, Walden; Anne, m. Pet. de Tale-
-, worthe, Elnr., see Oudeby;
-, Eliz., see Enfield; Hubert,
-, Isabel w. of Thos. m. Rob.
-, Thornhill, John (fl.
-, 1397), John (d. 1474),
-, John (fl. 1513),
-, Marg. m. John de Boys,
-, Margery m. Wm. de Sutton,
-, Mat., Ric. (fl. 1166),
-, Ric. (fl. 1217), Ric. (fl.
-, 1235-6), Ric. (fl. c. 1272),
-, Ric. (d. 1540), Sim.,
-, Thos. (fl. 14th cent.),
-, Thos. (d. 1439),
-, Wm. (fl. 1108-47), Wm. ( 1200), fam.,

Battersea (Lond.),

Battle (Suss.), abbot of, see Lucy

Battles Hall (Batayles), in Stapleford
-, Abbots,

Battye, Wilhelmina, see Bowyersmijth

Bayeux (France), bp. of, see Odo

Bayles, Mr.

Bayley (Bayly), Eliz., John,

Bayn, Ann,

Baynes, T. M., architect,

Beachcroft, Mary, see Matthews;
-, Sam., fam.,

Beattie, Dr. N., Mrs. N.

Beauchamp, Joan de, Lady Bergavenny
-, , see Fitz Alan; John de (fl.
-, 1231), John de (fl. 1320),
-, Mathias de, Maud de, see
-, Lucy; Nich. de (d. 1243),
-, Nich. de (fl. 1332), Olive de,
-, m. Wm. Fitz Geoff. de Mandeville
-, , Ralph de, Rog. de
-, (fl. c. 1190), Rog. de (d.
-, 1281), Revd. S. C., Wm.
-, de, Ld. Bergavenny (d. 1411),
-, n Wm. (fl. 1424),

Beaufort, John, Duke of Somerset,
-, Marg. w. of John, Duke of
-, Somerset m. Lionel de Welles,
-, Ld. de Welles,

Beaumont, Geo. F.,

Beckenham (Kent),

Becontree, hund. of,

Beddington (Surr.),

Bedford, dukes of, see Russell, Tudor

Bedford, earl of, see Russell

Behnes, Wm., sculptor,

Bek, Ant., Bp. of Durham,

Bekke, John,

Belfield, Chas.,

Belgian refugees, in First World
-, War,

Belknap, Alice w. of Sir Wm
-, Shelley, Griselde m. Johr
-, Hende, Sir Edw.,
-, Hamon, Sir Hen.,

Bell, Mrs. A. D., n, n; Chas.

Bellamy, Mrs. E.,

Bellhouse, in Stanford Rivers

Bellin, Sam.,

Belret, Hen.,

Benington (Herts.),

Benlace, Ric. de,

Bennet, Eliz. Amelia, see Burrell
-, Emilia Eliz. m. Sir John Swin
-, burne, Bt., Isabella Julia m
-, Sir Jas. Willoughby Gordon, Bt.
-, Ric. Hen. Alex. (d. 1814)
-, Ric. Hen. Alex. (d. 1818)

Bennet (formerly Alexander), Ben
-, net

Bennett, Jos., Mr.,

Benson, John and his w. Mary,

Bensted, Sir John de,

Bent, Jas. Theodore,

Bentley, Revd. W.,

Bentley, in South Weald,

Benton, Alex., John., Ric.,

Bere, T. E.

Berewyk, Alan de and his w. Joan,
-, Ric. de, Thos. de and
-, his w. Alice,

Bergavenny, Barons, see Beauchamp,
-, Neville

Berkeley, Jessie Matilda,

Berkshire, medieval tax assessments
-, for,

Bermondsey (Surr., later Lond.),
-, Priory (later Abbey) of,
-, abbot of

Berners, Anne w. of Sir Jas. m.
-, John Bryan, Beatrice w. of
-, Wm. de, Edm. de, Sir
-, Jas. de, John s. of Edm. de
-, (fl. 1336), John s. of Ralph
-, de (fl. 1336), Sir John de
-, (fl. before 1381), Margery
-, de m. John Fereby, John
-, Bourchier, Ld. Berners,
-, Ralph de (fl. 1166), Ralph
-, de (fl. 1220), Ralph de
-, (fl. before 1336), Ric. de,
-, Wm. de, fam.,

Berners, barons, see Bourchier

Berrisford, John,

Berwick, in High Easter,

Berwick, in Stanford Rivers, see
-, Barwicks

Berwick Berners, in Abbess Roding,

Berwick-on-Tweed (Northumb.),

Beston, John de,

Bettis, John,

Betts, Lewis,

Bevan, John,

Beverley, Anne, fam.,

Bickerdike, Thos.,

Biddik, Adam de and his w. Joan,
-, Hen. de, Joan w. of
-, Hen. de m. Arnald Mounteneye,
-, Thos. de,

Bigod, Aline, Ctss. of Norfolk, see
-, Basset; Rog., Earl of Norfolk,


Billesdon, Joan, see Williams; Sir
-, Rob., Thos.,
-, fam.,

-, (Monkis, Bobynford, Gippes),
-, in Bobbingworth,

Bingham, Anne m. Wm. Austin,
-, Laur., n; Wm. and his
-, w. Eliz., Mr.,

Bingley, Percival H.,

Binkes, Wm.,

Birch, John, Revd. Ric.,
-, Wm.,

Bird, H. L., John, bellfounder,
-, Ralph, T. J. E., see
-, also Byrd

Bird's Green, in Beauchamp Roding
-, and Willingale Doe,

Birmingham, Eliz. de, see Multon;
-, Wal. de,

Biscoe, Revd. Ric.,

Bishop, Amy, Edith, Edw.
-, (fl. 1545), Edw. (d. 1553),
-, Margery, see Hampden,
-, Rog. and his w. Alice, Mr.,

Bishops Hall, in Lambourne,

Bishop's Stortford, see Stortford,
-, Bishop's

Bishop's Stortford Gas Company;

Bishopsgate (Lond.),

Bismere, Reynold,

Black, Wm.,

Blackburn, Eliz., see Blades; John,
-, Joshua, fam.,

-, see also Fingrith

Blackwall, Alice, see Prest; Ric.,

Blades, Eliz. m. John Blackburn,
-, John,

Blake Hall, in Bobbingworth,
-, n,

Blewett, Chas.,

Blisland (Cornw.)

Blomfield, Sir Art., architect, Sir
-, Reg., architect,

Blowes, Mrs. B. S.

Blucke, Mat.,

Blund, And.,

Blunt, Wal. le and his w. Maud,

Boarstall (Bucks.),

Bobbingworth (Bovinger),
-, n,
-, adv., agric.,
-, Bp. Compton's census, Bobbingworth
-, Hall,
-, Bovinger Mill, char., ch.,
-, hearth taxes,
-, n; hos.,
-, mans., n, medieval
-, taxes, par. govt. and poor
-, rel., n, n; pop.,
-, postal svces., pub. svces.,
-, rly., rect., roads,
-, sch., top., see also
-, Ashlyns, Bilsdens, Blake Hall

Bobbingworth 'hamlet', see High
-, Ongar

Bobynford, see Bilsdens


Bodle, Eliz., see Scott; Louisa m.
-, Geo. Watlington, Mary Eliz.,
-, Rob. (d. 1785), Rob. (d.
-, 1851), Wm., n; see also
-, Boodle

Bodley, G. F.,

Bohun, Elnr. de, m. Thos. of Wood-
-, stock, Duke of Gloucester,
-, Humph. de, Earl of Hereford
-, and Essex (d. 1298),
-, Humph. de, Earl of Hereford and
-, Essex (d. 1322), Humph. de,
-, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d.
-, 1361), Humph. de, Earl of
-, Hereford and Essex (d. 1373),
-, Joan de, Ctss. of
-, Essex, Mary m. Hen.
-, Earl of Derby, later King Hen. IV,
-, Maud de, Ctss. of Hereford,
-, see Fiennes; Wm. de, Earl of
-, Northampton,

Bois, see Boys

Bois Hall, in Navestock,

Bolbec, Hugh de, Marg. de,
-, see Montfichet

Bolesworth Castle, in Broxton (Malpas
-, par., Ches.),

Bolles, John (d. by 1495), John
-, (d. 1533), Kath., see Haugh;
-, Ric. (d. 1521), Ric. (fl. 1538),

Bond, Benj., Eliz., Fred.,
-, Revd. Wm.,

Boodle, Edw., Ric., fam.,
-, see also Bodle

Boodle's Club (Lond.),

Boote, John,

Booth, Mr.,


Borrow, Rob. and his w. Alys,

Bosco, see Boys

Bosworth, battle of

Botelers, in Stanford Rivers, see
-, Bridges and Piggsland

Boughton, Mary, see Ramsey; Sir
-, Wm.,

Boulogne, Eus. Count of,
-, Geoff. of
-, Maud of, m. King Stephen, see
-, Maud; Pharamus of,
-, Sibyl of, m. Ingram de
-, Fiennes, Wm.
-, Count of,

Boulogne, honor of,

Bourchier (Bousser), Anne, Baroness
-, Bourchier, m. Thos. Parr, later
-, Earl of Essex, Bart. Ld.
-, Bourchier, Eliz.,
-, Hen. Earl of Essex (d. 1483),
-, Hen. Earl of Essex (d.
-, 1540), John le (fl. 1325),
-, John, Ld. Bourchier (d. 1400),
-, John, Ld. Berners
-, (d. 1474), John, Ld. Berners
-, (d. 1533), Margery, Lady
-, Berners, see Berners; Rob. Ld.
-, Bourchier, Wm.,

Bourchiers Hall alias Little Laver
-, Hall, see Little Laver

Bourchiers Hall, in Moreton, see
-, Nether Hall

Bournazel (near Toulouse, France),

Bourne, Alice m. John Digby, Earl
-, of Bristol, Anne, see Day;
-, John, Kath., Marg. w.
-, of Wm., Ric. (b. 1599),
-, Ric. (fl. 1643), Ric. (d. 1660),
-, Ric. (d. 1682), Rob.
-, (fl. 1612), Rob. (d. 1639),
-, Rob. (d. 1666),
-, Rose, see Walcott;
-, Wm. (d. 1581), Wm.
-, (d. 1608), Wm. (fl. 1608),
-, fam.,

Bousser, see Bourchier

Bovill, E. W.,

Bovinger, see Bobbingworth

Bow (Mdx., later Lond.),

Bowes, Mr.,

Bowtell, Fran.,

Bowyer-Smijth, Adela m. Cyril C.
-, Stafford Northcote,
-, Revd. Sir Edw., Bt.,
-, Letitia w. of Revd. Sir
-, Edw., Bt., Wilhelmina m.
-, Art. B. Battye, Sir Wm.,
-, Bt. (d. 1883), Sir Wm., Bt.
-, (d. 1916), n, fam.,
-, see also Smyth (later Smijth)

Boxted (Suff.),

Boyle, Lady Mary m. Chas. Rich,
-, Earl of Warwick,

Boys (Bois, Bosco), Amy w. of Hen.
-, de, Hen. de (d. by 1289),
-, Hen. de (fl. 1293), Hen.
-, de (? fl. 13th cent.), Hen. s.
-, of Hen. de (? fl. 13th cent.),
-, Hugh de, John de (d.
-, by 1317) and his w. Christine,
-, John de (fl. 1412), John
-, de (d. 1419), Lawr. de,
-, Marg. de, see Battail; Maud
-, w. of Ric. de, n; Ric. de,
-, n; Wm. de (fl. 1166),
-, Wm. de (fl. 1235-6),

Brace, J. & Sons,

Brackley, Sam.,

Bradborne, Frances, see Prest; Wm.,

Braden, Edw.,

Bradley, Thos.,

Bradshagh, Nich.,


Braham, Frances m. John J. H.
-, Waldegrave, Geo. Edw. Earl
-, Waldegrave, Geo. G. Harcourt,
-, Chichester S. P. Fortescue, Ld.
-, Carlingford,


Brakelond, Jocelin of,

Bramston, Eliz., see Harvey; Thos.
-, (fl. 1739), Thos. Berney (fl.
-, c. 1801), Thos. H. (fl. 1888),
-, Thos. W. (fl. 1868),
-, see also Stane (formerly
-, Bramston)

Branch, Ellen (d. 1567), see Hamp-
-, den; Ellen (fl. 1589), see Nicholson
-, ; Sir John,

Brand, Fred. Jos., Gertrude,
-, Baroness Dacre, see Roper; John,
-, Marg. w. of Thos.,
-, Thos. (d. 1718), n Thos.
-, (d. 1770), Thos. (fl. 1780),
-, Thos. Ld. Dacre
-, (d. 1851), Tim.,
-, fam.,

Brandon, Chas., Duke of Suffolk,

Brasenose College, Oxford,

Brawn, Revd. Sam., the
-, Misses,

Braxted, Great,

Bray, Sir Reynold,

Breauté, Gil. de, Joan
-, de,
-, see Mary

Brecknock, Anne, John,

Bredstrete, Thos. de,

Bregge, see Brigge

Brendish, see Bundish

Brent, Joan m. John Trethek,
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1421), Rob. (fl.
-, c. 1504), - (fl. 1496),

-, n

Brentwood School,

Brewer, Galiena, see Dammartin;
-, John, Wm.,


Brewster, Mrs.


Brictmar (fl. 1066),

Brictwin (fl. 1066),

Bridges, Geo., Jas.,

Bridges and Piggsland (Bridges,
-, Piggsland and Botelers) in Stanford
-, Rivers,

Bridgman, Thos.,

Bridham, And.,

Brigge (Bregge), John atte,
-, Wm. atte,

Brinson, Maj. J. G. S.

Bristol, bp. of, see Newton

Bristol, earl of, see Digby

Bristow, Andrew Alfred Collyer,

Britain, Battle of,

Brito, Alice m. Sir Wm. de Golding-
-, ham, n Philippa w. of Rob.,
-, Ralph, Rob., Wm.,
-, Wm. s. of Wm.,

Brittany, count of, see Alan

Briwes, Beatrice de, see Theydon;
-, John de, Rob. de,

Brock, Wm.,

Brockett, Edw.,

Broke, Geo.,

Bromfield, see Broomfield

Bromhale, John, Lore, see
-, Salyng

Bromley (Mdx., later Lond.),
-, see also Bow, Stratford Bow

Brook, Sir Edw.,

Brooks, Sam.

Broomfield (Bromfield), Eliz. m.
-, Nich. Staphurst, John s. of
-, John, John s. of Rob.,
-, Rob., fam.,

Brown (Broun, Browne, Brun),
-, Agnes, see Gate; Ant. (fl. c. 1543-
-, 6), Ant. (fl. 1554), Sir
-, Ant. (d. 1567), Ant. (d.
-, 1583), Baldwin, Bennet
-, le, Emma la, Geo.,
-, H. (fl. 1553), H. (fl. 1892),
-, Jane m. Sir Gamaliel Capel,
-, John (d. 1467), John
-, (fl. 16th cent.), John (fl.
-, 1849), Jos., Kath. m.
-, Nich. Waldegrave, Lancelot
-, ('Capability'), Thos. (d.
-, 1488), Thos. (fl. 1726),
-, cartographer, Wm. (fl. 1477),
-, Wm. (d. 1665), Wm.
-, (fl. 1678), Wm. (fl. 1829),
-, pauper, Sir Wistan (fl. 1488),
-, Wistan (d. 1580),
-, W. H., elder and younger,
-, fam.,

Broxbourne (Herts.),

Broxton, in Malpas (Chas.), see
-, Bolesworth Castle

Bruce, Rob., King of Scots,

Brucesmith, Benj.,

Brumpton, Ric. de,

Brun, see Brown

Brundish, in Moreton, see Bundish

Brundish (Suff.),

Bryan, Anne, see Berners; John,

Bryce, Thos.,

Brygges, Sir John,

Buchanan, Wal.,

Buckford, Thos. (d. 1688), Thos.
-, (fl. 1692),

Buckhurst (Munkenhill, Monk-
-, hams), in Chigwell,

Buckhurst Hill, in Chigwell,

Buckhurst Hill, Urban District of,
-, U.D. Council,

Buckingham, dukes of, see
-, also Stafford

Buckinghamshire, medieval tax
-, assessments in,

Buckland, Mr.,

Budworth, Chas. E. D., Revd.
-, D. P. D., Revd. Phil. (d.
-, 1861), Capt.
-, Phil. J. (d. 1885),
-, Ric. (fl. 1777),
-, n; Revd. Ric. (d. 1805),
-, Canon R. D., fam.,

Bull, John (fl. 1701), John (fl.
-, 1710), Sarah, n; Mrs. (fl.
-, 1729),

Bullock, Wm.,

Bundish (Brendish, Brundish), in
-, Moreton,

Burden, Geo.,

Burford, Jas. Wm., Pet. Thos.
-, and his w. Ann. Thos.,
-, fam.,

Burgate, Anastasia de m. John le
-, Merk, Galiena de, see
-, Dammartin; Pet. de,
-, Rob. de,

Burgh, Eliz. de, Ctss. of Ulster, m.
-, Lionel, Duke of Clarence,
-, Eliz. de, see Clare; Hubert de,
-, Earl of Kent, John de,

Burghersh, Bart. Ld. Burghersh,

Burghley, baron, see Cecil

Burgoyn, Thos.,

Burling, Mrs.

Burndish, John de (d. 1336),
-, John de (fl. 1353),
-, Nich. de,

Burnell, Phil., Rob. Bp. of Bath
-, and Wells,

Burnet, Sam.,

Burnevill, John de, Rob. de
-, (fl. 1270), Rob. de (fl. 1285),

Burney, Geo.,

Burns, fam. (paupers),

Burrell, Anne M., Eliz. Amelia
-, m. Ric. Hen. Alex. Bennet,
-, John, Pet.,

Burton, Ann, see Hicks; Nich.,
-, Mic., Mr., architect,

Bury St. Edmunds (Suff.),

Bury St. Edmunds (Suff.), Abbey
-, of, abbots of, see
-, Hugh, John, Samson, Simon

Bush, Wm.,

Buss, Frances Mary,

Bussell, Revd. Fred. Wm.,

Butler, Edm., J. W., n;
-, Ric., Wm.,

Buxhull, Alan de,

Buxton, D. A. J., Edw. North
-, (d. 1924), Lt.-Col. Edw.
-, North (fl. 1928), Gerald,
-, n; fam.,

Byles, Revd. Thos.,

Byrd, John, Wm., musician,
-, fam. see also Bird

Byron, Ernestus, Sir John,
-, Marg., see Fitzwilliam; Sir Nich.,
-, Sophia w. of Wm., Wm.
-, (d. 1648),

Cable and Wireless Ltd.,

Cadbury, North (Som.),

Cade, Jack, rebel,

Caen (France),

Cain, Eliz.,

Calamy, Edm. (d. 1685),

Calcroft, Mrs.

Caldecote, Hugh de, Steph. de,

Calne, see Caune

Calne (Wilts.)

Calverly, Horace W.,

Calvert, Revd. A., Mary m.
-, John Martin, Mrs., sis. of Rob.
-, Tooke,

Cambes, John,


Cambridge University, see also
-, Cheshunt College, Christ's College
-, , Corpus Christi College, St.
-, John's College

Cambridgeshire, migrants from,

Campbell, Revd. C. E.,

Camps, E., Mrs. E.

Canes (Cawnes), in North Weald
-, Bassett,

Canfield, Little,

Canford School Trust,

Canning, Geo., statesman

Cantebrigg, John de,

Canterbury, abp. of, see also
-, Cranmer, Laud, Odo, Sheldon,
-, Stafford, Warham

Capel, Art. (d. 1632), Art. Ld.
-, Capel (d. 1649), Art. Ld.
-, Capel, later Earl of Essex (d.
-, 1683), Chas., n; Edw.,
-, Sir Gamaliel (d. 1613),
-, Sir Gamaliel
-, (d. 1652), Gamaliel (d.
-, 1683), Gamaliel (d. 1720),
-, Sir Giles, Hen.
-, Jane, Lady, see Brown; Mildred
-, m. Sir Wm. Lucklyn, Sar.,
-, Thos., n; Sir Wm.,
-, fam.,

Capel-Cure, Revd. C. L.,
-, Mrs. L. J., Miss,
-, see also Cure

Capper, Fran.,

Carleton, Alex., Chris.,
-, Geo., Jane,
-, see Hampden; John, Olive
-, w. of Geo. m. John Rivers,

Carlingford, baron, see Fortescue

Carlisle, bp. of

Carpenter, Thos.,

Carre, John,

Carroll, Sir Geo.,

Carter, Ric.,

Carter, Geo., builder, Jos., bell founder
-, , Wm., bellfounder,

Carteret, Sir Geo., Bt. (d. 1680),
-, Geo. Ld. Carteret (d.
-, 1695), Grace w. of Geo. Ld.
-, Carteret, Hen. Ld. Carteret,

Carteret, barons,

Cartwright, Ric.,

Carver, Jonathan,

Cary, Mary Lady, Wm.,

Castlemaine, vct., see Child

Catalonia (Spain),

Catchpole, Jos.,

Catherine (of Aragon), queen of
-, Hen. VIII,

Catherine, Empress of Russia,

Caton, John (fl. 1847),
-, John (d. 1892), John C. (d.
-, c. 1896),

Caune (Calne), Joan w. of Ric. de,
-, John de (fl. c. 1230), Sir
-, John de (fl. 1349), John de
-, (fl. 1371), Kath. w. of Thos.
-, de, Ric. de (fl. 1204-5),
-, Ric. de (fl. c. 1230), Ric. de
-, (fl. 1261), Thos. de (fl. 1335),
-, Wal. de, (or Rous),
-, Eliz. (fl. 1422), w. of Thos.,
-, Eliz. (fl. 1451), w. of Thos.,
-, John, Ric., Thos. (d. by
-, 1422), Thos. (d. by 1451),

Caversham (Berks.),

Cavill, Jas.,

Cawnes, see Canes

Cecil, Revd. Ric., Wm.
-, Ld. Burghley,

Cecily, dau. of King Edw. IV, m.
-, John de Welles, Vct. Welles,

Cely, Eliz. w. of Wal. m. Thos.
-, Smith, Geo. (fl. 1545),
-, Geo. (fl. 1570), Wal.,
-, fam.,

Cern', Rob. de,

Chaderton, Hen. (d. 1444), Hen.
-, (fl. 1444),

Chadwick, Adam,

Chafford, hund. of

Challis, A. J. B.,

Chamberlain, Charlotte m. Ric.
-, Luther, Eliz. w. of Sir Rob.,
-, Sir Rob.,

Chambers (Chamberline), Wm.,
-, Mr.,

Chambir (Chaumbir), John,

Champion, Ant., Pet.,

Chancellor, Fred.,

Chandler, Percival, Dr.,

Channon, Hen., Lady Honor,
-, see Guinness


Chaplain, Herb. the,

Chaplain, John the,

Chaplin, Audrey, see Latham; Fred.,
-, John, P.,
-, Thos.,

Chapman, John (fl. 1668),
-, Wm.,

Chapman & Mears, Bellfounders,

Chard (Som.),

Charles I,

Charles II,

Charles, John,

Charlesworth, Revd. W. H.,

Chartesey, John,

Chartsey, Rob.,

Chase, Frances, see Lingard; Rob.,

Chater & Son, makers of stained
-, glass,

Chatham, Mr. and Mrs.,

Chatterton, Bridget, see Basing;
-, Henrietta Lady, Wm.,

Chaumbir, see Chambir

Chauvel, Revd. A. R.,

Cheeke, Ann m. Sir Thos. Tipping
-, Bt., Edw. (d. 1707),
-, Edw. (d. 1712), Sir Thos.
-, (fl. 1652), Thos. s. of Sir
-, Thos. (fl. 1652),

Chelmersford, John de,

Chelmsford, bps. of,


Chene, Joan de, see Lambourne;
-, Wm. de,

Cheshunt College, Cambridge,

Chester, Archdeacon of, see Everdon

Chester, Bp. of, see Stubbs, Vaughan

Chetingdon, Thos. de and his w.
-, Joan,

Cheval, Wm.,

Chevely, fam.,

Chevers, Sir Wm. de

Chewton, Vct., see Waldegrave

Cheyne, Eliz. m. Geo. Scott,

Chichester, bp. of, see Montagu

Chigwell, Margery de, Ric. of
-, (fl. before 1294), Ric. of and
-, his w. Joan (fl. 1304-5), Rob.
-, of,

-, adv., agric., Bp.
-, Compton's census, char.,
-, Chigwell Hall,
-, Church Ho., chs.,
-, fire stns., Grange Farm
-, Camp, Guild of Holy Trinity,
-, hearth taxes,
-, hospitals, hos.,
-, inds., inns,
-, mans., medieval
-, taxes, noncf.,
-, par. govt. and poor rel.,
-, n; pars., pop.,
-, postal svces., pub. svces.,
-, rect., rlys., R.A.F.
-, Stn., roads, Rom.
-, Cathm., schs.,
-, stage coach svces.,
-, top., Turnours,
-, vicar of, vicarage,
-, woods, worthies, see
-, also Barringtons, Buckhurst,
-, Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell Row,
-, Grange, Grange Hill, Hainault,
-, West Hatch, King's Place, Lux borough
-, , Stocktons, Woolston

Chigwell and Woodford Bridge
-, (later Chigwell, Loughton and
-, Woodford) Gas Co.,

Chigwell, Little, see Barringtons

Chigwell Row, in Chigwell,

Chigwell, Urban District of,
-, U.D. Council,

Child, Lady Dorothy, Sir
-, Josiah Bt., Sir Ric. Bt., later
-, Vct. Castlemaine and Earl Tylney,

Childs, Mr.,

Chilham (Kent),



Chipperfield, Hen.,

Chisenhale-Marsh, Hugo,
-, Thos. Coxhead,
-, W. S., fam.,
-, see also Marsh

Chishull, John, Bp. of London,

Chivers End, in High Ongar,

Chivers Hall (Passfield Chivers), in
-, High Ongar,

Chivers Hall, see Withers Pawne

Chivers Pawne, see Withers Pawne

Cholmley, John, Lewen (fl.
-, 1722), Lewen (d. 1753),
-, Mary,

Christ Church, Albany St. (Lond.),

Christ Church Hospital (Lond.),

Christ's College, Cambridge,

Church, John, R., Wm., his
-, w. and dau., Mr.

Church Association Trust,

Church Commissioners, see Ecclesiastical
-, Commissioners

Church Pastoral Aid Society,

Church Society Trust

Churchill, John Spriggs,

Clapham (Suss.), see Michelgrove

Clare, Eliz. de, 'Lady of Clare', m.
-, John de Burgh, Gil. de
-, Earl of Gloucester (d. 1295)
-, Gil. de, Earl of Gloucester (d.
-, 1314)
-, Joan de, see Joan of
-, Acre; Marg. de m. Hugh de
-, Audley, Earl of Gloucester,
-, Maud w. of Gil. de,
-, Earl of Gloucester,

Clare, honor of, n, n,

Clarence, Hen.,

Clarence, dukes of, see George,
-, Lionel

Clark (Clarke), Ann m. Sir Nar brough
-, D'Aeth, A., Cath.
-, m. Barnabas Eveleigh Leigh,
-, Chas., Dennis, Geo.,
-, H. E., n, Jas., John
-, (d. 1726), John Fran. (d.
-, 1898), Jos., Joyce,
-, J., Oswald, Ric.,
-, Sam., Wm. (fl. 1801),
-, Wm. (fl. 1809), Wm. (fl.
-, 1878),

Clarkson, Revd. John (fl. 1799), n;
-, Revd. J. R. (fl. 1875),

Clay, Ric., Ric. Lomax s. of
-, Ric., Wm. Nicholls,

Claybury, in Barking,

Claydon, Constance w. of Lawr.,
-, Wm.,

Clayton, Revd. J.,

Cleeve, Alex., Anne
-, dau. of Alex., Anne 2nd w. of
-, Alex., Jane m. Revd. Thos.
-, Valley, Revd. John,
-, Mary 1st w. of Alex.,
-, Mary m. - Hatt, fam.,

Cleland, Wm.,

Clements, Steph.,

Clemmory, Wm.,

Clerk, John the, of Ongar,

Clifford, Rog. de,

Clift, John,

Clifton, John, bellfounder,

Clive, Edw. Bolton, Harriott,
-, see Archer

Cloth industry,
-, n

Clovile, Sir Wm. de,

Clyf, Wm. de,

Clynton, Wm. de, Earl of Huntingdon
-, ,

Cobham, Eliz., see Massey; Sir
-, Thos.,

Cochrane, A. S.,

Cocke, Sir Hen.,

Cockerell, Revd. Hen.,

Cocq, Wm. Le,

Codenham, Hen.,

Codicote (Herts.),

Coe, Wm. (fl. 1775), Wm. (fl.
-, 1838),

Coffin, Thos.,


Coke, see Cook

Cokham, Ric.,

Cokyng, John,

Colchester, see also St.
-, Botolph's Priory, St. John's Abbey

Cole, Geo., Hen. (fl. 1730),
-, Hen. (d. c. 1760), Rob.,
-, Thos., Wm. (d. 1 Feb. 1730),
-, Wm. (d. 24 Feb.
-, 1730), fam.,

Colebrooke, Sir Jas., Bt., Mary
-, m. Sir Thos. Aubrey Bt.,
-, Mary Lady, see Skinner

Colegrave, Wm.,

Colepepir, John, Sir Thos.,
-, Wal.,

Coleraine, Baron, see Hare

Coleridge, Sam. Taylor, poet

Colford, Agnes m. Ric. Makyn,

Collard, - (gentleman)

Collins (Collin, Collen), Dorothy w.
-, of Thos., Honora, John
-, (fl. 1574), John
-, (fl. 1597), John the elder (fl.
-, 1652), John the younger (fl.
-, 1652), and his w. Kath.,
-, John (d. 1750),
-, Mary m. Revd. Jacob Wragg,
-, Nich. (fl. 1565), Nich. (fl.
-, 1609), Ric.
-, Rob., Thos. (fl. 1584),
-, Thos. (fl. 1640), Thos. (fl.
-, 1660), Wm. (fl. c. 1714), n;
-, Mrs., fam.,

Collinson, Revd. G.,

Collyer, Kitty, Phil. B., fam.,

Colne, Earls, priory of,

Colne, Wakes,

Colshill, Mary, see Crayford; Thos.
-, (fl. 1567), Thos. (d. 1595),
-, Wm. and his w. Barbara,

Colston, Edw.,

Colt, Thos.,

Colvill, Edm. and his w. Kath.,

Colville Hall, in White Roding,

Colwall, Arnold, Dan., Eliz.,
-, John, Susanna w. of
-, Arnold, m. Foot Onslow,

Combers, Bart., John,

Commons (common wastes),

Community of the Resurrection,
-, Mirfield (Yorks.),

Compton, Hen., Ld. Compton,
-, Hen., Bp. of London, Pet.,
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1528), Wm.
-, Ld. Compton, later Earl of Northampton
-, (d. 1630),

Compton Abdale (Glos.),

Compton Monceux, in King's Sombourne
-, (Hants),

Comyn, Anne, see Denny; Fran. (d.
-, 1697), Fran. (fl. 1700),

Comyns, Ann w. of Sir John,
-, John Ric. (fl. 1770), Sir John
-, (d. 1740), John (fl. 1752),
-, Mary w. of John,

Coningsby, Humph.,

Constantine, Wm. s. of,

Convers, Nich. le, Rog. le (fl.
-, Rog. le (fl. 1318),

Conyers, John, poor rel. scheme of,

Cook (Cooke, Coke), Sir Ant.,
-, Eliz. Lady, see Malpas;
-, Frances, see Grey; John (d. 1486),
-, John (fl. 1503),
-, Revd. John (fl. 1778), Marg.,
-, Sir Phil., Sir
-, Thos. (d. 1478),
-, Thos. (d. by 1540), Tristram,
-, Wm. (fl. 1520), Wm. (d.
-, 1589), Sir Wm. (fl. 1608),
-, Mr. (of Fyfield), n; Mr.
-, (of Kelvedon Hatch)

Cooper, Anne, m. Chas. Fowler,
-, Dorothy, m. Ric. Thompson,
-, John,

Coopersale, in Theydon Garnon,

Coopersale House, in Theydon
-, Garnon,

Co-operative Wholesale Society,

Copley, Anne, n; Mary, n;
-, Wm.,

Corbishley, Revd. Jos.,

Corbun, W. (fl. 1086),

Corney, Sam.,

Cornhill (Lond.),

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge,

Corunna, battle of,

Cosoun, John, Arundel Herald, and
-, his w. Agnes,

Cottered (Herts.),

Cotton, Edw., Mary m. Jacob
-, Houblon,

Coulson, Thos., fam.,

County of London Electric Supply
-, Co.,

Cousens, Revd. H.,

Covell, Eliz., m. Roger Forster,
-, Thos.,

Coventry, bp. of, see Langton

Cowarne, Great (Herefs.),

Cowee, Thos.,

Cowley, Thos.,

Cowley, earls, see Wellesley

Cox, Revd. F. A., Revd. J. R.,
-, Ric.,

Coxhead, Deborah Lady, Sir
-, Thos.,

Coxie, Mic., painter,

Cozens, Eliz. w. of John,
-, Hen., John (d. 1766),
-, John (d. 1784),
-, John (fl. 1832), Wm.,
-, fam.,

Crabb, John, Rob.,

Craig, Hugh,

Crane, Sam., fam.,

Crank, Jane,

Cranmer, Thos., Abp. of Canterbury,

Crauford, Sir Alex., Bt., Cecilia,
-, Jas., Jane, see Crokatt;
-, John,

Crayford, Mary m. Thos. Colshill,

Crevequer, Agnes de m. John de
-, Sandwich, Eleanor de m.
-, Bart. de Kyriell, Hamon de,
-, Isabel de m. Hen. de Gaunt,
-, Iseult de m. Nich. de Lenham
-, , Maud de, see Avranches

Crewe, John, fam.,


Cripsey Brook,

Crofts, Wm.

Crokatt, Jas., Jane m. Sir
-, Alex. Crauford, Bt.,

Croke, John,

Cromwell, Jane m. Tobias Pallavicine
-, , Oliver, Lord Protector
-, , Sir Oliver,
-, Thos., Earl of Essex,

Crook, Revd. Jas., Mary
-, w. of Revd. Jas. m. Revd. Thos.
-, Smith,

Crosbe, Sir John and his wives Anne
-, and Annes,

Crouchman, Jonas,

Crowe, Chris.,

Crowfoot, John,

Croydon (Surr.),

Cruce, Aveline de m. Rog. de
-, Lees, Alan Waldesef,
-, Geoff. de, Mirabel de, see
-, Oger

Crush, - (a tenant farmer),

Cudge, John

Cudworth, Damaris w. of Ralph,
-, Ralph, Master of Christ's College,
-, Cambridge,

Cure, Capel (d. 1816),
-, Capel (d. 1878),
-, n,
-, Maj. G. E. Capel (d. 1943),
-, Revd. L. Capel (d. 1912),
-, Maj. N. Capel
-, fam., see also
-, Capel-Cure

Currey, E. S.,

Currie, R.,

Curton, Ernald de, Eust. de,
-, Oger de, Wm. de,

Curwen, Mary Ann, see Ewing;
-, Rob. Ewing,

Curzon, Cecily, see Lampet; Mary
-, m. (Sir Thos.?) Tey, Rob.,
-, Wm. (fl. c. 1456), Wm.
-, (d. 1485),

Cutiller, Salamon le,

Dacre, barons, see Brand; baroness,
-, see Roper

Dacre, Marg. Lady Dacre, see
-, Fiennes

D'Aeth, Ann Lady, see Clark; Sir
-, Narbrough (fl. 1770), Sir
-, Narbrough. (fl. 1789),


Dalton, Millican,

Dammartin, Bart. de,
-, Galiena de m. John Brewer,
-, Rob. de Burgate, Ernald de
-, Mandeville, John
-, de, Manasser de,
-, Odo de, Wm. de,

Danyell, John, bellfounder,

dapifer, Fulk,

dapifer, Hamon (d. by c. 1100),

dapifer, Hamon (d. c. 1130),

Darby, Dulcibella w. of Thos.,
-, Geo., Thos.,

Darby (later St. Quintin), Wm. (d.
-, 1805),

Darcy, Rob., Thos. Ld. Darcy,

Dare, Eliz. m. John Marmaduke
-, Grafton (later Dare), John
-, Hopkins, Rob. Westley
-, Hall (d. 1866), Rob. Westley
-, Hall (fl. 1901), fam.,
-, see also Grafton (later Dare), Hall
-, (later Dare)

Dashwood, Eliz.,

David (fl. 1086),

Davies, Jos., Dr.,

Daw, Rob.,

Dawges, Rob.

Dawson, Fran. and Mrs.,
-, Revd. W.,

Dawtrey, fam.,

Day, Anne m. Wm. Bourne, Ric.
-, Young, G., Mrs. G.,
-, n; Thos., author,

De La Warre, Baron, see West

Deakins, John,

dean, Wm. the (of St. Paul's),

Death, Wm.,

Debden, in Loughton,

Deen, Sir Wm.,

Defoe, Dan.,

Delauney, Pet.,

Dellar, Cath. m. Wm. Stubbs, Bp. of
-, Chester, later Oxford,

Denn, Wm.,

Denner, John,

Dennett, Rob.,

Denning, Mr., Mrs.

Dennis, Ric.,

Denny, Anne w. of Edm. m.
-, Fran. Comyn, Edm.,

Dent and Arnold, watchmakers,

Deorwulf, Bp. of London,

Depeden, John de (fl. 1346) and his
-, w. Maud, John de (fl. after
-, 1358),

Derham, Anne, see Scott; Revd.
-, Wm.,

Derwentwater, earl of, see Radcliffe

Despenser, Aline le, see Basset; Hen.,
-, Bp. of Norwich, Hugh le
-, (d. 1265), Hugh le, Earl of
-, Winchester (d. 1326),
-, Hugh le, the younger (d. 1326),
-, Isabel, m. Ric. Fitz Alan,
-, Earl of Arundel,

Deu, Agnes de, see Multon; Hamon
-, de, John (fl. 1262), John
-, (fl. 1301), Juliane w. of John,
-, Thos.,

Devereux, Rob. Earl of Essex,

Devon, earl of, see Rivers

Devonshire, medieval tax assessments
-, ,

Dewar, Mrs. M.

Dews Hall, in Lambourne,

Dibben, A. A.

Dickens, Chas., see Barnaby Rudge

Digby, Alice, Ctss. of Bristol, see
-, Bourne; John Ld. Digby and later
-, Earl of Bristol,

Dimion, Mrs.,

Dimsdale, Thos., Dr.,

Disney, Dr.,

Ditchfield, Edw. the elder,
-, Edw. the younger, John and
-, his w. Eliz., Thos.,

Dive, Charlotte, m. Sam., Ld.
-, Masham, John,

Dixon, Jas.,

Dod, Revd. Pierce,


Doddington, Wm.,

Doddridge, Revd. Phil.,

Dodds, Rob., bellfounder,

Dodyngsells, John de, fam.,

Doe, Ernest & Son, Mrs.

Doisnel, Juliane m. Wm. Fitz
-, Audelin, Rob.,

Dolby, Chas. (d. 1755), n,
-, Chas. (d. 1781), Chas. (fl.
-, 1834), Louisa, Wm. (fl.
-, 1788), Wm. (d. 1819),

Dollman, F. T.,

Donne, see Dun

Doreward, John (fl. 1404), John
-, (fl. 1439), Wm.,

Dorling, A. W., n Revd. Wm.,

Dorset, marquess of, see Grey

Douai (France),

Doule, Hen. and his w. Eve,

Dove, Wm.,

Dover, Rose of, see Lucy

Dowdeswell, Revd. Edw. C.,

Down Hall, in Hatfield Broad Oak,

Drake, Fran., Sam., Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Dransfield, Chas. and his w. Alice,

Draper, And. le, Mary,
-, Rob., Wm.,

Drokensford, Anne de m. Sir Thos.
-, de Mandeville, John de,
-, Marg. de, see Tany; Thos. de,

Dryffeld, Marg. w. of Thos.,
-, and see Walden; Thos.,

Dudley (Worcs.),

Dun (Donne), Caesar, Sir Dan.
-, (d. 1617),
-, Dan. (fl. 1652), Joan w. of
-, Sir Dan., John,

Duncombe, Charity, see Muscott;
-, Sir Edw., Eliz., see Poyntz;
-, Geo., Wm.,


Dunmow, hund. of,

Dunmow, Little, priory of,
-, prior of, see Hugh

Durham, bp. of, see Bek

Dyer, Thos. (fl. 1786), Revd.
-, Thos. (d. 1852), fam.,

Ealdred, alderman,

Earle, Tim., Revd. Wm.,

East End Mission,

East India Co.,

East London Waterworks Co.,

Easter, Good,

Easter, High, see Berwick

Eastern Electricity Board, n n
-, n

Eaton Socon (Beds.),

Ecclesiastical Commissioners (now
-, Church Commissioners),

Edgar, King,

Edick, Jas.,

Edmund, St.,

Edmund, Earl of Kent (d. 1330),

Edmund, Earl of Kent (d. 1331),

Edmund, Earl of Lancaster,

Edmunds, Isabella m. Hen. West,
-, Ld. De La Warre, Magdalen,
-, see Wood; Sir Thos.,

Edric, Wm. Fitz,

Edward the Confessor

Edward I,

Edward II,

Edward III,

Edward IV,

Edward VI,

Edward VII,

Edward VIII, as Prince of Wales,

Edward, Earl of Warwick,

Edwarde, Rob.,

Edwards, Charlotte, Jas.,

Effingham, baron Howard of, see
-, Howard

Egan, Edm., architect,

Egremont (Lincs.),

Eisdell, Revd. Thos.,

Ekco Electric Ltd.,

Ela, dau. of Wm. de Longespée, Earl
-, of Salisbury, m. Thos. de New-
-, burgh, Earl of Warwick, Sir
-, Phil. Basset

Elderton, Wm. (d. 1755), Wm.
-, (fl. 1763), see also Elrington

Eldred, fam. (paupers),

Eleanor (of Castile), queen of Edw.
-, n

Eleanor (of Provence), queen of
-, Hen. III,

Electricity supply,
-, see also County of London Electric
-, Supply Co., Eastern Electricity
-, Board

Elford, Judith,

Elizabeth I, Queen,

Elliott, Edw., Eliz. w. of Ric.,
-, Ric., Sir Thos.,

Ellis, Revd. W. W.,

Elrington (Elderton), Edw. (d. 1559),
-, Edw. (d. 1578), Edw.
-, (d. 1618), Edw. (fl.
-, 1652), fam.,

Elwes, Anne m. Rob. Meggott,
-, Gervase, Hen., Sir
-, Hervey, see also Meggott
-, (later Elwes), Timms (later Her-
-, vey-Elwes)

Ely, bp. of, see Hotham

Emevere, Thos.,

Emhal', see Hemenhal

Enfield (Enefeld), Alice de m.
-, Ralph de Tyle, Alice w. of
-, Sir Hen. de, Eliz. de m. Thos.
-, Battail, Sir Hen. de (fl. 1299),
-, Hen. de (fl. 1301),
-, Sir John de (fl. 1325),
-, John de (d. 1375), Maud
-, de, Ric. de, n Thos. de
-, (fl. 1329), Thos. de (fl. 1399),
-, Thos. de (fl. 1409),
-, Wm. de,

Enfields, see Envilles

Engaine, Joan m. Walter Fitz
-, Walter, Adam de Welles, Ld. de
-, Welles, Joan, see Greinville;
-, John,

England, Bank of,

Envilles (Enfields), in Little Laver,

Epping, boundary of, bus
-, svces., char.,
-, coach svces., Copped
-, Hall, Hayles, Hemnall
-, St., inhabitants of,
-, lands in,
-, Madells, magistrates at,
-, noncf.,
-, postal svces., rly.,
-, roads to,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, tithing of, otherwise
-, mentioned,

Epping and Ongar Highway Trust,

Epping Forest,
-, see also
-, Waltham Forest

Epping Poor Law Union,

Epping Rural District Council,

Epping Upland,

Epping Urban District,

Epstein, Sir Jacob,

Ernle, Mary m. Hen. Goodricke,
-, Mary, see Penington; Mic.,

Errington, Geo., Abp. of Trebizond
-, in partibus,

Escoiis, see Scohies

Essex, Baldwin of, Cecily of,
-, Hen. of (disgraced
-, 1163), Hen. of (fl.
-, c. 1186), Hen. of (fl.
-, 1244), Hugh of (fl. 1194),
-, Hugh of (fl. 1267-8),
-, Ralph of, Rob. of,
-, Swein of, fam.,

Essex, earls of, see also Bohun,
-, Bourchier, Capel, Cromwell,
-, Devereux, Fitz Peter, Mandeville,
-, Parr, Thomas of Woodstock; earl-
-, dom of,

Essex, maps of,
-, medieval tax assessments,

Essex Committee for Compounding,

Essex Congregational Union,

Essex County Council,

Essex County Libraries,

Essex Regiment,

Esshe, Lancelot and his w. Dorothy,

Estden, Wm. de,

Estoft, Kath., see Thorley; Wal.,

Ethelston, Louisa, see Perry; Rob.
-, Peel, Rob. Wicksted,

Etherwey, Wm., Abbot of Stratford
-, Langthorne,

Eton College,

Etsi (fl. 1066),

Eudo dapifer, his
-, w. Rose,

Evans, John, Lucy, Sam.,
-, n, n, see also
-, Jones, Marg. Mary

Eve, Hen., Ric. (fl. 1780),
-, Ric. (fl. 1787), W., fam.,

Everdon, Sylvester de, Archdeacon
-, of Chester,

Evermue, Wal. de,

Evesham, battle of,

Ewing, Anna Caroline m. Caledon
-, du Pré Alexander, Frances
-, Eliz. m. Wm. Jas. Tyrwhitt
-, Walker, Jas.,
-, Louisa m. Winthrop Mackworth
-, Praed, Mary Ann m. Rob.
-, Ewing Curwen,

Exeter, archdeacon of, see Travers

Exeter, bp. of, see Oldham

Exning (Suff.),

Exton, Nich. and his w. Joan,

Eyles, Sir John, Bt., n; Sir Jos.,

Eyre, Mrs.,

Eyre (later Archer), Sir Wm.,

Eyver, John,

Fabian, Rob.,

Fairbairn and Mansfield House, in
-, West Ham, boys' clubs,

Fairlop Fair,


Fambridge, Wm. de,

Fane, Charlotte, see Luther; Fran.,
-, Revd. F. A. S., n;
-, Capt. F. L., n n, n; Hen.,
-, John (d. 1824), John (fl.
-, 1849), John Luther (fl.
-, 1943), Thos., Earl of West-
-, morland, n; fam.,

Farm, Old, see Appeltons

Felde, Ric. de la,

Felix Hall, in Kelvedon,


Felton, Edmond,

Fen, Hugh,

Fenrother, Juliana, Rob.

Fenton, Rog.,

Fereby, John, Margery, see
-, Berners

Ferguson Radio Ltd.,

Ferne, Joan m. Wm. Shelton,

Ferrers, Bridget, see Windsor; Edw.,
-, Wm. de (? Ld. Ferrers, d.
-, 1371), Wm. de, Ld. Ferrers
-, (d. 1445),

Field, Margery,

Fields, common,
-, n,

Fiennes, Ingram de, Ingram
-, s. of Wm. de, n John de,
-, Marg. de (m. Edm. de Mor
-, timer), n; Marg., Lady Dacre,
-, m. Samson Leonard, Maud
-, de m. Humph. de Bohun, Earl of
-, Hereford, Maud de, see Monceux
-, ; Sibyl de, see Boulogne;
-, Wm. de (fl. c. 1320),
-, Sir Wm. de (d. 1302),

Fifhide, Ric. de,

Filkes, Revd. J.,

Filshie, Mr., n n

Finch (Fynch), Dan., Earl of Not-
-, tingham, Eliz., see Savile;
-, Essex, Ctss. of Nottingham, see
-, Rich; Geoff., Geo. (fl. c.
-, 1706), Geo., Earl of Win-
-, chilsea (d. 1826), John,
-, Judith, see Fullerton; Ric. le and
-, his w., Rob., Savile,
-, Thos.,

Fineux, John, Chief Justice of King's
-, Bench,

Fingrith, in Blackmore

Fisher, Barbara, John Brett and
-, his w. Judith, Revd. T. R.,
-, W. R.,

Fitch, Anne, see Wiseman; Fran.,
-, Geo., John,
-, J. P., n, n, n; Wm.
-, (d. 1578), Wm. (fl. 1804),

Fitz Alan, Alice, see Warenne;
-, Edm., Earl of Arundel, Eliz.
-, m. Thos. de Mowbray, Duke of
-, Norfolk, Isabel, Ctss. of
-, Arundel, see Despenser; Joan, m.
-, Wm. de Beauchamp, Ld. Berga-
-, venny, Marg. m. Row-
-, land Lenthal, Ric. Earl of
-, Arundel (d. 1376), Ric. Earl
-, of Arundel (d. 1397), Thos.,
-, Earl of Arundel,

Fitz Alcher, Alcher, Hen. (d.
-, 1234), Hen. (d. 1303),
-, Hen. (fl. 1343) and his w. Beatrice,
-, Ric. (fl. 1212), Ric.
-, (d. c. 1253), Steph.,
-, Wm.,

Fitz Edric, Wm.,

Fitzgerald, Mrs.

Fitz Gerold, Hen., Margery
-, m. Baldwin de Rivers,
-, Warin (d. c. 1159), Warin (d.
-, 1216),

Fitz Gilbert, John,

Fitz Peter, Geoff., Earl of Essex,

Fitz Richard, John, Wal.,
-, Wm.,

Fitz Robert, Maud w. of Wal., see
-, Lucy; Wal.,

Fitz Walter, Christine m. Wm. de
-, Mandeville, Earl of Essex,
-, Eliz. Lady Fitz Walter, see Mas-
-, sey; Emma dau. of Ric., Eus.,
-, Gunnore w. of Rob., see
-, Valognes; Joan, see Engaine; Joan,
-, see Multon; John, Rob. (d.
-, 1245), Rob. (d. 1326),
-, Rob. (fl. c. 1330), Rob. Ld.
-, Fitz Walter (d. 1406), Wal.
-, (d. by 1326), Wal. Ld. Fitz
-, Walter (d. 1431), n fam.,

Fitzwaryn, Mabel,

Fitzwilliam, Anne Lady Fitzwilliam,
-, see Sidney; Christiana m. Sir Ric.
-, Wingfield, John, Marg.
-, m. Sir John Byron, Sir Wm.
-, (d. 1534),
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1576), Sir
-, Wm. (d. 1599),
-, Wm. (fl. 1602), Wm. Ld.
-, Fitzwilliam (d. 1644), n; fam.,

Fleming, W. A.,

Fletcher, Hen., Jos., Thos.,

Flint, Jas., Mary Anne, see
-, Searle

Floure, Wm.,


Foley, Revd. B. C.

Foliot, Ric., Archdeacon of Middle-
-, sex,

Foliots Hall, see Forest Hall

Fonteyns, Rob.,

Foottit, Mr., surveyor,

Ford (Forde), Fran., Rev. Jas.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1350),
-, Thos. (fl. 1823),

Fordham, John,

Forest Hall (Foliots Hall, Norton,
-, Norton Foliot), in High Ongar,

-, see also Epping Forest,
-, Hainault Forest, Waltham Forest,

Forster, Eliz., see Covell; Mary, see
-, Penington; Rog.,

Fortescue, Chichester S. P., Ld.
-, Carlingford, Frances, Ctss.
-, Waldegrave and Lady Carling-
-, ford, see Braham

Fortescue-Aland, Dormer, Ld. Fortescue
-, , John, Ld. Fortescue
-, ,

Forteye, Rob. atte

Forz, Aveline de, see Montfichet;
-, Isabel de, see Rivers; Wm. de,
-, Count of Aumale (d. 1241),
-, Wm. de, Count of Aumale (d.
-, 1260),

Foster, Anna w. of Abraham,
-, Abraham, Revd. Sir Cavendish
-, , Bt., Jacob and his
-, w. Sarah, Mary m. Lewis
-, Scawen, Pet., Reynold,
-, Sar. m. Ric. Merry,

Foulger, Bart. Hartley,

Fountain (Fountaine), John,
-, Mary,

Fowler, Anne, see Cooper; Chas.,

Fowlmere (Cambs.),

Fox, Revd. Hen. E.,

Francies, Wm. R.,

Francis, H. H.,

Frankfort, Ld.

Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany),

Franks, Aaron, Hen.,
-, Isaac, Jacob Hen.,
-, Napthali, Phylah m. Napthali
-, ,

Fraunceys, Sim.,

Fray, John,

Frayes, in Beauchamp Roding,

Freeman, Geo., Sir Ralph,

French, Chas., Eliz., Jas.,
-, W. & C., Ltd.,

Frere, Jane, see Hookham; John (d.
-, 1807), John Hookham (d.
-, 1846),


Frit, Wm. del,

Frith, Wm. le and his w. Parnel,

Frith Hall (Old Frith, Old Thrifts),
-, in High Ongar

Frosshe, John,

Frost, W. J.,


Fulham, John, Nich.,

Fulk, Adam s. of,

Fulk dapifer,

Fuller, Hen. (d. 1590), Hen.
-, (d. 1602), Hen. (fl. 1621),
-, Hen. (d. 1623), Hen. (fl. 1668),
-, John (d. c. 1671), John (fl.
-, c. 1700), Kath. w. of Thos.,
-, Ric., Rob., Abbot of
-, Waltham, Thos. (d.
-, c. 1575), Thos. (fl. 1594),
-, Wm. (fl. 1705), Wm. (fl.
-, c. 1768),

Fullerton, John, Judith m.
-, Savile Finch, Weston,

Furnyvall, Alma de,

Fyfield, n,
-, adv.,
-, agric., Bp. Compton's
-, census, char.,
-, ch., n,
-, Church Houses, Clatterford
-, End, Dame Anna's Farm,
-, Fyfield Bridge,
-, Fyfield Hall,
-, Fyfield Pea, hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, inds., mans.,
-, medieval taxes, mills,
-, noncf., Norwood End,
-, n; par. govt. and poor
-, rel., Pickerells (Ash Farm),
-, pop., postal
-, svces., pub. svces., rect.,
-, roads, schs.,
-, stage coach
-, svces., top.,
-, 'Vicarage', woods, see
-, also Herons, Lampetts

Fyfield, 'the other Fyfield' (Domesday
-, village),

Fynch, see Finch

Gaisford, G. J.,

Gallard, Anne, widow, m. John
-, Wroth, John,

Gallop, Canon E. H.

Gamage, Mrs. T. W.

Gardening, landscape,

Gardiner, Thos., bellfounder,

Gardner, Wm.,

Garnett, H.,

Gas Light and Coke Co.,

Gas supply,
-, see also Bishop's Stortford Gas
-, Co., Chigwell & Woodford
-, Bridge Gas Co., Gas Light &
-, Coke Co., Ongar Gas Co., Romford
-, Gas Co.

Gascoigne, Wm.,

Gascony (France),

Gate (Gates), Agnes w. of Sir Geoff.
-, m. Wm. Brown,

Gate, Sir Geoff. (d. 1477), Sir
-, Geoff. (d. 1526), Sir John,
-, Mary w. of Sir John,
-, Wm.,

Gatesbery (Gatesbyry), Ralph or
-, Ric. de,

Gaunt, Hen. de, Isabel, see
-, Crevequer

Gaussens, Sam. R.,

Gaynes Park, in Theydon Garnon,
-, n,

Gellibrand, Wm.,

Geoffrey, Prior of Waltham,

Geoffrey s. of Adam, see Roinges,
-, Geoff. de

Geoffrey, Wm. Fitz,

Geoffrey, Wm. s. of, see Roinges,
-, Wm. de

George II, as Prince of
-, Wales,

George III, as Prince of Wales,

George, Duke of Clarence, his
-, w. Isabel, see Neville

Germain, Gil., Rog., Wm.
-, (fl. 1368), Wm. (fl. 1421),

Germains, in Kelvedon Hatch,

Gernon, Eliz. m. Gil. Prince,
-, Hugh, Isabel,
-, John (d. 1321), Sir John (fl.
-, c. 1339), John (fl. 1346),
-, Lucy, see Whetynton; Ralph (d.
-, 1235-6), Ralph (d. 1274),
-, Ralph (fl. 1320), Rob.,
-, Thos. (d. by
-, 1361), Thos. (d. by
-, 1428-9), Wm. (d. 1258),
-, Wm. (d. 1327),
-, Wm. (d. 1340), fam.,

Gerry, J.,


Geyre, Rob.,

Gibb, Frances, n; fam.,

Gibbs, Dr. Chas.,

Gibson, Charlotte, Hen.,
-, Jane m. Geo. Scott,
-, Revd. Rob., Thos.,

Giddins, G. H.,

Giffard, John de and his w. Eleanor,

Gilbert, Ann, see Taylor; Anne,
-, J. C.,

Gilbert, John Fitz,

'Gilbert' Poor Law Union (1829),

Gilbertson, J. M.,

Gilderson, Eliz.,

Gildesburgh, Sir John de,

Giles, Dan. (d. 1800),
-, Dan. (d. 1832), Hen.,
-, Sar.,

Giles-Puller, Chris.,

Gilston Park, in Gilston (Herts.),

Gingell, D. Taylor, John,
-, Mr.,

Ginger, Mr.

Gippes, see Bilsdens

Gittins, Anne, Rog. and his w.
-, Anne,

Gladwin, Ric.

Glascock, Geo., John (fl. 1512),
-, John (fl. 1543), John (fl.
-, 1564), John (fl. 1587),
-, John (fl. 1598), John (fl. 1628),
-, Ric., Wm., fam.,

Glasse, T.,

Gloucester, Hugh de,

Gloucester, dukes of, see Richard
-, III, Thomas of Woodstock

Gloucester, earls of, see Audley,
-, Clare, Robert, William; earldom
-, of,

Gloucester, honor of,

Gloucestershire, lands in,

Gobyon, Joan, see Spigurnel; John,
-, Wm. (fl. 1333), Wm. (fl.
-, 1410),

Godfrey, Margery, see Hampden;
-, Ric.

Godid (Gotil, Gotild) (fl. 1066),

Good, Mr.,

Godric (fl. 1066),

Godwin, Mr.,

Goebell, Ann w. of Gerrard,
-, Gerrard, John,
-, Rebecca m. Gerrard, Rebecca
-, , see Luther

Goldingham, Alan, Sir Alex. de,
-, Alice de, see Brito;
-, Aline w. of Wm. de, Elnr. de
-, m. John Mannock, Eliz. w. of
-, Sir Wal. de m. Mat. Hay,
-, Isabel w. of Sir Alex. de, John
-, de (? d. by 1235), John de (d.
-, by 1316), John de (fl. 1340),
-, Sir John de (d. c. 1362),
-, Sir Wal. de, Wm.
-, de (fl. 1169), Wm. de (fl. 1258),
-, Sir Wm. de (? fl. 13th
-, cent.)

Golding-Palmer, Revd. Hen. and
-, his w. Isabella,

Goldringe, -,

Goldsborough (Gouldesborough),
-, Eliz., n; Eliz. m. Ric.
-, Turner, Thos. (d. by 1664),
-, Thos. (d. 1703), n;
-, Thos. (fl. 1718),

Goodall, Revd. A.

Goodricke, Hen., Mary, see
-, Ernle

Goodwin, Chas., Geo.,

Gordon, Isabella Julia Lady, see
-, Bennet; Sir Jas. Willoughby,

Gotild (fl. 1066), see Godid

Gough, Ric., antiquary

Gould, A. & C., Isaac, I.
-, Chalkley, Revd. Wm.,

Gouldesborough, see Goldsborough

Grafton, Eliz. m. Rob. Westley Hall
-, (later Dare),

Grafton (later Dare), Eliz., see Dare;
-, John Marmaduke,

Grainger, Mary,

Grange, man. of, in Chigwell,

Grange Hill, in Chigwell,

Gras, John de, Pauline w. of
-, John de,

Gravel digging,

Graves, Tim.,

Graye, Miles, bellfounder,

Grays Inn (Lond.),

Great West Hatch, see Hatch, West

Greatherd, Anne (dau. of Rob. Hill),

Green (Greene, Grene), Agnes w. of
-, John, Chas., Christian,
-, Edw. and his w. Ann,
-, Hadsley, Jas.,
-, John (fl. 1586), n,
-, n; John (d. 1595),
-, John (fl. 1624),
-, John (d. c. 1626), John
-, (fl. c. 1650), n; John (d. 1653),
-, John (d. 1659),
-, John (fl. 1664), n; John (fl.
-, 1699), John (fl. 1707),
-, John (d. 1725), John (d.
-, 1752), Jos., Kath. w. of
-, John, Mary m. Revd. And.
-, Trebeck, Dr.
-, Maurice, Nat., Rebecca
-, m. Thos. Thorold, Ric.,
-, Rob. (d. 1624), Rob. (fl.
-, c. 1624), Rob. (fl. 1637),
-, Rob. (fl. 1670), n; Sarah m.
-, John Baker, Sarah, see
-, Hadesley; Thos. (d. by 1537),

Green (cont..):
-, Thos. (fl. 1543),
-, Thos. (fl. 1582), Thos.
-, (fl. c. 1600), Wm. (fl. c. 1233),
-, Wm. (fl. 1543),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1554), fam.,

Greenstead, n,
-, adv., agric., Bp.
-, Compton's census, char.,
-, ch.,
-, Greenstead Green,
-, Greenstead Hall,
-, hearth taxes, hos.,
-, man.,
-, par. govt. and poor rel.,
-, n; par. united with Chipping
-, Ongar, pop.,
-, pub. svces., rect., schs.,
-, top.,

Greenstead by Colchester

Gregories, in Theydon Bois,

Gregory s. of Ralph,

Greinville, Sir Gil., Joan m.
-, John Engaine, Joyce w. of
-, Sir Gil., m. Ric. Montfichet,

Grene, see Green

Greville, Anne Lady, see Poyntz;
-, Sir Fulke, Giles, Thos.,

Grey, Frances m. Wm. Cook,
-, Lady Jane, Ld. John,
-, Thos., Marquess of Dorset,
-, n

Griffin, Revd. R. T. K., n, n,
-, n

Griffinhoeff, Revd. N.,

Gros, Wm. le,

Gross, Alfred W.,

Grosvenor, Mary, Field
-, Marshal Thos., III

Groves, Miss,

Grymesby, Edm. de,

Guercis, Balthasar de,

Guild of All Souls,

Guildford (Surr.),

Guilds, religious,

Guilliams, Abel,

Guinness, Lady Honor m. Hen.
-, Channon,

Gwyne, John,

Gyes, John,

Gynne, Thos.,

Habershon and Fawckner, architects
-, ,

Habhale, John,

Hackney, C. H.

Hackney (Mdx., later Lond.), Poor
-, Law Union,

Hacun (fl. 1066),

Haddon, Mrs.,

Hadesley, Edw., n; Sarah m.
-, John Green

Hadham, Much (Herts.),

Hadler, Councillor

Hadsley, Mary, Rob.,

Hainault, in Chigwell,

Hainault Forest,
-, see also
-, Waltham Forest

Hakeney, Kath. (fl. 1332) w. of Rob.
-, de, Kath. de (fl. 1361),
-, Rob. de, Thos. de,

Halden, Thos.,

Hale, Ric., Rob., Thos.,
-, Wm., fam.,

Hall, John (fl. c. 1540), John
-, (fl. 1799), John (fl. 1848),
-, Revd. Martin, Ric.,
-, Wm.,

Hall (later Dare), Rob. Westley (d.
-, 1836), his w. Eliz., see
-, Grafton

Hallingbury, Great, Hallingbury
-, Place in,

Halsham, Sir Hugh,


Haltoft, Agnes, see Haugh; Wm.,

Ham, East, Old People's Home,

Ham, West, Open Air Sch.,
-, see also Stratford, Stratford Langthorne
-, , Fairbairn and Mansfield
-, House

Hambleton, Revd. Geo.,

Hambro, Maj. Jocelyn, Mrs. J.,
-, n

Hamburg (Germany),

Hamey, Baldwin,

Hamilton, Revd. Ant.,
-, n, Revd. J., Wal.
-, Kerr, Bp. of Salisbury,

Hammersmith (Mdx., later Lond.),

Hamon dapifer (d. by c. 1100),

Hamon dapifer (d. c. 1130),

Hamon, Rob. Fitz,

Hampden, Edm., Eliz., see
-, Prince; Ellen m. John Branch,
-, Fran., Jane m.
-, Chris. Carleton, Francis
-, Michell, John (d. 1450-
-, 1), John (fl. 1486), Sir
-, John (fl. 1502), Sir John (d.
-, 1553), Margery m.
-, John Shirley, Edw. Bishop,
-, Margery w. of Thos. m. Ric.
-, Godfrey, Philippa Lady,
-, see Wylford; Thos.,

Hamshire, Wm.,

Hanchett, Wm.,

Hancock, Hen.

Hanley, Mr.,

Hanover Square (Mdx., later Lond.),

Hanson, Emily Jane,

Harbert, Wm., bellfounder,

Harcourt, Frances, Ctss. Waldegrave
-, , see Braham

Hardbene, John,

Hardyng, John, bellfounder,
-, Rob.,

Hare, Hugh, Ld. Coleraine,

Harewes, Ric. de, Abbot of Waltham
-, ,

Harlow, n,
-, see also Hubbards
-, Hall

Harlow, half hund. of,

Harold Hill, in Romford,

Harold, King (d. 1066),

Harper, Eliz., see Skrene; Geo. (fl.
-, 1507), Geo. (fl. 1542),
-, Ric. (d. 1492), Ric. (d.
-, 1507),

Harrington, John,

Harrison, John, Marg.,

Harrod, 'Goodman',

Harsnett, Sam., Abp. of York,

Hart (Archibald), Mr. & Mrs.
-, C. E., Wm.,

Hartley, Revd. B.

Harvey, Sir Eliab (d. 1699),
-, Adml. Sir Eliab (d. 1830),
-, Eliz. m.
-, Thos. W. Bramston, Emma,
-, see Skinner; John, Josias,
-, n; Louisa m. Wm. Lloyd,
-, Thos., n; Wm. (d. 1731),
-, Wm. (d. 1742), Wm.
-, (d. 1763), Wm. (d.
-, 1779), fam.,

Harvey-Elwes, see Timms


Hasilden, Wm.,

Hastie, Capt. Jas.,

Hastings (Hastinges), Sir Humph.
-, de, John de, Earl of Pembroke
-, (d. 1375), John de,
-, Earl of Pembroke (d. 1389),
-, Lawr. de, Earl of Pembroke,
-, Rob. de (fl. 1248), n; Rob. de
-, (fl. 1314),

Hastingwood, in North Weald
-, Bassett,

Hatch, Caroline m. John Ruther-
-, forth Abdy (later Hatch-Abdy),
-, Jas.
-, n, Jemima m. Chris. Jas.
-, Mills, Louisa m. Wm. Rufus
-, Rous, fam.,

Hatch, West (Great West Hatch), in
-, Chigwell,

Hatch-Abdy, fam., see also
-, Abdy, Hatch

Hatfield, Wal. of,

Hatfield Broad Oak,
-, see also Barrington Hall,
-, Down Hall, Hatfield Heath

Hatfield Forest,

Hatfield Heath, in Hatfield Broad
-, Oak,

Hatt, Mary, see Cleeve

Haugh, Agnes de m. Wm. Haltoft,
-, Joan de, Joan de, see
-, Welby; John de (fl. 1333),
-, John de (fl. 1347), John de (fl.
-, 1395), John de (fl. 1457),
-, Kath. de m. John Bolles, Ric.
-, de, Thos. de (fl. 1370),
-, Thos. de (fl. 1406),

Haute, Kath. Lady see Wrytell; Sir
-, Ric.

-, see also Pyrgo

Havers, E.,

Hawkins, John and his w. Sar.,

Hay (Haye), Lady Edw., see Latham,
-, Audrey; Eliz., see Goldingham;
-, Joan w. of Wm. de la, m. Rob.
-, Lincoln, Mat., Rog. de
-, la, Wm. de la,

Haydon, Jas.,

Hayle, Ric. and his w. Agnes,

Haymarket (Lond.),

Hayward, Burton,

Heald, Miss M. E.

Heales, Mrs.,

Heard, John,

Heath, Noah (fl. 1851), Noah
-, (fl. 1894), - (a tenant),

Hedges, Anne m. Sir Edw. Smyth,
-, n; fam. (arms),

Hedingham Castle, honor of,

Hedingham, Castle, priory of,

Heigham, Sir Clement, Lucy
-, m. Fran. Stoner,

Hellier, Rev. Geo.,

Helston (Cornw.),

Hemenhal (Emhal'), Hen. de,
-, Rog. de,

Hemerford, And.,

Hemersthorp, John,

Hemnalls, in Theydon Garnon,

Hempnall (Norf.),

Hende, Griselde, see Belknap; Joan
-, m. Wal. Wrytell, Sir John
-, (d. 1418), John (fl. 1447),
-, John (d. 1464),

Hendry, Thos.,

Heneage, Eliz., Cecil (a woman),
-, Chas., Sir Mic.,


Henley-on-Thames (Oxon.),

Henrietta Maria, queen of Chas. I,

Henry I,

Henry II,

Henry III,

Henry IV, his 1st w. Mary, see
-, Bohun

Henry V,

Henry VI,

Henry VII,

Henry VIII,

Henry, Prince of Wales (d. 1612),

Henry s. of Henry

Henry, John s. of,

Henshaw, Rev. Jos.

Herbert, Hen. and his w. Anne,
-, Wm., Earl of Pembroke (d. 1630),
-, n

Herbert, Ivo nephew of,

Herde, Edm., Thos.,

Hereford, ctss. of,

Hereford, earls of, see Bohun

Herefordshire, lands in

Herne (Kent),

Heron, Revd. A., Eliz. w. of
-, John, and see Pykenham; John,
-, Thos.,

Herons, in Fyfield,

Herringham, Revd. W.,

Herstmonceux (Suss.),

Hertfordshire, lands in,
-, medieval tax assessments,
-, migrants from,

Herts. & Essex Waterworks Co.,
-, n

Hertingfordbury (Herts.)

Hewett, Thos. (d. c. 1564)
-, Sir Thos. (fl. 1654), Wm.,

Hewitt, Mrs. A.,

Hewyt, John, n; Ric.,


Hiccoks, John, Wm. (fl. 1655),
-, Wm. (d. 1674), Wm. (fl.
-, 1674),

Hickling (Norf.), priory of,

Hickman, Other Windsor, Earl of
-, Plymouth, Sar., Ctss. of
-, Plymouth, see Archer

Hicks, Ann, m. - Burton, Sir
-, Henry (Harry), Bt., Howe,
-, Martha, m. - Petty, Mic.,
-, Sir Rob., Bt., Sir Wm.,
-, Bt.,

Hicks (later Hicks-Beach), Mic.,

Higgins, Wm.,

Higham, Sir Rich.,

Highfield, Dr. J. R. L.

Highgate (Mdx., later Lond.),

Highlow (Derbs.),

Hill, Anne, see Greatherd; Anne, see
-, King; Eliz., see Senewe; John (fl.
-, 16th cent.), n; Maj.-Gen.
-, John (d. 1735), Ric., Rob.,
-, Sir Rowland, inventor of
-, penny post, Revd. T.,

Hill Hall, in Theydon Mount,

Hills, Ric.,

Hinchingbrook (Hunts.),

Hinckford, hund. of,

Hinson, John,

Hinton, Revd. Edw.,

Hoard, Sam.,

Hoare, Gerard Noel,

Hodson, John, bellfounder,

Holbrook, Mrs.,

Holenden, Rob.,

Holland, Alice, w. of Thos. Earl of
-, Kent, Edm., Earl of Kent,
-, Elnr. m. Thos. Montagu,
-, Earl of Salisbury, Thos.
-, Earl of Kent,

Holland, earl of, see Rich

Holland, emigrants from

Hollick, Wm.,

Hollingsworth, John, Lawr.,
-, Rainold, Wm.,

Hollingworth, Joanna,
-, Phil., Ric.,

Hollis, Thos. Brand (fl. c. 1804),

Holloway, J. C.,

Holman, Alex., Anastasia,
-, Eliz., Geo., Sir John,
-, Bt., Phil., fam.,

Holy Trinity, Aldgate (Lond.),
-, priory of,

Hoo, in St. Paul's Walden (Herts.),

Hoo, Thos.,

Hookham, Jane m. John Frere,
-, John,

Hop growing,

Hopkins, John,

Hormead, Great (Herts.)

Horner, Thos., W. S.,

Horners (Hornets), in Beauchamp
-, Roding,

Hornsey (Mdx.),

Horsley, West (Surr.),

Horsman, Thos. and his w. Marg.,

Hoskyn, John,

Hospitallers, Knights,

Hotham, Revd. C. G. B.,
-, Ivetta, see Scrope; John (d. 1351),
-, John, Bp. of Ely (d. 1337),
-, Sir John (fl. 1337), Pet.,

Houard (fl. 1066),

Houblon, Chas., Revd.
-, Jacob (d. 1698), Rev. Jacob
-, (d. 1740), n, Jacob
-, (d. 1770), Jacob (d.
-, 1783), John Archer,
-, Mary, see Cotton; fam.,

Houblon (later Newton), Susanna,
-, see Archer

Houghton, Olivia,

Houndsditch (Lond.),

Housham, in Matching,

Housing, council,

How, John, Ric. (d.
-, 1708), Ric. (d. 1723),
-, fam.,

Howard, Lady Arabella, see Aleyn;
-, Lord Edm., Eliz., Eliz.
-, m. John de Vere, Earl of Oxford
-, (d. 1462), Ld. Geo.,
-, Hen., Duke of Norfolk (d. 1684),
-, Hen. (fl. c. 1780), Joan,
-, see Walton; John, Duke of Norfolk
-, , John, Ld. Plaiz
-, (d. 1409), Sir John (d. 1438),
-, Revd. J., Marg., see
-, Plaiz; Maria, see Archer; Thos.
-, Duke of Norfolk (d. 1524),
-, Thos., Duke of Norfolk (d. 1554),
-, Wm. Ld. Howard of Effing-
-, ham,

Howe, Ctss.,

Howe, John,

Howell, Ann, Cath., Miss,

Howitt, Sam.,

Howland, Eliz. m. Wriothesley
-, Russell, Duke of Bedford,
-, John, fam.,

Hoxton Academy (Lond.),

Hubbard, John, Revd. Thos.,

Hubbards Hall, in Harlow,

Hudson, Revd. J., Sir Rob.,

Hugh, Abbot of Bury St. Edmunds,

Hugh, Prior of Dunmow,

Hughes, Adml. Sir Edw.,
-, John, Revd. J.,
-, Ruth w. of Adml. Sir Edw.,

Hughes (formerly Ball), Edw.
-, Hughes Ball,

Hulson, John, Rob.,

Humberstone, Edw.,

Hundreds, boundaries of,

Hunsdon (Herts.),

Hunt (Hunte), John, Maurice,
-, Ric. le and his w. Cecily,
-, Rog. le and his w. Estrilda,

Hunter, Chas., Mrs. Chas.,
-, Hen.,

Huntingdon, earl of, see Clynton

Hunts, in Lambourne, see Patch
-, Park

Huntyngfeld, Wal. de,

Hurlock, Brook,

Hurren, Hannah,

Hutchings, D. W., n, n,
-, n, n, n, n, n,
-, n, n, n, n, n,

Hyett, Eliz., John (d. 1719),
-, John (fl. 1719),
-, Thos.,

Hylard, John,

Hyll, Wm.,

Ickleton (Cambs.),

Ikenton (Herts.), see Layston

Ilderton, Thos.,

Ilford, see also Fairlop
-, Fair, Newbury Park

Ilford, Little,

Ilger, Ranulf brother of,

Ince, Revd. E. G.,


Indies, West, see Barbados

Ingatestone, Hall,

Ingelric the priest,

Ingham, John,

Inkersole, John, Thos.,

Inner Temple (Lond.),

Intilsham, Thos.,


Islip (Oxon.),

Iunanus (fl. 1086),

Iveagh Trustees,

Ivo nephew of Herbert,

Jackson, Hen., Ralph,

Jacob, John,

Jacobs, W. W., author,

Jacomb, Wm.,

James I,

James II,

James, Wm.,

Jane (Seymour), queen of Hen.
-, VIII,

Jardyn, Ric. del, Wm. del,

Jeffryes, Eliz., murderess

Jekyll, John, T., architect,

Jennings, Revd. Isaac,

Jennyns, John and his w. Joan,

Jenour, And., n; Joshua,
-, Mary m. 1 Steph. Wiseman, Wm.
-, Tyffin

Jenyn, John,

Jepp, Mr.,