List of illustrations

A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7, the City of Birmingham. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1964.

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Grateful acknowledgement is made to the Birmingham Reference Library for the facilities afforded for the selection of illustrations and for making available for reproduction prints and other material in the Birmingham collection. For permission to reproduce pictures in their possession and for the loan of photographic prints and negatives thanks are due also to the City Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, the Information, Architect's, and Engineer's departments of Birmingham Corporation, the Trustees of the William Salt Library, Stafford, the Society of Friends, the Bournville Village Trust, the National Buildings Record, Imperial Metal Industries (Kynoch) Limited, the Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited, Mr. M. E. J. Shewell of Manchester University, H. J. Whitlock and Sons Limited, and to the architects Mr. S. T. Walker, and Messrs. Bromilow, While, and Smeeton.

The City Centre from the West. Drawing by H. W. Brewer from The Graphic, 1886 frontispiece
The East Prospect of Birmingham by W. Westley, 1732 facing page 6
Part of J. Hanson's Plan of Birmingham, 1778 " 7
View from the Tower of St. Philip's Church. Oil painting by Samuel Lines, 1821. City Museum and Art Gallery " 12
The Bull Ring during Reconstruction, 1961. Aerofilms and Aero Pictorial Ltd. " 26
Corporation Street c. 1950. City Information Dept., Birmingham " 26
Crescent Wharf in the mid-19th century. Engraving after David Cox. Birm. Reference Library " 27
New Street Station. Phot. of c. 1900 at Birm. Reference Library " 27
'High Street Market'. Engraving after David Cox, mid-19th century " 42
New Street. Lithograph by C. Radclyffe, c. 1840. " 42
Deritend c. 1870. Watercolour by A. D. Perry. City Museum and Art Gallery " 43
The Proof House. National Buildings Record, 1962 " 43
Anderton Square. Phot. by W. A. Clark, 1932. City Museum and Art Gallery " 43
Birmingham General Dispensary. Early-19th-century print. Birm. Reference Library page 44
St. Martin's Place. Phot. by H. J. Whitlock and Sons Ltd. National Buildings Record facing page 50
Great Brook Street, Ashted. Phot. by W. A. Clark, 1932. City Museum and Art Gallery " 50
Birmingham Housing " 51
1. Back-to-back houses, Digbeth, 1937. Birm. Reference Library
2. Tunnel-back houses, Sparkhill. Aerofilms and Aero Pictorial Ltd., 1950
3. Witton Lodge Estate. Aerofilms and Aero Pictorial Ltd., 1950
4. Hawkesley Moat Farm Estate, 1958. City Architect's Dept.
'The Moat'. Lithograph after original drawing by William Hamper c. 1815. Birm. Reference Library, Birm. Prints and Drawings, Coll. i. " 60
Edgbaston Hall and Church. From Dugdale, Antiquities of Warwickshire, ii (1730) " 60
Aston Hall: visit of Queen Victoria, 1856. Coloured print by R. T. Leitch " 61
Aston Hall: ground floor plan. Drawn by M. Edwards from an early-20th-century survey by E. F. Reynolds lent by Mr. S. T. Walker " 61
Soho Works, c. 1781. "Vue des Magazines &c. &c. appartenants à la Manufacture de Boulton & Fothergill'. William Salt Library, Stafford, Staffordshire Views, vii. 23 " 106
Aston Glassworks. Advertisement from Wrightson's Dir. Birm., 1818 " 106
Early-19th-century Industry " 107
1. Pantechnatheca, New Street. Advertisement c. 1823. Birm. Reference Library
2. Dearman and Francis, Eagle Foundry. From Bisset's Dir. Birm., 1800
3. Scudamore, Cutler etc. Birm. Reference Library
4. Ford, Brunton and Whitmore's Tool Catalogue, 1810. Birm. Reference Library
John Yate's Exchange Works, Aston. Lithograph by M. Billing from New Illustrated Directory, 1858 " 134
Visit of Prince of Wales to Gillott's Pen Factory. The Graphic, 1874 " 134
Workers leaving B.S.A. Factory, Small Heath, 1907. From B.S.A. Group News, June 1961 " 134
Kynoch Works (I.C.I. Metals Ltd.). Painting by Henry Rushbury, 1943. Kynoch Press, Imperial Metal Industries (Kynoch), Ltd. " 190
Flatted Factory, Holloway Head, 1958. City Engineer's Dept. facing page 190
Vauxhall Gardens. Mid-19th-century oil painting at Birm. Reference Library " 222
Royal Hotel. Early-19th-century advertisement. City Museum and Art Gallery " 222
Town Hall at the Music Festival of 1834. Contemporary print " 223
Reference Library as rebuilt after the fire of 1879. Phot. 1933 at Birm. Reference Library " 223
Thimble Mill, Nechells, in 1881. Watercolour probably by W. Blackham. Birm. Reference Library, Birm. Prints and Drawings, Coll. ii. " 260
Hurst Mill, King's Norton. Undated phot. at Birm. Reference Library " 260
Joseph Priestley, 1791. Birm. Reference Library " 270
Joseph Chamberlain, 1876. Birm. Reference Library " 270
Public Buildings " 326
1. Old or High Cross. From W. Hutton, Hist. Birm. (1781)
2. Public Office. Early-19th-century print by F. Calvert
3. Council House. City Information Dept.
4. Baskerville House. City Information Dept.
General Hospital. Print of 1795 at Birm. Reference Library " 327
Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Medical School. Aerofilms and Aero Pictorial Ltd. " 327
The North Prospect of St. Philip's Church by W. Westley, 1732 " 378
Church of England " 379
1. St. Mary, Handsworth. Watercolour of 1769 at William Salt Library, Stafford, Staffordshire Views, ivB. 259
2. St. Peter, Harborne. Watercolour of before 1820. Birm. Reference Library, Birm. Prints and Drawings, Coll. i.
3. St. Mary, Birmingham. Lithograph by Henry Burn, 1842. Birm. Reference Library
4. St. George's Church and Schools. Birmingham Print of c. 1822. Birm. Reference Library
5. St. Alban, Birmingham. From a drawing by J. L. Pearson, architect, c. 1881
Christ Church, Ward End. Phot. by Margaret Tomlinson, 1962 " 410
St. John, Longbridge. Phot. from Bromilow, While, and Smeeton, architects " 410
St. Chad's Cathedral. Phot. by Margaret Tomlinson, 1963 " 410
Protestant Nonconformity " 411
1. First Bull Street Meeting House. Phot. at Friends' Meeting House of a painting made before 1857
2. New Meeting. From P. H. Whitton and J. Edwards, View of the Ruins of . . . houses destroyed at Birm. (1792)
3. Old Meeting. Print by W. Green, 1827
4. Carrs Lane Congregational Chapel, built 1820. Contemporary print
5. Cherry Street Wesleyan Chapel. From The Graphic, 1876
6. Church of the Redeemer, Hagley Road. From Building News, 1883
Lancasterian School, Severn Street, 1809. Contemporary print " 500
Science Laboratory at Icknield Street Board School. Phot. by W. J. Harrison c. 1891. Birm. Reference Library " 500
Bournville School. Bournville Village Trust " 501
Ladywood County Primary School. City Architect's Dept. " 501
Lench's Almshouses, Steelhouse Lane. Phot. before demolition, 1880. Birm. Reference Library " 564
Dining Hall at Mason's Orphanage in 1868. From Illustrated Midland News, 1869 " 564
Arms and Supporters of the City of Birmingham. Drawn by K. J. Allison after C. W. Scott-Giles, Civic Heraldry page 568