The City of Leicester: Schedule of schools

Pages 335-337

A History of the County of Leicester: Volume 4, the City of Leicester. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1958.

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The following schedule does not include grammar schools, which have been dealt with separately; it does include all other schools known to have been at any time under the control of either the Leicester School Board (after 1870) or the Leicester Education Committee (after 1903), schools founded by national societies (e.g. British schools), all Anglican church schools, and all other major schools which are known to have taken day pupils and not to have been simply Sunday schools. The schedule has been drawn up mainly from the reports of the Leicester School Board and the Leicester Education Committee and from directories of the borough of Leicester.

The columns in the schedule indicate: (1) name of school; (2) date of foundation; (3) type of school at foundation; (4) date of closure; (5) type of school in 1955, or at closure. The date 1935 in brackets after the name of a school in col. 1 indicates that it came under the control of the Education Committee only in 1935 under the terms of the County of Leicester Review Order of that year, which extended the borough boundary. Where a school is listed as a Board School in col. 3 it was controlled by the Leicester School Board unless otherwise stated in the notes. Where the school was in existence in 1955 the word 'date' appears in col. 4.

Abbreviations used: B., Boys' School; Bd. Sch., Board School; G., Girls' School; I., Infants' School; J., Junior School; Sec., Secondary Modern School.

1 2 3 4 5
Abbey Gate, St. Leonard 1846 C. of E. 1954 C. of E., I.
Albion St., St. John 1856 C. of E. 1936 C. of E., B.
Anstey Lane, Ald. R. Hallam 1937 Primary date I. J.
Archdeacon Lane 1838 Inf. Sch. Soc. 1894 Bd. Sch.
Avenue Rd. 1894 Bd. Sch. date I. J.
Aylestone Rd. 1880 Bd. Sch. 1882 Bd. Sch.
Balfour St. 1933 Primary date Fosse Sec. (part). (fn. 1)
Belgrave, Loughborough Rd. 1861 National date C. of E., I. J.
Belgrave Gate, St. Mark 1874 C. of E. date C. of E., I. J.
Belgrave Rd. 1875 Bd. Sch. date I. J.
Belper St., Hugh Latimer 1888 Bd. Sch. (fn. 2) date I., Sec., B.
Benbow Rise 1937 Primary date I.
Bow St., Christ Church 1840 National 1947 C. of E., B.
Braunstone Frith, see New Parks
Braunstone Hall 1932 Primary date J.
Braunstone Park 1950 Primary date I.
Bridge Rd. 1889 Bd. Sch. (fn. 3) date I.
Brunswick St., St. Matthew 1869 C. of E. date C. of E., I.
Caldecote Rd. (1935) 1930 Primary date I. J.
Canning Place, St. Margaret 1834 C. of E. 1939 I. J.
Caroline Place, St. Mark (fn. 4) 1873 C. of E. 1901 I.
Castle St., St. Mary 1785 Charity 1932 C. of E., G.
Catherine St. 1880 Bd. Sch. date I. J.
Charlotte St., All Saints 1819 Inf. Sch. Soc. 1898 National.
Charnor Rd., Forest Lodge 1950 Primary date I. J.
Charnwood St. 1875 Bd. Sch. date I. J.
Chester St., St. Matthew 1869 C. of E. date C. of E., I.
Christow St. 1877 Bd. Sch. date I. J.
Churchgate, St. Margaret 1807 Charity 1928 C. of E., B.
Clarendon Park Rd., St. John 1890 C. of E. date C. of E., I. J.
Clyde St. 1867 Wesleyan 1928 Primary.
Coleman Rd. 1922 Primary date I.J.
Colton St., St. George (fn. 5) 1828 C. of E. date I.J.
Cort Crescent 1938 Primary date I.J.
Curzon St., St. Matthew 1852 C. of E. 1936 C. of E.
Dannett St., St. Paul c. 1926 C. of E. c. 1937 C. of E.
Deacon St., St. Andrew 1865 C. of E. date C. of E., J.
Dudley Avenue, Thurnby Lodge 1953 Primary date J.
East Bond St., Gt. Meeting (fn. 6) before 1736 Congregational 1873 Bd. Sch.
Eastcourt Rd., Overdale 1953 Primary date I.
Elbow Lane, High Cross 1874 Bd. Sch. date Sec. G.
Ellesmere Rd. (1935) 1934 Sec. date Sec. B.
Ellis Avenue 1899 Bd. Sch. date Sec. B. G.
Evington (1935) 1841 National date C. of E., I. J.
Evington Drive, Mayflower 1951 Primary date J.
Evington Valley Rd. 1935 Primary date I.
Folville Rise (1935) 1934 Sec. date Sec., G.
Fosse Rd. 1904 Primary 1927 Primary
Friar Lane, St. Martin 1789 Charity date C. of E., Sec., B.
Gervas Rd., Thurnby Lodge 1952 Primary date I.
Gillman Rd., New Parks Ho. 1951 Primary date J.
Gipsy Lane, Northfield Ho. 1936 Primary date J.
Gladstone St. (fn. 7) 1880 Bd. Sch. 1883 Bd. Sch.
Gladstone St., St. Luke 1874 C. of E. 1930 C. of E.
Glenfield St., Christ the King 1951 R.C. date R.C., I. J.
Gopsall St., St. Peter 1876 C. of E. date C. of E., J.
Granby Rd. 1889 Bd. Sch. (fn. 8) date I. J.
Green Lane 1895 Bd. Sch. date I., Sec., B.
Grove Rd., St. Saviour 1882 C. of E. date C. of E., I. J.
Gwendolin Rd., Crown Hills 1950 Sec. date Sec., B. G.
Hamelin Rd., Wycliffe 1929 Primary date I., Sec., B. G.
Harrison Rd., Rushey Mead 1904 Primary date I., Sec., B. G.
Harrison Rd., St. Patrick 1937 R.C. date R.C., all age.
Hattern Avenue, Woodstock 1951 Primary date I. J.
Hazel St. 1882 Bd. Sch. date I. J.
Headland Rd., Linden 1952 Primary date I. J.
Hill St. 1831 British 1893 British
Hinckley Rd. 1913 Primary date I. J.
Holy Bones, County Sch. 1814 National 1904 National
Humberstone (1935) 1857 National date I. J.
Imperial Avenue 1933 Primary date I.
Ingle St. 1891 Bd. Sch. (fn. 9) date I. J.
King Richard's Rd. 1874 Bd. Sch. date I., Sec., G.
Knighton Fields Rd. West 1928 Primary date I. J.
Knighton Lane, Sir J. North 1937 Sec. date Sec., G.
Knighton 1840 National 1927 I. J.
Lansdowne Rd. 1881 Bd. Sch. (fn. 10) date I., Sec., B.
Laxton St., St. Andrew 1851 National date C. of E., I.
Mantle Rd., Fosse 1897 Bd. Sch. date I., Sec., B. G.
Marriott Rd. 1926 Primary date I. J.
Meadow Gardens, Linwood (1935) 1929 Sec. date Sec., B. G.
Medway St. 1886 Bd. Sch. date I. J.
Melbourne Rd., Dale 1892 Bd. Sch. date I., Sec., B. G.
Mellor St. 1879 Bd. Sch. (fn. 11) date I. J.
Mere Rd., Sacred Heart 1884 R.C. date R.C., all age.
Metcalf St. before 1846 Inf. Soc. Sch. 1876 Bd. Sch.
Milton St. 1883 Bd. Sch. 1938 Primary
Moat Rd. 1901 Bd. Sch. date I., Sec., B. G.
Narborough Rd., Robert Hall 1908 Primary 1929 Primary
Narborough Rd., St. Mary's Fields (fn. 12) 1938 Primary date I.
Narborough Rd., Westcotes 1903 Bd. Sch. date Sec., B. G.
New Parks (fn. 13) 1954 Sec. date Sec., B.
New Walk, Holy Cross 1887 R.C. date R.C., all age.
Overton Rd. 1881 Bd. Sch. (fn. 14) date I. J.
Overton Rd., Mundella (fn. 15) 1933 Sec. date Sec., B.G.
Oxford St. 1874 Bd. Sch. 1906 Primary.
Oxford St., Paradise Place before 1846 Inf. Sch. Soc. c. 1880 St. Andrew's Mission Sch.
Pindar Rd., New Parks Ho. 1947 Primary date I.
Regent Rd., Holy Trinity 1871 C. of E. date C. of E., I., Sec., G.
Royal East St., St. Patrick 1824 R.C. 1937 R.C., Primary.
Saffron Lane, Newry (1935) 1933 Primary date J.
St. Barnabas Rd., St. Barnabas 1897 C. of E. date C. of E., I. J.
Shaftesbury Rd. 1886 Bd. Sch. date J.
Simmins Cres., Eyres Monsell 1953 Primary date I.
Slater St. 1874 Bd. Sch. date I. J.
Southfields Drive (1935) 1934 Primary date I.
Syston St. 1874 Bd. Sch. date I.
Taylor St. 1932 Primary date I. J.
Trinity Lane c. 1879 C. of E. 1937 Primary.
Union St., St. Martin c. 1862 C. of E. 1904 C. of E., I.
Upper Conduit St., St. Peter 1867 C. of E. 1954 C. of E., I.
Victoria Park Rd., Lancaster 1939 Sec. date Sec., B.
Vine St., All Saints 1898 C. of E. date C. of E., I. J.
Wellington St., Holy Cross 1824 R.C. 1887 R.C.
Western Park, King Richard 1947 Sec. date Sec., B.
Whitehall Avenue 1952 Primary date I. J.
Wigston Lane, Montrose 1954 Primary date J.
Willow St., Willow Mead 1884 Bd. Sch. date Sec., G.
Wyvern Avenue 1933 Primary date I.


  • 1. See below, Mantle Street.
  • 2. Belgrave Sch. Bd.
  • 3. West Humberstone Sch. Bd.
  • 4. Formerly St. Margaret's Inf. Sch., opened c. 1860.
  • 5. Originally in churchyard.
  • 6. See p. 393.
  • 7. There was formerly a ragged sch. in Gladstone St.: see White, Dir. Leics. (1877), 368.
  • 8. Aylestone Sch. Bd.
  • 9. Newfoundpool Sch. Bd.
  • 10. Aylestone Sch. Bd.
  • 11. Belgrave Sch. Bd.
  • 12. Sometimes known as Haddenham Rd. Sch.
  • 13. Braunstone Frith J. Sch. temporarily from 1954.
  • 14. West Humberstone Sch. Bd.
  • 15. Originally known as Tailby Estate Sch.