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A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 8, Warminster, Westbury and Whorwellsdown Hundreds. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1965.

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, 'Index: A-J', in A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 8, Warminster, Westbury and Whorwellsdown Hundreds, (London, 1965) pp. 265-273. British History Online [accessed 29 May 2024].

. "Index: A-J", in A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 8, Warminster, Westbury and Whorwellsdown Hundreds, (London, 1965) 265-273. British History Online, accessed May 29, 2024,

. "Index: A-J", A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 8, Warminster, Westbury and Whorwellsdown Hundreds, (London, 1965). 265-273. British History Online. Web. 29 May 2024,

NOTE: The following abbreviations have been used: adv., advowson; agric., agriculture; Alex., Alexander; And., Andrew; Ant., Anthony; abp., archbishop; Bart., Bartholomew; Ben., Benjamin; bp., bishop; Cast., Castle; Cath., Catherine; cath., cathedral; chant., chantry; chap., chapel; char., charities; Chas., Charles; Chris., Christopher; ch., church; Coll., College; Ctss., Countess; Dan., Daniel; D. and C., Dean and Chapter; d., died; Edm., Edmund; Edw., Edward; Eliz., Elizabeth; fam., family; fl., flourished; Fred., Frederick; Geof., Geoffrey; geol., geology; Geo., George; Gilb., Gilbert; govt., government; Hen., Henry; Herb., Herbert; hosp., hospital; ho., house; Humph., Humphrey; hund., hundred; inc., inclosure; ind., industry; Jas., James; Jos., Joseph; Kath., Katherine; Laur., Laurence; Lawr., Lawrence; Ld., Lord; man., manor; Marg., Margaret; m., married; Mat., Matthew; Mic., Michael; Nat., Nathaniel; Nic., Nicholas; nonconf., nonconformity; n., note; par., parish; Parl. rep., Parliamentary repre- sentation; Pet., Peter; Phil., Philip; pop., population; rly., railway; Ric., Richard; riv., river; Rob., Robert; Rog., Roger; Rom., Roman; Rom. Cath., Roman Catholicism; Sam., Samuel; sch., school; Sim., Simon; sta., station; Steph., Stephen; succ., succeeded; Thos., Thomas; U.D.C., Urban District Council; vct., viscount; vctss., viscountess; Wal., Walter; w., wife; Wm., William.

Abarrow, Edw., fam.,

Abath, Clement, Joshua,
-, Rob.,

Abbot, Jane, John,

A Beckett Turner, see Turner

Abergavenny (Mon.), prior and
-, priory of, and see
-, Richard

Abingdon, earls of, see Bertie

A' Court, John, Pierce (later
-, A' Court Ashe),

Acryse Park (Kent),

Adams, John, Thos.,

Adlam, Alice, m. Rob. Cogswell,
-, Edith, m. (1) John Lambe (2)
-, John Westwell, Geo.,
-, Hen., John (d. 1545),
-, John (fl. 1550),
-, John (fl. 1599),
-, Rob., Sam., Sybil,
-, Thos., Wm. (fl. 1602),
-, Wm. (fl. 1702), n;
-, fam.,

Admiralty Gunnery Equipment
-, Depot,

Aete, Wm. de,

Aethelbald, King,

Agard, Ambrose, Steph.,
-, fam.,

Aiscough, Wm., bp. of Salisbury,

Alcester (Warws.),

Alcombe, Wm.,

Aldbourne, n,

Aldridge, Mary, Ralph,
-, fam.,

Aldrington, John of,

Alexander, Hon. Wal. Phil.,

Alfred, King,

Alfric the cowherd (fl. 1170),

'Alleburne' (stream),

Allen, Hen.,

Alric (fl. 11th cent.),

Alton Barnes,

Alton Priors,


Alwold (fl. 11th cent.),

Amberlegh, John,

Amelcote (Staffs.),

Amesbury, n

Ampney, see Down Ampney

Andover (Hants),

Andrews, Edw. (fl. 1744),
-, Edw. (fl. 1792), Eliz., see
-, Middleney; John (fl. c. 1410),
-, John (d. c. 1744), Kath.,
-, Nat., Ric., Thos.,
-, Townsend,

Anne, Queen,

Ansty, preceptory of,

Antony (Antonius), Wm.,

Aplin & Barrett, cheese manufacturers,

Applegate, Steph.,

Appleguard, Steven,

Appuldurcombe, in Godshill (I.o.w.),

Arden, Frances E.,

Arn Hill,

Arthur, Prince of Wales (d. 1502),

Arundel, earls of, and see
-, Aubigny, Fitz Alan

Arundel, Ric. de,

Arundell, Sir John (fl. 1470),
-, Sir John (fl. 1550),
-, Kath., see Chidiock; Thos. (d.
-, 1485), Sir Thos. (d. 1552),

Ash (Ashe), Cecily, see Berkeley;
-, Edw., Jane, m. Wm. Bassett,
-, John (fl. 1550),
-, John (fl. 1640), Sam.,
-, fam.,

Ashby, Canons (Northants.),

Ashe, see Ash

Ashfordby, John (later Trenchard),

Ashlock, Thos. (fl. 1561), Thos.
-, (s. of Thos.),

Ashton, Sir Rob.,

Ashton, Chapel, see Ashton, Rood

Ashton, Gulden (Gulde, Gyldene),
-, see East Town

Ashton, Rood (Chapel Ashton),
-, agric., chap.,
-, man., man. ho.,
-, pk.,

Ashton, Steeple,
-, adv., agric.,
-, Ashton Ho., bells,
-, boundaries, char.,
-, Chartism., chs., ch.
-, ho., cloth ind., common,
-, courts,
-, cross, estates, fair,
-, fields, fire,
-, geol., houses, inc.,
-, limekilns, local govt.,
-, lock-up, 'Long's Arms',
-, mans.,
-, man.ho., market,
-, mills, nonconf.,
-, placename, Polish hostel,
-, pop., roads, schs.,
-, steeple, tithes,
-, vicarage ho., village,
-, woodland,
-, work ho., and see Blackball,
-, East Town, Littleton, Lovemead,
-, Paxcroft, Snarlton

Ashton, West, vicar of,

Ashton, West,
-, adv., agric., char.,
-, ch., estates,
-, fields, inc.,
-, man., Manor Farm,
-, mineral well, nonconf.,
-, pop., sch., tithes,
-, village,

Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers,

Astley, Francis Dugdale,
-, Sir John Dugdale,
-, Mary, see Buckler; fam.,

Astor, Hon. J. J.,

Aubigny, Hugh d', earl of Arundel
-, (d. 1243),

Aubrey the Chamberlain (fl. 1086),

Aubrey, John,

Aucombe, in Longbridge Deverill,

Audley, barons, see Tuchet

Audley, de, Eleanor, see Clare; Hugh,
-, Marg., m. Ralph, earl of
-, Stafford,

Aure, de, Augusta, n; John,
-, n

Austin, Thos.,

Australia, Australians,

Avenel, Mabel, see Malet; Nic.
-, (d. by 1223), Nic.
-, (d. c. 1246), Wm.,

Avon, riv.,

Awdry, Ambrose (fl. 1780),
-, Ambrose (fl. 1838), Pet.,
-, fam.,

Axford, John (d. 1704), John
-, (fl. 1762), Wm.,

Aylesbury, Thos., rector of Corsley,

Azor (fl. 1086),

Babigton, Babinton, see Bapton

Bache, Joan, see St. Lo; John,

Bagehott, Chas.,

Bailey (Baily), Chris., Edith,
-, see Goddard; Marion, Maud,
-, Nic., Thos. (d. c. 1566),
-, Thos. (fl. 1571),
-, Wal., Wm. (d. 1536),
-, Wm. (fl. 1571), Wm.
-, (fl. 1641), fam.,
-, see also Bayly

Ball fam.,

Ballard, Hen., John Aldridge,
-, Jonathan, Phil.,
-, Timothy, Wal., Wm.,
-, Wm. Aldridge, fam.,

Ballon, de, Hamelin, John
-, (fl. 1242), John (fl. 1274),
-, Reynold, Thos.,

Bamfield, Edw., John,
-, Ric.,

Bannister, John, Wm. (1),
-, Wm. (11),

Bapton, Thos. of,

Bapton (Babigton, Babinton), in
-, Fisherton de la Mere, n
-, agric., ch., estates,
-, fields, houses, inc.,
-, man., man. ho.,
-, nonconf., pop., tithes,
-, village,

Barclays Bank,

Barford St. Martin,

Barker, Hen.,

Barkesdale, Rob., Thos.,

Barly, John, Marg.,

Barnaby, John,

Barnes, John (fl. 1797), John
-, (fl. 1830), Thos., Wm.
-, Maslem,

Baron, John, rector of Upton Scudamore,
-, Sophia Mary,

Barowe, see Bergh

Barrell, Alice, see Mohun; Rob.,
-, Wm. (1), Wm. (11),

Barret, Joan, m. Wm. Kellaway,
-, John,

Barrow, Sir Wal.,

Barry, Hen., Ric. (fl. 1691),
-, Ric. (d. 1766), Ric. (d.
-, 1779),

Barter, John (of Corsley), John
-, (of Thoulstone),

Bartlet (Bartlett), Geo., Rob.,

Bartlett (Jas.) & Co., brewers,

Barton, Dan., Eliz., see Daniell;
-, John, Louisa Marg., m.
-, Steph. Flower Knight, Nat.
-, (d. 1828), Nat. (fl. 1828),
-, Nat. Fletcher,
-, Wm. (1), Wm. (11),
-, Wm. Clerk, Wm. Kington,
-, fam.,

Basing Ho. (Hants),

Basingstoke (Hants),

Basle (Switzerland),

Bassett, Edw., Isabel,
-, Jane, see Ash; Wm.,

Bassingbourne (Bassingburn), de,
-, Christine, Eve, John,
-, Warin,

Bastard, Alice, Wm., fam.,

Batchelor, Geo.,

Bate, Wm.,

Bates, Sam.,

Bath, marquesses of,
-, and see Thynne

Bath (Bathe), John (alias Whitaker),
-, Ric. (alias Whitaker),

Bath (Som.),

Bath and Wells, bp. of, see Burnell
-, (Rob.), FitzJocelin, Willes (Edw.)

Bathe, see Bath

Bathurst, Ben. Ludlow, vct. Bledisloe
-, (cr. 1935), Hon. Chas.
-, Hiley,

Batillisfyld, see Battlesfield

Batten, Edw.,

Battlesfield (Batillisfyld), in East
-, Coulston,

Bavant, Adam, Alice, see
-, Scudamore; Hawise, Joan, m.
-, Sir John Dauntsey, John,
-, Rog. (d. by 1338), Rog.
-, (d. 1355),

Baverstock, John,


Bayly, F. W., Jas.,
-, Jas. Buckler Osborne,
-, Mary, Wm., Zachary
-, (1), Zachary (11), (d. c.
-, 1747), fam.,
-, see also Bailey

Bayly, in Westbury,

Baynton, And., n, Sir
-, Edw. (d. 1545), Edw. (fl.
-, 1561), Sir Hen. (d. 1544),
-, Hen. (fl. 1573), Isabel,
-, Wal. of, fam.,

Baynton, in Edington, adv.,
-, agric., chap.,
-, farms, highway maintenance,
-, man.,man. ho., poor
-, relief, tithes,

Beach, Grace, see Flower; Henrietta
-, Maria, m. Mic. Hicks, Mic.
-, Hicks (formerly Hicks),
-, Nic. Hicks, Rob.,
-, Thos. (d. 1729), Thos.
-, (fl. 1729), Thos. (d. 1774),
-, W. A. Hicks, Wm.
-, (d. by 1681), Wm. (fl. 1681),
-, Wm. (d. 1790), Wm. (d.
-, 1856), fam.,

Beauchamp, Alice, see Tony; Lady
-, Anne (d. 1664), Eliz., m.
-, Rob. Willoughby, Giles,
-, John, Ld. Beauchamp (d.
-, 1343), John (fl. 1361),
-, Ralph de, Ric.,
-, Ld. Beauchamp of Powick (d.
-, 1503), Ric., Ld. St. Amand
-, (d. 1508), Wal., Sir
-, Wm., fam.,

Beaumont, Hen., Dean of Salisbury,
-, n

Beaupré, Isabel, m. John Longland,
-, Sir John, Marg., see
-, Furneaux

Beauservice, Hugh,

Beaven, Dr. E. S., Worthy,

Beaven (E. S.) (Maltings) Ltd.,

Bec (Eure), abbey of,

Beckett, Anne, see Leigh; Eliz.,
-, Gilb. Trowe (later Turner),
-, Hen., Wm. (fl. 1525),
-, Wm. (fl. 1612), fam.,

Beckington (Som.),

Beconsawe, Ric.,

Bell, And.,

Bellany, de, Baldwin, n; Wm.,

Beloney, Wm. de, n


Benett (Benet), Anna Maria,
-, Cath., Etheldred,
-, Jane, John (fl. 1390),
-, John (d. 1461), John (fl.
-, 1486), John (fl. 1518),
-, John (d. c. 1543), John (d. c.
-, 1566), John (d. 1706),
-, John (d. 1852),
-, John Edw. (d. 1856),
-, Lucy Harriet, m. Arthur Fane,
-, Marg., Patience, see
-, Bishop; Thos. (of Norton Bavant,
-, fl. 1520), Thos. (vicar of Warminster,
-, fl. 1523), Thos. (d.
-, 1558), Thos. (d. 1605),
-, Thos. (d. 1653),
-, Thos. (d. 1754), Thos.
-, (d. 1797), Wm. (vicar
-, of Warminster, fl. 1554), Wm.
-, (of Norton Bavant, d. c. 1558),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1566),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1574), Wm.
-, (of Norton Bavant, fl. 1600),
-, Wm. (of London, fl. 1600),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1641), Wm.
-, (fl. 1681), Wm. (fl. 1706),
-, Wm. (d. 1781), fam.,
-, see also Bennett

Benett-Stanford, John Montagu,
-, Vere Fane, fam.,

Bennett (Bennet), Ann (w. of John,
-, d. 1734), see Temple; Anne, m.
-, Thos. Somner, Chris.,
-, Edw., Eliz., Francis,
-, John (of Bishopstrow,
-, fl. 1536), John (d. 1584),
-, John (fl. 1584), John (of
-, Steeple Ashton, fl. 1624),
-, John (of Bratton, fl. 1645),
-, John (of Smallbrook, fl. 1660),
-, John (d. 1734), John
-, (d. 1744), John (fl. 1767),
-, Mary, m. Rob. Smith, Rebecca,
-, Susan, see Halliday;
-, Thos. (of Salthrop, fl. 1715),
-, Thos. (of Steeple Ashton, d. c.
-, 1730), fam., see
-, also Benett

Berengaria, Queen of Richard I,

Bergh, Atte (Barowe), Ann(e),
-, Christine, Dorothy,
-, Drew, Eleanor,
-, Isabel, John (d. by 1369),
-, John (d. by 1396),
-, John (fl. 1412), Sir
-, Maurice, Wal. (fl. 1350),
-, Wal. (fl. 1470), fam.,

Berjew, John (I), John (II),

Berkeley, Cecily, m. Ashe,
-, John, Kath., Maurice,
-, Sir Thos. (fl. 1350),
-, Thos. (fl. 1421),

Berkeley (Som.),


Bernard, John, Wal.,

Berry, Edw., Jos.,

Berry & Co., shirt manufacturers,

Bertie, Eleanor, ctss. of Abingdon,
-, see Lee; Jas., earl of Abingdon (d.
-, 1699), Montagu, earl
-, of Abingdon (d. 1743),
-, Montagu, earl of Abingdon (d.
-, 1854), Willoughby, earl of
-, Abingdon (d. 1799),

Berwick, of, John, Pet.,

Berwick St. John,

Best, John, Sim.,

Betts, Wm.,

Beverstone Cast. (Gloucs.),

Biconill, Eliz., John,

Bilbie, Thos., Wm.,

Bilson, Leonard (fl. 1613),
-, Leonard (d. 1715), Thos., bp.
-, of Winchester, fam.,

Birch, Laur.,

Bird, Wm., vicar of Bradford (fl.
-, 1515), Wm. (of London, fl.
-, 1550), Wm. (of London, fl.
-, 1577),

Biseley, Thos. de,

Biset, John (d. 1307), John (d.
-, 1334), Kath., Marg.,
-, m. Rob. Martin, fam.,

Bishop, Christine, see Phipps; Patience
-, m. Wm. Benett, Wm.,

-, adv., agric.,
-, area, bells, boundaries,
-, The Buries, char., ch.,
-, cloth ind., Eastleigh farm,
-, estates, fields, geol.,
-, Hillwoods, Hoggetts farm,
-, Horsepool, houses,
-, inc., local govt.,
-, man., man. ho.,
-, mill, nonconf., placename,
-, poor relief, pop.,
-, rectory ho., roads, Rom.
-, remains; sch., tithes,
-, village,

Bisley (Gloucs.),

Biss, riv.,

Biss Brook,

Bisse, Thos., Wal., fam.,

Bitham Brook,

Black, Jas.,

Blackball, in Steeple Ashton,

Blackborrow, Rob., Wm.,

Blackboughton (Oxon.),

Black Dog Woods,

Blacker, Wm.,

Blagden, Agnes, m. Thos. Somner,
-, Anne, Edw. (fl. 1683),
-, Edw. (d. 1730), Edw.
-, (d. 1748), Eleanor, Rob.,
-, Rog. (d. 1603),
-, Rog. (d. 1630), Rog.
-, (fl. 1668), Wm., fam.,

Blake, Cecily, Dorothy, see
-, Mayhew; John, Thos.,

Blake-Tyler, Col. H.,

Blanchard, Agnes, see Mohun; Alex.,
-, Alice, m. Ric. Kirton,
-, John (d. 1383), John (d. c.
-, 1395), John (fl. 1395),
-, Nic., Thos. (d. 1387),
-, Thos. (fl. 1450),
-, Wm. (d. by 1241), Wm.
-, (fl. 1241), Wm. (fl. 1304),
-, Wm. (s. of Alex.), Wm.
-, (fl. 1664), fam.,

Blatch, John, Jos. Goodenough,
-, Ric., Steph.,

Bledisloe, vct., see Bathurst

Bleeck, Chas.,

Bleobury, John,

Blomfield, Sir Arthur,

Blore, Edw.,

Blount, Alice, m. Sir Ric. Stury,
-, n, Anne, see Willoughby;
-, Chas., Ld. Mountjoy (d. 1544),
-, Chas., Ld. Mountjoy (d.
-, 1606),
-, Eliz., see Furneaux; Jas.,
-, Ld. Mountjoy (d. 1581), John,
-, fam., n

Bluet, Wm.,

Blyth, John, archdeacon of Coventry,

Bocland, Joan de,

Bodenham, John,

Bohun, de, Alice, m. Rog. Tony,
-, Humph. (I), Humph.
-, (II), Humph. (III),
-, Humph. (V), earl of Hereford
-, (d. 1274), Humph. (X),
-, earl of Hereford (d. 1373),
-, Mary, Queen of Henry IV,
-, Maud, see Salisbury; fam.,

Boland, John,

Bole, Wm. le,

Bolton, dukes of,
-, and see Paulet

Bolymer, Pet.,

Bondi (fl. 11th cent.),

Bonham, Anne, see Willoughby;
-, John (fl. 1392), Sir John
-, (fl. 1550), Nic. of,
-, Thos., n

Booth, Geo., Kath., Sir
-, Wm.,

Bore, Rob. le,

Boreham, in Warminster,
-, agric.,
-, estates,
-, man., man. ho., mill,
-, sch., sewage disposal,

Bosco, Hugh de,

Boston (Mass., U.S.A.),

Boteler, le, Christine, Edw.,
-, Helen, John (fl. 1290),
-, John (fl. 1346), John (fl. 1393),
-, Maud, m. Hartshorn, Rob.,

Botreaux, Hawise, see Newmarch;
-, John, Marg., Lady Hunger ford
-, and Botreaux (d. 1477),
-, Mary, Lady Botreaux,

Bouches, de, Joan, John,
-, Sim.,

Boughton, Edw., Marg.,
-, Thos.,

Boulter, Mrs. Jane,

Boulton, Wm.,

Boulton Bros., glovers,

Bouverie, des, Sir Edw.,
-, Sir Jacob, fam.,

Bower, Wm.,

Bower Chalke, see Chalke, Bower

Bowerman, John, fam.,

Bowles, Wm., n, n; Mr. -
-, (fl. 1742), fam.,


Bradenstoke, priory of,

Bradeston, of, Eleanor, see St. Lo;
-, Thos.,

Bradford, John of., rector of Bishopstrow,

-, chant., ch.,
-, cloth ind., man.,
-, nonconf., sch.,

Bradley, of, Alice (or Joan), m. Thos.
-, Godfrey, Humph. (fl. c. 1190),
-, Humph. (d. 1283),
-, Isabel, Reynold,
-, Rob., Wm., fam.,

Bradley, Maiden, prior and priory
-, of,

Bradley, Maiden,

Bradley, North,
-, n,
-, adv., agric.,
-, area, Asylum, bells,
-, boundaries, bridge,
-, chant., chap.,
-, char., chs.,
-, ch. ho., cloth
-, ind., commons,
-, estates, fairs, farms,
-, fields,
-, inc., inns, maltings,
-, mans., man. ho.,
-, mills, nonconf.,
-, poor relief, pop.,
-, roads, Rom. remains,
-, schs., tithes,
-, vicarage ho., village,
-, woodland, and see
-, Brokerswood, Cutteridge, Hoggington,
-, Rode Hill, Yarnbrook

Brakspear, Sir Harold,

Brampton, Brian de,

Bratt (stream),

Bratton of, Geof., John,
-, Ric., Roceline,

-, adv.,
-, agric., area,
-, bells, boundaries, Bratton
-, Ho. Cast. (Iron Age
-, Camp), chap.,
-, char., ch.,
-, cloth ind.,
-, Court Ho., engineering ind.,
-, estates,
-, fair, houses,
-, inc., inn, man.,
-, 'mansion' ho., Marsh,
-, Melbourne Ho., mills,
-, nonconf.,
-, orchards, par.,
-, poor relief, pop.,
-, public services, rly.,
-, roads, schs.,
-, vicarage ho., village,
-, White Horse, woodland,
-, and see Headinghill,
-, Melbourne, Stoke, Stradbrook

Bratton Dairy Co. Ltd.,

Braunche, Joan, Wm.,

Brayfield, Ann, see Page; Eliz., m.
-, Jas. Heath, Ric.,

Bremeridge, in Dilton Marsh,
-, Bremeridge Farm, man.,

Brent, Geo., Isaac, Sam.,
-, Wm.,

Brewer, Nat.,

Brewes, Pet. de,

Brictric (fl. 1086),

Bridport, Giles of, bp. of Salisbury,

Brimpsfield (Gloucs.), barony of,
-, priory of,

Bristol, bp. of, see Bush, Paul

-, market,

British and Foreign Unitarian Association,

British Museum,

Britte (Brut), John,

Britton, John,

Brixi (fl. 11th cent.),

Brixton Deverill, see Deverill, Brixton

Brocklehurst (J. & T.) & Sons,
-, textile manufacturers,

Brocklehurst-Whiston Amalgamated,
-, textile manufacturers,

Broke, Anne, see Willoughby; Ric.,

Brokerswood, in North Bradley,

Bromfield, Anne, Sir Edw.,


Bromshull (Staffs.),

Bromwich, Arthur, Edw.,
-, Marg., Rachel, Sefton,
-, Wm.,

Bronker, see Brouncker

Brook, chaplain of,

Brook, in Heywood,
-, agric., Brook Ho.,
-, inc., man.,
-, mills, poor
-, relief,

Brookes, Dr. C. H.,

Brookway, John, Wal. of,

Brother, Joan, m. Wm. Fletcher,
-, John,

Broughton, Hugh,

Broughton (Northants.),

Broughton Gifford, n,

Brouncker (Bronker), Hen. (fl. 1545),
-, Hen. (fl. 1598),
-, John, Marg. m.
-, John Barly, Martha, Wm.
-, (fl. 1579), Wm. (fl. 1626),
-, fam.,

Brown (Browne), Anne, see Vere;
-, Audrey, see Vere; Caroline,
-, Geo. (d. c. 1562), Geo. (fl.
-, 1570), Sir Humph., John
-, (fl. 1560), John (d. c. 1720),
-, Mary, Ric., Sir
-, Rog., Stafford, vicar of Westbury,Theophilus,
-, Thos., n; Wistan,

Brown & May, engineers,

Bruges, Wm., fam.,

Brut, see Britte

Bruton (Som.), sch.,

Bryceson Bros. and Ellis, organ
-, builders,

Buckett, Mat., vicar of Bradley,

Buckingham, dukes of, see Stafford


Buckler, Edw., John,
-, Mary, m. Francis Dugdale Astley,
-, Thos. (fl. 1689), Thos.
-, (fl. 1741), Wm. (fl. 1669),
-, Wm. (d. 1790),
-, fam.,

Buckley, C. W.,

Bugley, Rog. of,

Bugley, in Warminster,
-, agric., fields,
-, inc., tithes,

Bulkington, of, John, Pet.,
-, Rog., Thos., n, Wm.,

Bulkington, in Keevil,
-, agric., area, boundaries,
-, chant.,
-, chaps., char.,
-, ch., cloth ind., cross,
-, fields, houses,
-, inc., mans.,
-, mills, nonconf.,
-, roads, schs., tithes,
-, Turpin's Stone, village,

Bullen, Hugh, n

Bullour, Wal.,

Bunyan, Edw.,

Burgess, Dan.,

Burgh, de, Hawise, see Lanvaley;
-, John,

Burgoyne, Wm., n

Burleigh, baron, see Cecil

Burley, Agnes, see Lambe; Ric.,

Burnell (Burnel), Alice, Edw.,
-, Eudo, Geof.,
-, Hugh, Joan, Margery, m.
-, Edm. Hungerford, Mary,
-, Maud, m. Sir John Haudlo,
-, Nic. (formerly Haudlo),
-, Phil., Ric., Rob., bp. of
-, Bath and Wells, Thos.
-, (formerly Haudlo), Wm. (fl.
-, 1168), Wm. (fl. 1214),
-, Wm. (fl. 1243), Wm. the
-, chaplain,

Burney, Fanny,

Burrough, Jas.,

Burt, G. A.,

Burton, Agnes, see Chamberlain;
-, Thos. (fl. 1428), Thos. (fl.
-, 1442), fam.,

Bush, Frank Whitaker, John
-, (fl. 1540), John
-, (fl. 1566), Maud, Paul,
-, bp. of Bristol, Wal.,

Butcher, Rob., fam.,

Butler, Edw., John, Nat.,
-, fam.,

Butt, Anne,

Butterfield, Wm.,

Button, Ambrose, Sir John,
-, Mary, Sir Rob., Ruth, m.
-, Aldhelm Lambe, Wm. (d.
-, 1547), Wm. (d.
-, 1591),
-, Wm. (fl. 1591), Sir Wm.
-, (d. 1654), Sir Wm. (fl.
-, 1654), fam.,

Bydik, Ant., Christine, see
-, Stane; Godfrey, John,

Bythesea, Geo., John (d. 1747),
-, John (d. 1782), Mary,
-, see Chivers; Thos., Wm.,

Bythewood fam.,

Cabell (Cable), Chris., John,
-, Wm.,

Cade, John,

Calmady, Shilston,


Calvyley, de, David, Hugh,
-, John,

Cambridge, Magdalene Coll.,

Camden, Wm.,


Canford (Dors.), sch.,

Canterbury, abp. of, see Laud,
-, Morton, Stafford (John), Walden

Cantesangre, de, Maud, Thos.,

Capel, Dan., Wm., fam.,

Carey, Geo. (fl. 1666), Geo. (fl.
-, 1734), Thos.,

Carpenter, Caroline, Chas.,
-, Chris., Edw., Hen.,
-, John, bp. of Worcester,
-, John (d. 1812), Marg., see
-, Down; Ric., fam.,

Carpenter (Charles) and Sons,
-, millers

Carr, Thos., fam.,

Carrier, Wm.,

Carson, Hugh, W. H.,

Carson & Miller, engineers,

Case (Chas.) & Sons, leather workers,

Castlehaven, earls of, see Tuchet

Catcott, John,

Cater, Cator, see Cutter

Catherine Parr, Queen of Henry
-, VIII,

Cato's Letters ,

Cave & Price, millers,

Caveresworth, Thos. de,

Cawston (Warws.),

Cecil, Wm., baron Burleigh (d.
-, 1598),

Chaffin (Chaffyn), John, Thos.,

Chalcot, in Dilton Marsh, Chalcot
-, Ho., Chalcot Park,

Chalfield, Great,

Chalford, in Westbury,
-, Chartism, courts,
-, mills,

Chalke, Bower,

Chalumley, Thos.,

Chamberlain (Chamberlaine, Chamberlayne),
-, Agnes, m. (1) Thos.
-, Burton (2) Thos. Tropenell,
-, Eliz., G. T., John,
-, Nic., Rob.,
-, Sim., W. H. (formerly
-, Pooke), Mrs. - (fl.
-, 1868), fam., n

Chambers, Wal., n fam., n

Champion, W. S., Wm.,

Champneys, Thos., fam.,

Chancellor, the Lord,

Chandler, Wm.,

Channel Islands,

Chantrey, Sir Francis,

'Chantry', in Westbury,

Chapman, Jas., Wm.,

-, area, boundaries,
-, ch., cloth
-, ind., geol., houses,
-, Huntley Ho., nonconf.,
-, par.,
-, poor relief,
-, pop., roads, sch.,
-, village, 'Wheel
-, rights' Arms',

Chard (Som.),

Charde, Thos.,

Charford, North (Hants),

Charing (Kent),

Charles I, King,

Charles II, King,

Charlton, nr. Upavon,

Charlton (Northants.),

Chaworth, Patrick de,

Cheddar (Som.),

Chedworth, baron, see Howe

Cheney, see Cheyney

Ches, Alfric,

Cheverell, Great,

Cheverell, Little,

Chewstoke, (Som.),

Cheyney (Cheney, de Quercu), Alice,
-, see Stafford; Anne, m. Sir John
-, Willoughby, Cecily (w. of
-, Sir Wm.), Cecily (dau. of
-, Sir Edm.), Sir Edm.,
-, Eliz. (w. of Sir Thos.), see
-, Huddleston; Eliz. (dau. of Sir
-, Edm.), Joan, see Pavely;
-, John (d. by 1363), John
-, (fl. 1420), Marg., see Erlegh;
-, Sir Ralph,
-, Sir Thos., Wal. de (fl.
-, 1300), Wal. (fl. 1340),
-, Sir Wm., fam.,


Chidiock, Joan, see St. Lo; Sir John
-, (d. 1390), John (d.
-, 1415), Sir John (d. 1450),
-, Kath., m. (1)
-, Wm. Stafford (2) Sir John Arundell
-, (3) Rog. Lewkenore,
-, Marg., m. Wm. Stourton,
-, fam.,


Chilton Foliat,


Chivers, Anne, see Viner; Mary,
-, m. Thos. Bythesea, Oliver,
-, Susan, m. (1) John Lewis (2)
-, Geo. Morgan,

Chocke, Alex. (d. 1607), Alex.
-, (fl. 1621), Francis, Joan,
-, see Webbe

Choulston, in Figheldean, n

Christie's, auctioneers,

Chubb, Sir Cecil Bt.,
-, Edw., vicar of Warminster,
-, fam.,

Church Building Commissioners,

Church Building Society,

Church Pastoral Aid Society,

Clare, Eleanor, m. Hugh de Audley,
-, Ric. de, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Clark, John Norris, Wal.,

Clase, Ric.,

Claydon, John,

Cleveland, duke of, see Vane

Clevelode, Thos., Wm.,

Cley Hill, in Corsley,

Clif, Hen. de, Canon of Salisbury,

Clopton, Thos. of,

Clough, Percival,

Clutterbuck, Dan. (d. 1769),
-, Dan. (d. 1781), Giles,
-, Lewis, Penelope, m. Thos.
-, Hele Phipps, fam.,

Clutton, Hen.,

Coates, B. W.,

Coates & Parker, printers,

Cobbett, Wm.,

Cockell (Cockel), Jas. (fl. 1746),
-, Jas. (fl. 1830), John, Nic.,
-, Sarah, Thos.,

Cockey, Edw., Wm.,

Codford St. Mary,

Cogswell, Alice, see Adlam; Rob.,
-, Rog.,

Coker, Hen., Rob.,

Cole, Jas., Rob., Thos.,
-, fam.,

Coles, Rob.,

Collier, S. P., Thos.,

Collins, Agnes, see Stalbridge; Ant.,
-, E., Geo., John,

Collymore, Jas.,

Colo (fl. 11th cent.),

Colston, John,

Colthurst, see Coulthurst

Combe, Ric. de, n

Combe, Castle, barony of,

Combe Hay (Som.),

Combe St. Nicholas (Som.),

Compton, Hen. (d. 1589), Hen.,
-, bp. of London, Pet.,
-, Thos., Sir Wm.,

Compton Chamberlayne,

Compton Wyngates (Warws.),

Concrete Products Manufacturing
-, Co.,

Connecticut (U.S.A.),

Conock, in Chirton,

Constance, abbess of Romsey, n

Cook, Rog.,

Cooksey, - (clockmaker, of Warminster),

Coombs (Coombes), D., Ebenezer,
-, Jas., fam.,

Coope, John, Wm. Jesser,
-, fam.,

Cope, John, Margery,

Corberly, Wm.,

Corbet, Joan, Sir Rob.,

Cormeilles, de, Alice, John,
-, Thos., fam.,

Corp, Juliane,

Corsham, n, n,

Corsley, of, Hen., see Dodeman;
-, Wm.,

-, adv.,
-, agric., area, bells
-, boundaries, char., chs.,
-, cloth ind.,
-, Corsley Ho., dyeing ind.,
-, emigration, estates,
-, fairs, fields, geol.,
-, houses, inc.,
-, local govt., mans.,
-, Manor Farm, market,
-, mills, nonconf., poor
-, relief, pop., prehistoric
-, remains, rectory ho., roads,
-, schs., tithes,
-, woodland, work
-, ho., and see Corsley (Little),
-, Huntenhull, Stalls Brickyard,
-, Sturford, Whitbourne

Corsley, Little, in Corsley,
-, chaps., inc., man.,
-, mill,

Corton, in Boyton,

Cosyn, John,

Coterell, Wm.,

Cottery Hill,

Cotton, Geo., Rowland,

Coufold, Joan, Rob., Rog.,

Coulston, East,
-, adv., agric., area,
-, Baynton Ho.,
-, boundaries, brickfield,
-, char., ch., estates,
-, fields, geol., houses,
-, inc., mans.,
-, man. ho., mills,
-, nonconf., pop., rly.,
-, roads, schs., tithes,
-, village, and see
-, Battlesfield

Coulston, West, in Edington,
-, agric., estate,
-, nonconf., sch., n,

Coulston Hill,

Coulthurst (Colthurst), Hen.,
-, Mat.,

Coutances, bp. of, see Mowbray

Courcelles, de, Rog., Wandrille,

Cowie, D. E. W.,

Cowley, earl, see Wellesley

Crabb, Wm.,

Craucumbe, Godfrey de,

Crawley, Ric.,

Cressett, Christine, Marg., see
-, Stapleton; Rob., Thos.,

Crew, John,

Cripps, Eliz.,

Crispin cocus (fl. late 12th cent.),

Crockerton, in Longbridge Deverill,
-, mill, nonconf.,
-, sch.,

Crockford, Thos.,

Cromhale, of, John, Ric.,
-, Rog.,

Cromhale (Gloucs.), man. of,

Cromwell, Oliver,

Crook, John, Pet.,

Crosby, John, Thos.,

Crosby and White, millers,

Croscombe (Som.),

Croucheston, de, Edm., Eleanor,
-, Joan, m. (1) Nic. Temmes
-, (2) Rob. Salmon, John (d. c.
-, 1374), John (d. c. 1390),
-, Ric.,

Croume, Thos. de,

Cruse, Miss - (19th-cent. school
-, mistress),

Cucklington (Som.),

Cudeworth, Wm. de,

Cuff, Jas. Dodsley,

Cundy, T.,

Curry Mallet (Som.), barony of,

Curteys, Agnes, John (1),
-, John (11),

Cutler, John,

Cutter (Cater, Cator), Rog.,

Cutteridge, of, Nic., Thos.,
-, fam.,

Cutteridge, in North Bradley,
-, agric., chap.,
-, Farm, inc.,
-, man., man. ho.,

Cutting, John, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Daccombe, Christian, Hen.,

Dalby, Wm.,

Damerham, South (Hants),

Danby, earl of, see Danvers, Hen.

Dangerfield, Wm.,

Daniell, Chris., Eliz., m. Wm.
-, Barton, Giles, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Daniels, Nic., fam.,

Danvers, Anne, m. Sir Hen. Lee,
-, Chas., Eliz., m. (1) Rob.
-, Villiers (2) John Duvale,
-, Hen. (d. 1580), Hen., earl
-, of Danby (d. 1644),
-, Joan, see Lambe; John (d. 1626),
-, Sir John (d. 1655),
-, John (fl. 1673), Mary,
-, Rob. (formerly Villiers),

Dare, Ann,

Dartford (Kent), priory of,

Daubeny, Agnes, Chas., archd.
-, of Sarum,
-, Elias, G. W.,
-, fam.,

Dauntsey, Ambrose, Giles,
-, Joan, see Bavant; John (d.
-, 1355), Sir John (fl. 1373),
-, Marg., m. Sir Ralph Norton,
-, Ric. (d. 1250), Ric.
-, (d. c. 1266), Ric. (d. 1315),
-, Ric. (d. 1348),
-, Wal. (d. 1369), Wal. (fl.
-, 1400), Wm. (d. c. 1221),
-, Wm. (d. by 1362), Wm. (fl.
-, 1538), fam.,


Davies, John, n; Mary, Mat.
-, (fl. 1705), Mat. (fl. 1870),
-, Maud,

Davis, Joan, John (fl. 1627),
-, John (d. 1743), John
-, (d. 1791), n John (d.
-, 1840), John
-, (d. 1860), John (d.
-, 1878), Rob., Thos.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1740), Wm.
-, (fl. 1870), fam.,

Davisson, John,

Dawtrey, Blanche, see Willoughby;
-, Francis,

Day, Sam.,

Deacon, Anna, Eliza,
-, Wm.,

Deane, John,

Debenham, Sir Gilb.,

Defuble, Wm.,

Dekyn, Ric.,

Delany, Mary,

Delmé, Pet.,

Dene, Ric. of,

Denise, sister of Margery de Limesy,

Dent Allcroft and Co., glovers,


Despenser, Hugh le,

Devereux, Eliz., vctss. Hereford (d.
-, 1742),

Deverill, Brixton,

Deverill, Hill,

Deverill, Kingston,

Deverill, Longbridge,
-, and see
-, Aucombe, Crockerton

Deverill, Monkton,

-, Cast., market,

Devon, earl of, see Stafford


Dew, John, Jos.,
-, Ric., Thos., Wm.,

Dickson, Maj.Gen. J. B. B.,

Dieulouard (Lorraine), monastery of,

Diggle fam.,

Dilton, chaplain of,

Dilton (Old), in Westbury,
-, adv., agric.,
-, bells, chap.,
-, char., ch., n,
-, cloth ind., estates,
-, man.,
-, mills, poor relief, pop.,

Dilton Marsh, adv.,
-, area, boundaries,
-, brickworks, Bridge
-, Farm, Brookway Farm,
-, char., ch.,
-, fair, geol.,
-, houses, inc., nonconf.,par.,
-, poor relief, pop.,
-, rly., roads, schs.,
-, village, water
-, supply, weavers' cottages,
-, woodland, and see
-, Chalcot, Bremeridge, Penknap,
-, Penleigh, Short Street, Stormore,
-, Stourton Bushes

Dinan, de, Hawise, m. Fulk Fitz
-, Warin, Joce,
-, Sybil, m. Hugh Plucknet,

Dinder (Som.),

Dinton, rectors of,

Dinton, adv.,
-, agric., area,
-, bells, boundaries, bridge,
-, char., ch.,
-, Dinton Ho., estates,
-, fields, fox-hunting,
-, geol., houses,
-, inc., ind., Lawes Cottage,
-, Little Clarendon, local
-, govt., man., Manor
-, Farm, mills, New Inn,
-, nonconf., orchards, pop.,
-, prehistoric remains, rly.,
-, Rectory Ho., roads,
-, Rom. Cath., schs.,
-, tithes, village, water
-, supply, woodland, worthies,

Diocesan Board of Finance,

Diocesan Board of Patronage,

Ditchfield, Edw.,

Ditteridge, in Box,

Dixie, Sir Wolstan,

Dobbs, Thos.,

Docker, Lancelot,

Dodeman, Hen. (of Corsley),

Dodington, Wm.,

Doel, Jas., John, Wm.,

Domesday Book,

Domesday, Exon., n

Domno (fl. 11th cent.),

Don, John, Kath., Wm.,

Donhead St. Andrew,

Donhead St. Mary,

Dorset, n,

Douai, English Coll. of,

Doughty, Harriet, Joel, n;
-, fam.,

Dowding, Sam., Wm.,

Down, Ann, John, Marg.,
-, m. John Carpenter, Wm.,

Down Ampney (Gloucs.),

Dowse, Edm.,

Drax, Edw., Eliz., see Ernley;
-, Hen., Sarah Frances, m. Ric.
-, Erle Drax Grosvenor, Thos.
-, Erle,

Draycot Cerne,

Drayton (Northants.),

Drewry, see Drury

Drinkwater, Edith, Geo.,

Druce, Wm., fam.,

Drury (Drewry), Drue,
-, Joan, see Seymour; Wm.,

Ducey, John,

Duckett, Lionel, Steph.,

Duke, W. H.,

Dunham Massey (Ches.),

Dunne, Wm.,

Dunning, Chas.,

Dunstanville, de, Wal. (1),
-, Wal. (II),

Dunster, honor of,

Durham, bp. of, see Poore

Durnell, Alice, John,

Durnford, Little,

Dutch, Ben., Mary,

Duvale, Eliz., see Danvers; John,

Dyer, Edw., Geo., Joan,
-, John,

Ealhswith, Queen of Alfred,

Earle, Thos.,

Earth, Jos., Prudence,
-, Rog., Wm.,

Eastbourne (Suss.), ch.,

East Town (Gulde, Gulden, Gyldene
-, Ashton), in Steeple Ashton,
-, char., estate,
-, nonconf., tithes,


Eastleigh Wood (Elywood),

Eastwell (Kent),

Ecclesiastical Commissioners,

Edgar, King,

Edington, of, John,
-, Wm., bp. of Winchester,
-, n;
-, fam.,

Edington, Ho. of Bonhommes,

-, adv.,
-, agric., bells, boundaries,
-, chant., chap.,
-, char., chartism,
-, ch.,
-, ch. ho., the City,
-, cloth ind., fair, fields,
-, geol., highway maintenance,
-, houses, inc.,
-, local govt., mans.,
-, market, mills,
-, monastery, nonconf.,
-, poor relief, pop.,
-, the Priory, rly.,
-, roads, schs.,
-, tithes, village, worthies,
-, and see Baynton, Coulston
-, (West), Tinhead

Edington cartulary,

Edith, Queen of Edward the Confessor,

Edmund (of Woodstock), earl of
-, Kent (d. 1330),

Edred (fl. 11th cent.),


Edward I, King,

Edward II, King,

Edward III, King,

Edward IV, King,

Edward VI, King,

Edward (fl. 1086),

Edward the priest (of Norton),

Edwards, Bryan (d. 1800),
-, Bryan (fl. 1842), John (alias
-, George), Maria, see Phipps;
-, Thos., Zachary Bayly,
-, fam., n

Edwin cocus (fl. 1130),

Egerton, Col. Scrope,

Ela, ctss. of Salisbury (d. 1261),

Elderton, Jane, John,

Eldred, John,

Eleanor, Queen of Henry II,

Eliot (Elliott, Elyot), Edw., Ric.,
-, Wm.,

Elizabeth I, Queen,

Elkins, Cuthbert,

Elling, Marg.,

Elliott, see Eliot

Ellis (Elys), John (fl. 1400),
-, John (fl. 1450), Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Elm (Som.),

Elme, Thos.,

Elton, Isaac, Mary, see Mor timer;
-, fam.,

Elyot, see Eliot

Elys, see Ellis

Elywood, see Eastleigh Wood

Ember, John,

Emerson, Thos.,

England, G. P., Wm.,

England & Son, cassimere manufacturers,

Engleheart, Geo. Herbert,
-, Maude Isabel,

Erasmus, Desiderius,

Erdington, John de,
-, 'Ereberd', see Gerebird

Erlegh, John, Marg, m. (1)
-, John Seymour (2) Sir Wal. Sondes
-, (3) Sir Wm. Cheyney,

Erlestoke, ch.,
-, man., nonconf.,
-, Pk., sch.,

Erley, John,

Ernley (Erneley), Anne, Sir
-, Edw. (I), Sir Edw. (II),
-, Eliz., m. Hen. Drax, Thos.,
-, Sir Wal. (fl. 1629), Sir
-, Wal. (d. 1690), n

Escott, Alice, m. Rob. Green,
-, Ric., Wm.,

Essex, earl of, see Mandeville

Estcourt (Estcott), Edm.,
-, Giles, Thos., Wal.,

Estridge, John Julius,


Ethandun, battle of,

Eton (Berks.), Coll.,

Evans, Lewis, Thos. Finne
-, more,

Evelyn, Wm.,

Everett (Everitt), Frances Alice,
-, J. E., John, John
-, Gale, Jos. (fl. 1788),
-, Jos. (d. 1865), fam.,

Everett, Ravenhill and Co., bankers,


Ewyas, de, Rob. (II), Sibyl, m.
-, Rob. de Tregoze,

Ewyas, honor of,

Ewyas, Harold (Herefs.), cast. of,

Ewyn, John, Ric., Wm.,

Exeter, bp. of, see Grandison

Exhibition of 1862,

Eyles fam.,

Eyre, Chris., John,

Eyres, Rob.,

Fairfax, Sir Thos.,

Fane, Arthur,
-, Sir Francis, Lucy Harriet,
-, see Benett; Mary, Vere
-, (later Benett-Stanford),

Farleigh, Monkton, prior and priory
-, of,

Farleigh Hungerford (Som.), cast
-, of,

Farmer, S. W.,

Farr (A. E.) Ltd., engineers,

Farwaye, Anne, see Longland; John,

Fatt, Jane,

Felawe, Agnes, Thos.,

Ferrers, Edw., Wm., earl
-, Ferrers (d. 1190),

Fevere, Wm. le,

Fiennes, Celia,

Fifield Bavant, rectory of,

Fish, Jane,

Fisher, Dan., Thos.,

Fisherton de la Mere,
-, adv., agric., area,
-, bells, boundaries, chant.
-, char. ch.,
-, estates, fields, Fisherton
-, Ho., geol., houses,
-, inc., malthouses,
-, mans., the Manor,
-, mill, nonconf., pop.,
-, roads, schs., tithes,
-, vicarage ho., village,
-, woodland, and see
-, Bapton


Fitz, Wal. (fl. 1656), Wal. (fl.
-, 1736), Wal. (fl. 1801),
-, fam.,

FitzAce, Agnes, Geof.,

FitzAlan, Beatrice, ctss. of Arundel
-, (d. 1439), Edm., earl of
-, Arundel (d. 1326), Eudo,
-, Hen., earl of Arundel (d. 1580),
-, Isabel, John,
-, Ric., earl of Arundel
-, (d. 1376), Ric., earl
-, of Arundel (d. 1397),
-, Thos., Wm. (fl. 1160),
-, Wm. (d. 1215), fam.,

FitzBernard, Eleanor, Ralph,

FitzFlaald, Alan, Aveline, see
-, Hesdin

FitzHamon, Wm.,

FitzHenry, Thos., Wm.,

FitzJames, John,

FitzJocelin, Reynold, bp. of Bath and
-, Wells,

FitzMichael, Alice, Pet.,

FitzOdo, Humph.,

FitzReynold, Wm., n

FitzRichard, Wm.,

FitzWarin, Alan, Constance,
-, Eudo, Eugenia,
-, m. Wm. Mauduit, Fulk (d. c.
-, 1198), Fulk (fl. 1242),
-, Hawise, see Dinan;
-, Hugh, Joan (w. of Wm. d.
-, 1322), Joan (w. of Hugh),
-, Kath., m. Wm. of Westbury,
-, Margery, Maud,
-, Nic., Pet., Sir
-, Phil., Reynold,
-, Rob., Wm. (d. 1322),
-, Sir Wm. (fl. 1350),
-, Wm. (s. of Nic.),

FitzWilliam, Ralph,
-, Rob., Rog., Sir
-, Wm.,

Fleetwood, Lt.Gen. Chas.,
-, Geo., Gerard, Jane,

Fletcher, Agnes, m. John Maton,
-, Joan, see Brother; Marg., m. (1)
-, John Ingram (2) Wm. Mervyn,
-, Wm.,

Flight and Robson, organ builders,

Florence, sister of Margery de
-, Limesy,

Flower, Gawen, Grace, m. Rob.
-, Beach, Nic., Ric.,
-, Rob., Steph., Thos.,
-, Tristram,

Fontenay (Calvados), priory of,

Fonthill Gifford, n

Ford (Forde), John, Wm.
-, de la,

Forman (Foreman), Sim., Thos.,

Forrest, Edw. (alias Philpott),
-, Ellen,

Forstal, John, Rob.,

Forz, Wm.,

Foster, Rob., fam.,


Fowels, Wm.,

Fox, Chas., Ric., bp. of Winchester,
-, Sir Steph.,

Foyle, John,

Francis, Clara, Gilb., Wm.,

Franco, Ralph (later Lopes),
-, Susan, see Ludlow

Frank, John,

Franklin (Frankeleyn), Dan.,
-, Eliz., Jenkin, Nic.,
-, Pet., fam.,

Frederick Augustus, duke of York
-, (d. 1827),

Freke, Eliz., Thos. (d. 1698),
-, Thos. (of Hannington),

Frend, Wm. le,

Freynes, Wal. de,

Frogg, Nic.,

Frome, Thos., rector of Bishopstrow,

Frome (Som.),
-, fair, ind.,
-, sch.,

Frome, riv.,

Froude, Edw.,

Fry, Thos., Wm. (alias Gysse),

Fugglestone, rector of,

Fulmerston, Ric.,

Furneaux, de, Eliz., m. John Blount,
-, Hen., Marg., m.
-, Sir John Beaupre, Mat. (d. by
-, 1284), Mat. (fl. 1284),
-, Sim.,

Fussell, H. A.,

Fyndern (Fynderne), Wm.,

Fytor, Ric.,

Gaisford (Gayford, Gaysford), Chas.,
-, J. C. (later St. Lawrence),
-, Jane, m. Ric. Gibbs,
-, John, Ric., Thos.
-, (d. 1774), Thos. (fl.
-, 1839), Thos., Dean of
-, Christ Church, Oxford, Thos.
-, (of Offington), Wm.,
-, fam., n

Gale, John,

Garland, Ant.,

Garnons, Ant., Christian,

Garratt, Hen.,

Garth, Jas.,

Gascelyn (Goscelyn), Annice,
-, John, Julia, m. Geof. de
-, Stawell, Osbert, Rob.,
-, Wal., Wm., and see
-, Jocelin

Gaunt, John of,

Gawen, Abel (fl. 1630), Abel
-, (fl. 1664), John,
-, Rachel, Steph., Wm.,

Gayford, see Gaisford

Gayner, Jas.,

Gaysford, see Gaisford

Gee, - (steward, fl. 1778),

Gentil, Rob.,

Geoffrey le 'Chamberlain' (fl. 1267),

George II, King,

George III, King,

George, Eliz., John (alias
-, Edwards), John (fl. 1713),

Gereberd ('Ereberd'), Agnes,
-, Thos.,

Gervase, Nic., n

Gibbons, Thos.,

Gibbs, Bart., Eliz., see Mat-
-, ravers; Gaisford,
-, Jane, see Gaisford; John (fl.
-, 1733), John (fl. 1760),
-, Ric., Susan, m. Abraham
-, Ludlow, Dr. - (fl. 1855),
-, fam.,

Gifford (Giffard), And., Ben.,
-, Edw., Elias,
-, Eliz., see Osborne; John (fl. 1274),
-, John (d. 1601), John
-, Hoskins, Maurice, Osborn,
-, Thos., Wal (fl. 1205),
-, Wal. (fl. 1500), Wm. (fl.
-, 1626), Wm. (fl. 1647),
-, fam.,

Gigull, John,

Gilbert the knight (of Warminster),

Gilbert, John, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Giles & Gane, builders, n

Gille, John,

Girdler, Joel,

Glascodine, Jos.,

Glastonbury (Som.), abbot of,

Gloucester, earls of,


Gloucester, honor of,


Goddard, Edith, m. Wm. Bailey,
-, Pleydell, Ric.,
-, Wm., fam.,

Godfrey, Alice (or Joan), see Bradley;
-, Geof., Marg., m. Rob.
-, Long, Marg. (fl. 1426),
-, Thos., fam.,

Godolphin, Chas., Eliz.,
-, Francis (d. 1670),
-, Francis (fl. 1678), Ruth,
-, Wm., fam.,

Godwin, Mic.,

Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Company (of London),

Goldston, Martha, m. Thos. South,

Goldwell, John,

Good Hope, Cape of,

Goodridge (Goodrose), H. E.,
-, fam.,

Gordon, Thos.,

Gore, Emma, John,
-, Thos.,

Goreley (Hants),

Gorffyn, Alice, Marg., n;
-, Wm.,

Goscelyn, see Gascelyn

Gouder, John,

Gough, R., Wm.,

Gowen, John,

Goyon (Guiun), Rob.,

Graham, Jas.,

Grandison, de, John, bp. of Exeter,
-, Sir Pet., Sibyl, see Tregoze;
-, Wm.,

Grant, Edw., n; Jonathan,

Granville, Bernard, Geo., Baron
-, Lansdown (d. 1735),

Gratwicke, Thos.,

Gray and Turner, engineers,

Great Western Railway,

Green (Greene), Alice, see Escott;
-, Constance, m. John Stafford
-, Edw., Sir Hen. (d. 1399),
-, Hen. (d. 1467),
-, Isabel, m. Sir Ric. Vere,
-, John, Marg., m. Sir Wm.
-, Huddleston, Maud, see Mauduit;
-, Nic. (fl. 1651), Nic. (d.
-, 1688), Ralph, Ric.,
-, Rob., Wm. (fl. 1540),
-, Wm. (fl. 1702),

Greenhill, Ann, Eliz.,
-, Grace, Hen., John (d.
-, 1618), John (fl. 1689),
-, John (fl. 1724), Nic.
-, n; Wal., Wm., fam.,

Greenland fam.,

Grenville, de, Adam (fl. 1242),
-, Adam (fl. 1274),
-, Alice, m. Humph. Stafford,
-, John, Lucy, Marg.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1274), n; Wm.
-, (fl. 1322), fam.,

Greville, Eliz., see Willoughby; Sir
-, Fulk,

Grey, Dan., Dorothy, m. Rob.
-, Willoughby, Wm., Baron
-, Grey of Wilton (d. 1562),

Griffin, John,

Griffith, J. W., rector of Bishopstrow,
-, R. C., rector of Corsley,

Grimstead, of, Alice, Wm.,

Grosvenor, Ric. Erle Drax,
-, Sarah Frances, see Drax

Grove, Rob.,

Grovely Grim's Ditch,

Grovely Wood,

Guineville, Wm. de, prior of Ogbourne,

Guinness, Messrs., brewers,

Guise, Eliz., see Moore; John (1),
-, John (11), Sir Wm.,

Guiun, see Goyon

Gundevyne, Rob.,

Gundreda, n

Gunfrid (fl. 1086),

Gunter, Edm., Eliz., see Middleney;
-, Giles, John (fl. 1390),
-, John (d. 1473), Rog.,
-, Thos., Wm.,

Gurney, Sir Mat. de, fam.,

Guthram (fl. 878),

Gwynne, - (early 18th-cent. landowner),

Gysse, Wm. (alias Fry),

Hackluyt, Sir Leonard, Marg.,
-, see Longland

Hag Hill,

Haket, Wm.,

Hall, John, Nelson,
-, Thos.,

Hall (John) and Co., paint manufacturers,

Hall & Churchill, ironmongers,

Halliday, Edw., J. S.,
-, John Edm., Mary,
-, Susan, m. John Bennett,
-, Mrs. - (fl. 1773), fam.,

Hame, Nic.,

Hamilton, Alfred Douglas, duke of
-, Hamilton and Brandon (d. 1940),

Hancock, Mat., Rob., Wal.,
-, Wm.,



Hardick, Mrs. - (19th-cent. school
-, mistress),

Hardkyn, John, Mary,

Hardwick, W.,

Hare, Sir Ralph, Susan, see
-, Norborne

Harlot, Edith,

Harold, son of Ralph, earl of Hereford
-, (d. 1057),

Harraway (T.H.) and Son, nursery men,

Harrington, baron, see Stanhope

Harris, Edw., John, Wm.
-, (fl. 1631), n; Wm. (fl. 1663),

Harrison, W. D.,

Harrop, Jos.,

Hart., Ric.,

Hartgill, John, Thos.,

Hartley, A. O.,

Hartley Wespall (Hants),

Hartshorn, Maud, see Boteler

Harvey, Marg., Nic.,

Haskew, Miss - (19th-cent. school
-, mistress),

Hastings, Edw., Ld. Hungerford (d.
-, 1506), Geo., earl of
-, Huntingdon (d. 1545),
-, Joan, see Scutt; Mary, see Hungerford;
-, Ralph,

Hatch, West,

Hatch Beauchamp (Som.),

Hatton, Sir Chris., Ld. Chancellor
-, (d. 1591), Dorothy, m. Sir
-, John Newport, Eliz.,
-, Sir Wm. (formerly Newport),

Haudlo, Sir John, Maud, see
-, Burnell; Nic. (later Burnell),
-, Thos. (later Burnell),

Hawise, abbess of Romsey,

Hawkeridge, in Heywood,
-, cloth ind., estates,
-, gloving ind., mill, nonconf.,
-, poor relief,
-, pop.,

Hawkins, Geof.,

Hawley, Jerome,

Haynes, Hopton, Ric.,
-, Rob., Sam.,

Hayter, Hen., - (19th-cent.
-, clergyman), fam.,

Hayward, John, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Headinghill, in Bratton,
-, agric., estates,

Heale, in Woodford,

Heath, Eliz., see Brayfield; Jas.,

Heathcote, Geo., Sir Wm.,

Hedges, Jas.,

Hele, Hen., Jane, m. Thos.
-, Phipps,

Helmesford, of, Joan, Thos.,

Heneage, John Walker,

Henry I, King,

Henry II, King,
-, n,

Henry III, King,

Henry IV, King,

Henry VI, King,

Henry VII, King,

Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales
-, (d. 1612),

Herbert, Geo. Augustus, earl of
-, Pembroke and Montgomery (d.
-, 1827), Hen., earl of Pem-
-, broke (d. 1601), Hen., earl of
-, Pembroke and Montgomery (d.
-, 1794), Phil., earl of Montgomery
-, and earl of Pembroke (d.
-, 1650), Reginald, earl of Pembroke
-, and Montgomery (d. 1960),
-, Rob., Rob. Hen., earl
-, of Pembroke and Montgomery
-, (d. 1862), Sidney, earl of
-, Pembroke and Montgomery (d.
-, 1913), Wm., earl of Pembroke
-, (d. 1570),
-, fam.,

Hereford, bp. of, see Huntingford

Hereford, earls of, see Bohun

Hereford, vctss., see Devereux


Herlewin (fl. c. 1100),

Hertford, earl of, see Seymour

Hervey (fl. 1086),

Hesdin, of, Aveline, m. Alan Fitz
-, Flaald, Ernulf (1),
-, Ernulf (11),
-, Ernulf (111),

Hewett, John, Thos., fam.,

Hey, Sam.,

-, agric., chant. (Hungerford),
-, hosp.,
-, nonconf., and see
-, Tytherington

Heytesbury, hund. of,

Heywood, adv.,
-, area, boundaries,
-, bridge, chap., ch.,
-, estate, Grange,
-, Heywood Ho., man.,
-, mill, par.,
-, poor relief, pop.,
-, rly., roads, sch.,
-, village, and see
-, Brook, Hawkeridge, Yoad

Heywood-Lonsdale, Major R.H.,

Hibberd, Joan,

Hickman, Thos., Wm.,

Hicks, Henrietta Maria, see Beach;
-, John, Mic. (later Beach),
-, fam.,

Hicks Beach, see Beach

Highway, in Hilmarton,


Hildewe, Ellen,

Hill, Chris., Edw., John,
-, Ric., Steph., Wm.,
-, fam.,

Hill Deverill, see Deverill, Hill


Hilperton Marsh,


Hinton, John, John Whitaker,
-, Steph., Thos.,
-, fam.,

Hinton, Broad,

Hinton, Great,
-, agric., char.,
-, cloth ind., fields, houses,
-, inc., mill,
-, New Inn, nonconf., pop.,
-, sch., tithes, village,

Hinton Charterhouse (Som.),

Hippesley, Frances, see Trenchard;
-, Joan, see Somner; John, Rob.
-, (fl. 1680), Rob. (later Trenchard,
-, d. 1787), Thos. Somner,

Hoare, Sir Ric. Colt,

Hobbs, Noah,

Hodges, John,

Hody, John, rector of Bishopstrow,

Hoggington, in North Bradley,

Hoke, atte, Joan, Nic.,

Holbourne, Nic.,

Holdoway (T.) and Sons, builders,

Hole and Roberts, engineers,

Holgate, John,

Holloway, A. E. and H., printers,

Holwey, Elnathan, John (fl.
-, 1544), John (fl. 1662),
-, fam.,

Homington, John of,

Hooper, John, Rob., Wm.,

Hopkins, Rob.,

Hoppegrass, de, Alice, Rob.,

Hopper, Thos.,

Hordy, Ric., n

Horlock, Everett, Mortimer & Everett,
-, bankers,

Horningsham, curate of,

Horningsham, nonconf.,

Horsington (Som.),

Horslegh, Maud, see Middleney;
-, Wm.,

Horton, Edw., Jeremy,
-, Sir John, Thos.,
-, Toby, Wm., fam.,

Hoskins, Hen., Joan,

Hospitallers, Knights,

Hotchkin, Ralph,

Houghton, Great (Northants.),

Houlton, Jos., Joshua,
-, n; Mary, m. Woolley,
-, Nat., Rob., n; -
-, (of Headinghill fl. 1740),
-, fam.,

House, Rob., fam., n

Howard, John, duke of Norfolk (d.
-, 1485),

Howe, Sir Jas., John, John
-, Thynne, Ld. Chedworth (d. 1762),

Hudd, Wm.,

Huddleston, Eliz., m. Sir Thos.
-, Cheyney, Marg., see Greene;
-, Sir Wm.,

Huggin, Joan,

Hulbert, Eliz., see Kington; John
-, Gallimore,

Humphries, Jas.,

Hungerford, Ant., Edm.,
-, Edw. (fl. 1516), Sir Edw. (d.
-, 1607), Sir
-, Edw. (d. 1648), Sir Edw.
-, (fl. 1684),
-, Edw. (d. 1711), Frides
-, wide, Sir Giles, Marg.
-, (Botreaux), Lady Hungerford (d.
-, 1477), Marg.
-, (d. 1711), Marg., m. Rob., Ld.
-, Lexinton, Margery, see Burnell;
-, Mary, Lady Hungerford, m.
-, Edw., Ld. Hastings,
-, Rob. (fl. 1310), Rob.
-, Ld. Hungerford (d. 1459),
-, Rob., Ld. Moleyns and
-, Hungerford (d. 1464),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1397),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1469),
-, Sir Wal., Ld. Hungerford
-, (d. 1449),
-, Wal. (d. 1516),
-, Wal., Ld. Hungerford (d.
-, 1540),
-, Sir Wal. (d. 1596),
-, fam.,

Hungerford (Berks.),

Hunt, F. R., F. W.,

Huntenhull, John, Pet.,

Huntenhull, in Corsley,
-, man.,

Huntingdon, earl of, see Hastings

Huntingford, Geo. Isaac, bp. of
-, Hereford, Thos.,

Hunton, Phil.,

Hurdecote, Thos. of,

Hurle, Jas.,

Hurlestone, Jos.,

Husee, Geof., Hen.,
-, Hubert (d. by 1277),
-, Hubert (s. of Jas.), Isabel, m.
-, Rob. de Lucy, Jas., Marg.,
-, m. Hen. Sturmy, Marg.
-, (w. of Hubert d. by 1277),
-, Maud Wal., Wm.,
-, fam.,

Hussey, Cecily, Hen.,
-, John, Thos.,

Hutchins, Thos.,

Hutton, Wm.,

Hyde, Alex., bp. of Salisbury,
-, Edw., earl of Clarendon (d. 1674),
-, Hen.,
-, Lawr. (d. 1590), Sir Lawr. (d.
-, 1641), Mary, Rob.
-, (fl. 1594), Sir Rob. (d. 1665),
-, Rob. (fl. 1689), Rob.
-, (d. 1722), Dr. Rob. (d. 1723),
-, Thos., chancellor of Salisbury,
-, fam.,

Hyde, abbot of, see Winchester

Hymerford, Thos.,

Idmiston, of, Dan., Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Iford, in Westwood,

Iley ('Ilegh') Oak,

Ilfracombe (Devon),

Imber fam.,

-, ch.,
-, rectory,

Independent Whig , The,

Ingram, Edw., n; John (fl. 1510),
-, John (fl. 1697), Marg., see
-, Fletcher; Wm. (fl. 1663),
-, Wm. (fl. 1742), fam.,

Innocent III, Pope,

International Tobacco (Overseas)Co. Ltd.,


Iremonger, Lascelles,


Ivo the parson (fl. c. 1160),

Ivychurch, in Alderbury, priory of,

Iwerne Minster (Dors.),

Jackson, Edw. Dudley,
-, Canon J. E.,

Jakes, see Jaques

James I, King,

Jaques (Jakes), Maud, Thos.,

Jeans, Lt.-Col. F. W. N., H. W.,

Jefferies, A. L., W. L.,
-, fam.,

Jefferies (A. L.) Ltd., leather-dressers,

Jenkins, Ric.,

Jerusalem (Israel),

Jesse fam.,

Jesser, Eliz., Wm., fam.,

Jewell, John, bp. of Salisbury,

Jocelin (fl. 1260), and see Gascelyn

John, Count of Mortain, King of
-, England,

John, prior of Monkton Farleigh
-, (fl. 1208), n

John the Marshal (fl. 1215),

John, parson of Upton Scudamore
-, (fl. 1311),

Jones, Abigail, Hen.,
-, Hugh, Joan, see Lambe; John
-, (d. 1566), John (fl. 1566),
-, Sir Sam., Sefton,
-, Thos., Wm. (fl. 1563),
-, Wm. (d. 1620),
-, - (20th-cent. organ-builders),
-, fam.,

Jordan (Jurdan), Thos.,

Joy (Joye), Christine, Harry,
-, John,

Juliana, abbess of Romsey, n

Jupe (Chas.) & Sons, silk manufacturers,

Jurdan, see Jordan