List of taxors and sums paid

Pages xx-xxiii

Yorkshire Lay Subsidy 30 Ed. I (1301). Originally published by Yorkshire Archeological Society, [s.l.], 1897.

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Derby.—Geoffrey de Grisele, (fn. 2) Henry de Brailesford, and Hugh Teueray, (fn. 3) 430li 19s. 5¼d.

Yorkshire, West Riding.—Ralph son of Ranulph, Robert de Berle deceased, Richard de Berle his son and heir for him, 989li 15s. 8¼d.

North Riding.—Alexander de Cave and Robert Gower, 1,668li 13s. 9¾d.

East Riding.—Gerard Salveyn and Geoffrey de Hothum, 1,118li 11s. 4¼d.

Cumberland.—John de Lucy and Thomas de Derewentwatre deceased, by Nicholas de Insula, one of the executors of the said Thomas, Ralph Deyncourt (fn. 4) and Robert de Tymperon, 831li 2s. 4¼d.

Westmoreland.—Michael de Harcla, John de Helton, and Henry de Warchecop, 538li 14s. 6½d.

Lancashire.—Nicholas Blundel, John Gentil, and Henry de Trafford, 376li 6s. 6¾d.

Northumberland.—Lucas Tailleboys, John de Vallibus, Adam de Benton, and John de Duddene, 508li 16s. 8½d.

Northants.—Hugh Wake, Hugh Daundelyn, and John de Wyleby, 1,803li 18s. 11½d.

Kent.—Richard de Rokesle, John de Kemesyng, Guncelin de Clyve by his attorney, as he is feeble and blind, 3,361li 4s. 10¼d.

Leicestershire.—William Motun and John de Holt for themselves and William le Waleys deceased, 709li 12s. 0¼d.

Suffolk.—Alan de Goldingham, Roger de Soterle, and Hugh de Muryans, (fn. 5) 1,622li 5s. 1½d.

Norfolk.—John le Bretoun, Peter Roscelyn, (fn. 6) Robert de Hakebech, and Walter de Calthorp', 5,263li 13s.

Berkshire.—John de Inglefeld and William Plunkenet (John de S. Johanne of Lageham did not act), 973li 8s. 1½d.

Essex.—John de Bassingburne, Hugh le Blound, (fn. 7) William le Gros, and Walter le Baud, 1,603li 17s. 1¼d.

Devonshire.—Roger de Cokington (fn. 8) and John de Aldesworth', (fn. 9) (Nicholas de [Kir]keham (fn. 10) did not act, being employed in collecting the aid granted on the marriage of the king's daughter), 656li 14s. 3½d.

Oxon.—Thomas de Gardinis, William de Scalebrok', and John de Broughton, (fn. 11) 1,106li 11s. 1¼d.

Lincolnshire.—David de Fletewyke, Ralph de Litlebur', (fn. 12) Henry de Baiocis, (fn. 13) and Ralph Paygnel, (fn. 14) 5,084li 0s. 7¾d. (fn. 15)

Notts.—Richard de Byngham, Robert Jortz, (fn. 16) and Richard de Furneux, (fn. 17) 895li 15d.

Somerset.—Robert de S. Claro, Balderic de Nonington, and John son of Thomas de Bello Campo, 1,054lid.

Beds.—Peter Loring' and Henry Praers, (fn. 18) 610li 7s. 0¼d.

Dorset.—John de Meleburne, Thomas de Lude, and Reginald de Mangerton, 689li 10s. 0½d.

Surrey.—Robert de Bekeswell' and William de Geddyng' for themselves and John de Pyrile deceased, 728li 16s. 8¾d.

Sussex.—Ralph Sauntz Aver, (fn. 19) John Herigaud, (fn. 20) and John de Hydenn', (fn. 21) 1,229li 6s. 9d.

Cambridgeshire.—William de S. Georgio and Baldewyn de Colne, 1,292li 8s. 8¾d.

Hunts. (fn. 22) —William de Pappeworth and John de Deen (fn. 23) deceased, 701li 12s. 8½d.

Rutland.—Robert de Flexthorp and John Basset, 426li 3s. 7¾d.

Gloucestershire.—John de Acton by William Balon his attorney, John de Langeleye (fn. 24) by Robert de Farndon his attorney, and Alexander de Bykenore, 1,656li 15s. 8d.

Bucks.—Roger de Tyringham, El' de Aspeleye, (fn. 25) and William de Bello Campo deceased, 874li 17s. 4¼d.

Cornwall.—Robert Giffard deceased by Margaret his widow and executrix, John Treiagut, (fn. 26) and Osbert le Soor, 367li 10s. 7¼d.

Salop.—Roger de Baskerville and Roger son of Jordan de Pulesdon, (fn. 27) and William de Hodenet deceased, 804li 5s. 9d.

Worcestershire. — Edmund de Grafton, John Comyn, and Simon de Crombe, 1,110li 12s. 2d.

Herts.—Ranulph de Monte Caniso, John Aignel, and John de Harpesfeld, (fn. 28) 747li 3s. 11½d.

Middlesex.—John de Litleton, Nicholas de Halughford, (fn. 29) and John de la Poille, 414li 12s. 8¾d.

Wilts.—Hugh de Escote, William de Cotes, and Peter son of Warin, 1,494li 13s. 10½d.

Staffordshire.—William de Stafford by John de Hampton his attorney, Robert de Staundon deceased by Vivian his son and heir, Robert de Pipe deceased by Thomas son and heir of the same Robert by Robert le Parlure his attorney, 777li 15s. 5¾d.

Warwickshire.—Robert de Herthull', (fn. 30) John de Somerville, and Robert de .Napton, 756li 14s. 7d.

Southants.—Robert de Glamorgan by Ralph de la Marche his attorney, Baldewin de Bello Alneto deceased by Richard de Bello Alneto his son and heir, and Richard de Westcote, 1,549li 19s. 0¼d.

Herefordshire.—Walter de Hopton and William de Lodelawe, (fn. 31) and John le Rous by Reginald de Radenore his attorney, 958lid. (fn. 32)


  • 1. From the copy in the Ex. L.T.R. Foreign Accounts, Roll No. 2, m. 27, now added to the Pipe Roll, 35 Edw. I. The names of the collectors have been printed in the Parliamentary Writs, i. 106, from Patent Roll, 29 Edward I., m. 5, dated at Donypas, Oct. 24,1301. The differences are noted below.
  • 2. Gresele. Pat. Roll.
  • 3. Tenerey.
  • 4. Deyncurt.
  • 5. Muryaus.
  • 6. Rosceleyn.
  • 7. Blount.
  • 8. Cockington.
  • 9. Haldesworthy.
  • 10. Kirkham.
  • 11. Broghton.
  • 12. Littelbury.
  • 13. Baieuse.
  • 14. Paynel.
  • 15. The city of Lincoln paid a fine of 400li for their proportion of the Fifteenth (Parl. Writs, i.106).
  • 16. Jorz.
  • 17. Furneaux.
  • 18. De Praers. William de Hotot is added in the list in the Parl. Writs.
  • 19. Sauntzavoir.
  • 20. Heryngaud.
  • 21. Hideneye.
  • 22. Cambridgeshire.
  • 23. Dene. Deceased (defunctus) applies to him alone.
  • 24. Langele.
  • 25. Aspele.
  • 26. Treiagu.
  • 27. Pylewesdon.
  • 28. Harpesfeud.
  • 29. Halgheford,
  • 30. Herthill'.
  • 31. Ludelawe.
  • 32. The mayor, citizens, and commonalty of the city of London fined for the Fifteenth in 2,500 marcs, that is, 1,666li. 13s. 4d. (Parl. Writs, i. 105).