Deeds: A.701 - A.800

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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A.701 - A.800

[Linc.] A. 701. Grant by Simon Miriote, of Knayth, to Richard, his son, of half a toft and croft in Knayth, situate as described, paying therefor 12d. yearly during Simon's life. Witnesses:—William Andrew, rector of Knayth, and others (named). Knayth, the feast of the Decollation of John the Baptist, 1400.
[Linc.] A. 702. Grant by John Hamson, of Lee, to Richard Ward, of Knayth, and Alice his wife, of a bovate of land in Knayth, which he had by feoffment of Thomas Blissott and Matilda his wife. Lee, Tuesday next before the Purification, 3 Henry IV.
Endorsed: Note that this bovate of land ought to pay the lord of the fee a pound of pepper yearly. Seal.
York. A. 703. Grant by Thomas Sotehyll to his kinsmen Thomas Gryce, Master William Gryce, clerk, and Oswald Gryce, of the next advowson or presentation to his chantries in St. Philip's chapel in Haddilsay or elsewhere in co. York. Sotehyll Hall, 18 February, 13 Hen. VIII. Seal.
York. A. 704. Indenture between Sir Robert Ughtred, knt., and Thomas Hennege, whereby the former confirms his indenture of sale (dated 12 March, 15 Hen. VIII.) to Sir Anthony Ughtred, of the manors of Kylnweke, Tolthorp, Fymour, and Hollesthorp, and corroborates such bargain and sale of the premises to the use of Thomas Hennege, and also bargains to the same all his lands, &c. in the above-named places, not parcel of those manors, with other covenants. English.
Note:—That before William Burbanke, one of the clerks of Chancery, Sir Eobert Ughtred requested this indenture might be enrolled as his act. 6 June, 16 Hen. VIII. Seal.
York. A. 705. Indenture whereby Thomas Sotehylle, of Sotyll Hall, co. York, being tenant "by the curtesye of Ynglond" of East Hadilsay manor, of divers woods, and fishings, &c., in East, Middle, and West Hadilsay, and of the patronage of three chantries in East Hadilsay, hath demised the same to Thomas Darcy, knt., lord Darcy, for 40 years from the feast of the Annunciation next at a yearly rent of 26l. 13s. 4d., with other covenants. 21 December, 21 Hen. VIII. Seal. English.
York. A. 706. Indenture between Edward IV. and George, archbishop of York, master of the hospital of St. Leonard of York, reciting that the brethren of the hospital, from time immemorial, had housebote and haybote in the King's forest of Galtres, for repair of all their messuages, supply of firewood, and enclosing of their closes; the King now, for preservation of the forest and the beasts therein, by the grant of the hospital, wills that in future they have haybote only for their closes therein called 'Lesmer,' 'Kelsthwayt,' and 'Grenthwayt,' and for compensation grants them all his water mills by York Castle, called 'Castelmylnes.' Westminster, 19 November, 5 Edward IV. Seal of the hospital of St. Peter, York, attached.
Enrolled on the Patent Roll, 5 Edward IV., pt. 2, m. 10.
York. Dham. Linc. A. 707. Inspeximus by the mayor and bailiffs of Kingston-on-Hull of a grant entered in the town register, by Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk, to Edmund de Stafford, bishop of Exeter, Ralph de Nevyll, Earl of Westmoreland, Thomas Erpyngham, and Edmund de la Pole, knts., and nine others (named), of a messuage called 'Courthall Manor' in Kingstonon-Hull, Rymeswell manor, and all other lands, &c. held in dower or for term of life or years in Kingston-on-Hull, Beghorn, Dripole, Newland, Anlaby, Oustemersk, and Cotyngham, lands called 'Atonfee' in Mitton, the manors of del Isle and Braddebury, all his lands, &c. in Braddebury, Preston-onSkyern, Chilton Magna, Foxden, Stilyngton, Fishburn, and Belom in the bishopric of Durham, and the manor of Westmod in the Isle of Axiholm. Witnesses:—Ralph de Yver, Peter de Bukton, John de Routhe, knts., John Leversegge, then mayor of Kingston-on-Hull, and others (named). Dated 1 June, 9 Hen. IV.
Linc. Notts. York. A. 708. Release by Thomas, son and heir of Richard Restwold, to John Duke of Suffolk, and Elizabeth his wife, William Hastyngs, of Hastyngs, Robert Chamberlayn, James Tyrell, and William Knyvet, knts., and eight others (named), of the manors of Blybourgh and Westwode; the manors of Myton and Rymeswell, and lands, &c, in Kingston-on-Hull, Myton, Beaugham, Rymeswell, Drypole, Cotyngham, Newlond, Awelaby, and Oustemerk; and the manors of Gresthorp and Normanton, and lands, &c. in Gresthorp, Normanton, Sutton, and North Clifton; whereof his father was seised with others whom he survived, and upon whose death they descended to the said Thomas. 12 November, 16 Edw. IV. Seal.
York. A. 709. Indenture whereby Thomas Sotehill appoints Oswold Grice, his kinsman, to the office of surveyor and bailiff of all his lands, &c., in Middle, East, and West Haddilsay for 24 years from the present date, he paying therefor 56l. yearly, and receiving 13s. 4d. yearly as his fee, and having the right before all others (except Lord Darcy) to farm any lands that may fall in to the said Thomas, paying therefor the same price as any other man would. 23 January, 13 Hen. VIII. Seal. English.
York. A. 710. Grant by Thomas, William, and Oswald Grice to Thomas lord Darcy, of the next advowson or presentation to the chantries in St. John's chapel, Haddesley, and elsewhere in co. York, which they had from Thomas Sotehill, by grant dated 18 February, 13 Hen. VIII. [See A. 703]. 24 December, 18 Hen. VIII. One seal remaining.
York. A. 711. Grant by Oswald Grice, at the instance of Lord Darcy, to Edmond Seynter, of the offices of surveyor and bailiff of all lands, &c. in Middle, East, and West Haddelsey, belonging to Thomas Sotehill, as the same were granted to him by the said Thomas for 24 years from 23 January, 13 Hen. VIII. [see A. 709]. 20 December, 18 Hen. VIII. Seal. English.
York. A. 712. Paper draft of the greater portion of A. 705. 21 December, 21 Henry VIII. English.
[The name of Sir George Darcy occurs instead of that of Thomas Lord Darcy. In A. 705 Sir George Darcy was named at first, but his name has been cancelled wherever it occurred, and that of Lord Darcy put in its place.]
York. A. 713. Indenture of bargain and sale by John Ardern, of Kelyngthorp, to Thomas Perpoynte, citizen and draper of London, for 500l., of the manor or grange of Belthorp, which he assures him shall be of the clear yearly value of 40l. beyond all reprises; with covenants as to warranty, &c, the said Thomas having paid Ardern 250l. in good damasks and satins at the rate of 5s. 4d. a yard, and undertaking to pay the other 250l. in the same way within a month of good estate in the premises being made to him. 18 June, 13 Hen. VIII. Fragment of seal. English.
York. A. 714. Grant by Thomas Darcy, knt., Lord Darcy, to John Husey, knt., Lord Husey, William FitzWilliam, knt., Treasurer of the King's Household, William Husey, William Eure, and Robert. Nevyll, knts., of his manors of and other possessions in Bekhey, alias Bekhawe, and Roundhey, alias Roundhawe, in fulfilment of the testament and last will of the said Thomas Lord Darcy; appointing attorneys to deliver possession thereof to the grantees. 15 November, 23 Henry VIII. Seal.
Endorsed: Certificate of livery of seisin of the premises having been made 15 April, 23 Hen. VIII., in presence of the witnesses named.
York. A. 715. Exemplification of recovery, dated Michaelmas term, 22 Henry VIII., by Edward Earl of Derby, Robert Earl of Sussex, Francis Talbot Lord Talbot, Henry Fitzwater Lord Fitzwater, Francis Hastyngs Lord Hastyngs, William Hussey, Richard Walden, and Robert Nevyle, knts., and four others, against Thomas Darcy Lord Darcy, of the manors of Temple Newsom, Rothewell, Rothewell Haye, and Beckenhawe alias Beckenhaye, with 60 messuages, watermill, &c. in Temple Newsom, Rothewell manor, Rothewell Haye, Beckenhaye, Halton, Skelton, Cotton, Nusom, Ossynthorpe, Calcottys, Kelyngbek, and Whitkyrke. Westminster, 18 November, 22 Hen. VIII. Seal "pro brevibus coram Justiciariis," slightly damaged.
York. A. 716. Indenture of sale by Thomas Crumwell, of London, to Sir Peter Vavasour, of Spaldington, co. York, for the sum of 120l., of Baddisworth manor, with its appurtenances and all charters and muniments relating thereto, which manor Crumwell acquired of William Banke, of Baddisworth, for 100l., by indenture of sale dated 21 June last, to the use of Thomas cardinal [Wolsey]. 11 March, 20 Hen. VIII. English.
York. A. 717. Transcript of a fine whereby John de Camoys, knt., and Margaret his wife, acquire of Thomas de Burwell, parson of Stanfeld. Master Mathew de Wygenale, parson of Elsyng, and Nicholas de Lammere, parson of Briselee, the manor of Cowesby and advowson of the church there, and messuages and lands in Moseleye, Brantyngham, and Replyngham, with remainder to Hugh de Hastyngs, knt., and Margery his wife, and the heirs of the latter. Westminster, the quinzaine of St. Hilary, 18 Edw. III.
Annexed: (1.) Writ to the Treasurer and Chamberlains to return a transcript of the above fine into the Chancery. Westminster, 20 October, 33 Hen. VI.
(2.) Writ to the Justices de Banco, forwarding the above transcript, and directing them to act thereon at the suit of John Hastings, heir of the above Margery. Westminster, 22 October, 33 Hen. VI.
Essex. Herts. A. 718. Grant by Henry Lokwood, clerk, master or warden, and the fellows and scholars of Christ's College, Cambridge, to Henry VIII., of the manor of Roydon, with its appurtenances in Essex and Herts, except a certain messuage with croft adjoining. Christ's College, 1 November, 23 Hen. VIII. Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 719. Grant by Richard, son of Ralph de Roheng' Abbatissa, to Sir Robert Leydet, lady Margery his wife, and Walter Leydet, their son, of land called 'Baconnesredene,' in Roothing Abbots, at a yearly rent of 4d. Witnesses:—Richard son of Geoffrey, Geoffrey de Litlinthon, William the Clerk of Roothing Abbots, Oliver Morel, of White Roothing, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] A. 720. Grant by Robert de Crofte to Roger de Lucy, and Lucy his wife, of a messuage and land in Renham, in a place called 'Boldhodes,' paying yearly to Robert, Stephen, and John, his sons, a seam (summam) of wheat at Michaelmas, in exchange for land in Opechre parish, in a place called 'Suhtfeld,' and 8 marcs sterling. Witnesses:—Luke de la Gare, Joce de Crofte, James de Gravesende, Ralph de West Renham, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 721. Confirmation by Thomas, son of Symon, of the grant [A. 723] made by his father Symon to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of land in Radwinter, with the messuage of Peter son of Sabern. Witnesses: —Solomon de Benedis, Alan son of Turstan, William de Stratura, and others (named).
Essex. A. 722. Release by Robert Brown, Philip Jostlyn, John Antony, George Feton, clerk, John Turnour, Robert Spety, and John Rede, to Cristina Tenche, late wife of Edward Brokman, of all lands and tenements anciently called 'Davies,' in High Roding, Hatfield, and Aythorp. Monday next after Easter, 22 Edw. IV.
[Essex.] A. 723. Grant by Symon, son of Serlo de Radwintre, to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of land in Radwintre and the messuage of Peter Sabern, which the canons have granted the said Peter for his life at a yearly rent of 4d., to revert to them absolutely at his death. Witnesses:— Solomon de Benedis and others (named). Portion of seal
[Essex.] A. 724. Grant by Richard, the prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity, London, to Adam de Essendun of the messuage in Radwintre that Simon son of Serlo granted them [see A. 723], except the messuage of Peter son of Sabern, and the spot within the aforesaid messuage which they have set apart to erect a certain barn on, with free way thereto, at a yearly rent of 2s. Other covenants specified. Witnesses:—Solomon de Benedisse, Peter de Hecham, Simon son of Serlo, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 725. Grant by John Bette, the younger, of Danseye [? Dengie] and Robert Smyzth, of Southmynster, to John Batayle and Emota his wife, of Danyseye, of all lands called 'Holewellys' and 'Richard's lond' in the vill aforesaid, which they lately had by feoffment of the same John. Suthmynstre, Monday next after Holy Trinity, 6 Hen. IV. Two seals, damaged.
Essex. A. 726. Grant by William Bensted to William Parre, knt., William Paston, John Russhe, and Thomas Lovell, of the manor of Great Stanbrygge, which descended to him on the death of John Bensted, knt., his father: appointing attorneys to deliver them seisin of the premises. 28 June, 20 Edw. IV. Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] A. 727. Release by Robert le Mareschal, of Adleye, and Juliana his wife, to Sir William de Monte Canisio, son of Sir Warren de Monte Canisio, of all lands in Stanford, formerly belonging to William Fynch, of Stanford, husband of the aforesaid Juliana. Chelmsford, before Solomon de Rochester and his colleages, Justices in Eyre in Essex, Wednesday next after St. Luke the Evangelist, 13 Edw. I.
[Essex.] A. 728. Confirmation by Americ Pecche of all grants of land made by Ralph son of Brien, and others his ancestors, to the house of St. Mary Magdalene, of Stansgate. Witnesses:—Richard and Robert de Gybetrak, Hubert le Waleis, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 729. Grant by Peter, son of Richard de Stanford, to Sir Philip Basset of all lands, &c. in Stanford formerly belonging to his father Richard, and which William de Haverhulle, Treasurer of the King, formerly held of him. Witnesses:—Sirs Baldwin de Ripariis, Roger de Sanford, and Simon de Stanford, knts., Elyas del Frith, Thomas de Bechesor, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 730. Grant by Henry son of Gerold to Ralph son of Elmand, of London, his creditor, of the yearly rent from Saudre of 4l., and 1 lb. of pepper, which Robert Mantell paid him, with the relief issuing from the marsh in Saudre, in Burghstede parish, paying therefor yearly 1 lb. of pepper at London in the Octaves of Michaelmas, and 50 marcs of silver and a cask of wine out of hand. Witnesses:—Robert Mantell, William Talbot, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 731. Grant by William Wastinell to Henry, son of Robert de Aswelle, of the land Algar de la Heyse held in Stapelford, some assarted land, and the increment of three acres of assarted land opposite the entrance of the aforesaid land, paying 6d. yearly and the other services specified. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Barenthon, William de Lamburne, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 732. Grant by John, son of Thomas de Waleton, to Sir Humfrey de Waleden of an annual rent of 40d., a cock, and four hens, payable by John Bode, of Dunton, and Alexander, the parson of East Thorndon, for 15 acres in East Thorndon, called 'Scottesland,' held by them of the grantor. Witnesses:—John de Gyng and others (named). Dunton, Friday before the Annunciation, 5 Edw. II. Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 733. Grant by William Bataile, son of Richard Bataile, to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of all tithes of his demesne in Stapleford, except those divided between the churches of Stapleford and Lanburn. This grant he has made by placing a gold ring on the altar of Holy Trinity, London. Witnesses:—Hugh de St. Clare, Richard Wastinel, Peter archdeacon of Evreux (Ebroicensi), and others (named). Damaged.
[Essex.] A. 734. Grant by Peter, son of Richard, son of Luke de Stanford, to William de Haverhull, clerk, of all his lands, &c, in Stanford, except the rents he holds in Angre and a rent of 12d. in Stanford due from Walter de Royng'. Witnesses:—Sir William de Ebor, provost of Beverley, Richard [de Barking], abbot of Westminster, Alexander de Swereford, John de Fraunceis, Ralph de Ely, then Barons of the King's Exchequer, Jollan de Nevill, John de Cobeham, then Justices of our lord the King "in Banco," William de Sancto Edmundo, Thomas de Newerk, then Justices of the Jews, Ralph Eswy, then Mayor of London, Adam de Basing and Hugh Blund, then sheriffs, Roger son of Roger, John de Condre, Peter de Wakering, William, son of Richard de Stapelford, Peter de Tany, Simon, son of Gilbert de Stanford, John de Bernes, Baldwin de Ripariis, knights, and others (named). [28 Hen. III.] Seal.
[Essex.] A. 735. Grant by John, son of Robert Faucilon, to John, the prior, and the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of an annual rent of 9s. 6d., issuing from a mill in Stratford, which the brethren of St. Thomas of Acre once held. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Wildeland, Roger Hode, Geoffrey de Widefeld and others (named). [A.D. 1252–8.]
Annexed: Final concord made at Chelmsford on the morrow of Michaelmas, 13 Edw. I., between William, prior of Holy Trinity, London, plaintiff, and Richard, master of the church of St. Thomas of Acre, London, deforciant, concerning 4l. in arrear to the former of the annual rent of 9s. 6d. for a mill in Stratford. The said Richard for himself and his successors undertook to pay the rent of 9s. 6d. to the prior and his successors in future, and also paid the 4l. arrears.
[Essex.] A. 736. Grant by Hubert Bataile, knt., for the souls of himself, his wife, and William and Matthew his sons, &c., to Norman, the prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity, London, of all tithes of his demesne of Stapleford, except of two acres tithable to the churches of Stapelford and Lamburne. Witnesses:—Richard de Luci, Hubert de Anesti, R. de Mandavilla, and others (named). [? A.D. 1108—1147.]
[Essex.] A. 737. Grant by Henry, the abbot, and the convent of St. Osith, to Sir Philip Basset that though he has made the convent a quitclaim of the lands of Robert de Saldeford, yet they will not thereupon require from him or his heirs any warranty "nec per breve nec per os," even if they be impleaded for the said lands.
[Essex.] A. 738. Release by Richard Pig, to Sir Philip Basset, of the land in Stamford he holds of Sir Philip. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Insula, Hubert and Richard de Ruyly, Robert le Chamberleing, knts., and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 739. Grant by William Bataille to the House of the Holy Trinity, London, of 3 acres of land in Teidena, viz., 3 acres of Smithesbroc, for the souls of Sybil his wife and his ancestors. Witnesses:—Nicholas Vic', Walter de Hetfeld, Roger Furre, Edmund, son of William the Bordar (Bordarii).
Essex. A. 740. Indenture tripartite between Sir William Fyndern, Bridget Fyndern, widow of William, son of the said Sir William, and John Wode and John Parker. Wode and Parker having in Hilary term, 2 Hen. VIII., recovered the manor of Overhall in Gestyngthorp, and the advowson of the church there, &c., are to be seised thereof to Sir William's use for his life, and on his decease shall make a grant of 18 marcs yearly, and the advowson to his executors—they standing seised of the premises to the yearly value of 18 marcs to the use of the said executors, and for performance of the will of Sir William for 16 years; and being seised of the residue to Bridget's use for her life. If the church fall vacant during the executors' interest therein, and they cannot agree as to the presentation, the Master of Clare Hall, Cambridge, shall have one presentation for one of the Fellows there on each such occasion; at the end of the 16 years the heirs of Sir William's body lawfully begotten to present, or in default of such heirs, the right heirs of Dame Jane Swymborne. If the church fall not vacant during the executors' interest therein, but afterwards, the Master of Clare Hall shall have one presentation thereto for one of the Fellows, if it fall vacant within 7 years after the executors' death. After the deaths of Bridget and the executors, and performance of Sir William's will, the recoverers to be seised of the premises and advowson to the use of the heirs of Sir William as above, with remainders to the heirs of Sir Robert and Dame Jane Swynborne, and of Sir William Waldegrave in succession. 12 May, 3 Hen. VIII. Two seals, effaced. English.
[Essex.] A. 741. Grant by Symon Kory, of Orsete, to Fulk Basset, bishop of London, of his meadows called 'Middelfen' and 'Estfen,' in Orsete, and three perches of arable land in breadth to make his own way, and, according to the said breadth, in length from the old exit for carts (a veteri exitu carriagii) of the said meadow to the way called 'Hamweye.' Witnesses:— Sirs William de Graundcurt, William de Wokindon, Richard de Tylleburi, and William Torel, knts., and others (named). [A.D. 1242–1259.]
[Essex.] A. 742. Demise by Symon de Cory to Sir Fulk, bishop of London, of a fen in Orseth, called 'Hotfan,' adjoining Frithfan on the east, for six years from Michaelmas, 37 Henry III., Symon undertaking to sustain any damage the bishop may incur through default of warranty on his part. Witnesses:—Sir Stephen, vicar of Orseth, Gilbert de Wemfall, and others (named). 37 Hen. III.
[Essex.] A. 743. Demise by Symon de Cory to Sir Fulk, bishop of London, of a fen in Orset, which is between two other fens, for four years from Michaelmas, 35 Hen. III., with clause for indemnity of the bishop in case of failure of warranty by the said Symon. Witnesses:—Sir Stephen, vicar of Orseth, and others, as in A. 742. 35 Hen. III.
[Essex.] A. 744. Grant by Ralph le Treyer, citizen of London, to Fulk, bishop of London, of a meadow called 'Ellfey' in his manor of Orseth, which he formerly held of Simon Cori, to be held by the bishop for a term of seven years, according to the instruments of the said Simon made to him hereupon, which he has resigned into the bishop's hands. Orseth, iii. Kalends of August, 1248.
[Essex.] A. 745. Grant by Simon de Cury to Ralph Trey, citizen of London, of a marsh in Orsett, called 'Estefanne,' situate as described, for 10 years from 28 Oct., 30 Hen. III., with clause of indemnity to the said Ralph. Witnesses:—Sir Robert the vicar (vicario), Gervase de Garschurch, Mark de Garschurch, William the Constable, and others (named). 30 Hen. III. Fragment of seal.
Essex. A. 746. Indenture of sale by James Bowen, of Tyllingham, to Thomas Burre, of Norton Maundeville, of a messuage, 56 acres of land, and two crofts called 'Gorellys' and 'Esteyscroft,' in Norton and Ongre, late belonging to John Colyn, the younger, of Norton, for 42l., payable as recited herein. Other covenants specified. 4 March, 12 Hen. VIII. Seal. English.
Essex. A. 747. Grant by Walter Rede and Elizabeth his wife, late wife of William Quysdene, the elder, of Quysdene, to John Bampton, of all lands in Quysdene, late belonging to the said William, which came to the said Elizabeth, both as dower and by reason of the minority of William Quysdene, the younger. 30 July, 7 Hen. V.
[Essex.] A. 748. Grant by Walter de Maundeville to Sir Robert, rector of Black Nottele, of land in the field called 'Hamstallecroft,' situate as described, in exchange for as much land in the field called 'Watecroft.' Black Nottele, Sunday, the feast of St. Vincent the Martyr, 8 Edw. III.
[Essex.] A. 749. Grant by Isabella de Cloville, formerly wife of John de Coggeshale, to William de Coggeshale, her son, of an acre of land in Pacching Cloville, situate as described. Pacching Cloville, Saturday next after the Apostles Peter and Paul, 13 Edw. II.
[Essex.] A. 750. Grant by Hugh le Despenser to John, son of Laurence le Mareschal, of Laufar, clerk, of land in Northweld which the said Laurence once held of him, at a yearly rent of 40s., the said John agreeing that if the rent be in arrear, not only this land but his property in Laufar Magdalen may be distrained. Witnesses:—Sir John Peyvre, Sir Adam de la Forde, and others (named). London, Tuesday next before the Annunciation, 28 Edw. I.
[Essex.] A. 751. Grant by Walter, rector of Black Nottele, to William, son of Roger de Nailyngherst, of land in Black Nottele situate as described. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas Maundevylle, knt., Jordan le Maundevylle, and others (named). Black Nottele, Sunday next after the Epiphany, 19 Edw. II.
Annexed: Grant by Henry, son of Henry de . . . . . . . to the prior of Wykes of the island of Sydricheseye and all the tithe of Purley. Witnesses:—Roger de Samford and Laurence his brother, knights, the prior of Lattun, and others (named). Fragment only.
[Essex.] A. 752. Grant by Isabella le Clovyle, formerly wife of John de Cogeshale, to William de Cogeshale, her son, of lands called 'Berghfeld' and ' Hammelase,' in Pachching Clovyle, situate as described. Witnesses:— Jurdan Maundevyle and others (named). Pachchingg Clovyle, Monday next after Holy Trinity, 15 Edward II.
[Essex.] A. 753. Letters patent of Edward I. approving the grant made by Roger le Bygod, Earl of Norfolk and Marshal of England, and Alina his wife, daughter and heir of the late Philip Basset, to Hugh de Essex of the manor of Toleshunt; which grant has been made to remove the ambiguity in a demise of Northwelde manor made by the said Hugh to Philip Basset in the latter's lifetime, and in order that the said manor of Northwelde may remain to the Earl and Alina without challenge of Hugh or his heirs. Winchester, 4 January, 8 Edward I. Fragment of Great Seal.
[Essex.] A. 754. Grant by Isabella de Cloville, formerly wife of John de Coggeshale, to William de Cogge[s]hale her son, of land in Pacchingg Cloville, situate as described. Witnesses:—Jordan de Maundeville and others (named). Pacckingg Cloville, Monday next after St. Laurence, 14 Edw. II.
[Essex.] A. 755. Grant by John de Ripariis to Hugh le Despencyer of the view of frankpledge of all men in his manor of Northwelde, within the precinct of the said John's hundred of Angre, with all incidents thereto belonging, as waifs, assize of bread and ale, &c., at a yearly rent of 2s.; exempting Hugh and his heirs from all tourns and suits belonging to the hundred. Witnesses:—Sir John de la Mare, of Perendone, Edmund Spygernel, John de Tracy, Gilbert de Stanford, knts., and others (named). Seal of arms, defaced.
[Essex.] A. 756. Grant by Constance, the prioress, and the convent of Wykes to Sir Philip Basset of certain offerings in their chapel of Wykes for his life, they also promising to provide a chaplain to celebrate divine service there three days a week as hitherto: Sir Philip undertaking not to ask for suit from them in his court of Wykes, nor to seek the levelling of the ditch separating his fields from theirs, nor the appointing of any nuns in the priory upon pretext of superior jurisdiction. Witnesses:—Sir Benedict, prior of Typeltre, Sir Hubert de Ruyli, Sir Thomas le Blund, Sir Walter the parson of Great Hacle, Sir John de Hoding, Sir Nich. de Misteleye, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 757. Grant by Reginald de Gynges, son of Sir Ralph de Gynges, knt., to the prior and canons of Holy Trinity, London, of an annual quitrent of one marc received from the lords of Wansted and issuing from their manor there. Witnesses:—John de Middeltone, Thomas le Braceur, of Stratford, Roger Ode, and others (named). [3 Edw. I.]
Annexed: Letters of attorney of Reginald de Ginges, appointing the prior of Holy Trinity his attorney to receive the above yearly rent of one marc from the lords of Wansted. Wansted, Friday next after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 3. Edw. T. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 758. Duplicate of A. 774. Fragment. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 759. Grant by Ralph de Siflewall to Lucy Gerlande, of land in Heford called 'Tunmannemad.' Witnesses:—William Dun, Ralph son of Stephen, Solomon son of Ralph, John de Witifeld, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 760. Grant by William, son of Odo de Wicham, to Warin de Monte Kanesy, of an annual rent of 9d. in Wicham, payable by the persons named herein. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Berch, Robert Besont, John, son of Rembald de Hertel, Odo de Wicham, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 761. Grant by William Setmell (de Septem Molendinis) to Sir Fulk Basset, bishop of London, of Warle manor, paying therefor 6 marcs yearly as long as the said William lives, who is to have the bishop's counsel, aid, and protection for his life; and after his decease the yearly rent shall cease to be paid, and his heirs shall come before the King's Justices and warrant the charter of the sale of the manor. [A.D. 1242– 1259.]
[Essex.] A. 762. Grant by Richard, the prior, and the canons of Holy Trinity, London, to William the Smith (Fabro) of land in Welcomestowe, at a yearly rent of 12d. Witnesses:—William Dun, Geoffrey de Cranbroc, Reginald de Claie, Peter de Kakeport, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 763. Indenture of agreement whereby Robert, son of John de Glindle and Margaret his wife, daughter and heir of Solomon de Hodleghe, grant to Reginald, son of Herbert de Berghers, the moiety of all the land of which Solomon de Hodleghe died seised in Westhamme, the cost of securing such land to the said Reginald to be entirely defrayed by him or divided between the parties according to the method adopted. Witnesses:—Sir Stephen de Penescestre, knt., Ralph and William de Heavere, William Franceys, and others (named). The morrow of the translation of St. Edmund the Confessor, 43 Hen. III.
[Essex.] A. 764. Certificate of the grant by Reginald de Gynges, son of Ralph de Gynges, knight, to E., the prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity, London, of an annual rent of one marc he and his ancestors were wont to receive of the lords of Wanstede, out of their manor there. [3 Edw. I.]
[Essex.] A. 765. Release by Ralph de Hotot to Sir Waryn de Montecaniso, for 20s. paid down, of an annual rent of 2s. Walter de Ruheney was wont to pay him for a tenement in West Haningefeld. Witnesses:—Robert de Borham, Sawal de Haningefeld, Thomas de Maundeville, Ralph de Heyrun, Michael de Chereville, Hamo Peverel, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 766. Confirmation by William, son of Ralph de Niweland, to the church of St. Laurence of Blakemore, and the canons there, of all the lands in Niweland they hold by grant from his brother John. Witnesses: —Sir William de Hispannia, Geoffrey de Bidiford, Roger de Wennewist', Robert de Murteny, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 767. Certificate of Henry, the prior, and the convent of St. Saviour, Bermondsey, to their tenants of the manors of Wydeford, Rychemound, Couwyk, and Hallingebury, that they have appointed their fellow monks, John de Kent or Ralph de Derby, their attorney, to put Sir Adam de Stratton in possession of the aforesaid manors, which they have granted by charter of feoffment to the said Adam, to whom the tenants are to be respondent. Bermondsey, Thursday next after St. Martin, 1274. Portion of seal.
Essex. Norf. A. 768. Grant by Baldwin, son of Hugh de Essex, for 100 marcs, to Sir Philip Basset, of his manor of North Waude [North Weald], formerly his father Hugh's, the advowson of the church there, and five knights' fees to it belonging, whereof Sawhal de Springgefeld holds one in Springgefeld, William de Monte Caniseto one in Legere de la Haye, the Knights Templars of Jerusalem two in Sutton, Rocheford Hundred, all in Essex, and lady Isabella de Berninggeham one in Berninggeham, Norfolk. Witnesses:— Sir Richard de Thaney, Sir Roger de Sanford, Sir William de Grancurt, Robert de Bures, Roger de Loges, Henry de Wycham, and others (named). [Cf. A. 758, 774.] Seal.
[Essex.] A. 769. Grant by William Sonnepany, of Warle Abbesse, to John Pyrie, of Ronewell, the elder, of a rent of 6s. 8d. issuing yearly from his lands in Warle Abbesse. Chelmsford, Sunday after Michaelmas 49 Edw. III. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 770. Confirmation by William, called abbot of Albermarle, by advice of Osbert and Walter, "our monks," and the whole convent to Ydonea, the prioress, and the nuns of St. Mary of Wikes, of the sale Robert de Glowcestria and Ralph son of Ailaf, made them, paying the abbot the service due yearly from the land, as Roger's grant witnesses. Witnesses:—Master Denis, monk of St. Edmund, Master Alan, William de Fraxino, Robert his brother, Eustace de Braham, Miles le Enveise Robert de Coppedoc.
[Essex.] A. 771. Grant by Ralph de Bildeston, of Wychermundeford, to John de Bovile, of the same, of land called 'Valhahe' in the parish of Wychermundeford, at a yearly rent of 14d. Witnesses:—Philip de Horbelee Nicholas Betel, and others (named). 11 Edw. I.
[Essex.] A. 772. Release by William de Septem Molis [or Setmeles] to Sir Fulk Basset, bishop of London, of Warle manor and the advowson of the church there, for which Fulk has paid him 20 marcs, to his eldest son William one marc, and to Joan his wife 40s., "ad robam sibi comparandam." Witnesses:—Sirs Roger de Stanford, Yngelram de Mert, Robert de Amundevil, Henry de Wycham, and others (named) [A.D. 1242–1259.]
[Essex.] A. 773. Grant by John, the prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity, London, to Sir Philip Basset, of their tenement of Warle with its appurtenances, performing the service due yearly to the lords of the fee, viz., to the lords of Warle Setmoles 1d., to the abbot of Coggeshale, for the land they hold of the fee of Robert Hovel, 31d., and to Sir Thomas de Ramesdene 13d.; with remainder to the convent after his death. Witnesses:—Sir Roger and Sir Laurence de Saumford, Sir Hubert and Sir Richard de Ruyly, knts., Henry de Wicham, and others (named). [A.D. 1252–1258.]
Essex. A. 774. Grant by Baldwin, son of Hugh de Essex, to Sir Philip Basset and lady Ela, Countess of Warwick, his wife, for 100 marcs, of the manor of North Waude [North Weald], formerly belonging to Hugh his father, with advowson of the church and five knights' fees belonging thereto, held as specified in A. 768, with remainder to the next heirs of Sir Philip, if lady Ela die without issue. Witnesses:—Sirs Ralph de Arden', Hubert de Montecaniseto, William de Grancurt, Gilbert de Breaut', William le Baud, Thomas de Rammesden, Richard de Herlawe, knts., and others (named). Seal.
Essex. A. 775. Grant by Joan Pyriman, of Westhurrok, Essex, widow, daughter of the late Thomas Blundel, to Henry Bate, clerk, of West Hurrok, John Bate, clerk, of Alvythele, and John Oldeman, of Wenyngton, in Essex, of all her lands, &c. in West Hurrok and Styfforde. West Hurrok, 3 April, 10 Hen. IV. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 776. Grant by Nicholas Eustace, son of Warin Eustace, of Waltham, to Master John de Cadomo, of a meadow called 'Fretheie,' lying between a meadow formerly belonging to Sir Henry son of Aucher, on the north, a meadow of John Duke of Brittany and Earl of Richmond on the south, and other lands specified. Witnesses:—Walter de Habfeld, Nicholas Oliver, Robert de Kersebrok, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 777. Grant by John de Stevenach, of Cestrehunte, and Amice his wife, to Master John de Cadomo, of land in a meadow called 'Fritheye,' in Waltham parish, situate as described. Witnesses:—Robert de Kersebrok, Nicholas le Bran, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 778. Grant by Geoffrey de Sonderland and Anastacia, his wife, to Sir Philip Basset, of land in a field called 'Gokiesdone" and elsewhere, and a croft called 'Gokyespittel.' Witnesses:—Anselm de Cheleswith, Henry de Wrabbenas, Gilbert Braynel, Robert de Badewe, and others (named). Portion of seal.
Essex. A. 779. Release by William Skryne, the elder, and John Martyn to William Lewyn and John Eylysford, of all lands, &c. they lately had by feoffment of John Charteseye and Simon Outelaw, in Waltham Holy Cross. 1 February, 7 Hen. IV. Two seals.
Essex. A. 780. Demise by John Charteseye and Simon Outelawe to William Skryne, the elder, John Martyn, Willian Lewyn, and John Eylysforde, clerk, of all their lands, &c. in Waltham Holy Cross. 19 February, 7 Hen. IV. Two seals.
Essex. A. 781. Letters of attorney of John Mathew, vicar of Nasyng, Robert Neweport, Thomas Morice, John Pentrye, and William Lewyn, of Waltham Holy Cross, authorising Adam Launde to deliver seisin to Adam Bamme, John Forster, Robert Watevylle, citizens and goldsmiths of London, and John Ive, clerk, of the land, &c., in Waltham aforesaid, and hamlet of Halyfield, which they had by feoffment of John Couper, chaplain, John Maundevylle, the younger, Roger Herrauf, and Richard Sheryngge, and which formerly belonged to Mathew Langryche and Margaret his wife. 1 April, 14 Ric. II. Four seals.
Essex. A. 782. Demise by John Mathew, vicar of Nasyng, and others to Adam Barame and others, as above, of the above-mentioned lands in Waltham and hamlet of Halyfeld [see A. 781]. Waltham, 1 April, 14 Ric. II. Five seals.
Essex. Herts. A. 783. Grant by John Forster and Robert Watevyle, goldsmiths and citizens of London, and John Ive, clerk, to John Charteseye and Simon Outelawe, of all their lands, &c., in Waltham Holy Cross, Halyfield, and elsewhere, in Essex, with their appurtenances in Chesthunte, Herts. 24 February, 1 Hen. IV. Three seals.
[Essex.] A. 784. Grant by Ranulf son of Gerard, to Ralph de Hasting, of the land of Cochenheie and Fogeleslonde, to be held as Alexander de Walia, Ranulf's uncle, formerly held them, paying 13s. 4d. yearly. If Ranulf or his heirs give five marcs or more as a relief from their land, Ralph or his heirs shall give 10s.; if less than five marcs, they shall give half a marc. If Ranulf makes his eldest son a knight, Ralph will give 3s. towards it, and 2s. towards marrying the eldest daughter, &c. Witnesses:— Robert de Hastings, Peter de Kerteling, Maurice de Dodenalle, William de Spineto, and others (named). Much damaged.
[Essex.] A. 785. Grant by William Treisdeners, son of Robert Treisdeners, to Sir Philip Basset, of the homage and service Hervy the Miller (Molendinarii), of Maneston, owes for the tenement he holds in the parish of Bradfeld. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Suuderland, Ranulf de Mundeville, and others (named). Portion of seal.
Essex. A. 786. Grant by William de Chivill to Serlo, his son and heir, of a moiety of all his land in Waltham (except the chief mansion house, which he retains to his own use), and elsewhere, Serlo paying him 23½ marcs, and to Leticia, his mother, a gold ring. Witnesses:—William son of Fulk, Aitrop son of Hugh, Ralph Morel, William Rancillun, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 787. Confirmation by Walter, son of Randulf Ramet, son of Gerard, of the grant by his father to Alan Basset of the land of Alwineheie. Witnesses:—Robert Mauduit, William son of Fulk John de Sanford, William de Spaine, Hugh de Bello Campo, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 788. Release by Baldwin de Essex to Sir Philip Basset of all agreements and obligations made between them ou account of the manor of North Waude. Witnesses:—Henry de Wycham, Henry Dispenser and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 789. Grant by John, the prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity London, to William de Thachewrthe of two acres of land "que jacent sub domo Henrici de Lefstancherche," in Wydiale parish. Witnesses:— Walter Clement, Oliver de Saundon, Nicholas Baysebolle, and others (named). [A.D. 1252–1258.]
[Essex.] A. 790. Demise by Ranulf son of Gerard, to Ralph de Hastings of all [the land called] 'Alfwinhei,' as well his own as his mother's share (except the rent of Thomas and Helda Hiard for two crofts), for 14 years from Michaelmas next in the fourth year after the first coronation of King John, for 3½ marcs paid to the said Ranulf and half a marc to his mother; with a covenant as to the woods. Witnesses:—William de Spineto Sawal his son Roger de Reim', Walter Wastinel, and others (named). 4 John. Seal defaced.
[Essex.] A. 791. Grant by Master John, son of William Eustace, of Waltham, to Scolastica, the prioress, and the nuns of St. Helen, London, of meadow in Fritheye, [Waltham], "ad vestur' dictarum Monialium," paying 2s. yearly to the abbot of Waltham as chief lord of the fee. Witnesses:— Sir Thomas son of Thomas, then Mayor of London, Sirs Edward Blund and Peter Aunger, then sheriffs of London, Sir Philip le Taillur, then alderman and citizen of London, Sirs Thomas de Basingge and Richard de Condre, citizens of London, and others (named). [49 Hen. III.]
[Essex.] A. 792. Grant by John, the prior, and convent of Holy Trinity, London, to Reginald, son of Thomas de Stondone, of. the land and the buildings on it formerly belonging to Walter le Gilur in Welcomestow, If he or his heirs wish to sell the said land, the convent to have an advantage of 12d. over other buyers. [A.D. 1252–1258.]
[Essex.] A. 793. Release by Robert . . . . to Richard, the prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity, London, of land in Widyhale. Witnesses:— John de Lesnes, Richard son of Ostmund, Ralph Luvel, and others (named). [A.D. 1316–1325 ?]
[Essex.] A. 794. Grant by Richard, the prior, and the canons of Holy Trinity, London, to Robert Scot, of Welcumstow, of their land called 'Purtemere,' in Welcumstow. Witnesses:—Herbert del Mert, Ralph son of Urse, Adam de Lutun, Richard Wiard. [A.D. 1223–1252.]
[Essex.] A. 795. Release by Henry de Wikham to Sir Philip [Basset] and lady Ela [Countess of] Warwick his wife, of all the land [that formerly belonged to] Baldwin de Essex in Welde. Witnesses:—Sir William de Insula, Sir Richard de Roilii, knts., and others (named). Portion of document only. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 796. Indenture witnessing that Reginald de Gynges has received from the prior and convent of Holy Trinity, London, their house at Warlee at the prices specified herein, viz., the hall with chamber for 5 marcs, the chapel 30s., &c. Also, he has received the articles herein specified. Present:—E[ustace] the prior, brethren William Aygnel and Philip the canon, the said Reginald de Gynges, Reginald de Fonte, and others (named). All the premises or their price to be restored after the death of the same Reginald. [A.D. 1264–1280.]
[Essex.] A. 797. Grant by Richard son of Wyard, to Holy Trinity, London, of four acres of land in Welcumestowe in fields called 'Sevenacre Meadow' and 'Thystelfeld,' and confirmation by the same to the same of the grant of half an acre in Thistelfeld made them by Richard de Burewell. Witnesses:—Ralph de Hodeng', Henry de St. Helena, Elias de Flamsted, Richard de Burewell, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 798. Acknowledgment by Baldwin de Essex that whenever Sir Philip Basset shall summon him he is bound to go to prosecute concerning Waude manor, if Sir Philip be impleaded for the same, at the latter's cost; if he fail to do so (except in the case of grave infirmity), he will permit Sir Philip to enter on and hold his land of Westle. Witnesses:—Henry de Wycham, Ranulf de Muntrirun, Henry and Philip Dispenser, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 799. Release by Thomas, son of Robert Beaubelet, to lady Isabella, the prioress, and the convent of Wikes, of the land his father held of the house of Wikes, in Misteleye parish. Witnesses:—Sir Hubert de Ruly, Adam de Dickeleye, Gilbert de Brumlege, and others (named). Seal.
Essex. A. 800. Release by John Forster to William Skryne, the elder, John Martyn, William Lewyn, and John Eylysford, clerk, of all lands, &c, in Waltham Holy Cross, which ought to remain to himself and John Charteseye after the death of Walter Merewe and Elizabeth his wife. 5 January, 7 Hen. IV. Seal.