Deeds: A.6901 - A.7000

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.6901 - A.7000

[Hunt.] A. 6901. Grant by Henry Godsweyn of Aylington, to Sir William the abbot and the convent, of Rameseye, in frank almoin, for the welfare of his soul and the souls of his ancestors, of land in Aylington, part lying in Norhtfeld called 'Arnewas,' and part in Middelfeld abutting on Clackesmor. Witnesses:—John de Aylington, Walter Produne, and others (named). Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 6902. Release by John Giffard, lord of Brymmesfeld, for himself and his heirs or his tenants in villenage, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of all his right in the wood of Kalvelegh, with its soil, and the adjoining land between the said wood and the field of Calveleesfeld. Witnesses:—Henry de Penbrugge, Richard de Croupes, John de la Rivere and Nicholas de Kyngeston, knights, and Laurence de Tresham. Brymmesfeld, Sunday the feast of St. Clement, 3 Edward II. Seal. See A. 931.
[Surrey.] A. 6903. Grant by Gregory de Rokesle, citizen of London, to William de Rokesle, of London, corder, and Sarah his wife, of a messuage with lands and curtilages, &c. in the parish of Ritherhethe, adjoining the Thames. Witnesses:—Robert de Rokesle, Robert de Prestone, and Hamo Box, citizens of London, and others (named). Seal of arms.
[N'hamp.] A. 6904. Grant in tail by Richard Martin of Welton, to Thomas Martin, his son, in free marriage with Juliana daughter of Bartholomew son of Henry de Esthaddon, of a capital messuage with buildings, &c. in Welton, together with all his lands, tenements, and rents, &c. in Welton and Ahsscheby St. Legers; with remainder in fee to the said Thomas. Monday after St. Nicholas, 9 Edward II. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 6905. Grant by William de la Dene, son of John de Ferles, to Adam de Argoges, of 20s. yearly rent in Stratton, for which the said Adam has given him a soar sparrowhawk. Witnesses:—Adam de Greynvill, Symon Passelewe, Thomas Esperun and Ralph de Hotot, Justices of the Jews; Richard de Oxehaye, Martin de Campo Florum and William de Haselbech, Chamberlains of the Exchequer, and others (named). London, Thursday the Morrow of St. Vincent, 42 Henry III. Seal.
[Oxford.] A. 6906. Grant by Margaret de Rypariis, daughter and heir of Gwarin son of Gerold, to Thomas Basset, of all her land of inheritance in Middeltun; rendering yearly to the grantor two ounces of silk (de serico) or one bezant. Witnesses:—Robert de Pinkegny, John de Bello Campo, John de Elsefeld, Richard Macer, sheriff of Oxford, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Norf.] A. 6907. Grant by Juliana late the wife of Richard de Betele, formerly bedel of the University of Cambridge, widow to Sir Simon Russell, rector of the church of Stedham, of a messuage with a toft adjoining, in Walpole, abutting on the common road called 'Estdrove,' together with all free tenants, rents, reliefs, &c. and the right of having 'liberum taurum et liberum aprum.' Saturday after St. Lucy the virgin, 44 Edward III. Seal of arms. See A. 2905.
(Derby.] A. 6908. Grant by Ralph de Saucheverel of Stanton, to Robert his son in tail, of all his land and tenement in Aston, and all his goods found in the said land; with remainder to William and Joan, his other children successively in tail, with remainder to himself and his heirs. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Hesenschawe, rector of the church of Aston, Master Adam de Hamundesam, William de Schardelowe, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Warw.] A. 6909. Demise by Matilda daughter of William Aylmer of Wiliby, to Thomas de Walton of Bobenhull and Alice his wife, for their lives in survivorship of a virgate of land with dwelling house (manso) &c. in Bobenhull at 10s. rent; which land &c. they had given to the grantor in fee. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Starton, William Cave of Bahtkenton, and others (named). Seal.
[Norf.] A. 6910. Release by William de Wychyngham, knight, Reginald de Eclys, and Hugh Fastolf, to Henry, parson of the church of St. Mary of Borg in Fleg, of all their right in the manors of Borgh called 'Stalhamhalle' and 'Vauxhalle' and in the manors of Stratton by Hevyngham and Frethorp called 'Morhalle,' which the said Henry and they had of the feoffment of William Clere. Ormesby, Monday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 49 Edward III. Three seals of arms, one injured.
[Hunt] A. 6911. Grant in frank almoin by Robert son of Isabella de Aylington, to Sir William the abbot, and the convent, of Rameseye, for the welfare of his soul and the souls of his ancestors, of a messuage with buildings in Aylington, and land in the same, part lying on Michelegrave, part by 'le longwong,' part at Gorywong, part on Herdewikbenelond, and part called 'le Gores, abutting on 'le Milneweye.' Witnesses:—John son of John de Aylington, Walter Produme, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 6912. Grant by William de Frawesdone, son of Richard le Nyweman, to Gervase de le Stihele of Hannigfeud, of land in Sandone, in a field called 'Eldefeld,' part abutting on the lane leading from Frauesdonestrate to the house of John de Bedenestede. Witnesses:— Walter Sewale, Richard de Badewe, and others (named). Seal, injured.
[Warw.] A. 6913. Grant by Henry de Sutton of Coventre, to John son of William de Catesby, of land in Herdewyk Priors. Monday after the Purifica- tion, 49 Edward III. Seal.
[Kent.] A. 6914. Letters patent by William Peyforer, knight, authorising his attorney, Adam de Hamme juxta Feversham, to place John Peyforer, his brother, in seisin of 50s. yearly rent, with the fealties, suits of court, reliefs, heriots, and escheats thereto belonging, from his tenants and the tenements held of him in Boclond and Herteye. Canterbury, 20 June, 21 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6915. Grant by Simon son of Simon Bertelmeu of Hatton, to Felicia his sister, of land in Hatton, part lying on the tillage called 'le Aker,' adjoining land held by the prior of Stodley, and part in 'le Redehullefeld,' extending to the tillage called 'Wouelondes.' Witnesses:— John Syfled, Simon de la Grave, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6916. Grant by John Witchevet of Witchirche, to John called 'le Porter' of the castle of Henleye, and to Margery de Balteford, of a messuage with a curtilage in Henleye. Witnesses:—William de Pacwode, and others (named). Tuesday after St. Nicholas, 17 Edward II. Seal.
[Sussex.] A. 6917. Release by John Hoge, called 'Myles,' of Westoute, and Ralph Croshe of Kyngeston, heirs of John Litelrolne to Thomas de Foxle, of all their right in a meadow [in Lewes] lying in Estporte by Watergate adjoining the stream from the mill of Watergate. Lewes, 10 February, 23 Edward III. Two seals.
[N'hamp.] A. 6918. Release by Robert [de Crau]nford of Assheby Leger, to John Boy of the same, of all transgressions. Sunday after St. Matthew, 26 Edward III. Seal.
Glouo. Somers. A. 6919. Grant by Thomas de Button, to Roger Marmyon, and Thomas Balon, chaplain, of all lands and tenements &c. [in] Hanam Shurusleye, with a messuage and land in Syston and all the grantor's manor of Upton, co. Gloucester; with further grant of Chyldcompton, Littulton, and Hinton Bluet, co. Somerset, with lands, woods and mills &c. belonging to the said manors. Witnesses:—John de Sancto Laudo the elder, Edmund de Clevedone and Walter de Rodeneye, knights, and others (named). Chyldcompton, Monday after the apostles Philip and James, 4 Edward III. Seal.
[Herts.] London. [Surrey.] A. 6920. Release by John son of Saer of London, to Adam de Strattone, clerk, for 20 marks, of the manor of Shenlee, and of all his right in land and rents in London and Retherhethe; the said Adam having paid to Hagin son of Master Mosseus, the Jew, of London, on his behalf, 313 marks, for a certain yearly fee of 20l. in which he was bound to the said Jew, and for a debt of 80l. in which the said Saer his father was bound to Benedict Crispin the Jew, which 80l. the king granted to the said Hagin, and delivered, from his treasury at the instance of Sir John Giffard; and having also paid, on his behalf, to Master John Rosamond, 30 marks 11s. 8d. and to Thomas de Leukenore 30 marks, in which sums he the said John was bound to them. London, Sunday after All Saints, 53 Henry III. Seal.
[York. W.R.] A. 6921. Release by John de Crumwelbothem, clerk, to Sir John Warenne, of all his right in land in Sourby. Witnesses:—Sirs Ralph de Horbiry, steward of the earl of Warenne, John de Thornill, John de Heton, and Thomas de Horbiry, knights, and others (named). Seal with legend sigill. ioh. fil. henrici.
N'hamp. A. 6922. Confirmation by Richard son and heir of Joan, daughter of William Ryvell, to William Attilburgh of Coventre, of the manor of Buckeby, as granted to him for the term of his life by Richard Southam, John Happesford, of Coventre, merchants, Thomas Ryvell of Edmescote, and John Everdon of Coventre, 'hosyer'; the reversion whereof, after the death of the said Attilburgh, belongs to him the said Richard. 28 May, 9 Henry IV. Seal of arms with legend sigill ri'ci rivell.
[Warw.] A. 6923. Bond by John, lord of Lodbrok, to Sir Thomas, the prior, and the convent, Kenilleworth, for 20 marks which he has received from them on loan, to be repaid at Easter next. Friday after St. Peter ad Vincula, 15 Edward III. Cancelled. Seal of arms.
[Middx.] A. 6924. Demise by Ralph Herun, to Richard Harulf, of land [in Edelmeton] in the tillage called 'Legha,' at a rent of 2d. the said Richard having paid him 6s. 8d. in hand, and given to Ralph his son and heir a lamb, and to Richard his son 1d. Witnesses:—James Blund, Gilbert the clerk of Toteh[am], Alan de la Coppedehalle, and others (named). Portion of equestrian seal.
Endorsed: Carta Rad[ulfi] Her[un] f[a]c[t]a Ric[ardo] Harulf de q[ua]d[am] t[er]ra in Edelm[e]ton.
[Worc.] A. 6925. Grant by Hugh de la Grave, to his lord, Geoffrey le Despencer (dispensario), of the homages and services which certain persons (named) were accustomed to render him for all the tenement which they held of him in Martele. No witnesses named. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6926. Demise by brother William the abbot, and the convent, of Lilleshull, to John Catesby and Margaret his wife, for twenty years, of the site of the manor of Braundestonbery with lands and fisheries &c. which John Catesby, his father, formerly had of the demise of the said abbey; two cottages in Braundestonbery with lands adjoining, a meadow called 'Ladygoren,' seven 'godes' of meadow under 'le olde orchard,' rents and services &c. of all tenants, rents called respectively, 'Werke selver,' and 'lesweselver,' due from the said tenants, for the herbage of Falghamwode, and a rent from the same tenants, called 'Ferneselver' excepted. Feast of St. Matthew, Henry V. No year named. See A. 1413. Seal injured.
[N'th'l'd.] A. 6927. Indenture being a grant by Roger Bertram, lord of Mitford, to Sir William de Valencia, lord of Pembroke, for 1,000 marks, of all the towns of Merdesfen, Calverdone, and Little Eland, with all bondmen, cottagers, and rents of freemen &c. reserving the advowsons of churches and suits of tenants at his mills of Elaunde. Witnesses:—Sirs Guy de Rocheford, Roger de Clifford, Roger de Layburne, and others (named), knights, and others (named). Seal of arms (Bertram).
[Kent.] A. 6928. Grant by Norman Help, to William de Crofte, of all his portion both of a messuage in Middelton (Milton), and of 12d. rent, which the heirs of Ralph son of Thurstan de Bakechild (Bapchild), paid to the grantor and his brothers for a field called 'Wynesdele.' Witnesses:— Reginald de Cler, Ailwaker de Chatteneye, and others (named). Seal.
[Kent.] A. 6929. Grant by Hugh son of Ailnoit le Help, to William de Crofte, of the third part as well of a messuage in Middelton, as of 12d. paid to the grantor and his brothers from land called 'Wynesdele'; the grantee to render a ½d. candle to the chapel of the Virgin Mary, Middleton, on the feast of the Nativity of St. Mary &c. Witnesses:—Henry de Pirie, William de Merre, Thomas de Heisted, and others (named). Seal, broken.
[Essex.] A. 6930. Grant by Randulph Ramet, son of Gerard, with the consent of Walter, his eldest son, to Alan Basset, of all the pasture of Alwineia, with lands held by certain persons, named. Witnesses:— Robert Maudut, John de Sanford, William de Spaine, William de Pappeworthe, and others (named). See A. 474 and 787. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6931. Grant by Thomas Gamel and Agnes his wife, to John Broun of Ilmindone, of all their land called 'Bertrameslond' in the parish of Toneworth. Monkispathe, 13 December, 14 Edward III. Seal and portion of seal.
[Middx.] A. 6932. Bond by John at bridge of Chabbeham, to John de Cardoil, vintner in Westminster, for three thousand billets of firewood (tribus milibus de talwode) of the larger assise, at 30s. the thousand, to be rendered at Westminster on the feast of St. James in the undermentioned year; if he fail in the payment of the said brushwood (busche) by the date named, he binds himself to be compelled thereto by the archdeacons of Westminster and Berkshire by ecclesiastical censure, and if he should die within the said term his executors are not to have administration of his goods until the said John de Cardoil is fully satisfied concerning the said brushwood; for greater security he has found certain persons, named, as sureties for payment. Westminster, Wednesday before St. Peter in Cathedra, 14 Edward I. Two seals.
[Hunt.] A. 6933. Release by Ralph the shepherd (bercarius), of Aylington, to Robert son of Isabella de Cunington, of all his right in land in Aylington, part lying on the tillage called 'Beneyeston,' by 'le longe Wong,' part upon 'Saldinescrosfurlong,' abutting on the high road to Jakele and on Benelond benedine, part lying on Herdwykbenelond, and part by 'Le Gyldinegore.' Monday after the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 25 Edward I. Seal.
[Hunt.] A. 6934. Grant, in frank almoin, by John son of John de Aylington, to Sir William the abbot, and the convent, of Rameseye, for the welfare of his soul and the souls of his ancestors, of 2s. yearly rent, which the persons, named, have been wont to pay to the grantor for a messuage with a croft in Aylington. Witnesses:—Reginald de Marham, Walter Produme, and others (named). Seal.
[Hunt.] A. 6935. Grant by Henry called 'le Muner,' son of the late Roger the miller, of Aylinton, to Hugh the abbot, and the convent, of Ramesey, in frank almoin, of all his plot in Aylinton lying at the end of the abbot's mill, and called 'le Pythel.' Witnesses:—Sirs William le Moyne and Walter de Wassingele, knights, and others (named). Seal.
[Hunt.] A. 6936. Grant by John Blacchalf of Aylington, to Reginald Kayston of the same, of land in Aylington, part lying on Saldinescrosfurlong, adjoining land called 'Mone Rode,' and part abutting on Herdwikweye. Day of the Holy Trinity, 25 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Hunt.] A. 6937. Grant by Reginald Cayston of Aylington, to Hugh Prest of Houtton, of land in Aylington, part on the tillage called 'Beneyeston' by Longewong, on Saldinescrosfurlong, on Herdwykbenelond, by 'le Gyldinegore,' on the tillage called 'le Thorn,' on 'le Pytrodes,' on 'le Snoneslond,' on Buelondhevedinesfurlong, on Saldinescrosfurlong adjoining land called 'Mone Rode,' and part abutting on Herdwykweye. Saturday after the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 28 Edward I. Seal.
[Surrey.] A. 6938. Release by Richard de Monstede, to Roger le Bigod, earl of Norfolk and marshal of England, and Aline his wife, of his right in land &c. which Richard Urri, nephew of Urric de la Bruere, formerly held in Sutton of the grant of the said Urric. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Hamme, William de Frollebury, Adam de Tondesley, Gilbert de Craustok, Roger de Denduswelle, John de Henley, Ralph de Ho, John son of John de Stocton, Matthew de Bonyle, and others (named). Seal.
London. A. 6939. Defeasance of a bond of Statute Merchant, by Robert de Schordiche, the younger, citizen and goldsmith of London, to John de Hyngeston, citizen and goldsmith of the same, for 120l. to be paid at Michaelmas next; witnessing that the said John grants that if the said Robert shall pay him 110l. at the terms specified, then the said bond shall be void. Saturday after the Conception, 9 Edward III. French. Seal.
[Hants.] A. 6940. Demise by Laurence de Ponchardon, to Thomas Atehurst, for his life, of a messuage and curtilage with land, in Blachevorde in the parish of Elyngham, which William Alvred had held of him in villeinage. Witnesses:—William Tesson and others (named). Wednesday the feast of St. Mark, 29 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Herts.] A. 6941. Agreement between Sir Simon de Everesdun, warden of the nuns of St. Mary, Sopwell, and Richard the tanner of St. Albans, viz. that the said Richard is to cause 15l. or an equivalent, to come into the tannery of Sopwell for the use of the said nuns, and towards the end of the year, before Easter next coming, shall faithfully answer concerning the said 15l. &c. to the said Sir Simon, or to the warden of the said nuns for the time being. April, 46 Henry III.
[Essex.] A. 6942. Certificate by Rand[ulph] de Mandavilla to G[ilbert], bishop of London, of his confirmation, in perpetual alms, to the canons of the Holy Trinity, London, for the welfare of his soul, and of his wife Ro[esia] and of his heirs, and for the soul of the undermentioned Walter, and of the grantor's father, G[eoffrey], and of all his ancestors, of the grant made to the said canons, by his predecessor, Walter de Mandavilla, of the church of Brumfeld. Witnesses:—William Fuiant, Richard the clerk, Aschetill the doorkeeper (janitore), Robert Becch, Richard de Chevrevilla, and others (named). [A.D. 1163–1188.] Equestrian seal, injured.
[Essex.] A. 6943. Confirmation by Mirabilis de Brumfeld, in perpetual alms, for the welfare of the soul of Walter de Mandavilla, and of the souls of her father and mother, and of all her ancestors, and for her own welfare &c. of the grant which the said Walter, her late husband, made to the canons of the Holy Trinity, London, of the church of Brumfeld. Witnesses:—Roger de la Dun, William de Bretevill, Gerard de Cainy, Michael son of Oger, Alvred the clerk, parson of Plessiz, and Richard the clerk, parson of Stapleford. Seal, injured.
[Essex.] A. 6944. Indenture of Fine, made in the king's court at West- minster, before William, bishop of Ely, papal legate and chancellor, Godfrey, bishop of Winchester, Richard, bishop of London, and others (named), between the prior and canons of the Holy Trinity, London, and Michael son of Oger attorney of Mirabila his sister, concerning the adowson of the church of Bromfeld, claimed by the said Mirabila; viz. the said Mirabila has released all her right in the said advowson to the said prior and canons, who have granted the said church to Master Amisius, brother of Mirabila, for his life, rendering two marks yearly. The Conception, 2 Richard [I].
A. 6945. Grant by Richard son of Hugh de Draiton, to Hugh son of Arnold, of land [in Draiton], adjoining the marsh. Witnesses:—Robert Pollard, John Jurde, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Linc.] A. 6946. Release by Joan late the wife of Nicholas de Wermundis- worthe, widow, to Sir Roger de Draycote, clerk, William de le Feild, his nephew, and William Pouger of Wulistorp, of all her right of dower, which she had claimed against them, in all the lands and tenements which they ever held in the towns of Breyd' and Wulistorp of the grant of the said Nicholas and Roger; in return for which they have given her 20 marks in support of her plea in the king's court against certain other of her adversaries. Witnesses:—Sir Philip de Pauntun, knight, the releasor's brother, Martin de Wermundesworthe, her son, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Warw.] A. 6947. Grant by John Syfled of Hactone, to Simon de la Grene of the same, of land in Hactone, part lying in 'le Redehullefeld,' extending from land of the prior of Stodley to Hactonehaye, and part adjoining the tillage called 'le Weteforlong.' Witnesses:—William de Alvestone, and others (named). Seal.
N'hamp. A. 6948. Letter of attorney by Edward de Mettele and Margaret his wife, and Robert Burdet and Joan his wife, authorising John Hancokes, chaplain, and Richard Solas to deliver seisin to Emma late the wife of John de Catesby, daughter and heiress of Robert de Craunford, of their capital messuage with demesne, lands &c. in Watford, which John Rogerson lately held of the demise of Margaret late the wife of Robert de Craunford, and which, with other lands &c. they lately had by the gift and feoffment of the said Margaret. Wednesday the feast of the Purification, 8 Henry IV. Four seals, one of arms.
N'hamp. A. 6949. Grant by the above mentioned Edward, Margaret, Robert, and Joan, to the above mentioned Emma, of the premises described above. Watford, 1 February, 8 Henry IV. Four seals, one of arms.
[N'hamp.] A. 6950. Counterpart indenture, being an agreement between Emma de Catesby of the one part, and the above mentioned Edward, Margaret, Robert, and Joan, of the other, to submit themselves to the arbitration of Thomas Meryngton, John Brook, and Richard Quariour, concerning all disputes between them as to the lands and tenements lately belonging to Roger de Watford, uncle of the said Emma, Margaret, and Joan, in the county named; viz. that Margaret, late the wife of Robert de Craunford, shall have all the profit of all the said lands and tenements during her life, and that the said Emma and William her son shall severally release to the said Edward, Margaret, Robert, and Joan, all their right in all the lands &c. lately belonging to the said Roger in Watford, Newbotel, Creton, and Assheby Lygger, and thereafter the said Edward, Margaret, Robert, and Joan shall enfeoff the said Emma in the capital messuage with all the demesne, lands, &c. which John Rogerson lately held in Watford by the demise of Margaret de Craunford, sister of the said Roger, and shall release to the said Emma, by fine, all their right in the said messuage and lands &c. Last day but one of December, 8 Henry IV. Four seals, one of arms.
[Berks.] A. 6951. Grant by John Say, clerk, John Whyte, and John Veyre, of Redyng, to William Stappere of the same, of their tenement called 'Fowleresplace,' in the street called 'Wodestret,' in Redyng, extending to the lane called 'Bataylelane.' Witnesses:—Robert Morys, mayor of Redyng, and others (named). Day of St. John the Baptist, 7 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Norf.] A. 6952. Grant by Alan Roys to John son of William de Pykeryngg, of land in Clypesby, part lying in the tillage called 'Bergh,' and part in Wylwesdele, in exchange for land in Askeby called 'Gildeneaker,' abutting on land called 'Sloth lond.' Friday after Christmas, 49 Edward III. Seal.
Somers. [Sussex.] A. 6953. Counterpart indenture between the king, and Richard earl of Arundel and Surrey, whereby the said earl grants the manor of Sevenhampton worth 20 marks a year, to the king, in exchange for the advowson of the priory of Arundel which lately was in the king's hands by reason of the war with France, formerly a cell of the abbey of Seez in Normandy, but now made a college with a master and certain secular chaplains, and renders 20 marks, yearly, to the king, during the said war; the said earl having been bound in 1000l., in the third year of the king's reign, to find the king, within three years then next, an advowson of some church of the tax of 21 marks, and of the yearly value of 20l. in exchange for the advowson of the said priory, and the king having agreed to receive the said manor as well, in lieu of the said advowson of a church of the specified value, as in satisfaction of the said 20 marks payable to the king during the said war &c. &c. 11 February, 6 Richard II. French. Seal of arms (Fitz-Alan and Warenne).
Endorsed:—'Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll, in June of the said year.'
[N'hamp.] A. 6954. Grant by William Brito that Sir William, earl Warenne and his heirs shall never be bound to warrant to the grantor, or his heirs, the land of Blazerwik, which the said earl formerly claimed against him before the justices of the Bench. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Kenet, John de Bassingeburn, Laurence de Sancto Albano, and others (named). Seal.
[Linc.] A. 6955. Release by Emma daughter of Richard Crabbe of Scarthou, to Ralph son of William de Bredele, of all her right in a toft in Scarthou, and in all the land there, which her said father formerly held. Witnesses:— Henry the chaplain of Scarthou, John de Cokeringthon, and others (named). Seal.
Cornw. Devon. A. 6956. Indenture witnessing the pourparty made between Walter de Wodelond, knight, and Katharine his wife, of the one part, and William de Polglas, and Elizabeth his wife, of the other, of all the manors, lands, and tenements, &c. which belonged to William de Campo Arnulphi, and are of the inheritance of the said Elizabeth and Katharine in Devon and Cornwall, except tenements in the city of Exeter; viz. the said William de Polglas and Elizabeth grant that the said Walter and Katharine may hold, for their pourparty, the manor of Tywardrayth with the advowson of the church of Jacobestowe, with all messuages, lands and tenements in Tredrym, 6d. rent in Lostwythyel, and all knights' fees belonging to the said manor, viz. two in Tywandrayth, three in Bodrugan, one in Goveyly, a fourth in Trevalgarthan, a fifth in Trevynyek, one fee in Brethey held by Ralph de Beovyle, a half in Treverbynwater, Bodenda, and Treverbyn- drieu respectively, one in Lesnestek, and one and a half in Prideaux, co. Cornwall, the manor of 'La Hevede' co. Devon, and all fees belonging thereto both in Devon and Cornwall, all messuages, lands, and rents &c. in Pole, Spytele, Schuttelegh, and Stodlegh, the fourth part of a fee in Emylte held by William de Shareshull and Joan his wife, half a fee in Covelegh, [all which] is extended at 140l. and they shall have in addition 14l. of rent from the manor of Ilfardycombe; also the said Walter and Katharine grant that the said William and Elizabeth may hold, as their share, the manor of Trenelowan, co. Cornwall, with the advowson of the church of Stokkelegh Englysshe, co. Devon, and all the knights' fees, belonging to the said manor, in the counties named, viz. two fees in Trenelowan, Hertforde, Westounpeverel, and Stokkelegh Englysshe, the rents and services of William de Botriaux for the lands &c. which he holds in Tywarnayl, Tremidrys, and Tregenhorn, co. Cornwall, and Cadebury, co. Devon, all messuages and lands &c. in Hendresuk and Fowymore, knights' fees which Thomas de Chambernoun holds in Luduwen, and the fees which belonged to the said William de Campo Arnulphi in the hundreds of Stratton, Lesnewyth, Triggeshire, and Powdreshre, viz. two fees in Wyke, Brethey, and Swanecote, which Ranulph de Albo Monasterio formerly held, one fee in Pennalym which John Beaupre holds, one fee which Walter Filz Willeam holds in Otterham, John Gyffard's fees in Hellyset, Hellond, Douneny, Trefleghtres, and Trengun, Walter de Okebear's fees in Okebeare and Wyllesworthy, rents and services of the heir of William de Treberveth alias Bozon, Thomas Doune, Peter de Cory, the heirs of John de Goveyly, Thomas de Goveyly, Walter Trefridou and Thomas Trefridou for lands &c. in the said hundreds, and of the tenants of Creucory, the manor of Colrygg and the knights' fees belonging, viz. one in Coryton and Coryford, a quarter in Bryfforde, knights' fees in Wogewylle, Wetherigge, Triffebele, Chyryton, Ayriston, Wylgeriston, Notteston Mille, Horswylle, and Dulond, the manors of Clistchambernoun and Ilfardecombe with the knights' fees belonging to the latter, viz. two in Lyncombe, one and a half in Middelmerwode, Ayshford, and Worcombe, one in Pyrkesworthy, and 33s. 6d. rent in Bremdon; [all which] is extended at 168l.; also the said respective parties are to present alternately to the church of Ilfardecombe when vacant. Kallystoke, Wednesday before the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 29 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Middx.] A. 6957. Bond by William, marquess of Juliers, to John Malwayn, citizen and merchant of London, for 200l. loan, to be paid to the said John, or bearer, at London, at Easter next. 24 November, 27 Edward III. Seal of arms, injured.
[Chesh.] A. 6958. Grant by Richard Bonetable son of William Bonetable, to Reginald Brun of Tuameloue (Twemlow), of all the land which the said Reginald held of the said William in Tuameloue, with two 'brerilondes' which the grantor gave to the grantee, in exchange, on account of 'le Bernelont,' and other land (unam londam et unum buttum) in Salteres Halek, and all the grantor's moiety of Hokeneholt; rendering a pair of white gloves, yearly, at Midsummer. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Suetenham, William son of Henry de Holm, Robert de Bernulhessahe, Thomas de Cranlache, Ralph de Bothes, and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 6959. Grant by Simon de Werthinpole, to Walter son of Walter son of Robert, of 17d. yearly rent from tenements at 'la Forde.' Witnesses:—Thomas Robin, Robert de Brittewelle, and others (named). Seal. See A. 6894.
A. 6960. Release by Theodoric, otherwise called the canon of Robersart (alias dictum Canonum seu Canonicum de Robersart), knight, to the king, of all moneys due to him by Edward, late king of England, or by the present king, in respect of an annuity of 100l. granted him by the said late king, to Easter next coming, the pay of himself and his men while he was captain of the town of Arde under the said late King Edward, and the pay of himself and his men in the said late king's service, in the voyage to France made by his very dear lord John, king of Castille and Leon, duke of Lancaster, in the forty-seventh year of the said King Edward. London, 25 July, 3 Richard II. Seal of arms with legend s. le CANOUN DE ROBIERSART.
A. 6961. General release by William de la Pole the elder, to the king. Weymouth, 20 October, 28 Edward III. French. Seal of arms.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll, in March, in the 29th year of the said king, and in the Red Book of the Exchequer, folio ccxviij.
[Kent.] A. 6962. Grant by William Salekyn of Dover, to Aymer de Valence, earl of Pembroke, lord of Weseford and Montignac, of a tenement within the liberty of the port of Dover in the ward called 'Oxesward.' Witnesses:—John de Mari, mayor of Dover, and others (named). January, 1 Edward II. Seal, injured.
Endorsed: 'Willame Salekin pour les mesouns de Doverre.'
[Middx ?] A. 6963. Acknowledgment by Roger son of Simon that he is bound to pay Henry son of Reiner 4s. rent from the land Which he held of the said Henry, for security whereof he has attorned Henry to receive the said sum, yearly, from certain persons, named, from the lands specified &c. Witnesses:—Miles de Sumeri, Walter de Faleise, Reginald de Colneia, Osbert de Enefeld, and others (named). Seal, injured.
[Devon.] A. 6964. Grant by Nicholas Tremayn, John Isaak, and John Prousz, of Chaggeford, to Sir John Holand, earl of Huntingdon, and to Dame Elizabeth, his consort, of the reversion of the manor of Flute Damarle and the third part of the manor of Holbogheton, which premises they lately granted to Isabella, late the wife of Sir John Damarle, knight, for her life. Witnesses:—Sir Edward de Courtenay, earl of Devon, Sirs Philip Courtenay, Richard Chambernoun, and John de la Pomeray, knights, and others (named). Manor of Dertyngton, 8 April, 19 Richard II. Three seals; one of arms, broken.
[Norf.] A. 6965. Grant by Ellen late the wife of Henry Rose burgess of Great Yarmouth, to Ralph Henri of Ormesby, of a bed of rushes (unam peciam juncar') in Clypesby marsh, abutting on 'le Cause' of Weybregge and Holflet. Monday after the Purification, 8 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6966. Grant by Henry Geffrey of Yelvertoft, to Simon Terry of the same, of land in Yelvertoft, on 'le Longe,' and other land lying 'inte ' Kelmerch, in a place called 'le Smaldole.' Monday the feast of St. Ambrose, the bishop and doctor, 19 Edward III. Seal, injured.
York [e.r.]. Lincoln. A. 6967. Demise by Ralph Cromwell, John Colvile, and William Bowes, knights, John Martyn, Henry Merston, clerk, William Alyngton, and James Strangways, to Robert, lord of Wilughby, Thomas Erpyngham, William Boneville, and William Crumwell, knights, Thomas Burgeys, esquire, and William Thirlwall, for forty years, of the manor and lordship of Brustwyke, and the castle and manor of Skipse, the patronage of the abbey of Meux (Melsa), co. York, the manor of Barowe, the patronage of the abbey of Thornton, co. Lincoln, and all their manors, lands, and rents &c. in Preston, Burton Pidse, Bondbrustwyk, Skeklyng, Lelle Dyke, Paule, Kayngham, Skeftlyng, Esyngton, Kylnese, Withornse, and Cleton; with the towns, hamlets, fee farms, knights' fees, and advowsons &c. belonging to the said castle, manors, and lordship &c. in the said counties, together with fees and advowsons belonging thereto elsewhere in England; for the payment of the debts of the said (sic) late duke; with remainder in fee to the king as fully as they, with Richard Norton and John Heron, knight, now deceased, had the same of the feoffment of Thomas, late duke of Clarence, after his marriage with Margaret, duchess of Clarence, who survives. 13 February, 1 Henry [VI]. Three seals, and fragments of two seals.
Endorsed:—Memorandum of enrolment on the king's Remembrancer's Memoranda Roll, in Hilary Term, 17 Henry VI.
[Devon.] A. 6968. Grant by Gregory de Yoldedon, to John Holand, earl of Huntyngdon, lord of the manor of Haldesworthy, and Warin Waldegrave, and the earl's heirs and assigns, of all the messuages, lands, and tenements in Yoldedon, which he had of the feoffment of Stephen Hacche. 28 March, 13 Richard II. Seal.
Essex. A. 6969. Bond by Richard de Preston of Essex, to Sir John Miles, parson of the church of Bradewell, for 40s. to be paid to him at the quinzaine of Easter next. Plym[ber]we, last day of February, 48 Edward III. French. Seal.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the said Richard shall pay to the said Sir John 20s. then the said bond shall be void.
A. 6970. Acquittance by Roger Ardingel, merchant of the Society of the Bardi of Florence, for himself, Doffe de Barde, and the other members of the said company, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, for 100 marks received from him, in which the said Hugh was bound to them. Nottingham, 28 July, 11 Edward II. French. Seal of arms.
[Warw.] A. 6971. Grant by William le Galoys, to Geoffrey Austyn of Hulle of Coventre, tanner, of free ingress and egress with horses and carts &c. to all his tenements in Wymondeslane, Coventre, through the void plot of land lying there between the tenement he had of the feoffment of the said Geoffrey and the running water called 'Shirebourn.' Witnesses:—William Luffe, mayor of Coventre, and others (named). Monday after St. Mary Magdalen, 21 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Glouc.] A. 6972. Letters patent by Theobald de Verdoun, witnessing that he has sold to Sir Hugh le Despenser, the elder, all his goods and chattels, and crops, in the manor of Byselegh. London, Wednesday before the apostles Simon and Jude, 7 Edward [I.] Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6973. Demise by William de Caldecote of Welton, and Avice his wife, to John de Maydewell of Watford, of one acre of land, viz. half an acre in Welton on Ferifurlong, for ten crops, and half an acre in Esseby St. Legers, on Lambecotes, for twelve crops. Sunday before St. Leger the bishop, 14 Edward II. Seal.
[Essex. A. 6974. Grant by Benedict de Fuletun, to Robert [called] Russel, of land lying in Burlande, near the place called Cumbwelle. Witnesses:— Robert de Badue, Alexander de Rameshei, Robert son of Thomas de Fordam, and others (named). Seal, injured.
Berks. Wilts. A. 6975. Feoffment by Roger Walden, archbishop of Canterbury, to the king, of the manor and advowson of Stevyngton, co. Berks, and of the manor of Westbury, co. Wilts, which he, with John, late bishop of Salisbury, deceased, had of the grant of Thomas Chalumley, John Briddesmer and Richard Merser, chaplains, who acquired them from Hugh Calviley, knight, deceased, who purchased them, by the king's licence, from the prior and convent of St. Mary de Pre, near Rouen, by the confirmation of the abbot and convent of St. Mary, Bec Hellouin in Normandy. Witnesses:— William Sturmy and John Roches, knights, Laurence Dru, Thomas Chelrey and Edmund Sparsholt. 12 April, 22 Richard II. Seal of arms.
A. 6976. Bond by Reginald Bray, knight, Edward Underwode, clerk, Richard Eliot, Richard Restwolde, and Richard Decons, gentlemen, to Nicholas Goldewell, Robert Honywode, John Jullys, clerks, James Hobarde, and John Toke, for 100 marks, to be paid at the feast of St. Martin in the winter, A.D. 1505. 4 February, 15 Henry VIII. Signed. (Reynold Bray &c.) Four seals and portions of seal.
[Middx ?] A. 6977. Demise by Saer [son of Henry], to William . . . . of . . . . from land with houses and buildings, . . . . and a house which belonged to Godman le Ferrun . . . . Witnesses:— Robert and Richard de Winton, William Hardel, and others (named). Mutilated fragment. See A. 2355, 7305. Seal.
Endorsed: 'Carta '. . . . . 'Henr.'
A. 6978. General release by Thomas Wodell, esquire, to the duchess of Suffolk. Last day but one of August, 15 Henry VII. Signed. Seal.
Endorsed: "Md. paied by the withynne writen Duches unto Thomas Wodell withynne named in party of payment of a bille of xx mark xiiij mark. Wetnes J Nycoles . . . . ."
[Camb.] A. 6979. Grant by Henry 'in the Halke', to Ralph son of Geoffrey de Storhithe, of one acre in Saham, lying in Berchehamhale, from one marsh to the other. Witnesses:—John the clerk of Saham, Peter de Fordham, Adam de Chipham, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 6980. Release by Basilia late the wife of Henry Hunne, widow, to Sir Philip Basset, of all her share of the land called 'Colesland,' as specified in the grant which Roger de Reimes made to her; the said Roger having given her in exchange the land which Sir Philip gave to him in exchange for the same land. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Hasting, Henry de Sancto Paulo, Geffrey de Sunderlond, Nicholas de Mistele, and others (named). Injured. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6981. Grant by Henry le Celer of Coventre, to Richard his son, of land in Coventre, with buildings thereon, at the broad gate (latam portam), rendering 11d. and two hens yearly to Robert Herebert, the lord of the fee, and his heirs. Witnesses:—John de Lodelowe, bailiff, Robert de Chilton, John de Fillungeley, and others (named). Seal.
[Norf.] A. 6982. Release by Richard de Gosforthe of Great Yarmouth, and Matilda his wife, to Robert Clere and Alice his wife, of all their right in half an acre bought by the said Robert and Alice of Robert de Estwalton, and Nicholas and John, his sons, in Ormesby. Wednesday before St. George, 15 Edward III. Seal, defaced.
[Norf.] A. 6983. Grant by Robert de Estwalton, and Nicholas and John his sons, to Robert Clere of Ormesby and Alice his wife, of half an acre in Ormesby, and of 4d. yearly rent from a messuage in the same. Saturday after St. Tiburcius and St. Valerian, 15 Edward III. Two seals.
[Warw.] A. 6984. Grant by John le Crispe of Hattone, to Simon de la grene, of land in his croft, adjoining the road called 'le stoniwey,' and extending to 'le havedyard,' with a broad ditch there, &c. with liberty to enclose the said land. Witnesses:—John Schreuele, John Syfled, and others (named). Seal.
[Monm.] A. 6985. Grant by Morgan ap Llewelyn ap Jevan ap Jenkin, to John ap Gwelim of Edeton, esquire, of the manor of Treyrdeon, in the lordship of Uske, with all the lands, tenements, rents, and services, &c. which the grantor has within the said lordship. Monday before St. James the Apostle, 32 Henry VI. Seal of arms.
N'hamp. [Warw.] A. 6986. Bond by Master John Redhyll, rector of the church of Braunston, co. Northampton, and John Lychefeld of Coventre, 'drover,' to William Catesby, esquire, Henry Brewys, William Flamevyle, and Robert Bartlotte, for 10 marks, to be paid at Michaelmas next. 12 March, 23 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Kent.] A. 6987. Writ of King Stephen to his men of Becham, confirming, for the soul of King Henry and his other ancestors, to the church of Holy Trinity, London, and the canons thereof, their land of Claherst, for 5s. to be rendered therefor yearly, and the land which was of Estmund, for 8s. 6d. to be rendered yearly. Witness:—Hubert the chamberlain, at Westminster.
Endorsed: "Beccheam."
[Middx.] A. 6988. Defeasance of a bond of statute merchant, by Robert le Hornere, citizen and goldsmith of London, to John de Hynggeston, citizen and goldsmith of the same, for 40l. to be paid at Christmas next; witnessing that if the said Robert shall pay to the same John 30l. on Christmas day next in his hostel (hospicio) in London, then the said bond shall be void. Wednesday the vigil of the Ascension, 13 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Warw.] A. 6989. Demise by Roger son of John Hapertahs of Coventre, to Hugh de Stanford and Ralph de Burgo, Herychon, of a messuage in Coventre, in the street of Gosford, between the land which Warin le Mercer held on the one side and the ditch (fossatum) called 'le Rededich' on the other; for sixteen years, from Michaelmas, A.D. 1271, 55 Henry III. Witnesses:—Robert de Chilton, and others (named). Injured. Seal.
Endorsed: De tenemento juxta Jordan Welle.
[Warw.] A. 6990. Grant by Roger son of the late John Habertes of Coventre, to Henry called the baker, of Coventre, of land with buildings thereon in Coventre in the street of the earl (in vico comitis), between the land which Richard le Gardener held in right of his wife on the one side, and the Red Ditch (Rubeum fossatum) on the other. Witnesses:—John de Lodeloue, bailiff, and others (named). Seal.
Endorsed: Carta Rogeri films (sic) Johannis Habertas de tenemento juxta Jordan Welle.
[Norf.] A. 6991. Release by Margaret Faukener of Ormesby, sister of Beatrice wife of John Payn, to Denise late the wife of William Clere of Ormesby, and to John, William Clere's son, of all her right in a messuage, land, turbary and heath, 44s. 9¼d. rent, the works of 52 men, viz. of each for one day, and a rent of 59 hens, in Ormesby, Scrouteby, and Wynterton. 25 October, 14 Richard II. Seal.
[London.] A. 6992. . . . . . . . of that ward. Witnesses:—Richard Smelt, . . . . . de Chigwell, William de Braynton, William de Watford, and others. . . . . . . . the Virgin, . . Edward III. Mutilated fragment. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 6993. Grant by Sir Robert de Borham, knight, to Fulk, bishop of London, of all his marsh called 'Wosmers,' in the hundred of Berdestaple, adjoining the marsh of the abbot and convent of Stratford called 'Norhtwosmers,' rendering yearly half a mark to the grantor, and 1lb. of pepper to Sir Roger de Leyborne, the grantor acquitting the said marsh from any rent to the prior and convent of Legehees, if demanded. Witnesses:—Sirs Richard Fillol, William le Baud, William de Grancurt, Richard de Ruyli, knights, and others (named). Seal.
Essex. A. 6994. Release by John Tiptoft, knight, lord of Pawis, Philip Courtenay, John Juyn, John Stourton of Stourton, knights, William Darell, Walter Paunesfote, Robert Longe, and William Wulston, to John, archbishop of York, William, bishop of Norwich, Nicholas Upton, clerk, Andrew Sperlyng, Richard Aired and John Husy, of all their right in the manor of Newehalle, and in all the lands, tenements, and rents, &c. formerly belonging to Thomas Coggesale, esquire, in the county named. Feast of the Purification, 9 Henry VI. Four seals.
Essex. A. 6995. Release by John, cardinal archbishop of York, and William, bishop of Lincoln, late bishop of Norwich, to Richard Aired, esquire, of all their right in the premises described in A. 6994 which they, with the said Richard and others named, now deceased, lately had of the feoffment of Walter Hungirford, knight, lord of Haytesbury and Hommet, John Fortescue, and Simon Sydenham, clerk, now deceased. Borham, 11 February, 19 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Essex.] A. 6996. Letter of attorney by Thomas Hill of Badowe, and Thomas Gale of Sabrith [es] ford, authorising Richard Wroxham to deliver seisin to Humphrey, duke of Buckingham, Thomas, bishop of Ely, Henry, viscount de Bourgchier, John Hampton, Richard Aired, Richard Waller and Thomas Stones, esquires, Peter Arderne, Richard Ryche, citizen and mercer of London, John Grene of Widyton, the younger, Thomas Pounde, William Goodyng and Walter Gorffen, of the premises described in A. 6994, and also of the lands, tenements, and rents &c. which the said Hill and Gale lately had of the demise of the said Richard Aired, esquire, in the same county. Boreham, 16 April, 24 Henry VI. Two seals.
Essex. A. 6997. Feoffment by same to same of said premises. Boreham, 16 April, 24 Henry VI. Two seals.
Essex. A. 6998. Indenture between Annes Aired, widow, late the wife of Richard Aired, esquire, of the one part, and William Cotton, esquire, of the other, witnessing that the said parties have agreed together in the manner specified as to the safe custody of all 'the dedes, evidences and mynymentes' concerning a certain 'lyvelod,' viz. the manor of Newhalle, with other lands, tenements, and rents, &c. in the same county, which premises, Humphrey, duke of Buckingham, and others, late feoffees to the use of the said Richard Aired, lately granted to the said Annes, for her life, the remainder thereof being unto the said William Cotton and others, in fee, to his use. April 1, 32 Henry VI. Seal. English.
Essex. A. 6999. Letter of attorney by Walter Hungerford, knight, lord of Heytesbury and Homet, Simon Sydenham, clerk, dean of the cathedral church of Salisbury, and John Fortescu, authorising Adam Somayster and Thomas atte Hille to deliver seisin to John, archbishop of York, William, bishop of Norwich, and others, named, of the premises described in A. 6994. Newehalle, morrow of St. Martin, 9 Henry VI. Fragments of seal of arms, and two seals, one broken.
Essex. A. 7000. Release by Nicholas Upton, clerk, and John Husy, to John, archbishop of York, William, bishop of Lincoln, and Richard Aired, of all their right in the premises described in A. 6994. Borham, 20 June, 17 Henry VI. Two seals.