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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 1, Physique, Archaeology, Domesday, Ecclesiastical Organization, the Jews, Religious Houses, Education of Working Classes To 1870, Private Education From Sixteenth Century. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1969.

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The drawings on pages 22 and 24 are reproduced from blocks lent by the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society; those on page 26 and figs. 1-3 on page 27 were supplied by A. D. Lacaille. The weapons, domestic objects, and brooches on pages 41, 55, 76, and 78 were drawn in the London Museum by G. Manchester, under the direction of Jean Macdonald and F. S. C. Celoria. Coats of arms were drawn by C. W. Scott-Giles. The illustration facing page 168 is reproduced from an electroplate owned by Longman's Green & Co. Ltd., made from an illustration in G. S. Davies, Charterhouse in London (John Murray & Co.). The illustrations facing page 350 are reproduced from blocks lent by the Athlone Press. Thanks are due to those who lent the blocks and to the following for permission to reproduce material in their possession: the Bodleian Library, Oxford, the British Museum, the City of London Guildhall Library, the Greater London Council, Guildford Museum, Kensington Central Library, the Charterhouse, London, the London Museum, the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, the National Monuments Record, the Surrey Archaeological Society, and Westminster Public Library.

The University of London and the University of London School Playground. Lithograph by G. Scharf, published 1833, in the Guildhall Library, City of London frontispiece
Products of Mesolithic flint industry from Dewe's Farm, South Harefield. From the Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, vol. xx page 22
Mesolithic artifacts from Hackney Brook. From the Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, vol. xx " 24
Mesolithic flint tranchets. London Museum " 26
Mesolithic antler and bone artifacts. London Museum " 27
Mesolithic ornamented bone holder. British Museum " 28
Pottery of the Neolithic, Beaker, Bronze, and Iron Ages. London Museum facing page 52
Beaker, Bronze, and Iron-Age daggers. London Museum page 41
Iron-Age domestic objects. London Museum " 55
Romano-British brooches. London Museum facing page 74
Romano-British pottery jar. London Museum " 74
Saxon pottery. Nineteenth-century water-colours in Guildford Museum " 75
Saxon cruciform brooch. Guildford Museum page 76
Saxon saucer brooches " 78
The Middlesex Hidagium (B.M. Add. MS. 14252, f. 126) facing page 84
Part of the Charterhouse waterworks plan showing the great cloister and monastic buildings. Plan in the custody of the Trustees of the Charterhouse, London " 168
Martyrdom of the London Carthusians. Engraving, published in Rome in 1555, in the Guildhall Library, City of London " 169
Part of the Syon Martiloge (B.M. Add. MS. 22285, f. 77) " 188
Three views of St. John's Priory, Clerkenwell. Engraving by W. Hollar, published in 1661, in the Guildhall Library, City of London " 189
Edmonton Charity School. Photograph by Margaret Tomlinson, 1967 " 252
The Manor-House School, Marylebone, in c. 1787. Painting attributed to Michael Angelo Rooker (1743-1801) in Westminster Public Library " 252
Interior of the Carved Schoolroom of Great Campden House, Kensington, c. 1840. Painting by C. J. Richardson (1806-71) in Kensington Central Library " 253
Advertisement for a young ladies' boarding-school from the Daily Advertiser, 2 January 1750. From D. Lysons, Collectanea [1660-1825], vol. ii, f. 17 (grangerized version in the British Museum) " 253
Shooting for the silver arrow, Harrow School, in 1769 (Bodl., Gough Maps 18, f. 24) facing page 300
A degree ceremony at King's College in 1850. Drawing in the Illustrated London News, 11 May 1850 " 350
London University women graduates in 1891. Drawing in the Graphic, 13 May 1891 " 350
The East London College in 1912. Photograph in the Greater London Council photograph library " 351
School of Oriental and African Studies, Finsbury Circus, c. 1922. Photograph in the Greater London Council photograph library " 351