Royal forests: Appendices

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A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 4. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1959.

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Appendix A: list of forest eyres

Date Justices Place Authority
Temp. Hen. I .. .. Pipe R. 1130 (Rec. Com.), 20, 21.
1169–70 Alan de Neville. .. Pipe R. 1170 (P.R.S. xv), 62–64.
1173–4 Alan de Neville, Robert Mantel, and William son of Ralph. . . Ibid. 1174 (P.R.S. xxi), 35.
1175 Forest Visitation of Hen. II. .. Ibid. 1176 (P.R.S. xxv), 176–8; R. de Diceto, Opera Historica (Rolls Ser.) i. 402; Roger of Howden, Chronica (Rolls Ser.), ii. 79.
1178–9 Thomas son of Bernard. .. Pipe R. 1179 (P.R.S. xxviii), 59.
1184–5 Geoffrey son of Peter (commonly called FitzPeter). . . Ibid. 1185 (P.R.S. xxxiv), 193.
1197–8 Geoffrey son of Peter and Hugh de Neville. . . Ibid. 1198 (P.R.S. N.S. ix), 72.
1200–1 Hugh de Neville, Hugh Wake, Thomas de Sandford, Robert de Vipont, and Ernisius de Neville. . . Ibid. 1201 (P.R.S. n.s. xiv), 81.
1207–8 Hugh de Neville and Peter de Lion'. . . Ibid. 1208 (P.R.S. n.s. xxiii), 200.
1211–12 Hugh de Neville, Peter de Lion', and colleagues. . . Ibid. 1212 (P.R.S. n.s. xxx), 152.
18 Nov. 1224 Hugh de Neville, John de Bayeux, and Henry de Cerne. Wilton Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.), i. 633.
1230 John of Monmouth, Ralph Musard, and Henry de Cerne. . . Close R. 1227–7, 31, 382.
1239–41 John Biset. . . Pipe R. 1242 (ed. H. L. Cannon), 171.
1246 Robert Passelewe and colleagues. . . Close R. 1242–7, 435.
1257 Robert Walerand, William le Breton, Nicholas of Romsey, and Geoffrey of Lewknor Wilton E 32/198; E 32/10, m. 9.
14 Jan. 1263 Alan la Zuche, Nicholas of Romsey, and Master William of Powick. Wilton E 32/199.
14 Jan. 1270 Roger de Clifford, Matthew de Columbers, Nicholas of Romsey, and Reynold de Akele. Wilton E 32/200.
4 July 1280 Roger de Clifford, Matthew de Columbers, Adam Gurdun, and William de Hamliton. Wilton Cal. Pat. 1272–81, 375; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326, 130.
ante 1297 Roger l'Estrange and colleagues. . . Cal. Close 1296–1302, 24.
26 Feb. 1330 and at intervals until 1334 John Mautravers, Robert de Aspale, William de Ponte Roberti, and Hugh de Hampslape. Salisbury E 32/207.
(Robert de Aspale and Hugh de Hampslape d. by end of eyre. John de Mautravers was replaced on 16 Dec. 1330 by a new justice of the forest, Robert de Ufford.) .. Cal. Pat. 1330–4, 66, 329; Cal. Close, 1327–30, 568; ibid. 1330–3, 240, 444, 453; E 146/ 2/26–29.
16 Mar. 1355 Thomas de Braose, Richard de Willoughby, William Thorpe, and John Inkpen. Salisbury E 32/267, m. 14; E 32/268.

Appendix B: Wardens of the forests

Abbreviations used

ann. annual(ly)

app. appointed

Bp. Bishop

br. brother

coh. coheir

dism. dismissed

dur. pleas. during pleasure

g.s. grandson

h. heir

neph. nephew

vct. Viscout


Name Date of appointment Authority
Thomas de Sandford. Temp. John Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.) i. 471, 478.
Richard de Sandford (s. and h. of above). 1217 Pat. R. 1216–25, 55; Ex. e Rot. Fin. (Rec. Com.), i. 63.
Warner de Sandford (br. and h. of above). 12 Apr. 1221 Ex. e Rot. Fin. (Rec. Com.), i. 63; Pat. R. 1216–25, 286.
Hugh de Sandford (br. and h. of above). By 27 Dec. 1222 Pat. R. 1216–25, 362.
Thomas de Sandford (br. and h. of above) 1231 Close R. 1227–31, 487.
Adam de Purton (neph. and elder coh. of above). 24 Oct. 1241 Close R. 1237–42, 340; Ex. e Rot. Fin. (Rec. Com.), i. 357.
Hugh Passelewe (app. by Rob. Passelewe, just. of forest). 22 Jan. 1250 Cal. Pat. 1247–58, 58.
John Vernon ('steward' of the Wilts. forests, incl. Braydon). 21 Apr. 1250 Close R. 1247–51, 278, 294.
Adam de Purton (d. by 24 Feb. 1266). Restored to hered. office by 24 July 1251 Close R, 1247–51, 478; 1251–60, passim; E 32/198/2; Cal. Inq. p.m. i, p. 199.
Robert de Keynes (g.s. and coh. of above; d. 1281). c. 1266 Cal. Close, 1272–9, 447; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326, 138, E 32/200/8.
Amauri de St. Amand (as guardian of infant h. of above). 5 Jan. 1282 Cal. Fine R. 1272–1307, 177.
Robert (II) de Keynes (s. and h. of Rob. (I) de Keynes). 6 Apr. 1294 Cal. Close, 1288–96, 345.
Deputy Warden:
William de Roppelee. c. 1300 C 47/6A/6.
Oliver de St. Amand (Rob. (II) de Keynes conveyed his life interest to him without king's licence). By 25 May 1309 Cal. Pat. 1307–13, 116; Cal. Close, 1307–13, 297; Cal. Inq. Misc. ii, p. 120.
Hugh le Despenser the Elder (Rob. (II) de Keynes conveyed wardenship to him, saving a life interest which he forfeited in 1309). 25 May 1309 Cal. Pat. 1292–1301, 536; Cal. Inq. Misc. ii, p. 120.
Gilbert of Berwick. By 1330 E 32/212/1.
Thomas de Cary (king's yeoman, app. dur. pleas. d. 1356). 5 Jan. 1331 Cal. Fine R. 1327–37, 220; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 241.
John Bluet (king's yeoman, granted 'the stewardship with the horn', for life). 18 Sept. 1358 Cal. Pat. 1358–61, 100.
William Archibald (king's serjeant, for life). 16 May 1374 Cal. Pat. 1370–4, 448;1374–7, 364.
Robert Dingley (king's esquire, for life). 10 May 1380 Ibid. 1377–81, 488.
Edmund, Duke of York, Isabel, Duchess of York, and Edward, Earl of Rutland, their s. (for lives, in survivorship, after Dingley's death). 10 Jan. 1390 Cal. Pat. 1388–92, 362.
Walter Beauchamp (king's esquire, for life). 16 July 1405 Ibid. 1405–8, 73.
Deputy Wardens:
William Worston (app. by Edmund of York). 14 Nov. 1408 Ibid. 1416–22, 33.
Thomas Beauchamp (app. by Edmund of York for life; app. confirmed by Crown). 28 Apr. 1416 . .
Walter Charlton. 20 Sept. 1420 Cal. Pat. 1422–9, 107.
Robert Andrew (app. dur. pleas.) 28 Aug. 1424 Ibid. 213.
Edmund of Hadham or Tudor, Earl of Richmond (for life). 30 Mar. 1453 Ibid. 1452–61, 66.
John Russell (app. by Ric., Duke of York; dism. after Coventry Parl. 20 Nov. 1459). 1455–6 Ibid. 574.
James Butler, Earl of Wiltshire (for life, 'for good service against the rebels'; attainted 4 Nov. 1461). 19 Dec. 1459 Ibid.
John Russell (reapp. by Edw. IV for life). ? 1461 Ibid. 1467–77, 152.
Sir John Greville (for life). 28 Mar. 1469 Ibid.
Sir Robert Willoughby. 15 June 1486 DL 37/63/3.
John Staunton. .. Cal. Pat. 1494–1509, 341.
John Eston (serjeant of cellar, for life). 4 Jan. 1504 Ibid.
William Bulstrode (gentleman usher of the Chamber, for life). 3 Apr. 1504 Ibid. 348.
Sir Henry Long. By Mar. 1534 L. & P. Hen. VIII, vii, p. 147.
Sir James Stumpe. By 1555 Cal. Pat. 1554–5, 52.
Edmund Brydges, Lord Chandos (for life; d. 1573). 4 June 1563 Ibid. 1560–3, 491.
William Brydges, Lord Chandos (2nd s. of above; d. 1602). By 1595 E 146/2/40/2, 4.
Deputy Wardens:
Sir Henry Knyvett. By 1595 Ibid.
Walter Derby. By 1600 Ibid.
Thomas Howard, Earl of Suffolk (d. 1626). c. 1610–23 DL 39/4/23/1; DL 39/5/5.
Deputy Wardens:
Richard Digge. c. 1610 DL 39/4/29/1
Robert Hyde. c. 1614 Ibid.
Thomas Howard, Viscount Andover. By Mar. 1623 Cal. S.P. Dom. 1619–23, 512.


Additional abbreviation: (D) = Constable of Devizes castle

Ruald Croke (?). Temp. Hen. I Pipe R. 1130 (Rec. Com.), 17.
Matthew Croke (ann. farm 54s. to treasury, 6s. tithe to canons of Salisbury). By 1160 Pipe R. 1160 (P.R.S. ii), 17.
Ralph son of Stephen. 1175–6 Ibid. 1176 (P.R.S. xxv), 172.
Geoffrey son of Peter (commonly called FitzPeter) (later Earl of Essex). 1190–1 Ibid. 1192 (P.R.S. n.s. ii), 281.
Thomas de Sandford (D). 1198–9 Ibid. 1199 (P.R.S. n.s. x), 170.
Richard de Sandford (s. of above; dur. pleas.). 10 Apr. 1217. pat. R. 1216–25, 55.
John Marshall (D). 5 May 1217 Pat. R. 1216–25, 62; Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.), i. 330.
Philip de Aubeney (D) (dur. pleas.) 6 July 1219 Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.), i. 395.
William Brewer (D) (dur. pleas.). 29 July 1221 Ibid. 550, 594; Pat. R. 1216–25, 299.
Richard Poore (D) (Bp. Salisbury; dur. pleas.). Oct. 1225 Pat. R. 1216–25, 555.
Richard de Gray (D) (dur. pleas.) 29 July 1228 Ibid. 1225–32, 198; Close R. 1227–31, 73.
Gilbert Bassett (D) (dur. pleas.). 6 Dec. 1229 Pat. R. 1225–32, 317.
Peter de Rivaux (D). 1232 Close R. 1231–4, 96.
Peter de Maulay (D) (dur. pleas.). 3 Jan. 1234 Ibid. 361.
John du Plessis, Earl of Warwick (D) (dur. pleas. ann. farm 50s.). 30 May 1234 Cal. Pat. 1232–47, 51, 234.
John Vernon ('steward' of Wilts. forests incl. Chippenham and Melksham). 21 Apr. 1250 Close R. 1247–51, 278, 306, 339.
Robert de Neville (D) ut custos (dur. pleas.). 6 May 1263 Cal. Pat. 1258–66, 257.
Philip Bassett (D) (justiciar of Eng. dur. pleas.). 15 June 1263 Ibid. 264, 279, 299.
Hugh le Despenser (D) (justiciar of Eng. dur. pleas.). 12 July 1264 Ibid. 335.
Philip Bassett (D). Reapp. after battle of Evesham, 4 Aug. 1265 Ibid. 574; Ex. e Rot. Fin. (Rec. Com.), ii. 551–2.
Ellis de Rabyn (D) (dur. pleas.) 2 Nov. 1271 Ex. e Rot. Fin. (Rec. Com.), ii. 551–2.
John of Havering (D) (app. dur. pleas. by 'lieutenants of lord Edw.', to whom Hen. III had granted castle and forests). 8 June 1272 Cal. Pat. 1266–72, 659–60.
Ralph of Sandwich (D) (dur. pleas.). 8 Dec. 1275 Ibid. 1272–81, 127.
Matthew son of John (D) (for life, ann. farm £40 for the forests, castle, and town of Devizes, manor of Rowde, &c. d. 1309). 17 May 1287 Cal. Pat. 1281–92, 270, 280; Cal. Fine R. 1272–1307, 242, 529; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326, 172, 376.
John de Montague (app. by Q. Margaret, who had been assigned in dower the forests, the castle and town, &c.). c. 1301 Cal. Fine R. 1272–1307, 529; Cal. Pat. 1292–1301, 452; E 32/204/5.
Deputy Warden:
John de Montsorel (D). .. E 32/204/5; B.M. Add. Ch. 7066.
John Bluet. By 1314 E 32/204/6.
Deputy Warden:
John de Montsorel. . . Ibid.
Robert de Batlescoumbe (D) By 17 Apr. 1327 Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 18.
Gilbert of Berwick (D) (app. by Q. Philippa; £80 farm for forests, castle, town, manor, and purprestures). 14 Dec. 1330 Cal. Fine R. 1327–37, 214.
Roger de Beauchamp (D) (app. by Q. Philippa, for life; app. confirmed by Ric. II). 26 May 1344 Cal. Pat. 1343–5, 270.
4 Mar. 1378 Ibid. 1377–81, 182.
Deputy Warden:
Hugh Pope. c. 1365 E 32/279/13.
Sir Nicholas de Sharnesfield (D) (for life, after Beauchamp's death; £85 ann. farm for forests, castle, manor, town, &c.) 30 Jan. 1380 Cal. Fine R. 1377–83, 182–3.
Sir John Lovel (D) (for life) 28 Nov. 1381 Cal. Pat. 1381–5, 62.
Sir Edmund Hungerford (D) (app. dur. pleas. by Humphrey Duke of Glouc. to whom the king had granted the forests; app. confirmed by Hen. VI; confirmed for life). 29 Mar. 1443 Ibid.
1455 Rot. Parl. v. 318a.
Richard Beauchamp (D) (Bp. of Salisbury; for 20 yrs. ann. farm £46 13s. 4d. for forests, castle, town, manor, &c.). 8 Apr. 1461 Call. Pat. 1461–7, 95; Cal. Fine R. 1461–71, 11.
Thomas Stafford (app. by Ric. III) 1483–5 Cal. Pat. 1485–94, 56.
Sir Richard Beauchamp (for life). 15 Feb. 1486 Ibid.
Deputy Warden:
Thomas Long. . . DL 39/3/1.
Anthony de St. Amand and Edmund Dudley (for the life of St. Amand only). 17 July 1508 Cal. Pat. 1494–1509, 589.
Anthony de St. Amand (app. confirmed by Hen. VIII). 1516 L. & P. Hen. VIII, ii (1), p. 613.
Sir Edward Baynton. By Mar. 1534 Ibid. vii, p. 146.
Sir William Herbert (cr. Earl of Pembroke 1551; app. by queen for life). 12 Apr. 1546 Ibid. xxi (1), p. 359.
Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke (s. and h. of above; d. 19 Jan. 1601). By Jan. 1600 E 178/2453, 2458.
Deputy Warden:
Sir Henry Baynton. . . Ibid.
George Pollard (in reversion after above; ann. fee £15 13s. 4d.). 9 Jan. 1597 Cal. S.P. Dom. 1595–7, 149, 345.
Sir John Danvers (for life, in reversion after Pollard). 29 Sept. 1603 Ibid. 1603–10, 154.
Philip Herbert, Earl of Montgomery (Earl of Pembroke, 1630; in reversion after Pollard and Danvers). 10 Aug. 1611 Ibid. 1611–18, 68.


Walter FitzOsmund (10s. farm for 'forest of Westbury'). 1175–6 Pipe R. 1176 (P.R.S. xxv), 172.
Walter Giffard and Osbert Waspail. 1187–8 Ibid. 1188 (P.R.S. xxxviii), 137.
Walter of (Westbury) Leigh. 1189 Ibid. 1190 (P.R.S. n.s. i), 118.
Philip of (Westbury) Leigh (s. of above) 1193–4 Ibid. 1193 (P.R.S. n.s. iii), 79; 1194 (P.R.S. n.s. v), 197
James Huse (king's yeoman; d. 1249). c. 1235 Close R. 1234–7, 88, 127, 253, and passim; 1247–51, 268, 278; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326, 10.
John Vernon ('steward' of the Wilts. forests incl. Selwood). 21 Apr. 1250 Close R. 1247–51, 278, 298.
Adam de Grenville (for life, ann. farm 20s.). 18 May 1251 Ex. e Rot. Fin. (Rec. Com.), ii. 106; Cal. Pat. 1247–58, 96.
William de Grenville (dur. pleas.; ann. farm 10 marks). 23 Jan. 1273 Cal. Fine R. 1272–1307, 2.
Robert de Ware. 5 Feb. 1275 Ibid. 41.
William Wolf (for life). 12 Oct. 1285 Cal. Pat. 1281–92, 196.
Reynold of Kingston (for life; ann. farm £10; farm reduced to 1 mark on reduction of forest after perambulations). 13 Oct. 1306 Cal. Fine R. 1272–1307, 541.
4 June 1318 Ibid. 1337–47, 300; 1369–77, 137; Cal. Close 1313–18, 550.
Thomas Carey (king's yeoman; in fee after death of above; d. 1356). 28 Sept. 1342 Cal. Fine R. 1337–47, 300; Wilts. Inq. p. m. 1327–77, 241.
John (I) Carey (d. 1360). c. 1356 Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 306, 363–4.
Sir Thomas (II) Carey (d. 1361). 1360 Ibid. 280.
John (II) Carey (br. and h. of John (I) Carey). . . Ibid. 367–8; Cal. Fine R. 1369–77, 137.
Roger of Stourton (conveyed to him and his h. in fee by John (II) Carey). 1372 Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 367–8.
Thomas of Hungerford the Elder (by grant of Stourton to him in tail male, with remainder to his h. in fee). 3 Feb. 1380 Cal. Pat. 1377–81, 428.
Walter (I) of Hungerford (s. and h. of above; by grant from father in tail; d. 9 Aug. 1449). 10 Nov. 1395 Ibid. 1391–6, 636.
Robert Lord Hungerford (s. and h. of above; d. 1459). 1449 Hoare, Mod. Wilts. hund. of Westbury, 53.
? Robert (II) Lord Hungerford and Moleyns (s. and h. of above; attainted and possessions forfeited 1461). ? 1459 Complete Peerage, vi. 618–19.
? Sir Walter (II) Hungerford (s. and h. of above; obtained restitution of father's estates in 1485; d. 1516). ? 1485 L. & P. Hen. VIII, ii (1), p. 240.
? Sir Edward Hungerford (s. and h. of above; d. 1522). ? 1516 Complete Peerage, vi. 618–19.
? Sir Walter (III) Hungerford (s. and h. of above; cr. Lord Hungerford 1536; attainted and executed 1540). ? 1523 Ibid. 624–26; L. & P. Hen. VIII. vi. 259.
Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke (d. 19 Jan. 1601). . . Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1625–49 (Index Libr.), 97, 98.


Alvric the Huntsman (?) Temp. Ed. Confessor See above, p. 420.
Richard Esturmy (Sturmy) (?) Temp. Wm. I Ibid.
Henry (I) Esturmy (s. of above (?); ann. farm £4 1s. to exchequer, and 9s. tithe to canons of Salisbury; d. c. 1162). Temp. Hen. I Pipe R. 1130 (Rec. Com.), 17; 1156–8 (Rec. Com.), 58; 1163 (P.R.S. vi), 46; Cardigan, Wardens of Savernake, 16 sqq.
Geoffrey (I) Esturmy (s. and h. of above; d. c. 1200; disseised temp. Ric. I, reapp. 1197). After 1163 Pipe R. 1197 (P.R.S. n.s. viii), 216; Cardigan, op. cit. 22 sqq.
Henry (II) Esturmy (s. and h. of above). c. 1199–1200 Pipe R. 1199 (P.R.S. n.s. x), 181; Rot. Chart. (Rec. Com.), 52.
Alexander de Bassingbourne (dur. pleas. as guardian of Geof. infant s. and h. of above). 23 Nov. 1222 Pat. R. 1216–25, 353.
Geoffrey le Savage (dur. pleas. as guardian of Geof. Esturmy). 1223 Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.), i. 528.
Geoffrey (II) Esturmy (s. and h. of above Henry; d. 1245–6). 23 Dec. 1226 Ibid. ii. 162.
Robert de Mucegros (constable of Marlborough, dur. pleas. as guardian of inf. h. of above. 25 April 1246 Close R. 1242–7, 418; E 32/198/10.
Deputy Warden:
Robert Pipard. .. Ibid.
Arnold de Bois (just. of forest S. of Trent; dur. pleas. as guardian of Geof. Esturmey's h.). 31 Jan. 1254 Cal. Pat. 1247–58, 363.
Henry de la Mare (constable of Marlborough dur. pleas. as guardian of Geof.'s h.). 25 Feb. 1254. Close R. 1253–4, 217–18.
Henry (III) Esturmy (s. and h. of Hen. (II) Esturmy; d. 1295). 23 Mar. 1254 Ibid. 39–40; Cal. Inq. p.m. iii, p. 172.
Henry (IV) Esturmy (s. and h. of Hen. (III) Esturmy; d. 1305). 3 Dec. 1295 Cal. Fine R. 1272–1307, 367; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326, 312.
Henry (V) Esturmy (s. and h. of Hen. (IV) Esturmy; d. 1338). 1305 Cal. Inq. p.m. iv. p. 210.
Deputy Warden:
John de Flory. 1330–8 E32/210/3; E32/217/1.
Sir Henry (VI) Esturmy (s. and h. of Hen. (V) Esturmy). 1338 Cal. Inq. p.m. viii, p. 101.
Simon Simeon (king's yeoman, dur. pleas.). 23 Aug. 1342 Cal. Pat. 1340–3, 510.
Sir Henry (VI) Esturmy (reapp. d. 1381). 12 May 1359 Ibid. 1358–61, 199. Cal. Fine R. 1377– 81, 261.
Deputy Warden:
John Wiley. 1370–8 Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 362–3; Cardigan, Wardens of Savernake, 89.
William (I) Esturmy (neph. and h. of Sir Hen.) and Sir John Roche (constable of Marlborough). (To hold wardenship jointly for as long as in king's hand after d. of Sir Hen.) 28 June 1381 Cal. Fine R. 1377–81, 261.
Sir William (I) Esturmy (neph. and h. of Sir Hen. (VI); d. 1427. Removed from office by Humph. Duke of Glouc. to whom king had granted the forest in 1403). 1382 1417 Cardigan, op. cit. 93 sqq. Ibid. 99–101.
Walter Beauchamp (steward of Humph. Duke of Glouc). 1417 Cardigan, op. cit. 99–101.
Sir William (I) Esturmy (restored to office by the duke; d. 1427). 1420 Ibid.
Sir John (I) Seymour (g.s. of above; settled on him by Sir Wm. shortly before his death. Forfeited in 1461, probably by adherence to the Lancastrian cause). 1427 Ibid. 102 sqq.
Thomas Beauchamp (with manor, town and lordship of Marlborough, for 20 years, at ann. farm to be agreed with Treasurer). 9 Apr. 1461 Cal. Fine R. 1461–71, 11.
Sir John (I) Seymour (recovered office before d. in Dec. 1464). .. Ibid. 127; Cardigan, Wardens of Savernake, 115–18.
Deputy Warden
John Seymour (his g.s.). .. Ibid.
Edward Blount, esquire, John Arfos, clerk, and Wm. White, clerk (committees of Sir John's lands and the wardenship until 2 Feb. 1466). 9 Mar. 1465 Cal. Fine R. 1461–71, 161.
John (II) Seymour (g.s. and h. of Sir John (I); d. 1491). c. 1466 Cardigan, op. cit. 129.
Deputy Warden:
Alexander Seymour (his br.). .. Ibid. 125.
Sir John (III) Seymour (s. and h. of John (II) Seymour; d. 1536). 1491 Ibid. 130 sqq.
Edward Seymour (s. and h. of above; cr. Duke of Som. 1547; ex. 1552). 1536 Ibid. 139 sqq.
Sir Edward Seymour (s. and h. of above; later Earl of Hertford. Wardenship restored as hered. possession by Act of Parl.). 1 Mary Ibid. 155; 1 Mary c. 23.


Croc the Huntsman (?). Temp. Wm. I See above, p. 425.
Ruald or Rainald Croke (?) (s. of Croc.). Temp. Hen. I Ibid.
Matthew Croke (s. or g.s. of Rainald?; 60s. farm.). By 1156 Pipe R. 1156–8 (Rec. Com.), 56; 1188 (P.R.S. xxxviii), 137.
Ellis Croke (s. of above; d. 1210–11). 1189–90 Ibid. 1190 (P.R.S. N.S. i) x; Rot. de Ob. et Fin. (Rec. Com.), 171; Pipe R. 1211 (P.R.S. N.S. xxviii), 164.
Michael de Columbers (husband of Avice, daughter and h. of above). 6 Oct. 1215 Rot. de Ob. et Fin. (Rec. Com.), 288, 567; Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.), i. 539.
Avice de Columbers (widow of above; d. 1259). 11 Apr. 1235 Cal. Pat. 1232–47, 100; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326, 30.
Matthew de Columbers (s. and h. of Avice; ann. farm 10s.). Oct. 1259 Ex. e Rot. Fin. (Rec. Com.), ii. 313; Cal. Close, 1279–88, 104.
John (I) de Lisle (d. 1304) and Nichola, his wife (niece of above). 4 Nov. 1281 Cal. Close, 1279–88, 104; Cal. Inq. p.m. iv, p. 153.
John (II) de Lisle (s. and h. of above; d. 1331). 5 Aug. 1304 Cal. Fine R. 1272–1307, 497; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 70.
Bartholomew de Lisle (s. and h. of above; d. 1345). 1331 Cal. Pat. 1327–30, 461; Cal. Inq. p.m. vii, pp. 261–2; viii, pp. 426–7; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 168.
Edmund de la Beche (king's clerk, for life, by grant of above). 7 Apr. 1340 Cal. Pat. 1338–40, 477.
Sir John (III) de Lisle (s. and h. of Bart. de Lisle; d. 1370). 8 Nov. 1356 Cal. Pat. 1354–8, 468; E 32/279/3; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 364–5.
Peter de Brugge (dur. pleas. as guard. of infant h. of above). 29 Dec. 1370 Cal. Pat. 1370–4, 28.
Robert Fanton. c. 1375 E 32/275/4.
Nicholas Fauconer (dur. pleas. as guard. of Sir John's h.). 6 May 1376 Cal. Pat. 1374–7, 266.
John (IV) de Lisle (s. and h. of Sir John (III) de Lisle). By 8 Mar. 1388 Cal. Close, 1385–9, 381; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 364–5.
John (V) de Lisle. 1408 Complete Peerage, viii. 44.
John (VI) de Lisle. 1429 Ibid.; Cal. Fine R. 1461–71, 39.
Sir Nicholas Lisle (removed from office 1490). 1471 DL 39/2/9; DL 39/3/31, 32.
Roger Cheyne (formerly deputy of above). 1490 Ibid.
Sir Nicholas Lisle (reinstated; d. 20 Mar. 1506). 8 Nov. 1500 Cal. Pat. 1494–1509, 219.
Sir John (VII) Lisle (d. c. 1523). 1506 L. & P. Hen. VIII, i (1), p. 211.
William Lord Sandys (d. Dec. 1540). 23 Feb. 1524 Ibid. iv (1), p. 58.
William Wroughton. 9 Mar. 1542 Ibid. xvii, p. 158.
Roger Garth (ranger). c. 1568 E 146/2/39.
Richard Giffard (ranger, for life). 1 Aug. 1606. Cal. S.P. Dom. 1603–10, 328.
Sir John Philpot (ranger). By Apr. 1626 Ibid. 1625–6, 564.


Waleran the Huntsman (?). Temp. Wm. I See above, p. 393.
Waleran (son of a certain Wm.? g.s. and h. of above; £25 farm and 50s. tithe to canons of Salisbury, for New and Clarendon forests). By 1130 Pipe R. 1130 (Rec. Com.), 17.
Walter Walerand (d. c. 1200; for New and Clarendon forests). By 1156 Ibid. 1156–8 (Rec. Com.), 56; Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.) i. 526.
William de Neville (m. Isabel, daughter and co-h. of above; for New and Clarendon forests). 1200–1 Pipe R. 1201 (P.R.S. n.s. xii), 103; Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.), i. 226; Abbrev. Plac. (Rec. Com.), 35.
William Longespée, Earl of Salisbury (for Clarendon only). 1216–17 Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.), i. 314, 519, 526, 531, et passim.
John of Monmouth (husband of Cecily, daughter and co-h. of Wal. Walerand; received seisin in right of wife, but failed to substant. his hered. claim; on 30 Apr. 1224 received a new grant dur. pleas.). 31 Jan. 1223 Pat. R. 1216–25, 47; Rot. Litt. Claus. (Rec. Com.), i. 531, 595; ii. 156.
Peter de Rivaux (for life). 20 July 1232 Cal. Pat. 1225–32, 491–2.
Walter de Langford (dur. pleas.). 19 Apr. 1236 Ibid. 1232–47, 142.
Henry de Bun for 3 yrs. ann. farm, £20; allowed 60s. 10d. for custody of king's houses at Clarendon). 18 May 1236 Ibid. 146; Pipe R. 1242 (ed. H. L. Cannon), 175.
Adam Cook (king's serjeant). 1239 Close R. 1237–42, 159 sqq.
William de Horsenden. 1247 Ibid. 1247–51, 20, 144.
Robert de Stopham (king's huntsman, was paid £20 a yr. to keep manor and forest of Clarendon). 1249 Ibid. 4, 150; Cal. Pat. 1247–58, 40.
Robert Walerand (dur. pleas.). 14 June 1259 Cal. Pat. 1258–66, 28.
Robert of Glastonbury (dur. pleas.). 30 May 1266 Ibid. 598.
Stephen de Edworth (dur. pleas.) 3 May 1269 Ibid. 1266–72, 336.
John Russell (dur. pleas.). 21 Aug. 1273 Cal. Fine R. 1272–1307, 10.
Bartholomew de Picheford (dur. pleas.). 2 Oct. 1276 Ibid. 73.
Edmund Gacelyn. c. 1282 Hoare, Mod. Wilts. hund. of Alderbury, 120.
John de Vienne (king's yeoman, dur. pleas.). 3 Mar. 1291 Cal. Pat. 1281–92, 424.
William de Beauchamp (dur. pleas.). 4 May 1308 Ibid. 1307–13, 67.
Walter Jocelyn (dur. pleas.). 12 Jan. 1313 Ibid. 520.
Hugh le Despenser. c. 1324 Hoare, Mod. Wilts. hund. of Alderbury, 120.
Robert de Micheldevere (to keep 'manor, park and forest', dur. pleas.). 19 July 1325 Cal. Fine R. 1319–27, 355.
John de Chidiok (dur. pleas.). 24 Feb. 1327 Cal. Pat. 1327–30, 22.
Giles de Beauchamp (for life). 22 Nov. 1327 Cal. Fine R. 1327–37, 70.
John Mautravers (dur. pleas.). 29 Oct. 1330 Cal. Pat. 1330–4, 18.
Giles de Beauchamp 10 Dec. 1330 Cal. Fine R. 1327–37, 219.
(reapp. for life; no farm) 1 Apr. 1334 Cal. Pat. 1330–4, 537–8.
Roger Mortimer, Earl of March (for life; d. 1360). 30 June 1354 Ibid. 1354–8, 198–9; Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77, 268.
Deputy Wardens:
John de Walford. c. 1354 Cal. Fine R. 1347–56, 417.
Hildebrand Barre. c. 1358 Ibid. 1356–69, 76.
Robert Russell. c. 1360 E 32/140/2.
Adam de Buckshill (for life). By 8 Feb. 1368 Cal. Close, 1364–8, 415; Cal. Pat. 1367– 70, 453.
Deputy Warden:
Thomas Bradwell. c. 1374 Cal. Inq. Misc. iii, pp. 340–1.
Baldwin de Bereford (king's knight, for life, no farm). 20 Nov. 1381 Cal. Pat. 1381–5, 45, 57; 1391–6, 582–3.
Peter de Courtenay (for life). 22 Oct. 1399 Ibid. 1399–1401, 75.
John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset. May 1405 Cal. Close, 1402–5, 400.
Deputy Warden:
Thomas Lynford.
Humphrey of Lancaster (for life). 17 Mar. 1410 Cal. Pat. 1408–13, 170.
William Beauchamp (kt., 'one of king's carvers'; in tail male. Annulled by Westminster Parl. 1455–6). 9 June 1447 Ibid. 1436–41, 444; 1446–52, 55.
William Beauchamp, kt., styled Lord St. Amand, and Richard Beauchamp, his s. and h. (in survivorship). 18 Sept. 1456 Ibid. 1452–61, 323.
Thomas Courtenay, Earl of Devon (for 17 yrs. to hold himself or by deputies). 17 July 1457 Ibid. 362.
James Butler, Earl of Wiltshire and John Nanfan, esquire for the Body (in survivorship). 12 Apr. 1457 Ibid. 419.
William Fitz Alan or Mautravers, Earl of Arundel. 1461 Cal. Pat. 1461–7, 15.
Thomas Fitz Alan, Mautravers of Arundell, Earl of Arundel. Reapp. for life. By 1487 23 Mar. 1495 DL 39/2/19/7, 9. Cal. Pat. 1494–1509, 23.
Sir Thomas Milbourne. . . DL 39/2/19/7, 9.
Walter Parker.
Thomas Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel, and Sir William Mautravers, his s. (in survivorship). 16 Mar. 1510 L. & P. Hen. VIII, i (1), p. 277.
Arthur Plantagenet, Viscount Lisle (for life (?)). 26 Nov. 1524 Ibid. iv (1), p. 392; vi. p. 55.
Sir Richard Lister (by grant of above during life of grantor). . . Ibid. xiii (1), p. 64.
Sir Michael Lister (granted reversion of wardenship). 30 Jan. 1538 Ibid.
Sir William Uvedale. . . Cal. Pat. 1553, 276–7.
Sir Edward Baynton. . . Ibid.
William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, and Henry, Lord Herbert, his s. (in survivorship). 26 June 1553 Ibid.
William, Earl of Pembroke (for life). 17 May 1603 Cal. S.P. Dom. 1603–10, 9.
Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery. 1635 Hoare, Mod. Wilts. hund. of Alderbury, 130.
George Monck, Duke of Albemarle. 1665 Ibid. 121, 134.

Maps of the royal forests

GENERAL NOTE: A Date after a place-name indicates the earliest year in which that place is known to have been within the forest or subject to forest law. Brackets indicate that the place was declared to be outside the forest or disafforested at the date recorded. Unless otherwise stated, all references to O.S. maps in the Keys to the Bounds are to 1/25,000 maps

Braydon Forest. Key to bounds

BOUNDS OF 1228 (Close R. 1227–31, 103–4)

A. Eton of the nuns of Godstowe (Water Eaton or Nuneaton, a hamlet, now disappeared, situated 1773 at Seven Bridges, where the CrickladeStratton St. Margaret road crosses R. Key: Andrews and Dury, pl. 17).

B. along the . . . Werfe (R. Ray: P.N. Wilts. 9).

C. to Spersolt (Sparcell's Fm.).

D. up the stream (tributary of R. Ray). . . . to Lidiart Rogeri de Elsfford (? as far as Lydiard Tregoze pond).

E. and . . . to 'Antidoure', and from 'Didoure' and down to the place where 'Garsceburn' falls into 'Tideur'. (Boundary here is probably the Grittenham-Brinkworth Brook: P.N. Wilts. 3; O.S. 31/98; cf. 1225 and 1279 perambulations, below.)

F. down Garseburn (Woodbridge Brook: P.N. Wilts. 11).

G. to the mill below Garsdon (see O.S. 31/98).

H. along the same stream (the tributary of Woodbridge Brook on which Garsdon Mill stands)

I. to Braydon Brook (Swill Brook. The former name now applied only to a tributary of Swill Brook which forest boundary follows for short distance before following Swill Brook itself: O.S. map 31/99).

J. to the spring of Hailstone which falls into the Thames (E. of Hailstone Hill: O.S. 41/09).

K. along the Thames to Eton where 'Werffe' falls into the Thames.

BOUNDS OF 1225 (BM. Stowe MS. 798, ff. 25b, 26a) AND 1279 (C 47/12/2/4)

a. Wootton Bassett mill (SW. of Wootton Bassett, where main road crosses Grittenham-Brinkworth Brook: O.S. 41/08).

b. along the stream (Grittenham-Brinkworth Brook).

c. to the bridge of 'Bronig' (Browning's Bridge, SW. of Hooker's Gate: Thomson, Bradon Forest, 10; O.S. 41/08) . . . and . . .

d. to Garsiburn (Woodbridge Brook).

e. . . . unto 'Wodebrigg' (NE. of Cleverton: O.S. 31/98).

f. Pinkeland (Pink Lane: ibid.).

g. Swethegg (Swatnage Wood).

h. . . . along 'Lokesbrok' (? 'the gutter running N. from Cloatly by side of Norley Copse into Braydon Brook': Thomson, Bradon Forest, 11; O.S. 31/99).

i. into Braydon Brook

j. to 'Stokenebrigg' (Oaksey Ford Bridge: Thomson, op. cit. 9; O.S. 31/99).

k. . . . along the . . . Thames to Hailstone

l. and . . . to Cricklade Bridge

m. and . . . to Calcutt Bridge

n. and so up the river called 'Worwinchel' (1225), 'Wersmere' (1279) (R. Key).

o. . . . to 'Stocbrigg' (1279 only. Probably Purton Stoke bridge: O.S. 41/09).

p. . . . to Nicholas de Bentham's smithy (1225 only. Probably represented by Bentham Fm.: O.S. 41/08).

q. Gestinglee (site of Battle-lake Fm.: Thomson, Bradon Forest, 10).

r. . . . up the stream without 'Gustinglee' (1225 only. ? the streamlet running S. from 'Abbot's Bridge' to Brockhurst Fm.: O.S. 41/08).

s. to Green Hill (1279 only).

t. to 'Volcan Baillardi' (1225 only. Ballard's Ash).

u. to Wootton Bassett church. . . . and so by the Ridge Way (?) to Wootton mill (1225 only).

BOUNDS OF 1300 (W.A.M. iv. 200–1) and 1330 (E 32/225/8)

1. Bustok/Beostocke (Charlton Oak: O.S. 41/08).

2. Greneborn (Derry Brook: O.S. 41/09).

3. Coulstocks Ford (O.S. 41/08).

4. between the two 'Sampfords' (Sambourn Bridge: O.S. 41/09).

5. Callow Hill (ibid.).

6. Godfray's Hurne (ibid.).

7. the house of Henry atte Borne (represented by Bournelake Fm., NW. of Chelworth Upper Green: ibid.).

. . . down to the Thames, and thence along the Thames to the land of William atte Bridge (? Hailstone Bridge, W. of Hailstone Hill: see 1606 perambulation, printed Thomson, Bradon Forest, App. I).

8. . . . the house of William of the Mill (? West Mill: ibid., and O.S. 41/09).

9. Coverdecrouch/Coverledecroiz (The bounds appear to have run S. along West Mill Lane to Culverhay Cross, near the Pike Ho. Culverhay Close persists as an adjoining field name: Thomson, Bradon Forest, App. I.)

10. thence by the king's highway (S. from 'the Forty' along main Cricklade—Purton road to end of Chelworth Lane: ibid.). . . . to Nicholas Hobbeshort's house (? where Broadleaze Fm. stands: ibid.).

11. Lands and a wood belonging to John de Neville on W. bank of R. Key were declared outside forest in 1300. The 1606 perambulation suggests that Chelworth Lane formed N. boundary of these lands: ibid. On S. 'the ditch between John de Neville's wood and Robert de Keynes's wood' (1300 perambulation) may be represented by the 'Ancient Bank' near Purton Stoke: O.S. 41/09. The forest bound returned to R. Key at 'Stokebrigge' (Purton Stoke bridge: 1330 perambulation).

12. la Mereweye ('Turne Throue Meare': O.S. 41/08). la Battenhende/Batthedelynde (For Battle End see Thomson, Bradon Forest, App. I.)

13. along the road to 'Tholnitreshulle' (Tollenthresh Hill: O.S. 41/08).

14. and . . . 'Hermit's Croft' (? Armyn Cross: ibid.).

Braydon Forest

Chippenham and Melksham forests. Key to bounds

BOUNDS OF 1228 (Close R. 1227–31, 103–4)

From the vill of Calne along the Devizes high road . . . to Rowde. (probably followed line of road shown in Andrews and Dury, pl. 11, i.e. Calne, Mile Elm, Weaver's Bridge, Broad's Green, Heddington Wick, Nether St., St. Edith's Marsh, Rowde).

Rowde water (Summerham Brook).

Semet water (Semington Brook: P.N. Wilts. 10).

R. Avon.

Melkeden water (R. Marden: ibid. 8–9).

BOUNDS OF 1300 (W.A.M. iv. 206–7)

Chippenham Forest

A. Stanley bridge. Along the highway to

B. the gate of Stanley (abbey). Thence by same highway through

C. the middle of the town of Studley.

D. the bridge of Samborn (E. of Black Dog Hill).

E. up the stream (of 'Sambourne', which flowed N. into R. Marden: it was dammed temp. Jas. I to make the lake at Bowood).

F. to Fynnam ('Finemore', 1279) bridge (? at the weir N. of Whetham Ho.: W.A.M. xli. 407, map).

And so along the road . . . to

G. the cross before the house of Horne (about 1 m. NE. of Chittoe: O.S. 31/96.) . . . and . . .

H. Horsleperde (Horselepride Gate).

I. Thence along the road which comes from Devizes (Beech Walk: O.S. 31/96) . . . to . . .

J. the Ash of Lacock (represented by Nash Hill Fm.) . . . and . . .

K. the bridge of Lacock (Rey bridge). and from thence . . . as the water of Avon divideth . . . unto

L. Chippenham bridge . . . and . . . Merkden (R. Marden).

Melksham Forest

1. Whaddon bridge (over Semington Brook near Whaddon Grove Fm.: O.S. 31/86).

Along by the water (Semington Brook) to

2. Semington bridge (in Semington village).

3. Seend Head (about 1½ m. SW. of Seend: O.S. 31/95).

Thence by the water (Semington and Summerham Brooks) to

4. Byde Mill (Andrews and Dury, pl. 11. Bydemill Lane still runs NW. towards the site: O.S. 6" XXXIX, NE.) . . . and . . .

5. Summerham (? near Summerham Bridge: O.S. 31/96).

6. Rodewik (Rowdewick. Rowde Mill and Wick Fm. lie W of Rowde: ibid.)

7. Dorlegate (Durlett Fm.).

8. The abbot of Battle's wood. (The forest boundary here ran along S. edge of wood. 'Abbott's Wood' still remains S. of Bromham: O.S. 6" XXXIII, NE.)

Down the water (Clackers Brook) to

9. Coleford (? where a road from SSE. meets the brook SW. of Stroud Fm.: O.S. 31/96).

Up the 'White Ditch' (A track up Sandridge Hill shown on Melksham Tithe map of 1840: W.A.M. 1. 51) to

10. the Maple (Maples Fm.).

11. Prevetmore (Prickmoor).

Down the brook between the king's wood and the abbot of Battle's wood (the rivulet flowing N. into Chittoe Brook) and along unto

12. the water which cometh from Semaneswell (Chittoe Brook). Thence . . . unto

13. Wogheborn (the stream rising in Foxbury Wood in Spye Park and flowing down to Clink Lane and thence to the Avon: W.A.M. i. 52).

14. Wodenesditch (Wansdyke).

15. R. Avon

16. Melksham bridge.

Chippenham and Melksham forests

Selwood forest in Wiltshire

Places underlined once were within the forest in 1330 (E 32/225/9). Places underlined twice said to be within the forest before 1322 (W.A.M. xlviii. 591–4). For bounds of 1228 see Close R. 1227–31, 103–4. The 13th- and early 14th-century bounds shown are only approximate, see above, pp. 414–16.

Selwood Forest

Savernake Forest. Key to bounds

BOUNDS OF 1228 (Close R. 1227–31, 103–4)

A. The lepers' house of Hungerford (near junction of rivers Dun and Kennet at Hungerford: W.A.M. xlix. 398).

B. The king's highway . . . from . . . Hungerford towards Marlborough.

C. Wm. of Puthall's well . . . on that highway, and so across to gate of said Wm. (near Puthall Fm.). . . . and so across the hill to

D. the water of Kennet at Stitchcombe.

BOUNDS OF 1244 (E 146/2/22; W.A.M. xlix. 395–6)

a. The Whiteway ('the by-road which leaves the Wexcombe—Collingbourne Ducis road S. of Fairmile Down and makes for Collingbourne Kingston'. The boundary seems to have left modern road E. of Brunton, passed through Aughton to Marlborough-Andover road SW. of Aughton Fm., and then NW. to cross-roads and along a drove to Falstone Pond: W.A.M. xlix. 400–1).

b. Falstone. (Falstone Pond is situated at the crossing of roadways N. of Aughton Down: ibid. 399, 401).

c. The road to Easton. (footpath and roadway skirting Easton Hill to S. and W.).

d. . . . through the middle of the vill of Easton so that the east part of that vill remains within the Forest and the west part of the vill without.

e. The king's highway. (the Pewsey 'herapath': W.A.M. xlix. 399).

f. The 'Tunmill' in the vill of Pewsey ('lies on the island in the stream . . . in middle of the village': ibid.).

g. The gallows of the Prior of Bradenstoke at 'Wypeshull' (at cross-roads E. of Wilcot Green: ibid.).

h. Thence by the road.

i. to Workway. ('Workway Drove . . . leaves Alton road ½ m. E. of Tawsmead Fm. to climb the escarpment between Walker's Hill and Knap Hill Camp': ibid.; O.S. 41/16.)

j. The Ridgeway. (supplied from perambulation of West Baily: W.A.M. xlix. 394).

k. The water of Kennet.

l. Elcot Bridge. (Andrews and Dury, pl. 12, shows 'Hillcott Mill' on Kennet W. of Mildenhall).

m. Evesbury. (or Isbury, probably near the Roman site at Folly Fm.: see p. 419, n. 7 W.A.M. xlix. 400; O.S. 41/26).

n. and so (by) the king's highway from Evesbury to Hungerford

o. as far as the house of the lepers outside Hungerford. (above Bounds 1228, A).

p. Hungerford water (R. Kennet E. of Hungerford).

q. Cherleford Mill (probably stood 500 yds. NNW. of Home Fm.: W.A.M. xlix. 402; O.S. 41/36).

r. The green way between 'Foxle' (Foxley Covert) and 'Baltele' (Hungerford Pk., including Slings Firs on its E. border: ibid.).

s. Chaldefelde. (? Templeton: W.A.M. xlix. 403).

t. the great dyke (Wansdyke) west of Inkpen. (O.S. 41/36).

u. up . . . to the vill of (Lower) Spray.

v. up . . . to the how where three counties run together, viz.—Hants, Wilts, and Berks. (This 'how' or barrow was at Buttermere Corner, Hants, then in parish of Combe: W.A.M. xlix. 403.)

w. The green way passing between the Prior of Ogbourne's wood. (in Combe Wood) and wood of Wm. Buggy (Buttermere Wd.), so that Wm's. wood remains within forest and wood of said prior without.

x. From aforesaid wood . . . by a certain path

y. to the head of Henley. (The 'path' seems to turn NW. along county boundary and then by Upper Horns Fm. to Henley: W.A.M. xlix. 403; O.S. 41/35.)

z. down by valley of Henley

aa. to croft of Wm. de Botes. (The perambulation follows county bdy. down Henley Bottom to Oxenwood—Vernham Dean road, then along road to SE. corner of Oakhill Wood. 'Wm. de Botes's croft' was situated near that corner; Boats Copse to SE. preserves his name: ibid.)

bb. up by the bottom of the valley of Hippenscombe

cc. to Stretegate. (the gap in the earthwork, sometimes called Grimsditch, at Scot's Poor: W.A.M. xlix. 402; O.S. 41/25).

dd. and so by the green way to Whiteway. (The green way runs due W. from 'Stretegate' to ridgeway over Fairmile Down: ibid.)

BOUNDS OF 1300 (C 67/6A/5, 6; W.A.M. iv. 201–5).

West and Farm Bailiwicks

1. Beginning at the W. corner of 'Boveclyve' (Bovcliff, or Clench Common, on escarpment nr. East Wick Fm.: W.A.M. xlix. 413, and above, p. 421, n. 71.

2. . . . between 'Boveclyve' and wood of Abbot of Hyde (Withy Copse, N. of Martinsell: ibid.).

unto Drayton (on W. edge of Clench Common: ibid.).

3. thence unto the Crooked Way (Oare—Marlborough road).

4. and so unto Scotiesgore (Gore Copse)

5. thence ascending by the way (footpath running NNW. from road along W. edge of Gore Copse)

unto the 'Redechorde' (cutting through Wansdyke at W. corner of Gore Copse: ibid. 414; O.S. 41/16.)

6. and 'Wodenesdich' (Wansdyke) and so descending by the same

7. unto the way . . . from Oare towards Marlborough

8. and from thence ascending between the wood of Hawkridge (on Granham Hill, SW. of Granham Fm.) and the wood of Nic. de Barbeflet (Manton Copse)

9. . . . unto the cross of Manton and from thence descending unto the water of Kennet.

10. and so along by the same water

11. to . . . Elcot Bridge

12. . . . thence ascending . . . unto Evesbury.

13. . . . thence by the highway (Marlborough—Hungerford road) unto 'Lechenhardescroft'. (The field between Folly Copse in Mildenhall and the forest paling is called 'Leonard's Field': W.A.M. xlix. 415.)

14. and . . . unto the cross of 'Crokeresthorpesend' (presumably stood at junction of Cock-a-troop Lane with Hungerford road: ibid.: O.S. 41/26).

15. . . . thence descending by the bottom of the valley . . . unto the croft of the Prior of St. Margaret at 'the Putte'. (? near Puthall Lodge Gate: ibid.).

16. . . . thence ascending . . . unto the croft . . . called 'Hobbesare'. ('Hullesare' in 1330 bounds—i.e. Hill Close.)

17. thence . . . unto the wood of Puthall (Puthall Pk.).

18. . . . thence descending . . . unto the house of Richard de Timrigge. (? Timbridge Fm.).

19. . . . thence beyond the highway between the land of Jas. of Timbridge and the land of Henry Sturmy (on Timbridge Down: W.A.M. xlix. 417).

20. . . . unto the 'Holteball'. (The bound ran between Knowle Cowlease and Belmore Copse to meet Bedwyn road on 'Holtball': ibid.)

21. . . . unto the corner of the wood of Wm. de Holte (? Sicily Clump: ibid. 417–8. Holt Pound is nearby, about 1 m. N. of Tottenham Ho.: O.S. 41/26).

22. . . . thence by 'Mereway' (part of the Bedwyn road) unto 'Bellingate' (? Bedwyn-gate)

23. . . . thence by the hedge and green way unto the pasture of Stock. (Brentnall identified 'Stock pasture' with the clearing of Warren Fm., not with the more obvious Stock Common to SE.: W.A.M. xlix. 416, 418, n. 50; O.S. 41/26.)

24. and so along by the great ditch (? on SW. side of Bedwyn Common: O.S. 41/26) to 'Boutelwell' (?).

25. and thence by the valley (running E. and S. of Bedwyn Common: O.S. 41/26).

26. unto 'Colrode' (? the Roman road), and so along the 'Colrode' between the king's wood and the prior of Easton's wood (the E. side of Braydon (New Pond) Bottom: W.A.M. xlix. 419).

27. . . . thence between the king's wood and Wm. de Lilbourne's wood unto 'Wallesmere' (? Thornhill Pond towards N. of ridge E. of Braydon: ibid.).

28. . . .thence . . . unto 'Braidenshok' (Braydon Oak or Braydon Hook: O.S. 41/26).

29. and so along by the way of Braydon (footpath running S. along Braydon Bottom: ibid.).

30. unto the king's wood called Morley (the copses between road to Brimslade and Leigh Hill Copses: W.A.M. xlix. 420).

31. . . . by the 'Swinepath' unto the Prior of Mottisfont's wood (Leigh Hill Copse: ibid. 419).

32. . . . thence descending by the ditch unto the head of 'Iwodesmede West-end' and . . . along the edge of the wood unto 'Erchbury', and so by the 'Swine Way' unto the 'White Land' and so unto 'White Way'. (The perambulation follows Burbage parish boundary S. from Leigh Hill Copse through Ram Alley towards Bowden Farm: W.A.M. xlix. 419–21; O.S. 41/26.)

. . . unto 'Nhoddon' (? the stream running N. along E. side of Burbage Common) and so by 'Nhoddeneslade' (the valley of that stream) unto the Pit of 'Nudden' (?).

. . . and from thence across the heath (Burbage Common).

33. unto the way which cometh from Marlborough towards Salisbury (W.A.M. xlix. 421) and so by the 'Waterslade' unto

34. 'Sinewynescrofte' (? Bowden Farm). . . . unto the 'Westhead of the Wodemede' (? covering S. slope of Apshill: W.A.M. xlix. 422).

35. . . . unto the way . . . between Marlborough and Wootton [Rivers]. (The perambulation follows the modern parish boundary: ibid.)

36. . . . by 'Apsehullemede' (N. and NW. of Apshill Copse) and so along near the covert of 'Iwode' ('Iwood' or 'Ifwood' occupied the ridge between Apshill and Leigh Hill Copses: W.A.M. xlix. 420, n. 56.)

37. unto Morley (see above, no. 30).

38. and so along by the 'Wode-ditch' (following N. boundary of Wootton Rivers parish along crest of escarpment and continuing to E. corner of Clench Common: W.A.M. xlix. 422).

39. unto the E. corner of the croft . . . called 'Boveclyve' (Eastwick Fm.) and so . . . unto the aforesaid west corner of 'Boveclyve'.

Savernake Forest

Bedwyn Brails Bailiwick

40.beginning at the west corner of 'Westridge' (i.e. of Wilton Brail, opposite Crofton: W.A.M. xlix. 426; O.S. 41/26).

. . . thence descending along the edge of the wood unto

41. the North head (where 3 footpaths meet on W. edge of wood: ibid.).

. . . and so between the aforesaid covert and . . .

42.Foxleycroft (Brail Fm.).

. . . thence along the edge of the wood unto

43.'Costoweshurne'. (? E. corner of field called 'the Costar', N. of Bedwyn Brail: ibid.).

44. . . . thence between the king's wood and the wood of William de Harden unto 'Harding's trench'. (Harding Fm. and Harding Copse to E. of Bedwyn Brail indicate approximate position of these landmarks: W.A.M. xlix. 427; O.S. 41/26).

45.and from thence along the edge of the wood unto 'Hulde-northend'. (i.e. cross-roads named 'Piccadilly', representing N. end of wood of Wexcombe called 'the Hulde': ibid.).

46. and from thence ascending between the king's wood and the wood of Wootton [Rivers] unto the E. corner of 'Lyllegh'. (? at the Nag's Head. Lynley was also a wood of Wexcombe lying N. of road to Marten and abutting on Wilton Down: ibid.)

47.the Millway (road running from direction of Wilton between the two Brails N. to Mill Fm.). and so along the edge of the wood unto the S. corner of Westridge (Wilton Brail), and so unto the aforesaid W. corner of Westridge.

King's Demesne Wood of Southgrove (W.A.M. xlix. 427–8. No bounds for Southgrove 1300 perambulation).

48. beginning at the east corner of said wood . . . and so between the Thorny Down and the demesne covert to the corner of the King's Down

49. and so by the road running above the covert between the land of the lord of Burbage Savage and the king's demesne as far as Longmead. (The road is the Andover road; the Southgrove boundary perhaps followed the Burbage parish boundary along it for a short distance near New Barn: W.A.M. xlix. 427–8; O.S. 41/25.) and so between Longmead and the king's covert

50. to the highway above the same covert, and so by the same road along the edge of the wood to a place called 'Foxacres' (?) (bounds skirt Longmead on SW. of wood, and then return to Marlborough-Andover road for short distance S. of Goldenlands Fm.).

51. . . . and from thence to the corner called 'Cockroad' (the ride through wood which meets the drove at this corner: W.A.M. xlix. 428; O.S. 41/25).

Chute Forest in Wiltshire. Key to bounds

BOUNDS TEMP. HEN. III (E 32/225/3; W.A.M. xlviii. 557–61).

1. 'Lovesgate' now called 'Coudenegate' (near SE. corner of Oakhill Wood: O.S. 41/35, where it appears as 'Goudyses Gate').

2. . . . along the boundary between Wilts and Hants to Cathanger (Cathangers Wood: ibid.).

3. and . . . to 'Capiedene' (Tangley Bottom: ibid.).

4. Clanville.

5. . . . westwards to Biddesden (Biddesden Ho., Pk., and Fm. are about 1½m. E. of Ludgershall: ibid.).

6. Ludgershall Park. (South Pk., on the county boundary SE. of Ludgershall: O.S. 41/24.)

7. . . . thence along the county boundary to 'Tidworth Husee' (N. Tidworth), viz.,—in the S. part of that vill.

8. 'le Schirmel'. (? where the Roman road between Old Sarum and Winchester crosses the county boundary.)

9. thence as the (Roman) road goes from Winchester

10. to the gate of the castle of Old Salisbury

11. . . . along the E. side of the river [Avon]

12. as far as Amesbury

13. and . . . Upavon.

14. Falstone (see above, p. 448, Savernake Bounds 1244, b).

15. . . . the house of Peter of the Whiteway (ibid. a).

16. . . . along the Green Way (ibid. dd) across 'Athelyngedene' (the valley which the Green Way crosses about ¾ m. W. of the Streetgate: O.S. 41/25).

17. . . . as the highway goes to the 'Streetgate' (see above, p. 448, Savernake Bounds 1244, cc).

18. . . . and along the bottom of Hippenscombe valley (ibid. bb) and . . . thence (back) to 'Lovesgate'

BOUNDS OF 1300 (W.A.M. iv. 205) and 1330 (E 32/225/3, 4).

a. (1300) Beginning at the west end of 'Couelee' (at some point in the valley running N. from Biddesden Pk.: O.S. 41/25).

b. (1330) by 'Croc's Path' (probably the road which is now the NW. boundary of parish of Chute Forest).

c. (1300) to the Hatchgate (1330) in 'Greenstandenend' (? at some point on road S. of Standen).

d. (1300) by the Old Church Way (? the road from Cadley to Tangley Bottom, the next bound. The road leads in a general WNW. direction to Chute Church).

e. (1300) along 'Capydene' (Tangley Bottom) to its south end.

f. (1330) to 'Bruteshurne' in Clanville (Britt's Corner, at the angle in the county boundary close to Flinty: W.A.M. xlviii. 562).

g. (1330) by the road along Ramridge down to Standen and . . . Gordene (i.e. along county boundary).

(1300) to Biddesden Cross (? at cross-roads on the SE. side of Biddesden Pk.).

h. (1300) thence on the right (E.) side through the middle of the town of Biddesden. (The bounds here turn N. to run along E. side of Biddesden Pk.).

i. (1300) thence by the bottom of the valley unto the aforesaid W. end of Couelee'.

Hippenscombe Bailiwick (1330)

j. The 'Streetgate' (see above, no. 17).

k. by the bottom of 'Grim's Ditch' (Chute Causeway). to 'Happedenesende' (? the E. end of Hippenscombe, i.e. Conholt Bottom).

and thence as the road leads to Hermit's Stone (?) and . . . along the valley

l. to Oakhill Ditch (the S. rampart of Fosbury Camp, SW. of Oakhill Wood).

m. and . . . as the road leads

n. to the dyke of 'Undergesemeresdonne' (running NE. from the Streetgate across Silver Down: O.S. 41/25).

and so as the dyke leads to the Streetgate.

Chute Forest

Clarendon and Melchet forests. Key to bounds

BOUNDS OF 1327 (E 32/225/6).

Clarendon Forest

1. Beginning at Milford Bridge (over R. Bourne E. of Salisbury: O.S. 41/12).

and so by the river [Bourne] to

2. Ford Mill. (O.S. 41/13).

3. Along Winchester Way (the Roman road from Old Sarum to Winchester: ibid.).

to 'Moldecrouche' (? the 'Broken Cross' about ¼ m. E. of Ford along Roman road: ibid.).

4. . . . and 'Shirmel' (where Roman road crosses county boundary on W. edge of Noad's Copse: O.S. 41/23).

5. and so always between the counties of Wilts and Hants

6. . . . to 'Boddewode' (clearly on county boundary, E. of Mean Wood).

7. from 'la Wyax', always between Clarendon and Melchet Forests (The boundary between the two forests may here have been the footpath running W. along Dean Hill and then SW. to Witherington Down: O.S. 41/22. Dean Hill was said in 1619 to be one of the N. bounds of Melchet Forest: V.C.H. Hants, iv. 541.)

8. to Whaddon turbary (on Whaddon Common: O.S. 41/12. This bound has been supplied from E 32/225/10, a 14th-century restatement of the 1219 perambulation.)

9. . . . to Bodenham bridge (over the Avon SW. of Alderbury: O.S. 41/12).

and so along the River [Avon]

10. to 'Mommeworth' bridge (where the Bourne flows into the Avon: E 32/225/10).

and hence up the other river [Bourne] to Milford bridge aforesaid.

Clarendon and Melchet forests

Melchet Forest

11. beginning at 'la Wyax' (see above).

12. and so to Mean Wood (S. of West Dean).

and . . . 'Boddewode' (see above).

. . .to . . . the 'Cowled Cross' (? The perambulation probably followed the ancient county boundary.)

13. and . . . to Wellow Wood. (Then in Wilts: Andrews and Dury, pl. 3. The bounds which follow are obscure until Langley Wood is reached; an attempt has therefore been made to interpolate bounds declared in 1619: V.C.H. Hants, iv. 541. It seems likely that the county boundary was followed as far as Bramshaw.)

(14. Dunwood. (Hants 1619.))

15. Swaleford (? near Swallow Fields S. of West Wellow: O.S. 41/21).

(16. Duxmore. (1619. ? on the county boundary W. of Duck Hill, Hants: ibid.))

(17. Burchwood. (1619. 'Burchnwood Fm.' is shown on Andrews and Dury, pl. 3, at the S. extremity of Bramshaw.)

18. from Burnford (Burnford Bridge is S. of Bramshaw: O.S. 41/21) along the water. (? Shepherds Gutter.)

(19. Deadmansford (1619. ? on the county boundary near Deadman Hill and Deadman Bottom: O.S. 41/21.))

20. the Bishop of Salisbury's wood called Langley, which is without the regard (but within the Forest. Tymbrel Lane was given in 1619 as one of the bounds of the Forest. This is most probably the Timbury Lane shown on Andrews' and Dury's map of 1773 (pl. 3) as running along the SW. edge of Langley Wood, and forming part of the high road between Redlynch and Landford.)

21. Privet (Privett Fm., S. of West Grimstead: O.S. 41/22).

22. Axedonnescrouche ('Austin's Cross', at the crossroads E. of Witherington Down: Andrews and Dury, pl. 3).

and so back to 'la Wyax'.

CLARENDON PARK 1650 (Hoare, Mod. Wilts. Alderbury Hundred, 132–141).

Key to Divisions:

I. Rangers' Div.

II. Theobald's Div.

III. Fussell's Div.

IV. Palmer's Div.

V. Hunt's Div.

Grovely Forest. Key to bounds

BOUNDS OF 1219 (E 32/225/10, a 14th-century restatement) generally confirmed by those of 1279 (C 47/12/2/4) and 1327 (E 32/225/6)

1. From Wilton (at 'the Steps' (1279) or 'the Staples' (1327) next the house of St. John of Wilton (i.e. at W. end of town, near junction of the Wylye and Nadder).

2. up the R. Nadder (1279 . . . to Ugford . . . Burcombe . . . Barford St. Martin . . . and Dalwood Mill (S. of Dalwood Farm: O.S. 41/03)).

3. . . . northwards up the stream which runs through Teffont into the Nadder . . . to the head of Teffont of the Abbess of St. Edward. (? Teffont Magna) (1279—so that the E. half of Teffont Evias remains in the forest).

4. so along the middle of the plain to 'Hellestoubbe' (?) which is on the great road from Wilton to Mere (here represented by the 'Ox Drove' running in a general easterly direction from a point S. of Woodbine Buildings to Dinton Beeches: O.S. 31/93; 41/03; 6", LIX, SW.).

5. down the road . . . which comes from Wylye to the hills.

6. to the Abbess's Cross in the vill of Wylye and down to the R. Wylye.

7. down the R. Wylye (1279—from E. end of Wylye vill . . . down the river . . . to Hanging Langford . . . Little Langford . . . Great Wishford . . . and . . . Ditchampton) to Wilton.

BOUNDS OF 1300 (W.A.M. iv. 200).

a. Beginning on the R. Nadder at Barford St. Martin along the Nadder

b. to 'Ashwell Lake' (the stream running S. through Baverstock to join the Nadder near the 'Penruddocke Arms': W.A.M. xlviii. 575; O.S. 41/03).

Up 'Ashwell Lake'

c. to 'Pultingston' (Powten Stone. There is a copse of that name NW. of Grovely Lodge: O.S. 6", LXV, NE.)

d. and so towards the W. unto the 'Meneway' (? 'ran down the SW. boundary of Great Wishford': W.A.M. xlviii. 575; O.S. 41/03). and so by the 'Meneway'

e. to the 'Red Way', and so by the 'Red Way Valley' unto the mere between the land of Adam de la Ford and the land of Alan de Langford. (The bounds followed the W. boundary of Great Wishford down the valley: ibid.)

f. to 'Wylyesford' (a ford over the R. Wylye near point at which parish boundary meets the river: ibid.).

The 1300 perambulation thenceforward follows the earlier ones—i.e. down the R. Wylye to Wilton ('to the stone before the gate of the house of St. John of Wilton') and thence up the R. Nadder to Barford St. Martin.

Grovely Forest