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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 9, Hampstead, Paddington. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1989.

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In 1697 and again in 1698 the overseers paid for 13 months' 'foundling schooling'. (fn. 1) In 1717 the vestry resolved that 'the children be kept to their schooling', at the churchwardens' expense, (fn. 2) and from 1723 payments were made for nursing and teaching individual boys and for their books. (fn. 3) At least one schoolmaster was paid quarterly by 1774-5 and bills from a man and a woman were met in 1779. (fn. 4) While the earliest pupils were presumably orphans, with no permanent schoolhouse, the payments in the 1770s were probably for a 'public school' recalled by some inhabitants in 1802 as having been supported by the charities' estates but having fallen into disuse. (fn. 5) Paddington in 1795 had only a Sunday school. (fn. 6)

The vestry decided to re-establish the free school, later called St. Mary's, in 1802. (fn. 7) A hundred pupils were taught in 1816, when more than 1,500 children of under 12 years of age lived on the south side of the canal alone, (fn. 8) and in 1819 the minister stated that education for the poor was insufficient. (fn. 9) Increased application of rents from the charities' copyhold estates and money from the sale of waste lands assisted the rebuilding of St. Mary's as a National school in 1822 and the building of another Church school, at Bayswater, in 1831. (fn. 10) From 1829 a school for 50 girls was maintained by Mrs. Sutcliffe of Orme Square and from 1833 there was an infants' school for 100, also of private foundation. Feepaying schools, smaller but much more numerous, in 1833 supported 954 children. (fn. 11)

One fifth of the income from all the charities' estates was allotted to the parochial schools in 1837. (fn. 12) By 1850 parliamentary grants were paid to the three National schools of St. Mary's, St. John's, and Bayswater, and to a fourth, St. John's, Kensal Green, in Chelsea detached. (fn. 13) Westbourne and All Saints' schools also received grants by 1855, when all six aided schools were National ones. (fn. 14) A ragged school had opened in 1848 and there were also Roman Catholic and dissenters' schools, not supported by grants, from the 1850s. (fn. 15) Church schools multiplied, eight being founded between 1859 and 1870. (fn. 16) They shared the income from the charities' estates, which in 1894 totalled £924 18s. 10d. and was divided among 15 schools according to their size. (fn. 17) The guardians employed a master and mistress to teach the workhouse children from 1847 until 1871. (fn. 18)

Under the Education Act, 1870, Paddington formed part of the Marylebone division of the London school board, together with Hampstead, Marylebone, and St. Pancras, while the adjacent area of Chelsea detached lay in the Chelsea division. (fn. 19) Three more Church schools soon opened and several others were enlarged, (fn. 20) while a mission in Ranelagh Road had been taken over as a temporary board school by 1878. (fn. 21) The board opened the first of its two schools in Queen's Park in 1877 and the second in 1881, when it also opened schools in Amberley Road and Campbell Street, Maida Vale. Two more, the Moberley and Kilburn Lane, followed in 1884 and 1885. A seventh board school, made necessary by the final building up of the northern part of Paddington, was opened at Essendine Road in 1900. (fn. 22)

The L.C.C.'s education committee succeeded the London school board in 1904, under the Education (London) Act, 1903. (fn. 23) The committee thereafter listed its Paddington schools according to electoral divisions, those in the former Chelsea detached being transferred to Paddington North. (fn. 24) In 1913 the borough contained 8 L.C.C. elementary schools, of which 7 were former board schools, and 20 nonprovided schools, of which 3 were Roman Catholic and 1 was Jewish. Secondary education was provided at the County Secondary school and at Paddington and Maida Vale high school, both aided, and at St. Mary's college. (fn. 25) In 1918 North Paddington was one of the metropolitan areas where poverty had produced a large number of backward pupils. (fn. 26) By 1951, apart from special and technical schools, there were 11 L.C.C. schools, 7 of them primary and 4 secondary, and 13 voluntary schools, one of which was secondary. All except one of the L.C.C.'s schools but only 5 of the voluntary schools lay within Paddington North. (fn. 27)

Under the London Government Act, 1963, Paddington was joined with the rest of Westminster and with Camden in one of ten divisions of the new I.L.E.A. (fn. 28) After amalgamations the former borough contained the whole or part of 3 mixed secondary schools, one being Anglican and one Roman Catholic, and 20 primary schools, of which 7 were Anglican and 3 Roman Catholic. (fn. 29)

Public schools.

The general sources are those indicated above, p. 160, with the addition of Endowed Chars. Lond. H.C. 261, pp. 39-43 (1894), lxiii, for 19th-century Church of England schools, and Kelly's Dir. Paddington, and the same abbreviations are used. Primary sch. roll nos. for Jan. 1986 supplied by I. L. E. A. Research and Statistics Dept.

All Saints C.E., Francis Street. Opened 1852 as Nat. sch. for GBI. (fn. 30) Financed by parl. grant, vol. contributions, and sch. pence (2d.). 1893 accn. 389 BGI, a.a. 200; 1899 accn. 259 BI, a.a. 125. Closed by 1903.

Amberley Rd., Harrow Rd. Opened 1881 as bd. sch. for 603 BGI. Enlarged 1906 for 600 M, 393 I; 1910 for 520 B, 570 I. 1932 accn. 360 B, 480 G, 546 I, a.a. 262 B, 254 G, 281 I. JB, JG, I by 1936. Senior dept. by 1951, when renamed Kemble (q.v.); junior dept., called Amberley primary, closed 1954. (fn. 31)

Bayswater Jewish, St. James's Terr., Harrow Rd. Opened 1867 at no. 1 Westbourne Pk. Villas. Moved to new bldg. in Harrow Rd., provided in compensation by G.W.R. Co., 1879. (fn. 32) Parl. grant by 1880. 1889 accn. 267, a.a. 175. 1906 accn. 152 B, 154 G, 113 I, a.a. 115 B, 90 G, 65 I. Name changed from Paddington Bayswater Jewish sch. to Kensington Bayswater Jewish sch. on move to Lancaster Rd. 1930. Later called Solomon Wolfson.

Bayswater Nat., see St. Matthew C.E.

Bayswater Ragged, see St. Matthew parochial I.

Bayswater R.C., see St. Mary of the Angels, St. Mic.

Beethoven Street, Queen's Pk. Opened 1881 as bd. sch. for 1,166 MI in Chelsea detached. Higher grade by 1906. 1927 accn. 675 M, 382 I, a.a. 665 M, 340 I. 1932 accn. 548 SM, a.a. 457. SM 1958; SB by 1961, when closed. (fn. 33)

Campbell Street, Maida Vale. Opened 1881 as bd. sch. for 802 BGI. 1906 accn. 312 B, 312 G, 348 I, a.a. 277 B, 252 G, 287 I. 1932 accn. 598 JM, 330 I, a.a. 303 JM, 294 I. Name changed to Paddington Green primary 1962. Roll 1986: 218 JMI.

Cirencester Street, see St. Mary Magdalene.

Cirencester Street R.C., see Our Lady of Dolours.

Clarendon Street, see St. Mary Magdalene.

Craven Hill Cong. Ch. Opened 1862 in rooms beneath ch. Financed by sch. pence (2d.-6d.) from 31 B and 76 G in 1874. Closed soon after 1874.

Droop Street, see Queen's Pk. primary.

Edward Wilson Primary, Senior Street, Harrow Rd. Opened 1915 as Senior Street council sch. for BGI, replacing Harrow Rd. temp. council sch. (q.v.). 1919 accn. 320 B, 320 G, 384 I, a.a. 191 B, 191 G, 203 I. SB, SG, I between 1932 and 1936. Primary sch. alone, called Edw. Wilson, by 1951. Roll 1986: 249 JMI.

Essendine primary.

Temp. bd. sch. for GBI in iron bldgs. by 1898. Opened 1900 as Essendine Rd. bd. sch. for 422 SM, 422 JM, 438 I. Enlarged 1910 for 550 B, 550 G, 595 I. 1932 accn. 560 B, 480 G, 516 I, a.a. 495 B, 456 G, 432 I. Name changed to Essendine council sch. by 1938. Primary and SM schs. until 1958, then primary and SG. (fn. 34) SG closed 1962 on opening of Sarah Siddons (q.v.). (fn. 35) Roll 1986: 163 JMI.

Hallfield Primary, Porchester Gdns. Opened 1953 for JM & I, on site provided by Paddington M.B., in linked bldgs. of precast concrete whose design led to growth of Denys Lasdun's reputation. (fn. 36) Rolls 1986: 235 JM, 234 I.

Harrow Rd., see Moberley.

Harrow Rd. Vine Court R.C., see Our Lady of Dolours.

Harrow Rd. Temp. Opened 1911 for 324 JM in iron bldgs. Closed 1915 on opening of Edw. Wilson (q.v.).

Holy Trinity, see Trinity.

Kemble, Amberley Rd., Harrow Rd. Opened as senior dept. of Amberley Rd. sch. by 1951, when renamed Kemble. Allotted whole of Amberley Rd. bldg. 1954. (fn. 37) SM 1955. Closed by 1958.

Kilburn Ch. Extension, see St. Augustine C.E.

Kilburn Lane, Central, see North Paddington.

Kilburn Lane, Kensal Green. Temp. bd. sch. by 1884. Opened 1885 as perm. bd. sch. in Chelsea detached for 1,583 BGI. Higher grade by 1906. 1919 accn. 480 B, 480 G, 363 I, a.a. 381 B, 323 G, 205 I. JMI from 1926. 1927 accn. 327, a.a. 232. Closed 1936.

Lancefield Street temp.

Opened by 1881 as bd. sch. in Chelsea detached. 1881 accn. 172, a.a. 78. Probably closed by 1882.

Maida Vale High, see Paddington and Maida Vale high.

Moberley, the, Kilburn Lane. Opened as Harrow Rd. bd. sch. for 1,182 BGI. Name changed to the Moberley bd. sch. by 1899, with accn. for 1,607 BGI. 1932 accn. 387 B, 392 G, 457 I, a.a. 290 B, 273 G, 285 I. 1936 accn. 554 JMI, a.a. 242. Closed 1957. (fn. 38)

North Paddington, Kilburn Lane. Opened 1925 and 1926 as separate Kilburn Lane central schs. for 400 SB and 332 SG from Kilburn Lane sch. Names changed to North Paddington central schs. by 1932. 1938 a.a. 259 SB, 277 SG. Single sec. mod. sch. by 1951. Upper sch. in Amberley Rd. and lower sch. in Harrow Rd. by 1972. Amalg. with Paddington and Maida Vale high sch. to form Paddington sch. (q.v.) 1972. (fn. 39)

North Westminster community.

Opened 1980 on amalg. of Paddington and Sarah Siddons schs. (qq.v.) with Rutherford sch., Marylebone. Premises of former schs. used respectively for new sch.'s Paddington lower ho., upper sch., and Marylebone lower ho. Roll 1986: 1,753.

Our Lady Of Dolours R.C. Primary, Desborough Street, Cirencester Street. Opened 1867 as Harrow Rd. Vine Court R.C. sch. for GI and managed by priests of ch. of St. Mary of the Angels. Financed by vol. contributions and sch. pence (1d.). Moved to new bldg. in Cirencester Street 1872. Parl. grant by 1880. MI by 1893. Name changed to Our Lady of Dolours c. 1907. 1919 accn. 160 B, 240 G, 176 1, a.a. 149 B, 288 GI. Roll 1986: 305 JMI.

Paddington, Oakington Rd. Opened 1972 as SM sch. on amalg. of North Paddington with Paddington and Maida Vale high sch. (qq.v.). Annexe in Elgin Ave. Part of North Westminster sch. (q.v.) from 1980.

Paddington And Maida Vale High, Elgin Ave. Opened by 1884 as Maida Vale high in Warrington Lodge, Warrington Cres., by Girls' Public Day School Trust. (fn. 40) Moved to no. 129 Elgin Ave., as Paddington and Maida Vale high, by 1890. (fn. 41) County sch. for SG by 1913. Amalg. with North Paddington to form Paddington sch. (q.v.) 1972. (fn. 42)

Paddington Green Primary, see Campbell Street.

Paddington Wharf, Church Pl. Opened 1848 as ragged schs. for GBI in Kent's Pl. Soon moved to nos. 22-4 Church Pl., where I nursery for working mothers also opened. 1853 a.a. 40 B, 30 G, 110 1. (fn. 43) Managed by cttees. of subscribers and financed by vol. contributions and sch. pence (1d. from 1873). 1878 accn. 254, a.a. 127. Probably closed by 1880.

Queen's Pk. Hall Temp. Opened by 1883 as temp. bd. sch. in mission hall. 1884 accn. 185, a.a. 143. Replaced by Kilburn Lane (q.v.).

Queen's Pk. Primary, Droop Street. Opened 1877 as D Street (later Droop Street) bd. sch. for 1,104 BGI in Chelsea detached. 1927 accn. 280 B, 264 G, 306 I, a.a. 252 B, 259 G, 217 I. 1932 a.a. 221 JM, 107 I. Name changed to Queen's Pk. primary by 1951. JM and I schs. by 1981. Rolls 1986: 165 JM, 92 I.

Ranelagh Rd. Opened 1867 as mission sch. in bldg. leased from Grand Junction Canal Co. Managed by cttee. on Nat. Soc. lines. Financed by sch. pence (3d. and 4d.) and letting rooms 1867; parl. grant by 1870. Bd. sch. by 1878. 1881 accn. 258, a.a. 307. Probably closed by 1882.

St. Augustine C.E., Kilburn Pk. Rd. GI opened 1871 as Kilburn Ch. Extension sch. and B opened 1873, both schs. at first in temp. premises. Financed by vol. contributions and sch. pence (GI 2d-3d., B 3d.-4d.) and parl. grant by 1878. 1881 accn. 366 B, 818 GI. 1889 accn. 1,072 B, 1,347 GI, a.a. 654 B, 1,018 GI. B maintained by L.C.C. from 1909. 1919 accn. 393 B, 596 GI, a.a. 363 B, 484 GI. Primary and sec. schs. by 1951. C.E. comprehensive sch. from 1969, in new bldgs. in Oxford Rd., and C.E. primary sch. Rolls 1986: 673 SM; 177 JMI.

St. Augustine Mission, Kilburn Pk. Rd. Opened 1874 as mission sch. for GI on same site as Nat. schs. Managed by cttee. Financed by vol. contributions and sch. pence (1d.) 1874; parl. grant by 1878. 1880 accn. 129, a.a. 128. Probably closed by 1881.

St. George R.C., Lanark Rd. Opened 1956 for SM in new bldg. Annexe in Linstead Street, Hampstead, acquired 1961, when sch. became comprehensive. Roll 1982: 825 SM; 1986: 575 SM.

St. James C.E., Craven Terr. Opened 1862 as Nat. sch. for BGI. Financed by vol. contributions, sch. pence (2d.), and char. estates; parl. grant by 1865. 1906 accn. 173 B, 175 G, 147 I, a.a. 86 B, 102 G, 72 I. 1919 accn. 236 M, 96 I. 1936 accn. 326 JMI. Roll 1986: 149 JM.

St. John C.E., Kensal Green. Opened c. 1850 as Nat. sch. in Chelsea detached for BGI. Financed by parl. grant. 1880 accn. 493, a.a. 267. 1900 accn. 330 GI, a.a. 194. 1919 accn. 90 G, 100 I. Closed 1930.

St. John C.E., Titchborne Street. Opened c. 1830 as Nat. sch. for BG, 1840-1 for I. Financed by vol. contributions, sch. pence (2d.), and char. estates, parl. grant by 1849. 1893 accn. 721 BGI, a.a. 428. 1919 accn. 200 M, 138 I Closed 1940. (fn. 44)

St. Joseph R.C., Lanark Rd. Opened 1959 in new bldg., replacing bombed St. John's R.C. sch. in Fisherton Street, Marylebone. (fn. 45) Roll 1986: 263 JMI.

St. Luke C.E., Fernhead Rd. Opened 1877 as Nat. sch. for BGI from Willesden. 1893 accn. 547 BGI, a.a. 539. Reorg. 1925. 1927 accn. 276 M, 144 I, a.a. 240 M, 144 I. Roll 1986: 122 JMI.

St. John Servants' Training, Gt. Western Rd. Opened by 1862 for G only, adjoining Westbourne sch. Parl. grant by 1878. 1893 accn. 326 G, a.a. 69. Called St. John's training sch. for G from c. 1890. Private sch. by 1900 and continued until c. 1933, when premises, St. John's Ho., became social club.

St. Mary C.E., Paddington green. (fn. 46) Opened 1802 as char. sch. for 30 B, 30 G adjoining par. ho. in Harrow Rd. (fn. 47) 100 BG by 1816. Rebuilt 1822 E. of almshos., on part of pond site at corner of Harrow Rd. and Church PI., (fn. 48) with proceeds from waste lands and gifts from Denis Chirac, by will dated 1775, and executor. Financed by vol. contributions, char. sermon, and initially £50 a year from char. copyhold estates, receiving whole profits of copyhold estates 1823. (fn. 49) I sch. opened 1833 S. of almshos. Financed probably by char. estates, (fn. 50) parl. bldg. grant 1834, and sch. pence (2d. in 1853). Nat. schs. with parl. grants by 1851. 1853 a.a. 174 B, 98 G, 150 I. 1878 accn. 783 BGI, a.a. 413. GI premises closed 1905. (fn. 51) 1913 temp. accn. 170 B. Closed 1917.

St. Mary Magdalene C.E., Cirencester and Clarendon streets. Built 1865 as Nat. schs. for BGI in Clarendon Street. Financed 1870 by sch. pence (2d. or 3d.), 1878 by parl. grant. Sites acquired for B 1879 in Cirencester Street, where sch. built beneath St. Martha's chapel, and for GI in Clarendon Street 1882. 1885 accn. 571 B, 774 GI, a.a. 343 B, 360 GI. 1893 accn. 1,165 BGI, a.a. 914. New I dept. opened 1914, taking some pupils from Amberley Rd. 1919 accn. 730 BGI, a.a. 542. 1936 accn. 640 BGI, a.a. 396. JMI by 1951. Roll 1986: 201 JMI.

St. Mary Magdalene Senior Street Nat. Opened 1870 for G in hired ho. Under same management as other St. Mary Magdalene schs. Financed partly by sch. pence (1d. in 1877) and 1878 by parl. grant. 1878 accn. 66 G, a.a. 38. Probably closed by 1880. Also St. Mary Magdalene penny mixed sch., probably temp., opened 1873 for BGI in ho. of vicar. Financed by sch. pence (1d.) and ch. offertory.

St. Mary of The Angels R.C., Westmoreland (later Moorhouse) Rd. Opened 1857 for G. Managed by clergy of St. Mary of the Angels. Financed by vol. contributions, sch. pence (1d.), and 1878 by parl. grant. 1900 accn. 200 M, a.a. 95. 1919 accn. 96 G, 60 I. JMI on amalg. with St. Mic.'s R.C. between 1958 and 1961. Roll 1986: 211 JMI.

St. Mary's Orphanage, Kilburn. C.E. sch. for G opened 1885 in orphanage of Sisters of the Ch. Financed by sch. pence (4d.) from 78 G 1885. Closed after 1894. (fn. 52)

St. Matthew C.E., Queen's Rd. New bldg. at NE. corner of Porchester Gdns. leased 1832 (fn. 53) as Bayswater Nat. sch. for BGI. Bldg. largely financed by rents from char. estates and money from sale of waste lands. (fn. 54) Parl. grant by 1848-9, when a.a. 174. Managed by cttee. for Paddington char. (St. Mary's) schs. until placed under joint control of incumbents of St. Mat. and Holy Trinity 1860 and under cttee. for St. Mat. 1861. Name changed to St. Mat. parochial schs. 1868, when preference given to children of dist. 1878 accn. 541 BGI, a.a. 515. 1919 accn. 422 BGI, a.a. 343. 1936 accn. 316 MI, a.a. 264. Closed 1938. (fn. 55)

St. Matthew Parochial 1, Poplar Pl. Opened 1850 as Bayswater ragged sch. in shed, (fn. 56) replaced 1855 by 2 rooms behind nos. 23-5 Upper Craven Pl. Informally transferred to St. Mat.'s parochial schs. 1873 but received separate parl. grant 1878 and later. 1893 accn. 128 I, a.a. 45. Closed by 1900.

St. Michael C.E., Star Street. Opened 1870 as Nat. sch. for BGI in new bldg. which had replaced hos. Financed by sch. pence (2d., 4d.) and parl. grant. 1878 accn. 618 BGI, a.a. 478. 1919 accn. 466 BGI, a.a. 382. Depts. for canal boat children, 24 M and 15 I, added by 1932. 1936 accn. 143 SB, 263 SG and I. JM and I schs. by 1958. Closed between 1970 and 1972.

St. Michael R.C., Westmoreland Pl. Opened 1874 for B, on site adjoining sch. of St. Mary of the Angels. Financed by vol. contributions, sch. pence (7d.), and 1889 by parl. grant. 1889 accn. 115 B, a.a. 43. 1938 accn. 112 B, a.a. 100. JB sch. by 1955. Amalg. with St. Mary of the Angels (q.v.) as JMI by 1961.

St. Paul C.E., Waverley Rd. Opened 1868 for BGI as branch of Holy Trinity Nat. sch. Managed by cttee. for Holy Trinity until informally transferred to new dist. by 1894. Financed by sch. pence (2d.-3d.). 1893 accn. 558 MI, a.a. 456. 1919 accn. 405 MI, a.a. 338. Closed between 1951 and 1955. Premises later used for Holy Trinity with St. Paul's sec. sch. (see Trinity).

St. Peter C.E., Chippenham Mews. Opened 1867 as Nat. sch. for BGI in iron bldg. Financed by sch. pence (3d.) and parl. grant. Perm. site acquired 1872. 1880 accn. 763 BGI, a.a. 658. 1919 accn. 545 MI, a.a. 423. 1936 accn. 237 JM, 174 I, a.a. 143 JM, 107 I. Roll 1986: 94 JMI.

St. Saviour C.E., Shirland Rd. Opened as Nat. sch. for BGI in temp. accn. by 1871, when perm. bldgs. under construction. Financed by sch. pence (2d.-4d.) and 1873 by parl. grant. 1880 accn. 416, a.a. 415. 1893 accn. 632 BGI, a.a. 450. 1932 accn. 656 BGI, a.a. 491. 1936 accn. 232 SB, 232 SG, 200 I, a.a. 93 SB, 118 SG, 127 I. JMI by 1955. Roll 1986: 84 JMI.

St. Stephen C.E., Westbourne Pk. Rd. Opened 1859 as Nat. sch. for BGI. Financed by vol. contributions, sch. pence (1d.-2d.), and 1865 by parl. grant. 1893 accn. 456 BGI, a.a. 266. Bldg. enlarged 1897. 1900 accn. 866 BGI, a.a. 546. 1938 accn. 779 BGI, a.a. 589. JMI by 1955. Roll 1986: 213 JMI.

Saltram Crescent High, Kilburn. Originated 1886 in Gordon Commercial temp. sch. I classes. Opened 1891 as Nat. sch. for BGI in new bldgs. of Church Extension Assoc. Financed by sch. pence (4d.-9d.). 1893 accn. 843, a.a. 202. 1903 accn. 495. Closed c. 1913.

Sarah Siddons, N. Wharf Rd. Opened 1961-2 for SG, in bldg. of purple brick and concrete by L.C.C. Schs. Division. (fn. 57) Part of North Westm. sch. (q.v.) from 1980. (fn. 58)

Senior Street Council, see Edward Wilson.

Trinity C.E., Westbourne Pk. Terr. Opened 1864 as Nat. sch. for BGI. Financed by sch. pence (2d.-3d.) and parl. grant. 1880 accn. 512, a.a. 503. 1893 accn. 547 BGI, a.a. 521. 1932 accn. 390 BGI, a.a. 294. 1936 accn. 237 JM, 124 I, a.a. 166 JM, 97 I. Closed by 1951. Holy Trinity with St. Paul's C.E. see. sch. opened in former St. Paul's sch. by 1955. Closed between 1962 and 1964.

Westbourne C.E., Gt. Western Rd. Opened 1851 as Nat. sch. for BGI and connected with Lock hosp. (fn. 59) Financed by vol. contributions, sch. pence, and 1854 by parl. grant. 1865 a.a. 232. Middle-class dept. added by 1872 and sch. described as middleclass by 1890. (fn. 60) 1893 accn. 1,063 BG, a.a. 732. Continued as private sch. from 1905, after L.C.C.'s abolition of fees and demand for bldg. improvements. (fn. 61) Survived as Middle-Class sch. (sec.), Westbourne Pk. 1939. (fn. 62)

Wilberforce Primary, Herries Street, Kilburn Lane. Opened 1889 (fn. 63) as C.E. sch. 1906 accn. 1,037 BGI, a.a. 652 BGI. 1927 accn. 772 BGI, a.a. 300. Transferred to L.C.C. 1929. 1932 accn. 280 JM, 320 I, a.a. 241 JM, 281 I. Rolls 1986: 155 JM, 187 I.

Woodfield Dist., Harrow Rd. Opened by 1859, when paid parl. grant, as Nat. sch. Bldg. sold by 1870 and perhaps used as Brit. sch. 1875. (fn. 64)

Special schools.

Amberley Rd., see John Aird.

Bravington Rd., see Maryfields.

College Pk., Monmouth Rd. Opened as Kenmont Gdns. sch. for educationally sub-normal SG, Hammersmith. Renamed 1949. New bldg. in Mon. mouth Rd. for 100 G 1955. (fn. 65) Annexe in Bravington Rd., formerly Maryfields sch. (q.v.), by 1967.

Essendine Rd., see Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Essendine Rd. Opened 1901 as Essendine Rd. sch. for physically handicapped. 1906 accn. 80. Renamed 1950, (fn. 66) when sch. for SG and primary M, with Hampstead annexe. Moved to Hampstead 1957. (fn. 67)

John Aird, Amberley Rd. Opened by 1925 as Amberley Rd. sch. for partially sighted. Renamed 1949, when sch. for SM and primary M. 1954 accn. 90. (fn. 68) Moved to Valliere Rd., Hammersmith, by 1955.

Kensal Ho., Harrow Rd. Opened 1911 as L.C.C.'s first open-air sch. for tuberculous children (fn. 69) at no. 553 Harrow Rd. Closed 1939 or later.

Maryfields, Bravington Rd. Opened by 1925 as Bravington Rd. sch. for mentally defective. Renamed 1950, (fn. 70) when sch. for primary M. Closed or moved between 1958 and 1961.

Moberley Temp., Harrow Rd. Opened 1896 for mentally defective. 1906 accn. 40. Probably closed by 1925.

Adult and technical education.

Evening classes were held at the National schools of St. John, Kensal Green, St. John, Titchborne Street, and St. Stephen by 1870, with average attendances of 76, 25, and 14 respectively. (fn. 71) In 1871 they were also held at St. Michael's and in 1878 they were at St. John's, Titchborne Street, St. Luke's, and St. Mary Magdalene's. By 1891 there were 183 evening attenders at Amberley Road, Harrow Road, Campbell Street, and Kilburn Lane board schools. (fn. 72)

The London school board's first manual training was at Beethoven Street, where the school keeper, a carpenter, taught woodwork to senior boys from 1885. The costs, disallowed by the local government auditor, were met by the City Guilds until the Education Department modified its code in 1890. Technical education became the responsibility of the L.C.C. in 1893, on the formation of a technical education board, which was superseded in 1904 by the council's education committee. (fn. 73)

Westbourne Park institute was established in 1885 in one of two houses in Porchester Road which had been bought by Westbourne Park Baptist church. The rooms included a library, chemistry laboratory, and, from 1888, a gymnasium, which was equipped for science teaching in 1896. (fn. 74) It received grants from the technical education board, as did the Queen's Park institute in Harrow Road. (fn. 75)

Paddington technical institute was opened in 1903 in Saltram Crescent school and soon largely superseded the older institutions. (fn. 76) By 1925, in addition to evening and Saturday classes, the institute housed a boys' day school for building and engineering and a girls' for dressmaking. (fn. 77) As Paddington technical college, it took over the Chelsea school of chiropody in 1957 and the former Beethoven Street school in 1963, before moving in 1967 into new blocks on the north side of Paddington green. (fn. 78)

Evening and commercial classes were provided by 1906 at Essendine Road school, known as Maida Vale commercial institute in 1939. Ordinary evening classes were held at the Moberley school over the same period and at Amberley Road and other former board schools for a shorter time. (fn. 79) Paddington college for further education was established in Essendine Road in 1962 and moved to Saltram Crescent and Beethoven Street in 1967. It offered less advanced courses than the technical college and was merged with it in 1974 to form Paddington college. The new institution was designed for 900 full-time and 7,000 part-time students, who could study engineering and science at Paddington green, business and general education at Saltram Crescent, or chiropody at Samford Street, Marylebone. (fn. 80)

Paddington adult education centre, after 16 years under the L.C.C. and the I.L.E.A., was given its own governing board in 1974, when it was responsible for day and evening classes at Sarah Siddons school and 11 other centres in Paddington. It was called the Marylebone-Paddington institute, at Amberley adult centre and with branches at many local schools, in 1983. (fn. 81) Adult classes in literacy and basic skills, with courses for truants and nursery classes, were provided at Beauchamp Lodge, Warwick Crescent. (fn. 82)

Private schools and colleges. (fn. 83)

A ladies' school was kept at the manor house, Paddington green, by the Misses Waring, who in 1820 declined to take a new lease, probably one which had been granted in 1813 to their niece's husband Joshua Cristall. (fn. 84) Of 16 private schools listed in 1828, at least 5 were at Paddington green and 5 in Bayswater; a few of the others were on the Marylebone side of Edgware Road. (fn. 85) In 1833 there were 954 pupils at 43 private schools, presumably day schools, and 11 boarding schools. Thirty-five of the day schools and four of the boarding schools had opened since 1818. (fn. 86) Although most were short-lived, the total number remained high: 50 ladies' and 19 gentlemen's schools were listed in 1863, 18 boys' schools in 1879, and over 30 girls' schools in 1884. The most popular district continued to be Bayswater, where Hyde Park was sometimes used as an address. While schools became less numerous around Paddington green, they multiplied with the building up of Maida Vale and St. Peter's Park. Few of the schools of 1879 and 1884 survived in 1902, after which time numbers declined.

Boys' establishments included Westbourne Collegiate school, in union with King's College, London, and founded in 1847. It was at Powis House, Colville Road, Kensington, in 1879, with day boys and 50 boarders. St. Charles's college was founded in 1863, under the Oblates of St. Charles Borromeo, and modelled on the great public schools. It soon moved from Sutherland Place to nearby premises adjoining the church of St. Mary of the Angels, where boarders could be taken and where a middleclass school existed in 1905, the college having moved in 1874 to St. Charles's Square, North Kensington. (fn. 87) There was a preparatory school at no. 11 Orme Square in 1879, from 1880 under Herbert Wilkinson, whose pupils included Max Beerbohm from 1881 until 1885. (fn. 88) By 1900 the school was also at no. 10; it was kept by G. H. Wilkinson from c. 1926 and by E. G. Hobhouse in 1934, closing by 1938.

A school founded in 1847 was at no. 30 Westbourne Park Villas, as Westbourne Park and Willesden educational establishment, by 1856 and also at no. 32 by 1860. Boys were taught at no. 30 and girls by Miss Mina Winch at no. 32. Despite the departure of the boys' headmaster to a school of his own at no. 9 in 1870, the departments at nos. 30 and 32 remained under Miss Winch's ownership until 1875. (fn. 89) The boys' school then continued independently as the College until after 1900, by which date Miss Winch had been succeeded by Miss Margaret Hunter, whose school continued at nos. 28 and 32 until c. 1928. Bayswater High School for girls and preparatory for boys, at no. 28 Monmouth Road between 1930 and 1935, claimed to continue Miss Winch's school. In Newton Road, where there were schools at nos. 6 and 14 c. 1870, a girls' school founded in 1856 was kept at no. 19 by Mrs. Billingham in the 1880s. Woodfield schools, at no. 502 Harrow Road in 1890 and 1910, may have existed in 1875 as Woodfield British schools, perhaps formerly a National school. (fn. 90) Westcott school, a coeducational preparatory school founded in 1898, was at no. 118 Sutherland Avenue in 1939.

Wordsworth college was presumably founded by the Kilburn Sisters, since it shared the premises of their Victoria orphanage, built in 1887 in Shirland Road. Girls were trained as teachers for low fees and there were also art students, a few of whom boarded. (fn. 91) It was not listed with other schools and colleges but was recorded as at Rudolph Road, perhaps having replaced the sisters' house of rest, in 1910. (fn. 92)

St. Mary Magdalene college for ladies existed in St. James's Terrace, at nos. 122 and 124 Harrow Road, by 1879. Called simply St. Mary's college and aided by the L.C.C. as a girls' secondary school in 1906 but not in 1913, (fn. 93) it also had premises in Warrington Crescent by 1910. It had moved to no. 34 Lancaster Gate by 1911, retaining a hostel at Warrington Crescent, and later also occupied nos. 33 and 35. In 1939 it was a training college and Anglican day school for girls up to 15 years of age and younger boys.

There were several schools of languages and secretarial schools. They included the College de Paris in Rifle Crescent and the French Institute in Clarendon Road North in 1862, the Berlitz school of languages in Queen's Road in 1910, and the Gouin school of languages at no. 60 Westbourne Grove in 1910 and 1939. Hyde Park and Bayswater school of art and science was at no. 143 Queen's Road from 1890 to c. 1895 and had been replaced before 1899 by Kensington school of shorthand and mercantile training college, which had been founded in 1887 by James Munford (fn. 94) and also had a branch in Ladbroke Grove; as Kensington college, the school had moved by 1902 to no. 34 Gloucester Gardens, where it survived until 1939. The London college of pharmacy and chemistry for young ladies was at nos. 5 and 7 Westbourne Park Road in 1899 and still at no. 7 in 1965.

The Modern Tutorial College, which had opened in Kensal Rise, Willesden, in 1966, moved to the former premises of St. John's National school, Kilburn Lane, in 1972. The buildings were still used by St. John's church for social activities in 1985, when the college offered preparation for 'O' and 'A' level examinations to c. 150 full-time students. (fn. 95)

The Jewish Preparatory School opened at no. 2 Ashworth Road in 1983 and moved into the former Bayswater and Maida Vale synagogue in Kilburn Park Road in 1985. There were 70 boys and girls on the roll in 1986, when they ranged from nursery pupils to 8-year olds and when it was planned to take them to the age of 13. (fn. 96)

King's Fund College was established in 1968 on the amalgamation of the separate staff colleges financed by King Edward's Hospital Fund for London. It occupied an ornate red-brick and terracotta building at no. 2 Palace Court in 1985, when the fund's head office was at no. 14. The college aimed to raise management standards in health care through teaching, consultancy, and research, with over 20 fellows and 6,270 student days in 1984-5. (fn. 97)


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