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A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 4, the City of Gloucester. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1988.

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Clerks of Assize
ASSIZES 5 Oxford Circuit, Indictments
C 1 Early
C 2 Series I
C 3 Series II
Six Clerks Series
C 5 Bridges
C 6 Collins
C 7 Hamilton
C 66 Patent Rolls
C 78 Decree Rolls
C 81 Warrants for the Great Seal, Series I
C 93 Commissioners for Charitable Uses, Inquisitions and Decrees
C 115 Masters' Exhibits, Duchess of Norfolk Deeds (including Llanthony cartularies and registers)
Inquisitions post mortem
C 133 Series I, Edw. I
C 136 Ric. II
C 139 Hen. VI
C 140 Edw. IV and V
C 142 Series II
C 145 Miscellaneous Inquisitions
Court of Common Pleas
CP 25(1) Feet of Fines, Series I
CP 43 Recovery Rolls
Exchequer, King's Remembrancer
E 122 Customs Accounts
Decrees and Orders
E 123 Series I
E 126 Series IV
E 134 Depositions taken by Commission
E 142 Ancient Extents
Inquisitions post mortem,
E 150 Series II
E 159 Memoranda Rolls
E 179 Subsidy Rolls, etc.
E 190 Port Books
Exchequer, Augmentations Office
E 301 Certificates of Colleges and Chantries
E 315 Miscellaneous Books
Exchequer, First Fruits and Tenths Office
E 337 Plea Rolls
Exchequer, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer and Pipe Office
E 372 Pipe Rolls
Ministry of Education
ED 7 Public Elementary Schools, Preliminary Statements
Registry of Friendly Societies
FS 2 Indexes to Rules and Amendments, Series I
Home Office
HO 107 Census Returns 1841 and 1851
HO 129 Ecclesiastical Returns
Justices Itinerant
JUST 1 Eyre Rolls, Assize Rolls, etc.
JUST 2 Coroners' Rolls
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food
MAF 68 Agricultural Returns: Parish Summaries
Privy Council
PC 2 Registers
Prerogative Court of Canterbury
PROB 11 Wills
British Transport Historical Records
RAIL 829 Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Company
RAIL 864 Sharpness New Docks & Gloucester & Birmingham Navigation Company
RAIL 1112 Reports and Accounts: Canal, Dock, and Harbour Undertakings
Court of Requests
REQ 2 Proceedings
Special Collections
SC 2 Court Rolls
SC 6 Ministers' Accounts
SC 12 Rentals and Surveys, Portfolios
Court of Star Chamber
STAC 5 Eliz. I
STAC 8 Jas. I
State Paper Office
State Papers Domestic
SP 12 Eliz. I
SP 14 Jas. I
SP 16 Chas. I
SP 29 Chas. II
War Office
WO 30 Miscellanea


Deposited Collections
D 6 Hyett family of Painswick
D 177 Haines & Sumner (solicitors), Lysons family of Hempsted
D 204 Haines & Sumner (solicitors), records of turnpike trusts
D 326 Guise family of Elmore
D 327 MS. history of Gloucester by the Revd. Richard Furney
D 936 Dean and Chapter of Gloucester
D 1740 Dean and Chapter of Gloucester
D 2299 Bruton, Knowles, & Co. (estate agents)
D 2460 British Waterways Board
D 2689 Gloucester Methodist circuit
D 2957 Deeds transferred from the Gloucestershire Collection at Gloucester Library
D 3117 Gloucester city deeds transferred from the Gloucestershire Collection
D 3269 Gloucester municipal charity trustees
D 3270 Governors of Gloucester United schools
D 3469 Records of charities review organizer for Gloucestershire
D 3725 Barnwood House Trust
Gloucester Borough Records (G.B.R.)
B Proceedings and Administration
      1 orders, bylaws, and regulations
      2 memoranda books
      3 council minutes
      4 committee minutes
      6 local Acts and orders
      8 town clerk's legal papers
      9 town clerk's miscellaneous papers
C Officers, Freedom, and Apprenticeship
      8 declarations and oaths
      9 traders' and freemen's rolls
      10 apprenticeship registers
F Financial Records
      2 murage and pavage accounts
      3 bailiffs' accounts
      4 stewards', chamberlains', and treasurers' accounts
      10 tolls and dues
      11 collectors for the poor accounts
G Judicial Records
      3 quarter sessions
            AG gaols and houses of correction
            AV alehouse licensing
            G city gaol and house of correction
            SIb indictment books
            SO order books
            SR sessions rolls
      5 return of writs
      6 tolsey or piepowder court
      8 court leet
      10 hundred court
      12 court of orphans, and benefactions
      13 court of conscience
H Lieutenancy
      2 order and letter books
I Incorporation
      1 charters and grants of privilege
J Estate Records
      1 deeds
      3 lease books
      4 surveys, plans, and valuations
      5 rentals
K Charities
      1 hospitals
      4 miscellaneous charities
L Departmental Records
      4 cemeteries
      6 town clerk's files
      7 education
      22 rating and valuation
N Associated and Superseded Authorities
      2 Gloucester board of health and urban sanitary authority
      4 Barton St. Mary local board of health
      5 Barton St. Michael local board of health
      6 Kingsholm St. Catherine local board of health
Gloucester Diocesan Records (G.D.R.)
T 1 tithe awards
V 5 glebe terriers
volumes of the diocesan registry
wills proved in the consistory court
Parish Records
P 154 Gloucester city parishes
Quarter Sessions Records
Q/RI inclosure awards
Q/RUm public works
CH Charities
DC County Council deeds
HO Hospitals
S Schools
SB School boards