Editorial note

A History of the County of York North Riding: Volume 1. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1914.

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. "Editorial note", in A History of the County of York North Riding: Volume 1, (London, 1914) xxi-xxii. British History Online, accessed May 29, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/yorks/north/vol1/xxi-xxii.

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The Editor is much indebted for assistance in the compilation of this volume to Lord Bolton and the Hon. Henry Orde-Powlett for the loan of manuscripts and for help with regard to the history of Bolton Castle and the neighbourhood; to Mr. H. B. McCall, F.S.A., for advice on many matters, particularly for information in advance of the publication of the work, compiled by him in conjunction with the late Mr. T. M. Fallow, M.A., F.S.A., The Church Plate of Yorkshire, from which many details of the church plate given in this volume are derived; to Mr. William Brown, B.A., F.S.A., for his ever ready help with information from the episcopal registers at York and other records in Yorkshire, and for reading the proofs of the histories of the parishes in the Northallerton district, and to the Rev. H. E. Ketchley, M.A., whose kindness not only in reading the proofs of Ryedale Wapentake but in personally checking many points in the histories of the parishes in that wapentake has added much to the accuracy of this work.

For reading proofs and otherwise helping to pass this volume through the press the Editor is indebted to Viscount Helmsley, Lord Furness, Sir Reginald Graham, Bart., Sir William H. A. Worsley, Bart., Sir Thomas Wrightson, Bart., Sir Willans Nussey, Bart., Sir Edward F. Coates, Bart., M.P., Lady Cowell, Mr. Edward Almack, F.S.A., Lt.-Col. Archer, Mr. H. W. F. Bolckow, J.P., the Rev. A. St. Clair R. Brooke, M.A., Mr. C. A. Chaytor, the Rev. W. Collins, M.A., the Rev. A. T. Coore, M.A., the Corporation of Richmond and Mr. C. G. Croft, M.A., Town Clerk, Mr. Marshall Fowler, J.P., Mr. J. Harries, Mr. Cecil Hawkins, Mr. John Hutton, D.L., J.P., the Rev. E. H. M. Jackson, Mr. A. H. Kerr, the Rev. R. B. Nesbitt, B.A., Mr. George Newby, Miss Grace Powell, the Rev. T. Powell, M.A., the Rev. R. E. Pownall, B.A., Mr. S. Ridge, J.P., Mr. Henry Rutson, B.A., J.P., Mr. S. C. Scrope, D.L., J.P., the late Rev. Charles Slingsby, M.A., Miss Ethel Stevenson, the Rev. E. A. Stockdale, B.A., Mr. F. J. Thairlwall, the Rev. H. G. Topham, B.A., Mr. L. Topham Topham, Mr. R. C. de Grey Vyner and Mr. M. D'Arcy Wyvill, J.P.

The Editor also desires to acknowledge the assistance and information given by the Rt. Rev. W. Boyd Carpenter, D.D., D.C.L., the Rev. H. Baugh, M.A., the Rev. L. Borissow, M.A., the Rev. F. F. Crombie, M.A., the Rev. L. A. Drakeford-Lewis, M.A., the Rev. T. E. Ellwood, M.A., the Rev. F. H. Payne-Gallwey, B.A., the Rev. G. W. Garrod, B.A., the late Rev. C. N. Gray, M.A., Mr. O. W. Hunt, Mr. Wensley Hunton, Mr. W. B. Hunton, the Rev. E. H. Keed, M.A., the Rev. J. J. Merry, the Rev. J. Parry, M.A., the Rev. T. F. Redmayne, M.A., the Rev. H. M. Sharples, B.A., the Rev. S. M. Thompson, M.A., the Rev. W. Whaley, the Rev. A. L. Whitaker, M.A., the Rev. G. T. Whitehead, M.A., the Rev. H. E. Willson, M.A., and the Rev. G. T. Winch, B.A.

Thanks are also tendered to the Editor and Proprietors of Country Life (for photographs for reproduction of Duncombe Park, Helmsley; Gilling Castle; Hovingham Hall and Norton Conyers, Wath) and to the Society of Antiquaries, Mr. John Bilson, F.S.A., Mr. W. H. Brierley, F.S.A., the Rev. A. T. Coore, M.A., Mr. Harry Edwards and the Rev. H. E. Ketchley, M.A., for the loan of blocks, photographs and plans for reproduction.

Owing to the fact that the translation of the text of the Domesday Survey of Yorkshire was not in type when the earlier part of this volume was passing through the press, the references to that survey up to p. 356 have been given to the Facsimile of the Domesday Book, but after that page to the Translation printed in the Victoria County History (V.C.H. Yorks. Vol. II, pp. 191–327).