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A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 8, the City of Coventry and Borough of Warwick. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1969.

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NOTE. A page number in italics indicates an illustration; a dagger (†) prefixed to such an entry denotes a plate facing that page.

The following abbreviations have been used in the index: adv., advowson; agric., agriculture; Alex., Alexander; Ant., Anthony; abp., archbishop; Bart., Bartholomew; Ben., Benjamin; bp., bishop; bros., brothers; cast., castle; cath., cathedral; Cath., Catherine; cent., century; chant., chantry; chap., chapel; char., charities; Chas., Charles; Chris., Christopher; ch., church; coll., college; Co., Company; ctss., countess; Cov., Coventry; cr., created; Dan., Daniel; d., died; Edm., Edmund; Edw., Edward; Eliz., Elizabeth; fam., family; fl., floruit; Fred., Frederick; Geof., Geoffrey; Geo., George; Gilb., Gilbert; govt., government; Hen., Henry; hosp., hospital; ho., house; Humph., Humphrey; hund., hundred; inc., inclosure; ind., industry; Jas., James; Jos., Joseph; Kath., Katherine; Laur., Laurence; Lawr., Lawrence; Id., lord; man., manor; Marg., Margaret; m., married; Mat., Matthew; Mic., Michael; Nat., Nathaniel; Nic., Nicholas; par., parish; pk., park; Parl. rep., Parliamentary representation; Pet., Peter; Phil., Philip; pop., population; Prot. nonconf., Protestant nonconformity; rly., railway; Ric., Richard; riv., river; Rob., Robert; Rog., Roger; Rom. Cath., Roman Catholic (ism); R. D., Rural District; Sam., Samuel; sch., school; Sim., Simon; sis., sister; soc., society; sta., station; Steph., Stephen; succ., succeeded; Thos., Thomas; univ., university; U.D.C., Urban District Council; vct., viscount; Wal., Walter; Warw., Warwick; w., wife; Wm., William.

Abbot (Abbott), John, Rob.,

Abel, relic connected with,

Abetot, John de,

Abingdon (Berks.), cross,

Accles tricycle,

Account of the Loans, Benefactions and
-, Charities Belonging to the City of
-, Cov., An (1733),

Ackroyd, J. L.,

Actaeon (legendary character),

Adams, Arthur Robarts, Revd.
-, C. C., Clarke, D.
-, Stopford, Eliz., H. W.,
-, Hen., John, Sim.,
-, Revd. T. C.,
-, Lady — (fl. 1876), fam.,

Aderley, Ralph de,

Adnett, Rog.,

Adrian, Ric., n,

Ælfgar, earl of East Anglia, n,


Aglionby, Edw., n,
-, Kath., see Wigston; fam.,

Agriculture, Ministry of,

Air Ministry,

Aitken, Wm. Maxwell, baron Beaver brook
-, (d. 1964),

Alan (13th-cent. clerk),

Albany, Hugh de, see Aubigny (Hugh
-, d')

Albatros Motors,

Albert (of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha),
-, prince consort, m. Victoria,

Albion Drop Forgings Co.,

Alcester, deanery
-, of,

Alcock, John,

Alderman's Green, in Foleshill,

Aldgyth, m. Gruffyd, prince of
-, Wales, 2 Harold, king of the
-, English,

Aldithele, Hen. de,

Alexander II, Pope,

Alexander, W., n

Alexander (S.) and Son, watchmakers,

Alice (servant, fl. 1516),

Alicock, Hen., Wm.,

Alison, Anne,

Allard and Co., cycle and motor vehicle
-, manufacturers,

Allen, Thos.,

-, area,
-, chap., ch., n,
-, electricity supply, gas
-, supply, hosp.,
-, housing estate, ind.,
-, man., mill, par.,
-, place name, Prot. nonconf.,
-, quarry, Rom. Cath.,
-, rugby fifteen, schs.,

Allesley, Giles, Thos., Wm.
-, de,

Allynton, Ric.,

'Alpha', motor car,

Alvis Car and Engineering Co.
-, (formerly T. G. John Ltd.), †

Always Welding Ltd.,

Amalgamated (formerly Beeston)
-, Pneumatic Tyre Co.,

Amateur Photographer (trade journal),

Amerson, Wm.,

Ammianus Marcellinus,


Andrew, St., relics of,

Andrew of Coundon, see Coundon

Andrews (Andrewes), C. E. A.,
-, Ric., Wm.,

Andrews (F. B.) and Son, architects,

Ange, Ric.,


Anketill, name of,

Anne, queen,

-, agric., area,
-, boundaries, bridge,
-, canal, ch. of St. James,
-, n, n; estates,
-, gas supply, Hall,
-, inc., inns, local
-, govt., mans., man.ho.,
-, the Moats, par.,
-, Pk., place name, pop.,
-, Prot. nonconf.,
-, roads, stocks, tithes,
-, village, weaving
-, ind.,

Answers (periodical),

Antera of Cov. (fl. 1219),

Anti-Vaccination Soc.,

Antony, Wm., n


Arbury Priory, in Chilvers Coton,

Archangel (Russia),

Archer, Andrew, Hen.,
-, Sir Sim., Thos., ld.
-, Archer (d. 1768),
-, Col. — (fl. 1680), fam.,

Arden, baron, see Perceval

Arden, deanery of,

Arden, Forest of,

Arden, Turchil of, see Turchil

arden and felden country,

Arden Motor Co.,

Ardern, de, Rob., Rose,
-, Thos. (of Hanwell),
-, Thos. (of Rugby),

'Ariel' bicycle,

Ariel Motors, n

Arlingham (Glos.),

Arlington, earl of, see Bennett (Hen.)

Armentières (Nord, France),

Armfield, John, char. of,

Armstrong Siddeley Development
-, Co.,

Armstrong Siddeley Motors,

Armstrong (Sir W. G.) Whitworth
-, Aircraft Co.,

Armstrong-Whitworth Co.,

Arno Motor Co.,

Arrowsmith, Rob.,

Artemis (Greek goddess),

Arthur, Prince (d. 1502),

Arundel, earl of, see Aubigny (Hugh
-, d')

Arundell, Sir Wm.,

Ashaw (Ashmoor), forest of,

Ashby Canal,

Ashby, Canons (Northants.), priory
-, of,

Ashby (Assheby), Geo.,
-, Rob., n; Thos.,

Ashorne, in Newbold Pacey,

Assheby, see Ashby

Associated Commercial Vehicles, see
-, Associated Equipment Co.

Associated Cycle Manufacturers, see
-, Coventry Bicycles Ltd.

Associated Daimler Co., see Daimler

Associated Electrical Industries,

Associated Equipment Co. (later
-, Associated Commercial Vehicles),

Associated Motor Cycles,

Astbury, Rob.,

Asthill, in Cov.,
-, boundaries, estates,
-, man.,

Aston, in Birmingham,

Aston, John, Joyce, see Frevill;
-, Ric., Rob., Sir Rog.,
-, Wal., 1st 1d. Aston of Forfar,
-, Wal., 2nd ld. Aston of Forfar,
-, fam.,

Aston Flamville (Leics.),


Athletic Reporter, see Coventry
-, Graphic

Atkinson, Stanley,

Attilboro, Wm.,

Attleborough, in Nuneaton,

Attorney General,

Attoxhale, in Walsgrave-on-Sowe,

Aubigny (Albany), d', Christina, see
-, Brinklow; Hen.,
-, Hugh, earl of Arundel (d.
-, 1243), Oliver, Ralph,
-, Wm.,

Aubusson (Creuse),

Audeley, Jas. de,

Augustine, St., of Hippo, relic of,

Austen, Wm.,

Austin cars,

Austin and Paley, architects,

Austrian Small Arms Factory,

Auto Machinery Co.,

Autocar (trade journal),

Autovia Cars,

Avery, Thos,

Avon, earl of, see Eden

Avon, riv., n,
-, fishery,

Aylworth, Thos., char. of,

Bablake, in Cov.,
-, Boys' hosp., n,
-, chap., ch.,
-, n, coll.,
-, conduit, (or Bond's) hosp., see
-, Cov., hosps.; Prot. nonconf.,
-, sch., †

Babthorpe, Wm.,

Bache, John,

Back Brook,

Bacon, Elfrida Jessie, char. of,

Baddeley, Ben., char. of,

Baddesley, Clinton,

Baginton, airport,
-, area, bridge, bus service,
-, excavations at, gas
-, supply, mills, par.
-, Saxon cemetery,
-, sch., sewage farm,

Bagley Hen. I, Hen. II,
-, Wm.,

Bagot, Hen.,
-, Kath., Rob., Wm.
-, (fl. 1270), Wm., ld. Bagot (d.
-, 1856), fam.,

Bailiff, Wm., n

Baker, Moses, Sampson,

Ball, John,

Ballantine, Wm.,

Ballard, Hen., Thos.,

Balsall, preceptory of,

Baltic Sea,

Banaster, Thurstan,

Banbury, Thos., Wm.,

Banbury (Oxon.),

Banks (Bankes), Jos. Edge, Sir
-, Ralph,

Barbe d'Averil, Phil., Wm.,


Bardsley, Dr. Cuthbert, bp. of Cov.,

Baret, Wm.,

Bargavenny, ld., see Neville (Edw.)

-, and see Lee (la)

Barker, John (fl. 1550), Col. John,
-, mayor of Cov. (fl. 1645),
-, Mary, m. Thos. Wood cock,
-, dRic.,
-, Wm., fam.,

Barlow, Capt. Francis,

Barnacle, in Bulkington,

Barndesly, Eliz., John,

Barneby, Thos. de,

Barnes, Rob., n — (fl. 1850),

Barnet, forest of,

Barnett (A.) and Co., motor cycle
-, manufacturers,

Barnsley, G. R.,

Baron, Pet., n, Ric.,

Barow, Rob. de,

Barr, Edith, Hen.,

Barr, Great (Staffs.), n,

Barras Green, in Stoke,

Barras Heath, in Stoke,

Barr's Hill, in Cov., sch.,

Barston, n; and see Eastcote

Bartleet, H. W.,

Barton. Sam.,

Barton (Leics.),

Barton and Loudon, see Beeston Tyre
-, Rim Co.

Barwell (Leics.),

Baskerville (Baskervyle), Dame Marie,
-, Sir Thos. (fl. 1580),
-, Thos. (fl. 1678),

Basnett, Sam.,

Basset, John, Wm.,

Bateman, A. E.,

Bates, J. I., Ric.,

Bath (Som.),

Bathurst, Dr. Ralph,

Baxter, Hen., Ric.,

Bayes, Thos., char. of,

Baylis, Wm.,

Bayliss and Thomas, cycle manufacturers,

Baynes, Revd. — (fl. 1800),

Baynham, Geo. Athanasius,

Baysham, John,

Bazalgatte, Lt.Col. Louis,

Beake, Rob., mayor of Cov.,

Bean, Chas.,

Beauchamp, Anne (d. 1449), Anne,
-, m. Ric. Neville, Cath.,
-, see Mortimer; Cecily, see Neville;
-, Eleanor, Eliz., w. of Ric.,
-, Eliz., dau. of Ric., Guy de,
-, earl of Warwick (d. 1315),
-, Guy, son of
-, Thos. (d. 1369), Hen., earl,
-, later duke, of Warwick (d. 1446),
-, Marg., ctss. of
-, Warwick (d. 1406), Marg., m.
-, John Talbot, Ric.,
-, earl of Warwick (d. 1439),
-, Thos., earl of Warwick
-, (d. 1369),
-, Thos., earl of Warwick
-, (d. 1401),
-, Wal.,
-, Wm. (of Elmley), Wm., earl
-, of Warwick (d. 1298), Sir
-, Wm. (fl. 1389), fam.,

Beaufitz, Hen., Rob.,

Beaufoe, John,

Beaufort, Edm., duke of Somerset (d.
-, 1455),

Beaufoy, Sir Thos., fam.,

Beaumont, Francis Morton,
-, Gundred de, ctss. of Warwick,
-, Hen. de, earl of Warwick (d. 1119),
-, Hen. de, earl of Warwick
-, (d. 1229), Sir Hen. (fl. 1618),
-, Huntington, Margery,
-, ctss. of Warwick, m. John
-, Marshal John du Plessis,
-, Rob. de, count
-, of Meulan (d. 1118),
-, Rog. de, earl of Warwick (d.
-, 1153),
-, Thos. de, earl of Warwick (d. 1242),
-, Sir Thos. (fl.
-, 1611), Waleran de, earl of
-, Warwick (d. 1203), Wm. de,
-, earl of Warwick (d. 1184),
-, Wm. de (d. 1298), fam.,

Beausale, chap., pk.,
-, and see Rykmersbury

Beaverbrook, ld., see Aitken

Beck, Jas.,

Becket, Thos., abp. of Canterbury,
-, relic of,

Bedford, ctss. of, see Russell (Lucy)

Bedford, Rob., Wm.,

Bedworth, Thos. de,

Bedworth, char.,
-, colliery, par.
-, Prot. nonconf.,
-, sewage disposal,
-, tram service, U.D.,

Bedworth Hill,

Beeston (Notts.),

Beeston Cycle Co., n

Beeston Motor Co.,

Beeston Pneumatic Tyre Co., see
-, Amalgamated Pneumatic Tyre Co.

Beeston Tyre Rim Co. (formerly
-, Barton and Loudon),

Behnes, Wm.,

Beighton, Hen.,

Bel, John le,

Belges, — (fl. 1611),


Belgrade (Yugoslavia),

Belknap, Edw.,

Bell, — (fl. 1837), n

Bell Green, in Foleshill,
-, housing estates, offal
-, factory, Prot. nonconf.,
-, rly. sta., sch.,

Bellerby, Thos.,

Belmann (S.) and Co., cycle manufacturers,

Belper (Derb.),

Benedict, Joce son of, see Joce

Benes, Eduard, Czech statesman,

Bennett (Bennet), Hen., earl of
-, Arlington (d. 1685), John,
-, Ric., Wm.,
-, fam.,

Bennington, A. C., n

Benson, Ric., n

Bentinck, Wm. Hen. Cavendish, duke
-, of Portland (d. 1809),

Bentley, Thos.,

Berkeley, Eliz., baroness Berkeley (d.
-, 1635), Fred. Augustus,
-, earl of Berkeley (d. 1810),
-, Geo., baron Berkeley (d. 1658),
-, Hen., baron Berkeley (d. 1613),
-, Sir Thos., Wm.,
-, marquess of Berkeley (cr. 1488),
-, fam.,


-, area, bus service, electricity supply,

Berlin, evangelical bp. of,

Bernard, John, n

Berridge, T. H. D.,

Berry, Edw.,

Bessemer steel,

Besworth, Wm.,

Betham, Ric., n

Bethlehem (Palestine),

Betts, Wm. H.,

Beverley (Yorks. E.R.),

Bevis, Rob.,

Bewdley (Worcs.),

Bewley, Thos., fam.,

Beyer, Ralph,

Beynon, — (fl. 1792),

Bicycling News,

Biggin, in Clifton on Dunsmore,

Biggin Hall, in Stoke,

Bigging, in Stoke,
-, excavations at, fields,
-, local govt., man.,
-, place name,

Billingsley, Wm.,

Bingham, Ric.,

Binley, Wm.,

Binley, area,
-, chap., ch., n;
-, collieries, n; electricity
-, supply, estates, gas supply,
-, mill, place name, Prot.
-, nonconf., Rom. Cath.,
-, schs.,

Bintt, Thos.,

Birches, Symkyn,

Bird, John, Rob., Thos.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1680), Wm. (fl.
-, 1796), fam.,


-, n
-, n
-, archdeaconry,
-, archdiocese (Rom. Cath.), assizes,
-, bp. of (Rom. Cath.), see Ullathorne;
-, bus service, Christ ch.,
-, corporation, cycle manufacturing
-, ind., diocese,
-, forgings ind., Lunar
-, soc., motor car manufacturing
-, ind.,
-, motor cycle manufacturing
-, ind., Prot. nonconf.,
-, riots at, Rom. Cath.,
-, synagogue, taxation,
-, univ. of, and see Aston

Birmingham and Fazeley Canal,

Birmingham Motor Manufacturing Co.,

Birmingham and Oxford Junction
-, Rly.,

Birmingham Regional Hospital Board,

Birmingham Small Arms Co.,

Bishop, Francis, n; Brother Wm.,

Bishoprics of Bradford and Cov. Act (1918),

Bishopshay, near Cov.,

Bisseley (later Shortley),
-, chap., ch., n;
-, mill, place name, vill of,
-, and see Shortley

Bittlesby, Wm.,

Black, J. P., n,

Black Book of Warwick,

Black Country,

Black Death,

Blackett, Jas., n,

Blackpool (Lancs.),

Blakesley, Mrs. Jane,

Blissett, Jos., char. of, Rob.,
-, — (fl. 1692),

Blockley, deanery of, n

Blount, Chas., John, Thos.,

Blyth, T. A.,

Boer War,

Bohun, Abraham, Geo.,
-, Isaac, John,
-, Ralph (fl. 1590), Ralph (d.
-, 1632), Susan, m. Gilb. Clarke,
-, fam.,

Bois, de, Arnold, Wm.,

Bold, Mic.,

Bole, Geo., John,

Bollée, Léon,

Bolton, Frances, see Christmas;
-, Steph., Wm. (of Birmingham),
-, Wm. (of London), Wm.
-, (of Warwick), fam.,

Bona Dea (Roman goddess),

Bond, Capel, John, Thos.
-, (d. 1506),
-, Thos. (fl. 1550),

Bonharry, John,

Bonnick Cycle Co., see Riley Cycle
-, Co.

Book of John Fisher,

Booth, Wm., founder of the Salvation
-, Army,

Bordesley (Worcs.), abbey of,

Boscherville, Rog. de,

Boston, ld., see Irby (Geo. Ives)

Boston (Lincs.),

Boston (Mass., U.S.A.),

Bosworth, Thos.,

Bosworth (Leics.), battle of,

Boteler, Hen., John,

Botoner, Adam, John,
-, Wm., fam.,

Botiler, Wm. le, fam.,

Bottrill, John,

Boughton, Edw., Eliz., m.
-, Wm. Cavendish,

Boulton, — (fl. 1863),

Boulton and Watt, makers of steam
-, engines,

Boun, see Boune

Boundary Act (1842),

Boune (Boun, Bunn), Abraham,
-, Gilb., John,

Bourde, John,

Bourne, H., n; Hugh,

Bowater, John (d. 1640), John
-, (fl. 1676), fam.,

Bowde, Thos.,

Bowden, Edm.,

Bowen, Mrs., char. of,

Bowes, Isobel, Sir Wm.,

Bowyer, Ben., n; Lady Jane,
-, John (fl. 1692), Sir
-, John,

Boydall, Jas., char. of,

Boyd-Carpenter, Archibald,

Boyle, Hamilton, vct. Dungarvan (d.
-, 1764),

Boyse, Wm.,

Brabazon, Edw., ld. Brabazon of
-, Ardee (d. 1625), Wm., earl of
-, Meath (d. 1651),

Bradford, Sam.,

Bradforth, Thos.,

Bradshaw, John, Ric.,

Braham, John,


Bramcote, in Bulkington,

Brampton Bros., engineers,

Brandon, n,

Braunston, John,

Braunston (Northants.),

Bray, Chas.,
-, Rog. le, fam.,

Braytoft, Edw., Ric., mayor of
-, Cov., fam.,

Bredon Cross, in Ipsley (Worcs.
-, formerly Warws.),

Breeres, see Breres

Brentwood, John,

Breres (Breeres), Hen., mayor of
-, Cov., n

Brese, Thos.,

Bret, see Bruton

Bretford, in Wolston,

Bretivill, Thos. de, n

Brett Patent Lifter Co. (formerly
-, E. S. Brett), and
-, see Brett's Stamping Co.

Brett's Stamping Co., and see
-, Brett Patent Lifter Co.

Brewer, Sir Herbert,

Brewood, Wm.,

Brewster, John,

Briant, —, bell caster,

Bridgeman, Dame Mary, Sir
-, Orlando, fam.,

Bridges, Maj. John, Capt. Mat.,

Brierley Hill (Staffs.),

Briggs fam.,

Brighton (Suss.),

Brimpsfield (Glos.),

Brindley, Jas.,

Brine, John,

Brinklow, Christina, m. Hen.
-, d'Aubigny, Joan,
-, Liulph de,
-, Nic. I, Nic. II. Sim.,
-, Thos.,

Brinklow, rector of,

Briscoe, Thos.,

-, char., mint,

Bristol Aero-Engines,

Bristol Aeroplane Co.,

Bristol Siddeley Engines,

Bristol Spelling Book for Adults,

Bristow, Edw., John,
-, R., Wm.,
-, fam.,

Brithwaulton, Wm. de, prior of Cov.,

British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Co.,

British Medical Association,

British Medical Journal,

British Motor Syndicate,

British Museum,

British Oxygen Co.,

British Piston Ring Co.,

British Thomson Houston Co.,

British Transport Commission,

British Waterways Board,

Broadmeadow, Thos., fam.,

Broadway (Worcs.),

Broc, Geof.,

Brockhurst, Ann, Ben.,

Broke, see Brooke

Bromage, Revd. A. R.,

Brome, John, n; Ralph,
-, Reginald, fam.,

Bromley, Clobery, Hen.,
-, John I, John II, Wm. de
-, (fl. 1250), Wm. (fl. 1734),

Brompton, John of,

Bromwich, J.,

Brooch, Geo.,

Brooke, barons, see Greville

Brooke (Broke), John, Rob.,
-, Thos., fam.,

Brookes (Brooks), Ric.,
-, Sam., Wm.,

Brookhouse, Jos.,

Brooklands, in Weybridge (Surr.),

Brooks, see Brookes

Brooks Motor Co.,

Brougham Commissioners, see Charitable
-, Endowments, Royal Commission on

Browett, T.,

Brown (Browne), G. H., John
-, (fl. 1400), John (fl. 1455),
-, John (fl. 1699),
-, Revd. John (fl. 1841),
-, Lancelot, Master (of
-, Woodloes), Wm. (fl. 1705),
-, Wm. (fl. 1823), Wm.
-, Wale,

Brownell, Edm., mayor of Cov.,

Brownlow, Cecil, earl of Exeter (d.
-, 1793),

Brownrigg, Thos.,

Brownshill Green, in Coundon,

Bruges (Belgium),

Brugge, atte, fam.,

Brumskill, Oliver,

Brunel, I. K.,

Brunhalling, name of,

Bruton (or Bret), Alice, Jas.,
-, Rob., Wal.,
-, fam.,

Bryan, Sir Francis, Gervase,
-, John,
-, n
-, Rob., Sam.,


Buchanan, Dr. — (fl. 1870),

Buckingham, duke of, see Stafford
-, (Humph.)


Buckingham Engineering Co.
-, (formerly J. F. Buckingham),
-, and see Manley and Buckingham

Buckley, Ric.,

Budbrooke, man.,
-, rectory, vicar of, and
-, see Hampton on the Hill

Bugges, Sam.,

Bulkington, n; ch.,
-, and see Barnacle, Bramocte,
-, Marston Junction, Weston in Arden

Bulstrode, Sir Ric.,

Bulwer, Sir Hen. Lytton,

Bunn, see Boune

Burbage (Burbidge), F. Bliss,
-, Wm., char. of, fam.,

Burbury, Sam.,

Burder, Geo.,

Burgess (Burgesse), Ant., Edw.,

Burgh (Burghe), Ric., Thos.,

Burghill, John, bp. of Cov.,

Burnaby, Sir Ric.,

Burne, J., n

Burrell, Hannah,

Burrows, Edw.,

Burton, Cath., Elaine,
-, Humph. (d. 1685),
-, Humph. (fl. 1693), John
-, (fl. 1780), John (fl. 1820),
-, Parnel, Ric. de (fl.
-, 13th cent.), Ric. (fl. 1400),
-, Sim., fam.,

Burton-upon-Trent (Staffs.),

Bury St. Edmunds (Suff.),

Busby, Mat., char. of,

Buschby fam.,

Bushill, T. W.,

Bushill (Thos.) and Sons, paper
-, merchants,

Butler, Edw., Hen. (fl. 1480),
-, Hen. (fl. 1643), John
-, (fl. 1491), John (fl. 1557),
-, Ric.,

Butlin, John,

Butlin's Ltd.,

Butt, Revd. Geo., n

Butterworth, John,
-, Jos.,

Byfield (Northants.),

Bykar, John,

Byrdall, Thos.,

Bythebrook, Rog.,

Cachemaille-Day, N.F.,

Cadman, Elijah,

Calcott Bros., motor car manufacturers,


Caldicote, John de,

Caludon, in Cov.,
-, agric., area,
-, boundaries, chap.
-, ch., estate,
-, fields,
-, housing estates, local govt.,
-, man., place name,
-, pop., sch., woodland,

Cambridge, Christ's coll.,
-, Pembroke coll.,
-, Trinity coll., univ. of,
-, univ. library,

Camden, Wm.,

Camel, Thos.,

Cameswell (Camswell), Mic.,
-, Thos.,

Cammell-Laird, engineers,

Camswell, see Cameswell


Canale, Antonio (Canaletto), n,
-, †, n

Caning, Ric., n

Canley, in Cov., cemetery,
-, ch., coll., fire
-, sta., housing estate,
-, library, Moat cottages,
-, place name, Prot. nonconf.,
-, rly. sta., Rom.
-, Cath., sch., sewage
-, disposal,

Cannock, forest of,

Canterbury (Kent), abps. of, see
-, Becket; Laud; Whitgift

Caradoc (fl. 50),

Careswell, Mary, Sir Pet.,
-, Wm.,

Carey, Hen., earl of Dover (d. 1666),

Carleton, —, theatre manager (fl.
-, 1773),

Carlton Co., motor car manufacturers,

Carlyle, Thos.,

Carnegie United Kingdom Trust,

Carpenter, Hen., Jos.,

Carpenter's Weaving Co.,

Carr, C. Lisle, bp. of Cov.,

Carrington, Chas., n; Francis,
-, vct. Carrington (d. 1701),

Carter, John (fl. 1786), John (fl.
-, 1836), Sam.,
-, Wm.,

Cartwright, Thos.,

Carvanell, John,

Cash, John, Jos.,
-, Sidney, fam.,

Cash, J. and J., ribbon weavers,
-, factory, †

Castile, king of, see Jean I

Cater, Francis, fam.,

Catesby (Northants.), priory of,

Cattell, Thos.,

Cattle, Ric.,

Cave, G., Sir Rog.,

Cavendish, Wm., earl of Devonshire
-, (d. 1626), Eliz., ctss. of
-, Devonshire (d. 1642), see Boughton

Cawston, in Dunchurch,

Cecil, Sir Rob.,

Cecilia, St., relics of,

Cecily, sis. of Sim. (fl. 1272),

Celet, Wm.,

Census of Production (1930),
-, (1935), (1948),

Centaur Cycle Co.,

Central Council for the Care of
-, Churches,

Chacombe (Northants.),

Chaddesley Corbett (Worcs.), adv.,

Chalfont St. Giles (Bucks.),

Chamberlain (Chaumberleng), Leonard,
-, Rog.
-, le,

Chambers, Jos., char. of,

Chancellor, the Lord,
-, and
-, see Yorke

Change of System, A (play),

Chantrey, Sir Francis Legatt,

Chapel Fields, in Cov.,
-, †

Chaplin, Ric.,

Chapman, John,

Charitable Endowments, Royal Commission
-, on (Brougham Commissioners),

Charlecote, Thos. de,

Charlecote, and see Thelsford

Charles I, king,

Charles II, king,

Charles, W. H.,

Charlton, Joan, see Langley; John de,

Chataway, H. W.,

Chatill (Chatel), Isabel, m. Wm.
-, Stevens, Sim., fam.,

Chatwin, P. B.,

Chaumberleng, see Chamberlain

Chaundos, John de,

Cheltenham (Glos.),
-, Theatre Royal,

Chepstow (Monms.),

Chernock, Francis,


Chester, bps. of, and
-, see Peter

Chester, earls of,
-, and see Hugh; Ranulf;
-, Richard

Chester, n,

Chester, honor of,

Chesterfield, Mat.,

Chesterfield (Derb.), n

Chesterton, Edm. de, Joan, see
-, Langley


Cheston, Geo.,

Cheylesmore, barons, see Eaton

Cheylesmore, in Cov., † chap.,
-, ch., courts,
-, cycle factory, estate,
-, liberty of, man.,
-, man.ho., †
-, par., pk.,
-, n
-, place name, Prot. nonconf.,
-, race meeting, Rom.
-, Cath.,

'Cheylesmore' tricycle,

Cheyney, Thos.,

Chichester (Suss.), St. Mary's hosp.,
-, n

Chik, Nic. le,

Children's Employment Commission,

Chilton, Rob. de,

Chlist, Hen.,

Chota cyclecars,

Christmas, Frances, m. Steph.
-, Bolton,

Christmas Carol, A,

Christopher, St., wall painting of,

Church Trust Fund Trust,

Churchill, Winston S.,

Civil War,

Clarence, duke of, see Plantagenet
-, (Geo.)

Clarendon, earl of, see Hyde

Clarendon Code,

Clarendon Motor Co.,

Clarke (Clark), Anne, F. A.,
-, Geof., Gilb., John,
-, Joshua, L. A., Ric.,
-, Rog., Sam. (fl. 1630),
-, Sam. (fl. 1732),
-, Susan, see Bohun; fam., and see
-, Clerk

Clarke, Cluley and Co., cycle manufactures,

Clemens, Sam.,

Clement Motor Co.,

Clements, T.,

Clerk (Clerke), Agnes, Hen.,
-, John (fl. 1366), John (fl. 1410),
-, Ric. (fl. 1370), Ric. (fl.
-, 1396), n; Wm., fam.,
-, and see Clarke

Cley Brook,

Clifford, Anne, see Preston; Hugh, ld,
-, Clifford of Chudleigh (d. 1730).
-, Hugh, ld. Clifford of Chudleigh
-, (d. 1783),
-, Wm., fam.,

Clifford Chambers (Glos.),

Clinton (Clynton), de, John,
-, Margery, Rog., bp. of Cov.,
-, fam.,

Clitheroe, Canon G. W.,

Clowes, John,

Clymmowe, John,

Clynton, see Clinton

Coatalen, Louis,

Cobbe, Ric.,

Cobbett, Wm.,

Cobden treaty (1860),

Cockbill, Wm.,

Cockesonne, John,

Cohen, Isaac, fam.,

Coke, see Cooke

Colbourne, John, Kath., see
-, Flammock; R. B.,

Coleshill, rural
-, deanery of,

Coleshull, Anketil de,

Colley, Alex.,

Collins, Hen., Job,
-, Mat., Sam. I,
-, Sam. II, Thos.,
-, Wm. (fl. 14th cent.), Wm. (fl.
-, 1746), Wm. (fl. 1780),
-, Wm. (fl. 1837), fam.,

Collisson, John Brownrigge,

Colman, Rob.,

Colmore, Wm.,

Colsale, John de,

Colt, Thos.,

Combe (Coombe), Geo., Wm.,

Combe, abbey and abbot of,

Combe Fields,

Combe Pool, in Combe Fields,

Comber, John, n

Combes, John,

Combination Acts,

Commer Cars,

Common Brook,

Compton, Jas., earl of Northampton
-, (d. 1681), Spencer,
-, earl of Northampton (d. 1643),
-, Sir Wm.,

Compton Census,

Compton Ho., in Compton Wyniates,

Compton Verney,

Conolly, John,

Conventicle Act (1670),

Conway, Mark,

Cooke (Coke, Cook), Alice, Sir
-, Edw., Hen. T., Jas.,
-, Jonathan, Laur.,
-, Ric., Sir
-, Rob., Wm., — (fl. 1630),

Cooke (H. T.) & Sons,

Coombe, see Combe

Cooper Car Co.,

Corbucion, Wm., son of, see Wm. son
-, of Corbucion

Corfe Castle (Dors.),

Coriat, Adam,

Corley, n,

Cornhill, Wm. de, bp. of Cov.,
-, n

Cornwall, duchy of, n, n

Coronet Motor Co.,

Corporation Act (1662),
-, (1927, 1958),

Coten End (Cotes), in Warwick,
-, agric., cherry wake,
-, cinema, fields,
-, houses, inc., man.,
-, market, mills, pop.,
-, sch., streets,
-, woodland,

Cotes, Ric.,

Cotes, see Coten End

Cotton, J., Sir Rob.,

Couchman, Hen.,
-, Thos.,

Coughton, John de,

Coundon, Andrew of (fl. 13th cent.),

Coundon, in Cov.,
-, agric., area,
-, boundaries, chap.,
-, char., ch.,
-, common, electricity
-, supply, estates,
-, fields, gas supply,
-, housing estates, inc.,
-, ind., inn, local govt.,
-, man., Moathouse Farm,
-, par., place name,
-, pop., pound,
-, Prot. nonconf.,
-, rly. sta., reservoir,
-, roads, Rom. Cath.,
-, schs., sports,
-, tithes, village,
-, woodland, and see
-, Brownshill Green

Courtaulds, Messrs.,

Coutances (Manche, France), bp. of,

Coventry, Thos., baron Cov. (d.
-, 1640),
-, Wal. de, n

-, abbey and abbot,
-, and
-, see Leofwine
-, air raids,
-, airport,
-, All Saints ch.,
-, par.,
-, Apostolic ch.,
-, Archdeacon, archdeaconry,
-, and see Hinton
-, Assemblies of God,
-, balls,
-, banks,
-, Baptists,
-, bars,
-, bathing, baths,
-, Benedictine mission,
-, Benedictine Priory of St. Mary,
-, †
-, and see Brithwaulton; Deram;
-, Geoffrey; Moyses; Shotteswell
-, Bethel Evangelical ch.,
-, bps.,
-, and see
-, Bardsley; Burghill; Carr;
-, Clinton (Rog.); Cornhill;
-, Durdent; Gorton; Hacket;
-, Haigh; Langton; Lee (Roland);
-, Limesey (Rob. de); Muschamp;
-, Nonant; Pateshull; Pecche

Coventry (cont.):
-, (Rob.); Pucelle; Stavensby;
-, Weseham; Yeatman Biggs
-, bp., suffragan,; and see Knox
-, Blue Coat sch.,
-, Boston estate,
-, Bowling Green,
-, Brethren's meeting,
-, Bridgeman mansion,
-, bridges,
-, and see
-, Emscote; Spon
-, bridewell (or house of correction),
-, Broad Oak Waste,
-, buildings, domestic, and
-, see Cov.: Bridgeman mansion;
-, Hertford Ho.; Kirby Ho.; Palace
-, Yard; 'wealden' houses
-, buildings, public, and see
-, Cov.: banks; Canal or Navigation
-, Office; Cavalry Barracks;
-, Corn Exchange; County Hall;
-, Crosses; Drapers' Hall; Market
-, Ho.; Mayor's Parlour; St. Mary's
-, Hall; war memorial
-, burgages,
-, Burges mission hall,
-, bus service,
-, Calvinists,
-, Canal or Navigation Office,
-, canals,
-, Carmelite Priory (Whitefriars),
-, †

Carthusian Priory of St. Anne
-, (Charterhouse),†
-, and see Soland
-, carts (carriers'),
-, cast.,
-, Catholic Apostolic ch.,
-, Cavalry Barracks,
-, cellars,
-, cemeteries,
-, †
-, chaps.: Holy Cross, n
-, St. Anne, St. n St.
-, George, n,
-, St. James and St.
-, Christopher, St. n, St.
-, Mary Magdalen, St.
-, Mary de Monte, n, n,
-, char.,
-, Charterhouse, see Cov., Carthusian
-, Priory of St. Anne
-, Chartism,
-, Christ Church,
-, par.,
-, Christadelphians,
-, Christian Believers chap.,
-, Christian Scientists,
-, Church of Christ ch.,
-, chs., and see Cov.: All
-, Saints; Christ Church; Corpus
-, Christi; Holy Trinity; St. Anne;
-, St. George; St. John the Baptist;
-, St. Lawrence; St. Luke; St.
-, Margaret; St. Mark; St. Mary
-, Magdalen; St. Michael; St.
-, Nicholas; St. Paul; St. Peter; St.
-, Saviour; St. Thomas
-, cinemas,
-, City: area, arms,
-, boundaries,
-, charters,

Coventry (cont.):
-, county borough,
-, County of the City,
-, Development Plan, Earl's
-, Half,
-, Extension
-, Act (1931), freedom of the
-, city, Improvement Act
-, (Cov.), insignia,
-, motto, plate,
-, Prior's Half,
-, rates, seals,
-, Statute Merchant,
-, wards,
-, Bayley Lane,
-, Bishop St., n,
-, Broadgate,
-, Butchery, Cross
-, Cheaping,
-, Earl St.,
-, Gosford St.,
-, Harnall, Jordan
-, Well, Much
-, Park St., the
-, North, Smithford St.,
-, Spon St.,
-, Well St., White Friars,
-, Corporation,
-, council, city,
-, council, mayor's,
-, committee
-, system,
-, aldermen,
-, bailiffs,
-, chamberlains,
-, the
-, 'Forty-Eight',
-, freemen,
-, jurats (the
-, twenty-four),
-, juries,
-, mayors,
-, and see Barker (Col. John);
-, Beake; Braytoft (Ric.); Breres;
-, Brownell; Davenport (Edw.);
-, Geary; Harford; Hobson
-, (Thos.); Hopkins (Sampson);
-, Jesson (Sir Wm.); Keivet;
-, Leeder; Marlar; Mitchell;
-, Monck; Miles; Nethermill
-, (John); Norton (Sim.); Onley
-, (Sir Rob.); Rew; Rogers;
-, Rogerson; Rotherham (Ric.
-, Kevitt); Sewall; Soden (Jas.);
-, Tallants; Walden (Isaac); Ward
-, (John); Warren (Chris.); Wildgrise
-, (John); Wright (Thos.);

Coventry (cont.):
-, mayoress, lady, medical
-, officer of health, recorders,
-, reeve,
-, serjeants,
-, sheriffs,
-, stewards,
-, street commissioners,
-, surveyors
-, of the highways,
-, town clerks,
-, waits,
-, wardens,
-, watchmen,

clocks, public,

clubs and societies,
-, artists, education,
-, engineering,
-, friendly, Irish,
-, labourers' and artisans',
-, literary, musical,
-, mutual improvement,
-, natural history and scientific,
-, philographic,
-, photographic, religious and
-, useful knowledge, St.
-, Christopher's,

coach traffic,

colleges: Art,
-, clergy, Design,
-, Further Education,
-, Lanchester coll. of Technology,
-, Technical Institute,
-, later coll.,

common lands,

communications, and see
-, Cov.: bus service; canals; carts
-, (carriers'); coach traffic; rlys.;
-, roads; streets; tram service;
-, transport (passenger)



Corn Exchange,

Corpus Christi ch., n

Corpus Christi plays, see Cov.,
-, pageants

correction, house of, see Cov.,
-, bridewell

Council House,

County Hall,

courts and administration of justice:
-, assizes, court leet,
-, and see Cheylesmore; port mote,
-, quarter sessions,
-, 'Wolepitelideyate'
-, leet, constables,
-, coroners,
-, justices of the peace,
-, police force,


Crow Moat,



Dirge Hall,


Dominican mission,

Drapers' Hall,

Drapery, New,
-, Old,


education, public, and see
-, Cov., colleges; schs.

Coventry (cont.):
-, electricity supply,
-, Elim ch.,
-, Emmanuel ch.,
-, epidemics,
-, fairs,
-, festivals,
-, fields,
-, fire services,
-, football ground,
-, Franciscan Friary, †
-, Franciscan mission,
-, Free Grammar sch., see Cov., King
-, Henry VIII sch.
-, Freemen's Seniority Fund,
-, Gaol Hall,
-, gaols,
-, gas supply,
-, gates, †
-, geology,
-, German Evangelical ch.,
-, Lutheran ch.,
-, golf club,
-, Greek Orthodox ch.,
-, Greyfriars, see Cov., Franciscan
-, Friary
-, Greyfriars Green,
-, guilds,
-, Corpus Christi,
-, Holy Cross,
-, Holy Trinity,
-, Nativity of Christ,
-, St. Anne, St.
-, George, St. John the
-, Baptist,
-, St. Katherine,
-, St. Mary,
-, guild
-, merchant,
-, health, public,
-, and see Cov.: dispensaries; epidemics;
-, hosps.; sanatoria
-, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum,
-, n,
-, Hertford Ho.,
-, Hobb's Hole,
-, Holy Trinity, ch., frontispiece,
-, par.
-, horseracing,
-, hosps., Bond's (or Bablack),
-, n, Cov. and
-, Warwickshire,
-, †
-, Dunsmoor,
-, Fever,
-, Ford's, †
-, n,
-, n,
-, Gulson Rd.,
-, Paybody,

Coventry (cont.):
-, St. John the Baptist,
-, †
-, St. Leonard,
-, Whitley Isolation,
-, housing estates,
-, Hox Tuesday games,
-, Hyrsumditch,
-, immigrants,
-, inc.,
-, industry, trade and commerce:
-, aircraft, alabaster,
-, ale and wine trade,
-, armour, building
-, trades,
-, castings and forgings, cloth,
-, coalmining,
-, cycles,
-, †
-, electrical, engineering,
-, food and
-, drink,
-, fulling, fur trades,
-, leather
-, trades,
-, machine tools, †
-, madder, metal working,
-, motor-cycle
-, manufacture, †
-, motor-vehicle manufacture,
-, † †
-, nylon,
-, olive oil, rayon,
-, ribbon-weaving,
-, sewing-machines, silk,
-, tricycles,
-, watchmaking,
-, woad, wool trades,
-, inns, Admiral Lord
-, Romney, Angel,
-, Bear, Black Bull,
-, Bull, Cardinal's Hat,
-, Castle, Dolphin,
-, Dun Cow, Gascoyne,
-, George,
-, Golden Cross, Half
-, Moon, Holly
-, Bush, Leofric, Mermaid
-, Old Star,
-, Peacock,
-, Pilgrim, Ram, Red
-, Lion, Roebuck,
-, Rose, Rose and Crown,
-, Salutation, Spread
-, Eagle, Star, Syrcock's,
-, Three Tuns, White
-, Lion,
-, Islam,
-, Jehovah's Witnesses,
-, Jews, cemetery,
-, King Henry VIII or Free Grammar
-, sch., †
-, Kingfield,
-, Kirby Ho.,
-, Lady Herbert's Garden,
-, Lady Herbert's Homes,
-, Lammas and Michaelmas lands,
-, Lammas riding, †
-, Latvian Evangelical Lutheran ch.,

Coventry (cont.):
-, Leather Hall,
-, libraries,
-, grammar sch., Gulson,
-, subscription,
-, literature,
-, Lollards,
-, man., see Cheylesmore, man.
-, manufacturers, social class of,
-, markets,
-, market halls,
-, Mayor's Parlour,
-, Mechanics' Institution,
-, Methodists,
-, mills,
-, mint,
-, mission halls,
-, Mormon congregation,
-, Municipal Handbook,
-, museums, and
-, see Cov., Herbert Art Gallery
-, and Museum
-, music,
-, mystery plays, see Cov., pageants
-, New Buildings,
-, 'New Town',
-, newspapers,
-, nunnery of St. Osburg, n,
-, occupations, see Cov., trades
-, Odd Fellows, Lodge of,
-, Opera House,
-, orphanage,
-, Packwood's General Coach &
-, Wagon Offices,
-, pageants, mystery plays,
-, palace, bp.'s,
-, Palace Yard, †
-, parishes,
-, parks and open spaces,
-, Parkside Works,
-, Parl. rep.,
-, phrenology,
-, pilgrims to Cov.,
-, place name,
-, Poddy Croft,
-, Polish Catholic community,
-, Pool Meadow,
-, Poor Law Union,
-, poor relief,
-, pop.,
-, Post office,
-, post-war reconstruction,
-, Presbyterians,
-, †
-, prices,
-, Priory Orchard,
-, processions,
-, Prot. nonconf.,
-, and see Cov.: Baptists;
-, Calvinists; Congregationalists;
-, Methodists; Presbyterians;
-, Quakers; Unitarians; Welsh
-, Presbyterian ch.
-, Quakers,
-, rlys.,
-, refuse disposal,
-, relics,
-, religious houses, and see
-, Cov.: Benedictine Priory of
-, St. Mary; Carmelite Priory;
-, Carthusian Priory of St. Anne;
-, Franciscan Friary
-, religious sects: see Cov.: Apos

Coventry (cont.):
-, tolic ch.; Assemblies of God;
-, Bethel Evangelical ch.; Brethren's
-, meeting; Catholic Apostolic
-, ch.; Christadelphians;
-, Christian Believers chap.;
-, Christian Scientists; Church of
-, Christ ch.; Elim ch.; Emmanuel
-, ch.; German Evangelical ch.;
-, Greek Orthodox ch.; Islam;
-, Jehovah's Witnesses; Jews;
-, Latvian Evangelical Lutheran
-, ch.; Mormon congregation;
-, Polish catholic community;
-, Salvation Army; Serbian Orthodox
-, ch.; Seventh Day Adventists;
-, Sikhism; Spiritualists;
-, Ukrainian ch.
-, riots,
-, roads,
-, Rode Hall,
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, Roman remains,
-, Rosehill group,
-, R.D.,
-, St. Anne, ch., par.,
-, St. Faith's Shelter,
-, St. George, ch.; par.,
-, St. John the Baptist, ch.,
-, par.,
-, St. Lawrence, ch., par.,
-, St. Luke, ch., par.,
-, St. Margaret, ch., par.,
-, St. Mark, ch.,
-, par.,
-, St. Mary's Hall, †
-, n,
-, St. Mary Magdalen, ch.,
-, par.,
-, St. Michael, ch. (from 1918 cath.
-, ch.), frontispiece, †
-, †
-, † †
-, chap. of unity,
-, par.
-, vicarage, vicars,
-, St. Nicholas, ch.,
-, par.,
-, St. Osburg's ch., †
-, St. Osburg's Pool,
-, St. Paul, ch.,
-, par.,
-, St. Peter, ch.,
-, St. Saviour, ch.,
-, St. Thomas, ch., par.,
-, Salvation Army,
-, sanatoria,
-, Saxon remains,
-, schs.,
-, and see Cov.: Blue Coat
-, sch.; King Henry VIII sch.
-, 'sent to Cov.', origin of phrase,
-, Serbian Orthodox ch.,
-, Seventh Day Adventists,
-, sewage disposal,
-, Sikhism,
-, Sisters of Mercy,
-, slaughter houses,
-, smoke abatement,

Coventry (cont.):
-, social history,
-, socialism,
-, societies, see Cov., clubs
-, Spire's Spring Garden,
-, Spiritualists,
-, sports,

-, streets, Abbotts Lane,
-, Albany Rd., All Saints
-, Lane, Allesley Old Rd.,
-, † Ansty
-, Rd., Alma St., Bablake
-, St., Bancroft Lane,
-, Barkers Butts Lane,
-, Barrack Yard, Barras
-, (Barrs) Lane, Bayley
-, Lane,
-, †
-, Beechwood Avenue,
-, Berry St., Binley
-, Rd., Bird St.,
-, Bishop St.,
-, Bond St.,
-, Brewery St., Broadgate,
-, †
-, Broad St., Brook St.,
-, Bull Ring, Bull
-, Yard, Burges,
-, Bushby
-, Lane, Butchery, Great and
-, Little, †
-, Butts, The,
-, Calais (Callice) St., Catesby
-, Lane, Chantry Place,
-, Chapel Court, Chapel Lane,
-, Chapel St., Chapel Yard,
-, Cheylesmore Lane,
-, Colepit Causey, Cook
-, St.,
-, Cope St.,
-, Corn Market, Corporation St.,
-, Corpus Christi Lane,
-, Coundon Rd., Cow
-, Lane, Cox
-, St., Craven St.,
-, Cross Cheaping,
-, Crow
-, Lane, Daisy Lane,
-, Day's Lane, Dead Lane,
-, Derby Lane,
-, Dog Lane, Duke
-, St., † Dunstaple
-, Lane, Earl St.,
-, Earl's Mill Lane,
-, Earlsdon Lane,
-, East St., Eaton Rd.,
-, Fairfax St., Far Gosford St.,
-, Fleet St.,
-, Foleshill Rd.,
-, Foleyhul Lane,
-, Ford St., Freeth
-, St., Fretton St., Gas St.,
-, Godiva St.,
-, Golding Lane, Gordon St.,
-, Gosford St.,
-, Great Butcher
-, Row, see Butchery; Greyfriars
-, Lane,
-, Grove
-, St., Gulson Rd.,

Coventry (cont.):
-, Guphill Lane, Hales St., n,
-, Hay Lane,
-, Henry St., Hertford
-, St.,
-, n,
-, High St.,
-, Highfield Rd., Hill St.,
-, Hill Top,
-, Hilpous Lane, Holbrook
-, Lane, Holyhead Rd.,
-, Hornwood Lane, Inner
-, Ring Rd., n;
-, Ironmonger Row,
-, Jesson St.,
-, Jetty, The, Jordan Well,
-, Kenilworth Rd., Kevett's
-, Lane, King St.,
-, Lamb St., Leicester Causeway,
-, Leicester Row,
-, Leicester St.,
-, Lewin Lane, Light
-, Lane, Lingams Lane,
-, Little Butcher Row, see
-, Butchery; Little Park St.,
-, †
-, Lockhurst
-, Lane, London Rd.,
-, Lord St.,
-, Lower Ford St., Lucas Lane,
-, Ludlow Lane, Lutter
-, worth Rd., Market Place,
-, Market St.,
-, Marshall Lane, Maxstok
-, Lane, Middleborough
-, Rd., Middleborough Terrace,
-, Mill Lane,
-, Millers Alley, Moat St.,
-, Mount St., Mowbray
-, Lane, Much Park St.,
-, Narrow Lane,
-, Naul's Mill Lane, New
-, Buildings, New Rents,
-, New St.,
-, Norton St., Palmer Lane,
-, Park Side,
-, Park St., Parnar Lane,
-, Pauline's Lane,
-, Payne's Lane, Peket's Lane,
-, Pepper Lane,
-, Potter Row,
-, Poultry, The,
-, Precinct, The,
-, Primrose St., Priory Lane,
-, Priory Row,
-, Priory St.,
-, Quadrant, The, Queen
-, St., Queen Victoria Rd.,
-, Queen's Rd.,
-, Radford Rd.,
-, Red House St.,
-, Rood Lane, Ryley
-, St., St. Agnes Lane,
-, St. George's Rd.,
-, St. John's St., St.
-, Mary's St., St. Nicholas
-, St.,
-, Salameford Lane, Salter
-, Lane, Sandy Lane,
-, School Lane, Shelton
-, Square, Sherbourne Place,
-, Sherbourne Square,

Coventry (cont.):
-, Sherbourne St., Shilton
-, Lane, Short St.,
-, Shut Lane, Silver St.,
-, Slepers Lane, Smith
-, field, Smithford St.,
-, Smiths Row,
-, Solihul Lane,
-, Somerlesow Lane, Song
-, school Lane, South St.,
-, Sovereign Place, Sparkbrook
-, St., Spicer Stoke,
-, Spinney Lane,
-, Spon St.,
-, †
-, †
-, Starley Rd.,
-, Stoney Stanton Rd.,
-, Stoneleigh Terrace,
-, Summer Row, Summerland
-, Butts Lane, Summerland
-, Place, Swan Lane,
-, Swan St., Swanswell St.,
-, Swanswell Terrace,
-, Thomas St., Tile
-, Hill Lane, Tirryston Lane,
-, Tittle (Tuttle) Row,
-, Tower St., Town wall,
-, Trinity Lane,
-, Trinity St.,
-, Union Place, Union St.,
-, Unity Way,
-, Upper Well St., Vernon St.,
-, Vicar Lane,
-, Walsgrave Rd.,
-, Warwick Lane,
-, Warwick Rd.,
-, Warwick Row,
-, Well St.,
-, West
-, Orchard,
-, Weston
-, St., Wheatley St.,
-, White St.,
-, Whitefriars Lane,
-, Whitefriars St.,
-, Windsor St.,
-, Yardley St.,
-, suburbs and outlying areas,
-, and see Ansty; Asthill;
-, Bablake; Barr's Hill; Bisseley;
-, Caludon; Canley; Chapel Fields;
-, Cheylesmore; Coundon; Earlsdon;
-, Foleshill; Gosford Green;
-, Harnall; Hearsall; Horwell;
-, Keresley; Olney; Pinley; Radford;
-, Red Lane; Shortley;
-, Spon; Stivichall; Stoke; Stoke
-, Aldermoor; Top Green; Walsgrave
-, on Sowe; Whitmore Park;
-, Whoberley; Willenhall; Wyken
-, Swanswell Pool,
-, taxation,
-, Telephone Exchange,
-, theatres,
-, Belgrade,
-, Empire, Hippodrome,
-, Royal,
-, tolls,
-, topographical development,
-, trades, Council, journals,
-, Unions,
-, trades and occupations: alabaster
-, worker, alchemists,
-, apothecaries,
-, apprentices,
-, armourers,
-, bakers,
-, barbers,
-, basket makers,
-, bowstring makers, bowyers,

Coventry (cont.):
-, brakemen,
-, brasier, brewers,
-, brickmakers,
-, bucklemaker,
-, butchers,
-, cappers,
-, card makers,
-, carpenters,
-, carriers,
-, carters, challoners,
-, chandlers,
-, chapmen, charcoal
-, burners, cloth dressers,
-, clothiers,
-, cobblers, colliers,
-, combers, cooks,
-, coopers,
-, craftsmen, crossbowmen,
-, carriers,
-, cutlers,
-, daubers, die
-, cutters, drapers,
-, drover, dubbers,
-, dyers,
-, engine maker, fellmongers,
-, fishmongers,
-, fletchers,
-, fullers,
-, furriers,
-, gardeners, girdlers,
-, glaziers, glovers,
-, goldsmiths,
-, graziers,
-, grocers,
-, haberdashers,
-, hatmakers, horners,
-, hosiers, innkeepers,
-, ironmongers,
-, journeymen,
-, lawyers, leadbeaters,
-, leather workers,
-, locksmiths,
-, lorimers, maltsters,
-, masons,
-, mercers,
-, merchants,
-, millers,
-, mirror makers, motley
-, maker, musicians,
-, needle makers,
-, oilers, painters,
-, parchment makers,
-, parkers, 'passengers',
-, pastry makers,
-, pewterers,
-, physicians, pinners,
-, plasterer, plumbers,
-, potters, poulterers,
-, quarriers,
-, saddlers,
-, salters, scabbard
-, makers, schoolmaster,
-, scribes, scriveners,
-, seamstress, shearmen,

Coventry (cont.):
-, sheath maker, shoemakers,
-, silkweavers,
-, skinners,
-, slaters,
-, smiths,
-, spectacle maker,
-, spicer, spinners,
-, spurriers, stationers,
-, tailors,
-, tallow
-, chandlers, tanners,
-, taverners,
-, thatchers, thread makers,
-, thresher, tilers,
-, tippers,
-, turners,
-, victuallers, vintners,
-, waferers,
-, washer, weavers,
-, wheel
-, wrights, whittawers,
-, wig makers, wimple
-, makers, wiredrawers,
-, woaders,
-, wool carders,
-, wool merchants, worsted
-, weavers, wrights,
-, tram service,
-, transport, passenger,
-, Ukrainian ch.,
-, unemployment,
-, Unitarians,
-, univ.,
-, wages,
-, walls, city,
-, war memorial,
-, water supply,
-, 'wealden' houses, †
-, Welsh Presbyterian ch.,
-, Whitefriars, see Cov., Carmelite
-, Priory
-, Windmill Hill Fields,
-, witchcraft,
-, woodland,
-, Workers' Educational Association,
-, workhouses,
-, Y.M.C.A.,

Coventry Advertiser,

Coventry Archdeaconry School Soc.,

Coventry Bicycles Ltd. (later Associated
-, Cycle Manufacturers),

Coventry Canal Co.,

Coventry Chain Co.,

Coventry Challenge Pump,

Coventry-Climax Engines,

Coventry Coachmakers' Club,

Coventry Cotton Co.,

Coventry and District Children's
-, Guild,

Coventry Eagle Cycle and Motor Co.,

Coventry Elections Act,

Coventry Engineering Co.,

Coventry Evening Telegraph, see Mid
-, land Daily Telegraph

Coventry Examiner,

Coventry Fat and Bone Co.,

Coventry Free Press,

Coventry Gaslight Co.,

Coventry Gauge and Tool Co.,

Coventry Gazette and Birmingham
-, Chronicle,

Coventry General Municipal Charities,

Coventry Graphic (formerly Athletic
-, Reporter; Reporter),

Coventry Herald (later Coventry
-, Herald and Free Press),

Coventry Independent, see Coventry
-, Mercury

Coventry Lever tricycle,

Coventry Liberal,

Coventry Machinists Co.,
-, and see Swift of Cov.

Coventry Mercury (formerly Coventry
-, Independent),

Coventry Mercury and Warwick,
-, Northants, Leicestershire and
-, Oxfordshire Advertiser (formerly
-, Jopson's Coventry Mercury),

Coventry and Midland Cycle Co.,

Coventry Motette (motor cycle),

Coventry Motor Co.,

Coventry Movement Co., watch
-, makers,

Coventry Observer,

Coventry Ordnance Co.,

Coventry-Premier Ltd., motor car
-, manufacturers,

Coventry Public Cattle Sales Co.,

Coventry Repetition Co.,

Coventry Rotary Tricycle,

Coventry Sewing Machine Co.,

Coventry Spinning and Weaving Co.,

Coventry Standard and Warwickshire
-, Advertiser,

Coventry Street Act (1812),

Coventry Times,

Coventry-Victor Motor Co.,

Coventry Woollen Spinners,

Cox, Ben., — (fl. 1611),

Coxall, Reynold de,

Crackley Hall, in Kenilworth,

Cradock, Dr. — (fl. 1643),

Craig, Hardin,

Crane, Humph.,

Craven, John, Maria Rebecca,
-, see Green; Rob., Wm., baron
-, Craven (d. 1769),
-, Wm., earl of Craven
-, (d. 1825), Wm., earl of
-, Craven (d. 1866), Wm. Geo.
-, Rob., earl of Craven (d. 1921),
-, earls of, fam.,

Crawford Gear Co.,

Creswell, H. B.,

Critchley, J. S.,

Croc, Alice, Gilb.,

Crompton, Sam.,

Cromwell, Oliver, Thos.,

Croo, Rob.,

Crosby, Nic.,

Cross (Crosse), Adam, Hen.,
-, John (fl. 1279), John (fl.
-, 14th cent.), Wm.,
-, fam.,

Crossman, Ric.,

Crouch Cars,

Crow, Thos., char. of,

Crow Mill Stream,

'Cruiser', motor cycle,

Crump, Nic.,

Cruse, Jas.,

Cryfield, in Stoneleigh,

Crynes, Hannah, Nat.,

Culy, de, Eliz., m. John Stanhope,
-, Hugh, John, Margery,
-, Maud, see Ireys; Sir Rog.,
-, Thomasina, see Ireys; Wm.,

Cumpton, Alex. de,

Cuninck (Kuninck), Jacob de,

Curates' Aid Soc.,

Curtis and Beamish Ltd., printers,

Cuttle Brook,

'Cyclemaster' wheel,

Cyclist (trade journal),

Dabridgecourt, Thos.,

Dagenham (Essex),

Daily Register,

Daimler Motor Co. (Associated
-, Daimler Co.), n
-, and see Transport
-, Vehicles (Daimler) Ltd.

Daimler Motor Syndicate,

Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft,

Dale, Geo.,

Dalley, J., n

Dallyson, Nic.,

Dalton, Jacob, R. A.,

Dalton, Barton, textile manufacturers,

Damasce, John,

Danish incursions,

Darnton, J. E., n

Davenport, Chris.,
-, Edw., mayor of Cov.,
-, Hen., John,

Daventry, Wm. de,

Daventry (Northants.),

Davis (Davies), Eliz., H., n;
-, Jane, John (d. 1728),
-, John (fl. 1811), Rowland,
-, Timothy,

Dawber, Fr. John, n

Dawes, Ric.,

Dawes, Tomes and Russell, bankers,

Dawlish (Devon),

Dawra, Thos.,

Dawson, Ben., Geo.,
-, W. F.,

Dawson Car Co.,

Day, Edw.,

Daysie, Rog.,

De Dion Bouton motors,

De L' Isle, vct., see Sidney

Dean (Deane), Thos. (fl. 1551),
-, Dr. Thos. (fl. 1730), Wm.,

Dean, forest of, n

Deasy Motor Manufacturing Co.,
-, and see Siddeley
-, Deasy

Deeming, — (fl. 19th cent.),

Defoe, Dan.,

Deincourt, John, Margery,
-, Rog.,

Deister, Wm.,

Delves, Hen., Sir Thos.,

Demeter, goddess,

Denbigh, earl of, see Feilding (Basil)

Denton, —(fl. 1630),

Deram, prior of Cov.,



Despenser, Hugh le, I,

Deuleben, Leo son of, see Leo

Devereux, Rob., earl of Essex (d.
-, 1646), Wal.,

Devonshire, earl and ctss. of, see
-, Cavendish


Devory, John, n

Deyville, Rob., Rog.,
-, Wal., fam.,

Diamond, Tristram,

Diana (goddess),

Dibdin, Chas.,

Dick, Sir Wm., Reid,

Dickens, Chas., novelist, works
-, of, Dr. T. B.,

Dickinson, Wm., n

Digby, Sim., ld. Digby (d. 1686),
-, Lady — (fl. 1600),

Dilcock, Hen., fam.,

Directory of Warwickshire (West),

Diseworth (Leics.),

Disher, Thos.,

Docker, John, n

Docwra, Thos.,

Doddington Hall (Lincs.),

Doddridge, Phil.,

Dodenhale, Hen.,

Doherty Motor Components,

Dolby, S.,

Domesday Survey,

Donovan, Cornelius,

Dordrecht (Holland),

Dormer, Rowland, n

Dorset, marquess of, see Grey (Thos.)

Douce, Hugh,

Douglas, Sir Chas.,

Dover, earl of, see Carey

Downes, John, char. of,

Dowte, Emot, John,

Drawbrook (Draybrook),

Drax, —(fl. 1611),

Draybrook, see Drawbrook

Drayton, Wm., de,

Droitwich (Worcs.),

Drury, Mary,

Dubricius, St.,

Duckett, John, char. of,

Dudley, Ambrose, earl of Warwick
-, (d. 1590),
-, Anne, see Seymour; Jane, see
-, Guildford; Joan, John, earl of
-, Warwick and duke of North
-, umberland (d. 1553),
-, John, earl of Warwick (d.
-, 1554), Lettice, Nic.,
-, Oliver, Rob. (d. 1584),
-, Rob., earl of Leicester (d. 1588),
-, Thos., fam.,

Dudley (Worcs.),

Dugdale, Eliz., Sir John,
-, W. S., Sir Wm.,

Duke, Chas.,

Duke of Northumberland's troupe
-, (strolling players),

Dunchurch, deanery of,
-, n; and see Cawston

Dungarvan, vct., see Boyle

Dunkley, Sam.,

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co.,

Dunlop Rim and Wheel Co.,

Dunster (Som.),

Durant, Edw.,

Durdent, Wal., bp. of Cov.,

Durham, Symeon of,


Durvassal, John,

Duryea Motor Co.,

Dutch engine loom,

Dyer, Adam, Jas.,
-, Joan, fam.,

Eades, John, Wm.

Eagle, —(fl. 1774),

Eagle Engineering Co.,

Eagleton, John,
-, — (fl. 1800),

Earlsdon, in Cov.,
-, n; alms ho., ch.,
-, library, par., Prot.
-, nonconf., Rom.
-, Cath., sch.,
-, sewage disposal,


East Anglia, earl of, see Ælfgar

East India Co.,

Eastcote, in Barston,


Eaton, Francis Ormond Hen., baron
-, Cheylesmore (succ. 1925),
-, Hen. W., baron Cheylesmore (cr.
-, 1887),

Ebbels, Rob.,

Eboral, Wm.,

Eburne, Ric.,

Eccleshall, Jos.,

Edelman, Maurice,

Eden, Ant., earl of Avon (cr. 1957),


Edgehill, battle of,

Edgeworth, Ric., char. of, Rob.,

Edgwick, in Foleshill,
-, sch.,


Edinburgh Review,

Edison, Thos. Alva,

Edmonds (Edmondes), Thos. (fl.
-, 1400), n; Sir Thos. (fl. 1624),
-, Wm.,

Edric the Traitor,

Education, Ministry of,

Edward the Confessor, king,

Edward I, king,

Edward II, king, n

Edward III, king,

Edward IV, king, n,

Edward V, king,

Edward VI, king,

Edward VII, king,

Edward, prince of Wales (d. 1376),

Edwards, Austin, char. of, Sam.,
-, char. of, Thos. (fl. 1614),
-, Dr. Thos. (fl. 1758), n,
-, Wm.,

Edwin, earl of Mercia, n,

Edwin, Eliz. Rebecca,

Egerton, Thos., baron Ellesmere (d.
-, 1617),

Eglinton (Eglington), Eliz.,
-, Sam.,

Eld, Geo. (fl. 1770), Geo. (fl.
-, 1820),

Electric Telegraph Co.,

Elias of Cov. (fl. 1194),

Eliot, Geo. (Mary Ann Evans, later
-, Cross), novelist,
-, n, n,

Elizabeth I, queen,
-, n

Elizabeth II, queen,

Elizabeth, queen of Bohemia (d.
-, 1662),

Elkington, Ric., char. of,

Ellesmere, baron, see Egerton

Ellice, see Ellis

Ellington, R. W.,

Ellis (Ellice), Edw., John,
-, — (17th-cent. limner),

Elmley (Worcs.),

Eltedge, see Illidge

Eltham, John of,

Elton, Wm.,

Elysson, Thos.,

Emerson, R. W.,

Emms Motors,

Empson, Ric., n

Emscote, in Warwick,
-, bridge, chap.,
-, char., ch., ind.,
-, mills, Portobello
-, Hotel, Prot. nonconf.,
-, St. Edith's Hostel,
-, sch.,

Endemere Brook, see Springfield
-, Brook

Endurance Motor Co.,

Enyse, Thos.,

Epstein, Sir Jacob, n,

Erasmus, Desiderius,

Erdington, man. of,

Erneys, Sim., fam.,

Esenhull, Joan,

Essex, earl of, see Devereux (Rob.)

Essex, Sam., Thos.,

Essex and Nicoll, architects,

Ethelfleda, sis. of Edw. the Elder,

Ethelred II, king of England,

Eugene Aram (play),

Eugenius III, Pope, n


European Sewing Machine Co.,
-, and see Swift of Cov.

Euston, earl of, see Fitzroy

Evans, Hugh, Jonathan,
-, Mary Ann (later Cross), see
-, Eliot (Geo.); Rob., Thos.,
-, —(fl. 1800),

Eventide Homes Ltd., Council of,

Everley, Thos.,

Exeter, earl of, see Brownlow

Exhall, n,
-, chap.,
-, char., ch., n
-, colliery, electricity supply,
-, Green, Heath, hosp.,
-, local govt.,
-, man., par., Prot.
-, nonconf., rly. sta.,
-, water supply, n; and see
-, Newland

Extra-Parochial Places Act (1857),

Eyffler, Nic.,

Eyton, Ric.,

Fairfax, Sam.,

Falke, Wm.,

Farendon, Thos. de,

Farrington, Jas.,

Fawsley (Northants.),

Fazeley (Staffs.),

Feake, Sam.,

Feare, —, vicar of Wyken,

Feilding, Basil, earl of Denbigh (d.
-, 1675), Rob.,
-, n

felden, see arden and felden

Felix Holt, n

Fenn, Humph.,

Fenny Drayton (Leics.),

Ferguson Tractor Co.,

Ferrers, Edw., Eliz., see
-, Frevill; Geo., n; Humph.,
-, Jane, m. Arthur Gregory,
-, John, Thos., fam.,

Ferrey, Ben.,

Ferrour, Wm.,

Ferryman, Ric.,

Festival of Britain (1951),

Fetherston, Wm.,

Fevre, John le,

Field, Revd. Wm., n

Fielding, Ric., fam.,

Fiennes, Celia,

Fillongley, John de, Ric.,


Finance Act (1909),

Finham, ch., par., pk.,
-, place name, sewage disposal
-, works,

Finmark, trade with,

Fisher, Sir Chris., Sir Clement,
-, Edw., Hen.,
-, John,
-, (or Hawkins) Ric.,
-, Sir Rob.,
-, (or Hawkins) Thos.,
-, — (fl. 1585), Capt.
-, — (fl. 1725),

Fitzherbert, Ant., n; Jas.,

Fitzpatrick, John, earl of Upper
-, Ossory (d. 1818),

Fitzroy, Augustus, duke of Grafton
-, (d. 1811), Chas., duke of
-, Grafton (d. 1757), Geo., earl
-, of Euston (d. 1747),

Fitzwaren, Rob.,

Five Mile Act,

Fladbury (Worcs.),

Flammock, Sir Andrew,
-, Kath., m. John Colbourne,
-, Wm.,

Fletchamstead, in Stoneleigh,
-, ch., par., place name,

Fletcher, Ebenezer,

Flint (Flynt), Martha, Miles,
-, Thos.,

Flower, — (fl. 1865), n

Flynt, see Flint

Foleshill, Vitalis de,

-, agric., area,
-, boundaries, bridges,
-, cemetery, char.,
-, chs., n;
-, cinema, coal ind.,
-, crime, electricity supply,
-, engineering ind., estates,
-, farms, gas
-, supply, greens,
-, houses, housing estates,
-, inc., ind.,
-, inns,
-, library, local govt.,
-, mans., mills,
-, motor car ind., par.,
-, place name, poor relief,
-, pop.,
-, Prot. nonconf.,
-, n,
-, public baths,
-, rlys., roads,
-, Rom. Cath.,
-, R. D.,
-, schs.,
-, sewage
-, works, Tolldish Hall,
-, trade unions, tram service,
-, U.D.C., vicar of,
-, village, weaving ind.,
-, woodland, work
-, ho., n; and see Alderman's
-, Green; Bell Green; Edgwick;
-, Foxford; Hall Green; Heath
-, (Great); Heath (Little); Henley;
-, Holbrooks; Longford; Rowley's
-, Green; Sydnall; Tackford; Tackley

Foleshill Union,

Fonte, de, fam.,

Football League,

Footlights (periodical),

Ford, Wm.,

Ford Mill Brook,

Ford Motor Co.,

Forest, Rob.,

Forman Motor Manufacturing Co.,

Forseth, Einar,

Forster, Josiah,

Forwin, Nic., Ric.,
-, Rob., Wm.,

Fosse Way,

Foster, John,

Foster and Andrews, organ builders,

Fowkes, Wm.,

Fox, Geo., John,
-, fam.,

Foxford, in Foleshill, sch.,

Foxley (Northants.),

Foxton, Ric.,

Foxwell (stream),

Fradley Heath, in Alrewas (Staffs.),

-, silkweaving ind.,
-, trade with,

Francis and Barnett, motor cycle
-, manufacturers,

Franco-Prussian War,

Frankland, Sam.,

Franklin, Francis,
-, Wm.,

Frankton, Edw.,

Frankton Hall, near Rugby, n

Fraser, Eliz.,

Freberne (Freebern) Alice, Elias,
-, Ric., Thos.,
-, fam.,

Freehold Land Soc.,

Freeman (alias Mason), Wm.,

Freeth, Jos., fam., n

Fretton, W. G.,

Frevill, Sir Baldwin I,
-, Sir Baldwin II, Sir
-, Baldwin III, Sir Baldwin IV,
-, Eliz., m. Thos. Ferrers,
-, Joyce, m. Sir Rog. Aston,
-, Marg.,

Frewen, Paul,

Freyja, goddess,

Freyr, god,

Fridlander, Miss A. E.,

Frith Brook,

Frome (Som.),

Froude, Jas. A., works, see
-, Nemesis of Faith

Fulilode, Giles de, n

Furness (Lancs.),

Furnis, Hen., char. of,

Fyler, Thos.,

Gage, Hen.,

Gaimar, Geof.,

Galloway, earl of, see Stewart

Gamel, Wm., n

Gardiner (Gardner), A. H., Ric.,

Garlick, Mrs. — (fl. 1770),

Garner, John,

Garrard, Revd. E. H., Sir John,

Garret, Edw.,


'Gaufride' (? Geoffrey, prior of Cov.),
-, see Geoffrey

Gaunt, John of, duke of Lancaster (d.
-, 1399), Blanche, his w.,
-, see Lancaster

Gaussen, Sam.,

Gaveston, Piers,

Gayer, John, char. of,

Geach, Chas.,

Geary, Thos., mayor of Cov.,

Gedding, Hen.,

General Electric Co.,

General Sewage and Manure Co.,

Geneva (Switzerland),

Geoffrey, prior of Coventry (?
-, 'Gaufride'),

Geoffrey, William son of, see William

Geoffrey atte Green (fl. 1367),

George, St.,

George I, king,

George IV, king,

George V, king,

Gerard the vintner,

Gerbod, Adam, Miles,


Gibbes, Thos.,

Gibbons, Grinling,

Gibson, Sir Donald, John,
-, Pet., Sam.,

Gibson & Jackson, auctioneers,

Gideon, Sir Sampson,

Giffard, John,

Gilbarde (Gylbard), Ambrose,
-, John,

Gilbert, Ric., Sir Wm. Schwenck,

Gill, Susanna,

Gillings, Benedicta,

Gisborne, H. P., n

Gladewin, priest (fl. 1160),

Glasgow, city museum,

Gloster Aircraft Co.,

Gloucester, n,
-, cath., diocese, n


Glover, John,

Glover (Wm.) and Sons, engineers,

Glyn, Sir Ric.,

Goddard, Jos.,

Godfrey, Thos., char. of,

Godiva (Godgifu), ctss. of Mercia (d.
-, 1067),
-, legend of,
-, procession of,
-, † statue of,

Godwyne, see Goodwin

Gog (or Hampton) Brook,

Goode, Wm., char. of,

Goodere, Hen.,

Goodman, Alan,

Goodwin (Godwyne), Wm.,
-, fam.,

Gopyls or Gupyls, fam.,

Gordon, Alex., John, n

Gore, Chas., bp. of Worcester,

Gorton, Sam., Dr. —, bp. of
-, Cov.,

Gorton, S. and B., cycle manufactures,

Gose Brook, see Goysel Brook

Gosford Green, in Cov.,
-, bridges,
-, chap., cricket at, hermitage,
-, n, hosp.,
-, rly. sta., St. Joseph's Convent,
-, Tithe Barn, tram service,

Gough map (c. 1360),

Governing Charter of the Borough of
-, Warwick, The,

Gow, I.R.E., n

Goysel or Gose Brook,

Grace, John,

Grafton, duke of, see Fitzroy

Grafton, Ric.,

Gramophone Co., the,

Grand Junction Canal,

Grand Trunk Canal,

Grand Union Canal,

Grant, Wm., —(fl. 1828),

Grant's Livingstone works,

Grantham, Capt. Vincent,

Grantham (Lincs.),

Graves, Prof. Rob.,

Gray, see Grey

Great Horseless Carriage Co.,

Great Western Rly.,

Greatheed, Anne Caroline, m. Hon.
-, C. B. Percy, Bertie Bertie,
-, Sam.,

Greaves, Edw., Ric.,


Green (Greene), Eli, H. J.,
-, Hen. (fl. 1682), Hen. (fl.
-, 1730), Jas.,
-, Jane, John (fl. 1539), John
-, (fl. 1850), Maria Rebecca, m.
-, John Craven, Ric. (fl.
-, 1596), Ric. (fl. 1635),
-, Thos. (fl. 1580), Thos. (fl.
-, 1768), W. J., — (fl.
-, 1615), fam.,

Greenway, G. C., Kelynge,

Greenway, Smith and Greenway,
-, bankers,

Greenway, Whitehead and Weston,
-, bankers,

Greenwood, Wm.,

Gregory IX, Pope,

Gregory, Arthur (fl. 1563),
-, Arthur (fl. 1707), Arthur (fl.
-, 1780), Maj. F. H., Jane,
-, see Ferrers; Terence, Thos.,
-, Col. —(fl. 1823), fam.,

Gregory Hood, Hon. Alex., see Hood;
-, Maj. C. H.,

Greswolde, Hen.,

Greswolde Williams, F. R.,

Greville, Algernon, Cath.,
-, baroness Brooke (d. 1676),
-, Hon. Chas., Chas. Francis,
-, Chas. Guy Fulke, earl
-, of Warwick (succ. 1928),
-, Dodington, Francis,
-, baron Brooke (d. 1658),
-, Francis, earl of Warwick (d. 1773),
-, Francis Ric.
-, Chas. Guy, earl of Warwick (d.
-, 1924), Sir Fulke (d. 1606),
-, Sir Fulke, baron Brooke
-, (d. 1628),
-, Fulke,
-, baron Brooke (d. 1710),
-, Fulke, baron Brooke
-, (d. 1711), Geo., earl
-, of Warwick (d. 1816),
-, n Guy Geo., earl of
-, Warwick (d. 1893),
-, Henrietta, ctss. of
-, Warwick (d. 1838), Hen. Ric.,
-, earl of Warwick (d. 1853),
-, Leopold Guy Francis
-, Maynard, earl of Warwick (d.
-, 1928), Rob., baron Brooke (d.
-, 1643),
-, Rob., baron
-, Brooke (d. 1677),
-, Hon. Mrs. Sarah, Sarah
-, Eliz., ctss. of Warwick (d. 1851),
-, Wm., baron Brooke (d. 1727),
-, fam.,

Grew, Obadiah,

Grey (Gray), Geo., n; Lady Jane,
-, Thos., marquess of
-, Dorset (d. 1501), Thos.,
-, poet,

Grey, Goodman and Associates,
-, architects,

Griff, in Nuneaton,

Griffin (Griffen), Bart., Ralph,
-, Ric., — (fl.
-, 1584),

Griffith, John,

Grimes, Ric., char. of,

Grissold, Rob.,

Griswell, Ric.,

Griswold, John,

Grondrak, name of,

Gross, C.,

Grove, Geo., Wm.,

Guide de Chemins (1571),

Guildford, Lady Eliz., Jane, m.
-, John Dudley,

Gulson, John,
-, Wm., fam., n,

Gundred, name of,

Gunpowder Plot,

Guphill Ford,

Gupyls, see Gopyls

Gutteridge, Jos.,

Guy Motors,

Guy's Cliffe, in Warwick,
-, chant., chap.,
-, estate, hermitage,
-, Ho., † mill,

Gylbard, see Gilbarde

Hacket, John, bp. of Cov.,

Hackney (Mdx.),

Haddon, East (Northants.),

Haddon, John,
-, Wal.,

Haddon and Grimes, millers,

Hadley, John, char. of,

Hadow, Dr.,

Hadow Report (1926),

Hadrian's Villa, nr. Tivoli (Italy),

Hafele, K.,

Haigh, Mervyn, bp. of Cov.,

Hakewill, Hen.,

Hakon, name of,

Haldeyn, name of,

Hale, Humph.,

Hales, Bart., Bridget,
-, Chas., Chris. (fl. 1556),
-, Sir Chris. (d. 1717),
-, Sir Edw., John (d. 1572),
-, n,
-, John (fl. 1586),
-, Steph., fam.,

Haley, Dan., Wal.,

Halford, Capt. John,

Hall, Thos., —(fl. 1593),

Hall (or Hol) Brook,

Hall Green, in Foleshill, n,

Hallahan, Sister Marg.,

Hallifax, Sir Thos.,

Halliwell, J. O.,

Hallowes, Ben.,

Halome, John,

Hamburg (N. Germany), n,

Hamilton, Juliana, Ric.,
-, Sir Wm.,

Hamilton Motor Co., n

Hammond, Alice, char. of,


Hampton Brook, see Gog Brook

Hampton, Great (Worcs.), man.,

Hampton in Arden, n,
-, and see Stonebridge

Hampton on the Hill, in Budbrooke,

Hancox, Wm.,

Handel, Geo. Fred., oratorios Messiah
-, and Samson,

Handloom Weavers' Commission
-, (1838),

Hands, Wm.,

Handsworth (formerly Staffs.),

Hansom, Chas.,

Hanson, Jos.,

Hanwell, Wm.,

Hanworth, baron, see Pollock (E. M.)

Harborne (formerly Staffs.),

Harborough, Market (Leics.),


Hardicanute (d. 1042),

Hardwick, in Warwick,

Hardwicke, earl of, see Yorke

Hardy, Jas.,

Harford, John, mayor of Cov.,

Harington, Sir John,

Harlech Commission,

Harleian collection,

Harmsworth, Alfred, vct. Northcliffe
-, (d. 1922),

Harnall, in Cov.,
-, agric., boundaries,
-, bridge, chs.,
-, estates, fields,
-, hosp., houses, housing
-, estates, ind., mans.,
-, mill, Mormon
-, chap., par., pk.,
-, place name, Prior's Orchard,
-, Prot. nonconf.,
-, quarry, roads,
-, Swanswell Ho., † water
-, works, wells, and see
-, Hillfields; Spitalmoors

Harold, king of the English,

Harris, Julia, Louisa,
-, M. H., Mary Dormer,
-, Wm.,

Harris' Great Heath works (textiles),

Harrison, Ric., Wm., and
-, see Henryson

Harrison and Cox, architects,

Harrison and Harrison, organ
-, builders,

Harrison and Hattrell, architects,

Harryman, Nat.,

Hartland, E. S.,


Harwar, Mary,

Harwell, Hen., Jas.,


Hasilwood, forest of,

Hastings, Hen. de, Joan,
-, John (fl. 1279), John (fl. 1410),
-, Thos. de, Wm. de,
-, fam.,

Hasylwood, Edw.,

Hatton, n,

Hattrell (W. S.) and Partners,
-, architects,

Hawes, John,

Hawker Aircraft Co.,

Hawker Siddeley Aircraft Co. (later
-, Hawker Siddeley Group),

Hawkesbury (in Foleshill and
-, Walsgrave-on-Sowe), n,
-, agric.,
-, canal, colliery,
-, electricity sta.,
-, estate, farms,
-, Hall,
-, 'man.', mission ch.,
-, Prot. nonconf., rly.
-, sta., sch.,

Hawkesley, T.,

Hawkins, see Fisher (Ric. and Thos.)

Hawkshead (Lancs.),

Hawksmoor, Nic., n

Hawkstone (Salop.),

Hawksworth, Col. Jos.,

'Hawyd', 'Master',

Haye, Hen. del,

Hayes (Mdx.),

Haynes and Jefferies, cycle manufactures,

Health of Towns Commission,

Hearsall, in Cov., n; common,
-, golf
-, course, place name,
-, Prot. nonconf., sch.,

Heath (Hethe), Hen., Humph.,
-, Rob., — (fl. 1694),
-, fam., n

Heath, Great, in Foleshill,

Heath, Little, in Foleshill,
-, canal, chap.,
-, ind., Prot. nonconf., sch.,

Heathcote, Ric.,

Heathcote, in Warwick,

Heaviside, Geo.,

Hegge, Rob.,

Hel, goddess,

Hela, Magister father of, see Magister

Hellberg, R.,

Helwys, Thos.,

Hemlingford, hund. of, n, n,

Henley, Thos. de,

Henley, in Foleshill,
-, agric., coll.,
-, housing estate, place name,
-, sewage disposal,


Hennell, Caroline, Chas.,

Henry II, king,

Henry III, king,

Henry IV, king,

Henry VI, king, n,

Henry VII, king,

Henry VIII, king,

Henry Frederick, prince of Wales (d.
-, 1612),

Henryson (or Harrison), Wm.,

Herbert, son of Jordan,

Herbert, Abraham, Sir Alfred,

Herbert (Alfred) Ltd., engineers,
-, †

Herbert, Son, and Sawday, architects,

Hercules cycles,

Herdson, Hen.,

Hereford, bp. of, earl of,
-, n

Herny, Pet.,

Herring, John, n; Julines,
-, n; Julius, n

Hertford, earl of, see Seymour
-, Conway

Hertford, marquess of, see Seymour
-, Conway

Hertha, goddess,

Heseltine, M. R. D., n

Hethe, see Heath

Hewitt, Jas., vct. Lifford (d. 1789),
-, John,
-, Thos.,

Heynes, Degory, Nic.,

Heynton, John,

Heyworth, John, n

Hez, Rob. de,

Higden, Ranulf,

Higginson, Nic., fam.,

Hildebrand-Wolfmuller motor cycle,

Hill (Hyll), Alex., Baldwin,
-, Edw. (fl. 17th cent.), Edw. (fl.
-, 18th cent.), Hugh, Ric. (fl.
-, 1528), Ric. (d. 1727),
-, Ric. (fl. 1775), Sir Rowland,
-, Wm., Wills, vct. Hills
-, borough (d. 1793), — (fl.
-, 1837), n; fam.,

Hill (W.) and Sons, organ builders,

Hillfields, in Harnall,
-, n; housing estates, Prot.
-, nonconf., Rom. Cath.,
-, weaving ind.,

Hillman, Wm., fam.,

Hillman, Herbert and Cooper, cycle
-, manufacturers, and
-, see Premier Cycle Co.

Hillman Motor Co.,
-, and see Rootes
-, Securities Ltd.

Hillsborough, vct., see Hill (Wills)

Hilton, Mary, char. of,

Hinckley (Leics.),

Hinton, Wm., archdeacon of Cov.,

Hinton Priory (Som.),

Hiorn, David, Francis,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Hipsley, John,

Historic Buildings Council,

Hitler, Adolf,

Hoare, A. W., Mary,

Hobkyns, Wm.,

Hobson, Sir John, Thos., mayor
-, of Cov., fam.,

Hocking, Phil.,

Hockley, John,

Hockley Heath, n

Holand, see Holland

Holbeche, Amilion, Mat.,

Hol Brook, see Hall Brook

Holbrook, Wm., fam.,

Holbrooks, in Foleshill,
-, ch., housing estates,
-, library, par.,
-, Prot. nonconf., Rom. Cath.,

Holda (goddess),

Holford, Rob.,

Holland (Holand), John (fl. 1330),
-, John de (fl. 1340), Philemon,
-, Thos. de, earl
-, of Kent (d. 1360), Thos., duke
-, of Surrey (d. 1400), Wal.,
-, Wm.,


Hollar, Wenceslaus,

Hollemans, Jos.,

Holles, Thos., Sir Wm.,
-, fam.,

Holleys Bros., engineers,

Hollick, John,

Hollick and Pratt, engineers,

Holliock, Martha,

Holloway, Moses,

Holloway's London Company of
-, Melodramatic and Pantomime
-, Players,

Holmes, Cath., char. of, Thos.,

Holroyd, John Baker, earl Sheffield
-, (d. 1821),

Holyhead (Anglesey),

Holyhead Road Commissioners,

Honecote, de, Marg., Ric.,

Honer fam.,

Honorius III, Pope,

Hood, Hon. Alex. (later Gregory
-, Hood), Hon. F. W.,
-, Francis, vct. Hood (d. 1867),
-, Hen., vct. Hood (d. 1836),
-, Jane, see Wheeler; Samuel, vct.
-, Hood (d. 1816), fam.,

Hook, Wal. Farquhar,

Hook Norton (Oxon.),

Hooley, Ernest T.,

Hope, Ralph,

Hope-Jones, —, organ builder,

Hopkins, Edw., John, Sir
-, Ric. (d. 1682),
-, Ric. (d. 1707), Ric.
-, (d. 1799), Sampson,
-, mayor of Cov.,
-, Thos., Wm., — (fl.
-, 1733), fam.,

Hopkinson, J.,

Hopsford Viaduct,

Hor (Whor) Brook,

Hore-Belisha, L., n

Horewell, see Horwell

Horlebatte, Ric.,

Horne, Chris., Hen.,
-, John, Reginald, fam.,

Horse Brook,

Horwell, de, John, Nic.,

Horwell (Horewell), in Cov.,
-, boundaries,
-, man., place name,

Horwell stream,

Hoskins, W. G.,

Hospitallers, Knights,

Hotchkiss and Mayo, engineers,

Hotchkiss, Mayo and Meek, cycle
-, manufacturers,

Hotoft, Ric.,

Hough, John,

Houghton (Oughton), Goodyer,

Housing Act (1890),

Housing and Local Government,
-, Ministry of,

Hoveden, Rog. of,

Howard, John, Id. Howard (d. 1481),
-, John (d. 1790),

Howe, John, n

Howlett, John,

Hubbard, Wm.,

Hubberthorne, Ric.,

Huchins, John, Wm., fam.,

Huddlesford, in Whittington (Staffs.),

Hudson, Wm.,

Hudson's Bay Co.,

Huet, Jos., Nat.,

Huggeford, John,
-, Thos., fam.,

Hugh (13th-cent. clerk),

Hugh, earl of Chester (d. 1101),

Hugh, earl of Chester (d. 1181),
-, Maud, mother
-, of Hugh,

Hugh, John fitz,

Hugh, miller of Whitley,

Hughes, Ambrosia, char. of,
-, Geo., John,

Huguenots, n

Hulcotte, — (fl. 1593),

Hull (Yorks. E. R.),

Humber Co., manufacturers of motor
-, cars and cycles,
-, and see Rootes Securities Ltd.

'Humberette' car,

Humphriss, Sam., n

Hunt (Hunte), John, Nic. de,
-, Ralph, Thos.,

Huntingdon, Hen. of,

Huntley, Alice,

Hurd, Thos.,

Hurlbut, Roger,
-, Wm.,

Hurt, Agnes, Eliz.,

Hussey, R. C.,

Hutchinson, H. W.,

Hutton, John,

Hutton, Thompson and Colbourne,
-, auctioneers,

Hyde, Hen., earl of Clarendon (d.
-, 1700),

Hyll, see Hill

Iceland, trade with,

Ide, Laur.,

Iden (Geo.) Ltd., motor car manufacturers,


Ignatius, St.,

Iliffe, Edw. Mauger, baron Iliffe (cr.
-, 1933), Wm., Isaac,

Iliffe and Sons, printers,

Illidge (Eltedge), Jas.,


Imaginary Conversations,

'Imperial' motor bicycle,

Incledon, Chas.,


Indies, West,

Inge, Edw., fam.,

Innocent II, Pope,

Inquiry Concerning the Origin of
-, Christianity,

International Motor Car Co.,

Irby, Cecil Saumarez, Fanny
-, Eliz., see Northey; Geo. Ives, Id.
-, Boston (d. 1869),

Ireland, craftsmen
-, from, trade with,

Ireys (Irreys), Agnes, Eliz.,
-, Hen., Maud, m. Hugh
-, de Culy, Ric., Thos.,
-, Thomasina, m. John de Culy,

Irishmen in London, The (play),

Irreys, see Ireys

Isabel, queen of Edward II,

Isabella I, queen of Castile, n

Isham, Giles,

Isleworth (Mdx.),


Itchenor, Thos.,

Itchington, Adam de,

Itchington, Bishops,

Itchington, Long,

Ivens, R. M.,

Ivo, Richard son of, see Richard

Izon, J. A., John Brown,
-, fam.,

J'Anson, Sir Brian,

Jabet (or Lilleburne), Hugh,
-, Rob.,

Jackson, Edw.,
-, H. T., Hen., Sir T. G.,
-, Thos.,

Jacquard loom,

Jaggard, Jaggard and Hiorns,
-, brewers,

Jaguar Cars,

James, St., relic of,

James I, king,

James II, king,

James, Bernard V., D. A.,
-, Ric., Wm.,


Jarvis, G. R. P.,

Jeacocks, Mary, char. of,

Jeaffreson, John Cordy,

Jean I, king of Castile,

Jefferys, Nat.,

Jelliff, Wm.,

Jemmat (Jemmatt), Mary, Sam.,

Jephcott, Hen.,

Jerard, John,

Jernegan, Hen.,

Jerome, St., relic of,

Jesson, Thos.,
-, Sir Wm., mayor of
-, Cov.,

Joan of Arc (film),

Joce, son of Benedict, (fl. 1194),

Jockey Club,

Johannesburg (S. Africa),

John, T. G.,

John (T. G.) Ltd., motor car manufacturers,
-, and see Alvis

Johnson (Johnston), Ann,
-, John, Thos.,
-, Dr. Wm.,
-, fam.,

Johnson, Hurley and Martin, motor
-, car manufacturers,

Johnston see Johnson

Joilin (Joylin), Rob., Sim.,

Jones, J., John, —(fl. 1865),
-, n

Jonson, Ben,

Jopson, Jas.,

Jopson's Coventry Mercury, see
-, Coventry Mercury and Warwick,
-, Northants., Leicestershire and
-, Oxfordshire Advertiser

Jordan, Herbert son of, see Herbert

Jordan, Dorothy, R., Rob.,

Josephus, Flavius,

Joylin, see Joilin

Julian, Rog.,