Index: K-Z

A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 17, Calne. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2002.

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, 'Index: K-Z', in A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 17, Calne, (London, 2002) pp. 195-203. British History Online [accessed 21 May 2024].

. "Index: K-Z", in A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 17, Calne, (London, 2002) 195-203. British History Online, accessed May 21, 2024,

. "Index: K-Z", A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 17, Calne, (London, 2002). 195-203. British History Online. Web. 21 May 2024,

-, Henrietta, m. Geo. Walker,
-, (later Hungerford), Lumley,

Keen, Geo., & Sons,

Keene, Hen.,

Keevil, manor,

Kennedy, Geo.,

Kennet, riv.,

Kennet, district,

Kennet, Upper, benefice,

Kent, earl of, see Edmund

-, Canterbury, abp. of, see Dunstan

Kerry cattle,

King, Mrs. D.,

King-Wyndham, Ellen, and see Wyndham

Kington, Ric.,

Kington (Herefs.),

Kington St. Michael, priory of,

Kinnoull, earl of, see Hay, Thos.

knights of the shire, exemption from expenses of,

knitting woollen stockings,

Kyrle, see Money-Kyrle

Labour-in-Vain Hill, see roads, London-Bristol

-, abbey,
-, man.,

lakes, see Blackland (tithing): Blackland Ho. (pk.); Bowood: Bowood Ho. (pk.); Whetham: Whetham Ho. (pk., gdns., and woodland)

-, John,
-, Wm.,

lamp posts making, see Calne, trade and ind.

Lancaster, Hen. of, see Henry IV

Lancaster, duchy of,

landscape designer, see Brown, Lancelot

Lane, Josiah,

-, Ambrose,
-, Thos.,

-, marquessate,
-, marquesses of, and see Petty, John and Wm.; Petty-Fitzmaurice

Lawrence, C. H.,

lawyer, see Lambarde, Wm.

leather dressing,

leather sealers, see Calne, borough (pre-1835)

leet jurisdiction,

Leicestershire, see Loughborough

Leigh Delamere, rector of, see Rogers, Hen. (d. 1721)

-, Chas., duke of Richmond,
-, Georgiana, m. Hen. Fox, Ld.
-, Holland (d. 1774),

Leuenot (fl. 1066),

Levant Merchants, Company of,

liberties, exemptions, and franchises, see ancient demesne; assizes; Bowood; Calne, borough (pre-1835): burghal tenements and tenure and liberties; Calne hundred; Corsham; free warren; gallows; knights of the shire; leet jurisdiction; murage; pannage; passage; pillory; return of writs; service; shires and hundreds; suit at all courts; suit to shire and hundred courts; toll; tumbril; vee de naam; waifs and strays; wills; and see (for cross references) courts leet; view of frankpledge

librarian, see Priestley

libraries, see Buck Hill, sch.; Calne; Calne Society for the Cultivation of Useful Knowledge; Wiltshire

lighting inspectors, see Calne, borough (post-1835)

Lilford, Lds., see Powys, John and Thos.

lime burner,

lime kilns and pits, see Calne, trade and ind.

linches, see Calstone, open fields and prehist. rem.; Compton Bassett, agric.


Lincoln's Inn (Mdx.),

Lincolnshire, see Humby, Great; Lincoln

-, Adelize de, m. Reynold or Rob. de Dunstanville (the elder),
-, Humph. de,
-, Rob., Ld. Lisle,

list maker,

Littlecott, Alice, m. Rob. Thornborough,

Lloyd, Sampson,

Lloyds Bank Ltd.,

-, bp., see Basset, Fulk
-, City,
-, town clerk, see Merewether, H. A.
-, and see Levant Merchants; Lincoln's Inn

London, Little, see Yatesbury

-, Chas.,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., m. Sir Wm. Russell, Ld. Russell,
-, Emma, m. Wm. Scrope,
-, Sir Giles, Bt.,
-, Hannah, w. of Chas., m. Jas. Dawkins,
-, Henrietta, w. of Sir Jas. (d. 1729),
-, Sir Hen. (d. 1556),
-, Hen. (d. 1573),
-, Sir Jas., Bt. (d. 1692),
-, Sir Jas., Bt. (d. 1729),
-, Joan, w. of Thos. (d. 1562),
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1546),
-, Ric. (fl. 1754),
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1581),
-, Sir Rob., Bt. (d. 1692),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1508),
-, Thos. (d. 1562),
-, Sir Wal.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Campbell-Wyndham-Long

-, Ela, ctss. of Salisbury, w. of Wm.,
-, Wm.,

Lott, John,

Loughborough (Leics.),

Low (commonable pasture), see Calstone; Cherhill

Lowe, fam.,

Luard, Peter,

Luckett, H. A.,

lunatic asylum, see Calne

Lunford, John,

Luttrell, John,

Lybbe, see Powys-Lybbe

Lycett Green, R. W., and see Green

Lyneham, see Bradenstoke

Macaulay, T. B., historian,

-, Eliz., see Hadow
-, W. M., rector of Blackland,

Mace, Eliz.,

Mail, Helena,

Majendie, Susannah, see du Boulay

Malmesbury, abbey of,
-, abbacy,

malthouses, see Calne, trade and ind. (malt mill, malthouses, and maltsters); Cherhill; Compton Bassett

malting, see Calstone, trade and ind.


-, Geof. de, earl of Essex,
-, Maud, ctss. of Hereford, ctss. of Essex, m. Hen. de Bohun, earl of Hereford, Rog. of Dauntsey,
-, Wm. de, earl of Essex,
-, and see FitzPeter, Geof.

-, Eleanor, see Moleyns
-, Sir Oliver,

Mannings Hill (in Calne), and see Calne, man. and estates

manure manufacture, and see Calne, trade and ind. (fertilizer production)

Marden, riv.,
-, as a boundary,
-, bridges,
-, canalized,
-, covered,
-, dammed,
-, mills on,
-, pool (pond),
-, reservoir on,
-, source,
-, as source of Calne's water,
-, swimming pool fed by,

Mark Lovell Design Engineers,

markets, see Calne

Marlborough, St. Mary's priory near,

Marlborough Downs,

Marlborough poor-law union,

Marsh Lane, see Quemerford

-, Margery, ctss. of Warwick,
-, Sibyl, m. Wm. de Ferrers, earl of Derby,
-, Wm., earl of Pembroke,

-, Joan, see Rogers
-, Jos.,

Mary (de Bohun), m. Hen. of Lancaster, earl of Derby (Henry IV),

Massey, Hen.,

Maud, Empress,

-, Agnes, w. of Sir John (d. 1347), m. Thos. Bradeston, Ld. Bradeston,
-, Beatrice, w. of Rob.,
-, Gunfrid,
-, John (fl. 1242-3),
-, John (fl. 1254, ?another),
-, Sir John (d. 1302, ?the same),
-, Sir John (d. 1347),
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

-, Anna, see Goddard, Hannah or Anna
-, Anne, w. of Hen. (d. 1847),
-, E. W.,
-, G. R.,
-, Hannah, see Goddard
-, Hen. (fl. 1690s),
-, Hen. (fl. 1809),
-, Hen. (d. 1847, ? another),
-, M. J.,
-, R. J.,
-, Rob. (fl. 1648-1743, several of the name),
-, Rob. (fl. 1708),
-, Rob. (d. by 1796),
-, Rob. (fl. c. 1815),
-, Thos. (fl. 1747-c. 1815, more than one of the name),
-, Thos. (fl. 1790),

Maundrell Foundries Ltd. (formerly Maundrells),

-, B. A.,
-, fam.,

-, Jas. (d. 1788), vicar of Avebury,
-, Jas. (d. 1822), vicar of Avebury, rector of Blackland,
-, Jas. (fl. 1843), vicar of Avebury, rector of Blackland,
-, Jane, w. of Jas. (d. 1822),
-, fam.,

Mead, Steph.,

Mears, C. & G.,

Mears & Stainbank, n,

Mechanics' Institution, see Calne

Melhuish, John,

-, R.A.F. Melksham, q.v.
-, Whitley, q.v.


Meredith, Wm., and his w. Martha,

-, H. A.,
-, John,

-, Sir Jas.,
-, Sir John,

-, Independent,
-, Primitive,
-, Wesleyan,

-, Sir Hen., Bt. (d. 1883),
-, Sir Hen., Bt. (d. 1900),
-, Valerie, w. of Sir Hen. (d. 1900),

Middlesex, see Lincoln's Inn; Whitechapel

midwife and midwifery,

milestones, see Heddington

Millard, Geo., rector of Calstone Wellington,

Miller, Woolston, curate of Berwick
-, Bassett,


Mills, see Saunders alias Mills

-, cloth, fulling, gig, malt, mop, paper, silk, woollen, see Calne, trade and ind.; Calstone, mills; Quemerford, trade and ind.; Studley, mills
-, corn, flour, grist, see Blackland (tithing); Calne; Calstone; Cherhill; Compton Bassett; Heddington; Quemerford; Studley; Whetham (in each case s.v. mill or mills); Yatesbury, windmill
-, flax (spurious),
-, and see (for cross references) saw mills

-, (later Crewe-Milnes), Rob., Ld. Houghton, earl and marquess of Crewe,
-, fam.,

Milston, rector of, see Rutty

Milton Lilbourne, see Fyfield

Ministry of Defence,

mission room, see Heddington Wick; and see Baptists

-, Edw.,
-, John (d. 1573),
-, John (d. by 1623),
-, John (fl. 1646),
-, John (fl. 1687, another),
-, John (fl. 1720, another),
-, Marion, w. of John (d. by 1623),
-, Mrs.,

moats, see Blackland, farms and farmsteads (Blackland); Calne, hos. (Pinhills Ho.)

-, Isabel, see Ferrers
-, Reynold de,

-, Eleanor, m. 1 Sir Rob. Hungerford, Ld. Hungerford and Moleyns, Sir Oliver Manningham,
-, Margery, w. of Sir Wm. (d. 1425),
-, Sir Ric.,
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1381),
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1425),
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1429),

-, Baroness, see Hungerford, Mary
-, Ld., see Hungerford, Rob.

-, Agnes, see Watkins
-, Drew,
-, Edm.,
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos. (d. 1560),
-, Thos. (d. 1582),
-, Thos. (fl. 1607),

Monck, J. M.,

-, Jas. (d. 1785),
-, (later Money-Kyrle), Sir Jas., Bt. (d. 1843),
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, Audley,
-, Florence, w. of Audley,
-, Sir Jas., Bt., see Money
-, John,
-, Rog.,
-, Wm. (d. 1848),
-, Wm. (d. 1868),
-, fam.,

Montagu, Wm. de, earl of Salisbury,

-, John de,
-, Millicent, see Cauntelo

Montfort, Hen. de,

Montgomery, earl of, see Herbert, Phil.

More, Edw.,

-, Ambrose,
-, And. (d. c. 1611),
-, And., neph. of And.,
-, Ant., rector of Binegar,
-, Geo., f. of And. (d. c. 1611),
-, Geo. (fl. 1587, ?the same),
-, Geo. (fl. 1641),
-, Lucy, w. of And. (d. c. 1611),
-, Wm., vicar of Calne,

Moss, Chas., bp. of Bath and Wells, bp. of St. David's rector of Compton Bassett,

-, G.,
-, J. E.,
-, W. E.,

murage, freedom from,

museum, see Devizes

Nairne, Geo. Mercer, marquess of Lansdowne, see Petty-Fitzmaurice

-, Eliz., m. Rob. Cooper,
-, John (d. by 1768),
-, John (d. 1821),
-, John (d. 1832),
-, Martha,
-, Mary, m. Hen. Stratton,
-, Sarah, m. Rob. Gibbons,
-, Thos.,

National Trust

-, Anne, see Beauchamp
-, Hugh de,
-, Isabel, m. Geo. Plantagenet, duke of Clarence,
-, Ric., earl of Salisbury and of Warwick,

-, Edw.,
-, Mitchell,
-, Mitchell, s. of Mitchell,
-, fam.,

Newnton, North, see Rainscombe Ho.

newspapers, see Calne

Newton Tony, manor,

Nigel (? Nigel the physician; ? Calne,Nigel of),

Nisbett, Jas., rector of Compton Bassett,

Nolands, South, see Compton Bassett

-, Eliz., m. 1 Edw. Devereux, Vct. Hereford, John Symes Berkeley,
-, Frances, w. of Wal. (d. 1684),
-, Humph. (fl. 1635),
-, Humph. (fl. 1692),
-, John,
-, Mary, see Chivers
-, Wal. (d. 1659),
-, Wal. (d. 1684),
-, Wm.,

Norfolk, earl of, see Bigod, Rog.

-, Rob.,
-, V. S. E.,

Norris, Thos.,

North Wiltshire Banking Co. Ltd.,

North Wiltshire Water Board,

Northampton, earl of, see Bohun, Humph. de (d. 1373) and Wm. de

Northey, Wm.,

-, Israel (? two of the name),
-, Mr.,

nursing homes, see Calne; Derry Hill; and see homes for the elderly

Nutt, Ric.,

obelisk, see Calstone

O'Brien, J. D.,

occupations and professions, see alehouse keepers; antiquarian; apothecaries; author; bacon curer; bakers; bookbinder; brewers; broadweaver; butchers; chandler; cheese dealer; clock makers; cloth makers, clothiers, and cloth-workers; currier; doctor; drugget maker; fishmongers; fuller; inn-keepers; lime burner; list maker; maltsters; mercers; midwife and midwifery; millers; physician; printers; stationers; surgeons; tanners; vintners; watch makers; weavers; woolstaplers; worsted maker; and see (for cross references) architects and designers; basket makers; bell founders; bicycle maker; bookseller; cart builders; coach proprietors; electrical engineers; engineers; food processing equipment manufacturer; garden designers; grocer; historians; hospital equipment manufacturer; iron founders; landscape designer; lawyer; librarian; organ builder; paper makers; photographic equipment manufacturer; power equipment designers and manufacturers; racehorses, trainer; solicitor-general; vehicle bodywork repairers; wheelwrights; and see (also for cross references) officers and officials; trade and industry

Oddfellows' hall, see Calne

offences, (among those mentioned) see assault; bridges, unmaintained; chimneys; games; heresy; high- ways and roads; papistry; quarries, dangerous or unfenced; sand pits; saw pits; streets; vert and venison; watercourses; wells

officers and officials, see tithingmen; and see (for cross references) aldermen; ale taster; bailiffs; churchwardens; clerks; constables; haywards; leather sealers; lighting inspectors; overseers (of the poor); overseers of highways; returning officer; school attendance officer; sexton; sheriff; tellers of sheep; town clerk; town crier; treasurer; undersheriff; veterinary inspector; and see (also for cross references) occupations and professions

Ogbourne St. George,

Ogilvie, G. S.,

Oldbury, benefice (old and new),
-, group ministry,
-, patronage board,
-, rector,
-, team ministry,
-, team vicar,

Oldbury castle (hill fort in Calstone and Cherhill),

Oliver, Bryan,

O'Neill, Raymond, Ld. O'Neill,

open fields, and see under places

oratory, see Whetham, man. ho.

organ builder, see Conacher

Oriel, fam.,

orphanage, see Calne

Osmond, Ric.,

Osmund, bp. of Salisbury,

overseers (of the poor), see Blackland (parish); Bowood; Calne; Cherhill; Heddington; Pewsham

overseers of highways, see Calne

Oxford, earls of, see Vere, John de and Thos. de

Oxford university:
-, Magdalen Coll.,
-, Queen's Coll.,

Oxfordshire, see Abingdon; Bicester; Ewelme; Wallingford

Pacon, John,

-, Thos. (fl. 1563),
-, Thos., rector of Blackland

Pain (fl. 1086),

pannage, freedom from,

paper makers, see Dowding, W. J., & Sons and fam.; Huband

paper making, see Calstone, trade and ind.; Quemerford, trade and ind.

papistry, and see (for cross references) Roman Catholicism


parks, see Blackland (tithing): Blackland Ho.; Bowood: Bowood Ho.; Bowood, pk.; Calne, hos. (Castle-field Ho., the Croft, Vern Leaze, and Woodlands); Compton Bassett: Compton Bassett Ho.; Studley: Studley Ho.; Whetham: Whetham Ho.

-, Ho. of Commons,
-, and see Acts; Calne, parl. rep.

Parr, Cath., see Catherine

Parsons, see Segar alias Parsons

-, Ant.,
-, John,
-, Rob.,
-, Wm.,

passage, freedom from,

-, David,
-, John,

Paveley, Reynold de,

paving slab manufacture, see Calne, trade and ind.

-, W. H.,
-, W. J.,

Pearsall, Thos., & Co.,

-, Brice (d. 1842),
-, Brice (d. 1866),
-, Nic. (d. 1739),
-, Nic. (d. 1775),
-, Nic. (d. 1795),
-, Nic. (d. c. 1825),
-, Sarah, w. of Nic. (d. c. 1825),

Pearson, J. L.,

peculiar jurisdiction, see Calne prebend; Salisbury, cath. ch. (dean and treasurer)

-, earldom,
-, earls of, see Herbert; Marshal, Wm.

Penn (commonable pasture), see Calne; Cherhill; Compton Bassett

-, Jas.,
-, Sarah, w. of Jas.,

-, H. J.,
-, J.,
-, L. H. W.,
-, W.,
-, W. N.,

Pershore (Worcs.), abbey of,
-, abbot,

-, Cath., see Wylye
-, Wm.,

pesthouses, see Calne; Quemerford

petrol station,

-, Hen., marquess of Lansdowne, see Petty-Fitzmaurice
-, John, earl of Shelburne (d. 1761),
-, John, marquess of Lansdowne (d.1809),
-, Mary, w. of John, earl of Shelburne,
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1687),
-, Wm., earl of Shelburne, marquess of Lansdowne (d. 1805),
-, (later Petty-Fitzmaurice), fam.,

-, Chas., earl of Shelburne, marquess of Lansdowne (fl. 1999),
-, Chas., marquess of Lansdowne (d. 1944),
-, Edmond, Ld. Fitzmaurice,
-, (formerly Nairne), Geo. Mercer, marquess of Lansdowne,
-, (formerly Petty), Hen., marquess of Lansdowne (d. 1863),
-, Hen., marquess of Lansdowne (d. 1866),
-, Hen., marquess of Lansdowne (d. 1927),
-, Hen., marquess of Lansdowne (d. 1936),
-, fam.,

-, Derry Hill, q.v.
-, overseers,
-, tithes,

-, Eleanor, m. John Savage,
-, Eliz., m. John Taylor,
-, Joanna, m. Ric. Tuckey,
-, John (d. 1731),
-, John (another),
-, Mary, m. John Phelps (the other),
-, Ric.,

Phelps alias Bromham, Ric.,

Philippa, queen of Edw. III,

photographic equipment manufacturer, see Blackburn

physician, and see Allsop

physician, Nigel the, see Nigel

-, D. W.,
-, J. D.,
-, R.,
-, fam.,

Pickwick (in Corsham),


-, Chris.,
-, Miss D. M.,
-, John,
-, Wm.,
-, Wm., & Sons,

-, Edm.,
-, Edm., s. of Edm.,


planned settlement, see Berwick Bassett; Eastman Street; Yatesbury

-, Edw., earl of Warwick,
-, Geo., duke of Clarence,
-, Isabel, see Neville

-, Caroline,
-, her dau., see Campbell-Wyndham-Long
-, and see Bouverie; Wyndham

Plymouth Brethren,

police house,

police stations and policing, see Calne; Wiltshire, police force

-, Ric. (d. 1838),
-, Ric. (fl. c. 1848),

ponds, see Compton Bassett; Whetham: Whetham Ho. (pk., gdns., and woodland)

Ponting, C. E.,

poor-law unions, see Calne; Marlborough

poorhouse, see Calne

-, Alex.,
-, Geo.,
-, John (d. 1636),
-, John (fl. 1709),
-, Mary, w. of John (d. 1636),
-, fam.,

-, Adam de,
-, fam.,

post offices, see Calne; Heddington

Pound, Edwin,

Pound Brothers,

pounds (enclosures), see Blackland (tithing); Calne hundred; Yatesbury

-, John,
-, Jonathan,
-, Thos.,

power equipment designers and manufacturers, see Autoguide Equipment Ltd.

power station, see Calne; Calne, trade and ind. (bacon curing)

-, John, Ld. Lilford,
-, (later Fox-Powys), Leopold,
-, Thos., Ld. Lilford,

Powys-Lybbe, T.,

-, Thos. (d. 1856),
-, Thos. (d. 1873),
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Dickson

-, Alice, see Davy
-, John,

Poyntz, Thos., and his w. Joan,

prehistoric remains, and see Oldbury castle; Wansdyke; and see also under places


Preshute, see Temple Rockley

-, John,
-, Thos.,

Price, Emily,

Priestley, Jos., scientist,

Pringle, J.,

printed circuit manufacture, see Calne, trade and ind.

printers, and see Heath, Alf. and fam.

printing, see Calne, trade and ind.

prison, see Calne, blind ho.

Privy Council,

protestant nonconformity, see under places; and see Baptists; Calne, cemetery and free ch.; Congregationalist; Independents; Methodists; Plymouth Brethren; Presbyterianism; Quakers; Salvation Army; Unitarianism

Provender mill, see Quemerford, mills (Upper)

public houses, see Calne, inns; Quemerford, inn or alehouse

pumps making, see Calne, trade and ind.

Pungiant, Ric.,

punishment and restraint, instruments of, and see Calne, blind ho. (prison) and stocks; cucking stool; gallows; gibbet; hand-bolts; pillory; Studley, stocks; tumbril; whipping post

-, Ric.,
-, Rog.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Pym, John, parliamentarian,

-, burial grounds,

quarries, see Calne; Calne, trade and ind. (stone quarrying); Compton Bassett
-, dangerous or unfenced,
-, and see sand extraction

quarter sessions, see Wiltshire

Queen Anne's Bounty,

Quemerford, Bart. of,

Quemerford (in Calne),
-, agric.,
-, alehouse, and see Quemerford, inn or alehouse
-, allotments (gdn.),
-, beerhouse, and see Quemerford, inn or alehouse
-, Bore down (later in Compton Bassett),
-, bridge,
-, chap.,
-, ch., see Calne, ch. of Holy Trinity
-, commonable pastures,
-, council hos.,
-, cts.,
-, view of frankpledge,
-, and see Quemerford, man. and estates (Bowers)
-, the Croft, see Calne, hos.
-, dom. archit.,
-, Ebor Ho., see Calne, hos.
-, farms and farmsteads,
-, Gate,
-, Hayle,
-, Quemerford,
-, Quemerford Common,
-, Quemerford Gate,
-, Sands,
-, Sands, Lower,
-, inc.,
-, inn or alehouse (public ho.),
-, inn or beerhouse,
-, man. and estates,
-, Bowers, ct.,
-, Gate farm,
-, Hayle farm,
-, Quemerford Common farm,
-, Quemerford farm,
-, Quemerford Gate farm,
-, Sands farm,
-, Sands, Lower, farm,
-, ½ yardland,
-, and see Quemerford, farms and farmsteads
-, Marsh Lane,
-, prot. nonconf.,
-, mills,
-, Lower (or Quemerford), mill ho., and see Quemerford, trade and ind. (cloth making)
-, Phelps (later Hole), and see Quemerford, trade and ind. (cloth making)
-, Upper (or Provender), mill ho.,
-, open fields,
-, pesthouse,
-, place name,
-, pop.,
-, prot. nonconf., and see Quemerford, Marsh Lane
-, public ho., see Quemerford, inn or alehouse
-, Quemerford Ho.,
-, R.A.F. sta., see R.A.F. Compton Bassett
-, rating area,
-, schs.,
-, tithingman,
-, toll ho.,
-, trade and ind.,
-, animal foodstuffs preparation and production,
-, cloth making, factories (Hole mill and Lower mill),
-, farm seeds cleaning and dressing,
-, fulling and fulling mills,
-, paper making,
-, refuse (landfill),
-, rugs, mops, and yarn making,
-, storage and distribution,
-, view of frankpledge, see Quemerford, cts.
-, Wessington Ho., see Calne, hos.
-, woodland,

quo warranto,

R.A.F. Compton Bassett,

R.A.F. Melksham,

R.A.F. Yatesbury,
-, flying sch.,
-, signals sch.,
-, wireless sch.,

-, breeding,
-, stables,
-, trainer, see Darling
-, training,
-, and see gallops

Radnor, earl of, see Bouverie, Wm.

Rag Lane, see Derry Hill

railings making, see Calne, trade and ind.

railway station, see Calne

railways, see Calne Railway Company; G.W.R.

Rainscombe House (in North Newnton, later in Wilcot),

Ramsbury, Wm.,

Rank Hovis McDougall Ltd.,

Ratford (in Bremhill and Calne),
-, bridge,
-, dom. archit.,
-, ford,
-, prot. nonconf.,

-, R. E.,
-, Rob.,

Rawlings & Phillips,

reading rooms, see Calne Society for the Cultivation of Useful Knowledge; Calstone; Derry Hill; Heddington

recreation ground, see Calne

Red Hill, see Derry Hill

Redundant Churches Fund, see Churches Conservation Trust

-, landfill and recycling, and see Calstone, Low; Quemerford, trade and ind.
-, removal, see Calne

Reis, J. S.,

religious houses, see Battle; Bicester; Bradenstoke; Farleigh; Kington St. Michael; Lacock; Malmesbury; Marlborough; Pershore; Stanley

religious orders, see Hospitallers

Requests, ct. of,

reservoir, see Calstone

restaurant, see Bowood: Bowood Ho. (as commercial premises)

return of writs,

returning officer, see Calne, borough (pre-1835)

Reviers, Baldwin de, earl of Devon, ld. of the Isle of Wight,

Reynold son of Herbert,

Reynold, Wm.,

Richard II,

Richard, duke of York,
-, Cecily, dchss. of York, w. of Ric.,
-, their s., see Edward IV

Richards, B.,

Richmond, duke of, see Lennox, Chas.

Ridge Way (ancient), see roads

Rivers, John,

rivers, see Abberd brook; Cowage brook; Fisher's brook; Kennet; Marden; River's brook; Thames; Whetham stream

River's brook,
-, mills on,

road haulage,

-, Beckhampton-Devizes,
-, Calne-Bath,
-, Calne-Devizes (via Heddington Wick),
-, Calne-Devizes (via Quemerford and Blackland),
-, Calne-Malmesbury,
-, Calne to Melksham and Devizes,
-, Calne to Wootton Bassett and Swindon,
-, Chippenham-Devizes,
-, London and south Wales motorway,
-, London-Bath (Roman),
-, London-Bath (turnpiked)
-, milestones, see Heddington
-, toll ho., see Heddington
-, London-Bristol,
-, Black Dog Hill,
-, Labour-in-Vain Hill,
-, New Road, see Studley
-, toll ho., see Quemerford
-, plough,
-, Ridge Way (ancient),
-, Swindon-Devizes,
-, and see highways and roads

Robert, John s. of, see John

Roberts, R. M.,

-, Agnes, see Berwick
-, Eliz., m. Sir Wal. Beauchamp,
-, Sir John,
-, John de la,
-, Wm., w. of Sir John,

Roger, Wal. s. of, see Walter

-, Benj.,
-, Dorothy, m. John Holland,
-, F. J. N.,
-, Francis, curate of Stanton St. Bernard, rector of Heddington,
-, Hen. (d. 1614),
-, Hen. (d. 1670), rector of Heddington,
-, Hen. (d. 1687),
-, Hen., s. of Hen. (d. 1687),
-, Hen. (d. 1721), prebendary of Yatesbury, rector of Heddington, rector of Leigh Delamere,
-, Hen. (d. 1735),
-, Jas., rector of Heddington,
-, Joan, m. Jos. Marshman,
-, John (d. by 1624),
-, John, s. of John (d. by 1624),
-, Jonathan,
-, Rob., rector of Heddington,
-, Mr.,
-, fam.,

Roman Catholicism, see Calne; Cherhill; Compton Bassett; Heddington; Yatesbury; and see papistry

Romano-British remains, and see Calne; Cherhill; Compton Bassett; Heddington; Heddington Wick; Yatesbury; and see also roads, London-Bath

Rothschild, Mrs. S. M., Lady Rothschild,

Ruddle, G. S.,

-, Abel,
-, Abraham,
-, John,

Rudler, R. H.,

Ruffus, John,

rug, mops, and yarn making, see Quemerford, trade and ind.

-, Eliz., see Long
-, John,
-, Sir Wm., Ld. Russell,

Rutherford, Emily,

Rutty, Thos., rector of Milston,

-, Mary, see Hungerford
-, Sir Ric.,


Sainsbury, H. R. & S.,

St. Amand:
-, Baroness, see Beauchamp, Eliz.
-, Lds., see Beauchamp, Sir Ric. and Sir Wm.

St. David's, bp. of, see Moss

St. Lo, John,

St. Vigeur:
-, Maud, w. of Thos. (? the elder),
-, Thos. (d. c. 1295),
-, Thos., s. of Thos.,

-, Edw. of,
-, Maud, m. Humph. de Bohun (d. c. 1129),

-, ctss. of, see Longespée, Ela
-, earldom,
-, earls of, see Montagu; Neville, Ric.

-, bp., and see Osmund
-, cath. ch.,
-, dean, peculiar,
-, dean and chapter,
-, prebends and prebendaries, see Calne; Yatesbury
-, treasurer and treasurership, (peculiar)
-, jurisdiction,
-, dioc.,
-, dioc. board of finance,

Salvation Army,

Sambourne (stream), see Whetham stream

Samkins, Thos.,

Samuels, F. Sortain,

sand extraction, and see Calne, trade and ind.; Calstone, Low and trade and ind.; Cherhill, Low; Quemerford, trade and ind.

sand pits, dangerous,

Sandy Lane (in Calne),
-, ch.,
-, archit.,
-, conservation area,
-, dom. archit.,
-, inns,
-, White Hart,
-, prot. nonconf.,
-, saw mill,
-, sch.,
-, trade and ind.,
-, and see Bromham, Chittoe, and Sandy Lane

Saunders alias Mills:
-, Thos.,
-, Thos., s. of Thos.,

-, Eleanor, see Phelps
-, John,

-, Anne, see Colvile
-, Gabriel,
-, Mary, see Colvile
-, Wm.,

saw mills, see Calne, trade and ind.; Sandy Lane; Studley

saw pits, dangerous,

Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust,

school attendance officer, see Calne, borough (post-1835)

schools, see under places
-, boarding,
-, Brit.,
-, char., see Calne, schools (free)
-, Ch. of Eng.,
-, comprehensive,
-, county,
-, county secondary,
-, dame,
-, dom. service,
-, free (char.),
-, grammar,
-, infants',
-, junior,
-, juvenile,
-, National,
-, night,
-, primary,
-, Rom. Catholic,
-, secondary modern,
-, special,
-, Sunday,
-, technical,
-, and see R.A.F. Yatesbury

scientist, see Priestley

Scot, John le, earl of Chester,

-, Anne,
-, Mary,
-, Mr.,
-, fam.,

scout hall, see Heddington

-, Emma, see Long
-, Wm.,

Seager, Ric., and see Segar alias Parsons

Secretary of State for Air,

Segar alias Parsons:
-, Edw.,
-, Ric.,
-, Wal. (fl. 1600),
-, Wal. (fl. 1674),
-, Wm.,
-, and see Seager


serjeant-at-law, see Merewether, H. A.

-, Gilb.,
-, Peter,

service, quittance from,

sexton, see Calne, ch. of St. Mary

-, Chas., Ld. Seymour,
-, Edw., Vct. Beauchamp, earl of Hertford, duke of Somerset,
-, Frances, m. Sir Geo. Hungerford (d. 1712),
-, Mary, see Smith

shambles, see Calne

-, Hen.,
-, Olive, m. John Talbot (d. 1581),
-, Sir Rob. Stapleton,
-, Sir Wm.,

-, earldom,
-, earls of, see Petty, John and Wm.; Petty-Fitzmaurice, Chas.

-, Frances, w. of Joshua,
-, Germanicus,
-, Joshua,

sheriff, see Wiltshire

shire horses, see horses

shires and hundreds, quittance of, and see suit to shire and hundred courts

shops, see Bowood: Bowood Ho. (as commercial premises); Calne

-, Francis,
-, John,
-, Revd. John (?the same),
-, Wm.,

sieve makers, see Weston, fam.

silk making, see Calne, trade and ind.

Silver Street, see Compton Bassett

-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

Singleborough (Bucks.),

Slater, Wm.,

slaughtering of horses,

Smale, F. J.,


Smirke, Rob.,

-, A. C., rector of Yatesbury,
-, Eliz., w. of Mic. (d. 1774),
-, Hen. (fl. 1627),
-, Hen. (d. 1669 × 1687, another),
-, John,
-, Mabel,
-, Marg., w. of Mic. (fl. 1719),
-, Mary, m. Chas. Seymour, Ld. Seymour,
-, Mat.,
-, Mic. (fl. 1719),
-, Mic. (d. 1774, s. of Mic.),
-, Mic. (fl. 1756, ?the same),
-, Phil.,
-, Rob. (d. 1556),
-, Rob. (d. 1599),
-, Rob. (d. 1647),
-, Rob. (d. 1691),
-, Rob. (fl. 1789),
-, Thos. (d. 1637),
-, Thos. (d. 1779), rector of Blackland and of Draycot Cerne,
-, Wm.,

-, F. G.,
-, F. W. L.,

Snell, Nic.,

snuff grinding, see Calstone, trade and ind.

solicitor-general, see Dunning

Somerford, Little, manor,

Somerford, Rog. of,

-, Chas., duke of Beaufort,
-, Eliz., see Berkeley
-, Hen., duke of Beaufort,

Somerset, duke of, see Seymour, Edw.

Somerset, see Bath
-, Binegar, rector of, see Mortimer, Ant.

South Western Gas Board,

Southern Electricity Board,

Spalato (Split, Croatia),

-, J. E. P.,
-, J. W. G.,


Splatts, the (in Heddington),
-, commonable pasture,
-, dom. archit.,
-, estate, see Heddington, man. and estates
-, farm, see Heddington, farms
-, pagoda (Buddhist),
-, Splatts Farm,
-, Splatts Ho., pls.

sports and games, see games; racehorses; and see (all s.v. Calne) bowls club; cricket; cycle track; cycling club; football clubs and grounds; netball club; recreation ground; rifle club; rugby club; sports centre; sports grounds; swimming pools; tennis club; and see (for cross references) game; golf courses

Spye Park, see Bromham

-, Geo.,
-, John,

Stanier, Susan,

Stanley (in Bremhill), abbey of,
-, abbot,

Stanton St. Bernard,
-, curate, see Rogers, Francis

-, Alex.,
-, Sam.,

-, Olive, see Sharington
-, Sir Rob.,

stationers, and see Heath, Alf.

Staveley, Ant.,

Stent, W. J.,

Stephen, King,

Stewart Hunt, R., and see Hunt

-, B. H.,
-, Sir Francis,
-, Harold,
-, Hen.,
-, Rob.,
-, S. S.,

-, Adam of,
-, And. of,
-, Edw.,
-, Gena, w. of Adam of, m. Rob. Hungerford,
-, Herb. of,
-, John,
-, Marg., m. John Weston,
-, Patrick,

Stock (in Calne),
-, agric.,
-, colonization,
-, commonable pastures,
-, council hos.,
-, cust. tenants,
-, dom. archit.,
-, estates, farms, and farmsteads,
-, Holly Ditch,
-, Knight's Marsh,
-, Mile Elm,
-, Quobbs,
-, Rookery,
-, Rough Leaze,
-, Stock Orchard,
-, Stock Street,
-, inc.,
-, man.,
-, Stock (otherwise Stock and Stockley),
-, open fields,
-, place name,
-, rating area,
-, tithingman,
-, woodland,

Stockley (in Calne),
-, agric.,
-, Broad's Green (hamlet),
-, Broad's Green (pasture),
-, colonization,
-, commonable meadow,
-, commonable pastures,
-, council hos.,
-, cts.,
-, view of frankpledge,
-, dom. archit.,
-, farms and farmsteads,
-, Bell's,
-, Broad's Green,
-, Elm Hurst,
-, Scott's, pl.
-, Stockley,
-, Tossels,
-, Willowbrook,
-, inc.,
-, man. and estates,
-, Broad's Green farm,
-, Scott's farm,
-, Stockley, and see Stock, man.
-, Tossels farm,
-, and see Stockley, farms and farmsteads
-, open fields,
-, place name,
-, prot. nonconf.,
-, rating area,
-, sch.,
-, Stockley Green,
-, tithingman,
-, view of frankpledge, see Stockley,
-, cts.
-, woodland,

Stockley Green, see Stockley

stocks (punitive), see Calne; Studley

storage, and see Quemerford, trade and ind.

-, Hen.,
-, Mary, see Nalder

straw plaiting,

-, Steph.,
-, Mrs.,
-, -,

streets, fouling of,

Stretton, And. of, and his w. Beatrice,

Strong and White (designers),

stud farms, see Blackland (tithing); Yatesbury

-, Alex. of (fl. c. 1230),
-, Alex. of (fl. c. 1280),
-, Alice, m. Thos. Cricklade,
-, Ellis of,
-, Geof.,
-, John (fl. 1341), and his w. Alice,
-, John (fl. 1405),
-, John of (fl. 1296),
-, Laur. of, and his w. Anne,
-, Nic.,
-, Ralph,
-, Rog. of (fl. 1242-3),
-, Rog. of (?another),
-, Wal.,

Studley (in Bremhill, Calne, and Chippenham),
-, agric.,
-, as assarts,
-, bridges,
-, Buckhill Ho.,
-, chap.,
-, chant., chaplain,
-, commonable pasture,
-, council hos.,
-, ct., see Studley, man. and estates (Studley)
-, dom. archit., pls.
-, farms:
-, Norley,
-, Rumsey,
-, Studley Ho.,
-, farmsteads,
-, Rumsey Farm,
-, Studley Ho. Farm, and see Studley, Studley Ho.
-, grange,
-, inns,
-, man. and estates,
-, Buckhill,
-, Norley farm,
-, Rumsey's,
-, Studley, ct.,
-, man. ho., and see (all s.v. Studley) Buckhill Ho.; Rumsey Ho.; Studley Ho.
-, mills,
-, fulling,
-, New Road,
-, open fields,
-, prot. nonconf.,
-, rating areas,
-, Rumsey Ho., pl.
-, gatehouse,
-, saw mill,
-, sch.,
-, stocks (punitive),
-, Studley Corner,
-, Studley Hill,
-, Studley Ho.,
-, pk., canal,
-, and see Studley, farmsteads
-, tithes,
-, tithing,
-, tithingman,
-, trade and ind., see Studley, mills (fulling) and saw mill
-, woodland,

Studley Corner (in Bremhill), see Studley

Studley estate, dom. archit.,

Studley Hill, see Studley

Suffolk, see Ipswich

suit at all courts, quittance from,

suit to shire and hundred courts, freedom from, and see shires and hundreds

-, E.,
-, S., w. of E.,


Sussex, see Battle

-, Jas.,
-, Willy,

-, Eliz., w. of Wm.,
-, Mary,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

swimming pools, see Calne

Swindon, Thos. of (s. of John s. of Ellis),

Sykes, B. H. C.,

Syria, see Aleppo

-, John (d. 1581),
-, Sir John (d. 1714),
-, John (fl. 1769),
-, John Ivory,
-, Olive, see Sharington
-, Sharington,

-, Chas.,
-, J. A. C.,
-, John (d. 1859),
-, John (d. 1864),
-, Lucy, w. of John (d. 1864),
-, W. H.,
-, Wm. (d. 1826),
-, Wm. (d. 1847),
-, Mr. (fl. c. 1789),
-, fam.,

Tanner, Pinkney & Co.,


taverns, see Calne, inns

-, Eliz., see Phelps
-, Isaac,
-, John,
-, John, & Co.,

tellers of sheep, see Compton Bassett

-, Wm. (d. 1475),
-, Wm. (d. 1499),
-, Wm., s. of Wm. (d. 1499),
-, Wm. (fl. 1563, ?another),

Templars ,

Temple, T. A.,

Temple Rockley, manor (in Preshute),

Thames, riv.,

Thames Water Board,

Theobald's Green (otherwise Tibbolls Green, Tibolds Green; in Blackland),
-, council hos.,
-, dom. archit.,
-, prot. nonconf.,

-, Alice, see Littlecott
-, John,
-, Rob.,
-, Wm.,

Thoroughgood, Sir John, and his w. Frances,

-, Cecily, see Burden
-, Hen.,
-, Ralph,

Thring, W. D.,

-, Sir Jas.,
-, Sir Thos.,

Tibbolls Green, Tibolds Green, see Theobald's Green

Tilden, Phil.,

-, Beatrice,
-, Emily,
-, Mabel,

-, Cecily, see Beauchamp
-, John, earl of Worcester,


tithes, and see under places

tithingmen, and see under places

-, Eliz., see Beauchamp
-, Sir Rog.,

toll, freedom from,

toll houses, see Heddington; Quemerford

Tounson, John,

town clerk, see Merewether, H. A.

town crier, see Calne, borough (post-1835)

Town's End, see Yatesbury

trade and industry, see brick kilns; cheese exporting; cloth making; fulling; iron working; knitting woollen stockings; leather dressing; manure manufacture; racehorses, breeding and training; refuse, landfill and recycling; road haulage; sand extraction; slaughtering of horses; spinning; storage; straw plaiting; watch making; whole-wheat flour production; and see Calne, trade and ind.; Calstone, trade and ind.; commercial premises; industrial buildings; Quemerford, trade and ind.; and see (for cross references) occupations and professions

treasurer, see Calne, borough (post-1835)

Trementes, John,

-, Cecilia,
-, Nat.,

-, John,
-, Maud, see Cuffe

-, Eliz., w. of Jas., earl of Castlehaven,
-, Jas., earl of Castlehaven,
-, Mervyn, earl of Castlehaven,

-, Joanna, see Phelps
-, John,
-, Ric.,


Turchil (fl. 1086),

Turner, L. E.,

turnpiked roads, see (all s.v. roads) Calne to Melksham and Devizes; Calne to Wootton Bassett and Swindon; Chippenham-Devizes; London-Bath; London-Bristol; Swindon-Devizes

-, D. R.,
-, W. S.,

undersheriff, see Wiltshire


Upham, Upper (in Aldbourne),

utilities (private and public), see (all s.v. Calne) car parks; cemetery; electricity supply; fire sta.; gas supply and gasworks; health center; hosp. (for children); hosp. (isolation); lighting; paving; police stas. and policing; refuse removal; sewage and sewerage; telephone exchange; water supply; and see (for cross references) post offices

Vastern Manor, see Wootton Bassett

Vastern Timber Company,

Vaughan, Cuthbert, and his w. Eliz.,

vee de naam, pleas of,

vehicle bodywork repair, see Heddington Coachworks

-, John de, earl of Oxford,
-, Maud, see Badlesmere
-, Thos. de, earl of Oxford,

Verlucio (Roman settlement), see Calne, Romano-Brit. rem.

vert and venison, offences against,

veterinary inspector, see Calne, borough (post-1835)

view of frankpledge, see (in each case s.v. cts.) Berwick Bassett; Calne hundred; Calstone; Cherhill; Compton Bassett; Eastman Street; Heddington; Quemerford; Stockley; Yatesbury

village halls, see Cherhill, memorial hall; Compton Bassett; Derry Hill; Heddington

-, Hen. (d. 1748),
-, Hen. (fl. 1776),

Vines, C. H. F.,

vineyard, see Whetham


-, Oriel,
-, S. S.,
-, Sam. (?the same),
-, fam.,

Viveash & Co.,

Vulpit, see Yatesbury

waifs and strays,

-, Isabel, w. of -,
-, John,
-, Maud, w. of Rob.,
-, Rob.,

Walgrave, John,

-, Arabella, w. of John (d. 1806),
-, (later Hungerford), Geo.,
-, Heneage,
-, Henrietta, dau. of Geo., see Hungerford
-, Henrietta, w. of Geo., see Keate
-, John (d. 1758),
-, (later Walker Heneage), John (d. 1806),

-, Clement,
-, (formerly Wyld), Geo.,
-, Godfrey,
-, John, see Walker
-, fam.,

Wallingford (Berks., later Oxon.):
-, castle,
-, honor,
-, ct.,

Wallis, John,

Walter son of Bernard,

Walter son of Roger,

Walton, Briant,

Wans House, see Bromham

Wansdyke (prehist. ditch),

warehouses, see Calne, trade and ind.; workshop


-, Sir (Harold) Brian,
-, Peter,

warren, see Calne; free warren

-, ctsses. of, see Beauchamp, Anne de; Marshal, Margery
-, duke of, see Beauchamp, Hen. de
-, earls of, see Beauchamp; Neville, Ric.; Plantagenet, Edw.

watch and ward, see Calne

watch makers,

watch making, see Calne, trade and ind.; Calstone, trade and ind.

watercourses, fouling of,

-, Agnes, m. Drew Mompesson,
-, Agnes, w. of Wm.,
-, Wm.,

Weaver, Hen.,


-, Hen.,
-, Jas.,
-, Nat., rector of Yatesbury,

Weekes, Thos.,

-, Humph.,
-, Sir John,
-, Wm.,

-, Chas.,
-, Gilb. (d. 1598),
-, Gilb. (d. c. 1643),
-, Hen.,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,

wells, dangerous or uncovered,

Westby, Geo.,

-, Gertrude,
-, John,
-, Marg., m. John Cumberwell,
-, Marg., w. of John, see Stock
-, fam.,

Wheathampstead (Herts.),

Wheatley, Wm. de, rector of Yatesbury,

wheelwrights, see Hunt, fam.

Whetham (in Calne),
-, agric.,
-, as assarts,
-, ct., see Whetham, man. and estates (Whetham)
-, Cuff's Corner, q.v.
-, dom. archit.,
-, farms and farmsteads,
-, Holly Tree farm,
-, Nuthill,
-, Whetham,
-, man. and estates,
-, Nusterly,
-, Nuthill,
-, Whetham, ct.,
-, and see Whetham, farms and farmsteads
-, man. ho.,
-, oratory,
-, and see Whetham: Whetham Ho.
-, mill,
-, rating area,
-, roads,
-, tithingman,
-, trade and ind.,
-, vineyard,
-, Whetham Ho., pl.
-, drives,
-, pk., gdns., and woodland, canal, lake, ponds,
-, woodland,

Whetham estate,

Whetham Estates Ltd.,

Whetham stream (otherwise Sambourne),
-, as a boundary,
-, dammed,
-, mill on,
-, pool,

Whinney, Ant.,

whipping post,

-, D. F. T.,
-, D. G.,
-, Jas.,
-, and see Strong and White

white horse, see Cherhill

Whitechapel (Mdx.),

whitening making, see Calstone, trade and ind.

Whitley (in Calne),
-, agric.,
-, chap.,
-, commonable meadows and pastures,
-, cust. tenants,
-, dom. archit.,
-, farms and farmsteads:
-, Whitley, Lower,
-, Whitley, Upper (later Whitley),
-, inc.,
-, man. and estates,
-, Whitley,
-, Whitley, Lower, farm,
-, Whitley, Upper (later Whitley), farm,
-, and see Whitley, farms and farmsteads
-, open field,
-, prot. nonconf.,
-, rating area,
-, tithingman,
-, woodland,

Whitley (in Melksham), n

wholewheat flour production,

Wight, Isle of:
-, ld. of the, see Reviers
-, lordship,

Wilcot, see Rainscombe House

-, Hen. (fl. 1314), and his w. Marg.,
-, Hen. de (d. 1349, ?another),
-, Isabel, m. Wm. Beaumont,
-, Isabel, w. of Hen. de,
-, John de, Ld. Wilington (d. 1338),
-, Sir John (d. 1378),
-, John (d. 1396),
-, Ralph de (d. c. 1237),
-, Sir Ralph de (d. 1255 × 1260),
-, Sir Ralph de (d. by 1294),
-, Ralph de, Ld. Wilington (d. 1348),
-, Ralph (d. 1382),

Wilkins, G.,

William I,

William II,

Williams, Sir John,

-, Hugh,
-, Marg., see Freville

wills, granting probate of,

-, Geo. (d. 1733),
-, Geo. (d. 1770 or 1771),
-, Wm.,

-, John, and his w. Anne,
-, S. J.,
-, T. J.,

Wiltshire (the shire),
-, county council,
-, chairman, see Petty-Fitzmaurice: Edmond, Ld. Fitzmaurice
-, fire brigade,
-, justices, see Wiltshire, quarter sessions
-, library,
-, magistrates, see Wiltshire, quarter sessions
-, petty sessions, see Calne
-, police force,
-, quarter sessions, justices, and magistrates,
-, sheriff,
-, bailiffs,
-, undersheriff,

Wiltshire, North, district,

Wiltshire and Dorset Banking Co.Ltd.,

Wimborne (Dors.),

Winchester, earl of, see Despenser: Sir Hugh, Ld. le Despenser

Winchester (Hants), ch. of St. Peter and St. Paul (the Old minster),

windmill, see Yatesbury

Wingfield-Digby, Margery,

Winterbourne Bassett,
-, ch.,
-, man.,
-, rector,
-, rectory,
-, Whyr farm,

Winterbourne Bassett with Berwick Bassett, benefice,

Winterbourne Monkton,
-, vicarage,
-, and see Avebury with Winterbourne Monkton

Winterbourne Monkton with Berwick Bassett, benefice,
-, glebe (vicarage) ho.,


Witchampton, Wm., and his w. Alice,

Witcombe (in Hilmarton),

Wiz, Ric. de,

woodland, and see under places

-, John,
-, Wm.,

-, Ernle,
-, Jane,

Woodyer, Hen.,

woolstaplers, and see Bailey, Geo.

woolstapling, see Calne, trade and ind.

-, Chas.,
-, Mrs.,

Wootton Bassett, Vastern Manor in,

Worcester, earl of, see Tiptoft, John

Worcestershire, see Pershore

workhouses, see Calne

workmen's clubs, see Derry Hill; Heddington; Heddington Wick

workshop (or warehouse),

World's End, see Calne, streets (Wood Street)

worsted maker,

-, Cecily, w. of Thos. (fl. 1423),
-, Thos. (fl. 1383),
-, Thos. (fl. 1423, ?another),

Wragg, Adam,

-, Cath., see Wyche
-, Rob.,

-, Sir Chris.,
-, Joan, see Blake
-, John (d. c. 1429),
-, John (d. 1496),
-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (d. 1408),
-, Sir Wm. (fl. 1545),

-, ch.,

Wyatt, T. H.,

-, Cath., m. Rob. Wright,
-, Jermyn,
-, Mary, m. Rob. Clough,
-, Mary, w. of Jermyn, see Hungerford

Wykewyke, Wm.,

Wyld, Geo., see Walker Heneage

-, Agnes, see Calstone
-, Cath., m. Wm. Pershut,
-, John,

-, C. H.,
-, Wadham,
-, and see Campbell-Wyndham-Long;King-Wyndham; Pleydell-Bouverie-Campbell-Wyndham

-, adv.,
-, agric.,
-, boundary,
-, char.,
-, ch.,
-, archit.,
-, bells,
-, estate,
-, plate,
-, regs.,
-, commonable meadows,
-, commonable pastures,
-, constable,
-, council hos.,
-, cts.,
-, view of frankpledge (ct. leet),
-, curate,
-, cust. tenants,
-, dom. archit.,
-, Manor Farm,
-, Yatesbury Ho.,
-, Yatesbury Man.,
-, farms,
-, Manor (demesne),
-, Yatesbury Ho.,
-, Yatesbury Man.,
-, farmsteads,
-, Manor Farm,
-, glebe,
-, hayward,
-, inc.,
-, London, Little,
-, man. and estates,
-, Westcourt (Yatesbury Man. farm),
-, Yatesbury,
-, Yatesbury Ho. (farm),
-, open fields,
-, planned settlement,
-, poor relief,
-, pop.,
-, pound,
-, prehist. rem.,
-, prot. nonconf.,
-, R.A.F. sta., see R.A.F. Yatesbury
-, rectors, and see Guillebaud, E. D.; Smith, A. C.; Webb, Nat.; Wheatley
-, rectory,
-, rectory ho.,
-, roads,
-, Rom. Catholicism,
-, Romano-Brit. rem.,
-, schs.,
-, stud farm,
-, tithes,
-, tithingman,
-, Town's End,
-, trade and ind.,
-, vicar,
-, vicarage,
-, view of frankpledge, see Yatesbury, cts.
-, Vulpit,
-, windmill,
-, woodland,

Yatesbury airfield (in Cherhill and Compton Bassett),

Yatesbury prebend, and prebendary of,
-, prebendary, see Rogers, Hen. (d. 1721)

York, Wm.,

-, dchss. of, see (s.v. Richard, duke of York) Cecily
-, dukes of, see Edmund; Edward IV; Edward; Richard

York, dean of, see Basset, Fulk

Young, M. R.,

-, Alice, see Beauchamp
-, Cath., w. of Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1468), m. Sir Gilb. Debenham,
-, Eliz., w. of Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1396),
-, Eliz., w. of Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1415), m. Wm. Carnell,
-, Eudes la,
-, Geo. la, Ld. Zouche,
-, John la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1526),
-, John la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1550),
-, Millicent, see Cauntelo
-, Ric. la, Ld. Zouche,
-, Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (from 1308, d. 1352),
-, Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (from 1323),
-, Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1382),
-, Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1396),
-, Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1415),
-, Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1462),
-, Wm. la, Ld. Zouche (d. 1468),
-, fam.,