A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 2

By M J Angold, G C Baugh, Marjorie M Chibnall, D C Cox, D T W Price, Margaret Tomlinson and B S Trinder/ Edited by A T Gaydon and R B Pugh. A part-volume covering the religious houses of the county.

Victoria County History - Shropshire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1973.

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Table of contents

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Editorial note xvii
Sources used xviii-xix
Abbreviations xx
Religious houses: Introduction 18-26
Houses of Benedictine monks: Priory of Bromfield 27-29
Houses of Benedictine monks: Priory of Morville 29-30
Houses of Benedictine monks: Abbey of Shrewsbury 30-37
Houses of Cluniac monks: Priory of Preen 38
Houses of Cluniac monks: Abbey, later Priory, of Wenlock 38-47
House of Grandmontine monks: Priory of Alberbury 47-50
House of Cistercian monks: Abbey of Buildwas 50-59
Houses of Augustinian canons: Priory of Chirbury 59-62
Houses of Augustinian canons: Abbey of Haughmond 62-70
Houses of Augustinian canons: Abbey of Lilleshall 70-80
Houses of Augustinian canons: Priory of Ratlinghope 80
Houses of Augustinian canons: Priory of Wombridge 80-83
House of Augustinian canonesses: Priory of St Leonard, Brewood 83-84
House of Knights Templars: Preceptory of Lydley 85-86
House of Knights Hospitallers: Preceptory of Halston 87-88
Friaries: Franciscan Friars 89-91
Friaries: Dominican Friars 91-93
Friaries: Carmelite Friars 93-95
Friaries: Austin friars 95-98
Hospitals: Bridgnorth 98-101
Hospitals: Ludford (St Giles) 101-102
Hospitals: Ludlow (St John) 102-104
Hospitals: Oswestry (St John) 104-105
Hospitals: Shrewsbury 105-108
Almshouses: Ludlow (Hosier's) 108-109
Almshouses: Newport (Town) 110
Almshouses: Shrewsbury 110-114
Colleges of secular canons: Shrewsbury 114-123
Colleges of secular canons: Bridgnorth, St Mary Magdalen 123-128
Colleges of secular canons: Battlefield, St Mary Magdalen 128-131
Colleges of secular canons: Tong, St Bartholomew 131-133
Colleges of secular canons: Newport, St Mary 133-134
Religious Guild: Ludlow, Palmers' Guild 134-140