Note on abbreviations

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A History of the County of York East Riding: Volume 1, the City of Kingston Upon Hull. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1969.

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Among the abbreviations and short titles used the following may require elucidation.

Boyle, Hull Charters J. R. Boyle, Charters and Letters Patent granted to Kingston upon Hull, 1905
E.R.R.O. East Riding Record Office, County Hall, Beverley
E.Y.C. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Publications, Extra Series, Early Yorkshire Charters, ed. W. Farrer and Sir Charles Clay, 1914–65
Frost, Hist. Hull C. Frost, Notices Relative to the Early History of the Town and Port of Hull, 1827
Gent, Hist. Hull T. Gent, Annales Regioduni Hullini, 1735
Hadley, Hist. Hull G. Hadley, A New and Complete History of the Town and County of the Town of Kingston upon Hull, 1788
Hull Corp. Rec. Hull Corporation Records, Hull Guildhall
Pryme, 'Hist. Hull' A. de la Pryme, MS. history of Hull, 1697–1700, B.M. Lansdowne MS. 890 (copy in Hull City Library)
Sheahan, Hist. Hull J. J. Sheahan, History of the Town and Port of Kingston upon Hull, 2nd edn. 1866 Where the 1st edn. is cited the date 1864 is given.
Stanewell, Cal. Hull Deeds K. M. Stanewell, Calendar of the Ancient Deeds, Letters, Miscellaneous Old Documents, &c. in the Archives of the Corporation, 1951
Sur. Soc. Surtees Society
T.E.R.A.S. Transactions of the East Riding Antiquarian Society
Tickell, Hist. Hull J. Tickell, The History of the Town and County of Kingston upon Hull, 1798.
Y.A.J. Yorkshire Archaeological Journal
Y.A.S. Rec. Ser. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series

Some of the publications of the Y.A.S. in its Record Series are cited by title alone. The titles and corresponding Record Series volume-numbers are as follows.

Yorks. Fines, i (vol. ii); ii (vol. v); iii (vol. vii); iv (vol. viii); 1327–47 (vol. xlii); 1347–77 (vol. lii); 1603–14 (vol. liii); 1218–31 (vol. lxii); 1232–46 (vol. lxvii); 1246–72 (vol. lxxxii); 1272–1300 (vol. cxxi)

Yorks. Deeds, i (vol. xxxix); ii (vol. 1); iii (vol. lxiii); iv (vol. lxv); v (vol. lxix); vi (vol. lxxvi); vii (vol. lxxxiii); viii (vol. cii); ix (vol. cxi); x (vol. cxx)

Yorks. Inq. (Inquisitions), i (vol. xii); ii (vol. xxiii); iii (vol. xxxi); iv (vol. xxxvii); Hen. IV–V (vol. lix)

The following publications of the Surtees Society are also cited by title alone.

Test. Ebor. (Testamenta Eboracensia), i (vol. 4); ii (vol. 30); iii (vol. 45); iv (vol. 53); v (vol. 79); vi (vol. 106)