Townships: Haughton

A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 4. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1911.

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Halghton, 1306, and commonly.

This narrow township stretches north and south on the right bank of the Tame for over 2 miles; it measures 887½ acres. The highest ground lies along the western border. The population was in 1901 numbered with Denton, with which for local government Haughton has been united.

The principal road is that from Manchester to Hyde, crossing the northern end of the township; along it lies the village of Haughton, a prolongation of Denton. Another road runs north and south on and near the western edge. At the southern end is the hamlet called Haughton Green. There are five bridges over the Tame.

The manufacture of hats is carried on. About 1600 glass seems to have been made, and a hamlet called Glasshouse still exists. (fn. 1)


It is probable that the two oxgangs of land in Haughton formed that moiety of the holding of Matthew de Reddish in Denton, granted to Richard rector of Stockport, which has not been clearly accounted for in Denton proper. (fn. 2) They were in 1307 settled upon John de Hyde and Isabel his wife and the heirs of John, (fn. 3) and have descended in the family of Hyde of Norbury in Cheshire and their successors the Clarkes. The history seems to have been quite uneventful, Haugh ton being regarded as an outlying portion of the Cheshire estates. (fn. 4)

A branch of the Hyde family had land in Haughton from the time of Edward IV until 1821, when John Hyde of Ardwick sold his estate to John Lowe of Shepley Hall; it afterwards descended to the Sidebothams. (fn. 5)

Another family, of unknown origin, took the local surname, and their residence was called Haughton Hall. It was owned afterwards by Booths, Holfords, and Bentleys in succession. (fn. 6)

The Barlows and Hultons, who have been noticed under Denton, held lands in this township also.

The principal landowners in 1797 were George Hyde Clarke and Nathan Hyde. (fn. 7)

In connexion with the Established Church St. Mary the Virgin's was consecrated in 1876; (fn. 8) the Bishop of Manchester collates to the rectory. The patronage of St. Anne's, which was built in 1882, and is also a rectory, is vested in Messrs. J. W. and E. J. Sidebotham. (fn. 9)

A Wesleyan chapel was erected as early as 1810; (fn. 10) the Primitive Methodists began services in 1840. (fn. 11) These bodies still have churches in the township.


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