Deeds: A.401 - A.500

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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A.401 - A.500

[Bucks.] A. 401. Grant by Sebricht Carpenter, to Gervase Draper, of Wicumbe, for 12 marcs, of three parts of the mill that belonged to William son of Robert, in Wicumbe parish, paying 40s. 4d. yearly. If Sebricht cannot warrant the three parts of the mill to Gervase or his heirs, he undertakes to make them a reasonable exchange to the same value from his property elsewhere. Witnesses:—Sir Robert Brand, William Wander, William Tabe, Walter de Puderuge, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Bucks.] A. 402. Demise by William de la Lude to Sir Philip Basset of all the land William Mogge held of Reginald de Alneto in Wycombe and a certain messuage, except the dower of Emma, who was wife of William Mogge, for 21 years from Michaelmas 37 Henry III., paying 2s. 8d. yearly and scutage when levied. If Emma die within that term the land she holds will be included in this demise. If Sir Philip be not completely acquitted against the chief lords and others by the said William, he may distrain on the latter till he have recovered his damages, &c. Witnesses:—William and Thomas Wander, Gervase Draper, and others (named). [37 Henry III.] Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 403. Confirmation by Henry III., by Inspeximus, of the grant of King John dated Aurivall, 16 June, 5 John, to Alan Basset of the manor of Wicumbe, except what Robert de Veteri Ponte held there, paying therefor yearly 20l. into the Exchequer, and doing the service for one knight's fee. Witnesses: — H. de Burgh, Earl of Kent, Justiciar of England, Geoffrey Dispenser, and others (named.) By the hand of R. bishop of Chichester, Chancellor. Merleberg, 26 March, 13 Henry III. [See Charter Roll, 5 John, m. 24; 13 Henry III., m. 8.]
[Bucks.] A. 404. Indenture between Robert de Veteri Ponte (Vipont) and Alan Bassat of the one part, and Richard de Terre, Robert de Croindon, William de Staines, Roger le Eir, and Richard de Rouen, and many others seeking common of pasture in Wicumbe against Robert and Alan, of the other. The former acknowledge the pasture to be the common pasture of the latter both in the woods and their pannage, provided that all hogs from Wicombe which have been fed in Wicombe woods if they be found in Penn woods be quit of pannage in the same way as hogs from Penn; with this addition, that if Robert and Alan wish to sell their woods in which there was pannage, they be not hindered thereby: the commonors holding the pasture aforesaid of the said Robert and Alan. For this acknowledgment the commoners grant to Robert de Veteri Ponte all assarts made between Heselmere and the land Robert de Croindon held of Thomas de Auno, and to Alan Bassat all the land he cultivated with his ploughs in Heselmere and Russemere; such lands to be so ditched and enclosed that the commoners' beasts may not enter there, or if perchance they shall stray therein for want of enclosure the said Robert and Alan shall not impound them. Witnesses:—Robert de Lexentune, Henry de Braibroch, William de Panewurthe, and others (named). Three seals remaining, one equestrian.
[Bucks.] A. 405. Grant by Walter Pynel to Sir Philip Basset of all his land in Wycumbe. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Amundevil, William de Insula, Roger de Sanford, Laurence de Sauford, Ranulf de Amundevil, knts.' Walter de Putheregge, of Wycumbe, and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 406. Grant by Alice, daughter of Geoffrey son of Angod, widow, to Sir Philip Basset of the fish-ponds (vivaria) without the borough of Wicumbe, at a place called 'la Pande,' which have descended to her by inheritance, and the land between the ponds and the King's highway. Witnesses:—William Tate, Walter de Puderuge, Gervase Draper, and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 407. Demise by Reyner le Weyte, for half a marc, to Sir Philip Basset, of two acres of land in Wycumbe parish (which he held for a term of Walter Pinel) for 14 years from Sunday next after Michaelmas, 35 Hen. III. Witnesses:—Walter de Poderruge, William de la Lude, and others (named). [35 Henry III.] Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 408. Release by John de Cronden to Sir Philip Basset of 11 acres of land [in Wycumbe] that Robert de Cronden his father formerly held by grant of Sir Alan Basset, father of Sir Philip. Witnesses:—Walter de Pudderuge, William Tabbe, Robert de Esselburg, and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 409. Grant by John de Croendene to Sir Philip Basset of three acres of land in Wicumbe parish, by the highway from Wicumbe to Berchamsted, herein described. Witnesses:—Sir Robert Brand, Sir Ralph de Averiis, William and Thomas Wander, and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 410. Agreement between Robert de Croindene and Alan Basset, that if any of their neighbours of Wicumbe seek common of pasture in all assarts before the croft that was Richard le Ned's, and in which Alan has granted Robert 11 acres, "et idem Alanus per consilium suum et per consilium meum non possit se defendere, set pastura per consuetudinem regni fuerit versus eundem Alanum dirationata;" from that moment Alan shall not be bound to warrant to Robert the. said 11 acres, but the grant thereof shall be annulled. Witnesses:—Mathew de Bigestrop, Richard de Turre, of Bledelawe, Richard de Turre, then steward of Robert de Veteri Ponte, and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks ] A. 411. Release by William de Pudregge to Sir Philip Basset of the mill in Wycumbe which came to him as the dower of Albrea his wife, and was formerly William Robyn's. Witnesses:—William Wander, William de la Lude, and others (named). Wycumbe, Thursday next before Palm Sunday, 38 Henry III. Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 412. Release by Alice, late wife of Walter Pinel, to Sir Philip Basset of all her late husband's land in Wycumbe. Witnesses:—Randulf de Mundeville, Walter de Pudderegge, and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 413. Demise by Simon Hochede to the canons of Messenden of his meadow of Nunnewell [Wycombe], from Whitsunday in the fifth year of the interdict of the Anglican church to the Whitsunday following; on condition that if Simon or his heirs pay the said canons 6 marcs within that time he shall receive back the meadow from them at the term aforesaid, otherwise it shall remain to the canons for ever at a yearly rent of 6d. Witnesses:—Mathew Brand, James de Penna, William sou of Hervey. William de Stanes, and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 414. Grant by Robert White (Albus) to Roger Mowin of the messuage he held in Wicumbe, beyond the bridge by 'the little water,' at 2s. yearly rent. If he cannot warrant such messuage to Roger he will give an equivalent exchange. Witnesses:—William de Tilebroc, Walter his brother, Helias de Wimbilville, Simon de Maidewell, and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 415. Grant by Simon Hochede to St. Mary's church and the canons of Messenden, of his meadow of Nunnewell [Wycombe], at 6d. yearly rent. Witnesses:—Mathew Brand, James de Penna, William son of Hervei, William de Stanes, and others (named). Seal.
[York.] A. 416. Grant by John de Neville, knt., lord of Raby, to Thomas Surtays, knt., John de Broghton, parson of Horsley church, Thomas de Hexsham, and William de Blakdene, of all lands and tenements he holds in Raskelf, together with the reversion of Raskelf manor, which Alesia de Nevile his mother holds in dower of bis inheritance, and which will remain to him at her decease. Witnesses:—Robert de Rowclyf, William Bruys, Thomas Colwill, knts., Richard Bernard, and others (named). Tuesday, the feast of St. Margaret the Virgin, 46 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[York.] A. 417. Grant by Thomas Surteys, knt., John de Broghton, clerk, and William de Blakedene to John de Gysburn, citizen and merchant of York, for his life, of Raskelf manor, a meadow called 'Halleker,' and four closes there, Halleclose, Northintak, Westclose, and closes called 'Kerclose,' 'Cotebuskes,' 'Close ker,' 'Entirclose' with 'Birkereng'; also sufficient timber there for the building and repair of the manor buildings; sufficient firewood for his wants at Raskelf and York; free licence to hunt and take all manner of beasts of venary within their demesne there whenever he pleases, and common for his cattle, and a yearly rent of 10l. issuing from their property there. Witnesses:—Thomas Colville, Robert de Rouclyf, knts., and others (named). 2 November, 1 Richard II. Portion of seal of arms.
[York.] A. 418. Grant by John Seele, son of Richard Seele, of Fourneys, to Thomas de Heseldene, of all the lands, &c, in Wakefield, Sandale, and Crigeleston he inherited on the death of Thomas Seele. Wakefield, Friday after the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 50 Edward III. Seal.
York. A. 419. Indenture witnessing that whereas Christopher Clapham, of Demesley, co. York, by indenture dated 20 February, 31 Hen. VIII., demised to Cristofer Mawde, of Holynhall, co. York, the manor of Over Lunde, and lands, tenements, rents, &c, in Lunde, Thornton, and Burton in Lonnesdale, and elsewhere in Lonnesdale, for 60 years from that date, paying a red rose only yearly during the lives of certain persons named in the demise, and after their decease the rents specified therein: the said Mawde has granted and sold to Brian Robynson for a certain sum of money, the receipt whereof he hereby acknowledges, all his claim, title, and interest in the premises for the residue of the said term, saving any leases Mawde may have granted by force of the above demise. 3 Dec, 36 Hen. VIII.
[York.] A. 420. Release by Thomas de Meaux, knt., to Sir Thomas Ughtred, knt., of Lepington manor and all lands formerly belonging to Sir John do Meaux, knt., son and heir of Sir Godfrey de Meaux, deceased, in Gouthorp, Levenyng, Akclom, Fankefosse, York, Sutton in Holderness, Driphull, Stanferry, and Lopholm. Witnesses:—Peter, sixth lord of Maulay, Sir Ralph de Hastynges, John Bygod, John Conestable, of Halsham, John de Hothom, knts., Thomas de Maulay, and others (named). Lepington, Palm Sunday, 2 Richard II. Portion of seal.
Endorsed: "Irrotulatur in dorso Clausi cancellarie Regis infrascripti mense Maii anno infrascripto."
[York.] A. 421. Grant by Richard de Barneby to John de Warennia of the entire warren of all his lands in the parts of York, which warren the King granted him by a charter the said John has in keeping. Witnesses:— Sir Hugh le Bigoth, Sir Peter de Anesie, Sir Nicholas Dewias, Sir Richard Folioth, knts., William de London, and others (named). [?37 Henry III Cf. Cal. Patent Rolls ii. 267 b.]
[York.] A. 422. Confirmation by Alexander, archbishop of York, by Inspeximus,—upon a licence obtained by William FitzWilliam, knight, to assign 17 marcs annual rent issuing from his manor of East, Midel, and Westhathelsay, held of John, King of Castile and Duke of Lancaster, as of the honour of Pontefract, to two chaplains to celebrate divine service daily for the soul of Thomas de Stapilton, formerly lord of the manor aforesaid, dated 10 Nov. 9 Richard II.,—of two grants appointing William de Byrkyn and William de Sprotburgh chaplains as above, dated Esthathelsay, 1 Jan, 1385[–6.] Clauses are inserted regulating the appointment of chaplains in future. Redmanor, 27 January, 1387[–8.] Fragment of seal.
[Suff.] A. 423. Release by Robert, son of Richer de Belstede, to William, son of Hugh de Belstede, of the land that Richer, his father, and Avicia, his mother,held in Belste (Belstede, Suffolk). Witnesses:—William,son of John de Spornton, Roger son of Warin, John, son of John the Chaplain (cap'll'), of Felcherche, and others (named).
Endorsed: "Belstede, Essex."
[Essex.] A. 424. Grant by Thomas de Bordesdene to the church and canons of Holy Trinity, London, of land in Bordesdenefeld. Witnesses:—John de Lesnes, John Bel, Richard son of Estmund, Simon de Melkel', and William de Strate.
[Essex.] A. 425. Grant by William de Reymes to Sir Fulk Basset, provost of Beverley, of land.'called 'Brighelond' and 'Dernulvesland' in Finchingfeld, and pasture for two oxen and two horses, paying a pound of pepper yearly. For this grant Sir Fulk has given 28 marks, and a red palfrey worth 4 marcs to Joan, William's wife. Witnesses:—Hamo son of Richard, Nicholas Peche, Robert Inkel, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 426. Grant by William de Reymes to Sir Fulk Basset of land called 'Boytune Wode' in Finchingfeld, paying yearly a pair of gilt spurs or 4d., besides scutage to the value of ld. when imposed. Witnesses: —Hamund son of Richard, Nicholas Peche, William de Hyspania, and others (named). Seal.
[Suff.] A. 427. Release by John le Ginnor, of Belstede Magna, to William, son of William le Terre, of land and a messuage in Belstede Magna, adjoining the fee of the abbot of Albemarle. Witnesses:—William de Humforde, Symon Miller, and others (named). January, 56 Henry III.
[Essex.] A. 428. Grant by Robert le Pestur, of Borham, to Philip le Taylur, of co. Stafford, of the whole service of annual rent with foreign service, which Roger Beriman owes him for a tenement in Borham. Witnesses:— John Maudwyt, Robert de Walcfare, John de Mandevile, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 429. Grant by William de Reimes, knight, to Sir Philip Basset, of all his outer court in Boitune, in Finchingefeld parish, with the house situated therein; saving the right of entry to and exit from the inner court. (The boundaries are clearly defined.) Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas Pecche, William de Northtoft, William de Geldham, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 430. Grant by Richard, son of William de Badewe, to Sir William, son of Sir Warin de Montchesney, of the homage and service of the daughters and heirs of Lady Isabel de Berdestaple, with 20s. annual rent which she paid for a tenement in Nevendene and Berdestaple (Barstable). Witnesses:— Sirs William de Sancto Claro, William de Watevile, Robert de Hegham, knights, Ralph de Coggeshal, Richard le Brun.
[Essex.] A. 431. Grant by Katherine, daughter of Richard de Monasterio, to Henry de Borham, of 16d. annual rent due from Robert Marshal, Richard ate Crouch, and Sybil, maid of the recluse of Borham, for tenements in Borham. Witnesses:—Robert de Walkefare, Geoffrey de Rykham, Richard de Lindwode, and others (named). Seal, damaged.
[Essex.] A. 432. Grant by Geoffrey le Spec to Philip le Taylur, and Roys[ia] his wife, of land in Borham and an annual rent of 5½d. due from Hervey Fulke and John de Marisco. Witnesses:—John de Walkefare, Richard de Lindwode, and others (named). Seal, defaced.
[Suff.] A. 433. Demise by Robert de Berefeud to John Costin, of Leyham, the younger, of land in Belsted Magna, for 13 years from Michaelmas, 26 Edward [I.] Witnesses:—John and Robert de Belsted, Geoffrey and John del Slade, and others (named). Belsted, Monday next after Holy Trinity, 26 Edward [I.] Seal, damaged.
[Essex.] A. 434. Release to Master Thomas de Wymundeham, rector of Brumfeld church, and the rectors his successors, by William Smith his parishioner, of a hedge planted between the field called 'Homfeld,' belonging to the church, and William's land in Wellfeld; on condition of the rector's making a ditch beyond the hedge, on William's land, four feet wide by three deep, and that he and his successors keep the hedge and ditch in repair at their own cost. Witnesses:—John de Mandeville, John de Appeltrefeld, William de Sancto Claro, and others (named). Portion of a seal.
[Essex.] A. 435. Grant by Edric the Carpenter, of Braidwell, to Ralph de Bramelai and Claricia his wife, of land in Braidwell, paying him 4s. yearly, and to the house of Fallay 3d. for one acre Edric granted the said house. Witnesses:—Richard de Havil, Ralph de Telebi, William the Clerk of Braidewell, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 436. Grant by Simon le Cupere, of Bromfeld, to William de Pacehyng and Alice his wife, of land in Pachchyng Clovill, in the vill of Bromfeld. Witnesses:—William Sparkes, Ranulf le Warenne, John ate Melle, of Bromfeld, and others (named). Bromfeld, Saturday next after the Decollation of John the Baptist, 1 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 437. Grant by Adam the Weaver (Tixtor: sic), of Burested Parva, to Robert de Frekeber, and Joan his wife, of 2½d. annual rent due from Thomas Rock for a field called 'Boussefeld,' in Burested Parva. Witnesses: —William Ame, William de Eyr, Thomas le Rock, and others (named.)
[Essex.] A. 438. Grant by Gilbert de Hendune to Lucia Waleraun of 30 hogs in the wood of Boreham, which is of the fee of the abbot of St. Albans, which he granted to John her brother; paying therefor yearly half a pound of cummin in London. Witnesses:—Henry Bocquointe, Roger de la Dune, Reginald Cabus, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 439. Release by John, called 'le Man,' of Belsted Magna, to Laurence le Fre, of the messuage he held of the said Laurence, in Belsted aforesaid, situated as described. Belsted, Wednesday next after St. Gregory the Pope, 7 Edward II. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 440. Release by Thomas, son of William Sarjaunt, of Brumfeld to Master Thomas de Wymundeham, parson of Brumfeld, and his successors' of a messuage and eight acres of land in Brumfeld that his father once held of the said church. Witnesses:—William de Graundcurt, Robert de Borham John de Maundevile, and others (named). [46 Henry III.]
(i.) Final concord between Master Thomas de Wymundham, parson of Brumfeld church, plaintiff, and Robert le Burser, tenant of 23 acres of land in Brumfeld, which Robert acknowledged to be the right of Thomas and his church of St. Leonard, of Brumfeld, and quitclaimed to him and his successors for ever. Chelmereford, the morrow of St. John the Baptist 46 Henry III.
Endorsed: "Pars Roberti le Burser quam habere non curavit quia nichil retinuit."
(ii.) The like between Thomas, son of William Sergaunt, of Brumfeld, and the same Master Thomas, tenant of eight acres of land in Brumfeld whereupon an assise of mort d'ancestor was summoned, and Thomas son of William quitclaimed the land to Master Thomas and his successors, parsons of the church abovesaid. Dated as above.
Endorsed: " Pars Thome filii Willielmi Serjand quam habere non curavit quia nichil retinuit."
(iii.) Counterpart of ii., probably the part left with Thomas de Wymundcham. Dated as above.
[York.] A. 441. Grant by Sir Hugh le Despenser to Warin le Grys, of Barndesle, of eight acres of land in the west field of Barndesle, situated as described, in exchange for which Warin grants Sir Hugh eight acres and a rood of land in Wysessherde, in the field of Barndesle. Witnesses:— Sir John de Hanlo, Sir Ingram Belreger, John de Mareys, and others (named). Barndesle, feast of St. Hilary, 6 Edward H. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 442. Grant by Isabella de Cloville to William de Pacchingg, her son, of land in a croft called 'Kykoscroft,' in Pacching Clovill, in the vill of Bromfeld, and in a meadow called 'Hammemad.' Witnesses:—Jordan de Maundeville, and others (named). Bromfeld, Saturday next after Michaelmas, 20 Edward II.
[Essex.] A. 443. Grant by William de Reymes, knt., to Sir Philip Basset, of all his land in the field called 'Speltewellefeld,' in Boytune, in Finchingfeud parish, viz., lands called 'Hueloteslee' and 'Eldewelle,' &c, to be held with another tenement Sir Philip holds of him in the same vill by the service of half a knight's fee. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Saham, Sir Nicholas Peche, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 444. Grant by William de Reimes, knt., to Sir Philip Basset, of a croft called 'Bantone' in Boitone, in Finchingefeld parish, as herein described, paying for this and other land held of Sir William in the same vill a pair of gilt spurs or 6d. yearly. Witnesses:—Sir William Doddingeseles. Sir Nicholas de Sanford, Sir Laurence de Sanford, Geoffrey Foliot, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 445. Release by William, sou of Sir William de Reymes, of Finchingfeud, to Sir Philip Basset, of 6s. 2d. annual rent he was wont to receive from Simon Cusin, for 20 acres in Finchingfeud; paying therefor yearly 6½d. Witnesses:—Simon son of Richard, Roger de Omnibus Sanctis, Thomas de Yspannia, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 446. Release by Avicia, formerly wife of Peter le Herde, of Chelmereford, to William de Cogeshale, of her third part in a croft called 'Clobbiscroft,' in Chelmereford parish, which came to her as dower after her husband's death, paying therefor 16d. yearly during her life. Chelmereford, Monday next after the Ascension, 17 Edward II.
[Essex.] A. 447. Agreement in settlement of a dispute between Sir William de Wydihulle, rector of Bromfeld church, London diocese, and Thomas de Maundeville, over the fairs of St. Leonard's in Bromfeld, whereby the latter quit-claims the said fairs to Sir William and his successors in the said church, to hold as freely as Master Walter, archdeacon of Norfolk, Master Thomas de Wymundeham, and Sir Adam de Stratton, his predecessors as rectors, held them, as appears by the charter of Thomas de Maundeville, ancestor of the same Thomas. Witnesses:—Sirs Adam de Stratton, Ralph Basset, Robert de Walmesford, Robert de Kyngton, clerks, and others (named). London, the feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 12 Edward 1. Seal of arms, damaged.
[Essex.] A. 448. Grant by Nicholas le Wulf, of Burstede Parva, to Robert de Frekeberwe, Joan his wife, and John his son, of annual rents of a pound of cummin and ½d. issuing from lands herein specified, in Burstede Parva, in the tenure of John le Tannur, and Anice his wife, and William le Wulf, with reversion to Robert and his heirs if John die without children. Duntone, Sunday next before St. Gregory the Pope, 24 Edward I. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 449. Grant by Isabella, daughter of the late William Freman, widow, to Dionisia de Monte Caniso, lady of Braxstede Magna, of the homage and service of Sir Ralph de Monte Caniso and lady Albreda his wife, and 14d. annual rent from a tenement the latter hold in Braxstede Magna. Witnesses:—John de Kelleveden, Roger de Schaldeford, William Quoynterel, and others (named). Braxstede, Tuesday in Whitsuntide, 27 Edward [I.].
[Essex.] A. 450. Grant by William de Reymes, knight, to Sir Philip Basset, of land called 'Aiswell,' and meadow between this and Aiswell bridge, in Boitune, in Finchingefeld parish, to be held by the same service of half a knight's fee whereby he holds another tenement in the same vill. Witnesses:—Sir Richard Foliot, canon of St. Paul's, London, Henry de Seint Pol, Ranulf de Amundeville, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 451. Grant by Robert le Hwite, clerk, of Burstede Parva, to Robert de Frekeberwe, and Joan his wife, of various rents arising from lands called 'Diringes Dale,' 'Longelond,' 'Middelfeld,' 'Beneites Feld,' 'West Feld,' 'Hellond,' &c, in Burstede Parva, the situation of the lands, &c., and by whom held being clearly specified. Witnesses:—Hubert de Brumford, John Male Greffe, and others (named). Duntone, Wednesday next after the Purification, 23 Edward I. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 452. Grant by William de Reimes to Sir Philip Basset, of land in Boitune, annual rents issuing from lands therein, and all his granges at Boitune, to be held by the service of half a knight's fee he already owes the said William. (The lands are accurately described, and the names of the tenants specified.) Witnesses:—Sirs William de Dodingescles, Richard Fillol, Matthew de Leiham, Roger de Reimes, and others (named) Portion of seal.
Essex. A. 453. Grant by Henry Cokham, parson of St. Mary atte Hille, London, and John Sibille to Thomas Drapere and John Matheu, clerks of Dedham manor, and a messuage and eight acres of meadow in Dedham, which they lately had by feoffment of Nicholas Exton, and Joan his wife, by fine levied at Westminster on the morrow of [All] Souls, 15 Richard II., together with Richard Gylle, who has released to them his claim thereto. Dedham, 10 August, 16 Richard II. Seal and fragment.
[Essex.] A. 454. Grant by William de Reimes, knight, to Fulk Basset, provost of the church of Beverley, for 100l., of the moiety of all his land in Boitune, and of 27 acres of meadow, and some wood, "for the sake of having entire the crofts next to my court," and the services of the freemen (whose names are given) belonging to the said lands; doing, therefor, the scutage pertaining to half a knight's fee when required. (The extent and situation of the lands clearly specified.) Witnesses:—Sir William de Ebor, Sir Henry de Batun[ia], the King's Justices de Banco, Sir Hamo son of Richard, Sir William de Hispania, Sir Nicholas Peche, Sir Robert Inkell, Gilbert de Dantesey, chancellor of Beverley, and others (named). [A.D 1213–1234.] Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 455. Acknowledgment at Westminster in the quinzaine of St. John the Baptist, 12 Edward I., by Thomas de Arderne, son and heir of Ralph de Arderne, that he has quit-claimed to Anice, who was wife of John Horn, the manor of Ovesham, with the advowson of the chapel and 10l. yearly, to be held of Earl Warrenne, chief lord of the manor. Witnesses:—Henry le Waleis, then Mayor of London, Stephen de Cornhull, Adam de Fulham, the elder, and the younger, and others "in carta contentis." 12 Edward I.
[Essex.] A. 456. Grant by Alice, widow of John Edmund, of Alvithele, to Stephen Cook and Agnes his wife, of the tenement in Alvithele formerly belonging to Richard Edmund. Witnesses:—Thomas Belhous, and others (named). Alvithele, Monday, the vigil of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, 35 Edward III.
Endorsed: "Carta Alicie quondam uxor Emundi, pertin' ad mansionem vicarii." Seal, imperfect.
[Essex.] A. 457. Grant by John atte Welle, of Stanford, to John Arnold, and Joan his wife, of the same tenement in Alvythele as above [A. 456], formerly belonging to John Edmund. Witnesses:—Thomas de Belhous, and others (named). Alvythele, Sunday after the Conception, 1 Richard II.
Endorsed similarly to A. 456. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 458. Grant by Robert Arnold, citizen of London, son of John Arnold, of Alvithele, to Sir John de Thorzsby, vicar of Alvithele, and Sir John Est, of Greynesby, chaplain, of a messuage with curtilage in Alvithele, herein described. Alvithele, Monday next before St. Nicholas the Bishop, 8 Richard II.
[Essex.] A 459. Grant by John Thorsby, vicar of Alvetheley, to Sir John Maukyn, rector of Wenyngton, William Orlton, "glacier" of Southwark, and John atte Welle, of Alvetheley, of his "placea" in Alvetheley, which he had by feoffment of John de Thorok, situate as described. Witnesses:— Henry Bailly, of Southwerk, Thomas Solace, Henry Boerne, of London, John Salesbury, Reginald Spencer. Alvetheley, 5 Dec, 9 Richard II.
Endorsed in a later hand: "Thise came owte of Lesnnes, but they perteyne not to the place."
[Essex.] A. 460. Release by William . . . . . . . . . to John Ive, rector of St. Michael's, Wood Street, London, of the "placea" of land built over with its appurtenances in Alvythelee parish, which he and the said John lately acquired from Henry Stoghman, of that parish. Sunday next before the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 16 Richard II. Damaged.
Essex. A. 461. Grant by Robert Wolf, citizen and skinner of London, to Thomas Bedyngham, of Berkyng, gentleman, (besides a tenement with curtilage in Bakerstrete, Berkyng, which he granted Bedyngham by charter dated 24 April, 7 Henry VII.,) of two acres called 'Crabbelond' in the Eastmarsh of Berkyng, which tenement and land he with Joan his wife, now deceased, received by demise from Thomas Mogge and Agnes his wife, John Frost, Edmund Saunder, and Richard Broke, dated 23 February, 1 Richard III.: on condition that the said Thomas pay him 10l., in the parish of St. John by Walbroke, London, in instalments of 40s. yearly, the first payment to be made the Vigil of the Annunciation, 1492[–3], with right of re-entry in case of failure of payment. The first instalment due last March not having been paid, Wolf herein names attorneys to enter the premises and continue possession thereof in his name. 20 June, 8 Henry VII.
[Essex.] A. 462. Demise by John Cok, of Bromfeld, and Margery his wife, to Walter Paching and Alice his wife, of that portion of a tenement in Bromfeld which came to Margery on the death of Robert and Sabina Atewell, her parents, for six years from Michaelmas next, at 5s. yearly rent. Walter and Alice shall cut no wood except for "hayebot," and all damages committed by them shall be allowed to John and Margery by view of trustworthy men. (Other clauses follow.) Bromfeld, Sunday before St. Peter ad vincula, 15 Edward III. Seal.
Essex. A. 463. Grant by Hugh le Despenser, Earl of Winchester, to his clerk, Master John de Stanton, for life, of all his possessions in Peldon and Aldebourghton, which Thomas de Wyndeslade formerly held for term of his life. Witnesses:—Sirs John de Haulo, Ingelram Berenger, Walter de Pateshull, Philip de Vyrili, knts., and others (named). Kenyngton near London, Monday the morrow of Holy Trinity, 17 Edward II.
Endorsed: "Carta de Leyre indentata." Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] A. 464. Grant by John Moneron, of Fratyngge, to John Knygth and Margery his wife, of Great Brumley, of a messuage and three acres of land in Great Brumleye, to be held by knight's service, as herein specified. Brumlegh, Monday next before All Saints, 31 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 465. Release by Felicia, late wife of Thomas le Yonge, of Reynham, to John atte Chaumbre of land in the marsh of Alvithele, situate as described, which came to her as dower after her husband's death, who acquired it by grant from the said Thomas. Witnesses:—Robert de Bolynton, John atte Hale, and others (named). Reynham, Sunday next before St. Giles the abbot, 4 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 466. Will of John de Welde, of Aungre (Ongar), containing the following legacies:—His body to be buried in St. Martin's, Aungre, 5l. for expenses of burial, a brown "turthel" cow with its calf to be led before the body on the day of burial for the mortuary; a cow and 3 lbs. of wax to maintain a candle burning daily at mass in St. Martin's parish church before the altar of St. Mary and St. Margaret; a cow called "turtel" with its calf, to maintain a candle on every double festival of the year before the great altar in High Ongar church, &c. Legacies to the members of the family and others follow.
Endorsed: Note of probate and publication in Aungre church, Kalends of April, 1337.
[Essex.] A. 467. Release by Agnes, late wife of Stephen Cook, of Alvythele, to John atte Welle, of Stanford, of a tenement formerly belonging to John Edmund, in the market place, and a piece of land in Alvythele situate as described. Witnesses:—Thomas de Belhous and others (named). Alvythele, Easter Monday, 51 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 468. Release by Richard Hereward, clerk, of Alphemeston, and Alice his wife, to Richard le Meysy, rector of Lammersch, of land in a field called 'Cotfield' and elsewhere in Alphemeston. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Nowers, Richard de Reshey, and others (named). Alphemeston, Sunday next after St. Gregory the Pope, 11 Edward II. Two seals.
[Essex.] A. 469. Grant by Thomas le Yonge, of Reynham, son and heir of Serlo le Yonge, to John atte Chambre, servant of the abbot of Lysne, of a messuage and land in the marsh of Alvithele bounded on the south by the river Thames. Witnesses:—William Ithe Hale, Benedict de Dittone, and others (named). Alvithele, Thursday next before the Purification, 18 Edward II.
Essex. A. 470. Release by Matthew Smart to John Serle of the land the latter acquired from William Smart, father of Matthew, in Dodenofed, in Arkisdene parish. Witnesses:—Thomas Lanney and others (named). Arkisdene, Sunday next before the Purification, 12 Edward III. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 471. Release by William de Reymes, knt., to Sir Philip Basset, of the service of half a knight's fee he owes for a fee and tenement he holds in Boytune, Finchingfeud parish, paying a pair of gilt spurs yearly. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas Peche, Sir William de Yspania, William de Northtoft, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] A. 472. Release by Hugh the Baker (Pistor) to William bishop of London, for four marcs, of all his land in Alethorn. Witnesses:—William archdeacon of London, Master Roger, archdeacon of Colchester, Master William de Purle, William Anjou, Maurice de Herlawe, canons of St. Paul's, London, Martin de Bockingg, Stephen de Eseleya, Ralph de Herlawe, clerks, [c. A.D. 1220.]
Essex. A. 473. Grant by John Ive, rector of St. Michael's, Wood Street, London, to Thomas Totenham, of Alvythelee, of a "place" of land built over in Alvythelee, which he himself and William Rykhill lately had by feoffment of Henry Sloghman. Alvythelee, 13 September, 16 Richard II. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 474. Grant by Walter, son of Ranulf Ramet, son of Gerard, to Philip Basset, of land in Alwineheye, and lands that Thomas Parmentar' and Moses son of Heldiard, held, paying yearly 6d., or a pair of gilt spurs worth 6d. Witnesses:—Hubert de Ruily, Walter, rector of Aclee Magna, Roger de Reymes, Geoffrey de Sunderland, and others (named).
Endorsed: Wikes. Seal.
Essex. A. 475. Grant by William Orltone, "glasyere," of Southwerk, to Henry Sloghman, of a "place" of land built over in Alvythele, formerly belonging to John Thoresby, vicar of Alvythele, situate as described. Alvythele, Sunday next before the Apostles Philip and James, 9 Richard 11. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 476. Grant by Richard Herward, of Alphemeston, and Alice his wife, to Richard de Meysy, rector of Lammersch, of land in a field called 'Cotfeld' and elsewhere in Alphemeston. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Nowers, Richard de Reshey, and others (named). Lammersch, Thursday, Ascension Day, 10 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Essex ] A. 477. Grant by William de Reimes, knt., to Sir Philip Basset, of all lands Fulk Basset, then dean of York, held of him in Boitune and Finchingfeud, and delivered to Sir Philip as his assignee; paying therefor scutage of half a knight's fee when required. Witnesses:—Sir William de Dodingescles, Richard Fillol, Hugh Gross, knts., Roger de Raimes, and others (named). [A.D. 1239–1242.]
[Essex.] A. 478. Grant by Robert, son of Robert Goyet, of Duddenho, to Thomas Burgeis, of Christeshall, of land in Duddenho, Arkesden parish, in a meadow called 'Langemad,' situate as described. Witnesses:—Peter Kardun, Philip Louth, William de Chesewit, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 479. Duplicate of A. 474.
[Essex.] A. 480. Grant by William, son of John Faucelun, to Katherine, formerly wife of Robert Faucelun, of 6s. 8d. annual rent issuing from a certain fulling mill called 'Fotesmelne,' in Westhamme parish. Witnesses: —Geoffrey Boquointe, William de Alneto, Gerard de Bramford, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] A. 481. Grant by Sabina de Bemflet, late wife of John Faucilun, to William Faucilun, her son, of 9s. 6d. annual rent she receives from the master and brethren of the hospital of St. Thomas of Acre, for a certain fulling mill in Stratford, paying therefor yearly 1d. or a pair of white gloves, and half a marc to Sabina during her life. Witnesses:—Alexander de Benflet, John del Broc, Gilbert and Richard Faucilun, and others (named). Seal damaged.
[Essex.] A. 482. Grant by Benedict de Ditton to Richard Edmund and Alice his wife, of the tenement he had after the death of John de Sunning, with land adjoining in Alvithele, situate as described. Alvithele, Monday before All Saints, 6 Edward III.
Endorsed: "Carta Benedicti de Ditton pertinens ad mansionem vicarii."
[Essex.] A. 483. Release by Simon Colin, of Finchingefeld, to Sir Philip Basset, of an annual rent of 2d. for pasture of a certain way in Birtone, Finchingefeld parish, between fields called 'Speltewellefeld' and 'Alleboitone.' Witnesses:—Nicholas Peche, William de Northtoft, Richard de Ruly, William and Waller de Reymes, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 484. Grant by William de Reimes to Sir Philip Basset of the portion of his outer court at Boytun, in Finchingefeld parish, situate as described. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas Pecche, Richard de Ruylli, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 485. Grant by Alexander son of Osbert to William de Colum, of all land he holds of the fee of St. John of Colchester, in Adburgeton parish, except a messuage by the bridge on the west, at a yearly rent of 10s. Witnesses:—William de Rocheford, Richard de Pettindon, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 486. Grant by Robert de Badua to Stephen son of Gode, of 15 acres, which Godic Cobbe and Walter Constable held [in Baddow ?], paying 4s. yearly; Stephen defending such land against the King "pro quindecim acris de Ware," and paying Robert 20s. and his son Walter 12d. Witnesses:—Walter de Badua, Walter son of Ranulf, Robert de Fordin, Richard de Rameseia, and others (named).
Essex. A. 487. Licence to John de Bohun and Cecilia his wife, for a fine of 22l. 7s. 4d., to enfeoff with their manor of Kelleveden, Griffin de Sutton, Richard Laxman, and Richard le Graunt. chaplain; and also to the latter, having obtained full and peaceable seisin thereof, to grant it to the said John and Cecilia, with remainder, if they die without children, to Cecilia, then to Ralph Filiol, to William, son of John de Sutton, knt., to Richard his brother, and to John his brother, in succession. "Teste, Leonello filio nostro carissimo, Custode Anglie." Eltham, 16 January, 20 Edward III.
Endorsed: "Irrotulatur termino Sancti Hillarii anno regni E. Regis Anglie tercii a conquestu vicesimo primo, regni vero sui Francie octavo. Ro. cclxxx.;" and in a later hand:—"Licentia data Johanni de Bohun alienandi 'Filiol's hall,' anno 20 E. III."
[Essex.] A. 488. Grant by William de Reymes, knt., to Philip Basset, of all his lands in Boytone, in the parish of Finchiggefeld, consisting of a messuage and lands called 'Tenacre,' 'Ruleye,' 'Aswelle,' 'Aswellemede,' 'Stokilondfeld,' 'Walewurth,' 'Speltewellefeld,' 'Brugelond,' and 'Boytonegrene,' and the homage and service of the tenants (named). Witnesses:— Sirs Gilbert de Saunford, Ralph de Arderne, Nicholas de Saunford, Roger de Saunford, Laurence de Saunford, Nicholas Peche, and Richard son of Hugh, Richard de Ruily, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 489. Grant by Robert de Bromfeld to the church of the Virgin Mary at Begeham, and the abbot and convent thereof, of the marl found upon his land in the parish of Fernthe, within the space of half an acre in a place called 'Vifacres,' next a wood called 'Bechenewode,' belonging to the convent, for 60 years from St. Andrew's Day, 14 Edward III., with right of free entry over his land to dig such marl when they please. Begeham, St. Andrew's Day, 14 Edward III. Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 490. Grant by Thomas Harpur to Warin de Muncansi, for 9½ marcs, of land called 'Pirifield,' in Fordham parish, paying 3s. yearly. Witnesses:—Alan and Reginald de Crepping, Robert Cause, Michael de Fordham, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 491. Grant by Matilda, daughter of Stephen de Beauchamp, to Aline de Beauchamp, her sister, of all the land the former inherited through her sister Idonea, in Bradefeld, Sevenacre, Lambecroft, and Helmalle in Fairstede, and in Wroseneye in Borham parish; save all those lands "which the men who descended to me by inheritance of the aforesaid Idonea hold, with their homage and rents," and with the wood that came to her in the same way. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Glanville, John de Suthberi, Robert de Resheye, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 492. Release by James the Clerk of Fuierstede, to Ralph de Hastings, of all his lands in Faierstede, for four marcs and for the land of Smethedale, with the messuage of that land in Faierstede. Witnesses:— Robert and John de Hastings, William Carbunel, William, son of Robert de Hastings, Aelard de Graveni, Master Roger de Clare, Roger de Raimes, Peter de Ramesia, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 493. Release by Walter Hervi, of Boiton, to Sir Philip Basset, for eight marcs, of seven acres of land in Finchingefeld, called 'Leessart,' which he bought of Sir William de Reymes, provided he be quit of 7d. rent he owed the said Sir Philip from the said lands. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Rull', Sir Richard Espannia, Walter Peche, William de Gelham, Walter de Reymes, and others (named).
Essex. A. 494. Release by John Sibille, Peter Exton, William Glanville, citizens of London, John Curteys, William Bright, and William Lokha, clerk, to Henry Cokham, parson of St. Mary's atte Hille, London, John Wade, citizen of London, and Henry Dalby, of Dedham manor, and of a messuage and eight acres in Dedham, which they, together with Cokham, Wade, and Dalby, lately had by feoffment of Thomas Drapere and John Matheu, who received them by feoffment of Cokham and Sibille. London, 10 March, 17 Rich. II. Portions of five, out of six seals, remaining.
[Essex.] A. 495. Grant by Walter Wygeyn, of Dunton, to Sir Humfry de Waleden, knt., of 15 acres in Dunton, adjoining the Abbot of Stratford's land. Witnesses:—Sir Walter le Baud, knt., and others (named). Dunton, 24 September, 4 Edward II. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 496. Grant by John, son of Hugh de St. Denis, to the church and canons of Holy Trinity, London, of two solidates of quit rent in East Ham, which Alexander the Clerk was wont to pay for land called 'Edgaresbrom' he holds of him there. Witnesses:—Ralph de Hosdeng, Ralph Ursonis, John de Ilesford, Simon de Cranebroc, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 497. Grant by Henry, son of Henry Biweston, of Elmeden, to the church and canons of St. Thomas the Martyr, of Westwode in Leysnes, of a piece of his croft in Elmeden. Witnesses:—Robert and Henry de la Rokell', William de Chesewic, Richard Wymaric, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 498. Duplicate of A. 495.
A. 499. Grant by Henry de Lega to William son of Osmund, of three acres in Estbiri, at Vosteshulle, Haidune, and Thornhulle, and land called 'Kenesore.' Witnesses:—William de Hadel', Alexander de Lamburne, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 500. Release by Stephen, son of Ralph Trichet, and Armengerda his mother, to the canons of Holy Trinity, [London], of land in Barchedene, for which the canons have given Stephen two marcs and land in Barchedene to hold in fee for 2s. yearly, which Stephen shall defend against the lord of the fee and the King; and he has done homage and fealty to Ralph the prior and the chapter. Witnesses:—Simon the Priest (P'b'r), of Mundam, Hugh Anglicus, William son of Alured, Robert the Clerk of Brachinge, Bartholomew son of Reneward, William son of Matilda, Henry and John, sons of William Facet, William de Bromfeld, and others (named). [A.D. 1148–1170.]