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A History of the County of York East Riding: Volume 7, Holderness Wapentake, Middle and North Divisions. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2002.

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Among the abbreviations and short titles used the following may require elucidation:

abp. archbishop
acct. account
Acreage Returns, 1905 Board of Agriculture, Acreage Returns of 1905, from a MS. copy in possession of the Editor, Victoria History of the East Riding
Acts of P.C. Acts of the Privy Council of England (H.M.S.O. 1890-1964)
Add. Ch., MS. Additional Charter, Manuscript
App. Appendix
Arch. Archaeological
Aveling, Post Reformation Catholicism H. Aveling, Post Reformation Catholicism in East Yorkshire, 1558-1790 (East Yorkshire Local History Series, xi)
B.I.H.R. University of York, Borthwick Institute of Historical Research
B.L. British Library (used in references to documents transferred from the British Museum)
Baines, Hist. Yorks. (1823) E. Baines, History, Directory and Gazetteer of the County of York, volume ii, East and North Ridings
Beverley Chapter Act Bk. i-ii Memorials of Beverley Minster: the Chapter Act Book of the Collegiate Church of St. John of Beverley, 1286-1347 (Surtees Society, vols. xcviii, cviii)
Bd. of Educ., List 21 Board of Education, Public Elementary Schools, and Certified Efficient Schools in England (1908-38)
Boulter, 'Ch. Bells' W. C. Boulter, 'Inscriptions on the Church Bells of the East Riding', Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, volume ii (1873)
Bridlington Chart. ed. W. T. Lancaster Abstracts of the Charters and other documents contained in the Chartulary of the Priory of Bridlington (1912)
Bulmer, Dir. E. Yorks. (1892) T. Bulmer & Co., History, Topography and Directory of East Yorkshire
Cal. Chart. R. Calendar of the Charter Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (H.M.S.O. 1903-27)
Cal. Close Calendar of the Close Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (H.M.S.O. 1892-1963)
Cal. Fine R. Calendar of the Fine Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (H.M.S.O. 1911-62)
Cal. Inq. Misc. Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous (Chancery) preserved in the Public Record Office (H.M.S.O. 1916-68)
Cal. Inq. p.m. Calendar of Inquisitions post mortem preserved in the Public Record Office (H.M.S.O. 1904-95)
Cal. Inq. p.m. Hen. VII Calendar of Inquisitions post mortem, Henry VII (H.M.S.O. 1898-1955)
Cal. Pat. Calendar of the Patent Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (H.M.S.O. 1891-1986)
Cal. S.P. Dom. Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series (H.M.S.O. 1856-1972)
ch. church
Char. Com. Charity Commission
Chron. de Melsa Chronica monasterii de Melsa, ed. E. A. Bond (Rolls Series xliii, 1866-8)
Close R. Close Rolls of the Reign of Henry III preserved in the Public Record Office (H.M.S.O. 1902-75)
Coll. College
Com. Commission, Commissioners
Complete Peerage G. E. C[ockayne] and others, Complete Peerage (2nd. edn. 1810-59)
Compton Census, ed. Whiteman Compton Census of 1676: a critical edition, ed. A. Whiteman (British Academy Records of Social and Economic History, new ser. x, 1986)
Crockford Crockford's Clerical Directory
ct. court
D.N.B. Dictionary of National Biography
Directories Post Office (later Kelly's) Directory of Yorkshire: North and East Ridings with the City of York (1872) and later editions; and see entries under Baines, Bulmer, Slater's, and White
Dugdale, Mon. W. Dugdale, Monasticum Anglicanum, ed. J. Caley and others (6 vols. 1817-30)
E.R.A.O. East Riding of Yorkshire Archive Office, formerly Humberside Archive Office, Beverley
E.Y.C. Early Yorkshire Charters, vols. i-iii, ed. W. Farrer (1914-16); vols. iv-xii, ed. Sir Charles Clay (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series, Extra Series, 1935-65)
Educ. Enq. Abstract Abstract of Answers and Returns relative to the State of Education in England, H.C. 62 (1835), xliii
Educ. of Poor Digest Digest of Returns to the Select Committee on the Education of the Poor, H.C. 224 (1819), ix (2)
English, Holderness B. English, The Lords of Holderness, 1086-1260 (1979)
Feud. Aids Inquisitions and Assessments relating to Feudal Aids preserved in the Public Record Office (H.M.S.O. 1899-1920)
Geol. Surv. Geological Survey
H.M.S.O. Her (His) Majesty's Stationery Office
H.U.L. Archives in the Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull
Hearth Tax Yorkshire Hearth Tax Returns (Hull University, Studies in Regional and Local History, no. 7, 1991)
Herring's Visit. i-v Archbishop Herring's Visitation Returns, 1743 (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series, vols. lxxi, lxxii, lxxv, lxxvii, lxxix)
Hist. MSS. Com. Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
Hodgson, Q.A.B. C. Hodgson, Queen Anne's Bounty (2nd edition, 1845, with supplement, 1864)
Inventories of Ch. Goods Inventories of Church Goods (Surtees Society, volume xcvii)
L. & P. Hen. VIII Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry VIII (H.M.S.O. 1862-1932)
Lawrance, 'Clergy List' N. A. H. Lawrance, TS. list of beneficed clergy in Holderness wapentake up to the Restoration, in the archives in the Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull
Lond. Gaz. London Gazette
med. medieval
O.N.S. Office of National Statistics, Birkdale (formerly General Register Office, later Office of Population Censuses and Surveys)
Orange, 'Meaux Cart.' G. V. Orange, 'Cartulary of Meaux [British Library, Lansdowne MS. 424]: a critical edition' (Hull University Ph. D. thesis, 1965)
P.N. Yorks. E.R. (E.P.N.S.) The Place-names of the East Riding of Yorkshire and York (English Place-name Society volume xiv, 1937)
P.R.O. Public Record Office
par. parish
parl. parliament
Pevsner, Yorks. E.R. N. Pevsner, The Buildings of England: Yorkshire: York and the East Riding (1972)
Pevsner and Neave, Yorks. E.R. N. Pevsner and David Neave, The Buildings of England: Yorkshire: York and the East Riding (2nd edn., 1995)
Plac. de Quo Warr. (Rec. Com.) Placita de Quo Warranto in Curia Receptae Scaccarii Westm. asservata, ed. W. Illingworth and J. Caley (Record Commission, 1818)
Poor Law Abstract, 1804 Abstract of Returns relative to the Expense and Maintenance of the Poor, H.C. 175 (1803-4), xiii
Poor Law Abstract, 1818 Abstract of Returns relative to the Expense and Maintenance of the Poor, H.C. 82 (1818), xix
Popham, 'Wassand Estate' J. Popham, 'Wassand Estate', volume 3 (part of a landscape management plan, copy in E.R.A.O.)
Poulson, Holderness G. Poulson, The History and Antiquities of the Seigniory of Holderness (2 volumes, 1840-1)
Proc. Proceedings
R.C.H.M. Nonconf. Chapels Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, Inventory of nonconformist chapels and meeting-houses in the north of England (H.M.S.O. 1994)
R.D.B. The former Registry of Deeds, Beverley, now part of the East Riding of Yorkshire Archive Office
Rec. Record(s)
Reg. Corbridge, i-ii Register of Thomas Corbridge (Surtees Society, volumes cxxxviii, cxli)
Reg. Giffard Register of Walter Giffard (Surtees Society, volume cix)
Reg. Gray Register, or Rolls, of Walter Gray (Surtees Society, volume lvi)
Reg. Greenfield, i-v Register of William Greenfield (Surtees Society, volumes cxlv, cxlix, cli, clii, cliii)
Reg. Langley, ii Register of Thomas Langley, bishop of Durham (Surtees Society, volume clxvi)
Reg. Romeyn, i-ii Registers of John le Romeyn and Henry of Newark (Surtees Society, volumes cxxiii, cxxviii)
Rep. Report
9th Rep. Com. Char. Report of the Commissioners for Inquiry concerning certain Charities in England and Wales, H.C. 258 (1823), ix
Rep. Com. Eccl. Revenues Report of the Commissioners appointed to Inquire into the Ecclesiastical Revenues of England and Wales [67], H.C. (1835), xxii
3rd Rep. Poor Law Com. 3rd Annual Report of the Poor Law Commissioners for England and Wales, H.C. 546 (1837), xxxi
Returns relating to Elem. Educ. Returns relating to Elementary Education, H.C. 201 (1871), lv
Review of Char. Rep. Humberside County Review of Charities, 1978-80, Report of the Review Co-ordinator to Humberside County Council
Rolls Ser. Rolls Series
Rot. Hund. (Rec. Com.) Rotuli Hundredorum temp. Hen. III & Edw. I, ed. W. Illingworth and J. Caley (Record Commission, 1812-18)
Shaftesbury MSS. Manuscripts of the earl of Shaftesbury at St. Giles' House, Wimborne St. Giles, Dorset
Sheahan and Whellan, Hist. York & E.R. J. J. Sheahan and T. Whellan, History and Topography of the City of York, the Ainsty Wapentake, and the East Riding of Yorkshire, volume ii, East Riding (1856)
Slater's Royal Nat. Com. Dir. Yorks. Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of the County of Yorkshire (1864 and 1887 editions)
Soc. Society
T.E.R.A.S. Transactions of the East Riding Antiquarian Society
Tax. Eccl. (Rec. Com.) Taxatio Ecclesiastica Angliae et Walliae auctoritate P. Nicholai IV circa A.D. 1291, ed. S. Ayscough and J. Caley (Record Commission, 1802)
Test Ebor. i-vi Testamenta Eboracensia (Surtees Society, volumes iv, xxx, xlv, liii, lxxix, cvi)
Trans. Transactions
V.C.H. Victoria County History
Valor Eccl. (Rec. Com.) Valor Ecclesiasticus temp. Hen. VIII auctoritate regia institutus, ed. J. Caley and J. Hunter (Record Commission, 1810-34)
Visit. Visitation
W.Y.A.S. West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford
White, Dir. E. & N.R. Yorks. (1840) W. White, History, Gazetteer and Directory of the East and North Ridings of Yorkshire (1840)
White, Dir. Hull & York (1846) F. White & Co., General Directory of Kingston-upon-Hull and the City of York (1846)
White, Dir. Hull & York (1858) F. White & Co., General Directory and Topography of Kingston-upon- Hull and the City of York (1858)
Y.A.J. Yorkshire Archaeological Journal
Y.A.S. Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Leeds
Yorks. Ch. Plate Yorkshire Church Plate, begun by T. M. Fallow, completed and edited by H. B. McCall, Yorkshire Archaeological Society Publications, Extra Series, volume i (1912)
Yorks. Chantry Surv. ii The Certificates of the Commissioners appointed to survey the Chantries, Guilds, Hospitals, etc. in the County of York, ii (Surtees Society, volume xcii)
Yorks. Deeds, i-x Yorkshire Deeds (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series, volumes xxxix, l, lxiii, lxv, lxix, lxxvi, lxxxiii, cii, cxi, cxx)
Yorks. Fines, i-iv Feet of Fines of the Tudor Period (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series, volumes ii, v, vii, viii)
Yorks. Fines, 1218-31; 1232-46; 1246-72; 1272-1300, 1300-14; 1327-47: 1347-77; 1603-14; 1614-25 Feet of Fines (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series, volumes lxii, lxvii, lxxxii, cxxi, cxxvii, xlii, lii, liii, lviii)
Yorks. Hund. and Quo Warr. R. 1274-94 Yorkshire Hundred and Quo Warranto Rolls 1274-94 (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series, volume cli)
Yorks. Inq. i-iv; Hen. IV-V Yorkshire Inquisitions (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series, volumes xii, xxiii, xxxi, xxxvii, lix)