Friaries: House of the Franciscans, Winchester

A History of the County of Hampshire: Volume 2. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1903.

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'Friaries: House of the Franciscans, Winchester', in A History of the County of Hampshire: Volume 2, (London, 1903) pp. 191-192. British History Online [accessed 13 April 2024]


There is but little to be added to what has already been stated in the Ecclesiastical History with regard to the coming of the Franciscans to Winchester, their recognition by the bishops as diocesan penitentiaries and preachers, and the dissolution of their house through the agency of the ex-friar Richard Ingworth. Their church was dedicated to St. Francis.

On 4 May, 1278, the keeper of the forest of Ashley received orders to supply the friarsminors of Winchester with four oak stumps for their fuel of the king's gift. (fn. 1)

During the episcopate of Bishop Sandale (1316-23), three acolytes, three sub-deacons, one deacon and two priests were ordained from the Franciscan house at Winchester. During the episcopate of Bishop Asserio (1320-3), five acolytes, three sub-deacons, four deacons and six priests were ordained from this convent.

In April, 1330, the pope sent his mandate to the bishops of Winchester, Lichfield and London, directing that the body of Edmund, Earl of Kent, on the petition of Edmund, his elder son, and of Margaret his widow, should be exhumed from the Franciscan church at Winchester and be buried at Westminster; the earl having provided by will that the place of his burial should be left to his widow. (fn. 2)

The Franciscans, or 'Graye frearys of Wynchester,' had their goods appraised at the same time as the Dominicans. The inventory which seems to betoken a larger church than that of the Black Friars, is as follows:—

A paule and a fruntlet, xijd.; ij alter clothys, xviijd.; iiij crossys, ijs.; ij seynt Johns headys ijd.; j paxe of copper, xvjd.; ij paxyes of wodd, iiijd.; ij pyllows of sylke, viijd.; ij small candelstyckes, xd.; a crysmatorye, 1d.; a desk and a masse boke (nil); ij great candelstyckes, iiijs.; Item an holy-watter stope, xd.; Item a lampe hangynge, xijd.; ij cheyrys for ye quiere, viijd. The Valans. Item a paule and a fruntlet, ijd.; ij altar clothys, vjd.; ij candelstyckes, vjd.

Saynt Clementtes altar. Item a paule and a fruntlet, vjd.; ij altar clothes, vjd.; j candelstycke, viijd.; j payr of crewettes, ijd.

Saynt Fraunces altar. Item a paule and a fruntlet, iiijd.; Item ij altar clothes, iiijd.; a candelstyck, iijd.; ij crewettes, ijd.

In ye vestry. Item xviij corporasseys, iijs.; iij sudorys, iiijd.; ij paules, vjd.; v. fruntlettes, xxd.; j small towell, jd.; Item a cuscheynge of golde, xxd.; Item v settes of vestymenttes, xxviijs.; Item ij syngle vestymenttes of Requiem, iijs.; Item xiiij syngle vestymenttes with amys and without, xvjs. viijd.; A sewt of Requiem without albys, ijs.; Item ij grene tewnakyllys (tunicles) without albys, xvjd.; ij great altar clothys and ij small, xiiijd.; Item vj surples and v coopes, xxxs.; vij lent clothes, vjs. viijd.; ij super altares (nil); Item iij small albys, xxd.; Item iij flock beddys and a mattres (nil); vj busshels of whete; Item a payre of old organes, iiijs.

Kechyn. Item ix platters, iiijs.; iiij dysshys and iiij sawsers, xxd.; ix eyrye (iron) dyssheys, xvjd.; a chaffer with ij eyrys, ijs. ijd.; Item iij skellets, xxd.; Item iij panys, ijs.; Item ij kettels, xijd.; ij fryying panys, ijs.; Item a chaffer, ijs.; ij broochys, xd.; ij awndyryins, xviijd.; a dryppyng pane, iiijd.; ij trevetts, vjd.; Item ij gyrdyrynes, vjd.; Item ij pothokes, iiijd.; Item iij hangars to hang pottes on, xijd.; Item a colendar, iijd.; Item a chaffyng dysche, vjd.; Item vj pottes small and great, ixs.; Item a great yren, xvjd.; Item a fumes, vs.

The Buttrey. Item ij tabylclothys and a towell, xxd.

In Mayster Denhamys chamber. Item a fether bed a bolster and a coverlet, vs.; Item ij cuschyenes, iiijs.; Item a tester with ij curteynes, xijd.; Item ij baasyns and ij ewers, iijs. iiijd.; Item a pewter bassyn and ij pottes, xijd.; Item iij candelstyckes, xiiijd.; Item a carpett, ijd.; Item a counter, ijs.; Item a cobborde, ijs.; Item a chayre, iijd Summa ixli. iijd. (fn. 3)

There were debts on the house to the amount of 16s.

The site, with those of the other friaries, came into the hands of Winchester College.


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