Deeds: A.6001 - A.6100

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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A.6001 - A.6100

Middx. A. 6001. Bond by Thomas Wrightington of London, gentleman, and William Mills of Grayes Inne, esquire, to Thomas Marshe of Lincolnes Inne, esquire, for 400l. 20 September, 29 Elizabeth. Signed. Names of witnesses. Portion of seal.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond, witnessing that if the said Thomas Wrightington and William pay to the said Thomas Marshe the sum of 200l. at his house in Mugwell street, London, on the 15 October next, then the above bond shall be void. English.
[Norf.] A. 6002. Grant by Robert Crane of Schipedene, to Robert Tebauld of the same, of 8d. yearly rent, for a plot of land granted to Crane by Tebauld in Schipedene. Tuesday after St. Valentine the martyr 42 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 6003. Grant in tail by John le Wrichte of Schiped[ene], to Richard his brother, and Agatha, Richard's wife, of land in Schiped[ene] at Crowemer', with reversion to the grantor. Sunday before the Purification, 11 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 6004. Grant by Mark le Traveter of the borough of Helleston, to Marina de Trewethenec, late the wife of Walter de Medle, of half an English acre of land on the south side of the street of Wyndesor, in Helleston. Witnesses:—Master Nicholas Bon, Gervase de Antrenon, reeves of Helleston, and others (named). The feast of the apostles Peter and Paul, 34 Edward I.
[Chesh.] A. 6005. Demise by John del Holt, to John de Lucteburg, for fourteen years, of 5s. 4d. yearly rent from lands which he holds from the grantor in Neuton, viz. from 'le Wallecroft', from the black field (nigro campo), from the new assart, from 'le Mulnefeld' and from other land, rendering a pair of white gloves, yearly, to the grantor. Witnesses:— William de Preers, sheriff of Chester, Richard, lord of Croxton, and others (named). Feast of the translation of St. Thomas, A.D. 1289.
[Monm.] A. 6006. Grant by David ap Adam, to Richard his son, of land in Kedenorestone, in the demesne of the prior of Lantonia Prima. Witnesses:—Grifin the chaplain, John ap Richard, and others (named). Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6007. Grant by John Tamworth and Joan his wife, to Stephen le Beer, Joan's son, of all their lands and tenements &c. in Heghhamferys (Higham Ferrers) and Ryschdeyne (Rushden). Dublin, feast of St. Ambrose the bishop and confessor, 14 Richard II. Two seals.
[Chesh.] A. 6008. Grant by Adam de Bostock the elder, to Nicholas son of Richard le Vernon of Quatecroft, in free marriage with Margery the grantor's daughter, of a plot of land in Bostock lying between the hall of Quatecroft (Whatcroft) and the watercourse of Daven. Witnesses:—Hugh le Venables and Ralph le Vernon, knights, and others (named). Saturday, the Invention of the Holy Cross, A.D. 1343.
[Salop.] A. 6009. Grant by William Fox of Ludlowe, gentleman, to Riclnrd Gryme of Sete, gentleman, of a messuage and croft in Sete (Sheet). Witnesses:—Thomas Clouton and Walter Rogers, bailiffs of Ludlow, John Pratte of the same, and others. 25 October, 6 Henry VIII. Seal, broken.
Flint. A. 6010. Grant by John ap Res ap Bened', to Peter Mostyn, esquire, of all his messuages and lands &c. in Gwesper, Picton, Axton, and Kelstnaun, in the commote of Prestaton. 20 October, 38 Henry VIII. Portion of seal.
[Salop.] A. 6011. Grant by Walter Balle of Lodelowe, chaplain, and Richard de Mydelton, deacon, to Sir Richard Dobyn, parson of the church of Buterleye, for life, of a messuage, land, wood, and rent &c. in Ahsford Jones, Ahsford Carbonel, and Hontyton, and the reversion of messuages &c. in Ahsford Jones and Hontyton, with remainder for life to Thomas, Walter, and Hugh, brothers of the said Richard Dobyn, and to Roger de la Seete, and in tail to Richard, Walter, and Thomas, sons of Roger de la Seete, successively, with remainder to the right heirs of the said Richard Dobyn. Monday after St. Valentine, 11 Edward III. Portions of two seals.
Surrey. A. 6012. Letters patent by the king, demising to Anthony Browne, knight, for twenty-one years, the mill called 'Coveham Myll in Coveham, parcel of the manor of Coveham; the grantee to keep in repair 'lez Cogges'and 'Ronges' and 'les Bayes' of the said mill. Westminster, 10 April, 6 Edward VI. Seal of the Court of Augmentations.
[Salop.] A. 6013. Release by Thomas Border of Harnage and Joan his wife, to John Asshefeld, of all their right in all the lands and tenements &c. in Westbradeley, late belonging to Henry le Webbe. Wednesday, Midsummer-day, 22 Henry VI. Portions of two seals.
[Salop.] A. 6014. Release by John Meole of Grafton and Alice his wife, to John Asshefeld, of all their right in the lands &c. mentioned in A. 6013. Wednesday, Midsummer-day, 22 Henry VI. Seal and portions of seal.
[Salop.] A. 6015. Release by John Grenhull and Margaret his wife, to John Asshefeld, of all their right in the lands &c. mentioned in A. 6013. Wednesday, Midsummer-day, 22 Henry VI. Portions of two seals.
[Salop.] A. 6016. Release by Richard Havlyn of Patton, to John Asshefeld, of all his right in the lands, &c. mentioned in A. 6013, and in all other lands &c. which the releasor had in West Bradeley. 12 June, 21 Henry VI, Seal.
[Norf.] A. 6017. Grant by William son of Ralph de Hakeford, to Hervey son of Richer de Docking, of all the tenement and land in Sudcrec (South Creake), formerly held by Ketel Knit of Sudcrec, which Agnes late the wife of William son of Henry de Freng' gave to the said Hervey, to hold of the present grantor, for which the said Hervey has given to the grantor certain yearly rents in Docking and Freng' due from the persons named, with their homages. Witnesses:—Thomas de Hingaldestorp, John de Dunham, Richard de Docking, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Cornw.] A. 6018. Release by John de Treiagu, knight, to Roger le Taillour of Bodmin, of all his right in four messuages and in all the land of Tredinek by Nanscolleth, and in a messuage and in all the land of Woen by Nanscolleth, and in two messuages and in all the land of Tresulyan by Polen, and in two mills in Nanscolleth with their multure. Witnesses: —Sirs John de Carmynou, and John de Tynten, knights, and others (named). Wednesday after St. Peter ad Vincula, 19 Edward II. Seal of arms.
Bucks. A. 6019. Indenture between Gryffithe Hampden of Hampden, esquire, of the one part, and certain persons, named, of the other part, witnessing that the said Gryffithe has bought from William Dormer of Farthinghoe, co. Northampton, esquire, the. reversion of the manor of Kymble alias Kymble Magna, and of the capital messuage thereof and a grange house there, and of the rectory and parsonage and advowson of the vicarage of the parish church of Kymble, with all other lands &c. of the said Dermer in Great and Little Kymble, Monckes Risborowghe and Ellesborowghe, and agreeing with the said parties of the second part that the said premises shall be to the use of the said Gryffithe, for his life, then to the use of his wife, Anne Hampden, for her life, then to the use of William Hampden, son and heir apparent of the said Gryffithe, for his life, then in tail male to the said Gryffithe and Anne, in default of which tail male the said grange house with all its lands &c. except the lands lying on the east side of the way leading from the east side of the hill called 'Chekars Knappe' through Kymble town to Gibbes lane, shall be to the use of the heirs female of the bodies of the said Gryffithe and Anne, in default of which all the above-mentioned premises shall be to the use of the right heirs of the said Gryffithe. 25 January, 22 Elizabeth. English. Signed. Two seals of arms, one broken, and seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses. 'The conveyaunce of my lande in Kymble to my wyfe duringe her lyfe' &c.
[Cornw.] A. 6020. Grant by Joan daughter and heiress of Stephen Gybbe of Kelgeth and late the wife of John Carwethan, widow, to Martin Halfos of Metysshole, for his life, of all her messuages and lands &c. in Northkelgeth, Southkelgeth, and Bodmyn. Witnesses:—Thomas Brow, mayor of Bodmyn, and others (named). Friday before St. George the martyr, 10 Henry V. Seal.
Camb. A. 6021. Grant by Thomas Baron of Comberton, one of the executors of John Newman of the same, to Thomas Baasley of Tofte, the elder,' smyth,' Thomas Pecke son of William Pecke of the same, Thomas Newman of the same, John Rolfe of Berton, and John Byrde of the same, of lands in Berton. 10 February, 22 Henry VII.
[Salop.] A. 6022. Grant by John, lord of Lodeford, to Sir Richard del Boys, lord of La Scete (Sheet), of that place in the water of Themede, belonging to part of the grantor's land, upon which the pool of Sir Richard's mill of 'la Scete' extends. Witnesses:—Sir Peter de Grete, John, lord of Stivinton, Robert Agate of Lodelawe, and others (named). [Henry III.] Portion of seal.
[Norf.] A. 6023. Grant in tail by Hugh Tebald of Schypedene (Shipdam), to Roger Wodeman of Rughtone (Roughton), of land at Crowemere, with reversion to the grantor. Monday, the feast of St. John ante Portam Latinam, 7 Edward II.
[Chesh.] A. 6024. Grant by William de Hedisley, to William le Hore son of Peter le Hore of Hope, of all the lauds which Roger de le Wro, William le Brid, and Robert le Salter held of the grantor in Hedisley (Hattersley ?). Witnesses:—Sir G. de Chedle, Richard de Stocport, Richard de Bromhale, Jordan de Bredbur', and others (named). Seal.
[Linc.] A. 6025. Grant by Geoffrey North of Aswordeby, to Henry de Crumbwele, of land in Aswordeby, part on 'le Broc' and part on 'le bec holm,' abutting on the river of Suterby. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Haringthon, Henry son of John de Sanstovp, and others (named).
[Linc.] A. 6026. Grant by the same, to the same, of laud in Aswordeby, abutting on the river of Suterby and upon 'Akersic.' Witnesses as above.
[Heref.] A. 6027. Grant by John Lunteleye of Webbeleye, to John Zeddeven, Ralph de Barton, Hugh de la Coumbe, Walter Shepham, Roger Crompe, Walter Dyssewalle, William de Gerneston, Richard Stevenis of Woneton, and John le Bakere, the younger, of two tenements in Webbcleye (Weobley), one extending from the ditch of the said town to the high road, and of a burgage there adjoining the stream of the lord's -water-mill. Sunday after the Annunciation, 12 Richard II.
[Linc.] A. 6028. Grant by Thomas son of William son of Elena, of Langton by Partenay, to John son of Thomas Clerk of Baghenderby, of a toft and land in Baghenderby. Enderby, Thursday after the Purification, A.D. 1367. Portion of seal.
[Lanc.] A. 6029. Grant by John Butiller of Weryngton, knight, to Geoffrey son of Hugh de Werburton, for life, of a yearly rent from all those lands &c. which William Butiller, the grantor's grandfather, gave to Hugh de Werburton and Geoffrey his son, in Burtonwod, and which Geoffrey surrendered to the grantor, and also from all the grantor's other lands &c. in Weryngton (Warrington), Sonky (Sankey), and Burtonwod. Saturday, the feast of St. Nicholas the bishop, 6 Richard II.
[Heref?] A. 6030. Grant by Kenewreic son of Kenewreic son of Moreduc de Pelbog', to William, his brother, of all the land with a messuage &c. which David ab Abratn formerly held in Moreduc from the grantor and his father. Witnesses:—John Ragun, Jorword ab Iwan, Philip ab Rotbert, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Norf.] A. 6031. Demise by John Swetman and John Andrewe, burgesses of Great Yarmouth, to John Codlyng, burgess of the same, and Alice his wife, and Thomas Codlyng, clerk, of a garden in Great Yarmouth, abutting on the port of the town. 24 April,' 25 Henry VI, Thomas Martyn and Simon Folsham being bailiffs of Great Yarmouth. Seal of arms and seal.
[Stafford.] [Warw.] A. 6032. Mandate to Malcolm de Harle, the king's escheator south of Trent, to assign to Mary, late the wife of Philip Marmyoun, deceased, tenant of the king in capite, her dower from the knights' fees and advowsons of churches which belonged to her said late husband, in his bailiwick, and afterwards to divide the said fees &c. among Philip's heirs &c. Thornton, 20 May, 20 Edward I.
Also, Memorandum of certain presentations to prebends in the church of Thamworth, assigned as dower to the above-mentioned Mary.
Also, Copy of an inquisition showing that no knights' fees are held of Sir Philip Marmyon in the county of Stafford, but that the church of Thamworth was in his gift; also showing the number, value, and names of holders, of prebends in the said church. Thamworth, Thursday after St. Gregory, 20 Edward [I]. Copies on one skin.
[Cornw.] A. 6033. Grant in tail by Matthew de Roscol of the parish of Lauxsolian (Luxulyan), to Roger le Taillour, the elder, of Bodmin, and Joan his wife, of all his land in Roscol. Bodmin, Thursday after the Translation of St Thomas, 3 Edward III. Portion of seal.
[Cornw.] A. 6034. Release by Ralph Trenewyth, to John Nanskelly, of all his right in all the said John's messuages and lands &c. in Dodwod with all his wood there. Trenewyth, Saturday before the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 5 Richard II. Fragment of seal of arms.
Cornw. A. 6035. Grant by Thomas Wescote of Overawode, to Edward Burnebury, William atte Hamme and Richard Alleraforda of Overawode of all his goods in Overaforde, and of the debts due to the grantor. Monday after Midsummer, 8 Henry VI.
Warw. A. 6036. Release by Thomas Hom, yeoman, and Alice his wife, to William Worschype, of all their right in a messuage and garden in Nuneton, extending from a pool there called 'le Honysuche' to a field called 'le Burgagefeld.' 16 March, 25 Henry VIII.
Worc. Norf. Sussex. A. 6037. Release by Robart Acton of Ribbisforde, co. Worcester, esquire, to William Browne of EJsinge, co. Norfolk, esquire, and Henry Browne of Cawdrey, co. Sussex, esquire, of the condition of a grant made by the said Robert to the said William and Henry of the wardship and marriage of Richard Wenman, son and heir of Thomas Wenman, esquire, and of two yearly rents, the said condition being that if Robert should pay to the grantees 735l. at the date specified, at the house of Sir William Catesbye, knight, in Water Lambeth, then the said grant should be void, with further confirmation by the said Robert of the grantees' estate in the premises. 1 March, 30 Elizabeth. English. Signed.
Endorsed: .Names of witnesses.
[Heref.] A. 6038. Grant by Maurice Tayllour of Webbeley (Weobley), Roger Heynes of Aston, Richard Baby and William Mym of Webbeley, to John, Walter, and Richard Devereux, and John Skydmore, esquires, of all the lands and tenements &c. which the grantors lately had of the gift of John Bradeley of Leomynstre, mercer, in Bradeley and in the fees of Webbeley, Dylewe (Dylwin) and Pionia Regis (King's Pion). 30 July, 6 Henry VI. Seal, loose.
[N'hamp.] A. 6039. Grant by Henry Geffrey of Yelvertoft, to William de Tekene and Agnes his wife, of land in Yelvertoft, part lying 'into' Brodeslade, part upon Netheredebelond, and part upon Netherecolewong. Monday the feast of St. Ambrose, 19 Edward III.
Warw. A. 6040. Demise by Henry Dyve, lord of Doclynton, co. Oxford, to John Devery, clerk, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Bernhaungel and Sshulton which belonged to Guy son of Robert le Fitzwyth, which he held of the said Henry, and which came to Henry as guardian of Elizabeth heir of the said Guy, except the dower of Joan, late the wife of Guy; to hold the same during the minority of the said Elizabeth. Thursday before Christmas, 10 Edward II.
Endorsed: 'Bernangre.'
[Wilts ?] A. 6041. Sale by Richard Porterose, to Nicholas de Haverson, of the service of Peter Sturefis, and of all the customs which the said Peter rendered to the grantor for a tenement which he bought from him in Gremested, so that the said Peter may hold the said tenement from Nicholas. Witnesses:—Sir Odo de Gremested, William de Olun, parson of Gremested, William de Bertevile, and others (named).
Surrey. A. 6042. Grant by William atte Felde, son of John atte Felde late citizen and fishmonger of London, to Sir Richard Vincencii of Waltham Holy Cross, of all the lands and tenements &c. which he inherited from his said father in a place called 'le Breche' in St. Mary's parish, Retherhethe, and elsewhere in the said town. Saturday the vigil of Holy Trinity, 14 Edward III. Portions of seal.
[Cornw.] A. 6043. Grant by John Organ of Treworian, to Walter Renald of 'la Medesole,' of land in Treworian lying by the ditch leading . . . . . . . . . . . . Saint Ladoca (Ladock). Tregoin, Sunday the feast of St. Leonard, 17 Edward II. Injured.
Endorsed: 'Horgan de Treworyan.'
[N'hamp.] A. 6044. Demise by Henry de Pidyngton of Yelvertoft, to Robert Terri of the same, of land in Yelvertoft, part lying upon Nethere Rogakur, part upon Longemalne, part upon Hundelond, and part upon Waltfurlong; to hold during a period of twelve crops, the grantor to plough and sow the land, and the grantee to provide the seed. Tuesday after St. Gregory the pope, 6 Edward II. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6045. Grant by Richard Martin of Welton, to Thomas his son, and Juliana daughter of Bartholomew son of Henry de Esthaddon, of all his goods in a capital messuage and in all those lands &c. which the grantees had of the grant of the said Richard in Welton and Assheby St. Legers. Monday after St. Nicholas the bishop, 9 Edward II. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6046. Demise by John Stanbyry, bishop of Hereford, John Barre, knight, William Bryteyn, clerk, John Norys, esquire, Thomas Byllyng, 'sargand,' Thomas Palmer, esquire, Robert Tanfeld, John Catesby of Olthorp, esquire, William Hall, John Lownde, and William Fortesshawe, clerks, Edmund Newham and William Catesby, knight, to Thomas Blyth of Henley in Arden, for forty years, of a tenement with garden and croft in Henley aforesaid; the grantee to build a new house thereon within six years &c. Michaelmas day, 3 Edward IV. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6047. Grant by Richard de Bray of Hynton, to Nicholas de Borbache and Joan his wife, of a messuage and land in Welton, held of the grantor in villenage by Bennet Alwyne, together with the said Bennet, the grantor's bondman (nativo), with all his issue and chattels, and also all the rents and services of certain of the grantor's freeholders in fee in Welton and Assheby St. Legers. Wodeford, Monday after St, Hilary, 13 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 6048. Demise by Richard son and heir of Robert Felice of Herdewych Priour, to Walter le Honte, Isabella his wife, and William their son, of a messuage in Herdewych, for their lives, with reversion to the grantor; the grantees to make a fence round the said messuage, and to have liberty to drive out of the enclosure any of the grantor's animals doing damage. Saturday after the Purification, 5 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 6049. Grant by Matilda de Franketon, relict of Nicholas Abovetoun of Canlee, widow, to John de Franketon of Coventre, merchant, her grandson, of a yearly rent issuing from a tenement in the iron market (foro ferri) in Coventre, by the lane called 'Hilpous lone.' Witnesses:— John de Clifton, bailiff of Coventre, Roger de Pacwode, coroner, and others (named). Monday after the apostles Peter and Paul, 10 Edward II. Seal.
[Herts.] A. 6050. Bond by Hugh son of Alan de Titeburste, to do suit at the court of his lord, Sir Adam de Stratton, every three weeks, for the lands and tenements which he holds from his said lord in Titeburste. London, Tuesday the feast of St. Nicholas, 1 Edward I.
[N'hamp.] A. 6051. Indenture witnessing the condition of a bond by Thomas Simundes and Alexander de Coten, to Robert de Norton of Wykham, for 8 marks; viz. that if Nicholas de Stoke and Joan his wife do not implead Robert de Norton of Wykham and Matilda his wife, and Nicholas their son, concerning certain lands which they hold for twelve years, of the demise of the said Nicholas and Joan, in Throp Mundevill, then the said bond shall be void. Sunday, the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, 4 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 6052. Grant by William Newman of Spekysworth, to John Gosselyn, chaplain, and Margery his mother, of land in Spekysworth (Spixworth), in the tillage (cultura) called 'Parkmerys.' 6 April, 2 Henry IV.
[Camb.] A. 6053. Release by Isabella, late the wife of Roger Alward of Little Wilburham, to the canons of Anglesheye, of all her right of dower in land in Wilburham (Wilbraham). Witnesses:—Ivo de Cantebreg', Colin de Berkik, and others (named). Twelfth century.
[Middx.] A. 6054. Grant by Alice daughter of Aldwin Hunne, widow, to John Travers, of land with houses in the parish of St. Michael, Bassishahe, paying 15s. yearly to the canons of Holy Trinity, London. Witnesses:— Hugh Tabur, alderman, Richard Stembatur, Hugh de Ridale, Pentecost Travers, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 6055. Grant by Dame Rose Mountfort, John Barowe alias Smythier of Coventre, John Sly and Richard Parsones of Lapworth, to John Brome of Lapworth, of all the lands and tenements &c. which they had of the grant of the said John Brome in Lapworth, Henleye and Stodleye, and also of all the said John Brome's goods and chattels which he gave to them. Wednesday after the Circumcision of our Lord, 8 Henry IV. Seal and portion of seal of arms.
Endorsed: Memorandum that John Brown of Baddesley on 'Allsollanday,' 5 Edward IV, at Powles in London, in the cloister, showed to Sir Richard Byngham and William Lakun, justices and arbitrators chosen by Sir William Catesby, knight, and the said John Brown, a deed of refeoffment to John Brome according to this same deed within written under seals of Dame Rose Mountfort, John Sly, and Richard Parsons within written, and a deed of Smythier within written made to Thomas Audley and Elizabeth daughter to the said John Brome. English.
[Norf.] A. 6056. Demise by Thomas, prior of Mountejoye, with the consent of Richard, bishop of Norwich, to William, prior of Walsingham, for ten years, of his said house called 'the Priorye of Saint Laurence of Mountjoye,' with all the oblations and gifts for devotion offered there, and the advowsons of benefices, and pensions and all lands &c. in Mountjoye, Felthorpe, Armynglond, Heveringlond, Stanfeld, Attilbrige and Taverham; with a covenant that the said prior of Mountejoye shall be well and sufficiently found in 'mete and drinke and a servant to wait uppon hym as a gentilman haught to have' whenever he shall reside at the said house &c. the above parties binding themselves in 100l. each to observe their respective covenants. 4 August, 1 Henry VIII, A.D. 1509. English. Signature of the bishop of Norwich.
[Hants.] A. 6057. Bond bv William Westbroc, Thomas Sampson, Richard Ledyrburgh, John Truslove, Robert Westmyllys, William Carpenter, Thomas Cowse and Richard Arnolde of Havaunte, yeomen, William Rede, Thomas Maken, John Bosgrove and Robert Shyll of Emmesworth, yeomen, to the king for 500l. 8 September, 2 Henry VII. Ten seats, and portions of two seals.
Underwritten: Condition of the above bond witnessing that if the said parties observe the covenants contained in a pair of indentures of even date, made between them and the king, then the above bond shall be void. English.
[Warw.] A. 6058. Demise by Symon Pakeman of Coventre, to Adam de Napton of the same, of land in the field of Wbatburleye (Whaberley), which the grantor had of the grant of William Feysaunt, with a little park (parroco), and other land which he bought of Roger Gopyl, with land called 'Botine' extending to the 'scamellum' of Whatburley, and part 'Bynethewey,' extending towards Asshawe; paying 16s. yearly, for the first sixteen years, and 32s. afterwards, if the grantee desires to hold it longer. 15 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 6059. Demise by Alice Langeleye of Coventre, for her life, to William de Solihul, and Adam de Yerdeleye, of her granges outside the bridges of Gofford, and of land in the field called 'Lodelowefeld,' reserving the trees. Witnesses:—Walter Wytewebbe, mayor of Coventre, Henry de Dodenhale and William de Shepeye, bailiffs, Ranulph Palmere, master of the guild of St. John, and others. Michaelmas day, 28 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
Lanc. A. 6060. Release by Thomas Wadyngton of Bradforth, co. York, 'shomaker,' to John Clerke of Warley, co. York, of all his right in all the lands &c. formerly held by Thomas Wadyngton, the grantor's grandfather, or any other of his ancestors, in Tunworth in the township of Bellyngton. 20 August, 24 Henry VIII.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment before the justices at Lancaster, at the sessions held on Monday after the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, 24 Henry VIII.
[Warw.] A. 6061. Demise by Ralph de Stanlowe, knight, to Giles le Waydour in Coventre, and Agnes his wife, for their lives, of all the messuage in Coventre, formerly held of the grantor by John le Marchal of Coventre. Witnesses:—John de Clifton, bailiff of Coventre, Roger de Pacwode, coronor, and others (named). 16 Edward II. Seal of arms.
[Norf.] A. 6062. Grant by Reginald son of William de Saham, to William son of Eilof', of land called 'Coteaker,' lying on the hill (super dunam) between the land of the church of the said town [Saham] and the grantor's land. Witnesses:—Robert le Warner, Henry de Halca, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw?] A. 6063. Conveyance by Simon de Catesby, to William his brother, of all his estate in a plot called 'Colinscroft,' with cottages thereon. Suckeborugh, Sunday the feast of St. Matthew. 28 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 6064. Demise by William Leyiard of Northampton, and Joan his wife, to Robert Spicer, burgess of Northampton, and Mabel his wife, for their lives, of a capital messuage with shops adjoining, in Northampton, and after their death for two years to their heirs, rendering yearly a rose at Midsummer, for the first eight years, and 4 marks a year afterwards; with clause stating that the said Joan of her own free will, being examined in the full hustings of Northampton, ratifies the present deed. Monday in Easter week, 33 Edward III. Portion of seal.
Warw. A. 6065. Release by William Wyleby son and heir of Lucy Wyleby of Bobenhull, to John de Beauchamp of Holte, kinsman and heir of Robert le fitz Wyth, and John de Catesby, of all his right in all the lands and tenements which the grantees hold in Bobenhull. Asscheby Leger, Monday before the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. 14 Richard II. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6066. Release by Isabella, late the wife of John Lyddyngton alias John Drayton of Wellton, widow, to William Catesby, esquire, of all her right in a croft with a little orchard and land in Wellton, which the said William has of the gift of William Hykman, Alice his wife, and John York and Katherine his wife. Monday after St. Thomas the apostle 27 Henry VI. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 6067. Release by Cicely, relict of Nicholas son of Hugh de Saham, widow, to Sir Roger le Bygot, earl of Norfolk, marshal of England, and lady Alyna la Despenser, his wife, of all her right in all the land and tenement in Saham which the said Nicholas sold to Sir Philip Basset. Witnesses:— William de Saham, John Reynald, Simon le Tregettur, and William de Ringelonde, all of Saham, and others (named). [1 (?) Edward I.] Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] A. 6068. Grant by Adam Haldeyn of Covintre, to Thomas Symound of the same, of 12d. of assize rent from a house in the street of Gofford. Witnesses:—Richard de Bokvil, Richer de Weston, Richard de Sancto Ivone, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
Warw. A. 6069. Indenture witnessing that John le Bruyn, steward of the lady Isabella, queen of England, has sold to William de Catesby, all the grain growing in the manor of Haukesbury and all the chattels of the prior of Coventry, the said grain and chattels having been delivered to the said John by Gilbert Chasteleyn, sheriff of Warwick, by virtue of a writ for delivering to the said queen all the goods and chattels of the said prior, except the plough-oxen and horses, for a debt due to her, and for damages adjudged to her for the detention of the said debt; with memorandum that the said William is bound to the said queen in 17l. to be paid at Coventry in the manor of Cheylesmor. Wednesday the feast of St. James, 26 Edward III. Fragments of seal.
Worc. A. 6070. Demise by Anthonye Tbrockmerton of Chastelton, co. Oxford, esquire, and Katheryne his wife, to Thomas Rogers of the parish of Alvechurch, yeoman, for forty years, of a messuage or tenement in the said parish, with lands adjoining called 'Goodwyves Furlonge,' 'Yngells Croft,' and 'Heanleys,' also lands in the common fields called 'Awcott' by the brook called 'Pessehill broke,' and other lands there by the brook called 'Awcott broke,' also other land called 'Gosshawes,' with a coppice or grove adjoining, in the parish of Kingesnorton, near a heath called 'Withworthe heathe' and 'shootinge down' towards a grove called 'Bellun grove,' also other lands &c. called 'Fraunces' and 'Whyte furlonge' in the said parish of Alvechurch. 1 December, 29 Elizabeth. English. Seal.
[Middx.] A. 6071. Surrender by William Salcote of Westminster, carpenter, for 76l. 13s. 4d., to Thomas Crumwell, gentleman, to the use of the king, of all his right in divers cottages, with the void ground and places belonging thereto, at Charyngcrosse, granted to him in 16 Henry VIII for forty-eight years by John the abbot, and the prior and convent, of Westminster. 18 May, 23 Henry VIII. English. Signed. Seal.
[York.] A. 6072. Grant by Marmaduke the abbot, and the convent of Fountains, to Sir Thomas Darcy, lord of Darcy, of an annuity of 5 marks. 18 March, 14 Henry VIII.
[Heref?] A. 6073. Bond by John le Norman, parson of the church of Kingeslane in the diocese of Hereford, for the payment to Robert Gyene of Bristol, of a yearly pension. Friday the feast of St. Katherine the virgin, A.D. 133[4]. Seal and portion of seal.
[Notts.] A. 6074. Release by John Rolf of Falklyve, to Nicholas his son, of all his right in that part of a messuage with land which he gave to the said Nicholas for life. Brandeston, Monday before St. Andrew the apostle, 17 Edward II.
[Notts.] A. 6075. Grant in tail by Henry le Flaunvill of Wileby, to Nicholas son of John Rolf of Falklyve, of that part of a messuage in Falklyve which the said Henry had of the grant of the said Nicholas, with remainder to William, brother of Nicholas. Monday after St. Nicholas, 19 Edward II.
[Middx.] A. 6076. Letters patent by the king, acknowledging himself to be bound to Dinus Forcetti and Peter Byni, merchants of the Society of the Bardi, for the payment of 62,000l. lent by them. Westminster, 18 October, 11 Edward [III]. Portion of Great Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6077. Demise by Edmund de Watford, to Robert son of Henry de Watford and Ymeyna his wife, for their lives, of land and houses, with two granges annexed, in Creton, and other land, all which the grantor had of the gift of Roger Roys of Sprotton, in free marriage with Emma his wife. Witnesses:—Sir Robert, rector of the church of Great Creton, Roger Bordel of Gildesboru (Guildsborough), Simon la garde of Cotesbroc, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] [Warw.] A. 6078. Bond by Thomas Stoke of Asscheby Leger, to Emma, late the wife of John de Catesby, and to William Brook, rector of the church of Lodbrok, for 8 marks. Wednesday after St. Luke the evangelist, 7 Henry IV. Seal.
Endorsed: Condition of the above bond, witnessing that if the said Thomas shall pay to the said Emma and William 4 marks on the feast of the Annunciation next following, then the above bond shall be void.
[Middx.] A. 6079. Indenture between Sir Guy Wolston, knight, and Dame Margaret his wife, of the one part, and Richard Emson of the other part, witnessing that the said Sir Guy and Dame Margaret have received at London from the said Richard 30l., part of the sum due to them on the marriage of Thomas Emson, son and heir apparent of the said Richard, with Audrey, daughter and heir apparent of the said Sir Guy and Dame Margaret. 9 June, 16 Henry [VII]. English. Signed. Two seals.
[Middx.] A. 6080. Agreement between John Buccuint son of Geoffrey Buccuint, and Nigra, wife of Master Henry de Walth', witnessing that the said John has sold to the said Master Henry and Nigra, for 17 marks, all the land and rent which he held in the parish of St. Edmund, between the land late of Walter the spurrier (calcearii) and the land of Gilbert de Seluord, except certain land and rent of 4s. for the same which the said Gilbert used to render to him, which rent he has given for his soul, in frank almoin, to the convent of Holy Trinity, London; the first payment of the residue of the price to be on the octave of St. Martin next after the consecration of E[ustace] de Falkenberga as bishop of London &c. Witnesses:—John Travers, alderman, Simon Blund, Brien de Chelford and others (named). [A.D. 1221.]
[Camb.] A. 6081. Grant in frank almoin by William Leverer of Karlet' to the monks of St. Pancras, Lewes, of land in Karlet' (Carlton) and West' (Weston Colville), part at Bernardesmere, part at Weitwiseles, and part in Munekecroft. Witnesses:—William de Bosco, Gervase de Karlet', and others (named). [Henry III.]
Endorsed: 'Will[elm]i Leverer de t[er]ra sua de Karlet'n nob[is] data com[itatu] Canteb[ri]gge.'
[N'hamp.] A. 6082. Grant by William Smyht of Yelvertoft and Matilda his wife, to John de Catesby, esquire, of a yearly rent from two tenements with a croft in Yelvertoft, abutting on 'Cockes lave.' 20 January, 1 Henry VI. Two seals.
[ ] A. 6083. Conveyance by Lady Rose Montfort, to Ralph son of Richard de Henleye, and to Margery his wife, and John, William, and Thomas, their sons, for life, of a field called 'Ly . . . . . . ., [adjoining land] of the lord of Henleye. Sunday after St. Denis, . . Richard II. Much injured.
N'hamp. A. 6084. Grant by William Smyth of Yelvertoft, to John Mallory of Neubold, John Atfeyate, rector of the church of Cleycotes, Stephen de Waldeprave, and Thomas Smyth of Yelvertoft, clerk, of all his messuages and lands &c. in Yelvertoft, and of all his goods. Wednesday before Holy Cross, 7 Henry IV. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 6085. Grant by John Nanskeylly, to Martin Trehar, for two hundred years, of a tenement in Nevham street. Truruburgh, 4 October, 21 Henry VI.
[N'hamp. A. 6086. Release by Agnes, late the wife of Richard de Duston, in Weleton, widow, to John Malorre of Weleton, and Sarah his wife, of all her right in a messuage in the said town, which the said John and Sarah had of the grant of the said Richard. Tuesday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 11 Edward II.
[Glouc] [Wilts.] A. 6087. Letters patent by the king, granting to Hugh le Despenser, the elder, [in part payment of certain debts] due to him by the king, [the wardship] of the manors [of Hampton Meysi (co. Glouc.)] and Eton [Meysi (co. Wilts)], which Nicholas de Sancto Mauro, deceased, held [of the lands of Gilbert] de Clare, late earl of Gloucester and Hertford, deceased, who held of the king in [capite]; to hold [the said wardship] during the minority of Thomas, [son and heir of the said Nicholas. Claryndon, 8] February, 10 [Edward II]. Much injured. (See Patent Roll, 10 Edward II part 2, membrane 28.)
Middx. A. 6088. Indenture between [Thomas Wolsey], dean of the cathedral church of Lincoln, of the one part, and Master William Fitzherbert, [prebendary] of the said church, and John Port, gentleman, of the other part, witnessing the covenants &c. on which the said dean is to hold from the above-mentioned parties of the second part, certain messuages and lands &c. in Hakeney formerly belonging to John Fitzherbert and demised by Joan, his widow, to the said parties of the second part, for life. 10 July, 1 Henry VIII. English. Much injured.
[ ] A. 6089. Grant by John Osborne, Treasurer's Remembrancer of the Exchequer, and John Hare, to Thomas Barlee, of all their estate and interest in certain manors, messuages and lands &c. 7 March, 39 Elizabeth. English. Signed. Seal. Much injured.
N'hamp. A. 6090. Certificate by Thomas, marquis of Dorset, justice in eyre of the king's forests &c. on this side Trent, to the warden of Rokyngham forest, informing him that he has given licence to Richard Verney, esquire, and Elizabeth his wife, to cut down and sell certain underwood on their land in the said forest, in a coppice (copio) called 'Leykyshowke' in 'le Baylywyke' of Gretton, abutting on Corbi Rydyng, Thakholme grene, Long Rydyng and Camel Copie. 12 July, 21 Henry VIII. Portion of official seal of arms.
[Warw.] A. 6091. Demise by Hugh de Braundeston, lord of Lappeworth, to Thomas Scut of the same, and Emma his wife, and Richard their son, for their lives, of land in Lappeworth, part lying in the field called 'Damelond,' between Nicholushugene and the high road from Hesyngforde to Hokelowe. Michaelmas day, 19 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 6092. Demise by Roger Watford, chaplain, to William Haddon and Thomas Haddon of Great Creton, for their lives, of all his lands and tenements in the same, formerly hold of the grantor by Robert Walter; with remainder, for life, to Thomas son of the said William, after the death of both grantees, and a moiety after the death of his said father. Sunday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 48 Edward III. Three seals, one of arms.
[Warw.] A. 6093. Grant by Richard son of the late Thomas le Blake of Wabburl', to Simon Pakeman of Coventry and Agnes his wife, Elyas de Lenna and Matilda his wife, and the heirs and assigns of the said Simon, of land in Wabburl' (Whaberley), extending from the road leading from Coventry to Allesl[ey], to the moor of the said Thomas. Witnesses:—John de Clifton, bailiff of Coventry, Roger de Pacwode, coroner, and others (named). Sunday after Holy Trinity, 10 Edward II.
[Anglia.] A. 6094. Appointment by Henry, lord Lescrop, of John Foxholes, clerk, to be his receiver-general of all debts with arrears of farms &c. from all his lordships and lands in England. Manor of Faxflete, 22 June, 3 Henry V. Portion of large seal.
[Camb.] A. 6085. Memorandum as to the custom of the tenants of Thorneye, as well free tenants as bondmen, with regard to the sale of land in 'our' lordship; also as to the payment of heriots on the death of any of the said tenants.
Endorsed: 'Cant'—Custume tenenciu[m] de Thorney.'
N'hamp. A. 6096. Grant by Edmund de Hynton, to John Hancokes, chaplain, and William Overton, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Creton. Monday after the Epiphany, 13 Henry IV. Seal of arms.
[N'hamp.] A. 6097. Grant in tail by Henry Lordessone, alias Henry de la Heus, and Peter Tekene of Yelvertoft, to John Tekene son of the late Richard Tekene of Yelvertoft, of land in the Fame, part lying in 'le Holowmere' and 'le Porteweie,' part on Schortsouthlonge, by land of the lord of 'la Souche,' part extending 'into' Brodslade, part on Watergalle, part in 'le Smynedweie,' part on Mittelhull and Longmalow, part under Wodeweie, parts on Hunlond, Cliftonhill, and Benforlong, part extending 'into' Caldmar, part in Bancroft, part on Nethercollewong, part under Bannehulweie, part at 'le Assh,' part in 'le Mor' extending on Botelers Hadelond which lies on Langelond, part on Whittland and Greythornhill, and part under Anlow; with a 'quartrona' of pasture in the field of Yelvertoft and certain 'swaths' and a 'hach' in 'le Estmedue' &c.; with remainders, in tail, to Thomas and William Tekene, brothers of the said John, and in fee to John Pynton, William Bikerton, Richard Craunforde, John Asshby, John Robert and Thomas Gundewyn, all of Yelvertoft, to sell for the souls of Thomas Tekene, Margery his wife, and all the faithful departed. Witnesses:—Sir John Mayhu, rector of the church of Yelvertoft, and others (named). 20 June, 3 Henry V.
N'hamp. A. 6098. Release by Joan, relict of the late Robert Burdet of Baddesle, widow, to Thomas Haddon of Hamslape, and Alice his wife, of all her right in all the lands and tenements &c. in Great Creton which the said Thomas and Alice formerly had from the said Robert and Joan. Wednesday the feast of St. Laurence the martyr, 6 Henry V.
N'hamp. A. 6099. Assignment of dower by Geoffrey de Okham, warden of the fees of the duke of Lancaster in the county of Northampton, to Emma, late the wife of John de Swynford out of the manor of Newbold, viz. a third part of the manor divided as specified; also the messuages and lands held by certain bondmen, named, with their bodies and issue, the messuage and land held by Robert Colle, and the rent and service of Robert Peryot; also land by the road to Daventry, and land in Dolemedewe lying under Wadborgh and Netherstanythulle; also lands in Stokedenefeld called 'Netherstokedene,' 'Longewolde,' 'Hatenhulle,' 'Overlosehulle,' 'Undertoftes,' 'Asscheforlong,' and 'Brerethehulle'; also in another field called 'Moselowfeld,' lands called 'Overwong' on Braddynton, 'bynethe Barynchyllewey,' 'Undermoselowe,' 'Coltmere,' 'Thehulles,' 'Fyfeacres,' 'Blakemylde,' 'Yonderthornedon' and 'Gores'; also in another field called 'Uglesdalefelde,' lands called 'Underlowe,' 'Appultreforlong,' 'Shortwadborgh,' 'Underoldemullestobbe,' 'Netherfulputhulle,' 'Cathorne,' 'Stanythulle,' 'Waterplass,' 'Lescombhulle,' 'Thewonghby merstenemere,' 'Uglesdalehades,' and 'Twantr'; also assignment of the third part of the profit of view of frank-pledge &c. of the said manor. 6 February, 4 Richard II.
[ ] A. 6100. Acknowledgment by Peter Benecase and Frankettus Beuteveyne, citizens and merchants of Florence, that they have received on loan from the priest Nicholas Sancte Marie de Cluneto, parson of Quitham, by the hands of Master Richard do Stanford, canon of St. Paul's, London, 20 marks, at 13s. 4d. the mark, and binding themselves to repay the same. Within the octave of St. Michael, A.D. 1241.