Index: A-J

A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 10, Hackney. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1995.

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'Index: A-J', in A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 10, Hackney, (London, 1995) pp. 173-183. British History Online [accessed 14 April 2024]

NOTE. An italic page number denotes a map or coat of arms on that page. A page number preceded by the letters pl. refers to one of the plates between pages 90 and 91.

Buildings and groups of buildings are indexed under their own names, without an indication of their location. Most references to roads, squares, and alleys are to their first occurrence in the text, to subsequent development, or to buildings which do not have individual names. Roads are indexed under their modern names, with cross-references. Proper names which occur only incidentally have not been indexed.

Abbey Mills (Essex),

Abbott Street,

Abercrombie, John,

Abersham Rd.,

-, Eve, wid. of Simon of, m. John de Causton,
-, Simon of,

Abington, Ric., and his w.,

Abney Park cemetery,

Achille Serre,

Acme Wood Flooring Co.,

Acorn Cottage,

-, Caroline,
-, Harriot, m. Sir Wm. Middleton, Bt.,
-, Nathaniel,
-, Nathaniel Lee,

Acton est., see Burganes

Ada Street,

Adam and Eve P.H.,

Adams, John, later president of U.S.A.,

Adamson, -, farmer,

Addington, Hen.,

Addison, Ford,

Adley Street,

Agapemonites, pls.


Ainsworth, Rob.,

Ainsworth (formerly St. Thomas's) Rd.,

Aird, Donald,

Akers, Revd. Geo.,

Albert, Sarah,

Albert Rd. East,

Albert Street, see Wardle Street

Albion Drive (formerly Albion Rd.),

Albion Grove, see Stannard Rd.

Albion hall,

Albion P.H.,

Albion Rd. (Dalston), see Albion Drive

Albion Rd. (Hackney village), see Stockmar Rd.

Albion Sq.,

Alconbury Rd.,

Alden Ho., see Duncan Ho.

Alderman's Walk (later part of Homerton Row),

Alderson, Chris., and see Lloyd

Alderson est.,

Alice de la Grave,

Alkham Rd.,

All Saints Ct. (flats),

-, Alex.,
-, John,
-, Revd. J.,
-, Mary,
-, Theophilus,

Allen's nursery,

Alliston, John,

Alloway, Jas.,

Alma Rd., see Ritson Rd.

-, David,
-, Deborah, m. David Alvares,
-, Isaac (d. 1694),
-, Isaac (fl. 1810),
-, Isaac Jessurun,
-, Jacob (otherwise Alvaro da Fonseca),

Alvares est. (Homerton),

Alvares est. (Lamb Lane),

Alvington Crescent,

Amateur Rowing Assoc.,

Ambergate Ct. (flats),

Ambrose, Edw.,

Amherst of Hackney, Baron, see Cecil; Tyssen-Amhurst

Amherst works,

-, Amelia, m. Wm. Geo. Daniel-Tyssen,
-, John,
-, Mary, see Tyssen

Amhurst Arms P.H.,

Amhurst Park (or Amhurst Park Rd.),

Amhurst Rd., pl.

Amhurst Rd. East,

Amhurst Terr.,

Amory, Wm.,

Amsinck, Paul,

Ancient Order of Foresters,

Anderson, W. Ellery,

-, Howard,
-, Stanley,
-, Miss H.A.,

-, Ant.,
-, Maj. John,

Andrews, W.,

Anglican communities, see Holy Childhood; St. Augustine of Hippo; St. Francis; St. Margaret



April Street,

Archer, Wm.,


architects, see Allen, Theophilus; Armstrong & MacManus; Ashpitel, A.; Attenbrow; Billings; Blackburne; Bodley, G.F.; Bodley & Garner; Boyes; Bradbury; Brookes; Buckler; Burges; Burnet, Tait & Lorne; Cachemaille-Day; Campbell, Colen; Caroë; Charles, Wm.; Cheston, Chester; Christian, Ewan; Cole, A. Rubens; Coles; Cooper; Crouch; Currey; Cutts; Darbishire; Davis & Emanuel; Dollman; Donaldson; Duesbury; Edmeston, Jas.; Emmet, T.; Fellowes; Foster Associates; Fuller; Gibberd; Glen; Glover; Gordon & Gunton; Gordon, Lowther & Gunton; Gough; Griffith, W.P.; Gruning; Gwilt; Habershon, Mat., and W.G. and E.; Habershon & Brock; Hakewill, J. H. and E. C.; Hammack & Lambert; Hare; Harnor & Pinches; Harrison & Stevens; Hunt Thompson Associates; Inman; James, Jos.; Johnson, J.; Jones, R.P.; Joseph, Delissa, Chas., Ernest M., Nathan, and Messrs.; Lamprell-Jarrett; Lanchester & Lodge; Lewcock; Lobb; Lock, W.C.; Lockner; Loudon; Lyons; Matcham; Mather; Mills, E.D.; Morris; Newman & Billing; Parker, Chas.; Pite; Pouget; Pownall; Pugin, A.W.N. and E.W.; Rees, C. G. F.; Reilly; Robinson, J.T. and Sam.; Roumieu & Gough; Savage; Savill; Scott, T.; Shepheard & Epstein; Smirke; Smith, Alf.; Solomon; Spalding, Myers & Attenbrow; Spiller; Stern; Sterrett; Tarring; To; Trent, W.E. and W.S.; Wardell; Wheeler; Whitaker; Wigginton; Williams, Sir Owen; Wylson & Long; Yorke, Rosenberg & Mardall,

Arcola (formerly Wellington) Street,

Ardleigh Rd.,

Armstrong & MacManus,

Arnold Ho.,

Aro, motorbus co.,

Arthur Street, see Brooksbank Street

artificial flower making,

artists' colour making,

artists, designers, and engravers, see Cooke, Geo. and Edw.; Varley, Cornelius, John, and Wm.

Ash Grove,
-, bus garage,

-, A.,
-, Anne,
-, Wm. Hurst,

Ashtead Rd.,

Ashurst, Hen.,

-, Rob.,
-, Rob. Brook,

Aspland Grove,

Aspland (housing est.),

-, Sir John of, and his wid. Eliz.,
-, Rob. of,

assize of bread and of ale,

Atherden Rd.,


Atholl, duke of, see Murray

Atlas dye works,

Attenbrow, W.B.,

-, John (d. before 1380),
-, John, antiquary,
-, Maud, see Francis

-, Margt., w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,

Aveling, Thos.,

-, Alex. (fl. 1594),
-, Sir Alex., ld. mayor of Lond.,

Avenue Ho.,

Avenue Rd., see Midhurst Rd.

Ayahs' and Amahs' Home, see London City Mission

Babington, Ant.,

Bache, Fras. Edw.,

Baddeley's nursery,

Baden, Jas.,

Baden Farm,

Baden-Powell, Baron, see Powell

Bagge, Hen.,

Bagshawe, Eliz.,

Bagust, Florence,

Bailey's Lane, see Craven Park Rd.

-, Abraham,
-, Chas.,
-, Geo.,
-, Hen.,

Baker & Hudden,

Baker's Hill,

Baker's Row,

-, Isabella, see Hopkins
-, John,

Ballance, Thos.,

Ballance Rd.,

Ballard, Revd. Reeve,

ballooning, pl.

Ball's Buildings, see Link Street

Ball's Pond Rd.,

Balmes est. or Hoxton man.,

Balmes farm and farmho.,

Balmes Ho. (later Whitmore Ho.), pls.

Balmes Walk,

-, Adam, mayor of Lond.,
-, Margt., see Stodeye
-, Ric., n

Banbury, see John of Banbury

Banbury (housing est.),

Bangor, bp. of, see Dolben

-, Hen.,
-, his w.,

Banister Ho. (flats),

Bank of England, directors,

-, Chas. W.,
-, Thos.,

Baptist Mag.,

Baptists, pl.

Barbaroux, Jos.,

Barber, J.,

Barber's Barn (ho.), pl.

Barham, Art.,

Barker, John,

-, E.C., & Sons,
-, Rob. Poole,

Barnabas (formerly Church) Rd.,

Barnard, Wm., lecturer at Hackney,

-, Dame Jane,
-, Nathaniel,
-, Thos.,

Barnardo's home, see Dr. Barnardo's

-, John,
-, Ric.,

Barrymore's clothing factory,

Bartholomew, Sir Jas., mayor of Lond.,

Bartmaker, John,

Bartrip Street,

Basingstoke (Hants),

Bataille, John de la,

Bates, Wm.,

Bath Place,

Batley Rd. (formerly John Street, then Rd.),

Baum, John,

Baxter, Ric.,

Baxter's Ct.,

Baycliffe Ho. (flats), n

Bayford Street, and see Mare Street: Bayford industrial centre

-, John,
-, Wm.,

Bayston Rd.,

Bayswater, St. Luke's hosp.,

Beanes, E., manufacturing chemists,

Beaufort, Sir Fras.,

Beaufoy, Mark,

Beaulieu, n

Beaumont Ct. (flats and shops),

Beauvoir, see de Beauvoir

Beauvoir Terr., see Kingsland Rd.

Beckford, Mrs.,

Becontree Heath (Essex),

Bedford, bp. of, see How

Bedfordshire, see Meppershall

Beecholme (housing est.),

Beecholme Ho.,

Beechwood Lodge (flats),

Beechwood Rd. (formerly Mayfield Street, then Rd.), pl.

Beldames, see Dalston est.

Belebarbe, Rob.,

Belfast Rd. (formerly Stamford Terr.),

Bell, Mrs.,


Bellis, John,

Bell's Lane, see Craven Park Rd.

Bell's Yard,

Belsham, Thos.,

Belsham Street,

Belshaw Street, see Wardle Street

Bennett, Edw. Turner,

Benning, Wm.,

Benson, Jas.,

Benthal Rd.,

Bentham Rd., n,

-, Herb.,
-, Jas. Herb.,
-, Mary, see Tyssen
-, (formerly Fellowes), Ric.,
-, (later Benyon de Beauvoir), Ric.,

Benyon Cottages, see De Beauvoir Town

Beresford, fam.,

-, Capel Berrow,
-, John,
-, (formerly Steigenberger), Lewis,
-, Lewis, & Sons, paint mftrs., pls.
-, Lewis Curwood,
-, Sam.,
-, Wm. T.,

Berger Ho.,

Berger Rd.,

Bergholt Crescent,

Berkshire, see Eton Coll.

Berkshire (formerly Windsor) Rd.,

Beryff, Wm.,

Berytell, Wm. and Margt.,

Bethnal Green (formerly in Stepney),
-, Bishop's Hall, n
-, chs.,
-, cinemas, n
-, ests.,
-, girls' refuge,
-, growth,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, lunatic asylums,
-, mkt. gdns.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pk.,
-, Pollard's Row,
-, rly.,
-, roads,
-, schs.,
-, tram svces.,
-, turnpike gate,
-, workho.,

Bethnal Green and E. Lond. housing assoc.,

Bethune Rd.,

Bickley, Sir Fras., Bt.,


Billings, Geo.,

Billio, Rob.,

-, John,
-, Wm. (fl. 1605),
-, Wm. (fl. 1695),

Bird Cage P.H.,

Birdcage Walk, see Windus Rd.

Birtecute, John, and his w. Maud,

Bishop, John Geo.,

Black and White Ho., or the madho. (London Fields),

Black and White Ho. (Hackney village),

Black Bull P.H. (Kingsland),

Black Bull P.H. (Stoke Newington),

-, John,
-, Mary, see Offspring
-, Offspring, bp. of Exeter,
-, Thos.,

Blackburn, Wm.,

Blackburne, E.W.,

-, Raymond,
-, Thos.,

Blackstone (housing est.),

Blackwell, Ric.,

Blenheim Cottages, see Grove Street

Blomfield, Chas. Jas., bp. of Lond.,

Blomfield Street, see Welbury Street

Blue Posts inn (later ho.), and see 'Templars' ho.'

Boardman, Mrs.,


Boddicott, Sarah, see Tyssen

-, Benj.,
-, Thos.,

Bodley, G.F.,

Bodley & Garner,

Bodley, see John of Bodley

Bodney Rd.,

Bohemia, king of, see Frederick V

Bohemia Place,
-, tram and bus depot (Clapton, later Hackney, garage),

Bolton, Wm., ld. mayor of Lond.,

Bonner, Edm., bp. of Lond., n

Bonnett, Geo.,

Bonnycastle, John,

boot and shoe making,

-, Mrs. Bramwell,
-, Cath., w. of Gen. Wm.,
-, Chas.,
-, Wm., rector of Hackney, abp. of York,
-, Gen. Wm.,

Boots, chemists,

-, John,
-, Maud, w. of John, m. Ric. of Norton,

Botanical Cabinet,

Botany Bay, see Hackney Bay

Botry, Wm.,

Bottomley, Horatio, M.P.,

Boucher, John,

Bow, see Stratford Bow

Bow Ho.,

-, Jeremy,
-, Sir Jerome,
-, John,

Bowles, Jonathan,


Bowling Green Ho. (later Grove Ho., Chatham Place),

Bowling Green Street,

-, Agnes, m. Fras. Chaloner,
-, Eliz.,
-, Fras., alderman (d. 1581),
-, Fras. (d. 1598),
-, Hen.,
-, John, s. of Fras. the alderman,
-, John, s. of Sir Wm.,
-, Sir Wm., ld. mayor of Lond.,
-, Wm.,
-, Mr. (fl. 1578),

boxing and prize fighting, pl.

Boy Scouts,

Boyes, H.C.,

Bradbury, Wm.,

-, Mary Ann,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Bradstock (formerly Union) Rd.,

Braidwood, Thos.,

Braidwood's academy for the deaf and dumb (formerly Grove Ho.), n, and see Bowling Green Ho.

Bramshaw (formerly Brampton) Rd.,

Bramston, Sir John,

Branch Place,

-, Caroline,
-, Esther,
-, Esther, wid. of Joshua Israel,
-, Jacob da Fonseca,
-, Jesse,
-, Joshua Israel,
-, fam.,

-, John,
-, Sir Reginald,

Bremen Street, see Dericote Street


Brenthouse (formerly Devonshire) Rd.,

Brenton, Capt. Edw.,

Brenton's asylum sch.,


Brett Rd.,


brick and tile making, pls.

Brick's nursery,

Bridge Ho. (flats),

Bridge Street, see Ponsford Street

Briggs, Thos.,

Brimicombe, W.,

-, Eliz., see Debutt
-, John,
-, Ric. (fl. 1672),
-, Ric. (fl. 1769),

British and Foreign Schs. Soc. and British schs.,

British Asylum for Deaf and Dumb Females,

British Land Co.,

British Penitent Female refuge, n

British Xylonite Co.,

Broad Common (housing est.),

Broadway Ho. (flats),

Broadway Market,
-, mkt.,
-, retail trade,

Broadwood, White & Co.,

-, (later Broke-Middleton), Adm. Sir Geo. Nathaniel, Bt.,
-, Jane, m. Jas. Saumarez, Baron de Saumarez,
-, John,

-, Geo.,
-, Rob.,

Bromyard, Rob., vicar of Hackney,

Brook, Art., rector of Hackney,

Brook Street, see Holmbrook Street

Brooke, Baron and Earl, see Greville

Brooke, fam.,

Brooke Ho. or King's Place est.,
-, Brooke Ho. (formerly the King's Place), n, pls.
-, gdn.,

Brooke Ho. Row, see Clapton, Upper

Brooke Rd.,

Brooke, Simpson & Spiller,

Brooke Street, see Northwold Rd.

Brookes, Wm. MacIntosh,

Brookfield farm,

Brookfield Rd.,

-, Jas.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

-, Jos.,
-, Stamp, and n

Brooksbank (formerly Arthur) Street,

Brooksbank Ho. (flats),

-, Edw.,
-, Mary, wid. of Wm.,
-, Wm.,

Brooksby's Walk,

-, Thos.,
-, T.K.,

Brotherhood ch.,

Brougham Rd.,

-, John,
-, Maria,
-, Sarah,
-, Misses,

-, John, n
-, Rob., vicar of Hackney,

Brunn, Ant.,

Brunswick Grove,

Brunswick Street, see Cresset Rd.

Bruton (Som.), Sexey's hosp.,

Bryan omnibus svce.,

Bryant, Wilberforce,

Buccleuch Cottages, see Clapton, Upper

Buccleuch Ho. (flats),

Buck, Chas.,

Buck House (or Horse) Lane,

Buckinghamshire, see Ellesborough; Eton Coll.; Penn; Princes Risborough

Buckler, A.E.,

Buckley, Miss Bessie,

Buck's Buildings,

builders, developers, and bldg. ind., n, and see Andrews; Baker, Chas.; Benson; Bishop; Bradshaw, Wm.; Carruthers, John; Clarkson; Collins, Rob. and W.J. and F.; Cooke, Wm.; Dabbs; Edmondson; England; Flight; Garside; Gibson; Glaskin; Grover; Hacon; Harman; Hodson; Honeywill; Jackson, Jos. and Joshua; James, Thos.; Kentish Homes; Liscombe; Margetts; Matthews; Moore, Chas. Hen.; Musgrove, John and Sir John; Norris, Wm.; Oldfield; Osment; Pearson, Thos.; Pilgrim; Plumridge; Redmond, Wm.; Rhodes, Wm. (d. 1769), Sam. (d. 1794), Thos. (d. 1856), Wm. (d. 1843); Rowe, John Wm.; Rowlandson, Hen. Wm., and Hervey; Scott, John; Sheldrick; Shephard; Smith, Thos.; Spackman; Stone; Tuck; Tucker, S.J. and W.J.; Turner, Wm.; Vote; Ware; Wates; Weeks; Wilkinson and Matthews; Withers; Woodruff; Wright, Jas.

Bull, Wm.,


Bullock, Jane,

Bulwer-Lytton, Edw.,


-, Jas.,
-, Wm.,

Burden, Revd. H.F.,

Burder, Hen. Forster,

Burdett Rd.,

Burdett-Coutts, Baroness,

Burgane, Rob.,

Burganes (Acton, Middleton) est.,

Burges, Wm.,

Burlison & Grylls,

Burnet, Dr.,

Burnet, Tait & Lorne,

-, Miss C.,
-, John (or Busch, Johann),
-, Jos. Chas.,
-, W.J., & Co.,

Bush Boake Allen,

Butt, Rob.,

-, Chas.,
-, Wal.,

Button, Reuben,

-, Sir Alan (d. 1381),
-, Sir Alan, his s.,
-, Maud, see Francis
-, Thos.,

-, Adoniram,
-, Thos.,

Byland Ho.,

Cachemaille-Day, N.F.,

Cadogan Terr.,

Caesar, Sir Julius,

Caledonian nursery,


calico printing,

Cambridge, see Catharine Hall; Cavendish (later Homerton) Coll.; St. John's Coll.

Cambridge Court (flats),

Cambridge Heath:
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, growth,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, open space,
-, pub. hos.,
-, watchho.,
-, and see Mare Street

Cambridge Heath Rd.,

Cambridge Lodge,

Cambridge Lodge Villas,

Cambridge Row, see Mare Street

Cambridge Terr., see Mare Street

Camden Town Assoc.,

-, Colen,
-, H.C. Montgomery, rector of W. Hackney, bp. of Lond.,
-, John,

Campion, Edm.,

Canning, Sir Stratford,

Cannock Chase & Ogley Land Co.,

-, abp. of, see Sheldon
-, dean and chapter of,

Cape Town, abp. of, see Carter

Capital Newspapers,

-, J.E.,
-, Ric.,
-, Sir Wymond,

Carlile, Chris., rector of Hackney,

Carlington works,

Carlton Mansions,

Carnegie, And.,

Caroë, W.D.,

Caroline Place,

Caroline Street, see Charnwood Street

-, Geo. Edw.,
-, John,

-, Revd. W.M., abp. of Capetown (S. Africa),
-, Mrs.,

-, Sir Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Johnson

Cary (or Carey):
-, Hen., Baron Hunsdon (d. 1596),
-, Nic.,
-, Philadelphia, m. Thos., Baron Wentworth (d. 1665),
-, Susan, wid. of Nic.,

Casimir Rd.,

-, Eliz., wid. of Sir John,
-, Hester, see Eames
-, Sir John,
-, Thos.,

Cass est.,
-, hos.,
-, and see Sir John Cass Foundation

Cass foundation, see Sir John Cass Foundation

Cassland Ho.,

Cassland Rd.,
-, Cassland Crescent,
-, Hackney Terr., pl.

Casterton Rd.,

Castle, Fred. Wm.,

Castle Street, see Crossway

Castlewood Rd.,

Cat and Mutton P.H., see Shoulder of Mutton

Catcher, Thos.,

Catharine Hall, Cambridge,

Catholic Apostolic Ch.,

Catholic Ch., Ancient,

-, Eve de, see Abingdon
-, John de,

-, Lord Rob.,
-, Wm., duke of Devonshire (d. 1811),
-, Wm., duke of Devonshire (d. 1858),
-, fam.,

Cavendish (later Homerton) Coll., Cambridge,

Cavendish Mansions,

Cawley Rd.,

Cazenove Rd.,

-, Mary Rothes Margt., see Tyssen-Amherst
-, Lord Wm.,
-, Wm. Hugh Amherst, Baron Amherst of Hackney,

Cecilia Rd. (formerly Love Lane or Norfolk Rd.),

Cedar Ct. (flats),

Cedar Ho.,

Cedar Lodge,

Celestial Ch. of Christ,

Cellier, Alf.,

Chalgrove Rd.,

chalk mills,

-, Agnes, see Bowyer
-, Fras.,

Chamberlain, Thos.,

Champion Place, see Clapton, Upper

Chapel Rd., see Windus Rd.

-, Eliz., see Webb
-, Sir John, and his wid.,
-, Sir Wm., Bt.,

Chapman Rd., pl.

Chardmore Rd.,

Charity, Fathers of (Rosminians),

Charity, Irish Sisters of,

Charles I,

Charles, Wm.,

Charles Street,

Charnwood (formerly Caroline) Street,

Charnwood Ho. (flats),

Chatham Place,

Chatsworth (Derb.),

Chatsworth (housing est.),

Chatsworth Rd.,
-, mkt.,


Chelsfield Point (flats),

chemical inds.,

-, Ric. (d. 1625),
-, Ric. (fl. 1664),

Chequers P.H.,

the Chestnuts (in Spring Lane),

-, Chas.,
-, Chester, n,
-, Horace,

Chichester, bp. of, see Sampson

Chigwell Ct. (flats),

Child, Jas.,

Children's Friend Soc.,

Chingford (Essex),
-, rector,

Chitty, Wm.,

Christchurch Sq.,

Christian, Ewan,

Christian Scientists,

Christian Tulipeans,

Church Army,

Church Building Commissioners,

Church Crescent,

Church Ho., see Hackney village

Church of the Call Out,

Church Path, and see Broadway Market

Church Patronage Soc.,

Church Rd. (Dalston), see Sandringham Rd.

Church Rd. (De Beauvoir Town), see Northchurch Rd.

Church Rd. (Homerton), see Barnabas Rd.

Church Rd. (Newington, later part of Evering and Manse rds.),

Church Schools' Co.,

Church Street, pl. and see Hackney village

Church Street (or Hackney) bridge,

Church Well Path,

Cintra Ho.,

Circle Thirty Three housing trust,

City and Hackney health authority,

City Challenge scheme,

City of Lond. institution, see East Lond. Union workho.

Clacton (Essex),

Clapham (Surr.),

Clapton, in Hackney,
-, almshos. (Wood's),
-, bus garage, see Bohemia Place
-, cinemas,
-, coach svces.,
-, growth,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pond,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, reservoir,
-, roads,
-, schs.,
-, stadium,
-, turnpike gate,
-, water,
-, and see Clapton, Lower; Clapton, Upper; Clapton Pk.

Clapton, Lower, in Hackney,
-, chs., pl.
-, Clapton Pavement,
-, conservation area,
-, dom. bldgs., pls.
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, health centres,
-, housing and council ests.,
-, mkt. gdns. and nurseries,
-, nonconf. (protestant), pl.
-, North and South Mill fields,
-, offices,
-, retail trade,
-, roads, pl.
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, Round Chapel, and see Congregationalists
-, St. James's Terr.,
-, schs., pls.
-, tram svces.,
-, vicarage ho.,
-, and see Clapton; Clapton Pk.; Lower Clapton Rd.

Clapton, Upper, in Hackney, pl.
-, Brooke Ho. Row,
-, Buccleuch Cottages,
-, Champion Place,
-, chs., pls.
-, cinemas,
-, Clapton common, q.v.
-, coach svces.,
-, conservation area,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, ests.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, High Hill ferry (hamlet),
-, housing and council ests.,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, King's Place, see Brooke Ho.
-, libr.,
-, mkt. gdns.,
-, missions,
-, Muslims,
-, nonconf. (protestant), pls.
-, omnibus svces.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads, pl.
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, schs.,
-, Springfield pk., q.v.
-, tram svces.,
-, workshops,
-, and see Clapton; Upper Clapton Rd.

Clapton and Stamford Hill sch. of art,

Clapton Common (part of Upper Clapton Rd.),

Clapton (formerly Broad) common,

Clapton Ho. est., ho.,
-, Clapton Ho. (also called Lizhards), pl.

Clapton Pk., in Hackney:
-, chs.,
-, council est.,
-, 19th-cent. housing est.,
-, theatre,

Clapton Passage,

Clapton Pavement, see Clapton, Lower

Clapton Place,

Clapton Sq.,

Clapton Street,

Clapton Terr.,

Clapton Way (formerly London Rd.),

Clarence Gardens (flats),

Clarence Place,

Clarence Rd. (formerly Back Lane),

Clark, John,

-, Benj.,
-, Geo.,
-, H.R.,
-, John,
-, Kath., wid.,
-, Olive,
-, Roger,
-, Wm.,

Clarke, Nickolls & Coombs,

Clarkson, Geo.,

Clarnico, confectioners,

Classic Estates,

Classic Mansions,

Clerkenwell, see Cordwainers' tech. coll.; Goldsmiths' and Jewellers' annuity institution; Lloyd Baker est.

Clermont Rd.,

Clifden Rd.,

-, Hen.,
-, Oliver,

clothing ind.,

Coach and Horses P.H. (Homerton),

Coach and Horses P.H. (Newington),

Cobb's Lane, see Glyn Rd.

-, Reynold,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos. de, rector of Hackney and bp. of Worcester,

Cock and Castle field,

Cock and Castle Lane, see Crossway

Cock and Castle P.H.,

Cock (later Old Cock) P.H. (Shacklewell), and n

Cock P.H. (two, Mare Street),

Cock P.H. (Hackney village),

Cock P.H. (Well Street),

Cockhanger green, see Stoke Newington common

Cohen, Jacob,

Coldbath (formerly Buck House) Lane,

-, A. Rubens,
-, Wm.,

Coles, Geo.,

College Ho.,

College Row (formerly Street),

Collent (formerly Margaret) Street,

-, Rob.,
-, Wm.,
-, W.J. and F.,

Collison, Revd. Geo.,

the Colonnades (flats),

Colshill, Thos.,

Colvestone Crescent,

Commercial Motor Users of Hackney,

Common Ho. (later Grove Ho.),

Communist party and voters,

Compagnie Générale des Omnibus de Londres,

Comper, Sir Ninian,

Compton, Wm.,

Compton Durville (Som.),

Conduit Street, see Rossendale Street

Conduit Terr., see Kingsland

confectionery and jam making,

Congregational Board of Educ.,

Congregationalists (Independents), pl.

Connell, Wm., & Co.,

Conservative party and voters,

Constable, Revd. Jas. Powell Goulton,

-, Edw.,
-, F., eel and pie shop,
-, Geo.,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1695),
-, Thos. (d. by 1752),
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Cooke's Rents, see West Hackney

Cooper, Edwin,

Coram, John,

-, Thos. (d. 1808), and his w.,
-, Thos. Geo. (fl. 1856),
-, Wm. Thompson,

Cordwainers' tech. coll.,

-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

Cornthwaite, Thos., vicar of Hackney, perpetual curate of Mortlake,

Cotland maternity home,

Cottrill Rd.,

County of London Regiment, 10th (Hackney) Battalion,

Coustell, Isaac,

Coventry and Lichfield, bps. of, see Lichfield and Coventry

Cowdry Rd.,

cowkeeping and dairies,

Cox, F.A.,

Crane, Wal.,

Cranfield, Thos.,

-, Chas.,
-, Mary, see Wood

Cranwich Rd.,

-, Art.,
-, John,

Craven Lodge,

Craven Park Rd. (formerly Bell's or Bailey's Lane),

Craven Walk,

Creevey, Thos.,

Crepyn, Ralph,

Cresset Ho. (flats),

Cresset Rd. (formerly Brunswick Street),


Cricketfield Rd.,

Crittenden, Mrs.,

Croke, Paul Ambrose,

-, Edw., Baron Cromwell,
-, Thos.,

Cromwell Lodge,

Crooked Billet P.H.,

Crop, Chas., & Sons,

Cross, Wm.,

Crossway (formerly Cock and Castle Lane, then Castle Street),

Crossway (part of Shacklewell Lane),

Crossways girls' hostel,

Croston (formerly George, then Hamburg) Street,

Crouch, Hen.,

Crown Estate,

Crown P.H. (Hackney village),

Crown Paints,

Crozier Terr.,

Cruttenden, Thos.,

Crystal Palace (Surr.),

Cumberland benevolent institution,

Currey, Hen.,

Currie Motors,

Curwen, John,

Cutts, J.E.K.,

da Costa:
-, Benj. Mendes,
-, Jacob,

Dabbs, Wm. Mattocks,

Dachtler (housing est.),

Daks clothing,

Dallam, Ralph,

Dalston, in Hackney,
-, bridge,
-, chs., pl.
-, conservation area,
-, dom. bldgs., pl. and see Dalston est., Graham Ho.
-, factories,
-, German hosp., q.v.
-, girls' refuge, see Dalston Refuge
-, green,
-, growth,
-, Jews,
-, ind.,
-, libr.,
-, mkt. gdns. and nurseries,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, omnibus svces.,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade, and see Dalston Cross shopping centre
-, roads,
-, rly. sta.,
-, schs., pl.
-, tech. institute, see North-East Lond. Institute
-, theatre,
-, tram svces.,
-, Vicarage,
-, water,

Dalston brook, see Hackney brook

Dalston Community Centre Project,

Dalston Cross shopping centre,

Dalston infant orphans' asylum,

Dalston Lane,
-, bridge,
-, Dalston Place,
-, turnpike gates,

Dalston or Beldames (Graham Ho.) est.,
-, Beldames ho.,
-, Graham Ho.,

Dalston Place, see Dalston Lane

Dalston Refuge for Destitute Females,

Dalston Rise,

Dalston Terr.,

Daly, J.,

Danesdale Rd.,

Daniel, landholder in Stepney and Hackney,

Daniel, Revd. C.J., and see Daniel-Tyssen

-, John,
-, Revd. R.S.,

-, Amelia, see Amhurst
-, John Rob.,
-, (formerly Daniel) Wm. Geo.,
-, (later Tyssen-Amhurst) Wm. Geo. Tyssen,

-, Ric. (d. 1800), vestry clerk,
-, Ric., his s.,

Danns' est.,

Darbishire, H.A.,

Darbyshire, Thos., rector of Hackney, and n

Darcy, Sir Thos.,

Darcy Buildings (later Ho.) (flats),

Darenth Rd.,

Darnley Rd.,

Darville Rd.,

Daubeney Fields, see Hackney Marsh rec. ground

Daubeney (formerly Pincey) Rd.,

Davenport, ?John, preacher,

Davis & Emanuel,

de Beauvoir (or Beauvoir):
-, Osmond,
-, Revd. Peter, rector of Hackney,
-, Rachel, m. Fras. Tyssen (d. 1717),
-, Ric.,
-, fam., n

De Beauvoir Crescent,

de Beauvoir est., see Balmes est.

De Beauvoir (formerly Frederick) Rd.,

De Beauvoir Sq., pl.

De Beauvoir Town, in Hackney,
-, Benyon Cottages,
-, canal depots, and see Kingsland basin
-, ch.,
-, conservation area,
-, dom. bldgs., pl.
-, factories and workshops,
-, fire stas.,
-, growth,
-, hosp., see Metropolitan hosp.
-, housing est.,
-, ind.,
-, libr.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, Park Place,
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, schs.,
-, Vicarage,
-, water,

De Beauvoir Town assoc.,

de Boyville, René, and his wid. Louise,

De Kewer:
-, John,
-, Mrs.,
-, fam.,

De la Grave, see Shoreditch Place est.

de la Pierre, Paul,

De Latre, Mr. and Mrs.,

De Quester, Mr., prob. Jas.,

deaf and dumb, institutions for, see Braidwood's academy; British Asylum for Deaf and Dumb Females

-, Sir Jas.,
-, Wm.,

-, Eliz., m. Ric. Bristow,
-, Giles,
-, Jas.,

Deerfoot (American Indian athlete),

Defoe, Daniel,

Delavaud, Mrs.,

Denham, Rachel,

Denmark Place,

Denn, Allard,

Derby Rd., see Lockner Rd.

Derbyshire, see Chatsworth

-, Art.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Dericote (formerly John then Bremen) Street,

Derry, bp. of, see Hopkins

Desborough, John,

Deuza, Card. Gaucelin Jean, rector of Hackney,

Devall, John,

Devey, Rog.,

Devonshire, dukes of, see Cavendish

Devonshire Ho.,

Devonshire Rd., see Brenthouse Rd.

Dickens, Chas.,

Digby, Chas.,

Digby (formerly King's) Rd., n

Digswell (Herts.), rector of,

Dod, Peirce,

Doddridge, Phil.,

Doggett's dairy,

Dolben, David, vicar of Hackney, bp. of Bangor,

Dollman, F.T.,

Dolphin P.H.,

domestic service,

Donaldson, T.L.,

-, Fras. (d. 1760),
-, Fras., his neph.,
-, Fras., antiquary, n

Douglas, Lady Margt., ctss. of Lennox,

Down Terr.,

Downham (Essex),
-, rector, see Wright

Downham Rd.,

Downing, Calybute, vicar of Hackney,

Downs Ct. (flats),

Downs (housing est.),

Downs Park Rd.,

Downs Rd.,

Downs Lane, see Northwold Rd.

Dover, Baron, see Yorke, Jos.

Dr. Barnardo's homes,

drug manufacturing,


Duckett or Duket:
-, John,
-, Laur.,

Duesbury, Hen.,

Duke of York P.H.,

Dulley, Wm.,

Duncan (later Alden) Ho. (flats),

Duncan Place,

Duncan Rd.,

Duncan Sq.,

Duncan Street,

Dunlace Rd.,

Dunn (formerly John) Street,

Dunsmore Rd.,

Durham Grove,

Durham Ho.,

Durigo Ho. (factory),

Durley Rd.,

Durlston Rd.,

Dycer, Sir Rob., Bt.,


Eagle Ho.,

-, Alice,
-, Hester, m. Thos. Cass,

Earls Colne (Essex), vicar of,

Earp, T.,

Eason, Thos.,

East & West India Docks & Birmingham Junction Rly.,

East Bank,

East Cross motorway,

East Grinstead (Suss.),

East India Co.,

East Lond. Home and Sch. for Blind Children,

East Lond. Union workho. and infirmary (later City of Lond. institution),

East Lond. Waterworks Co.,

Eastern Counties Rly.,

Eastern (fever) hosp., see Homerton hosp.

Easthaugh, J.R.G., rector of W. Hackney, bp. of Hereford,

Eastman, Hugh,


Eastway Park (housing est.),

Eaton, John,

Ebenezer Place,



Edmeston, Jas.,

Edmeston Close,

Edmondson, Jas.,


Edmund de la Grave,

Edwards, Wm.,

Eeles, Markham,

Egan, Revd. J.C.,

Egerton Rd.,

Elderfield Rd.,

Eleanor Rd.,

-, local,
-, parliamentary,

Elizabeth I,

Elizabeth Fry refuge, see Mare Street

Elizabeth Ho.,

Ellesborough (Bucks.),

Ellicot, John,

Ellingfort Rd.,

Ellis, G., & Co.,

Elm Lodge,

Elmcroft Street,

-, Sir John (d. 1482-3),
-, John (fl. 1488),
-, Sim.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Elsdale (formerly West) Street,

Elsham (Lincs.),

Eltham (Kent),

-, T.,
-, W.,


Enfield Rd.,


England, Louis,

Englefield Rd.,

English, Edw.,

Environment, Dept. of the,

Epping (Essex),

Ermine Street, see Kingsland Rd.

Essex, see Abbey Mills; Becontree Heath; Chingford; Clacton; Downham; Earls Colne; Epping; Hale End; Leyton; Newport; North Woolwich; Ongar; Royal Wanstead sch.; Southend; Stratford; Walthamstow; West Ham; Westcliff-on-Sea; Woodford

Essex County Council,

Essex Rifle Volunteers, 9th (later 4th),

Essex Street,

Estfield, Sir Wm.,

Eton Coll. (Berks., formerly Bucks.),

Eton Ho.,

Eton mission,

Ettrick Ho. (flats),

Euston, earl of, see Fitzroy

Evangelical and Reformed Church,

Evangelical Free Church,


Evelyn, John,

Evelyn Ct. (flats), pl.

Everard, Chas.,

Everett, Wm.,

Evering Rd., and see Church Rd. (Newington)

Every Man His Own Gardener,

Exeter, bp. of, see Blackall

Exmouth Place (formerly Flying Horse Yard),

Eyre, Revd. John,

Eyre & Spottiswoode (formerly Eyre & Strahan), printing works,

Fafiton, Rob.,

Fairfax Traders,

Faithful Companions of Jesus, Sisters of the,

Falcon works,

Fallowfield & Knight,

Farleigh Rd.,

Farrington, Dan.,

Farrow, Eliz.,

Fassett Sq.,

Fawcett, Hen., M.P.,

Fawcett Ho. (flats),

-, Hen.,
-, John,

Fellowes, Wm., and see Benyon

Ferncliff Rd.,

Ferry Ho. (flats),

Ferry P.H.,

Field, Mary,

Field's coffee ho.,

Fields (housing est.),

Fiennes, Celia,

First Deeper Life Ministry,


-, Augustus Hen., earl of Euston, later duke of Grafton,
-, Lord Hen.,
-, fam.,

Five Houses,

Fletcher, Rob.,

Fletching Rd. (housing est.),

Flight, Thos.,


Flower de Luce P.H.,

Flying Horse P.H.,

Flying Horse Yard, see Exmouth Place

Fonseca, Alvaro da, see Alvares


Forburg Rd.,

Forest Rd.,

Forest Rd. East,

Forest Row,

Fortescue Ave.,

Forth, John,

Foskett Terr., see Shacklewell

Foster, Ric.,

Foster Associates,

Foulden Rd.,

fountain pen making,

Fountain P.H.,

Fountayne Rd.,

Four Per Cent Industrial Dwellings Co. (later Industrial Dwellings Soc.),

Fowkes, Thos.,

-, Geo.,
-, Sam.,
-, Sam. (?another),

Fox's Lane,

Foxcote, see John of Foxcote

-, Susannah, m. John Musgrove the elder,
-, Wm.,

-, Dr. Algernon (d. 1842),
-, Dr. Algernon (d. 1851),
-, fam.,

Frampton's est.,

Frampton Pk. nursery,

Frampton Pk. Rd., pl.

Frampton Pk. (housing est.),

Francies, Wm.,

-, Adam, mayor of Lond.,
-, Maud, m. 1 John Aubrey, 2 Alan Buxhall (d. 1381), John de Montagu, earl of Salisbury,

-, David (later Fras.),
-, Jacob de Moses (d. by 1777),
-, Jacob (d. after 1780),
-, Jos.,
-, Raphael,

Frankau, Adolph, & Co.,

Frankland, Thos.,

frankpledge, views of,

Frederick Place (formerly Terr.),

Frederick Rd., see De Beauvoir Rd.

Frederick V, count palatine and king of Bohemia,

Free Church,

Free English Church,

-, Sarah,
-, Mrs. and Miss,


-, Margt.,
-, Susannah, m. Thos. Thornton,

Fremont (formerly Park) Street,

French protestants, hosp. for, pl.

Friend, Sir John,

Friends of Hackney Archives,

Froggatt, Sam.,

Froggatt's mill,

Fuller, Hen.,

furniture making,

G.E.R., see Great Eastern Rly.

G.L.C., see Great London Council

G.N.R., see Great Northern Rly.

Gadsden, Jas.,

Gainsborough Rd. (later Lee Conservancy Rd.),

Gainsborough Sq.,

-, Abraham,
-, Reston,

Gardens (housing est.),

Gardner, John,

Garland, Thos.,

Garnham Street,

Garratt, Herb. Wm.,

Garrick, David,

Garside, Wm.,

Gascoyne Ho. (flats),

Gascoyne (housing est.),

Gascoyne Rd.,

Gatfield, Gedaliah,

Gatford, Lionel,

Geary, Chas.,

Geldeston Rd.,

Gellan, Thos.,

The Gentleman Dancing-Master, see Wycherley

George III,

George Downing (housing est.),

George P.H.,

George Street, see Croston Street

Gerard, John,

German hosp., pl.

German Lutheran Church,

German old people's home,

German orphan asylum,

Gerrish, Ames & Simpkins,

Gibberd, Sir Fred.,

-, Eliz.,
-, Grinling,
-, Thos.,

Gibbons, furnishers,

Gibson, Jesse,

Gibson Gardens (formerly Buildings), pl.

Gigney, Wm.,

Gigney's farm, see Sureties's

-, Jas.,
-, Wm.,
-, Wm., his s.,
-, Capt.,

-, -, schoolmaster,
-, Miss,

Gilby Ho. (flats),

Gill mead est.,

Gillray, Jas.,

Girls' Public Day School Co. (later Trust),

Glaskin, Thos. Peet,

Glaskin Rd.,

Glen, W.R.,

Glenarm Rd.,

Gloucester, canon of, see Sheldon

Glover, Morton M.,

-, Clayton Wm. Feake,
-, Sir Geo., Bt.,
-, Sir Ric., Bt., ld. mayor of Lond.,
-, Col. Thos.,
-, Revd. Thos. Clayton,

Glyn est.,

Glyn, Mills & Co.,

Glyn Rd. (formerly Cobb's or Pratt's Lane),

Godfrey, John,

Godfrey's Row, see Shacklewell

Golbourne, Eliz.,

Golders Green,

Goldsmith, Clement,

Goldsmiths' and Jewellers' annuity institution,

Gompertz, Leon,

Gooch Ho. (flats),

Goodchild, T. O., rector of Hackney,

Goodrich Ho. (flats),

-, John,
-, Thos.,

Gordon & Gunton,

Gordon, Lowther & Gunton,

Gore, Sir John,

Gore Rd.,

Gosse, Phil. Hen.,

Gough, H.R.,

Gould, fam.,

Grafton, duke of, see Fitzroy

-, Cath.,
-, Jas., schoolmaster
-, Jas. (fl. 1753),
-, Sir Rob.,
-, Mrs.,
-, fam.,

Graham Ho., see Dalston est.

Graham Mansions,

Graham Rd.,

Grange, Jas.,

Grange Rd., see Lenthall Rd.

Gransden Ave.,

-, Eliz.,
-, Thos.,

Grave (Grove), see Alice de la Grave; Edm. de la Grave; Ric. atte Grove

gravel digging,

Graves, John,

Great Eastern London Motor Omnibus Co.,

Great Eastern Rly. (G.E.R.),

Great Northern Rly. (G.N.R.),

Great Universal Stores,

Greater London Council (G.L.C.),
-, as housing authy.,
-, pks.,

Greaves & Thomas,

-, Chas.,
-, Misses,

Green Dragon P.H.,

Green Man P.H. (Shacklewell),

Green Man P.H. (Hackney village),

-, Jas.,
-, Thos.,

Greenwood (formerly Wilmot) Rd.,

Greenwood's Row,

-, Fras., Baron Brooke (later Earl Brooke and earl of Warwick),
-, Fulke, Baron Brooke,
-, Sir Fulke,
-, Hen. Ric., earl of Warwick,
-, Rob., Baron Brooke,

Grey, Lord (?Hen. Yelverton, earl of Sussex and Baron Grey of Ruthin),

Grey, Ric.,

Grey Green Coaches,

Greyhound P.H.,

greyhound racing,

Greyhound Racing Assoc.,

Griffin, Sir Rhys,

-, John,
-, W.P.,

Grocers' Co. sch., pl. and see Hackney Downs: sch.

Grosvenor Terr., see Mentmore Terr.

Grove, see Grave

the Grove (open space),

the Grove (rd.),

Grove chemical works,

Grove Cottage (later the Limes) (Well Street),

Grove Cottage (Upper Clapton),

Grove ho., see Shoreditch Place est.

Grove Ho. (another in Grove Street), and see Common Ho.

Grove Ho. (Chatham Place), n; and see Bowling Green; Braidwood's academy

Grove Ho. (Shacklewell),

Grove Ho. (Stamford Grove E.),

Grove Lane (Hackney village),

Grove Lane (Stamford Hill), see Lampard Grove

Grove Mews,

Grove Place (Hackney village),

Grove Rd. or Place (Stamford Hill), see Lynmouth Rd.

Grove Rd. (S. Hackney),

Grove Street (later Lauriston Rd.), in Hackney,
-, chs., and see South Hackney, chs.
-, conservation area,
-, dom. bldgs., pl.
-, ests.,
-, growth,
-, Hampden chapel,
-, housing ests.,
-, ind.,
-, mkt. gdns.,
-, nonconf. (protestant), see Hampden chapel
-, pop.,
-, poverty,
-, Providence Row,
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade,
-, schs., and n,
-, tram svces.,
-, workshops,
-, and see South Hackney

Grove Street Lane,

Grover, John,

-, John,
-, fam.,

Grumbolds man. or rectory est., n,
-, cts.,
-, copyholds,
-, parsonage hos.,
-, and see Tyssen-Amhurst est.

Gruning, E.A.,

Guinness Close,

Guinness (housing) trust,

Gunton & Gunton,

Gunton Rd.,

Gwilt, Jos.,


-, Cath.,
-, Mat.,
-, W.G. and E.,

Habershon & Brock,

Hackney (Hakeney):
-, Niel of,
-, Osbert of,
-, Ric. of,
-, Rob. of (fl. 1275),
-, Rob. of (fl. 1320),
-, Simon of,
-, Wm. of,

-, acreage,
-, adv.,
-, agric.,
-, almshos., pl.
-, baths,
-, King's Hall,
-, boundaries,
-, bridges,
-, cage,
-, canal, see Hackney (or New) cut
-, chars.,
-, par. char. lands,
-, chs., pls.
-, Rowe chapel,
-, Clapton, Lower, q.v.
-, Clapton, Upper, q.v.
-, Clapton Pk., q.v.
-, coach svces.,
-, common lands,
-, manorial (roadside) waste,
-, common rights,
-, communications,
-, conservation areas,
-, Dalston, q.v.
-, De Beauvoir Town, q.v.
-, dispensaries,
-, district bd. of works,
-, depots,
-, electricity,
-, power sta., pl.
-, showroom,
-, factories and workshops, and n
-, farms,
-, ferries, see Lea river
-, fire,
-, fisheries, see Lea river
-, flats,
-, friendly socs.,
-, gentrification,
-, geol.,
-, Greek Orthodox,
-, Grove Street, q.v.
-, Hackney Downs, q.v.
-, Hackney marsh, q.v.
-, Hackney village, q.v.
-, Hackney Wick, q.v.
-, halls and institutes,
-, health centres,
-, Homerton, q.v.
-, hosps., pl.
-, hotels,
-, inclosures, and see Stoke Newington common
-, ind.,
-, Jews, pl.
-, Kingsland, q.v.
-, lecturers,
-, librs.,
-, London Fields, q.v.
-, lunatic asylums,
-, manors,
-, Hackney man., see Lordshold
-, Mare Street, q.v.
-, mkt. gdns. and nurseries,
-, metropolitan boro.,
-, arms,
-, as housing authy.,
-, poor,
-, wards,
-, mills, and see chalk mills; Lea river, mills; leather mills; powder mills; saw mills; silk mills; smalt mills; tobacco and snuff mills
-, missions,
-, mortuary,
-, museum,
-, Muslims,
-, Newington, see Stoke Newington (part, in Hackney par.)
-, nonconf. (protestant), pls.
-, academies and schs.,
-, oil lighting,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, par. (rectory) division,
-, par. officers,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, pillory,
-, police,
-, ponds,
-, poor relief,
-, pop.,
-, (hos.),
-, pounds,
-, priests and curates,
-, pub. hos.,
-, rlys. and Underground rlys.,
-, rly. arches,
-, rly. stas.,
-, rectors, and see Booth, Wm.; Brook; Carlile; Cobham, Thos. de; Darbyshire; de Beauvoir, Peter; Deuza; Goodchild; Lawley; Moore, Geo.; Moorhouse; Mosley; Pink; Roach; Sampson; Spend-love; Urswick; Watson, J.J.; Wright, Rob.
-, rectory,
-, ho. (former vicarage ho.), and see Grumbolds man.
-, rectorial tithes,
-, rectory est., see Grumbolds man.
-, refuse,
-, roads,
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, convents,
-, schs., pls.
-, select vestry,
-, sewerage,
-, Shacklewell, q.v.
-, slum clearance,
-, social decline,
-, soc. life, pls.
-, Stamford Hill, q.v.
-, stocks,
-, Stoke Newington (part, in Hackney par.), q.v.
-, street mkts.,
-, tech. schs. and colls.,
-, technical coll. (formerly institute), and see Hackney Coll. (tech.)
-, theatres and cinemas,
-, tithes, and see Hackney: rectory
-, town halls, pl.
-, tram svces.,
-, turnpike trust,
-, vicarage,
-, ho.,
-, vicars, and see Bromyard; Bruce, Rob.; Cornthwaite; Dolben; Downing; Jeamson; John of Foxcote; Johnson, Hugh; Knell; Moorhouse; Newcome, Peter; Sheldon; Spurstowe, Dr. Wm.; Stokes; Thomas; Thomas of Wickham; Watson, J.J.; Willoughby; Wright, Rob.
-, watchhos.,
-, water,
-, Well Street, q.v.
-, workhos., pl.
-, infirmary, see Hackney hosp.
-, sch.,

Hackney, Lond. boro.,
-, arms,
-, as educ. authy.,
-, as housing authy.,
-, offices,
-, pks.,
-, wards,

Hackney & Shepherd's Bush Empire (later Empire Palaces),

Hackney adult educ. institute,

Hackney and Homerton central institution, see Hackney: workhos.

Hackney and Spitalfields Exhibition Foundation,

Hackney and Stoke Newington coll. of further educ.,

Hackney and Tower Hamlets chamber of commerce,

Hackney Assoc.,

Hackney Bay (or Botany Bay),

Hackney brook (or Dalston brook), pl.
-, pollution,

Hackney coaches,

Hackney coffee ho.,

Hackney Coll. or Hackney New Coll. (1786-96), and see Hackney Theological Seminary

Hackney Coll. (tech.),
-, Netil Ho.,
-, Triangle Ho.,

Hackney Congregational assoc.,

Hackney Downs, in Hackney,
-, open fields,
-, open space,
-, sch.,
-, soc. life,

Hackney Empire music hall and theatre,
-, preservation trust,

Hackney Grove,

Hackney Hansard,

Hackney Ho. est.,

Hackney Ho., pl.

'Hackney horse',

Hackney hosp. (formerly workho. infirmary),

Hackney Lane (later Lower and Upper Clapton rds., qq.v.),

Hackney Literary and Scientific institution,

Hackney Magazine and Parish Reformer,

Hackney marsh, in Hackney, pl.
-, bathing pool,
-, common land,
-, ests.,
-, Marsh gate,
-, meetings,
-, soc. life,
-, sports grounds,

Hackney Marsh rec. ground (later Daubeney Fields),

Hackney New Variety Management Co.,

Hackney (or New) cut (canal),

'Hackney Phalanx',

Hackney poor-law union,

Hackney Provident dispensary,

Hackney Rd.,

Hackney Soc. for Teaching Adult Persons to Read,

Hackney soc.,

Hackney Terr., see Cassland Rd.

Hackney Theological Seminary (later Hackney Coll.) (1803-87),

Hackney urban studies centre,

Hackney village (Church Street),
-, assembly rooms,
-, central hall,
-, central libr.,
-, Church field,
-, Church Ho., n, and see Hackney: town halls
-, chs., pls.
-, churchyard,
-, fraternity,
-, conservation area,
-, dom. bldgs., pls.
-, factories,
-, fire sta.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, halls and institutes,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, omnibus svces.,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, pop.,
-, poverty,
-, pub. hos.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, rectory ho.,
-, retail trade, pl.
-, roads, pl.
-, schs., pl.
-, theatres and cinemas,
-, Hackney Empire, q.v.
-, vicarage hos.,
-, water,

Hackney War Memorial Homes,

Hackney Wick, in Hackney, pl.
-, baths,
-, bridge,
-, ch.,
-, dom. bldgs., pl.
-, Eton mission, q.v.
-, factories,
-, fire,
-, growth,
-, housing ests.,
-, ind.,
-, libr.,
-, man., see Wick man.
-, mill ho.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop.,
-, poverty,
-, pub. hos.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, rec. grounds,
-, Mabley Green rec. ground,
-, roads,
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, schs.,
-, soc. life, pl.
-, stadium,

Hackney Wick Ho., see Wick man.

Hackney Wick Ho. (mill),

Hackney Working Men's Institute,

Hacon, H.D.,

Haggerston, in Shoreditch,
-, chs., n,
-, wharves,
-, de Hakeney, see Hackney

-, E.C., and n
-, J.H., n

Hale, Sir John at, and his w. Ellen, and n

Hale End (Essex),

Halidon Street,

Halkevi Turkish community centre,

Hall, Timothy, curate of Hackney, bp. of Oxford,
-, the Hall,

Halston Point (flats),

Hambro synagogue, see London

Hamburg Street, see Croston Street

Hammack & Lambert,

-, John (d. c. 1716),
-, John (fl. 1832),
-, Margt.,
-, Mrs. (fl. 1715),

-, Eliz., see Parker
-, Wm. Parker,
-, Mrs.,

Hamond's est.,

Hampden, Renn Dickson, asst. curate of Hackney, bp. of Hereford,

-, New Coll.,

Hampstead Water Supply Co.,


Hanbury, Fred. Janson,

Hand in Hand asylum, see Jews

Hardwicke, earls of, see Yorke

Hare, Cecil,

Harman, Jas.,

Harnor & Pinches,

Harrington, earl of, see Stanhope

Harrington Hill,

Harrington Ho. (flats),

Harris, Thos.,

-, Miss Eliz.,
-, Rob., and his wid. Charlotte Scholastica,
-, Wm.,

Harrison & Stevens,


Harrow sch.,

Harrowby, Baron, and earls of, see Ryder

Harrowgate Rd.,

Hartwell, Wm.,

Hartwell Street,

Harvey, Dan. Whittle,

Harwood, Ralph,

Hassett Rd.,


Hastings, see Wm. of Hastings; Ric. of Hastings

hat making,

Havelock Motors,

Hawkes, Thos.,

-, Sir Ant. Hope,
-, Revd. E.C.,

hay suppliers,

-, Benedict,
-, Hen.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Hayward, Sir Rowland, ld. mayor of Lond.,

-, Revd. C.J.,
-, Revd. C.T.,
-, Sir Gilb.,

Heathcote Point (flats),

Heaton, Butler & Bayne,

Hedgers Grove,

Helmsley Place,

Helmsley Street,

Helmsley Terr., n,

Helmsley works,

Hemblington Cottages,

Hemsley, Mr.,

Hendale Ho. (flats),

Henderson, Miss A.,

-, Rob.,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1553),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1595),

Hennell, Chas.,

Henry VII,

Henry VIII,

Henry, Mat.,

Herbert, Sir Wm., earl of Pembroke,

Hereford, bps. of, see Easthaugh; Hampden

Herne Bay (Kent),

-, Cecily, see More
-, Chris.,
-, Edm.,
-, Giles,
-, Sir John,
-, his wid.,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1566),
-, Thos. (d. by 1603),
-, fam.,

Hertford Rd.,

Hertfordshire, and see Digswell; Hitchin; Watford

Heyworth Rd.,

Hibberd, Shirley,

Hibbert, Misses,

Hickmans man.,

High Hill (housing est.),

High Hill ferry, and see Clapton, Upper: High Hill ferry (hamlet)

Highgate sch.,

-, John,
-, Wills, earl of Hillsborough,

Hill Street, see Oldhill Street

Hillman Street,

Hillsborough, earl of, see Hill

Hillside (housing est.),

Hilsea Street,

-, Revd. John,
-, John,

Hindle Ho. (flats),

Hindle Street,

Hindrey, Phil.,


Hitchin (Herts.),

-, Benj., bp. of Winchester,
-, Benj. (d. 1757),
-, John,
-, Sam.,

Hobson, Wm.,

Hodgson, Sam.,

Hodson, Wm.,

Hoechst AG,

Holcroft (formerly Manor) Rd.,

Holder, Edw.,

Hollar, Wenceslaus,

Hollar Rd. (formerly Union Street then Rd.),

Hollington's nursery,

Holly Street,

Holly Street (housing est.),

Holmbrook (formerly Brook) Street,

Holmeden, Sir Edw.,

-, Eliza Jane,
-, Wm.,
-, Mr.,

Holmleigh Rd.,

Holworthy, Sir Mat.,

Holy Childhood, Sisters of the,

Home & Colonial Stores,

Home Counties Dairies,

Homer, John Jas.,

Homer Rd.,

Homerton, in Hackney, and n,
-, Blew (later Homerton Street) bridge,
-, chs., fraternity,
-, coach svces.,
-, conservation area,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, ests.,
-, factories,
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, fire,
-, gdns., mkt. gdns., and nurseries,
-, growth,
-, Homerton (later Marshgate) bridge,
-, housing ests.,
-, ind., pl.
-, Jews,
-, libr.,
-, Lower Homerton,
-, New Gravel Pit chapel,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, Old Gravel Pit chapel,
-, open space,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, Ram's chapel,
-, retail trade,
-, roads, pl.
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, schs., pl.
-, social decline,
-, Upper Homerton,
-, Vicarage,
-, water,
-, workho., see Hackney, workhos.
-, and see Clapton Pk.

Homerton College (formerly King's Head academy),

Homerton Grove (formerly the Grove),

Homerton High Street (formerly Homerton Street), pl.

Homerton hosp. (formerly Eastern hosp.),

Homerton Manufacturing Co.,

Homerton Rd.,

Homerton Row.,

Homerton Space Project,

Homerton Terr.,

Honeywill, Silas,

Hope, Ant., see Hawkins

Hope Cottages, see Queensbridge Rd.

Hope Insurance Co.,

Hope Lodge,

-, Benj. Bond,
-, Ezekiel, curate at Hackney, bp. of Derry,
-, Isabella, m. John Ball,
-, John, s. of John,
-, Rob.,
-, Mrs.,

Horne Bros.,

Hornsey, South,

Horse and Groom P.H. (Lea bridge),

Horse and Groom P.H. (Mare Street),

horse racing,

Horsham (Suss.),

Housing Corporation,

How, Wm. Walsham, bp. of Bedford,

-, Bucknall,
-, Sir Ebenezer,
-, John,
-, John, philanthropist,
-, Sam.,

Hoxton, in Shoreditch,
-, Hoxton Sq. academy (dissenters),
-, ind.,
-, lunatic asylums,
-, man., see Balmes est.
-, mkt. gdns.,
-, mill,
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, sch.,

Hubbard, Thos.,

Huggins, Mr. (?Edm.),

Hugo, Thos., rector of W. Hackney,


Hulls man., Mile End, and n

Humberton, see Homerton

Humberton Close (flats),

Humble, Geo.,

The Humorists, see Shadwell

Humphries, M. and E.,

Hunsdon, Lord, see Cary

Hunt Thompson Associates,

Hurleston, Humphrey,

Hurst Lodge (flats),

-, Joanna,
-, Thos.,

Hutton, Mrs. Eliz.,

Hynde, Sir Wm.,

I.L.E.A., see Inner London Education Authority

Ibston Lodge,


Ickburgh (housing est.),

Ickburgh Rd.,

-, Afro-Caribbean,
-, Chinese,
-, Cypriot,
-, Huguenot,
-, Irish,
-, Italian,
-, Jewish,
-, Mediterranean,
-, New Commonwealth,
-, Pakistani,
-, Russian and Polish Jews,
-, Turkish Cypriot,

Imperial Gas Co.,

Impermeable Collar and Cuff Co.,

Improved Industrial Dwellings Co.,

Independent Place,

Independents (Ratepayers' Assoc.),

Industrial Dwellings Soc., see Four Per Cent Industrial Dwellings Co.

industry, see artificial flower making; artists' colour making; boot and shoe making; brewing; brick and tile making; calendering; calico printing; chalk mills; chemical; clothing; confectionery and jam making; drug manufacturing; drysalting; dyeing; engineering; flockmaking; fountain pen making; furniture making; gravel digging; hat making; instrument making; iron works; metal working; motor repairing; laundries; leather mills; leatherworking; needle making; office equipment makers; optical glass works; paint manufacturers; paper making; pencil making; perforating; piano making; plastics; porcelain manufacturing; powder mill; printing; printing ink making; rope making; rubber making; saw mill; signmaking; silk mills; silkweaving; smalt mill; tar works; tentmaking; timber ind., and merchants; tobacco and snuff mills; tobacco pipe making; varnish making; waterproofing; woodworking; and see Hackney, mills

Ingilroweshold, see Shoreditch Place est.

Ingram, Jas. G., & Son,

Initial Services,

Inman, W.S.,

Inner London Education Authority (I.L.E.A.),

instrument making, and n

Irby, Revd. Geo. Powell,

iron works,

Irving, Edw.,

Isabella Rd.,

Islam, see Muslims

Islands (Wick Ho.),

-, chs., n,
-, Highbury,
-, Jews,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, poor,
-, rly. stas.,
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, schs.,

Islington, bp. of, see Turner

Iveagh Close,

Iveson, John,

Ivy Ho.,

Jack Dunning (housing est.),

Jackman (formerly Goring) Street,

-, Jas.,
-, Jos.,
-, Joshua,
-, Thos.,

Jackson's Buildings,

Jacomb, Chas.,

-, Jos.,
-, Thos.,

Jeamson or Jameson, Thos., vicar of Hackney,

Jehovah's Witnesses,

-, Mrs. Cath.,
-, Geo.,
-, Matilda,
-, Ric.,

Jensen & Nicholson,

Jeremy's ferry,

Jerusalem Passage,

Jerusalem Place,

Jerusalem Sq.,

Jervis, Miss M.E.,

Jessop & Co.,

Jesus, Society of,

Jewish Board of Deputies,

Jewish Secondary Schs. Movement,

-, Ashkenazim,
-, burial ground,
-, Chassidim or Hassidim,
-, Hand in Hand almshos. (Well Street),
-, Persian and Bokharan,
-, Sephardim,
-, Sephardic (Pacifico's) almshos.,
-, schs.,
-, and see immigrants

Jobson, Fras.,

John of Banbury,

John of Bodley,

John of Foxcote, vicar of Hackney, n

John Street, see Vyner Street

John Street, see Dunn Street

John Street, see Dericote Street

John Street or Rd., see Batley Rd.

-, Abraham,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., m. Sir Edw. Carteret,
-, Hugh, vicar of Hackney, n,
-, J.,
-, Rob.,

Jolly Anglers P.H.,

-, John,
-, R.P.,

-, Chas.,
-, Delissa,
-, Ernest M.,
-, Nathan,
-, Messrs.,

Joseph Ct. (housing est.),