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A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 5. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1957.

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Among the abbreviations and short titles used, the following, which occur frequently throughout the volume, may require elucidation. Documents forming part of the muniments of the City of Salisbury and Borough of Wilton are cited by the references assigned to them by the editor of the List of Wiltshire Borough Records earlier in date than 1836 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. v).

W.A.S. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society
W.A.S. Libr., Devizes Library of W.A.S. in the Museum, Devizes
W.A.S. Rec. Brch. Records Branch of W.A.S.
Wilts. Cuttings Volumes of Wiltshire newspaper cuttings in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes
W.R.O. Wiltshire Record Office, Trowbridge
Andrews and Duty, Map (W.A.S Rec. Brch.) Andrews' and Dury's Map of Wiltshire 1773 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. viii)
Antrobus D. (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Pugh, R. B. (ed.) Calendar of Antrobus Deeds before 1625 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. iii)
Aubrey, Topog. Coll. ed. Jackson Jackson, J. E. (ed.) Topographical Collections of John Aubrey(W.A.S Devizes, 1862).
Bounds of Wilts. Lord Fitzmaurice and W. L. Bown, The Boundaries of the Administrative County of Wilts (1918)
Cal. Feet of F. Wilts. 1195–1272 ed. Fry Fry, E. A. (ed.) Calendar of Feet of Fines Wilts. 1195–1272 (W.A.S. Devizes, 1930)
Calne Guild Stewards Bk. (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Mabbs, A. W. (ed.) Guild Stewards' Book of the Borough of Calne (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. vii)
Chalfield and Malmesbury Garriso Accts. (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Pafford, J. H. (ed.) Accounts of the Parliamentary Garrisons of Gt. Chalfield and Malmesbury 1645–6 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. ii)
Feet of F. Wilts 1272–1327 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Pugh, R. B. (ed.) Abstracts of Feet of Fines Wilts for reigns of Edw. 1 and Edw. II (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. i)
Hoare, Mod. Wilts. Hoare, Sir R. Colt, Modern Wiltshire (1822–37)
P.N. Wilts. (E.P.N.S.) The Place Names of Wiltshire (English Place-Name Society)
Sess. Mins. (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Johnson, H. C. (ed.) Wiltshire County Records Minutes of Proceedings in Sessions 1563, 1574–92 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. iv).
Taxation Lists (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Ramsay, G. D. (ed.) Two Sixteenth Century Taxation Lists, 1545 and 1576 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. x)
W.A.M. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine
W.N. & Q. Wiltshire Notes and Queries
Wilts. Borough Rec. (W.A.S. Rec Brch.) Rathbone, M. G. (ed.) List of Wiltshire Borough Records earlier in date than 1836 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. v)
Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326 (Inde Libr.) Fry, E. A. (ed.) Abstracts of Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326 (Index Library, xxxvii)
Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77 (Inde Libr.) Stokes, Ethel (ed.) Abstracts of Wilts Inq. p.m. 1327–77 (Index Library, xlviii)
Wilts. Q. Sess. Rec. ed. Cunningto Cunnington, B. H. (ed.) Extracts from Quarter Sessions Great Rolls of the 17th Century