Deeds: A.7001 - A.7100

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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, 'Deeds: A.7001 - A.7100', in A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4, (London, 1902) pp. 109-121. British History Online [accessed 18 May 2024].

. "Deeds: A.7001 - A.7100", in A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4, (London, 1902) 109-121. British History Online, accessed May 18, 2024,

. "Deeds: A.7001 - A.7100", A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4, (London, 1902). 109-121. British History Online. Web. 18 May 2024,

A.7001 - A.7100

Essex. A. 7001. Feoffment by Richard Aired of Borham, esquire, to Richard Riche, citizen and mercer of London, Walter Gorfen, Thomas Hill of Badowe, and Thomas Gale of Sabrith [es] forth, of the premises described in A. 6994, which the grantor, with John, archbishop of York, William, bishop of Lincoln, and others, named, lately had, as well of the demise of Walter Hungerford, knight, lord of Heytesbury and Hornet, and others, named, as of the release of John Tiptoft, knight, lord of Powis, and others, named. Borham, 19 September, 21 Henry VI. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 7002. Grant by Thomas Coggeshale, son and heir of Thomas Coggeshale, of Borham, esquire, to Robert Darcy of Maldon, Sir Walter Halibred, John Borham, John Pyngston of Borham, and John Boukstret of Little Waltham, of all his manor called 'Newehalle' in Borham. Sunday after Christmas, 9 Henry V. Seal of arms.
Essex. A. 7003. Deed poll by Robert Wyvill and Beatrice his wife, late the wife of Thomas Coggeshale, reciting and confirming A. 7002, 7008, 7004, and 6994, and demising to the said archbishop and others their estate in the third part of the manor of Newhalle, assigned as dower to the said Beatrice after the death of the said Thomas. 28 June, 13 Henry VI. Two seals.
Essex. A. 7004. Demise by Walter Hungerford, knight, lord of Heytesbury and Hommet, Simon Sydenham, clerk, dean of Salisbury, and John Fortescu, to John, archbishop of York, William, bishop of Norwich, and others, as in A. 6994, of the premises therein described. Newehalle, morrow of St. Martin, 9 Henry VI. Seal of arms, injured, and two seals.
Essex. A. 7005. Release by John Byconell, to Thomas Urswyk, knight, chief baron of the Exchequer, and Thomas Lovell, of all his right in the premises described in A. 6994, which he, together with the said Urswyk and Lovell, and John Neel, clerk, Thomas Burgoyne, Thomas Stele and John Aps, the elder, now deceased, lately had of the grant of Thomas Tudenham, knight, John Leventhorp, esquire, and Thomas Radclyf. 6 February, 14 Edward IV. Seal.
Essex. A. 7006. Duplicate of A. 7005. Seal.
Essex. A. 7007. Letter of attorney by Robert Darcy of Maldon, Walter Halybrede, clerk, John Borham, John Pyngstone of Borham, and John Boukstret of Little Waltham, authorising Thomas Broun, 'gentilman,' and John Ardeley, to deliver seisin to Walter Hungerford, knight, lord of Heytisbury and Hommet, John Tiptoft, knight, lord of Powys, Philip Courteney, esquire, Simon Sydenham, dean of Salisbury, John Juyn, knight, John Stourton of Stourton, William Darell, Walter Paunesfote, Robert Longe, William Woulston, esq., and John Fortescu, of two parts of the manor called 'Newhalle' in Borham and lands &c. belonging, which they lately had of the grant of Thomas Coggeshale son and heir of Thomas Coggeshale, of Borham, esquire, and of the third part of the said manor &c. which John Pyeshale and Beatrice his wife, late the wife of the said Thomas Coggeshale the son, then held in her right with reversion to them, and by their assignment to the said Walter and others. 26 February, 6 Henry VI. Five seals.
Endorsed:—'Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in the month and year within written.'
Essex. A. 7008. Feoffment by same to same of same. 26 February, 6 Henry VI. Five seals.
Endorsed:—Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in the month and year within written.
[Essex.] A. 7009. Letter of attorney by Robert Wyvill and Beatrice his wife, authorising John Wodlefe and Thomas Hexham to deliver seisin to John, archbishop of York, William, bishop of Norwich, Nicholas Upton, clerk, Andrew Sperlyng, Richard Aired, and John Husy, of the third part of the manor of Newehalle, which third part, together with two parts of the said manor, was granted by Thomas Coggeshale, late the husband of the said Beatrice, to Robert Darcy of Maldon, Sir Walter Halibred, John Borham, John Pyngstone of Borham, and John Boukstrete of Little Waltham. 28 June, 13 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Essex.] A. 7010. Grant by Sagall the miller of Little Burestede, to Robert de Frekebere, and Joan his wife, of 16d. yearly rent from a messuage with a curtilage [in little Burestede]. Witnesses:—Robert le Noreis, Hubert de Brunford, and others (named).
Warw. A. 7011. Letter of attorney by John Russell, vicar of the church of Welton, authorising William Overton to deliver seisin in the said John's name, and that of Thomas Mulleward of Grenburgh, to William Pagynton of Assheby Leger, co. Northampton, William Boteler and Richard Harowden, of the same, of the manor of Grenburgh, and of that moiety of the manor of Lappeworth which lately belonged to John Buckemore of Coventre; which premises the said Russell lately had, jointly with the said Mulleward, of the grant of John Steward, parson of the church of Rodborne, John Hancokes, chaplain, and William Overton. Tuesday after St. Denis, 8 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 7012. Release by Philip de Aylesbury, son and heir of Roger Aylesbury, knight, to Richard Mountfort and Rose (Royse) his wife, and his heirs, of all his right in 6s. 2d. yearly rent from lands and tenement formerly belonging to Walter de Swanesdiche in Toneworth, Longedone, and Solihull; with further release of all right in all the said lands and tenements &c. Monday before the Purification, 49 Edward III. French. Fragment of seal.
[London.] A. 7013. Grant by Thomas, son of Robert the chamberlain, to William the chamberlain, his brother, of 6d. quit rent in the parish of St. Thomas the Apostle, between the land late Ranulf Duket's and the land of Ralph de Cornhill. Witnesses:—Roger son of Alan, Thomas de Haverhill, Robert de Pinkeny, William de Frowic, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7014. Indenture of demise by Thomas Dastyn of Derset, chaplain, to William le Clerc, of Geydon, and Joan his wife, for their lives, of 4s. 8d. yearly rent from tenements in 'le Newelonde' in 'le Cheping Derset,' with the reversion of the said tenements after the death of the present tenants (named) and their wives, and land in the common meadow of Soutzhende- derset and Herdewyke. Friday after the Annunciation, 14 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] A. 7015. Grant by Hugh Humfrey of Welton, to Sarah his sister, of land in Welton, part 'Undurwylyene,' part 'Atteholdegore,' and part on Waturlond. Sunday after Michaelmas, 12 Edward II.
N'hamp. A. 7016. Grant by John Watford of Wykeley, gentleman, to Dame Anne Osbern of Seynt James ende bysyd Norhampton, widow, for six years, of a yearly rent of 26s. 8d. from all his lands and tenements &c. in Mich Creton, the tenant whereof has attorned to her, for a sum of money which the said John, and Thomas his son, have received from the said Dame Anne; with grant by the said Dame Anne that if she has quiet possession of the said rent for the said term, then a bond for 20l. by the said John and Thomas, to her, shall be void. 12 June, 17 Edward IV. Two seals. English.
[Hunt.] A. 7017. Grant by Maurice de Woldweston, to Sir Hugh the abbot, and the convent, of Ramsey, in frank almoin, of all his pasture of Woldwestongrave so that they can inclose it and build thereon. Witnesses:—Master Gilbert de Weppest', William de Wald', Alexander de Stivecle, and others (named). Seal.
[Norf.] A. 7018. Grant by Adam son of Richard de Walton, to Sir Adam the priest (sacerdoti) of Walton, of half an acre in Neulond field. Witnesses:—Alexander Dalenc [un], steward, William de Sculham, and others (named).
[Linc.] A. 7019. Grant by Simon de Stoke of Canewic, to Roger de Grestorp, citizen of Lincoln, of land in Canewic, part adjoining land of the abbot and convent of Kirkestede, part abutting on the field of Bracebrigg, and part in Rilandis. Witnesses:—Martin Martel, Walter Berti of Lincoln, John de Greiby, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7020. Grant by Robert son of Simon Bertulmeu of Hatton, to Simon son of Hugh de la Grene of the same, of land in Hatton; part lying on the tillage called 'Rouelouwe,' and extending to the highway called 'Netherefildenewey,' part on the tillage called 'Nepfurlong' and extending to the meadow called 'Linworthing.' Witnesses:—John Sifled of Hatton, William de Alveston, and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 7021. Grant by John son of Alan de Kyrkestede, to Sir William son of Sir Warin de Monte Caniso, of 9d. yearly rent to be received from the tenants, named, for lands in Kyrkestede, of the fee of the said Sir William. Witnesses:—Sirs Miles de Howe, Thomas de Helegheton, knights, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 7022. Grant by John Beaufis of Davyntre, and Iselda his wife, to Agnes Martyn of Welton, of a house in Welton with a curtilage adjoining, and hedges. Saturday after the Epiphany, 22 Edward III. Seal, defaced.
A. 7023. Demise by John de Robourne, to Geoffrey ate Stonnes, and Lucy his wife, for twelve years, of a messuage and land, &c. Witnesses:— William de Heyford, Robert Alisaundre, John Toly, and others (named). Monday after the Assumption of the B.V.M., 16 Edward III. Fragments of seal.
[Warw.] A. 7024. Grant by William Paries of Colleshull, to Richard de [Mountfor] t, and Rose (Roesia) his wife, of a messuage with a curtilage in 'Tappynggusende' of Toneworth, extending to the lane called 'Russeles.' Thursday before Michaelmas, 39 Edward III. Injured. Seal, injured.
[Linc.] A. 7025. Grant by Gilbert Salvayn of Cranewell, to Martin de Nortburt, his kinsman (cognato) and heir, of all his tofts, lands, rents, and tenements, &c. in Cranewell; with reversion to the grantor in case he survive the grantee. Witnesses:—Adam de Cranewell, Stephen de Gurnays, William Costard of Navenby, and others (named).
[Linc.] A. 7026. Grant by Gilbert Salvayn of Cranewell, to William son of William Salvayn of the same, of a toft with a croft in Cranewell. Witnesses:—Adam de Cranewell, the lord, Hugh de Cotington, the chaplain, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Wilts, now Berks.] A. 7027. Release by Emma late the wife of Thomas the bedel, to Hugh Despenser, of all her right of dower, on account of her said late husband, in the tenement which the said Thomas formerly sold to Sir John Despenser. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Dydenham, John de Ludewell, Richard de la Wyfaude, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 7028. Agreement between Thomas le Werur, and Roger le Mouner of Davintre, viz. that whereas the said Thomas was bound to the said Roger in 10s. for a messuage bought from him, the said Thomas has demised to Roger certain land in . . . . ., part at Middel Mulne, and part on Oth . . ., for twenty two years from the undermentioned date. Witnesses:—John Gimme, Robert de Anesti,' Helyseus Coynterel, and others (named). Hokeday, 32 Henry III. Injured.
[Linc.] A. 7029. Grant by William formerly rector of the church of Boby, to Robert son of Roger Dunehall of Navenby, in free marriage with Agnes de Bathekington, his niece (nepte), and to their heirs, lawfully begotten of her, of 20 a. arable in Navenby, part lying at Roreshou, part on Northlanges, part at Scovel, part on the east side of Wulveshil, part on the south side of Hardelhil, part on the west side of Halihou, part on the south side 'del Netegate,' part in 'le croftes,' abutting on 'le Haithend,' part abutting on Bradegate, part on the north side of Herbolddale, part on the east side of Middelhil, part on the south side of Sudberth, part in 'le Stocdale,' part on the south side of Lairgraves, part in 'le Breckes' abutting on Grimmeswinkel, part on the west side 'del Berth,' part on the north side 'del Tundam,' part at Westeng, and part on the east side 'del Heydik'; with reversion to the grantor if the said Agnes die without lawful heir. Witnesses:—Master Henry Costard, rector of the church of Navenby, Thomas de Henges of Boby, and others (named). Copy.
[Kent.] A. 7030. Grant by Margaret daughter of the late William Pykot, to Matilda Colpeper, and Joan her daughter, of fifteen 'dayworks' (daywercas), of land in the parish of Newinton, in a field called 'Brechfelde.' Witnesses:—Jordan de Trippelawe, Saer Caym, Eoger Crevequer, and others (named). 35 Edward I.
[Wilts.] A. 7031. Grant by William son of William de la Plank, to Roger de Elyngton, clerk, Roger Huet, and Roger Basset, of two parts of a moiety of the manor of Cumpton Chaumberleyn, with all his lands and tenements in Bereford Seynt Quyntyn, and rents and services, &c. in the same towns. Clerkenwell, Wednesday after the translation of St. Thomas, 21 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 7032. Grant by Richard de la Stroude, to Henry le Butelyr of Midhurst, the elder, and Agnes his wife, of all his tenement at Myntestede, with the woods, &c. situated on the west of the highway from Stedeham to Lynche, and on the south of the water flowing from Vyttesale to the bridge of Myntestede, which tenement Richard had of the grant of Sir Joceus, rector of the church of Bebytone. Wednesday before St. Thomas the Apostle, 7 Edward III.
N'hamp. A. 7033. Grant by William Walsch, to William Hastynges, knight, lord of Hastynges, William Catesby, knight, John Catesby, serjeant-at-law, John Catesby of Olthorp, Thomas Wyndesore, esquires, Thomas Kebeell, and Edmund Newnham, of two crofts of pasture with all lands, &c. belonging, in Watford, which John Watford son of Thomas Watford late of Great Creton, deceased, by indenture dated 1 Aug., 36 Henry VI. granted to the said Walsch, and to William Chambirleyn of Watford, deceased; with letter of attorney authorising John Sabyn and Thomas Norys to deliver seisin. 1 January, 16 Edward IV. Seal.
A. 7034. Grant by Peter de Haselingefeld, to Sir John Horen, citizen of London, and Aviscia his wife, of 6s. yearly rent from Reginald le Camppiun's tenement. Witnesses:—Robert son of Eustace de Kinges- hatfield, Osbert de Westone, and others (named).
[London.] A. 7035. Grant by Ralph the abbot, and the convent, of Cogeshal, to the sons of Edric de Alegathe, of a stone house in Limstrate, given them by Ralph son of Richard Cavel. Witnesses:—Walter de Crepping, Hugh de Belewe, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 7036. Grant by Thomas Wattes, to Nicholas Coley, of all his lands and tenements in Yelvertoft, which he lately had of the feoffment of John Wattys, his father. 14 January, 13 Edward IV.
[Wilts, now Berks.] A. 7037. Release by Nicholas de Didenham, to John le Despencer (dispensario), of all his right in one part of his meadow 'en la more,' abutting on Lodene, together with the water and fishery by the said meadow (sicut dictum pratum se extendit), for which the said John has given him all the land, except a meadow, which William the leech (medicus) formerly held from John. Witnesses:—Sirs Thomas le Blund and William de Say, Adam de Sancto Maneve, William de la Beche, William the young (Jurene), of Sceperige, and others (named).
[Hunt.] A. 7038. Grant by Thomas Sauvage of Stanford, to Sir William the abbot, and the convent, of Rameseye, in frank almoin, of land in Aylington, part adjoining land called 'Akermanlond,' and abutting on Morforlong and on the road called 'Riggeweye'; part on Peselond, and part in Micheleholm extending into Wylegeylake. Witnesses:—Roger Gernet, Walter Produme, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7039. Agreement between Agnes late the wife of Hugh de Winton of Coventre, of the one part, and John de Busschel, of the other part, witnessing that the said Agnes confirms to the said John, for her own life, a demise made by the said Hugh to Geoffrey son of Richard le Marchal of Coventre, whose assignee the said John is, of a messuage in Coventre in the street called 'between the bridges' (interpontes), the said John agreeing to pay the yearly rent of 6s. 8d. Sunday after St. Scolastica, 17 Edward III. Seal, injured.
[Hunt] A. 7040. Grant by William le Barkere, chaplain to Nicholas Freman and Christian, his wife, of part of a messuage, and certain land with a hedge and ditch adjoining, in Heygthmundegrave, the part of the messuage lying by the cart road of the abbot, and the land &c. abutting on 'le Newefeld' of the abbot. Sunday after St. Thomas the apostle, 4 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 7041. Grant by Ralph Reskymer, esquire, to William, his son and heir, and to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Arundell, knight, and their lawful issue between them, of all his manor of Trelewyth by Redruyth, and the third part of the manor of Hellugan, and also all his messuages, lands, and tenements, &c. in Maula, Redruyth, Gweelpaule, and Trethyn, with their reversions when they happen; with a proviso that if the said Elizabeth die within six years next after the undermentioned date, the above granted premises are to remain to the said Thomas for six years next following her said death. Witnesses:—William Bonevyle, William Bodrugan and Renfrey Arundell, knts., John Colshill and John Basset, esqs. Saturday before St. Peter in Cathedra, 19 Henry VI. Portion of seal, defaced.
[Kent.] A. 7042. Confirmation by the king, to Roger Martell, of 10 librates of land in the manor of Sutton which he has of the gift of Baldwin de Betun, earl of Albemarle, viz. 114a. land of the lordship of the said earl in Est Sutton; also two meadows (pratella) lying under the wood called 'Heicumb;' also various rents and services specified, from persons named; also the orchard of Est Sutton, and the above mentioned wood. Wit- nesses:—W[illiam], earl of Warenne, William Briwerr, Warin son of Gerold, William de Ros, Hugh de Sanford, and others (named). Given by the hand of master Richard de Mariscis, archdeacon of North- umberland, at Durham, 3 September, 14 John. Portion of Great Seal, injured. [Rotuli Chartarum, p. 187.]
[Kent.] A. 7043. Demise by Ralph son of Hugh de Holeweye, to Thomas de Windgate, of 11d. yearly rent, due from the persons named for land in the field called 'Momberde,' and for pasture in Holeweymersse. Witnesses:—Robert de la Gare, the reeve, Thomas de Fraxino, the bedel, Payn Godere, and others (named). See A. 7198.
[Essex.] A. 7044. Confirmation by Henry de Pinkeni, son of Robert de Pinkeni, to Henry Lohout son of Henry Lohout, of the gift which Emma de Luci his father's aunt (matertera predicti Roberti) made him of half a virgate in Elmedun.
[Wilts.] A. 7045. Grant by John de Gardino to Adam de Strattone, clerk, that he and his heirs may hold for ever all the lands, rents, and services of free men, which the said Adam had of John's demise, by way of pledge, feoffment, or farm, in Strattone. Thursday after St. Mark in Easter week, 45 Henry III. Portion of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 7046. Release by Thomas Danby of Heyford, son of Eva, daughter and heiress of the late Richard son of Hugh le Flemyng, of Heyford, to Henry 'o the Chaumbir,' of Buckeby, of all his right in 13s. 4d. yearly rent from all the lands and tenements in Welton formerly belonging to John Tuwe of Welton, and in the reversion of 6s. 8d. yearly rent from the same premises, which Agnes, late the wife of Richard Danby, the releasor's brother, holds by way of dower in Welton. 4 July, 6 Henry IV. Seal.
Warw. A. 7047. Counterpart indenture being a demise by Margaret, daughter of the late Sir Hugh de Charneles, spinster, to Sir Robert de Verdun and Alice his wife, for ten years, of the manor of Merston on Dunnesmore, which she had of the grant of Sir Nicholas Trimenel, at 3½ marks rent, the sheriff of Warwick to distrain on their goods in case of default. Michaelmas, 24 Edward I. Seal of arms.
[Herts.] A. 7048. Grant by Thomas, son and heir of Thomas de Chesthunte, to Andrew son of William Cave of 3d. yearly quit rent from land lying in the field called 'Wetede.' Witnesses:—John de Chesthunte, and others (named). 32 Edward [I].
[Kent.] A. 7049. Release by Thomas Assheherst of Kyngsnothe, and William Assheherst of . . . . ., to John Payn of Frythynden, of all their right in a messuage and land &c. called 'Bokelyng,' in the parish of . . .rst, which together with the said John they had of the grant of Thomas Hovynden. Vigil of St. Matthew, 34 Henry VI. Injured. Portion of seal.
[Warw.] A. 7050. Grant by John de Fleckenho in Lodbrock, to Ralph Restwold of Bensyngton co. Oxford, of the wardship of one messuage and of all the land and tenements of the inheritance of John son and heir of William de Mackeneye, in Lodbrock; which wardship he had of the demise of Sir John de Lodbrock, the said Ralph to hold the said wardship till the full age of the said heir, and binding himself to acquit the said John of all wastes in the premises. Wednesday after Michaelmas, 17 Edward II.
[Oxford.] Essex. A. 7051. Indenture being an agreement between Sir Ralph Pippard of the one part, and Sir Hugh le Despenser of the other, that the manor of Great Haselee, granted by Sir Ralph to Sir Hugh, in fee, and the manor of Lammersse, co. Essex, granted by Sir Hugh to Sir Ralph, for his life, shall be extended by indifferent persons, the goods thereon appraised, and the differences adjusted; also the said Sir Hugh and his heirs shall defend the said Sir Ralph against the King concerning the alienation of the said manor of Haselee &c. Retherfeud Pippard, 7 June, 29 Edward I.
[Herts.] A. 7052. Grant by Robert Pilet of Buntyngford, to William Poley of the same, and Isabella his wife, of 9a of land in Boclaund, lying in the fields called respectively 'Awelle,' 'le Madfeld,' 'Stoninorwefeld,' and 'Hodenhofeld'; also further grant of common of pasture in Boclaund in the meadow called 'Hodenhomade', and in land adjoining the field called 'le Leie.' Monday after the apostles Philip and James, 6 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 7053. Grant by Nicholas son of Geoffrey de la Pyrye, of Hattone, to Simon son of Hugh de la Grene, of the same, and Alice his wife, of ½a. of land in Hatton, lying on the tillage called 'Longerug,' at 'le Staken,' and extending from the high road called 'le fildenewey' to the meadow held by the prioress and nuns of Wroxhale. Witnesses:—Simon Bertulmeu, John Syfled, William de Alveston, all of Hatton, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 7054. Release by William le Botiler of Yelvertoft, to Robert Terri of the same, of all his right in land in Yelvertoft, part lying at 'le Wyndhavedlond' and 'into le Crekmere,' part at Thurkelesdik, part on Longemutlehul, part on Longeturvynche, part 'undurberndonehul,' part on Wythibed, part on Sechefurlonges, part 'undurbanehul,' part in 'le mor,' part in 'le moresbotine,' part at 'le Halewes,' and part in Keilmershe. Tuesday after St. Victor the Martyr, 11 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] A. 7055. Indenture of demise by Edmund de Watford, to William de la Vale, for life, of his water mill in Watford, with a toft, and ten rods length of his court with the water-course of the mill pond, and the yearly suit at the mill of all his bondmen and cottars (bondorum suorum et koterel- lorum); the grantee to grind the malt of the grantor without toll &c. and to find a competent man to cock his hay for one day, and to reap or bind his corn, for one day in the autumn, viz. on his boon day called 'Mecelene.' 10 Edward II.
[Oxford.] A. 7056. (1.) Grant by Dionisia de Cheineto, to Garin de Plaiz, with Alice her daughter in marriage, of a hide and a half of land in Bere- ford.
(2). Confirmation by Guy de Diva, with the assent and at the request of Lucy his wife, to Dame Alice de Cheisni, of the land of Bereford which Dionisia de Cheisni, mother of Ralph de Cheisni, gave to her in free marriage; and in addition the said Wido has given her a messuage for the purpose of enlarging her court.
(3). Confirmation by Lucy de Cheisnei, to Dame Alice de Cheisni, her father's sister (matertere), of the land of Bereford which Dionisia de Cheisni, mother of Ralph de Cheisni, her father, gave the said Alice in free marriage; and in addition the said Lucy has given her a messuage to enlarge her court. Copies on one skin.
[Herts.] A. 7057. Grant by Ralph the prior, and the convent, of the Holy Trinity, London, to John de Gamenegeye and Agnes his wife, of land in Boclonde, in the field called 'Monefeld,' part adjoining land 'de la Bourwode,' in the parish of Boclonde and of Trocking and abutting on the street called 'Northstrat,' &c. Witnesses:—Henry de Boclonde, Richard Hakon, and others (named). Endorsed 'vacat quia Thomas Safferey tenet de domino per copiam.' Much injured.
[Leic.] A. 7058. Grant by Matilda de Grendon, late the wife of Robert de Grendon, widow, to the nuns of Langley, with the grantor's two sisters, Christian and Miriel, in frank almoin, of a carucate of land in Wivleston, for the welfare of her soul, and that of Robert her late husband, and those of all her ancestors. Witnesses:—Adam de Ednesoure, Fulk de Grendon, and others (named).
[Dorset.] A. 7059. Agreement between Sir Fulk, bishop of London, and William, rector of the church of Melleb [ur] y, by which the said William demises to Sir Fulk, a messuage, with a curtilage and croft, &c. before the gate of the said bishop's court, annexed to the said messuage; in exchange for which Sir Fulk has given to the said William the curtilage and croft which Walter de Gardino held, and the land called 'la Mullelande.' Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Yathemenistre, the vicar, Sir John de Angre, the clerk, and others (named). Injured.
[Wilts, now Berks.] A. 7060. Release by Robert Trol, to Sir John le Despencer (dispensatori) of all the water and fishery which he had in Lodene, in the east part of Kingesbrigge, between the fishery of Nicholas de Didenham, and that which Walter Justise formerly held. Witnesses:—John de Ludewelle, William de la Wyfaude, and others (named).
A. 7061. Grant by William son of Martin de Polle, to Walter Dragun, of all the land which Walter held from William son of Reginald in the parish of Lega, viz. a field called 'Eastfeld' and a croft called 'Deanmed' with a grove &c. lying between the water called 'Burne' and the land called 'Sedecop.' Witnesses:—Gilbert de Risbregg, William Hamon, and others (named).
[Worc.] A. 7062. Grant by William Adyes of Goldicote, and Alice his wife, to John Taylour of Etyndon and Matilda his wife, of a messuage with a curtilage and two parts, and the reversion of the third part, of a virgate of land in Goldicote, rendering 7s. yearly to Sir Walter de Cokeseye, knight. Sunday after the chair of St. Peter, 5 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] A. 7063. Demise by Agnes Mersey, relict of Roger de Helghintone, widow, to Roger Buckescyn, of a yearly rent of 7½d. and one hen at Christmas, from land in a field called 'Weleveld,' extending to the street called 'Middelton strete,' and 2½d. which Hugh de Holeweye used to pay yearly for a messuage; with all the grantor's right in the premises. Witnesses:—William Bonefant, Robert the smith of Northflete, Geoffrey de Aldinton, and others (named).
Herts. A. 7064. Grant by John de la Done, of the parish of Reidone co. Essex, to William Melksop, of 1d. yearly rent from a tenement in the parish of Lestonecheriche co. Herts, with the homages and reliefs &c. arising thereby from the said tenement. Witnesses:—Sirs Robert de Melkle and Richard de Gatesbury, knights, Roger le Capman of Buntinge- ford, and others (named).
[Suffolk.] A. 7065. Grant by Hugh Revel, to Sir Philip Basset, of John Snelling of Watefeld, with all his land, issue, and chattels. Witnesses:— Roger de Ley, . . . . de Esefeld, William le Masle, Roger de . . . ., Hugh Doddinggeseles, and others (named). Injured. See A. 6253.
[Warw.] A. 7066. Letter of attorney by John Catesby, esquire, to William Overton to receive seisin of a tenement in Henley in Arden, which Simon Felton formerly had of the gift and grant of Richard Mountfort, and which he the said John had of the grant of John Brome of Warrewyk, the younger. Assheby Legere, Tuesday after St. Tiburcius, 5 Henry VI. Portion of seal.
A. 7067. Acquittance by Baruncinus Galteri, merchant of Lucca, to Sir Adam de Stratton, clerk, for 100l. in part of payment of a debt wherein John de Warrenn, earl of Surrey, was bound to him. London, Saturday before St. Peter ad Vincula, 16 Edward [I.] Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] A. 7068. Grant by Richard called Olyver, chaplain, to Ralph de Sancto Georgio and Emma his wife, and Joan, Ralph's sister, and the heirs of the body of the said Ralph and Emma, of a house &c. in Frethene- stede. 16 Edward II.
[Herts.] A. 7069. Grant by Geoffrey the dean of Bracking, to the canons of Christ Church, London, for the welfare of his soul and the souls of his ancestors, of one acre of land in Derkeshale, in the field called 'Northfeld.' Witnesses:—Nicholas de Gatesbir [y], Richard de Beninton, Elias de Croyland, and others (named). Endorsed:—'Braccing.'
[N'hamp.] A. 7070. Confirmation by Agnes de Novo Foro, to William Wind, of a half virgate of land in Weleton, which Richard Mall [ore], his lord, gave to him for the service which he did to the said Richard and to William Mall [ore], his son and heir; if the said land cannot remain to him, Agnes will give him other land of the same value; for this confirmation the grantee has given her an ox. Witnesses:—Samson Drait [on], Richard Mall [ore], Anchetill Mall [ore], Henri Luvel, Eda wife of Henri Luvel, and others (named). Fragment of seal, defaced.
[N'hamp.] A. 7071. Grant by Egelina late the wife of Bertram Malore, with the consent of Robert her son, to Hugh son of Norman of Welleton, of his body, chattels, and heirs, free and quit from the grantor and her heirs for the service he has rendered her; with further grant of a messuage and land; the grantee to keep a lamp constantly burning on the altar of St. Mary in the church of St. Martin, Welleton, for the grantor and Robert her son &c. Witnesses:—Simon de Trop, Simon de Tye, and others (named). Much injured.
[N'hamp.] A. 7072. Grant by Sir Herbert the prior, and the convent, of Daventry, to Chetelbern, their man, to hold from them hereditarily in Weleton, of a half virgate of land which was his uncle Seward's, and the dwelling (masuram) of Serlo, rendering 3s. yearly; thrice yearly he shall plough with as many oxen as for himself, thrice he shall reap with as many servants as for himself, once he shall mow in season (in tempore suo), and when he depart, he shall be presented for burial to the church of St. Augustin with offering of his goods (oblata secum sua parte rerum suarum) &c. Witnesses:— John the chaplain, Theodoric and Drogo, his clerks, William of the priest of Weleton; of Daventry, Philip de Davinteria, Hugh Marmion, and others, named; of Draiton, Tebald, John the clerk, and others, named; of Weleton, Henry Luvel, Robert son of Azo son of Hudard, and others, named; of Trop, Ralph, and his sons Thomas and Hugh.
[N'hamp.] A. 7073. Grant by William son of William ad Fontem of Creton, to Eadmund son of Eadmund de Watford, in fee, and to Margaret his wife, of a messuage in Great Creton. Monday after St. Hilary, 17 Edward II. Seal.
A. 7074. Grant by Ralph de Hayrun, to Robert his brother, of an acre of his wood. Witnesses:—John Blund, Geoffrey de Querndun, Robert de Ford, Peter de Berg, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 7075. Grant by Roger de Weltun, to Ralph son of William de Nortun, of a half virgate of land in Nortun, rendering yearly half a mark and two ploughings at the Autumn and Lent sowings, on the day when the free men of Nortun do, viz. with half a plough team and two men at the great bedripe. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Nuers, Simon de Trop, William de Davint [eria], and others (named).
Middx. A. 7076. Release by Walter le [Coner], brother and heir of Stephen [le C] oner, of Stratford, to Richard the prior, and the convent, of the Holy Trinity, London, of all his right in all the lands &c. which the said Stephen formerly had of the grant of [Robert de] Lodene and Alice his wife in Edelmeton. [Feast of St.] Barnabas the apostle, Edward II. Much injured.
Endorsed:—'Quieta clamacio Walteri le Coner de gravis que quond [am] . . . . Roberti de Lodene' &c.
[Warw.] A. 7077. Grant by William de Holewell, to Robert de Crowenhale the elder, and John de Lokyngton, of all the lands and tenements which he had of the feoffment of William Trussel of Notehurst, knight, in Tone- worth, Notehurst and Beudesert. Witnesses:—John de Monte forti, knt., Thomas le Archer, and others (named). Wednesday after St. James the Apostle, 23 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 7078. Grant by William de Codbarwe of Henley in Arden, to Richard de Monteforti, of all the lands and tenements, woods, and waters &c. which he inherited after the decease of Nicholas, his late brother, in Thoneworth. Sunday after St. Mark, 36 Edward III. Seal.
N'hamp. A. 7079. Grant by Richard Nowell of Yelvertoft, 'cardemaker,' and Agnes his wife, to John Wattys of Garthorp, of a messuage with a croft and garden in Yelvertoft, between the highway and 'Cokkeslane,' next the lord le Zouche's tenement, with 27a. of land and meadow there. 27 Sep- tember, 4 Edward IV. Two seals.
Endorsed:—Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in February of the within written year.
[Devon.] A. 7080. Exemplification by Richard, abbot of Tavystoke, at the request of William Strode, esquire, of the tenour of an extent of the lands and rents &c. of his manor of Hurdewyke, dated 44 Edward III., showing two ferlings of land held in Rammysham, as of the said manor, by John Houe; with further certificate of the tenour of a court roll of the said manor, at a court held Wednesday after Michaelmas, 45 Edward III., showing the death of the said John, and that Thomas was his son and heir; also a further certificate of the tenour of another extent of the said manor made 10 Richard II., showing two ferlings of land held in Rammys- ham, as of the said manor, by Reginald Strode, with the rent &c. rendered. Sealed by the said abbot 16 March, 13 Henry VII. Copy on paper.
[Warw.] A. 7081. Grant by Roger atte Grene of Coventre, to Geoffrey son of Richard le Marchal of the same, of a messuage in Coventre, lying in the street called 'between the bridges' (inter pontes). Witnesses:—Robert the baker then bailiff, Anketin de Colleshull, then coroner of Coventry, and others (named). Sunday, Michaelmas day, 2 Edward II.
A. 7082. Grant by Richard de Astwalle, chaplain, to Richard de Capenore, of all his tenement of Astwalle, with all lands, rents, pastures, and woods, &c. belonging. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Hendines, Thomas de Holdinton, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7083. Grant by Simon the smith (faber) of Coddebarwe, of Thoneworth, to John son of Thomas de la Lee, of Thoneworth, Margaret his wife, Roger his brother, and his heirs, of a croft of land called 'Holewey' in Thoneworth, between the highway to Henley, and the high- way from Notehurste to Henley, and extending to the highway called 'Scinneresgrene.' Witnesses:—Sir Reginald Mallori, knt., and others (named). Saturday the feast of St. Luke, 14 Edward II.
[Camb.] A. 7084. Grant by Reginald son of William de Huphame, to William de Bussey, of all his right in all the land which Quenhife late the wife of Geoffrey, his brother, held of him in dower, or otherwise, in Kerling, with the service of 3s. 8d. she used to render therefore and the reversion thereof on her decease. Witnesses:—Master Ph [ilip] de Suham, Reginald de Buzi, Osb [ert] de Steuechewrthe, Thurstan de Pinkeni, and others (named).
[Hunt.] A. 7085. Grant by John de Gretteford of Rameseye, to Sir John Edenham, chaplain, of Wodehurst, Sir Ralph Bedel, chaplain of St. Mary's, St. Ives, and William de Gretteford of the same, of part of his messuage, which he had of the feoffment of John Doo and Emma his wife, in 'le Briggestrate,' in Rameseye, adjoining a messuage belonging to the office of warden of St. Mary's chapel. Feast of the Annunciation, 1 Richard II.
[Hunt.] A. 7086. Grant by the same, to the same, of two messuages in 'le Briggestrate,' Ramseye, the one next the tenement of John Doo and Emma Pakerel the elder his wife, the other opposite 'le Koolane,' and extending from the highway in front to Fesauntcroft behind; also grant of land in Upwode, abutting at one end on Fabyanespyghtel, and at the other on Tunstede; also land in Rameseye abutting on one end on Pilthom &c. 20 February 1 Richard II. Fragment of seal, defaced.
[Warw.] A. 7087. Grant by Richard Hyndeberie of Whyteleye, to William Ive of Henley, of la. of land in Whyteleye field, on the tillage called 'Rugeleye.' Henley, Sunday after the apostles Peter and Paul, 14 Edward II.
A. 7088. Release by Baldethiva, relict of John son of Grigori de Bertune, widow, to Roger Kempe of Bertune, of all her right of dower in la. of land which John, her late husband, sold him, lying in Binnegate. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Westune, Thomas Luvel, and. others (named).
Endorsed: 'Calumpt [o]n.'
[Sussex.] A. 7089. Grant by Nicholas Hereward of Claverham to the monks of St. Pancras, and the almonry of that house, in frank almoin, of the land called 'Reda,' with a rush bed (juncceto), and all the land which lies between land of the bishop of Chichester and land of Robert Marmiun, with free ingress and egress. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Waddona, Nicholas, dean of Lewes, Hugh, parson of Wakefield, and others (named).
[Wilts.] A. 7090. Release by Sir Geoffrey le Chamberlang to Sir Nicholas de Haversham of all claim touching the farm of Northinton which he held of him. Compton, Sunday the feast of St. Edmund, king and martyr, 52 Henry III.
[Suff.] A. 7091. Grant by Gilbert Sparebures of Hintlesham to Robert Spret of Brocforde, of a messuage with buildings, in the hamlet of Brokes, abutting on the water called 'Botflod'; with a further grant of 1d. yearly rent from a house in the said messuage. January, 19 Edward [I].
[Bucks.] A. 7092. Grant by William the fisher (piscator), to Walter the miller (molendinario) of Neuport, of a messuage which the grantor held from the prior and convent, in Neuport, on the bank of the river, rendering 2s. yearly, and a pittance (pitanciam) to the said convent, whose grant to himself William has delivered to the said Walter. Witnesses:—Michael de Querendon, then steward, Deodatus de Caldecote, Richard de Bradewelle, and others (named).
[York.] A. 7093. Grant by John de Windhille, to Sir John, earl of Warenne, of all his land and tenement, with buildings, which he had, within the bounds of Flandresworthe, of the grant of Basilia daughter of Robert Ketel. Tuesday before Midsummer, 12 Edward [I].
[Bucks.] A. 7094. Grant by Roger Tyle of Neuport, to Andrew de Sevenistone, clerk, of 6d. yearly rent from a messuage in Neuport, rendering yearly to the grantor an iron needle (unan acum de ferro) at Easter. Witnesses:— John de Lovente, Deodatus de Caldecote, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 7095. Grant by Richard le Warner of Troph, to William Ketelbern of Welleton, and to Sibyl his wife, of land in Welleton, part lying beyond Sanfordeweie, part upon Chirchehul, part upon Fouleswellehul, part at Litlewellesiche, and part on Onezorn. Witnesses:—Simon de Twe, Robert Ace, Robert de Dustone, and others (named).
Linc. A. 7096. Bond by William de Wolmaresti, to Sir Alan Temper, chaplain, of Sutton, for 40s. lent him in his necessity, to be repaid on the first Sunday in Lent A.D. 1282, under penalty of 40s., to be paid to the sheriff of Lincoln in case of default. Sealed with his own seal, and, because that is unknown, also with the seal of the deanery of Calsewathe. Morrow of the Circumcision, A.D. 1282. Fragments of seal.
[Wilts.] A. 7097. Grant by John Bernard, to Thomas Cosyn, John atte Forde, and Thomas Cosyn the younger, of a half virgate of arable and a half acre of meadow in 'la Brodetoun.' Witnesses:—Roger Waz and others (named). III. Nones October, 8 Edward [I]. Seal.
A. 7098. Grant by Robert son of Hugh Kavel, to Simon de Laberewike, of a croft with a messuage in Hamstede, lying between the fields called 'Colewellefeld' and 'le Moncfeld,' and abutting on the high road called 'le Roche'; also land in the field called 'next from le Homadwe' (proximus de le Homadwe) &c. Witnesses:—Gilbert le Moyne, Walter de Heure, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7099. Conveyance by Thomas de Ardern, to Sir Stephen de Sutton, archdeacon of Northampton, of all his right in the wardship of John de Dunheved, and in his manor of Neuton &c, and of all his right in the redemption to be taken from the said John for recovering his lands and tenements according to the form of the Dictum of Kenilworth, on account of the transgression of the father of the said John committed against the King in the time of war. Witnesses:—Robert Paynel of Hornle, Nicholas de Apultre, and others (named).
N'hamp. A. 7100. Grant by William Ichyngton of Weylton, to John Hyncley, John Gibbis, John Hille, John Warde, and William West, all of the same, of a messuage and garden in Welton, next the tenement of David Owen, knt., which, together with Joan his wife, deceased, he had of the feoffment of William Perkyns now deceased; to hold to the said John Hyncley, and the others, to the use of Thomas Lucy, knight, and Dame Elizabeth, his wife, in fee; with letter of attorney authorising Thomas Perkyns of Weylton to deliver possession. 22 June, 15 Henry VIII. Seal.