Hackney: List of Churches

A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 10, Hackney. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1995.

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'Hackney: List of Churches', in A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 10, Hackney, (London, 1995) pp. 122-128. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/middx/vol10/pp122-128 [accessed 11 April 2024]


Inf. about patrons is taken from Clergy List, Crockford, and Lond. Dioc. Year Bk. (various edns.); seating and attendance figs. 1851 are from P.R.O., HO 129/11/2-5 attendance Wgs. 1886 from Brit. Weekly, 19 Nov. 1886, 1903 from Mudie-Smith, Rel. Life, 63. Liturgical directions are used in all architectural descriptions. The following additional abbreviations are used: aft., afternoon; asst., assistant; Dec., Decorated; demol., demolished, demolition; evg., evening; mem., memorial; mtg., meeting; min., minister; Perp., Perpendicular; R., rector; temp., temporary; V., vicar. Most ch. regs. are at G.L.R.O.

All Saints, Blurton Rd., Clapton Pk. (fn. 1) Site for ch., Vicarage, and sch. on N. side at corner of Elderfield Rd. bought by Chas. Jacomb 1868. Iron ch. seating 500 bought from St. Mat. 1869. Half bldg. costs of permanent ch. borne by Jacomb. Dist. formed from St. John 1873. (fn. 2) Patron rector of St. John, Hackney. High Ch. svces. as at All Saints, Margaret Street (Westm.). Attendance 1886: 663 a.m., 634 p.m.; 1903: 387 a.m., 378 p.m. Bldg. of Kentish rag with Bath stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating 800, by F. T. Dollman 1870-1: chancel, nave with low aisles and tall clerestory, bellcot; SW. tower and steeple not built. Interior of red and black brick, with reredos by Earp. (fn. 3) Par. united with St. John, St. Jas., and All Souls 1972. (fn. 4) Ch. demol. 1973 (fn. 5) and replaced by All Saints Ct. flats. Mission in iron chapel in Rushmore Rd. by 1881; later called Good Shepherd mission. Attendance 1903: 46 a.m., 71 p.m. Closed c. 1919. (fn. 6)

All Souls, Pedro Street (rebuilt in Overbury Street), Clapton Pk. (fn. 7) Svces. for populous E. part of All Saints par. held at no. 1 Bellevue Terr., Pedro Street, before gift of land between Overbury Street and Pedro Street by Chas. Jacomb, where iron ch. seating c. 400 opened 1880. Dist. formed from All Saints and St. Barnabas, Homerton, 1884. (fn. 8) Patron five trustees, inc. R. of Hackney, V. of All Saints, and Jacomb. (fn. 9) High Ch. 1884. Attendance 1886: 373 a.m., 350 p.m.; 1903: 254 a.m., 300 p.m. Bldg. of brick with stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating 760, by F. T. Dollman 1882-3: chancel, NE. and SE. chapels, chancel continued over aisled and clerestoreyed nave, NW. and SW. porches, bellcot. (fn. 10) Declared redundant 1976 and demol., with Vicarage to N. and sch. to W. New ch. of the Risen Christ and All Souls, facing Overbury Street, consecrated 1977: flat roofed red-brick bldg. of secular appearance, seating 150, by Fred. To, with free-standing concrete cross. Served by team V. as part of new par. of Hackney Marsh from 1985. (fn. 11)

Christ Church, Gore Rd., South Hackney. (fn. 12) Site at W. end of rd., opposite North (later Northiam) Street. Dist. formed from South Hackney, St. Mic. and All Angels, St. Jas., Bethnal Green, St. John, Bethnal Green, and St. Steph., Haggerston, 1871. (fn. 13) Patron J. C. Egan, first V., (fn. 14) thereafter R. of South Hackney. Attendance 1886: 333 a.m., 209 p.m.; 1903: 241 a.m., 151 p.m. Bldg. of brick with stone dressings in Dec. style, seating 850, by W. Wigginton 1871: apsidal chancel, aisled and clerestoreyed nave. Demol., after war damage, between 1944 and 1952. (fn. 15) Par. united with St. John of Jerusalem, South Hackney, 1953. (fn. 16) Mission svces. in room in East Street 1889 and hall in North Street 1889 to 1914 or later. (fn. 17)

Christ Church, Rendlesham Rd., Clapton. (fn. 18) Iron ch. seating 350, served by asst. curate from St. Jas., opened 1868 in Walsingham Rd. (fn. 19) Site at S. corner of Kenninghall Rd. bought from Brit. Land Co. by Chas. Jacomb 1866 and conveyed to Eccl. Com. 1870. Dist. assigned from West Hackney and St. Jas. 1871. (fn. 20) Patron R. of West Hackney and V. of St. Jas. alternately. Increasingly High Ch., until 'full Catholic ceremonial' achieved 1911. Attendance 1886: 388 a.m., 120 p.m.; 1903: 153 a.m., 161 p.m. Bldg. of brick with brick and stone dressings in Dec. style, seating c. 700, by W. Wigginton 1870-1: chancel, N. and S. chapels, aisled and clerestoreyed nave, bellcot; interior of variegated brickwork. (fn. 21) Demol., after war damage, between 1944 and 1952. (fn. 22) Svces. in par. hall 1940-4 and in St. Jas. 1945-53. Par. united with St. Jas. 1953. (fn. 23)

Good Shepherd, High Hill Ferry, see St. Matthew.

Good Shepherd, Rushmore Rd., see All Saints.

Holy Trinity, Woodland Street, Dalston. (fn. 24) Finance for ch. on W. side of street from proceeds of demol. of Merchant Taylors' Co.'s ch. of St. Martin Outwich (Lond.). Dist. formed from St. Phil. and St. Mark 1879. (fn. 25) Patron Merchant Taylors' Co. to 1937, (fn. 26) thereafter bp. Attendance 1886: 461 a.m., 465 p.m.; 1903: 95 a.m., 197 p.m. Bldg. of red brick in Early Eng. style, seating 600, by Ewan Christian 1878-9: very short chancel flanked by vestries, N. and S. transepts, crossing tower with NE. stair turret, aisled and clerestoreyed nave. Reopened after war damage, with S. transept reduced in height, 1952. Svces. in neighbouring red-brick hall of 1908 in Beechwood Rd. in 1987, during renovation of ch., which served par. of Holy Trinity with St. Phil. from 1953. Patron bp. (fn. 27)

Holy Trinity, Lea Bridge, see St. Matthew.

Kingsland Chapel, Kingsland Rd. (fn. 28) Chapel of Kingsland leper hosp., founded c. 1280 and annexed to St. Bart.'s 1549, on S. side of Ball's Pond Rd. (fn. 29) Continued as proprietary chapel on closure of Kingsland hosp. 1760. Min., nominated by governors of St. Bart.'s, to maintain fabric and be supported by congregation. Attendance 1842: c. 20. Small stone medieval bldg. on par. boundary, which ran through N. and S. doorways, had bell-turret, chancel with squints. Floor lay c. 3 ft. below level of highway when chapel demol. 1845. (fn. 30)

Ram's Chapel, High Street, Homerton. (fn. 31) Site on N. side of street in gdn. of ho. of Steph. Ram (d. 1746). Proprietary chapel, left to Ram's son-in-law Revd. Reeve Ballard, who employed preacher before leasing it to V. of Hackney 1765 (fn. 32) and whose son sold it 1775; vested in 12 trustees 1791. Small dist. allocated by V. of St. Barnabas, Homerton, from 1891, chapel min. being licensed as curate and otherwise independent. Evangelical svces. to be held by ordained clergymen; adaptations, inc. admission of lay preachers, led to description of chapel as Meth. 1795 (fn. 33) but established Low Ch. practices soon restored. John Eyre (d. 1803) was min. c. 1785. (fn. 34) Tradition, with emphasis on preaching, maintained by trustees 1924, 1930. Compensation paid to V. from ch. rates 1765-76, (fn. 35) as pew rents inadequate, but 19th-cent. chapel maintained by pew rents, collns., and, from 1883, endowment. Attendance 1851: 400 a.m., 600 p.m.; 1886: 295 a.m., 249 p.m.; 1903: 257 a.m., 179 p.m. Bldg. of 1729, (fn. 36) with 21 rented pews and gallery 1771, (fn. 37) seating 600 in 1851 and 500 in 1881. Long, nondescript exterior, of brick with stone dressings, 2 rows of round-headed windows along street, W. cupola. (fn. 38) Closed when in disrepair 1933, svces. being held at Sun. sch. in Urswick Rd. until 1934. Trust dissolved 1936, when endowment and money for site, taken for rd. widening, transferred with plate to St. Mary, Becontree Heath (Essex). Among other fittings, pulpit and 2 stained-glass windows went to St. And., Whitehall Pk., Islington. (fn. 39)

St. Andrew, Well Street, see St. John's chapel.

St. Augustine of Canterbury, Victoria Pk. Rd., South Hackney. (fn. 40) Svces. by clergy of South Hackney in sch. room when Crown granted site for ch. on NW. side of pk. c. 1865. Bldg. costs from Bp. of Lond.'s Fund, Lond. Diocesan Ch. Bldg. Soc., and subscriptions. Dist. assigned from South Hackney 1867. (fn. 41) Patron rector of South Hackney. Attendance 1886: 333 a.m., 436 p.m.; 1903: 225 a.m., 261 p.m. Bldg. in Early Eng. style, seating 1,086, by J. H. Hakewill 1867: chancel, aisled nave, pinnacled W. tower. (fn. 42) Closed after war damage 1944, demol. 1952 or later. (fn. 43) Par. united with St. Mary of Eton 1953. (fn. 44)

St. Barnabas, High Street, Homerton. (fn. 45) Purchase of lands W. of Brooksby's Walk from 1845 largely financed by ch. bldg. com. and Joshua Watson. Dist. assigned 1846. (fn. 46) Patron bp. Attendance 1851: 500 a.m., 400 p.m.; 1886: 287 a.m., 301 p.m.; 1903: 153 a.m., 241 p.m. Bldg. of Kentish rag with Bath stone dressings in Dec. style, seating 600, by A. Ashpitel 1845-7: chancel with N. vestry, nave with S. aisle, S. porch, W. tower; N. aisle, planned if nos. should rise, added 1851-2. (fn. 47) 'A good country ch.' (fn. 48) but criticized by Ecclesiologist; some proposed decoration excluded as too High Ch. Damaged 1944 but restored by W. C. Lock, with remains of chancel converted into vestries, and rededicated 1958. Ch. formed part of group with Ashpitel's Tudor Vicarage and sch. to W.

St. Barnabas, Shacklewell Row. (fn. 49) Hindle Street mission, for part of West Hackney par., (fn. 50) succeeded by svces. on upper floor of Merchant Taylors' sch. mission ho. opened E. side of Shacklewell Row 1890. (fn. 51) Attendance 1903: 69 a.m., 145 p.m. Finance for ch. inc. grants from sch., Bp. of Lond.'s Fund, and Eccl. Com. Patron Merchant Taylors' sch. by 1935. Bldg. of stock brick and concrete, not oriented, with round-headed windows and externally plain because hidden behind mission ho. but internally Byzantine in plan and style, seating 400, by C. H. Reilly 1909-10, consecrated 1929: apse, chancel with aisles carried round as ambulatory, SE. chapel, tunnel-vaulted nave with aisles carried round W. end as baptistery; vestry 1937. Shallow dome over chancel. Altar fittings by Reilly; pulpit from Christ Ch., Clapton. Widely praised: 'the best ch. of its date in Lond.'. (fn. 52) Served par. of West Hackney, with smaller ch. of St. Paul, from 1955. Patron bp. (fn. 53)

St. Bartholomew, Dalston Lane. (fn. 54) Svces. of 'Free Ch. of Eng.', seceders from St. Phil. under dismissed asst. curate R. S. Daniell, in iron ch. NW. side of rd., opposite Graham Rd., 1874. Iron ch. sold to evangelical mission 1882 but site acquired for chapel of ease to St. Mark. Financed by St. Mark's congregation. Dist. assigned from St. Mark and St. Phil. 1897. (fn. 55) Patron trustees, later Church Patronage Soc. Attendance 1886: 407 a.m., 472 p.m.; 1903: 216 a.m., 286 p.m. Bldg. of brick with stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating 800, by J. Johnson 1884-5: chancel under same roof as aisled and clerestoreyed nave. Closed during Second World War. Members remained together without incumbent until par. merged with St. Mark 1953. (fn. 56) Bldg., assigned as hall for united par., survived as storeho. for ch. fittings 1962 but demol. by 1980. (fn. 57) Adjoining Gothic Vicarage derelict 1991.

St. Bartholomew's chapel, see Kingsland chapel.

St. James, Lower Clapton Rd. (fn. 58) Site on W. side of rd. opposite Clapton Ho. given by Revd. Thos. Baden Powell, owner of Clapton Ho., 1840. Financed by Hackney ch. bldg. cttee. as chapel of ease. Jas. Cotton Powell first min., followed by cousin Geo. Powell and Geo.'s nephew Geo. Powell Irby. (fn. 59) Asst. curates inc. Nathaniel Woodard (d. 1891), founder of Woodard schs. (fn. 60) Dist. assigned from St. John 1863. (fn. 61) Patron rector of Hackney. Low Ch., pioneer of evg. svces., c. 1892. (fn. 62) Attendance 1851: 400 a.m., 300 p.m.; 1886: 554 a.m., 282 p.m.; 1903: 481 a.m., 416 p.m. Bldg. of brick with stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating 1,050 in 1851 and 900 in 1881, by E. C. Hakewill 1840-1: unusual variant of cruciform plan, with chancel with N. vestries and S. octagonal bell turret, N. and S. transepts with entrance porches, wide nave, W. baptistery. Chancel rebuilt with S. chapel by W. D. Caroë, rest of ch. reseated, 1902. E. window by Burlison & Grylls. Floors, served by NW. stair and lift turret of steel and glass, have been inserted into nave. Ch. served par. of St. Jas. with Christ Ch. from 1953. Patron R. of Hackney. (fn. 63) Par. united with St. John at Hackney 1971. (fn. 64) Mission svces. at rooms in Lea Bridge Rd. by 1888. (fn. 65) Attendance 1903: 34 p.m. Closed c. 1922. (fn. 66)

St. James, Stoke Newington Rd., see West Hackney.

St. John at Hackney, see above (the old parish church).

St. John's chapel, Well Street. (fn. 67) Site at corner of St. Thos.'s Pl. given by John De Kewer for chapel of ease to serve South Hackney. Finance for bldg. and endowment from J. J. and Joshua Watson, H. H. Norris, and others, inc. grant from vestry, which agreed to maintain structure 1809. (fn. 68) Fund vested in 5 trustees, inc. V. of Hackney, 1810. (fn. 69) Served without payment by H. H. Norris 1825. (fn. 70) Many seats free. Became ch. of new rectory of South Hackney, with dist. assigned 1831. Patron W. G. Daniel-Tyssen. (fn. 71) Plain bldg., seating 750, by Jas. Savage (fn. 72) 1809- 10; not oriented. Later enlarged, (fn. 73) having round-headed windows and pedimented W. front with Ionic pillars beneath pillared cupola 1843. Superseded by ch. of St. John of Jerusalem (q.v.) 1848. Mission ch. of St. And., served from St. John of Jerusalem, built on part of site 1880. (fn. 74) Attendance 1886: 290 a.m., 228 p.m.; 1903: 78 a.m., 135 p.m. Survived, as St. And.'s hall, until c. 1942. (fn. 75)

St. John of Jerusalem, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney. (fn. 76) Island site for new ch. to serve South Hackney rectory, between Lauriston Rd. and Church Crescent, bought with donation from H. Wroxton Norris. Subscriptions raised largely by H. H. Norris. (fn. 77) Dist. and patron those of St. John's chapel. Attendance 1851: c. 700 a.m.; 1886: 592 a.m., 758 p.m.; 1903: 284 a.m., 401 p.m. Bldg. of Kentish rag with Speldhurst stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating 1,100, by E. C. Hakewill 1845-8: apsidal chancel with N. vestry, N. and S. transepts, aisled and clerestoreyed nave supported by flying buttresses, W. tower with broach spire. 'One of largest par. chs. built in or near Lond. since Reformation'; (fn. 78) design and decoration both welcomed for Catholic spirit and criticized for ostentation. (fn. 79) Much ornamental stonework removed as dangerous in 1880s. (fn. 80) Glass by Wailes destroyed in Second World War, after which stone spire was replaced by slender copper spire by Cachemaille-Day. Ch. served par. of St. John of Jerusalem with Christ Ch. from 1953. Patron Ld. Amherst of Hackney. (fn. 81)

St. Luke, Homerton Terr. (fn. 82) Svces. in Ram's chapel boys' sch., Durham Grove, then in mission room at no. 176 Well Street 1871. Secluded site for ch. between terr. and Chatham Pl. given by St. Thos.'s hosp. Dist. assigned from St. John, St. Barnabas, St. John of Jerusalem, and St. Augustine 1873. (fn. 83) Patron first V., W. H. Langhorne, (fn. 84) then bp. to 1898, then trustees of St. Olave, Hart Street (Lond.), (fn. 85) who contributed to stipend. Attendance 1886: 813 a.m., 800 p.m.; 1903: 238 a.m., 362 p.m. Bldg. of ragstone with stone dressings in early Dec. style, seating 900, by Newman & Billing 1871-2: chancel, short N. transept, SE. chapel, aisled and clerestoreyed nave; SW. tower and spire completed 1882. Mission svces. at hall in Kenton Rd. by 1881. Attendance 1903: 48 a.m., 96 p.m. Superseded, with other premises used by ch., by new St. Luke's hall, Rivaz Pl., c. 1935.

St. Mark, Sandringham Rd., Dalston. (fn. 86) Iron ch. in Ridley Rd. opened 1860, destroyed by storm 1865. Site for permanent ch. at E. corner of St. Mark's Rd. given by W. A. Tyssen-Amhurst. 'Notorious for its Evangelism' under first min. W. Y. Rooker (d. 1869). (fn. 87) Dist. assigned from West Hackney and St. Matthias, Stoke Newington, after disputes over boundaries, 1871. (fn. 88) Patron bp. Attendance 1886: 796 a.m., 726 p.m.; 1903: 357 a.m., 445 p.m. Bldg. of brick with stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating 1,800, by Chester Cheston 1864-5, consecrated 1870: apsidal chancel, short N. and S. transepts, aisled and clerestoreyed nave, base of SW. tower. Tower in early Continental Gothic style completed, with spirelet and corner turrets instead of intended spire, by E. W. Blackburne 1877-80. Chancel roof raised and apse rewindowed, to take mosaic reredos, c. 1880. Criticized for size by W. A. Tyssen-Amhurst, who, however, gave adjoining site for Vicarage, by Cheston 1873; 'largest area of any Lond. ch.' 1880s. Ornate interior, with polychrome brickwork, iron columns, and stained glass by Lavers & Barraud in all windows. Unusual glazed openings in roof spandrels over crossing. The only working external turret barometer in Europe c. 1979, when bldg. termed 'the cathedral of the East End'. (fn. 89) Served par. of St. Mark with St. Bart, from 1953. Patron Church Patronage Soc. Mission by Highgate sch. transferred at instance of V., E. A. B. Sanders, old pupil and later prebendary of St. Paul's, from Whitechapel to no. 18 John Campbell Rd. 1897 and to new Cholmeley hall, Boleyn Rd., opened 1899. (fn. 90) Attendance 1903: 47 p.m. Taken over by Church Army after Second World War, closed 1955, reopened as club 1958.

St. Martin, Ada Street, see St. Michael and All Angels, London Fields.

St. Mary of Eton, Gainsborough Rd., Hackney Wick. (fn. 91) Mission established in upper room of undertaker's shop in Mallard Street 1880. Iron ch. behind shop, seating 250, opened 1881. Site of ropeworks on W. side of Gainsborough Rd. acquired through Ric. Foster and other subscribers 1880: mission hall and, to its S., iron ch. seating 350 opened 1884. First missioner was W. M. Carter, later abp. of Capetown. (fn. 92) All clergy Old Etonians until 1918. Dist. assigned from St. Augustine and St. Barnabas, Homerton, 1893. Patron Eton Coll. (fn. 93) Attendance 1886: 181 a.m., 331 p.m.; 1903: 223 a.m., 436 p.m. Missioner (V. of St. Mary's), 4 assistant curates, and lay helpers 1910. Bldg. of red brick with Bath stone dressings in Dec. style, seating 800, by Bodley & Garner 1890-2: continuous chancel with N. vestry, tall, narrow-aisled nave, SE. chapel; two W. bays and porches, baptistery, and large NE. gate-tower to mission bldgs., by Cecil Hare 1910-12. Interior has tall piers without capitals and painted wagon roof; altar and reredos by W. Ellery Anderson 1930. E. window by Fras. Spear, replacing one by Comper, 1953; Eton Ho., in Tudor style, built behind ch. and hall for clerical and lay staff and visiting Etonians 1898. Group of bldgs. inc. 2 hos. and 5 halls 1938. (fn. 94) Par. united with St. Augustine 1953. Patron Eton mission trustees. (fn. 95) College last raised funds for mission 1958 and surrendered freehold 1973. Mission svces. at room in Chapman Rd. by 1894. (fn. 96)

St. Matthew, Mount Pleasant Lane, Upper Clapton. (fn. 97) Svces. in sch. built at High Hill Ferry 1862. Leasehold of site on W. side of lane given by Chas. Jacomb and freehold by W. A. TyssenAmhurst, where iron ch. opened 1866. Served by L. E. Shelford, asst. curate of St. John's and later prebendary of St. Paul's. Dist. assigned from St. Thos. and St. Jas., Clapton, 1866. (fn. 98) Patron bp., from c. 1876 dean and chapter of Canterbury on augmentation of living from par. of St. Dionis Backchurch (Lond.). Attendance 1886: 866 a.m., 806 p.m., highest in Hackney after St. John's; 1903: 631 a.m., 550 p.m. Bldg. of Kentish rag with stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating 750, by F. T. Dollman 1867-9: apsidal chancel, N. chapel, aisled and clerestoreyed nave, SE. tower with spire. Praised as landmark on commanding site. Interior inc. mosaics, delicate carving, metalwork by Skidmore, and stained glass by Powell. (fn. 99) Restored 1953, after war damage, but spire demol. 1962. After fire 1976 demol. 1977 and replaced by ch. to S.: low building of brown brick in contemporary style; not oriented. (fn. 100) Mission ch. of Holy Trinity, Southwold Rd., for Lea Bridge, built by W. Richards of Springfield 1877, opened 1878 and extended at his expense 1885. Attendance 1903: 99 a.m., 54 p.m. Bldg. of brick, enlarged by Wm. Bradbury to have 2 aisles with round-headed windows, bellcot. (fn. 101) Svces. in boys' sch. at High Hill Ferry from 1874, where mission ch. of Good Shepherd, Harrington Hill, built as extension to sch., seating 200, by J. E. K. Cutts 1879. Attendance 1903: 131 a.m., 73 p.m. Survived as mission hall 1934 (fn. 102) and again used for svces. after war damage to St. Mat.'s; leased 1947, sold to L.C.C. 1957, and replaced by Valley Ho. flats. (fn. 103)

St. Michael and All Angels, London Fields. (fn. 104) Svces. held in bldg. belonging to Dr. Williams of Pembroke Ho., who gave site for ch. at W. end of Lamb Lane, E. side of Lond. Fields. Dist. assigned from St. John of Jerusalem and St. Jude, Bethnal Green, 1865. (fn. 105) Patron R. of South Hackney. Attendance 1886: 360 a.m., 283 p.m.; 1903: 289 a.m., 252 p.m. Bldg. of rag with stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating 1,050, by E. C. Hakewill 1864: (fn. 106) chancel, aisled nave, later SW. tower. After bomb damage 1945, (fn. 107) svces. held in Vicarage, Lamb Lane, and then in mission hall, Wilman Grove. (fn. 108) Ch. rebuilt in Lansdowne Drive on W. side of Lond. Fields. Bldg. of yellow brick and concrete in contemporary style, seating 150 excluding gallery, (fn. 109) by N. F. Cachemaille-Day 1959-61: square plan beneath shallow central dome, W. gallery over vestibule, adjoining hall which can be opened into ch. Glass by Cachemaille-Day. Par. united with St. Paul, Haggerston, 1971. (fn. 110) Mission svces. at hall in Ada Street by 1894. Attendance 1903: 18 a.m., 65 p.m. Svces. presumably replaced by those in premises opened as ch. of St. Martin, Ada Street, 1906, closed 1939. (fn. 111)

St. Michael and All Angels, Stoke Newington Common. (fn. 112) Site at E. corner of Northwold and Fountayne rds. given by W. A. Tyssen-Amherst for ch. planned in 1883. Svces. in iron ch., seating 400, 1884. Dist. assigned from St. Thos. and West Hackney pars. 1886. (fn. 113) Patron bp. Attendance 1903: 508 a.m., 451 p.m. Bldg. of red brick with stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating 750, by J. E. K. Cutts, 1884-5: chancel with N. vestry, short N. transept, S. chapel, aisled and clerestoreyed nave, W. porch substituted for projected tower. Glass by Heaton, Butler, & Bayne. W. end of nave converted into hall 1972. (fn. 114)

St. Paul, Glyn Rd., Homerton. (fn. 115) Svces. in King's Coll. Sch. mission chapel, seating 250, from 1885. Site at angle with Chelmer Rd., where ch. built and endowed by Grocers' Co. of Lond. under Lady Slaney's (Trust) Estate Act, 1869. Dist. assigned from St. Barnabas, Homerton, 1889. (fn. 116) Patron Grocers' Co. Attendance 1903: 157 a.m., 171 p.m. Bldg. of red brick in Early Eng. style, seating 1,000, by Grocers' architect H. C. Boyes 1890-1: chancel with aisle carried round E. end as vestry, central tile-hung tower with spire reached from turreted circular stair at NE. corner, N. and S. transepts, aisled and clerestoreyed nave, SW. porch. Served jointly with St. Barnabas from 1981. (fn. 117) Closed 1982 and leased by diocese to Celestial Ch. of Christ 1983. (fn. 118)

St. Paul, Stoke Newington Rd., see West Hackney.

St. Peter, Northchurch Terr., De Beauvoir Town. (fn. 119) Site at SW. corner of De Beauvoir Sq. given by Ric. Benyon de Beauvoir, who built and endowed ch. in memory of Peter de Beauvoir, last sinecure R. of Hackney. Dist., intended to be coextensive with De Beauvoir Town est., from West Hackney by 1851. (fn. 120) Patron R. B. de Beauvoir. Attendance 1851: 950 and 77 Sun. sch. a.m., 900 p.m.; 1886: 328 a.m., 507 p.m.; 1903: 91 a.m., 136 p.m. Bldg. of stock brick with stone dressings in Middle Gothic style, seating c. 1,000, by W. C. Lockner 1840-1: pre-ecclesiological plan, nave with galleried aisles and pinnacled W. tower flanked by vestibules with stairs to galleries; octagonal corner turrets; sch. rooms below. Chancel, with N. aisle and S. organ chamber, in Romanesque style added by H. R. Gough 1884.

St. Philip, Richmond Rd., Dalston. (fn. 121) Site in NE. angle with Park (later Parkholme) Rd. given by Wm. Rhodes for ch. financed by Hackney ch. bldg. cttee. Dist. assigned from St. John 1848. (fn. 122) Patron R. of Hackney. Attendance 1886: 380 a.m., 395 p.m.; 328 a.m., 425 p.m. Bldg. of brick with stone dressings in Early Eng. style, seating c. 1,000, by Hen. Duesbury 1841: chancel, aisled nave, W. tower with spire; 3 W. doorways in Tudor style; octagonal corner turrets. 'A specimen of modern economical ch. bldg.' Bombed 1940, whereupon svces. held at Holy Trinity, and demol. between 1947 and 1952. (fn. 123) Par. united with Holy Trinity 1953. (fn. 124) Mission ch. 1867 was probably iron ch. of St. Saviour, Dalston Lane, with registers for 1874-82 and 1885. (fn. 125)

St. Saviour, Dalston Lane, see St. Philip.

St. Thomas, Stamford Hill. (fn. 126) Site on S. side of Clapton Common at end of Hill (later Oldhill) Street. Proprietary chapel built by John Devall for tenants and other residents at Stamford Hill c. 1774. Leased for first 5 years to V. of Hackney, but pew rents insufficient and vestry declined to compensate him for losses 1779. (fn. 127) Served 'for many years' by Jelinger Symons (d. 1810), asst. curate of Hackney. (fn. 128) Various owners until sold by Geo. Richards, V. of St. Martin-in-theFields, to Joshua Watson and 3 other trustees 1827; trustees were to enlarge chapel and R. of Hackney was to contribute towards min. until dist. assigned. Repair costs disallowed by Hackney chwdns. 1835. (fn. 129) Dist. assigned from St. John 1828. (fn. 130) Patron R. of Hackney. C. J. Heathcote, incumbent 1827-61, High Ch.; successor F. W. Kingsford sued 3 times in Ct. of Arches for structural changes and ritualism 1866-7. (fn. 131) Attendance 1851: 400 a.m., 600 evg.; 1886: 425 a.m., 239 p.m.; 1903: 371 a.m., 288 p.m. Rectangular bldg. of brick with stone dressings, seating c. 400, (fn. 132) enlarged to seat 800 and given E. clock-tower surmounted by open lantern and with stuccoed and rusticated wings by Jos. Gwilt 1828-9; recessed altar beneath tower, galleried nave with 2 rows of square-headed windows. Piecemeal changes made from 1864, followed by remodelling, copying ch. of San Clemente in Rome, by Wm. Burges 1873: halfdomed recess for altar, galleries removed, single row of windows, new coffered ceiling, W. narthex. (fn. 133) Body of ch. destroyed by bombing in Second World War and rebuilt in yellow brick by N. F. Cachemaille-Day: aisled and clerestoreyed nave with square-headed windows. Svces. at mission of Holy Cross, Ravensdale Rd., built 1884. Attendance 1903: 25 p.m. Bldg. sold when part of par. transferred to St. Bart., Stamford Hill (Tottenham). (fn. 134)

South Hackney, see St. John's chapel; St. John of Jerusalem.

Stamford Hill, see St. Thomas.

West Hackney church, Stoke Newington Rd. (fn. 135) Site for ch. to serve new West Hackney rectory at SE. corner of Church (later part of Evering) Rd. given by Wm. Geo. DanielTyssen. Paid for by com., reputedly as first of 9 chs. built with money from Portuguese govt., none of which was given dedication; (fn. 136) often called St. Jas. from 1881. Patron W. G. DanielTyssen and successors. First R. was Geo. Paroissien 1825, formerly asst. curate of St. John's. Thos. Hugo, R. 1868-76, a noted antiquarian, and attacked for ritualism. (fn. 137) H. C. Montgomery Campbell, R. 1919-26, later bp. of Lond.; J. R. G. Easthaugh, R. 1952-6, later bp. of Hereford. (fn. 138) Largest attendances in Hackney 1851: 1,980 a.m. (inc. Sun. sch.), 480 aft., 1,400 evg.; 1886: 1,004 a.m., 988 p.m.; 1903: 640 a.m., 878 p.m. Bldg. of white Suffolk brick (fn. 139) with stone dressings in Greek Doric style, seating c. 1,900, by Rob. Smirke 1821-4: recessed altar of scagliola, rectangular galleried nave with roundheaded windows, 4-column W. portico with pediment surmounted by circular tower and cupola. Later embellishments inc. glass by Holder in E. window 1842, pulpit by Jas. Brooks, altarpiece by Earp, and alterations by G. F. Bodley 1879. Bombed 1940, whereupon svces. held in hall in former Nat. sch. Par. united with St. Barnabas, Shacklewell, 1955. (fn. 140) New pale brown-brick ch. of St. Paul, seating c. 120, by N. F. Cachemaille-Day 1958-60: flat-roofed bldg. with tall rectangular windows, not oriented, opening at right angles to similar ch. hall; free standing altar, wall paintings by Chris. Webb. Churchyard to E., closed to burials 1879, (fn. 141) survived as public gdn., with gravestones against wall. Mission room in Hindle Street built by 1884. Chapel in Clevedon Street, later called St. Paul's, served partly from ch. by 1889. Attendance 1903: 25 a.m., 59 p.m. Closed c. 1924. (fn. 142)


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