Note on abbreviations

A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 10, Munslow Hundred (Part), the Liberty and Borough of Wenlock. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1998.

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'Note on abbreviations', in A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 10, Munslow Hundred (Part), the Liberty and Borough of Wenlock, (London, 1998) pp. xxi-xxiii. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]


Among the abbreviations and short titles used the following may require elucidation:

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Agric. H.R. Agricultural History Review
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B.L. British Library, London
B.M. British Museum, London
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Census Census report (printed)
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S.M.R. Shropshire Sites and Monuments Record, S.C.C. Environment Department. Information cited by primary record number prefixed with SA
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S.P.R. Shropshire Parish Registers (Shropshire Parish Register Society, incorporated in the Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society)
S.R.O. Shropshire Record Office (in 1995 amalgamated with S.P.L. to form Shropshire Records and Research Centre). See pp. xix-xx
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Yr. Bk. Year Book