Deeds: A.601 - A.700

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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A.601 - A.700

[Berks.] A. 601. Demise by Richard Cleche and John Turnour, to John Carpenter, of Caversham, and Helen his wife, of the above premises [A. 600] which they, together with Robert Porter, now deceased, had by grant of Joan, formerly relict of Stephen Cockestur, of Caversham, now deceased, dated 20 January, 1 Richard III. [see A. 584]. Reading, 23 November, 22 Hen. VII.
Endorsed: Seisin and possession were openly delivered the day and year within written before Thomas Carpenter, mayor, Henry Sutton, a constable, John Cokk, clerk of the within named borough, and others (named). Two seals.
[Berks.] A. 602. Grant by John Butler and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John Carpenter, of Caversham, deceased, to William, son and heir of the said John Carpenter, of the tenement in High street, Reading, left her by her father's will. Reading, 18 May, 35 Hen. VIII.
Endorsed: Possession delivered the day and year within written before William Edmunds, recorder of Reading, and others (named). Two seals.
[Berks.] A. 603. Release by the same to the same of the above-named tenement. Reading, 21 May, 35 Hen. VIII. Two seals.
[Berks.] A. 604. Release by Agnes Clemens, widow, daughter and heir of John Denys, to John Carpenter, for the sum of 40s., of a tenement in Londonstrete, Reading, situate as described. 7 October, 28 Henry VIII. Seal effaced.
[Berks.] A. 605. Demise by Richard Cleche, of Reading, to Thomas Carpenter and Margaret his wife, for their lives, of a tenement in Hyghstrete, Reading, situate as described, which he and John Punsar, deceased, had by grant of the aforesaid Thomas, dated 9 October, 17 Henry VII.; with remainder after their decease to the mayor of Reading and the proctors or guardians of the parish church of St. Laurence, Reading, for the perpetual support of a chaplain for a chantry founded in that church. 10 November, 10 Henry VIII. Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 606. Release by John Brown, of Barton (Earls), and Joan his wife, to John Payn, of Asscheby Mars, and Marjorie his wife, of certain land which they lately delivered them by deed indented. Ashby Mars, the feast of St. Philip and St. James, 3 Henry IV. Two seals, damaged.
[Berks.] A. 607. Grant by Nicholas Bakere, of Stanes, to Henry Warde, of Old Windsor, of an acre of land called 'Crockerescroft,' in Windsor aforesaid, extending between lands called 'Crockereshaw' and 'Garstones.' Sunday after the Purification, I Henry V. Portion of seal.
[Berks.] A. 608. Grant by John Spencer, the elder, Philip Meyr, and Wm. atte Brook, to John Hardwyne, all of Old Windsor, of a croft, formerly Richard Hardwyne's, called 'Leeryde,' in Old Windsor, situate as described. Windsor, 12 December, 5 Henry V. Portions of two seals.
[Berks.] A. 609. Grant by Agnes Tyle, widow, and John, son and heir of Thomas Tyle, late of Old Windsor, to Thomas Godard, citizen and mercer of London, of 18½ acres of land in Old Windsor parish, in a field called 'le Hamme,' paying therefor ¼ lb. of pepper yearly. Old Windsor, 6 December, 1 Henry VII. Portion of seal.
[Berks.] A. 610. Release by Thomas Walton, of Old Windsor, gentleman, to John Seymour, clerk, a canon of the royal free chapel of St. Mary and St. George within Windsor Castle, of the lands and tenements in Old Windsor which he had by feoffment of Thomas Goddard, mercer, and William Hamlyn, tallowchandler, of London. Old Windsor, 21 August, 2 Henry VII. Seal defaced.
[Berks.] A. 611. Receipt by Thomas, abbot of the monastery of St. John the Baptist by Colchester, for 40s. received from the abbot of Reading as annual pension for tithes in Aston, let to the latter in perpetuity, for the year ending 24 June, 20 Henry VIII. 2 December, 21 Hen. VIII.
[Berks.] A. 612. Release by Agnes, late wife of Thomas Tile, of Old Windsor, to John Seymour, clerk, a canon of the royal free chapel of St. Mary and St. George, in Windsor Castle, of a close called 'Madgrove,' in Old Windsor parish, situate as described. Old Windsor, 11 April, 3 Hen. VIII. Seal, design effaced.
[Berks.] A. 613. Release by Richard Bucknell, of Chepyngwycombe, Bucks, to the same, of the above-named close. Old Windsor, 19 May, 2 Hen. VII.
[Berks.] A. 614. Release by William Withley, the elder, of Old Windsor, to Thomas Goddard, citizen and mercer of London, of six acres of land in Old Windsor, in a field called 'Eldesworth,' which he lately had by feoffment of Nicholas Walton. Old Windsor, 21 February, 2 Hen. VII.
[Berks.] A. 615. Grant by Thomas Goddard, mercer, and William Hamlyn, tallow chandler, of London, to John Seymour, clerk, a canon of the royal free chapel of St. Mary and St. George in Windsor Castle, of three crofts called 'Lyryd,' 'Crokkers,' and 'Archersryd' respectively, a little wood called 'Archer's grove,' and other lands, all situate, as described, in Old Windsor, which they lately had by feoffment of Thomas Walton, gentleman, of Old Windsor; appointing John Tile, gentleman, and Robert Gode, husbandman, of Old Windsor, their attorneys, to give the said John peaceable possession of the premises. 21 July, 2 Hen. VII.
[Berks.] A. 616. Indenture witnessing that whereas John Tile, of Old Windsor, gentleman, by grant dated at Old Windsor, 28 May, 1 Edward V., enfeoffed Thomas Goddard in 18½ acres of land in Old Windsor, the said John hereby warrants and acquits such land against the lords of the fee and all others to the said Thomas, who in return will pay ½ lb. of pepper yearly for the same. 1 February, 2 Hen. VII. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 617. Release by Lucy, late wife of Richard Bucknell, to John Seymour, of the close released to him [see A. 612.]. Old Windsor, 9 November, 3 Hen. VII. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 618. Grant by John Hardwyne to John Spencer, of Old Windsor, of a croft, formerly John Godale's, called 'Leerydynge,' in Windsor aforesaid, situate as described. Old Windsor, 2 August, 9 Hen. V. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 619. Grant by Philip Meyr to John Spencer, of Old Windsor, of land in Old Windsor, viz., a croft called 'Archeresryde,' two acres in Burghfeld, and one in 'le Hamme,' situate as described, which he, together with John Spencer, the elder, and William atte Brook, deceased, had by feoffment of Richard Hardwyne. Old Windsor, the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, 9 Hen. V. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 620. Release by Joan, late wife of Richard Hardwyne, of Old Windsor, of the above land [A. 619.]. Old Windsor, 2 July, 9 Hen. V. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 621. Grant by John Page, John Avelyn, of New Windsor, and Richard West, of Old Windsor, to John Spencer, of the same, of two acres in Old Windsor in a place called 'Crockerescroft,' situate as described. Old Windsor, Sunday next before St. Clement the Pope, 3 Hen. VI. Three seals, two broken.
[Berks.] A. 622. Demise by Roger Wayte, of Windsor, and William Boylond, of Wyrardesbury, to Isabel Spencer, of Old Windsor, late wife of John Spencer, deceased, of the lands and tenements in Windsor they lately had by feoffment of the said John, for term of her life: with remainder to Joan, her daughter and heir, of a tenement in which the said John dwelt, a house called 'Tylehous,' crofts called 'Horsellrydes,' 'Byshoppisryde,' and 'Garstons,' and land in Shepardesryde and elsewhere; and to Helen her daughter crofts called 'le Ryde,' 'Archerryde,' 'Crokkerscroft,' and other lands. Windsor, Friday before St. Luke the Evangelist, 30 Hen. VI.
Berks. A. 623. Release by William Noreys and Thomas Delamare, knts., to Edward IV. of all the lands and tenements in New and Old Windsor, lately John Thorp's, which they, together with Thomas, cardinal archbishop of Canterbury, Henry Earl of Essex, and Reginald Bray, and with William Earl of Pembroke, John Bourghier, knt., lord Berners, and Humfrey Bourghier, knt., deceased, held conjointly to them and the heirs of Bray aforesaid by grant of Henry Stafford, knt., son of Prince Humphrey, late Duke of Buckingham. 30 June, 20 Edw. IV. Two seals.
[Berks.] A. 624. Final concord between the King, plaintiff, and Thomas cardinal archbishop of Canterbury, Henry Earl of Essex, and Reginald Bray, deforciants, concerning the above lands in Old and New Windsor, herein specified. Westminster, the quinzaine of Holy Trinity, 22 Edward IV.
[Berks.] A. 625. Grant by Thomas Walton, of Old Windsor, to Thomas Goddard, citizen and mercer of London, of six acres in a field called 'Eldsworth,' in Old Windsor, which he had by grant of William Arthley, the elder, paying therefor yearly 18d. to Agnes Tyle during her life, with remainder to John Tyle. Windsor, 6 March, 23 Edw. IV.
[Berks.] A. 626. Indenture witnessing that Agnes Tyle, widow, and John, son and heir of the late Thomas Tyle, of Old Windsor, have granted to Thomas Goderd 18½ acres of land in Old Windsor, on condition that if they pay the said Goderd 12l. on the Vigil of Whitsunday, 1485, he shall re-deliver the land to them with all grants and muniments relating thereto. Old Windsor, 2 June, 1483, 1 Edw. V. Two seals, broken.
[Berks.] A. 627. Grant by the same to the same of the above 18½ acres in 'le Hammefield,' Old Windsor, at a yearly rent of 12d. Old Windsor, 28 May, 1 Edw. V. Two seals.
[Berks.] A. 628. Grant by Roger Norres, of Cokham, Berks, gentleman, aud Thomas Babham, citizen and grocer, of London, executors of the will of Richard Babham, late of Cokham, to John Seymour, clerk, of all swans, white or grey, on the Thames or its tributaries, marked with the sign here given. 1 September, 1 Ric. III. Seal of arms.
[Essex.] A. 629. Letters of attorney of John Sergeant, of Hatfield Peverell, empowering Walter Maynard, otherwise called Smyth, to give full seisin to John Fynch, of Ultyng, Thomas Fuller, and eight others (named), of Hatfield aforesaid, of land in Borham, according to his grant to them thereof [see A. 630.] Borham, 2 July, 14 Hen. VI.
[Essex.] A. 630. Demise by John Sergeant, of Hatfield Peverell, to John Fynch, of Ultyng, Thomas Fullere, and eight others (named), of Hatfield aforesaid, of land in Borham which he, together with Thomas Mersch, John Hoxun, and William Dungesell, deceased, had by feoffment of Robert Bounde and Thomas Hoxun [see A. 629]. Borham, 2 July, 14 Hen. VI. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 631. Indenture witnessing the grant by Collet Rawlyn, of Hatfelde Peverell, Essex, widow, John Rawlyn, of Estwode, and William Rawlyn, of Hatfield, her sons, yeomen, to William Copyldyk and Agnes his wife, of Chelmesford, of three acres in a meadow called 'Culvermede,' in Borham, for five years from Michaelmas last, for a certain sum, of which they acknowledge the receipt; they also promising that if the mead be sold, Copyldyk, "if he will buy it, shall have it before any other man, giving as another man will therefor." 10 Dec, 17 Hen. VII. Damaged. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 632. Counterpart of the above. Portion of seal.
Essex. A. 633. Indenture witnessing that William Bastwyk, of Boreham, husbandman, for the sum of 56l. (whereof he has received 53s. 4d.) has bargained and sold to Sir Thomas Boleyn his tenement called 'Bullys,' in Boreham parish, and will hand over all muniments relating thereto at Michaelmas next, when the rest of the 56l. shall be paid, and till which time Bastwyk shall retain possession of the tenement. 18 January, 7 Hen. VIII. Seal.
Essex. A. 634. Bond of Reginald Heygate, of Feryng, Essex, in 200l., to obey the award of Sir Thomas Awdeley, Keeper of the Great Seal, and Thomas Crumwell, arbitrators in a suit between him and Richard Southwell, concerning the title of certain land and tenements called 'Mores,' 'Haynes,' and 'Cornett's' crofts, within the manors of Keldon and Revenhale, which Heygate claims by just course of inheritance, provided such award be made before All Saints' day next. 18 September, 24 Hen. VIII.
Essex. A. 635. Demise by John Legett, chaplain, to Thomas Bourgchier, John Durward, the elder, Simon Heygate, and five others (named), of his manor of Kelveden, alias Fillolleshall, in Braxstede, Inworth, and Esthorp, and his manor of Little Baddow. 12 January, 39 Hen. VI. Seal.
Essex. A. 636. Grant by William, abbot of the monastery of St. Mary and St. Thomas of Lesenes, Kent, to William Warham, Roland Lee, Thomas Horslay, Henry Tomson, Walter Sparry, clerks, and six others (named), of the advowson, presentation, nomination, and free disposal of the perpetual vicarage of Elmedon, on its next vacancy, for that time only. "In our chapter house, 14 September, mmo cccccmo quarto decimo nono" (sic).
Essex. A. 637. Indenture containing the award of the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishop of Norwich, acting on the advice of Sir John Fortescu, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, and William Yelverton, a Justice of the same Bench, in a dispute between William, Duke of Suffolk, and Sir John Fastolf, knt., as to the title to Dedham manor, to the effect [that Fastolf by law and conscience hath right and title to the possession of the manor, which he shall enter accordingly, and the Duke depart therefrom. 16 February, 28 Hen. VI. One seal remaining.
Essex. A. 638. Memorandum for Sir Bryan Tuke, that the manor of Harlowebury, parcol of the late monastery of St. Edmondsbury, with the parsonage (estimated to be worth nearly 30l. a year), and with the perquisites of the courts, &c., is let for almost 80 years at 100 marcs yearly. [Hen. VIII.]
Essex. A. 639. Grant by John Bohun, esquire, to Edward Goldesburgh, third Baron of the Exchequer, William Paston, John Tyrell, Robert Lovell, Richard Harpur, and Wm. Cope, esquires, and Thos. Ayleward, yeoman, of all his manors and lands in Essex, except those held of the King in capite; appointing John Mille and Gilbert Lambard his attorneys, to deliver the grantees peaceable possession of the premises. Witnesses:—Thomas Tyrell and Richard Lewes, knts., and others (named). 8 October, 4 Hen. VII. Seal damaged.
[Herts.] A. 640. Demise by Robert, the abbot, and the convent of the exempt monastery of Waltham Holy Cross, to John Rodes, of Stansted Abbatt, Herts, for 57 years from Michaelmas last, of their tenement or lodge in Isney Park and lands belonging, the Lady Grove in Stansted, Stansted Grove, otherwise called 'Almond's Frith,' and all woods within the lordship and manor of Stansted Abbatt, with right of cutting wood, &c., as herein specified, at a yearly rent of 5l. 6s. 8d. Other covenants specified. 24 October, 18 Hen. VIII. Seal.
Essex. A. 641. Exemplification of a recovery of the manors of Fyllolleshall (alias Kelvedon), and Little Badow; suffered at the suit of John Sturges and Simon Damme against Nicholas Shelton and Richard Bradbrige. Westminster, 12 May, 9 Hen. VII. Portions of the Great Seal used in Banco remaining.
Essex. A. 642. Demise by Thomas Bourgchier, knt., and six others (named), to Humfrey Bohun, knt., and Richard Norfolk, clerk, of the manors of Badowe and Kelveden, alias Fillolleshall, in Braxstede, Inworth and Little Estthorp, which they, with John Durward, the elder, deceased, lately had by demise of John Legett, chaplain [see A. 635], appointing two of their number to put the grantees in peaceable possession thereof. 25 April, 8 Edw. IV. Seven seals, more or less injured.
Essex. A. 643. Grant by Richard Sowthwell, of Woodrisynge, Norfolk, to Thos. Awdeley, knt., Keeper of the Great Seal, William Pawlett, knt., Comptroller of the King's Household, Cristofer Hales, Attorney-General, Thomas Crumwell, Master of the Jewels, and William Brabazon, of the manors of FylloIIes Hall and Coggesall Hall, to be held by them of the chief lords of the fee to the King's use; empowering John Wyborowe and John Pygrym to put the above named, or one of them, in peaceable possession of the said manors. 20 September, 24 Hen. VIII.
Endorsed: Certificate of seisin of the said manors having been delivered to Brabazon, in presence of the witnesses named. Seal.
Essex. Herts. Mddx. Surr. A. 644. Letters of attorney of Nicholas Shelton and Richard Bradbrigge, empowering John Chauncy and William Colt, clerk, to receive possession in their name from Robert Southwell and Ursula his wife, of the manors of Fillolles Hall and Little Badow, Nethirhalle, alias Godeliston, and Wodyngton, alias Wotton, and of two tenements in the parish of St. Magnet' (sic), London, called 'the Signe of the Gunne', a tenement without Crepilgate called 'the Popyngjay Aley,' and a tenement in Lumbard Street next 'the Popished,' formerly belonging to William Estfild, knt., deceased. 26 April, 9 Hen. VII.
Essex. A. 645. Demise by Richard Norfolk, clerk, to Thomas Bourgchier and Thomas Mongomery, knts., and six others (named), of his manors of Kelveden, alias Fillolleshall, in Braxstede, Inward and Esthorp, and Little Badowe, which he with Humfrey Bohun, knt., deceased, had by demise from Thomas Bourgchier, knt., and six others (named) [see A. 642], in fulfilment of Sir Humfrey Bohun's will. 26 Nov., 8 Edw. IV. Seal.
Esscx. A. 646. Letters of attorney of John Legett, chaplain, empowering Wm. Matrasmaker and Richard Pynde to deliver possession to Thos. Bourgchier, esquire, and seven others (named), of his manors of Kelveden alias Fillolleshall, in Braxstede, Inworth and Esthorp, and Little Badowe, according to his grant of the same [A. 635]. 12 Jan., 39 Hen. VI. Seal.
Essex. A. 647. Release by Robert Southwell, knt., to Thomas Lovell, Robert Lovell, and Edmund Jenney, knts., and four others (named), of the manor of Fillolleshall, with appurtenances in Kelvedon, Esterford, Tolleshunt, Cokeshall, and Great Braxstede. 31 Aug., 24 Hen. VII.
Essex. A. 648. Demise by John Berney, William Wotton, and Robert Southwell, the younger, to Henry Owen—as well son and heir of Mary, late wife of David Owen, knt., a daughter and heir of John Bohun, as kinsman and heir of Ursula, late wife of Robert Southwell, another daughter and heir of John Bohun,—of Filolles Hall, with appurtenances in Kelveden, Esterford, Tolleshunt, Coggeshale, and Great Braxstede, with remainders in succession to Jasper Owen, brother of Henry, Anne wife of Arthur Hopton, sister of Henry, and the right heirs of the said Henry Owen; empowering John Sheffield aud Richard Keble to give Owen possession of the said manors. 10 May, 5 Hen. VIII. Two seals, one broken.
Essex. A. 649. Letters of attorney of Henry Owen, empowering Stephen Marlei and Henry Derby to receive possession in his name of the above manor and lands from John Barney and others named above [see A. 648]. 10 May. 5 Hen. VIII. Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 650. Grant by John Sturges of the manors of Fylolleshall and Little Badowe (which he, together with Simon Damme, deceased, recovered against Nicholas Shelton and Richard Bradbrigge [see A. 641]), to Thomas Lovell, William Boleyn, Henry Heydon, John Paston, Philip Calthorp, and Robert Lovell, knts., Robert Southwell, and six others (named), to the use of the aforesaid Robert Southwell and his heirs, and to fulfil his will; empowering Thomas Hoo and Henry Palmer his attorneys to give seisin of the premises to the said grantees. 19 March, 14 Hen. VII. Seal.
Devon. A. 651. Indenture witnessing that whereas Edmond Worth and George his son, son and heir of Elizabeth late wife of the said Edmond, have by deed dated 2 May, 21 Henry VIII. [see A. 652], bargained and sold to Henry Marquis of Exeter, for 300 marcs, the manor of Grylston, and 1,250 acres of land therein, the Marquis promises as soon as he is in peaceable possession of the premises to satisfy them such sums or lands of such yearly value (not exceeding 10l.) as shall be assigned by John Rowe, serjeant-atlaw, Baldewyn Malett, John Chamon and Richard Haydon, or the most part or survivor of them. 8 May, 21 Hen. VIII. English.
Devon. A. 652. Grant by Edmund Worth, and George Worth, son and heir of Edmund aud Elizabeth his late wife, to John Chechester, Anthony Harby, Richard Haydon, and Thomas Spurway, of their manor of Grylston, with its appurtenances, to the use of Henry, Marquis of Exeter, appointing attorneys to give the grantees possession of the same. 2 May, 21 Hen.VIII. Seal of arms and portion of another seal.
Devon. A. 653. Indenture between Henry, Marquis of Exeter, and Edmund Worth and George his son, to the same effect as A. 651. In presence of:— John Roo, serjeant-at-law, Baldewyn Malet, and others (named). 2 May, 21 Hen. VIII. Two seals, one of arms.
Devon. A. 654. Indenture between King Henry VII. and the commonalty of the borough of "Clyfton Dertmouth Hardenesse," otherwise called Dartmouth. The latter having begun, for defence of the town and port, to make a tower and bulwark of stone adjoining the Castle, promise to finish the same as speedily as possible, to furnish and keep it furnished with guns and sufficient ordnance, and to find a chain of sufficient strength and length to stretch across the mouth of Dartmouth haven from one tower to another; the King assigning to them 40l. yearly out of the customs and subsidies levied in the ports of Exeter and Dartmouth. 16 January, I Hen. VII. Portion of the common seal of Dartmouth.
[Devon.] [Somers.] A. 655. Release by Thomas, son of Hugh Popham, to Robert Hulle, lord of Spaxton, and Isabel his wife, of Posterygge manor, and of lands and tenements in Est Posterygge, Canyngton, Cherdelynche, Asscheholt, and Gotehurst, or in the hundred of Canyngton, which they hold, and that lately belonged to Hugh his father. Witnesses:—Sir Baldewyn Malet, knt., and others (named). Spaxton, Tuesday, the feast of St. Nicholas, 9 Hen. IV. Seal.
Devon. A. 656. Release by Thomas, son and heir of Gilbert Oseborn, of Trill, Devon, to William Trill, of the same, of all his lands, &c. in Trill, that Leticia his mother, widow, holds for her life, and which will descend to him at her death. Trill, Monday next before the Conception, 1 Henry IV. Seal.
[York.] A. 657. Release by William Wodde, of Wakefield, to Robert de Stanlay, of the same, and Agnes his wife, of the tenement in Westgate Street, Wakefield, which he together with Sir Stephen de Ockeleshill, vicar of Bradford, Robert de Welles and Adam de Lepton, of Wakefield, lately had by feoffment of Richard Bulter "my father." Monday after the close of Easter, 6 Ric. [II.] Seal.
[Durham.] [York.] A. 658. Grant by Thomas de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, to Richard de Beauchamp, his son and heir apparent, of the castle and lordship of Bernardescastell, in Sadbergh wapentake, within the 'Corpus Comitatus' of Northumberland, with the appurtenances and privileges enumerated; and a water mill acquired of Thomas Bland, in Stratford vill, co. Richmond; with reversion to the said Earl if Richard die childless. Witnesses:—William de Beauchamp, lord of Bergeveney, Hugh lord of Burnell, Nicholas Lyllyng, Henry Fitz Hugh, and Ralph de Ever, knts. London, the feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude, 1 Hen. IV. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 659. Grant by John de Treiagu, knt., to John Nantyan, of Truru, Robert Gerson, John Melior, and Henry Maynard, of all his land in Tredenek and Won juxta Nanscolleth. Lancolleth, Friday next after St. Denis, 3 Edw. III.
[Surr.] A. 660. Surrender by Joan, widow of John Sadelere, at a court held at Ocle Magna, of a tenement with curtilage in Ocle market place called 'Wy . . . sores,' with re-grant of the same to her for life, with remainder to Roger Gosse and Joan his wife, daughter of the said Joan. The feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 27 Hen. VI.
[Bucks.] A. 661. Final concord between the king, plaintiff, and Richard Illyng, of Wynslowe, deforciant, concerning land in Powekesley. Westminster, the quinzaine of St. Hilary, 7 Hen. VII.
Bucks. A. 662. Grant by Richard, son and heir apparent of John Smyth, son and heir of Isabel Smyth, daughter of John Anlewe, late of Great Missenden, to Edmund Shaa, of London, haberdasher, and Alice his wife, Richard Silcok, goldsmith, and Thomas Herdgrave, haberdasher, of a messuage and garden in Missenden, adjoining the chapel of the Virgin Mary, to the use of the said Edmund and Alice. 20 July, 10 Hen. VIII. Seal.
Bucks. A. 663. Release by the same John Smyth, and Richard his son, to the same, of the same messuage in Missenden Magna. 5 August, 10 Hen. VIII. One seal remaining.
Bucks. A. 664. Indenture witnessing that Richard Smyth abovesaid, for 30l., which he hereby acknowledges to have received, has bargained and sold to Edmund Shaa the above-named messuage in Missenden Magna, and undertaken to make sufficient estate in law to him and the other parties named above, to the use of him and Alice his wife; with other covenants. 18 July, 10 Hen. VIII.
Bucks. A. 665. Grant by John Smyth to Edmund Shaa, of London, haberdasher, and Alice his wife, and to others above-named [see A. 662] for their use, of his cottage with garden in Missenden Magna, called 'the Wyne Celer.' 20 July, 10 Hen. VIII. Seal.
Bucks. A. 666. Release by the same John Smyth, and Richard his son, to the same, of the above cottage and garden. 5 August, 10 Hen. VIII. Two seals.
[Bucks.] A. 667. Grant by John Fysshere, of Bury Street, Datchet, to William Aylwyne and William Hale, of the same, of all his lands and tenements in Datchet. Wednesday next before the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 1 Hen. V. Seal defaced.
Bucks. A. 668. Indenture witnessing that Roger Hunte, alias Sharman, has sold to David Selly and William Est lands called 'Fisshers lands' in Datchet, for a certain sum whereof he has received 12 marks; and if he fail to pay those 12 marks on "Shrofsondaye" next at the Bell tavern, Westminster, to David and William, he grants that they shall receive the lands to their own use, and then they shall pay him 11 marks so that the said Roger, as soon as process of law may be had after this present date, recover 9 acres that John Lincoln, of Datchet, occupies, parcel of 'Fishers lands,' and thereafter make lawful estate thereof to David and William. 2 October, 39 Hen. VI.
Bucks. A. 669. Grant by David Selly, of Westminster, merchant, and Cecilia his wife, to Robert Whytle, of Dachet, and Agnes his wife, of land in Dachet, situate as described, which they had by feoffment of John Newland and Isabel his wife. 16 March, 33 Hen. VI. Two seals of arms.
Bucks. A. 670. Release by John Mervyn to King Edward IV. of the manors of Datchet and Ditton, and the advowson of Ditton chantry, which with other property Mervyn, together with William bishop of Winchester, and John Touke, still living, and Peter Ardern, knt., John Baynton, and Gregory Westby, deceased, and John Wynge (who has released his right therein to the others aforenamed), had by acknowledgment of Robert Hungerford, knt., lord Hungerford and Molyns, deceased, and Eleanor, his wife, dated Easter term, 38 Hen. VI. 13 November, 12 Edw. IV. Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 671. Letters of attorney of Henry Payne, of Great Marlow, empowering Richard Smyth to receive seisin of two crofts called 'Bromycroft' and 'Rykenhampscropte,' in Burnham parish, from Alice Walter, widow, and deliver his estate therein to Roger Osbarne, of Great Marlow, and the aforesaid Alice. Great Marlow, 18 December, 19 Hen. VI.
[Bucks.] A. 672. Grant by Matilda Fysshere, of Datchet, widow, to Alice atte Noke of a toft in Skynnereslane, Datchet, which came to her on the death of Thomas atte Hacche, her father. Datchet, 25 February, 6 Hen. V.
Bucks. A. 673. Grant by William FitzWater, of Wendilbury, Oxon, to William Walter, of Burnham, of two crofts called 'Bromycrofte' and 'Rykenhamscrofte' [in Burnham], situate as described. Burnham, 28 February, 12 Hen. VI. Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 674. Grant by Alice Walter, of Burnham, Bucks, relict of William Walter, to John Chese, of Burnham, Henry Payne and Richard Smyth, of Great Marlow, of the above two crofts in Burnham. 19 December, 19 Hen. VI. Seal.
Bucks. A. 675. Grant by Robert, son and heir of William Fysshere, of Datchet, to John Norys, William Faukener, William Perkyns, and William Tulle, of Wolhampton, of all the lands, &c. in Datchet, Sutton, and Iver, which came to him on his father's death. Datchet, Sunday after St. Bartholomew, 19 Hen. VI. Seal.
Bucks. A. 676. Grant by William Kebell and John Chese, of Burnham, and Henry Payne and Richard Smyth, of Great Marlow, to Roger Osbarn, of Great Marlow, and Alice, widow of William Walter, of Burnham, of Bromycrofte and Rykenhamscropte in Burnham, which they lately had by feoffment of the said Alice. 20 Dec, 19 Hen. VI. Four seals, one without any impression.
Bucks. A. 677. Release by John Norreis and William Faukenner to William Tulle, of Wolhampton, of the lands, &c, in Datchet, Sutton, and Ivyr, formerly belonging to William Fissher, which they, with the said Tulle and William Perkyns, deceased, lately had by feoffment of Robert, son of the said William Fissher [see A. 675]. Datchet, 20 November, 21 Hen. VI. Portion of seal.
[Bucks.] A. 678. Grant by William Tulle, of Wolhampton, to Roger Hunt, alias Scherman, of New Windsor, and Alice his wife, of all the lands, &c., he lately had by feoffment of Robert, son of William Fyschere, of Datchet, co. Bucks. Datchet, the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, 27 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 679. Demise by William Bullstrode, late of Upton, and John Millewarde, the elder, of Bekenisfelde, to Richard Lovell, of Boveney, Burnham parish, Philip Agmondesham, citizen and mercer of London, Henry Aleyn, late of Taplow, Thomas Garston, and Thomas Turner, of Bekenisfelde, of a croft called 'Rydynges,' in Bekenisfelde, situate as described; certain attorneys being appointed to deliver seisin thereof to the same. Witnesses:—John Botteler, knt., and others (named). 18 March, 1471, 12 Edward IV. Fragment of one seal remaining.
Bucks. A. 680. Demise by William Sherman, of Windsor, and William Aylewyn, of Southeley, in Datchet parish, to Robert, son and heir of William Fyssher, of Datchet, of the lands, &c, in Datchet they lately had by feoffment of the said Wm. Fyssher, and which Henry Pynkeney, lord of Datchet, of old granted to Simon, son of William the Fisher, of Datchet, otherwise called William le Passour. Witnesses:—Hugh Harvyscombe, vicar of Datchet, and others (named). 22 February, 17 Hen. VI.
Bucks. A. 681. Grant by Thomas fitz Waulter to John Faryngton and Robert Browne of all his lands, &c, in co. Bucks. 10 February, 13 Hen. VI.
Bucks. A. 682. Grant by Thomas FitezWater, and Margaret his wife, of Dorney, to William Noreys, of the same, of a piece of land, 146 feet by 54 feet, in 'le Sowthefeld,' by Dorney Green, at 4d. yearly rent. 26 September, 26 Henry VI.
Bucks. A. 683. Grant by Thomas Longevile, knt., a founder of the monastery of the Virgin Mary, Bradwell, Bucks, of the said monastery and all its possessions to William Holgyll and three others to the use of Thomas cardinal archbishop of York, and for performance of his last will. 28 July, 16 Henry VIII.
Endorsed: Enrolled on the Close Rolls. Printed in Dugdale's Monasticon, iv. 509.
Bucks. A. 684. Indenture witnessing that whereas Sir Thomas Tresham sold to William Staveley, for 600 marcs, the manor of Broughton beside Aylesbury, as appears by deeds of release dated 12 May, 6 Edward IV., and 14 August, 8 Edward IV., to George archbishop of York, Ralph Verney, citizen and alderman of London, Richard Danvers, and the said Wm. Staveley; the last-named covenants, that if Sir Thomas, within three years from this date, pay him the said 600 marcs or as much thereof as he shall receive from Staveley, he will release, and cause the above-named grantors to release the said manor to Sir Thomas. 20 August, 8 Edw. IV. Seal.
Bucks. A. 685. Grant by Roger Osbarn and Alice his wife, of Great Marlow, to William Gardyner, of Bekenysfeld, of crofts called 'Bromycroft' and 'Rykenhamcrofte,' in Burnham, situate as described, which they lately had by feoffment of William Kebell and others (named) [see A. 676]. Burnham, 16 May, 18 Hen. VI. Two seals.
[York.] A. 686. Grant by John lord Darcy, knt., to William Scargill, the elder, of lands, &c, called 'Jurdanflat,' 'Brueryng,' 'Thistilflat,' 'Templebank,' &c., in Swillyngton, and Preston Parva, and common of pasture belonging to his manor of Temple Newsorn, at a yearly rent of 21s. 7½d.; appointing attorneys to deliver possession thereof to Scargill. Witnesses: —Ralph Graystok and William Gascoigne, knts., and others (named). 5 December, 31 Hen. VI. Seal, broken.
[York.] A. 687. Acquittance of Robert Cokesforth, of Dokyng, Norfolk, tailor, for 40s., received from Thomas, lord Darcy, for one half of a messuage and lands he lately held by copy of court-roll in the lordship of Temple Newsom, in right of Alice his wife, a daughter and heir of Thomas Robynson, deceased. 16 January, 25 Hen. VIII. Seal.
York. A. 688. Notarial instrument containing the deposition of Philip Darcy, about 80 years old, on behalf of Thomas Darcy, lord Darcy, taken in the house of Philip Darcy, without Walmergate, in the city of York. That about 20 years since his mother Joan lady Darcy, being "in extremis" at Watyrhall, in Roth well parish, declared to him, John his brother, Sir Robert Clay, and others, that whereas it was publicly rumoured she had made charters of release of the hamlet of Skelton, in Temple Newsome lordship, she had made no such release, and so she required them to testify when need arose. Moreover, he knows well his mother never made such grant, for she had such confidence in him she was unwilling to do such a thing without his advice. Witnesses:—Sirs William Clercson, vicar of St. Laurence parish church, Thomas Robson, parish chaplain of St. Nicholas, York, and Wm. Bullok. 5 November, 1505.
[York]. A. 689. Grant by Richard Ernys, chaplain, and John Warde, of Farnham, to William de Nesseld, of their manors of Scotton, Brerton, and Thorp juxta Scotton, and the lands, &c., they had by feoffment of the said William or others in Scotton, Brerton, Knaresburgh, Burton-Leonard, Mynskipp, Erkenden, Staynelay, Stavelay, Kirkeby super Wyske, Rippelay, Thornore, Manneby, Eskelby, Roudon, and Katelmer. Witnesses:— Richard Brennand, then bailiff of the liberty of Knaresburgh, and others (named). Scotton, 7 October, 41 Edw. III. Two seals, one broken.
[York]. A. 690. Certificate of a fine of 8s. paid by Margaret, Alice, Joan, and Anne Robynson, daughters and heirs of Thomas Robynson, deceased, at a court of Temple Newson manor, held by Thomas lord Darcy, for licence of heriot and for a messuage and lands in Temple Newsom after their father's decease, and of 5s. paid for his obit; Thomas Dawson being admitted tenant of the premises till the heirs are 14 years of age. 13 January, 22 Henry VI.
[York]. A. 691. Confirmation by John, lord Darcy, to William Scargill of two former grants to him, dated at Thorp Stapilton, 1 June, 9 Hen VI., of land called 'Clarvathbrekes' and 'Sevarcliff,' in Temple Newsom, and 1 August, 9 Hen. VI., of lands, &c. in Shelton within the same manor (except the nativi, their sequelæ, and goods and chattels, and obits of all tenants); to be held at yearly rents of 4l. and 9l. respectively. 1 October, 29 Hen. VI.
York. A. 692. Demise by Cristopher Conyers, lord Conyers, knt., to William Holgell, clerk, John Skuyse, Thomas Crumwell, and Thomas Alverde, of an acre of land belonging to Skelton manor, and the advowson of the church of Rudby, in Clevelonde, to the use of Thomas, cardinal archbishop of York, &c.; appointing certain attorneys to deliver them possession of the premises. 17 June, 20 Hen. VIII.
Endorsed: Certificate that livery of seisin of the premises was made July 18, in presence of the witnesses here named, and that the deed was enrolled on the Close Roll, 20 Hen. VIII. Seal.
York. A. 693. Demise by Master Thomas Bedyll, clerk, prebendary of Massam, in St. Peter's Cathedral, York, to Master John Gostwyke, treasurer of the first fruits and tenths of the spiritualty, of his prebend of Massam, with all housings, lands, &c. (except all woods, the mansion place in York, and the gift of the vicarage) for 50 years, from the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist next, at the yearly rent of 136l. 13s. 4d.; the first payment to be on 3 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII., and the second on 3 May 30 Hen. VIII., on the font stone in the body of St. Paul's Cathdral, London, between the hours of 9 and 11 before noon, and so yearly thereafter; with provisions in case of non-payment of rent and as to repair of the housings, &c. 3 July, 28 Hen. VIII. English.
[Glouc.] A. 694. Will of John Edward, of Thornbury, disposing of his property in Thornbury, &c. Executors appointed,—Alice his wife, John Thornbury his son, canon of Keynsham, and two others. 23 May, 1415.
Endorsed: Note of probate, made 24 Jan. 1415[–6], in Dursley parish church.
[York.] A. 695. Grant by John Merkyngfeld, lord of Merkyngfeld, to John Meleton, knt., and Wm. Sharrowe, clerk, of Wynkeslay manor, the advowson of his chantry of the altar of St. Andrew, in the collegiate church of St. Wilfrid, Ripon, and his lands, &c. in Wynkeslay, Wodhouses, and Sharrowe. juxta Ripon. Witnesses:—William Tempest, knt,, and others (named). Wynkeslay, 6 April, 9 Hen. VI.
York. A. 696. Grant by Richard York, knt., to George Darcy, knt., Arthur Darcy, and Thomas, son of Guy Fairfax, knt., of all his lands in Stedmere, to the uses specified in the schedule hereto annexed; appointing attorneys to put them in possession thereof. 5 November, 9 Hen. VIII.
Endorsed: Certificate that seisin of the premises was delivered 3 December, 9 Hen. VIII.
Annexed: Schedule witnessing that the above feoffment is to the intent that Thomas Darcy, knt., lord Darcy, shall receive yearly 20l. of the issues of the above land still he has received 120l., which sumsnall be paid to Thomas Mirfyn, citizen and alderman of London, in full contentation of the debts owed by Sir Richard Yorke, Sir Roger Hastynges, and Fraunces [sic] to the said Mirfyn, after which the lands to remain to Sir Richard's use. Under one seal. English.
York. A. 697. Indenture of bargain and sale by Sir Thomas Ugthred to Thomas, cardinal archbishop of York, for 366l. 13s. 4d., of the manors of Lepington and Barthorpe, the advowson of Lepington church, and his other lands, &c., in Lepington, Barthorpe, and Northdalton, (which are of the clear yearly value of 40 marcs), and the charters and muniments relating thereto; promising before 24 June next to make sufficient and lawful estate in the premises to Masters William Frankelyn and William Holgill, clerks, Sir Wm. Gascoigne, of Cardington, Robert Toneys, clerk, and Thomas Hemedge to the use of the said Archbishop; except only the dower of dame Agnes Percye, now wife to Sir William Percye. Other covenants specified. 25 May, 18 Hen. VIII. Counterpart signed by Wolsey. Fragment of seal. English.
[Linc.] A. 698. Release by Sir Robert, rector of Lee, Sir William Swanne, chaplain, and John Allott, of Spryngthorp, to John Hamson, of Lee, of land in Knayth, which they had by feoffment of the said Hamson. Lee, the Conversion of St. Paul, 3 Hen. IV.
York. A. 699. Will of Robert de Bylton, perpetual chaplain of the chantry of the Virgin Mary in the church of St. Saviour, York. Executors appointed, "Master Adam Wygan, rector of my parish church, and Sir Robert de Askham, my grandson." 19 July, 3 Hen. IV.
[York.] A. 700. Grant by William Barton, of Wystowe, to Robert Ughtred, knt., of a messuage and two bovates of land in Lepyngton. 2 October, 13 Hen. VI. Seal.