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A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 8, the City of Coventry and Borough of Warwick. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1969.

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Chancery Proceedings
C 1 Early
C 2 Series I
C 3 Series II
Six Clerks Series
C 5 Bridges
C 7 Hamilton Placita in Cancellaria
C 44 Tower Series
C 47 Miscellanea
C 53 Charter Rolls
C 66 Patent Rolls
Commissioners for Charitable Uses
C 90 Confirmations and Exonerations of Decrees
C 91 Depositions
C 93 Inquisitions and Decrees Masters' Exhibits
C 108 Farrar
Inquisitions Post Mortem
C 132 Series I, Hen. III
C 133 Edw. I
C 134 Edw. II
C 135 Edw. III
C 136 Ric. II
C 137 Hen. IV
C 138 Hen.V
C 139 Hen. VI
C 140 Edw. IV
C 142 Series II
C 143 Inquisitions ad quod damnum
C 145 Inquisitions Miscellaneous
Court of Common Pleas Feet of Fines
C.P. 25(2) Series II
C.P. 43 Recovery Rolls
Duchy of Lancaster
D.L. 29 Minister's Accounts
D.L.42 Miscellaneous Books
D.L.43 Rentals and Surveys
Ministry of Education
Ed. 2 Parish Files
Ed. 6 Poor Law Union Files
Ed. 7 Public Elementary Schools, Preliminary Statements
Ed. 16 Supply Files
Ed. 18 Attendance Files
Exchequer, Treasury of the Receipt
E 36 Books
Exchequer, King's Remembrancer
E 101 Various Accounts
E 134 Depositions taken by Commission
E 143 Extents and Inquisitions Miscellaneous Books
E 164 Series I
E 165 Series II
E 178 Special Commissions of Enquiry
E 179 Subsidy Rolls, etc.
Exchequer, Augmentation Office
E 301 Certificates of Colleges and Chantries
E 315 Miscellaneous Books
E 317 Parliamentary Surveys
E 318 Particulars for Grants of Crown Lands Ancient Deeds
E 326 Series B
Exchequer, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer
E 358 Miscellaneous Accounts
E 359 Accounts of Subsidies, Aids, etc.
Home Office
H.O. 67 Acreage Returns Census Papers
H.O. 107 Population Returns, 1841 and 1851
H.O. 129 Ecclesiastical Returns
Justices Itinerant
J.I.1 Assize Rolls, Eyre Rolls, etc.
J.I. 3 Gaol Delivery Rolls
Court of King's Bench (Crown Side)
K.B. 9 Ancient Indictments
K.B. 27 Coram Rege Rolls
Exchequer, Land Revenue
L.R. 2 Miscellaneous Books
Privy Council Office
P.C. 2 Registers
Court of Requests
Req. 2 Proceedings
Special Collections
S.C. 2 Court Rolls
S.C. 6 Ministers' Accounts
S.C.11 Rentals and Surveys (Rolls)
S.C. 12 Rentals and Surveys (Portfolios)
Court of Star Chamber Proceedings
Sta. Cha.2 Hen. VIII
Sta. Cha.5 Eliz. I
Sta. Cha.8 Jas. I
State Paper Office
State Papers Domestic
S.P.10 Edw. VI
S.P.18 Interregnum
S.P.29 Chas. II
S.P.44 Entry Books