Lilleshall: Charities for the poor

Pages 175-176

A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 11, Telford. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1985.

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Sir Richard Leveson (d. 1661) left a £5 rent charge for annual doles. (fn. 1) In the mid 19th century it became customary to distribute most of it in Donnington Wood and the rest in St. George's. (fn. 2) In 1919 the income was merged with that of the Lilleshall share of the Foxley Charity. (fn. 3)

Sir Richard Leveson's widow Katherine (d. 1674) left £120 a year out of Foxley manor (Northants.) to provide twelve life pensions for widows, three of whom were to be Lilleshall parishioners. Each was to wear a gown with the initials K L on the breast; by 1821 that was no longer done in Lilleshall. Katherine also left £100 a year out of Foxley for apprenticing ten boys annually, two of them to be sons of Lilleshall parishioners. In 1876 the widows' pensions were raised to £20 and eligibility was extended, failing suitable widows, to other poor. The apprenticeships were raised to £30 and the Foxley Charity's objects were extended to include scholarships and grants to school leavers. (fn. 4) Lilleshall's annual share was £102 in 1975.

Katherine Leveson's will provided for the foundation of a hospital for 20 women at Temple Balsall (Warws.). If there were any vacancies after Balsall's needs were met, they were to be filled from other named places, among them Lilleshall parish. (fn. 5) In 1861 Lilleshall's contingent benefit became a permanent one of four weekly pensions of 8s. for female parishioners. (fn. 6) In 1975 Lilleshall's annual share was £21.

Mrs. Rebecca Walthall, by will proved 1756, left the interest on £10 to be distributed in Muxton. In the 1780s the annual interest was 10s. (fn. 7) By 1884 the annual interest, 5s. 6d., was divided between two Muxton widows. (fn. 8) The income was £2 in 1975.

A charity was established in 1888 under the will of William Slaney Lewis, who left £200 stock to provide blankets and clothing for widows in St. George's ecclesiastical district. In 1975 the income was £5.

By will proved 1894 St. John Tipton left £200 stock, the income to be distributed in St. George's parish in clothing or other necessaries. (fn. 9) The income in 1975 was £5.

C. C. Walker, by will proved 1897, gave £500 stock for the sick poor of Lilleshall civil parish. (fn. 10) The income was £11 a year in 1975.

By will proved 1944 Mrs. Edith Emily Todd left stock for pensions in certain parishes, among them Lilleshall ecclesiastical parish. In 1947 the Lilleshall share was vested in the Todd Trust (Lilleshall) Ltd., which in 1969-70 paid 25 pensions of 10s. a week. (fn. 11) The annual income in 1975 was £1,024.

By 1634 sums were occasionally contributed to the parochial poor's stock, which amounted to £57 by 1726. By 1757 only two sums remained: £15 producing 12s. a year then but nothing after 1800, and a £20 legacy of Thomas Winshurst (will proved 1673), producing 16s. a year then (fn. 12) but nothing after 1788. Both were lost by 1821.


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