Communar's Accounts: 1445-6

Pages 72-74

Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean and Chapter of Wells: Volume 2. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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1445–1446.: Accounts of John Pedwell, the Communar, from Michaelmas, 1445, to Michaelmas, 1446.

Paid to 14 canons resident last year 363l. 12s. d.


Received from the vacancy of Fodyngton church, for 3 years last past 16s. 4d.
from the vacancy of Estlambrook chapel 18s. 11d.
Sale of tablestone 1s. 0d.
of crock of oil 1s. 0d.


Paid the commons of the bishop and canons 164l. 14s. 4d.
Nothing to the bearers of St. Dunstan's rent, because 2 cases were broken.
Paid Walter Hale, chaplain in the almshouse, for celebrating there 5l. 6s. 8d.
To the abbat of Glaston for the king's half-tenth at the Nativity of St. John Baptist 17l. 19s. d.
To the master of choristers, rent from Est Lambroke 6l. 13s. 4d.
For choristers for the eves of St. Edmund and St. Nicholas, for 13 canons resident, viz. for each dignitary 2s. 0d.; for each of the rest, 1s. 0d. 16s. 0d.
Wine given to William Stafford, January 11 8s. 0d.
Four towels made for the altar of St. Stephen and St. John 1s. 2d.
One yard of braban to make an amice for the Ergum mass 7d.
Present of birds for the cardinal, and expenses of the canons 2l. 6s. 10d.
Installing William Hoper, Mr. Andrew Halse, John Brodette, Walter Fold, John Conge and William Crowton, 8d. each; Dean Carent 1s. 4d.
Tunics for choristers and tabulars 1l. 0s. 0d.
J. Tregodek going to London about the replevin of cattle taken at Estlambrok, Dec. 12 1l. 1s. 11d.
Paid for replevying the beasts of William Fyle of Estlambroke, Jan. 4 2s. 0d.
Prosecuting John Rowe in the king's court 16s. 1d.
To the abbot of Sherborne, for the king's half-tenth from Whitchurch 14s. 8d.
For repair of houses and destruction of chapel at Torgate 9s. d.
To 13 canons resident this year, each 24l. 14s.d.
Bydesham. Making one locanda in the chapter house and wood therefor 4s. d.
Cost of cord for the stone hanging at the veil of the temple 1d.
2 dozen priests' girdles 8d.
Binding and writing and mending the martirology 1s. 1d.
skin of vellum for same 5d.
Making a large frontal and another of blue camelet with pannus seratus 2s. 6d.
For 23 buc de opynselk of various colours 8s. 0d.
Mending and doubling a black pall of gold 3s. 0d.
2 dozen and 7 priests' girdles d.
2cords to raise the picture behind the high altar 2d.
Mending 3 chalons 1s. 0d.
do. vatiker in chapter house 8d.
2¼ but of silk fringe 3s. 2d.
6 priests' girdles 2d.
piece of buckram 8d.
rushes for the exchequer 2d.
Mending sconce for the priest's light in the choir 6d.
Mending 2 thuribles 2s. 11d.