Editorial note

Pages xvii-xviii

A History of the County of Northampton: Volume 3. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1930.

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Since the publication of the second volume of the Victoria History of the County of Northampton nearly a quarter of a century has elapsed. The war and post-war difficulties put a stop to historical research and caused the History to fall into abeyance for many years. The two local editors, the Rev. R. M. Serjeantson, a scholar and a clergyman beloved by all who knew him, and Sir William Ryland D. Adkins, an enthusiastic supporter of historical research, have both passed away. It was not until 1925 that the late Mr. James Manfield, in order to resuscitate the History of Northamptonshire, undertook to guarantee the cost of the publication of this volume. Mr. Manfield died before the work on the History had been begun, and his widow and executors have generously carried out his intention. It is hoped that this volume may prove a suitable memorial of his appreciation of local history and a fitting tribute to his liberality.

The Editor desires to express his thanks to the many helpers who have added so much to the completeness and accuracy of the work: To the Duke of Buccleuch for giving access to his valuable collections of early deeds, which has assisted in elucidating the descents of many manors. To Miss Joan Wake, for her untiring help in overcoming difficulties and in obtaining local information. To Mr. J. A. Gotch, Mr. L. M. Gotch, Professor A. Hamilton Thompson, Mr. H. F. Traylen, Major Christopher A. Markham, Mr. W. Talbot Brown, Mr. G. D. Hardinge-Tyler, Mr. Leslie T. Moore, and the Ven. Archdeacon A. I. Greaves for the loan of plans and information regarding architectural details. To the executors of the late Rev. R. M. Serjeantson for the use of the valuable notes relating to the manors and churches collected by Mr. Serjeantson. To Mr. W. R. Kew, the town clerk of Northampton; Mr. Reginald W. Brown, librarian of the Public Library, Northampton; Mr. W. T. Mellows, the town clerk of Peterborough; Messrs. Nicholl Manisty and Co., solicitors to the Duke of Buccleuch; Mr. Hubert Elliot, his agent; and Mr. L. M. Hewlett, for information relating to the history of Northampton and manorial descents.

The Editor also wishes to acknowledge the assistance he has received from those who have supplied him with local information and help with regard to illustrations: The Right Rev. Mgr. Canon J. H. Ashmole, Mr. T. W. Buckley, Mr. G. H. Capron, Mr. George E. Cove, the late Mr. E. J. H. Felce, Mr. J. T. Foskett, Canon H. K. Fry, the Rev. H. B. Gottwaltz, the late Mrs. Mary C. Hall, the Rev. A. S. Hazel, the Rev. C. H. L. Hopper, Mrs. G. Ward Hunt, Captain Ward Hunt, R.N., the late Rev. W. J. B. Kerr, Mr. H. M. King, Canon W. Smalley Law, the Rev. C. B. Lucas, Canon A. M. Luckock, Mr. Joseph Simpson, Mr. H. J. Smith, Mr. J. Stanyon, Messrs. John Taylor and Co., Mr. Beeby Thompson, and the Rev. C. R. C. Wakefield.

The following have kindly read proofs and made corrections and suggestions regarding them: Mr. G. E. Abbott, the Rev. A. G. Bagshaw, the Rev. W. W. Baillie, the Rev. L. Seymour Clark, the Rev. W. St. G. Coldwell, the Rev. H. A. Curtis, the Rev. G. M. Davidson, the Rev. A. C. Dicker, the Rev. H. E. FitzHerbert, the Rev. J. P. Flood, the Rev. C. G. Hodgson, the Rev. H. C. Holmes, the Rev. D. A. Jones, Mr. C. E. Lamb, the Rev. F. H. Lang, the Rev. F. H. La Trobe, the Rev. L. H. Lethbridge, the Rev. P. Lidster, the Rev. D. H. Meggy, the Rev. J. E. Newby, the Rev. C. Reeder, the Rev. W. H. T. Russell, Mr. C. H. M. D. Scott, the Rev. W. V. Tunks, and the Rev. R. C. Thursfield.