Note on abbreviations

Pages xix-xx

A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 9. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1970.

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Among the abbreviations and short titles used the following may require elucidation:

B.N.C. Oxford Brasenose College, Oxford
Brit. Trans. Hist. R.O. British Transport History Record Office
Char. Com. Charity Commissioners
G.R.O. General Register Office
Goddard MSS. Papers and manuscripts concerning the Goddard family in Swindon Pub. Libr.
Hants R.O. Hampshire Record Office
Hist. MSS. Com. Historical Manuscripts Commission
P.C.C. Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Sar. Dioc. R.O. Salisbury Diocesan Record Office
Sar. Dioc. Regy. Salisbury Diocesan Registry
S.R.O. Somerset Record Office
Warws. R.O. Warwickshire Record Office
W.A.S. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society
W.A.S. Libr., Devizes Library of the W.A.S. in the Museum, Devizes
W.A.S. Rec. Brch. Records Branch of W.A.S.
Wilts. Cuttings Volumes of Wiltshire newspaper cuttings in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes
Wilts. Pamphlets Collection of pamphlets in Swindon Pub. Libr.
Wilts. Tracts Collection of pamphlets in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes
W.R.O. Wiltshire Record Office
Winch. Coll. Mun. Winchester College Muniments
Andrews and Dury, Map (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Crittall, Elizabeth (ed.) Andrews' and Dury's Map of Wiltshire 1773 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. viii)
Cal. Feet of F. Wilts. 1195–1272, ed. Fry Fry, E. A. (ed.) Calendar of Feet of Fines Wilts. 1195–1272 (W.A.S. Devizes, 1930)
Chalfield and Malmesbury Garrison Accts. (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Pafford, J. H. P. (ed.) Accounts of the Parliamentary Garrisons of Great Chalfield and Malmesbury (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. ii)
Crown Pleas Wilts. Eyre, 1249 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Meekings, C. A. F. (ed.) Crown Pleas of the Wiltshire Eyre, 1249 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. xvi)
Dugdale, Mon. Dugdale, W. Monasticon Anglicanum (edn. 1817–30)
Early Stuart Tradesmen (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Williams, N. J. (ed.) Tradesmen in Early Stuart Wiltshire (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. xv)
Endowed Char. Wilts. (1908) Endowed Charities of Wilts. H.C. 271–3 (1908), lxxxi
Feet of F. Wilts. 1272–1327 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Pugh, R. B. (ed.) Abstracts of Feet of Fines Wilts. for Reigns of Edw. I and Edw. II (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. i)
First Pembroke Survey, ed. Straton Straton, C. R. (ed.) Survey of Lands of William, First Earl of Pembroke (Roxburghe Club, 1909)
Hoare, Mod. Wilts. Hoare, Sir Richard Colt, Modern Wiltshire (1822–37)
Jefferies, Swindon Jefferies, Richard, Jefferies' Land, a History of Swindon and its Environs, ed. Grace Toplis (London, etc. 1896)
Morris, Swindon Morris, William, Swindon Fifty Years Ago (Swindon, 1885)
Nightingale, Wilts. Plate Nightingale, J.E. The Church Plate of Wiltshire (Salisbury, 1891)
P.N. Wilts. (E.P.N.S.) The Place-Names of Wiltshire (English Place-Name Society, xvi)
Pevsner, Wilts. Pevsner, N. The Buildings of England: Wiltshire (1963)
Phillipps, Wilts. Inst. Phillipps, Sir Thomas (ed.) Institutiones Clericorum in Comitatu Wiltoniae (priv. print. 1825)
Q. Sess. and Ass. 1736 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Fowle, J. P. M. (ed.) Wiltshire Quarter Sessions and Assizes, 1736 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. xi)
R.C.H.M. (Eng.) Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England)
Reg. Ghent (Cant. and York Soc.) Flower, C. T. and Dawes, M. C. B. (ed.) Registrum Simonis de Gandavo (Canterbury and York Society, xl–xli)
Reg. Martival (Cant. and York Soc.) Edwards, K. (ed.) Registers of Roger Martival, Bishop of Salisbury, 1315–30 (Canterbury and York Society, lv)
Reg. St. Osmund (Rolls Ser.) Jones, W. H. Rich- (ed.) Vetus Registrum Sarisberiense alias dictum Registrum S. Osmundi Episcopi (Rolls Series, lxxviii)
St. Mark's 1845–1945 St. Mark's Swindon 1845–1945, A Record written by Priests and People (Swindon, 1945)
Sar. Chart. and Doc. (Rolls Ser.) Jones, W. H. Rich- (ed.) and Dunn Macray, W. (ed.) Charters and Documents illustrating the History of Salisbury (Rolls Series, xcvii)
Sess. Mins. (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Johnson, H. C. (ed.) Minutes of Proceedings in Sessions, 1563, 1574–92 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. iv)
Swindon Studies Grinsell, L. V. and others, Studies in the History of Swindon (Swindon Borough Council, 1950)
Taxation Lists (W.A.S. Rec. Brch.) Ramsay, G. D. (ed.) Two Sixteenth-Century Taxation Lists, 1545 and 1576 (W.A.S. Rec. Brch. x)
Walters, Wilts. Bells Walters, H. B. The Church Bells of Wiltshire (Devizes, 1927)
W.A.M. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine
Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326 (Index Libr.) Fry, E. A. (ed.) Abstracts of Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1242–1326 (Index Library xxxvii)
Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77 (Index Libr.) Stokes, Ethel (ed.) Abstracts of Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1327–77 (Index Library xlviii)
Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1625–49 (Index Libr.) Fry, G. S. and Fry, E. A. (ed.) Abstracts of Wilts. Inq. p.m. 1625–49 (Index Library xxiii)
W.N. & Q. Wiltshire Notes and Queries.
Wilts. Q. Sess. Rec. ed. Cunnington Cunnington, B. H. (ed.) Extracts from the Quarter Sessions Great Rolls of the 17th Century (Devizes, 1932)