A History of the County of Nottingham: Volume 2

Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Religious houses: Introduction 79-83
House of Benedictine monks: The priory of Blyth 83-88
House of Benedictine nuns: The priory of Wallingwells 89-90
House of Cluniac monks: The priory of Lenton 91-100
House of Cistercian monks: The abbey of Rufford 101-105
House of Carthusian monks: The priory of Beauvale 105-109
Houses of Austin canons: The priory of Felley 109-112
Houses of Austin canons: The priory of Newstead 112-117
Houses of Austin canons: The priory of Shelford 117-120
Houses of Austin canons: The priory of Shurgarton 120-125
Houses of Austin canons: The priory of Worksop 125-129
House of Premonstratensian canons: The abbey of Welbeck 129-138
House of Premonstratensian canonesses: The priory of Broadholme 138-140
House of Gilbertine canons: The priory of Mattersey 140-141
House of Knights Hospitallers: The preceptory of Ossington 142-144
Friaries: Franciscan friars of Nottingham 144-145
Friaries: Carmelite friars of Nottingham 145-147
Friaries: Observant friars of Newark 147-148
Colleges: Clifton 148
Colleges: Chantries or college of Newark 148-149
Colleges: Ruddington 149-150
Colleges: Sibthorpe 150-152
Colleges: The collegiate church of Southwell 152-161
Colleges: Tuxford 161-162
Hospitals: Bawtry 162-164
Hospitals: Hospitals in Blyth 164-166
Hospitals: Bradebusk 166-167
Hospitals: St Anthony, Lenton 167
Hospitals: St Leonard, Newark 167-168
Hospitals: Hospital of the Holy Sepulchre, Nottingham 168
Hospitals: St John Baptist, Nottingham 168-173
Hospitals: St Leonard, Nottingham 173-174
Hospitals: St Mary at West Bar, Nottingham 174
Hospitals: Plumtree's, Nottingham 174-175
Hospitals: St Mary Magdalen, Southwell 175-176
Hospitals: St Leonard, Stoke 176-177