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A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 4, the City of Oxford. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1979.

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Keble, John,

Keble College,

Keble Road,

-, Hen.,
-, John,

keepers of Oxf.,

Kemp (Kempe):
-, C. E.,
-, Mary Jane,
-, Sir Nic.,

Kemp Hall,

Kendal, Ann,

Kenilworth (Warws.),

Kennet, riv.,

Kennington (Berks.),

Kensington, see London

Kent, Ric.,

Kent, earl of, see Holand

Kent, and see Canterbury; Dover; Rye

Kenyon, Edm.,

-, Alice, w. of John, m. 2. Hen. Simeon,
-, Benet,
-, Christine, see Pady
-, Hugh (fl. c. 1170),
-, Hugh (fl. 1255),
-, Joan, m. Geof. of Hinksey,
-, John (fl. c. 1130),
-, John (d. c. 1205),
-, Laur.,
-, fam.,

Kepeharm Lane,

Kershaw, B.,

Kettell, (Ketyll):
-, John,
-, Ralph,

Kettell Hall,

Kettlewell (Yorks. W. R.),

-, Frances Sarah,
-, Isabella,

Kidlington, Thos., abbot of Oseney,

-, Campsfield in,
-, Gosford in,

Kilby, Ric.,

-, Alan,
-, Denise,

-, Geo.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

-, Hen.,
-, J. D.,
-, Lawr.,
-, Rob., bp. of Oxf.,
-, W.,
-, Wm.,

King Edward Street,

King Street (later Merton Street),

Kingerlee, T. H.,

King's Arms inn,

'king's eight yardlands' (Ehteard),

King's Head inn,

king's houses (Beaumont Palace),

King's Langley, see Langley, King's

King's mead,

King's mill,

Kingsclere (Hants),

Kingsmill, Wm.,

-, Alice of, m. Nic. of Coleshill,
-, Joan of, m. John (s. of Wm.) de Eu,
-, Nic. of,

Kingston Road,

Kirk, K. E., bp. of Oxford,

Knap Hall,

Kneller, Sir G.,

-, John,
-, Jos.,
-, fam., n

-, Edw.,
-, Francis,
-, Sir Francis,
-, Wm., Ld. Knollys, later Vct. Wallingford,

Knox, E. A.,

Kybald Street,

Kytsell, John,

Labour exchange,

Labour party,

Labourers, Statute of,

Lacy, Wal. de,

Ladies Subscription School for girls,

Lady chapel at Smith Gate, see St. Mary's chapel

'Lady's Hole',

Lahore (India), bp. of, see French

Lake District,

Lamb and Flag inn,

Lamb inn,

Lambe, John,

Lamplugh, Thos.,

Lancashire, and see Lancaster

Lancaster, earl of, see Thomas



Lang, Cosmo Gordon, abp. of Canterbury,

Langford mill,

Langley, Hen.,

Langley, King's (Herts.),

Langston, Jas.,

-, Bart.,
-, John,

Lark hill,

Latimer, Hugh, bp. of Worcester,

Latter Day Saints (Mormons),

Latton, John,

Laud, Wm., abp. of Canterbury, n, and see religious life (Laudian revival); university (statutes)

laundry workers and washerwomen,


Laurels, housing estate,

Lavenham (Suff.),

lawyers, n,

Le Maitre, John Peter,

Leadbetter, Stiff,

Leamington (Warws.),

leather ind.,
-, leather-selling,
-, and see breeches-makers; curriers; fur trade; glovers; saddlers; shoemakers; skinners; tanners; tawyers

Lee (Legh, Leigh, Ley):
-, Jacob,
-, Joan de,
-, John,
-, Reynold of the,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. de (d. 1345),
-, Thos. de (fl. 1357),
-, Thos. (fl. 1488),
-, Thos. (fl. 1543),

-, John, abbot of Oseney,
-, Jos.,

legates, papal,

Legg, Wm.,

Legh, see Lee

Leicester, earls of, see Dudley; Montfort

-, Franciscans from,

Leicestershire, and see Leicester; Shepshed

Leiden (Netherlands), n

Leigh, see Lee

Leigh, North,

Leigh, South,

Lenborough (Bucks.),

Lenthall, Wm.,


-, Sir Creswell,
-, Wm.,

Lewes (Suss.),
-, battle of,

Lewis, John,

Ley, see Lee

Leyland Motors,

-, Liberal Unionists,

libraries and reading rooms,

Lichfield (Staffs.),

Liddell, H. G.,


-, bps. of, and see Alexander; Avalon; Burghersh; Longland; Smith, Wm.

Lincoln College,
-, patron of Oxf. chs.,
-, rector of,
-, site and bldgs.,

Lincolnshire, and see Boston; Holland; Lincoln; Stamford

Lindsay (Lindsey):
-, A. D. L.,
-, fam.,

Linke, Rob.,

Linton, Hen.,

Linton Road,

Lion brewery, see Morrell's brewery

Little Clarendon Street,

Littlegate (Water Gate),

Littlegate Bridge, see Preachers' Bridge

Littlegate Street,

-, hosp.,
-, priory,
-, prioress of,

Littlemore Hall, Oxf.,

Littleton, Edw., Ld. Littleton,

livery stables,
-, keepers,

-, Ann,
-, Chas.,
-, Griffith,

Lloyd's Bank (Carfax),

Llyd, Edw.,

Local Board of Health,
-, univ. representation on,

Local Education Authority,

local government officers, see civil servants

-, Edw.,
-, Edw., and Son,
-, Sir Jos.,
-, fam.,

Lockhart, J. I.,


lodgings, and see inmates

Loe, Thos.,

Log, John,

Logic Lane,

Lokyer, Thos., n

Lollardy, and see univ. (Lollardy in); Wycliffe

London, John,

-, Bermondsey,
-, bp. of, see Ridley, Nic.
-, Camberwell,
-, Charity Organization Soc.,
-, citizens of,
-, communications with,
-, Crystal Palace,
-, customs and liberties,
-, Domus Conversorum,
-, economic dominance of,
-, goldsmiths' company,
-, husting,
-, Kensington, South,
-, Lincoln's Inn,
-, mayor,
-, migration,
-, moneyers,
-, Newgate prison,
-, Oxf. mayor's oath in,
-, Oxf. trade with,
-, Paul's Cross,
-, rly. stations,
-, St. Stephen's, Walbrook,
-, sheriffs,
-, shipmen of,
-, soldiers,
-, Somers Town (in St. Pancras par.),
-, taxation,
-, Tower, constable of,
-, Westminster, and see Parliament
-, abbot of,
-, courts, central, see courts
-, dean and chapter of,
-, Marlborough Ho., n
-, plague at,

London and County Bank,

London and North-Western Rly.,

London Place,

Longland, John, bp. of Lincoln,

Longwall Street,

Longworth (Berks.),

Lords Appellant,



Louis XVIII, king of France,

Lovel, Wm., Ld. Lovel,

Lovelace, John, Ld. Lovelace,

Luard, D. E. T.,

Lucas, W. F. & Co. Ltd.,

-, Fulk de,
-, Rog. de,
-, Wm.,

Lucy and Co.,

-, Fred.,
-, John,

Ludlow (Salop.),

Luther, Martin,


Luton (Beds.),

Lyhert, Wal., bp. of Norwich,

Lyth, John,

Macaulay, Thos. Babington,

-, J. D., n
-, Mrs.,

Macclesfield House,

Macfarlane, Alex.,

Maclean, Donald,

Maegtheford (Mayweed ford),

Magdalen Bridge (East Bridge, Pettypont),
-, houses on,
-, rebuilding of,

Magdalen College,
-, bldgs.,
-, Waynflete Bldg.,
-, Grove,
-, mill,
-, Oxf. property,
-, water-walk,

Magdalen College School,

Magdalen Gate House,

Magdalen Hall,

Magdalen Road,

Magdalen Road Evangelical Free Church,

Magdalen Street,

Magdalen Wood,

Magpie Lane,

Maidenhead (Berks.),

Malaunay, Hugh,

Mallinson, Thos.,

-, Hen. of,
-, Wm. of,


Manchester College,

Manning, Cardinal Hen. Edw.,

Mansfield College,

Marat, Jean Pierre,

March, earl of, see Mortimer, Rog.

Margaret (of France), queen of Edw. I,

market gardeners, see gardens

Market Hill,

Market Street,

-, clerks of,
-, cttee.,
-, offences:
-, engrossing,
-, forestalling,
-, regrating,
-, piccage and stallage, see taxation

Marks & Spencer Ltd.,

-, duchesses of, see Churchill, Sarah; Spencer, Caroline
-, dukes of, and see Churchill, John; Spencer, Chas.; Spencer, Geo.; Spencer Churchill

Marlborough Road,

Marlow, Mic.,

Marprelate tracts,

-, Chas.,
-, J. A. R.,

Marshall, Thos. the, see Thomas the Marshall

Marshall's inn,

Marshalsea money,


Marston, New,
-, ch.,
-, sch.,

Marston Ferry Road,

Marston Street,

-, David,
-, Mat.,
-, R. R.,
-, Wm.,

Martyr, Peter,

Martyrs' Memorial,

Mary I,

Marygold House,

mason, Ric. the, see Richard the mason

-, guild,
-, union,

Massey, John,

Mather, Cath.,

Matilda, empress,

-, Mary, see White
-, Wm.,


Mauclerc, Wal., bp. of Carlisle,

Maufe, Sir Edw.,

Mauger (fl. c. 1200),

Mauger's Hall,

Mauncel (Mounserel):
-, Geof.,
-, Rob.,

Maunder, Geo.,

Maurice, prince,

Maurice, Peter,

Mayo, Thos.,

Mears, Jas.,


Mempric, king,

Mercer, Ric., see Garston

-, guild,

-, guild, see corporation (guild merchant)
-, merchant tailors,

-, ealdormen of, see Eadric Streona; Ethelred
-, earls of, and see Alfgar
-, kings of, and see Offa

Mermaid (Swindlestock) tavern,

Merriman, Wm.,

-, Miss,
-, W. W.,

-, 'Shoteslawa' in,

Merton College,
-, bldgs.,
-, chapel, see St. John the Baptist par. (ch.)
-, Oxf. property,
-, patron of Oxf. chs.,
-, playing fields,
-, warden and fellows,

Merton Street, and see King Street

Mesopotamia, Oxf.,

metal trades, and see cutlers; farriers; hardwaremen; ironfounders; ironmongers; locksmiths; lorimers; pewterers; pinners; plumbers; smiths

Metcalfe, Fred.,

Methodists, n
-, chaps., and see Cowley Road Methodist ch.; Wesley Memorial ch.
-, schs.,

Metternich, prince,

Meules, Sir Nic. de,

Mews, Peter,

Middle Row (in Broad Street),

Middle Row (near St. Mary Magdalen ch.),

Middlesex, see London; Staines

Midland Bank,

migration, to and from Oxf.,

Milburn Bros.,

Milcombe, Wm. of,

mileways, see roads

Milham Ford school,

military incidents, see battles

Miller, Conrad,


-, and see under names of particular mills
-, horse-mills,
-, millers,
-, windmill,

Milton, Wal. of,

Minchery Farm, housing estate,

Minchin mead,

mint, at Oxf.,
-, moneyers,

Minty, Norman,

Mitre hotel,

Moffat, W. B.,

Molton, John,

moneyers, see mint

Moneypenny, Geo.,

Monmouth, Geof. of,

Monmouth, duke of, see Scott, Jas.

Monmouth's Rebellion,

Monmouthshire, see Chepstow; Newport

-, Eliz., Lady,
-, John de, earl of Salisbury,

Monte, Humph. de,

-, Hen. de,
-, Sim. de, earl of Leicester,
-, Sim. de, s. of above,

Moore (More):
-, H. W.,
-, J. H.,
-, Sir Thos.,

Moral Rearmament,

Morcar, earl of Northumbria,

Morcar, thegn,

Mormons, see Latter Day Saints

-, Baker,
-, Fred. Jos.,
-, Fred. Parker,
-, Mrs. J.,
-, Jas. (d. 1807),
-, Jas. (d. 1855),
-, Jas. (d. 1863),
-, Mark,
-, Ottoline, see Cavendish-Bentinck
-, Phil.,
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

Morrell Avenue,

Morrell's (Lion) brewery,

-, John,
-, Wm.,
-, W. R., Vct. Nuffield,

morris dancing, see dancing

Morris Garages,

Morris Motors Ltd.,

-, Edm.,
-, Rog.,
-, Rog., earl of March,

Morton, John Whicker,


-, C. J.,
-, J. E.,

motor ind., and see Morris Motors Ltd.; Osberton Radiator Co.; Pressed Steel Co. Ltd.

Mounserel, see Mauncel

-, A. M.,
-, A. R. & Co.,

Mountford, Eliz.,

-, Jos. (fl. 1806),
-, Jos. (fl. 1833),

Municipal Corporations Commissioners,

Municipal Secondary school,

mural mansions,

Murray, Sir Jas.,

Museum Road,

museums and galleries,

music and musicians,
-, city waits and drummers, see corporation (waits)

-, John,
-, fam.,

Napier, see Napper

Napoleconic Wars,

Napper (Napier):
-, Edm.,
-, Edw.,
-, Geo.,
-, fam.,

Nares, Geo.,

Nassau (Bahamas), bp. of, see Venables, Addington

Natal (S. Africa), bp. of, see Colenso, J. W.

National Electric Construction Co.,

National Freehold Land Society,

National Westminster Bank,

Natt, John,

Nazareth, Poor Sisters of,

Neate, Chas.,

Nelson (New Zealand), bp. of, see Hobhouse, Edm.


Netherlands, see Leiden

New College,
-, Oxf. property,
-, site and bldgs.,
-, Sacher Bldg.,
-, warden of,

New College Lane,

New College School,

New Gate, see Friar Bacon's Study

New Inn (St. Aldate's),

New Inn Hall,

New Inn Hall Street,

New Interest,

New Jerusalem church,

New Parks, see Holywell

New Rent (near Carfax),

New Road,

New Road Baptist church,

New Theatre (Victoria Theatre),

Newbridge (near Standlake),

Newington, South,

-, John,
-, Cardinal John Hen.,

Newmarket, Oxf.,

Newport (Mon.),

-, proprietors,
-, and see Oxf. Chron.; Oxf. Herald; Oxf. Journal; Oxf. Times

-, Ernest,
-, John,

Nicholas the spicer,

-, Peter,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,

-, Sir Chas.,
-, Otho,

Niel the dean,

Nielsen, A. C. & Co.,

night watch, see police

Nightingale Hall Lane, see Hare Hall Lane

-, Joan,
-, John,

Nixon's school,

-, John,
-, Wm.,

Nodding, Ric.,

-, schs.,
-, and see under names of particular sects

Norfolk, and see Norwich; Walsingham

Norham Gardens,

Norham Manor estate,

Norham meadow,


-, Sir Edw.,
-, Hen.,
-, Ld., see Bertie, Jas.

North Gate, frontispiece,

North Oxford,

North Parade,



Northamptonshire, and see Aynho; Braunston; Northampton; Whitfield

-, John (d. c. 1340),
-, John, s. of above,
-, John, (fl. 1444),
-, Marg.,
-, Wm.,

Northgate hundred,
-, bailiffs,
-, ct.,
-, purchased by city,

Northgate Street, see Cornmarket

Northumbria, earls of, see Aubrey; Morcar; Tostig

Northumbria, persons from,

Northway, housing estate,

-, Eliz., w. of John, m. 2 Edm. Kenyon,
-, John,
-, Mic.,
-, Sibyl, see Selwood
-, Silas,

Norton, Chipping,

Norton, Hook, see Hook Norton

Norwich, n, n,
-, bp. of, see Lyhert, Wal.; Oxf., John of

Nottinghamshire, sheriff of,

Nourse, Chas.,

Nowers, Sir Geo.,

Nuffield, Vct., see Morris, W. R.

Nuffield College,

Nuffield Press Ltd.,

Nuneham Courtenay,

nurserymen, see gardens

Oates, Titus,

Observatory Street,

Ock, riv.,

Octagon chapel, see St. Mary's chapel

Offa, king of Mercia,

'offering houses',

Ogilby, J.,

Oilly, see Doyley

Okele, John,

Old Ashmolean Museum,

Old Bank,

Old Interest,

Old (Bishop King's) Palace,

Oldfield, Joshua,

-, Wm. (d. 1504),
-, Wm. (fl. 1524),

orchards, see gardens

Oriel College,
-, fee farm payable to,
-, Oxf. property,
-, patron of Oxf. ch.,
-, provosts,
-, site and bldgs.,

Oriel Street,

Orléans (France),

'Orsnaforda' coins,

Orthodox Church,

Osberton Radiator Co.,

-, abbey,
-, abbots,
-, as cathedral,
-, as employer,
-, canons,
-, Oxf. property,
-, patron of Oxf. chs.,
-, St. Nicholas's chap.,
-, site and bldgs.,
-, Bridge,
-, ct.,
-, lock,
-, man.,
-, meadow,
-, mills,
-, mill-stream,

Oseney, New (with Oseney Town),
-, ch., see St. Frideswide's
-, nonconf.,
-, schs.,

Oseney Mead industrial estate,


Oswald, saint,


Otteworth, John,

Overhee, fam.,

Oving (Bucks.),

-, Geo.,
-, Hen.,
-, John,
-, Morgan,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Oxfam, see Oxf. Cttee. for Famine Relief

-, David of,
-, Ellis of,
-, Hen. of (d. c. 1163),
-, Hen. of (fl. early 13th cent.),
-, Hen., s. of above,
-, Jacob of,
-, John of (d. 1200), bp. of Norwich,
-, John of (d. 1342),
-, John. of (fl. 1344),
-, John of (another, d. 1362),
-, Simeon of,

Oxford, as place-name,

Oxford, borough and city of, see corporation

Oxford, diocese of, see diocese

Oxford, governors and keepers of, see Civil War; keepers

Oxford and Abingdon Building Society,

Oxford and Bletchley Junction Rly. Co.,

Oxford and District Good Neighbours' Fund,

Oxford Angling and Preservation Society,

Oxford Anti-Mendicity Society and Charity Organization Assoc.,

Oxford Benevolent Society,

Oxford Building and Investment Co.,

Oxford cake,

Oxford Canal,
-, Canal House,
-, Company,
-, wharves,

Oxford Chronicle,

Oxford City Dispensary,

Oxford City Mission,

Oxford City Science sch.,

Oxford College of Further Education,

Oxford College of Technology (Polytechnic),

Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (Oxfam),

Oxford Cottage Improvement Co.,

Oxford Electric Co.,

Oxford Extension Act,

Oxford Fund, see religious life

Oxford Gas Light and Coke Co.,

Oxford gloves, see gloving

Oxford Group, see Moral Rearmament

Oxford Herald,

Oxford High School for boys,

Oxford Incorporation, see poor-relief

Oxford Industrial and Provident Building Society,

Oxford Journal,

Oxford knives, see cutlers

Oxford Loyal Volunteers,

Oxford marmalade,

'Oxford martyrs', and see Cranmer; Latimer; Ridley

Oxford Medical Dispensary,

Oxford Mileways and Improvement Acts,

Oxford parliament, see parliament

Oxford Police Acts,

Oxford Polytechnic, see Oxf. Coll. of Technology

Oxford Poor Law Act,

Oxford Poor Law Union, see poorrelief

Oxford Preservation Trust,

Oxford Races,

Oxford Registration District,

Oxford Sanitary Aid Association,

Oxford sausages,

Oxford Savings Bank,

Oxford School Board,

Oxford Times,

Oxford Trades Council,

Oxford Trading Association,

Oxford Tramways Co.,

Oxford Trust, see religious life

Oxford University, see university

Oxford University Press,
-, Bible Press,
-, Clarendon Press, Walton Street,

Oxford Volunteer Fire Brigade,

-, bdy.,
-, clerks of the peace,
-, coroners,
-, county clerk,
-, County Committee (Interregnum),
-, County Council,
-, County Hall, and see castle, site of
-, J.P.s,
-, Ld. Lieut., n
-, M.P.s,
-, parl. elections,
-, prison, q.v.
-, sheriffs,
-, shire hall (court ho.),
-, townsmen's estates in,

Oxfordshire Regional Planning Advisory Committee,

Oxfordshire Steam Ploughing Co.,

Oxpens Road,

Pacey's Bridge,

Packer, Wm.,

Pady, Christine, m. 1 Laur. Kepeharm, 2 Jordan Rufus,

-, Mic.,
-, Wm.,


Paisley (Renfrewshire),


palace, royal, at Oxf., and see king's houses

-, And.,
-, Eliz.,
-, Wm.,

Palmerston, Vct., see Temple



Paradise Gardens,

Paradise House, see Greyfriars

Paradise Square,

Paradise Street,

-, parchment-seller,


parish government,
-, vestries,

Park End Street,

Park Hospital,

Park Town,

-, Jos.,
-, Mat., abp. of Canterbury,

Parkers (bookshop),

parks, and see Holywell; University Parks

Parks Road,

-, Ho. of Commons,
-, Speakers,
-, Ho. of Lds.,
-, meeting in Oxf.,
-, representation of city,
-, constituency bdy.,
-, elections, and see Corrupt Practices
-, M.P.s,
-, univ. M.P.s,

-, Herbert,
-, John, alderman,
-, John, bp. of Peterborough,
-, John, vice-chancellor,
-, fam.,

Parsons & Co. (Iowa, U.S.A.),

Parson's Pleasure,

Pasco, Thos.,


-, Chris.,
-, Jas.,
-, Rachel,

Pauling, Rob.,


Paving (Improvement) Commission,
-, corpn. representation on,
-, univ. representation on,

Payn (Payne):
-, John,
-, Thos. and his w. Joan,
-, Wal.,

Paynter, Ric.,

Peasants' Revolt,

Peggey, John,

-, Bart.,
-, fam.,

Pembroke, earl of, see Valence, Aymer de

Pembroke College,
-, patron of Oxf. ch.,

Pembroke (Pennyfarthing) Street,

Pembrokeshire, see St. David's

Penn, Wm.,

Pennard, Frideswide,

Penniless Bench,

Pennsylvannia (U.S.A.),

Pennyfarthing Place,

Pennyfarthing Street, see Pembroke Street

Penry, John,

-, John (fl. later 18th cent.),
-, John (s. of above, fl. 1793, 1856),
-, fam.,

Penson's Gardens,

Pentecostal churches,

Percy, Hen., Ld. Percy of Alnwick,

Percy Street,

Pergamon Press,

-, John,
-, Leonard,
-, Rob.,
-, Sim.,
-, -,
-, fam.,

Perrot's House,

Peshall, Sir John,

Peter son of Herbert,

-, bp. of, see Parsons, John

Peters, Hen.,

Pettypont, see Magdalen Bridge


Pheasant inn,

Pharaoh, fam.,

Philip, king,

Philip, s. of Rob. earl of Gloucester,

Philip the spicer,

Philpot, Miss A. W.,

Phipps, Wm.,

Phoenix Insurance Co.,

Physic Gardens, see Botanic Gardens

physicians, surgeons, and leeches,

Piggot, Jas.,

-, Jas., n,
-, John,

pilgrimages, see religious life

pillory, right of,
-, pillories,

Pinfold, Geo.,


Pirie, And.,

Plantagenet, Ric., duke of York,

Plantation Road,


Plater, Wm.,

pleas, cognizance of,

-, Hugh de,
-, Isabel de, see Biset

-, John,
-, Jos.,
-, Thos. (d. 1828),
-, Thos. (fl. 1883),

Plowman's Wharf,

Plukenet, Hugh,


Pocock, Edw.,


police and policing,
-, night watch,
-, peace-keeping (medieval),
-, police cttee.,
-, police stations,

politics, and see Chartists; Conservatives; Jacobitism; Labour party; Liberals; New Interest; Old Interest; parliament (representation); Radicals; Socialist League; societies (political); Tories; Whigs

Pollard, Sir John,

Pollowe, John,

Polton, Phil.,

Ponte, Pontius de,

Ponynges, Thos. de,

Poole, John,

Poor Law Board,
-, Commissioners,

poor-relief, and see Board of Guardians; taxation (poor rates); vagrancy
-, Oxf. Incorporation (United Parishes),
-, Poor Law Reform Assoc.,
-, workhouses,
-, parochial,
-, union,

popes, and see Honorius III; Innocent II

Popish plot,


Port Meadow,
-, proposed inclosure,
-, sport and recreation on, and see Oxford races

Porter, Dan.,

porters, see carriers

Portland, duke of, see Cavendish-Bentinck

post-horses, disputes over,

postal and telephone services,
-, post offices,
-, telephone exchange,

Postmaster's Hall,

Pot stream,

-, And.,
-, Geo.,
-, Mrs. Geo.,
-, Wm.,


pound, town,

-, Chris.,
-, Edm. (fl. 1540),
-, Edm. (d. 1592),
-, F. York,
-, Geo.,
-, Isabel,
-, Vavasour,
-, Wm.,
-, Messrs.,

Preachers' Bridge,

prehistoric remains,


Pressed Steel Co. Ltd.,

-, Agnes, see Studley
-, Ric.,

-, Dan.,
-, Sampson,

prices and wages, at Oxf.,

Prideaux, John,

priest, Rob. the, see Robert

Prince, Edw.,

Princes Street,

printers and printing,
-, union,
-, and see Alden Press; Oxford University Press; Pergamon Press

Priory mill,

-, Bocardo (city), frontispiece,
-, castle,
-, chars.,
-, county (on castle site),
-, Gloucester Green (city),
-, Prison Commissioners,

privileged persons, see university

Privy Council,

professions, see industries

property values and rents, in Oxf.,
-, leasing policy,


Provisions of Oxford,

Prussia, king of, see Frederick William III

Prynne, Wm.,

Pubbesbury, Wm. de,

public health, and see cemeteries; drainage; epidemics; hospital services; streets (repair and cleansing)

Pudsey, Sir Geo.,

Pugin, A. W. N.,

-, Josiah,
-, Nic.,

Purdue, Hen.,

puritanism, see religious life

purveyance, royal,

Pusey, Edw. Bouverie,

Pye, John,

Pyrton hundred,

Pyry Hall,

Quakers, see Friends

Quaking Bridge,

Queen Anne's Bounty,

Queen Street,

Queen's College,
-, Florey Bldg.,

Queen's Lane,

Quelch, Ric.,

Quilter, Ellis the, see Ellis the Quilter

racing, see Oxf. Races

Rakham Lane,

Radcliffe (Ratcliffe):
-, John,
-, John, Ld. FitzWalter,
-, Ralph,

Radcliffe Camera,

Radcliffe Infirmary,

Radcliffe Observatory,

Radcliffe Square,

Radcliffe trustees,

Radcot Bridge, battle of,

-, Eliz.,
-, John


railway mission,

railways, and see Great Western Rly.; London and North Western Rly.
-, railway-workers,
-, union,
-, stations,

Rakke, the,

Rallingson, Ric.,

Ralph the dean,

-, Peter,
-, Thos.,

Randolph Hotel,

Ranulph, Fulk s. of, see Fulk

rates, see taxation

Rats and Mice Hill,

Rawlinson, Martha,

Ray, riv.,

Raymond the reeve,

Reading, Reynold,

Reading (Berks.),
-, abbey,

Rectory Road,

recusancy, see religious life

Red Lion Square,

Reed, Edm., n

reeve, Raymond the, see Raymond the reeve

Reeve (Reve):
-, Geo., n
-, Thos. (fl. 16th cent.),
-, Thos. (d. 1697),

regrators, and see markets (trading offences)

religious houses,
-, Dissolution of, effects on Oxf.,
-, sites and remains,
-, and see under names of particular houses

religious life,
-, anchorites,
-, city lectureships,
-, Evangelical Movement,
-, Oxf. Fund,
-, Oxf. Trust,
-, Laudian revival,
-, non-jurors,
-, Oxf. (Tractarian) Movement,
-, pilgrimages,
-, Puritanism,
-, recusancy,
-, Reformation,
-, Sabbatarianism,
-, university participation in,
-, and see churches; nonconformity; religious houses; Roman Catholicism

Renfrewshire, see Paisley

-, abbey,
-, mill,

Reynolds, Peter,

Rhodes House,

Richard I,

Richard II,

Richard III,

Richard, earl of Cornwall,

Richard the mason,

Richard the spicer,

Richards, G. C.,

-, Jos.,
-, Thos.,

Riche, Brooman le, see Brooman

Ridges, Mary,


Ridley, Nic., bp. of London,

riots and civil disturbances, in Oxf., and see town-and- gown relations (riots)

Ripon (Yorks. W. R.), dean of, see Freemantle

-, Claude,
-, Geo.,

Risborough, Princes (Bucks.),

River, Adam,

river navigation, see Cherwell; Thames

-, E. J.,
-, John de,

Rixon, Wm.,

-, ancient,
-, bypasses,
-, mileways, commissioners,
-, relief-road controversies,
-, Roman roads,
-, turnpikes,

Roberson, Thos.,

Robert, earl of Gloucester,

Robert the priest,

Roberts, Sarah,

Robertson, D., n

Robin Hood inn,

-, Cath.,
-, Nic.,
-, Thos.,

Roby, Wm.,

Rochester, bp. of, see Chavasse, C. M.

Rodshaw, John,

Roebuck inn,

Roger, bp. of Salisbury,

Roger son of Iungwine,

Roger the forester,

Roger the tabletter,

-, Chris.,
-, H. S.,

Rolfe, C. C.,

Roman Catholics, n,
-, chap.,
-, sch.,

Roman remains, and see roads (Roman)


'Rome' in Oxf., see Holywell

Roper, John,

Rose, Wm.,

Rose Hill,

Rose Lane,

Rotherfield Peppard,



Rous, John,

Rousham, Steph.,


Rowland, Wm.,

-, Eliz.,
-, Thos. (d. 1694),
-, Thos. (d. 1727), n,
-, Thos. (d. 1759),

Royal Academy of Music,

Royal College of Science,

Royal Society,

royal visits,

Royse, Hen.,

Rudde, Ralph,

-, Christine, see Pady
-, Jordan,


Rugby (Warws.),

Rupert, prince,

Rush, John,

Ruskin, John,

Ruskin College,

-, Chas.,
-, Francis, earl of Bedford,

Russia, emperor of, see Alexander I

Rye (Kent),

Rye House plot,

Rycote, see Haseley

sac and soc,

Sacheverell, Hen.,

Sackville West, Col. W. E.,

Sacred Heart, ch. of,


-, Chas. Jas.,
-, Jas.,
-, Rob., see Walford

St. Alban Hall, see Alban Hall

St. Albans (Herts.),
-, abbey,

St. Alban's church (Oxford), see Cowley St. john (chs.)

St. Aldate's Chambers,

St. Aldate's parish,
-, bdy.,
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, chant. etc.,
-, chwdns.,
-, churchyard,
-, rectors, and see Bowles; Chavasse, C. M.; Christopher, A. M. W.; Hall, John; Stampe; Wall
-, schs.,
-, taxation,

St. Aldate's Street,
-, bldgs. in,
-, mkt. in,

St. Aloysius church,

St. Andrew's church (Headington), see Headington (ch.)

St. Andrew's church (North Oxford),

St. Anthony of Padua church,

St. Antony's College,

St. Barnabas's parish,
-, ch.,
-, schs.,

St. Bartholomew's hospital (Cowley), n,
-, as alms-house,
-, chap.,

St. Benedict's church, see St. Budoc's

St. Bernard's College,

St. Bernard's Road,

St. Budoc's parish,
-, ch.,
-, called St. Benedict's, n

St. Catherine's College,

St. Catherine's House,

St. Clement's parish,
-, alms-houses, see Cutler Boulter; Stone's hosp.
-, bdy.,
-, called Bridgeset,
-, chars.,
-, cholera in,
-, ch.,
-, churchyard,
-, Civil War defences,
-, fair, see fairs
-, housing,
-, nonconf.,
-, poor-relief,
-, pop.,
-, public services,
-, roads,
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, schs.,

St. Clement's Registration Sub-district,

St. Cross parish, see Holywell

St. Cross Road,

St. David's (Pemb.),

St. Denys's school, see Holy Trinity Convent sch.

St. Ebbe's parish,
-, bdy.,
-, chars.,
-, cholera in,
-, ch.,
-, chants. etc.,
-, fraternity,
-, churchyard,
-, drainage,
-, Friars district,
-, housing and development, n,
-, poor-relief,
-, pop.,
-, rectors and curates, and see Bulteel; Hathaway
-, rectory-ho.,
-, schs.,
-, taxation,
-, workho.,

St. Ebbe's Street,

St. Edmund Hall,

St. Edmund and St. Frideswide church,

St. Edward's parish,
-, ch.,

St. Francis of Assisi church (Hollow Way, Cowley), see Cowley (chs.)

St. Francis's church (Crescent Road, Cowley),

St. Frideswide's, John of,

St. Frideswide's Bridge,

St. Frideswide's fair, see fairs

St. Frideswide's Lane, see Frideswide's Lane

St. Frideswide's minster,

St. Frideswide's parish (medieval),
-, ch.,

St. Frideswide's parish (New Oseney),
-, ch.,
-, schs., see Oseney, New

St. Frideswide's priory,
-, bldgs.,
-, ch., and see Christ Church (cathedral)
-, Oxf. property,
-, patron of Oxf. chs.,
-, precentor,
-, priors, and see Sutton
-, site, and see Christ Church

St. George's chapel, see St. Mary Magdalen par. (chap.)

St. George's in the Castle, college,

St. George's in the Castle, parish,
-, ch., site,
-, tower,

St. George's Mansions,

St. Giles's fair, see fairs

St. Giles's field,

St. Giles's hospital,

St. Giles's House (Judge's Lodgings),

St. Giles's parish, n,
-, bdy.,
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, chants. etc.,
-, fraternity,
-, inc.,
-, poor-relief,
-, pop.,
-, schs.,
-, taxation,
-, vicars, and see Juxon; Turner, Thos.
-, and see Walton

St. Giles's Street,
-, houses in,

St. Gregory and St. Augustine church,

St. Hilda's College,

St. Hugh's College,

St. Ignatius's chapel,

St. Ives (Hunts.),

St. James's church, see Cowley (ch.)

St. John:
-, Edw. of,
-, John of,
-, Rog. of,
-, Thos. of,

St. John Street,

St. John the Baptist, Sisters of,

St. John the Baptist parish,
-, bdy.,
-, ch.,
-, curates, and see Hobhouse; Knox

St. John the Evangelist church (New Hinksey),

St. John the Evangelist, Society of (Cowley Fathers),
-, ch.,

St. John's College,
-, bldgs.,
-, fellows,
-, Oxf. property,
-, patron of Oxf. chs.,
-, president,
-, stewards,

St. John's Evangelical Free church,

St. John's Hall,

St. John's hospital,
-, Oxf. property,
-, site and bldgs., and see Magdalen College

St. Luke's church, see Cowley (chs.)

St. Margaret's church,

St. Margaret's Road,

St. Margaret's well, see Binsey

St. Martin's parish,
-, chars.,
-, ch. (otherwise Carfax ch.),
-, as city ch.,
-, bldgs.,
-, chants. etc.,
-, fraternity,
-, tower (Carfax tower),
-, chwdns.,
-, poor-relief,
-, pop.,
-, rectors, and see Fletcher, C. J. H.; Niel the dean
-, schs.,
-, taxation,

St. Mary and St. John church, see Cowley St. John (chs.)

St. Mary Magdalen parish,
-, bdy.,
-, chap. (St. George's),
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, chants. etc.,
-, fraternity,
-, chwdns.,
-, churchyard,
-, poor-relief,
-, pop.,
-, schs.,
-, taxation,
-, vicars and curates, and see Haweis; Hack, B. S.; Tresham, Wm.

St. Mary the Virgin parish,
-, bdy.,
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, as univ. ch.,
-, bldgs.,
-, chants. etc.,
-, Congregation House,
-, fraternity,
-, chwdns.,
-, poor-relief,
-, rectors and vicars, and see Newman, J. H.; Oxford, John of
-, schs.,
-, taxation,

St. Mary's (Lady, Octagon) chapel, Smith Gate,

St. Mary's church (Bayswater, Oxf.),

St. Mary's church (Iffley), see Iffley (ch.)

St. Mary's College,

St. Matthew's parish (Grandpont),
-, chap.,
-, ch.,
-, schs.,

St. Michael and All Angels church (New Marston), see Marston, New (ch.)

St. Michael and All Angels church (Summertown), see Summertown (ch.)

St. Michael at the North Gate parish,
-, bdy.,
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, chants. etc.,
-, fraternity,
-, Oxf. property,
-, curates, chaplains, or vicars, and see Rogers, Chris.
-, chwdns.,
-, poor-relief,
-, pop.,
-, schs.,
-, taxation,

St. Michael at the South Gate parish, n,
-, ch., chants. etc.,

St. Michael's Street,

St. Mildred's parish,
-, ch.,

St. Nicholas's chapel (on Grandpont),

St. Nicholas's chapel (in the king's houses),

St. Nicholas's chapel (Oseney), see Oseney abbey

St. Nicholas's parish, see St. Thomas's par.

St. Pancras, see London (Somers Town)

St. Paul's parish,
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, curates and vicars, and see Venables
-, schs.,

St. Peter-in-the-East parish,
-, bdy.,
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, called St. Peter and St. Paul,
-, chants. etc.,
-, chwdns.,
-, churchyard,
-, pop.,
-, rectors, vicars, and curates, and see Clare, Bevis de; Hamilton; Hobhouse; Oxford, John of
-, schs.,
-, taxation,
-, vicarage-ho.,

St. Peter-le-Bailey parish,
-, bdy.,
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, chants. etc.,
-, fraternity,
-, chwdns.,
-, poor-relief,
-, rectors and curates,
-, and see Barkworth; Chevasse, C. M.; Linton; Maurice, Peter; Penson, John (fl. 1793, 1856); Salman; Swinton
-, rectory-ho.,
-, schs.,
-, taxation,

St. Peter's College (formerly St. Peter's Hall),

St. Peter's hospital,

St. Philip and St. James parish,
-, ch.,
-, schs.,
-, vicar,

St. Scholastica's day, see town and gown relations

St. Thomas the Martyr, Community of,

St. Thomas's parish,
-, bdy.,
-, called St. Nicholas's,
-, chaplains, curates, or vicars, and see Burton, Rob.; Chamberlain, Thos.; Hack, B. S.
-, chaps.,
-, boatmen's chap.,
-, chars.,
-, cholera in,
-, ch.,
-, chants. etc.,
-, fraternity,
-, churchyard,
-, housing and development,
-, inc.,
-, poor-relief,
-, pop.,
-, schs.,
-, taxation,

St. Thomas's Street,

St. Ursule, Dames de,

St. Valery:
-, Bernard of,
-, Reynold of,
-, Thos. of,

St. Valery, honor of,

Salesian Congregation,

Salisbury, earl of, see Montague, John de

Salisbury (Wilts.),
-, bp. of, see Roger

Salman, John,

salt trade,

-, J. S.,
-, John,


Salvation Army,

Sambach, Ann,

Sandbrooke, Wm.,


Sare (Sayer), John,

Sargent, H. W.,


Saundreson, Nic. and his w. Maud,

Sawold (O. E. personal name),

Saye and Sele, Ld., see Fiennes, Wm.

Sayer, see Sare

Schmidt, Bernhardt,

schools, see education

Schools Street,

-, border,
-, expedition against,
-, Scottish wars,

-, Sir Geo. Gilb.,
-, Sir Giles Gilb.,
-, Jas., duke of Monmouth,


Scudamore, John,

Seacourt, see Wytham,

Seacourt stream,

Seal's coffee-house,


-, city,
-, guild, n,
-, mayor's,
-, parochial,
-, statute merchant,
-, univ. 'half-seal',

Seckham, S. L.,

Second World War,

Selbie, W. R.,

Seller, Wm.,

-, Ric.,
-, Sibyl, w. of Ric., m. 2 John Norton,

Selwyn, Sir Nic.,

Seman (Seyman):
-, John,
-, Cath.,

Serles, Rob.,

-, domestic,
-, monastic,
-, and see apprenticeship; innservants; journeymen; university; university (colleges)

Seventh Day Adventists,

sewerage, see drainage and sewerage

sewers, commission of,

-, John (fl. 1239),
-, John (fl. 1279),

Sewy's Lane, see Shoe Lane

Seyman, see Seman

Shaftesbury, earl of, see AshleyCooper

Shakespeare, Wm.,

shambles (Butcher Row),

Sharp, Thos.,

Shaw, John,

Sheahan, P. J.,

Sheard, Thos.,



Sheffield (Yorks. W. R.),

Sheldonian Theatre,

Shelswell, n

Shelton, Thos.,

'shelving stool',

Shepley, Hugh,

Shepshed (Leics.),


Sherborne, Ld., see Dutton

Sherborne (Glos.),

Shereman, Thos.,

sheriff's tourn, quittance of,

Sherland, Chris.,

Sherwood (Shirwood):
-, E. J.,
-, W. E.,
-, Wm.,

Shewring, Colin,

ship-money, see taxation

Ship Street,


Shire Lake stream,

Shirwood, see Sherwood

Shitbarn Lane,

Shoe (formerly Sewy's) Lane,

shoemakers (cordwainers, corvisers),
-, cobblers,
-, guild,
-, journeymen's guild,
-, Trades Soc.,
-, translators,

Shoemakers' Hall, see Bocardo House


'shortford', judgement of,

'Shoteslawa', see Merton



Shropshire, and see Eyton; Ludlow; Shrewsbury

Sibthorp, Humph.,

Sidelings (Fenneit),


sieges and sacks, of Oxf., and see Civil War




Simcock, Sam.,

-, Alice, see Kepeharm
-, Hen.,
-, Steph.,

Simeon's Trust,

Simmons, Wm.,

Simnel, Lambert,

Simon (fl. 1293),

Singleton, John,

Siward, Ric.,

Skinner, Mat.,

-, guild,

Slade Park, housing estate,


Slatford, Job,

Slatter, Hen.,

Slatter's bookshop (later Slatter and Rose),

Slavonia (Slavonians, Slovens' Hall), king or judge of,

smallpox, see epidemics

-, A. H.,
-, Christian,
-, E. B.,
-, John (fl. 1580), n
-, John (mayor 1639),
-, John (s. of above),
-, John (d. 1680, another),
-, Sir John,
-, Oliver,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. (d. 1601),
-, Thos. (d. 1646),
-, Wm., bp. of Lincoln,
-, fam.,

Smith Gate, and see St. Mary's chapel

-, goldsmiths,
-, gunsmiths,
-, whitesmiths,

Snowe, Ralph,


Socialist League,

societies and clubs,
-, building, see building
-, charitable, see charities
-, friendly and benefit,
-, political,

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge,

Somers Town, see London; Summertown

Somerset, and see Bath; Bathford

Somerville College,

Soothill, W. E.,

'Sotterlawa' hundred,

Souche, see Zouch

South Bridge, see Folly Bridge

South Gate,

South Oxford,
-, Council sch.,

South Parade,

South Park housing estate,

South Parks Road,

-, Hen., n
-, Jane,

-, roads to,
-, trade with,

Southfield Road,

Southfield school,

Southmoor Road,

Speedwell Street,

Spencer (Spenser):
-, Caroline, duchess of Marlborough,
-, Chas., duke of Marlborough,
-, Geo. (d. 1817), duke of Marlborough,
-, Geo. (d. 1840), duke of Marlborough, see Spencer Churchill
-, Ld. Rob.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Spencer Churchill (formerly Spencer), Geo., duke of Marlborough,
-, as marquess of Blandford,

Spending, Rog.,

spicer, John, Nic., Phil., and Wm. the, see John, Nicholas, and Philip, the spicer; Winchester, Wm. of


-, Edwin T.,
-, R. J.,
-, R. J., and Son,

Spindler, Bond,


Spooner, W. A.,

Sporeman, Alex.,

sports and pastimes, and see ballooning; bear-baiting; boating; bowling; cock-fighting; dancing; iceskating; Oxf. races; riding; swimming; tennis

Spring, fam.,

Sprunt, John,

Spurgeon, Chas.,

Spurgeon's College,

stable workers,

Stael, Peter,

Staffordshire, and see Lichfield; Walsall; Wolverhampton

Stainer, Sir John,

Staines (Mdx.),

Stamford (Lincs.), n

Stampe, Wm.,

-, Gaunt Ho. in,

Stanford (Stoneford), in Oxf.,

Stanley, Marg.,

Stanley Road,

Stansfeld, J. S.,

Stanton Harcourt,

Stanton St. John,
-, Woodperry in,

Stapleton, Sir Thos.,

Star inn, see Clarendon Hotel


State, Secretaries of,

States' Yard,


statute merchant bonds and seals,

Stephen, king,

Stephenson, J. C.,

Stevens, Tim.,

Steventon (Berks.),


Stockwell Street,

Stoke, South,

Stoke Talmage,

Stokenchurch (Bucks. formerly Oxon.),

Stokes, Wm.,

Stompe, see Stumpe

Stone, Nic.,

Stone's hospital,

Stonor, Thos.,

Stratford-upon-Avon (Warws.),

Streatley (Berks.),

Street, G. E.,

-, cleansing and repair,
-, encroachments,
-, lighting,
-, pavage, see taxation
-, and see under latest names of particular streets

Strike, Wm.,


Striplin, Mrs.,

Stuart, Frank,

-, Agnes, w. of John, m. 2 Ric. Preston,
-, John,

Studley priory,

Stumpe (Stompe):
-, John, n
-, Wm.,

Suffolk, dukes of, see Brandon; Grey, Hen.

Suffolk, see Dunwich; Ipswich

-, called Somers or Summers Town,
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, housing and development,
-, Hawkswell farm,
-, nonconf.,
-, Northern House,
-, schs.,

Summertown-Radley terrace,

Summertown and Wolvercote ward,

Sun Insurance Co.,

Sunderland (co. Dur.),

Sunnymead housing estate,

Surman, J. M.,

Surrey, see Clapham; Epsom; London (Bermondsey and Camberwell)

Sussex, see Chichester; Lewes

Sutton, Alex., prior of St. Frideswide's,

Sutton Wick (Berks.),

Swabey, Hen.,

Swan, Thos.,

Swan brewery,

Swan Court,

Swanbourne, John,

Swansea (Glam.),

Swapham, Hen. de,

-, Adrian John,
-, Benj.,

Sweyn, king of Denmark,

Swift ditch,


Swindlestock tavern, see Mermaid

Swindon (Wilts.),

Swinford (Berks.), see Cumnor

Swinsell, Rog. of,

Swinsell (Berks., near Folly Bridge),

Swinton, John,

Symonds, Chas.,

Tabard inn, see Angel

tabletter, Rog. the, see Roger the tabletter

Tackley's Inn,

Tagg, fam.,

tailor (or armourer) , Guy the, see Guy

-, guild,
-, journeymen tailors' guild,
-, and see merchants (merchant tailors)

Talboys, D. A.,

Taman, Wm.,

Tanfeld, Thos.,


Tatham, Edw.,

Tattleton, John,

-, Thos. Hen.,
-, Sir Wm. Elias,

-, Ric.,
-, Rog.,

taverners, and see vintners

taverns, see inns, taverns, and alehouses

-, Chas.,
-, Edw.,
-, Ric. (d. 1756),
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1791),
-, Ric. (fl. 1827),
-, fam.,

Tawney's brewery,


-, taxes:
-, aids,
-, aulnage,
-, barbicanage,
-, Civil War,
-, hearth tax,
-, levies on townsmen,
-, mileway tax,
-, murage,
-, pavage and pontage,
-, piccage and stallage,
-, poll tax, n,
-, ship money,
-, subsidy,
-, tallage,
-, tronage,
-, window tax,
-, and see tolls; univ. (taxation)
-, rates:
-, church,
-, corpn. (borough, general),
-, gaol,
-, paving and lighting,
-, poor,
-, public health,
-, water,

-, Israel,
-, John (fl. later 17th cent.),
-, John (d. 1745),
-, John (fl. 1851), n
-, Rog.,
-, Wm.,

Taylor (Taylorian) Institution,


temperance movement,
-, Temperance Soc.,

Temple, Hen. John, Vct. Palmerston,

-, tennis-court keepers,

Terrent, Thos.,

Teulon, S. S.,

Tew, Great,

Tewkesbury, battle of,

textile ind., and see dyers; flax-retting; fulling; rug-makers; shearmen; upholsterers; weavers; wool
-, cloth trade,
-, clothiers and cloth-workers,
-, and see clothing; drapers; haberdashers; mercers; taxation (aulnage)

Thackeray, Wm. Makepeace,


Thames, riv.,
-, as bdy.,
-, mills and fisheries,
-, named reaches,
-, navigation, and see Burcot
-, pollution,
-, Thames Conservancy Bd.,
-, trade,
-, wharves,
-, and see 'Aldee'; Bulstake stream; castle (mills, mill-stream); Pot stream; Seacourt stream; Shire Lake stream; Trill Mill stream

Thames Street,

Thames valley,

Thames Valley Drainage Commission,

theatres, plays, and players, and see New Theatre

Thomas, earl of Lancaster,

Thomas the Marshall,

-, Jenkyn,
-, Sam.,
-, Wm.,

Thompson (Thomson):
-, Jas.,
-, Sir John,
-, fam.,

Thornbury, see Binsey

Thorney (Cambs.), abbot of,

Thorpe, Mrs.,

Three Goats' Heads inn, n

Three Tuns tavern,

Thurston, Sam.,

Tidmarsh, Ric.,

Tidmarsh Lane,

Tierney, Geo., n

Tilcock, Wm.,


Tillyard, Art.,

Tipping, Wm., n

Tisdale, Thos.,

tithes, and see 'offeringhouses'

tobacco, sale of,
-, tobacco-pipe makers,

Todd, Nic.,

-, Hen.,
-, John,

toll and teme,

-, levied by Paving Commissioners,
-, toll-gates,
-, turnpike tolls,



Torold, Peter,

Tostig, earl of Northumbria,

Totnes (Devon),


Towle, John,

town-and-gown relations,
-, corpn. oath to univ.,
-, discommoning and excommunication of townsmen,
-, precedency of univ. and city,
-, riots and disturbances,
-, St. Scholastica's day,
-, St. Scholastica's day ceremony,
-, and see, for other disputes over city government, under particular subjects, especially ale; bread; bridges; building (disputes); carriers; castle (mills); coaching; coffee-houses; courts; epidemics (cholera); guilds; inmates; inns (licensing); lodgings; markets; police; poorrelief; post-horses; roads (mileways); streets; theatres; trade (regulation of); university (privileged persons and taxation); wine, assize of

town (guild) halls,
-, incidental references,

Townsend (Townesend):
-, John (fl. 1684),
-, John (fl. 1778),
-, Steph.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Townson, R. W.,

Toynbee, Arnold,

Tozer, Hen.,

Tractarians, see religious life (Oxf. or Tractarian Movement)

-, regulation of,
-, by city,
-, by univ.,
-, and see craft guilds
-, trade tokens,
-, and see fairs; London (Oxf. trade with); markets

trades, see industries

trades unions,

Train, see Tryman

Train (Devon),

trams, see transport (internal)

translators (leather), see shoemakers

-, internal,
-, buses,
-, cabs,
-, trams, and see Oxf. Tramways Co.
-, transport workers, and see bargemen; carriers; coaching; livery stables; railways

Treacher, Sir John,

Tresham, Wm.,

Tresilian, Sir Rob.,

Trill mill,

Trill Mill Bow,

Trill Mill stream,

Trillock's Inn,

Tring (Herts.),

Trinitarian friary,

Trinity College,
-, president of,

Trinity men, and see corporation, officers (beadles of beggars)

Troughton, John,

Trustee Savings Bank,

Tryman (or Train), fam.,

-, Eliz., n
-, Wm.,

Tubb, Wootten, and Tubb,

Tubney (Berks.),

Tuckwell, Wm.,

tumbrel, right of,

Turf tavern,

Turl Gate,

Turl Street,

-, H. F. L.,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, W.,
-, Mrs.,


turnpikes, see roads


'two-faced pump',

Twyne, Brian,

Tyes, Hen.,

Tyrrell, Ben., n

Tyrwhitt, R. St. J.,

Underhill, John, bp. of Oxf.,

Underwood, H. J.,


United Charity sch., n,

United Parishes, see poor-relief

United States of America, and see Iowa; Pennsylvania; Virginia

-, in general, and see, for particular univ. interests and connexions, under appropriate subjects especially ale; bread; bridewells; bridges; building (disputes); canals; carriers; castle (mills); cemeteries; coaching; coffee-houses; corpn. (univ. representation); courts; debt, cession of; education; fires (fire-fighting); gas-supply; guilds; hospital services; inmates; inns; Local Board of Health; lodgings; markets; music; Paving Commission; pillory; police; poor-relief; posthorses; prices and wages; prisons; prostitutes; purveyance; railways; religious life; roads (mileways); seals; streets; taxation; Thames (navigation); theatres; town-and-gown relations; trade (regulation of); water-supply; weights and measures; wine (assize of)
-, academic halls,
-, Act (later Encaenia),
-, archives, keeper of,
-, bldgs., and see under names of particular bldgs.
-, chancellors, and see courts
-, charters and privileges,
-, ch., see St. Mary the Virgin
-, clerks of the market, see market
-, colleges,
-, as landlords,
-, bldgs.,
-, bursars,
-, chaps.,
-, choirs,
-, heads of houses,
-, monastic,
-, plate,
-, servants, butlers, manciples, stewards and rent-collectors, and see cooks
-, and see under names of particular colleges
-, congregation,
-, Congregation House, and see St. Mary the Virgin (ch.)
-, convocation,
-, coroners,
-, delegacies,
-, dispersal of,
-, Encaenia, see univ. (Act)
-, grammar schs.,
-, high stewards, and see courts
-, jurisdiction, and see courts
-, J. P.s,
-, library, and see Bodleian Libr.
-, Lollardy in,
-, M.P.s, see Parliament
-, members of,
-, museum,
-, 'nations' in,
-, night watch, see police
-, nonconf.,
-, officials,
-, bedels,
-, 'bulldogs',
-, marshall,
-, pop.,
-, postal service,
-, privileged persons,
-, scholars' servants,
-, proctors,
-, professors, readers, and lecturers,
-, property, and see univ. (bldgs.)
-, regents,
-, regiment,
-, registry,
-, registrars,
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, royal visits,
-, schools, and see Bodleian Libr. (Schools quadrangle); Examination Schools
-, Science Area,
-, seals, q.v.
-, servants,
-, societies and clubs, and see Vincent's
-, solicitor,
-, sports and pastimes,
-, statutes,
-, Laudian statutes,
-, taxation,
-, rating,
-, temple,
-, Union,
-, vacations,
-, vice-chancellors,
-, Visitors,

University and City Bank,

University College,

University Parks,



Urry, Oliver,

vagrancy, and see corporation (officers, beadles of beggars)

Valence, Aymer de, earl of Pembroke,

Valentia, Vct., see Annesley, Art.

Van Heemskerk, Egbert,

Van Linge:
-, Abraham,
-, Bernard,

Vanbrugh, Sir John,

Vanbrugh House,

Vaughan, Peter,

vee de naam,

Venables, Addington, bp. of Nassau,

Venables-Bertie, Montagu, earl of Abingdon,

Venice, men from,

Venner, Thos.,

Victoria, queen,

Victoria Theatre, see New Theatre

victualling, see food and drink trades

Villiers, Geo., duke of Buckingham,

-, Jos.,
-, fam.,

Vincent's Club,


Virginia (U.S.A.),

Vrooman, Wal.,

-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,

Waddell, Chris.,

Wadham, Dorothy,

Wadham College,

wages, see prices

waifs and strays,

Walden, Ric. of,

-, marches of,
-, princes of, see Arthur; Charles II; Edward VII; Griffith, Llewelyn ap
-, Welsh:
-, expedition against,
-, in Oxf.,

Walford (or Sadler), Rob.,

-, Obadiah,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,
-, Thos., and Co.,
-, Ursula,

Wall, John,

Waller, Sir Wm.,

Wallingford, Vct., see Knollys, Wm.

-, honor of,

Wallingford Way, Oxf.,

Walsall (Staffs.),

Walsh, Percival,

Walsingham (Norf.),

Walter, archdeacon of Oxf.,

Waltham, Thos., see Welcome

Waltham (Essex),

Walton, H. B.,

-, agric.
-, ct.,
-, man.,
-, reeve of,
-, tithes,
-, well, n,

Walton House,

Walton Manor estate,

Walton Street,

Wantage (Berks.),

War Office,

Ward, Wm.,

Wardell, John,

Ware, Isaac,

Warham bank, n,

Warneford, S. W.,

Warneford Hospital,

Warner, John,

Warwick, ctss. of, see Basset, Philippe; Beauchamp


Warwick and Rugby Building Society,

Warwick Street,

Warwickshire, and see Birmingham; Compton, Fenny; Coventry; Fazeley; Kenilworth; Leamington; Rugby; Stratfordupon-Avon; Warwick

Washbourne, Wm.,

-, city,
-, Domesday,
-, 12th-cent.,


-, city,
-, royal,

Water Eaton, see Eaton, Water

Water Gate, see Littlegate

water-mills, see mills

-, waterworks, and see Carfax (conduit)

Waterhouse, A.,

watermen, see bargemen



Watkinson, Jos.,

-, Rob.,
-, fam.,


Watson, Albert,

Waver, John,

Waynflete, Wm.,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

-, guild,

Webb, Harry,

weights and measures,
-, assize of,

Weirs Lane housing estate,

Weirs mill,

Welcome (or Waltham), Thos.,

Welcome's Folly, see Friar Bacon's Study

Wellesley, Art., duke of Wellington,

Wellington public house,

Wellington Square,

Welshman's mead,

Wendlebury, see Alchester

-, Peter,
-, Thos. (d. 1627),
-, Thos. (fl. 1628),

-, Chas.,
-, John,

Wesley Memorial church,

Wesleyan Boys' sch.,


West, John,

West Gate,

West Ham (Essex), sch.,

West Indies, and see Barbados

West Oxford,

Western Road,

Westgate Centre,

Westminster, see London

Westminster College,

Westminster Press,

-, Sir Chas.,
-, Nathan,

Wetwang, Wm. de,

Wharf House public house,

-, Phil., Ld. Wharton,
-, Thos., Ld. Wharton, n

wharves, see Oxf. Canal; Thames, riv.
-, wharfinger,


Wheatley (in Cuddesdon),


whipping post,

-, Eleanor,
-, John,

White (Whyte):
-, Francis,
-, Mary, m. 1 John Bridgeman, 2 Wm. Matthew,
-, Sir Sampson,
-, Thos.,
-, Sir Thos.,

White friars, see Carmelite friary

White Hart inn, Cornmarket St.,

Whitelocke, Bulstrode,

whitesmiths, see smiths

Whitfield (Northants.),

Whittington, Ric.,

-, Brome,
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

Whyte, see White

Wickham, see Wykeham

Widdowes, Giles,

widows, wealth and status of,


-, Sam., bp. of Oxf.,
-, Wm., n

Wilder, John,

Wildgoose, Hen.,

-, Hen.,
-, John,
-, Wm.,

William I,

William III,

William IV,

William the clerk,

William the dean,

William the reeve,

William the spicer, see Winchester, Wm. of

-, Fred.,
-, Ivy,
-, John, Ld. Williams of Thame,
-, John,
-, Thos.,

Williamscote, see Cropredy

Willicotes, Wm.,

-, Cath.,
-, Francis,
-, his char.,
-, John, n,

Wilmot, Joan,

Wilson, Rob.,

Wiltshire, and see Cricklade; Salisbury; Swindon

Winchester, Wm. of (the spicer),

Winchester, earl of, see Despenser, Hugh

Winchester (Hants), n, n,
-, bp. of, see Waynflete
-, College,
-, fair,
-, moneyers,

-, John,
-, Miles,

Windsor (Berks.),

-, assize of,
-, trade,
-, wine and spirit merchants (modern),
-, and see vintners

Wingfield, Hannah,

Wingfield Morris Orthopaedic hospital,

Winkfield (Berks.), see Ascot

Winkley, Thos., n

-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,

With (Wyth):
-, Gillian,
-, Sim.,


Wokingham (Berks.),

Wolfson College,

Wolsey, Cardinal Thos.,
-, his charter to univ.,

-, bdy.,
-, bridge,
-, ch.,
-, common,
-, green,
-, man.,
-, mills,
-, public services,
-, rights in Port Meadow,
-, Trout inn,
-, ward, see Summertown and Wolvercote ward

Wolverhampton (Staffs.),

-, Ant.,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1559),
-, Thos. (d. 1643),
-, Thos. (fl. 1652),
-, fam.,

Wood Farm housing estate,

Woodforde, Jas.,

Woodhouse, C. M.,

Woodington, Eliz.,

Woodliffe, Wm.,

Woodperry, see Stanton St. John

-, Blenheim Palace,
-, M.P.s,
-, royal visits,
-, town clerk,

Woodstock Road, Oxf.,
-, St. Giles's Terrace in,
-, St. John's Terrace in,

Woodstock Rural District Council,

-, B.,
-, Edw.,

woodworking trades, and see bowyers; cabinet-makers; carpenters; chair-makers; coopers; fletchers; furniture-makers; instrument-makers; joiners; turners

wool trade,

Woolworth, F. W., & Co. Ltd.,

Wootton (Wootten):
-, Ela of, see Biset
-, John of,
-, Ric.,

Wootton (Berks.),
-, Boar's Hill in, n,

Wootton hundred,

Worcester, Edw. of,

-, bp. of, see Carpenter; Cobham, Thos.; Latimer, Hugh

Worcester College,

Worcester Street,

Worcestershire, and see Dudley; Evesham; Worcester

workhouses, see poor-relief

-, And.,
-, Eleanor, w. of Phil., m. 2 Wm. of Bicester,
-, Joan, see Eu
-, Phil.,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Worton (in Cassington),

Wren, Chris.,

-, Thos.
-, fam.,

-, John A.,
-, Martin,
-, Ric.,
-, Wal.,
-, Wm. (d. c. 1636),
-, Wm. (fl. 1679),
-, Wm., s. of above,
-, fam., n

writs, return of,


Würtemburg, prince of, see Frederick

Wyaston House,

-, Geo.,
-, Jas.,
-, L. & R.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Wyatt's Wharf,

Wychwood Forest,

Wycliffe, John,

Wycliffe Hall,

-, Joan,
-, Wal.,
-, fam.,

Wycombe, High (Bucks.), n,


Wycroft Lane,

Wyggeston, fam.,

Wyke, see Binsey

Wyke, East,
-, Eastwyke farm,

Wyke, West,

Wyke Bridge,

Wykeham (Wickham):
-, Jane,
-, Wm. of,
-, Wm. ('Honest'), n

Wyking, Vincent,

Wylcot, Thos.,

Wylde, Thos., see Goldsmith

Wyth, see With

Wytham (Berks.),
-, Seacourt in,
-, Wytham Hill,

-, Marg.,
-, Thos.,

yardlands, see 'king's eight yardlands'


Yate, Marg.,

Yaxley (Hunts.),

Yeadon, Wm.,

Yeats, Chris.,

York, n, n, n
-, dukes of, see Edmund; Frederick; James II; Plantagenet, Ric.


Yorkshire, and see York
-, East Riding, see Beverley
-, West Riding, and see Carleton; Horsforth; Kettlewell; Ripon; Sheffield

Young Men's Christian Association,

Younglove, Rob.,

Zouch (Souche), Jas.,