Deeds: A.6801 - A.6900

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.6801 - A.6900

Herts. Middx. Worc. A. 6801. Grant by John Walssh of Chesthunt, esquire, to John More, John Josselyn, Thomas Underhill, and Thomas Knyghton, gentlemen, and others (named), of the manor of Andrewes in Chesthunt, co. Herts. and of a messuage, land, and a moiety of the manor of 'la Motelond' in Chesthunt aforesaid, and of lands and tenements &c. in the street called 'Savoystrete' in the parish of St. Clement Danes, and St. Mary Strond, without 'Tempilbarre,' London, and of lands and tenements &c. and one salt vat (unam bulleram unius plumbi aque salse) in Wyche, co. Worcester, to the use of himself and his heirs, and of his last will; with letter of attorney authorising John Devereux, 'gentilman,' and Roger Kenerdeley, 'yoman,' to deliver seisin. 26 October, 16 Henry VII. Seal, injured.
[Surrey.] A. 6802. Confirmation by Geoffrey de Ho, son of Ralph de Ho, to Alan Basset, his lord, of the agreement made between the said Alan and Ralph, by which Ralph released to the said Alan, his lord, all the land which he had between Waie and 'la Burne,' and all the land of 'la Rune' &c. for which Alan gave Ralph 5 marks, and to his wife 1 mark to buy a cloak, and released to Ralph 'la Gerstune' near the bridge of Ho &c. Witnesses:—John Suvel, . . . . . de Fremelesworth, Henry de Wirecestre, and others (named). Injured. Seal.
[London.] A. 6803. Demise by Geoffrey Manekin, to Richard Kauel, of all his land [in London] lying between the land of Baldewin the tailor (parmentarii) and that of Robert Scrippe. Witnesses:—Thomas the alderman, Martin the deacon, Henry Muchegros, William de Suthfolke, and others (named). Portion of seal.
Endorsed: 'Lond.'
[N'thl'd.] A. 6804. Grant by John Colt of Hertwayton, to Alan son of Robert Scot of Westhertwayton, for 10l. of a toft in Esthertwayton in the north part of Stodfald, and part of the grantor's messuage for making Alan's garden when he wishes; also part of a croft, and land in the same town, part on Hyndesyde, adjoining the stream from Blindewell, and part adjoining Orred croft; the said Alan and his heirs to grind their corn at the mill of Hertwayton without giving multure &c. Witnesses:—Robert de Camhou, Thomas de Fenwyk, Robert de Toggesden in Westhertwayton, and others (named). Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6805. Grant by William atte Brygge, vicar of the church of Asscheby Leger, to John de Catesby and Emma his wife, of a messuage in Welton, which he had of the feoffment of Henry le Eyr. Monday the feast of the translation of St. Thomas the martyr, 17 Richard II. Seal.
[Middx.] A. 6806. Release by Thomas le Hackere, of the parish of St. Mary, Willesdon, to John de Middeltone, citizen of London, of 5d. yearly quit rent, viz. 4d. from Adam le Mouner for land in a field called 'le Dene' in the said parish, and 1d. from Gunnilda ate Wode for land in a field called 'Bedewell' in the same parish. Trinity Sunday, 33 Edward I. Seal.
A. 6807. Undertaking by Robert Bluet, knight, that he will not sell or alienate any of his lands or rents to Stephen Fromund, or any other, without the licence of Philip Basset, his lord, under penalty of any such lands or rents so alienated being entered upon by his said lord for satisfaction. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Insula, and Robert de Camera, Gilbert de Gerpundevile, and others (named). Seal.
Leic. A. 6808. Grant by John, lord le Scrop, knight, and Elizabeth his wife, to William Catesby, esquire, for the life of the said Elizabeth of all their lands and tenements, &c. in Houghton on the Hill; if the grantee die in the lifetime of the said Elizabeth, the grantors may re-enter on the premises; with letter of attorney authorising Thomas Aynesworth and John Robyns to deliver seisin. 10 December, 11 Edward IV. Two seals of arms, one injured.
[Middx.] A. 6809. Grant by Michael son of Henry de Westmelne, to John de Middeltone, citizen of London, of land in the field called 'Calewestok' in the parish of Wylesdone. Witnesses:—William Ediman, Richard de Oxegate, and others (named.) Seal.
[Middx.] A. 6810. Bond by Thomas de Bellofago, to Hugh son of Edmund de Waltham, for 9 marks, to be paid to the said Hugh in London on the feast of St. Margaret next, under a penalty of 100s. to be paid in St. Paul's church, London, in case of default of payment. Wyllesdon, Tuesday before the Ascension, A.D. 1286. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 6811. Release by Thomas Mursley, Robert Salman, and John Hatte, son and heir of Robert Hatte, to Robert Crook, son and heir of Nicholas Crook, of Lacokwyke, in tail, of all their right in 1lb. of pepper to be received yearly from a tenement in Natton next Lacok, which rent they lately had of the grant of the said Nicholas with other lands and tenements; with remainder, in tail, to Alice, wife of Thomas Mursley, sister of the said Robert Crook, and then to the right heirs of the said Nicholas for ever. 7 January, 2 Henry V. Seal of arms, and two seals.
Bucks. N'hamp. A. 6812. Grant by John Nowers and Matilda his wife, to the King, of all their estate in the manors of Gothurst and Stokegoldynton co. Bucks, and in the advowsons of the churches of the same, and in the manor of Chestre on the Water co. Northampton. Witnesses:—Sirs Reginald de Grey of Ruthyn and others (named), Knights, and others (named). Wednesday after Palm Sunday, 28 March, 43 Edward [III]. Two seals of arms.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll viz. that the said John has acknowledged the said grant in the month of March in the year within written.
[Kent.] A. 6813. Bond by the barons, jurats, and commonalty of Hethe (Hythe), one of the chief towns of the Cinque Ports, to the King, for 1000l. to be paid at Michaelmas next. 25 August, 2 Henry VII. Seal of the said commonalty, injured.
Underwritten: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the above bounden parties perform the covenants comprised in a pair of indentures of even date, made between them and the King, then the above bond shall be void. English.
Worc. A. 6814. Counterpart indenture of agreement between Sir Hugh le Despenser and Sir John de Haudlo, of the one part, and Simon Criketot, of the other part, viz. that whereas certain covenants between the said Sir Hugh and Sir John of the one part and Dame Maud Burnell, now wife of the said Simon, of the other part, on the marriage between the said Sir John and Dame Maud Lovel, daughter of the said Dame Maud Burnel, in many points have not been carried out, the said Simon agrees to bring the said Dame Maud, his wife, to Temedeburi before St. James's day, next, to perform the said covenants; if he fails in doing so he agrees that the bonds made to his said wife by the said Sir Hugh and Sir John for 4000 marks shall be void, and that the said Sir Hugh and Sir John may recover the said 4000 marks in which the said Simon is bound to them; which bond is to be returned to Simon on the performance of the said covenants. London, Saturday before Midsummer, 9 Edward II. French. Seal.
[Hunt] A. 6815. Grant in frank almoin by William son of Ralph le Freman of Aylington, to Sir William the abbot, and the convent, of Rameseye, for the welfare of his soul and the souls of his ancestors and successors, of land in Aylinton in the tillage called 'Cleyfurlong' and abutting on the high road between Walmesford and Ogerestan. Witnesses:—Sir William the chamberlain, Master Stephen de Walsoken, and others (named). Seal.
[Camb.] A. 6816. Grant by the prior and convent of the priory of Anglesey, to the King, of a garden called 'Henabbay' in Cambridge, between Trinity Hall on the south and a hostel called 'Garit hostell' on the north, and abutting eastward on 'le Mylnestrete,' and westward on the ditch (fossam regiam). Witnesses:—W [illiam], bishop of Winchester, H [enry], duke of Exeter, W [illiam], duke of Suffolk, J [ohn], viscount Beaumont, James, lord of Say, Thomas Stanley and William Beauchamp, knights, Thomas Crosse, mayor of Cambridge, and others (named). Friday the vigil of the apostles Peter and Paul, 26 Henry VI. Portion of conventual seal.
Middx. A. 6817. Letter of attorney by John Graunt, Nicholas Byldeston, and Richard Byldeston, clerks, Thomas Aleyn, citizen and mercer of London, and John Curteys of the same, authorising William Felton, John Roberd, and Thomas Symond, of St. Mary's parish, Wyllesdon, to deliver seisin to Robert Curson, son and heir of Robert Curson, of Betele, co. Norfolk, of all their manor with land and wood &c. and 6s. 8d. rent, in the parishes of Wyllesdon and Hendon. Monday after the Nativity, 8 Henry V. Five seals.
[Herts.] A. 6818. Grant by Nicholas de Gatesb[ury], to Geoffrey the dean of Bracking, of land in Gatesb [ury]. Witnesses:—Richard de Melclei, Theobald de Scalariis, and others (named). Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 6819. Attornment by Thomas de Trailli and Matilda his wife, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, as their lord for the manor of Suthington Musard, which they hold for their life, the reversion of which has been assigned to Sir Hugh by Malcolm Musard. Thursday after St. Vincent, 31 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 6820. Demise by Matilda de Mountfort, the abbess, and the convent of Lacok, to John le Lange, smith, and Agnes his wife, for their lives, of a tenement with a curtilage in Lacok, doing suit at the grantors' court of Lacok at the two 'lawedayes.' Sunday after Michaelmas, 25 Edward III. Portions of conventual seal.
[Essex.] A. 6821. Grant by William de Reimes, knight to Sir Philip Basset, of all that part of of his land which lies in the field of Stochchiland. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas Pecche, William de Nortoft, Walter de Amenesbirs, and others (named). Seal, injured.
Endorsed: 'Boiton.'
[Hants.] A. 6822. Grant by John de Grimestede, son of Walter de Grimeste [de], to Ernald de Haversam, son of Nicholas de Haversam, of all the land and tenement which Sir Willam Maudut, the king's chamberlain, gave to John in Hertleye. Witnesses:—Sir William de Hastinges, Sir John Gerbert, and others (named). Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6823. Grant by John de Tewe of Welton, to John Mallorre of the same, knight, that he and his heirs will hold from the said Mallorre a message and two virgates of land in Welton; in confirmation of which the grantor has done homage for the premises to the said Mallorre in the churchyard of St. Peter's Church, Northampton, in the eyre of the justices, before Sir Robert de Daventree, knight, Sir Laurence de Belegrave, and others (named). Friday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 4 Edward III. Seal.
A. 6824. Release by John de Yarpunvill, to Seiher son of Henry, of all matters in dispute between them, for 100s. which Seiher has given him. Witnesses:—John de Mathan, Adam de Sumery, Laurence de Castellis, Thomas de la Wik, and others (named). Feast of St. Andrew, 17 Henry III. Seal, injured.
Norf. A. 6825. Counterpart indenture of grant by brother John the prior, and the convent, of the monastery of St. Pancras, Lewes, to Juliana, late the wife of Richard de Betelee, for her life, of a yearly rent of 4l. from all their lands and tenements in Walpol. 20 June, 47 Edward III. Portion of seal of arms.
[Hunt.] A. 6826. Grant by John son of Henry le Franceys of Aylinton, to William the abbot, and the convent of Rameseye, in frank almoin, for the welfare of his soul and the souls of his ancestors, of 12d. yearly rent which he used to receive from Gilbert le Franceys, his brother, for a messuage and land in Aylintone, with release, also, to the said abbot and convent of ½d. yearly rent from a messuage held by Henry Condewyn of Aylintone. Witnesses:—Walter Produme, William de Bernewell, Robert de Hale, clerk, and others (named). Seal, injured.
[N'hamp.] A. 6827. Grant by Anora the abbess, and the convent, of Elnestowe, to Geoffrey son of William de Haliden, of their mill of Haliden, with the holms, pond, and all suit &c. belonging; also of a messuage with buildings in the tillage called 'Wodhulle,' with land in the field of Haliden adjoining the said messuage, all which Geoffrey's father William, held from the grantors, and which Dame Matilda Giffard gave to them in frank almoin. Witnesses:—John de Coleye, steward, Sir Robert the vicar of Flitten, William Evermund of Staverton, and others, (named). Seal and counterseal, injured.
[N'hamp.] A. 6828. Grant by Ellen Martyn of Welton, to Anne, her daughter, for her life, of a messuage with a curtilage adjoining, and land, in Welton; part of the land lying in the east field at Quechefen, part in Asshenslade, part at 'le Weytwysel,' and part under Alywell. Saturday before St. Laurence, 7 Richard II. Seal.
[Somers.] A. 6829. Conveyance by Alice late the wife of Roger de Moelys, widow, to John Ganard of Folklond, and Cicely his wife, and Walter de Hortone, for life of the tenement with a curtilage and land which Robert de Kyrebrygge formerly held in Folklond. Saturday before the apostles Philip and James, 4 Edward III. Seal of arms, of three shields.
[Essex.] A. 6830. Release by Matthew de Parva Waltham, chaplain, to Arnulph son of Henry de Pandfeld, and Fina his wife, of all the land and messuage &c. which he had of the grant of William de Bures in Little Waltham. Witnesses:—Robert de Haylesden, John de Wymbys, and others (named). Injured. Seal, sewn on, with legend—sigill' ailwini fil' tungwine.
[Wilts.] A. 6831. Grant by William de Ferles, son of John de Ferles, to Nigel de Medeburn, of all his land in Stratton. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Mandevile, Bartholomew de Hosa, Nicholas de Lusteshull, knight, Waleran de Bluntesdun, Roger de Writele, and others (named). Seal.
A. 6832. Demise by Alice daughter of Elyas de Parka, to John son of Eylbricht, of a half part of a messuage and of a house above it in Crockeresdene, with all her part of certain land and of a grove there. Witnesses:—Richard le Franceis (Gallico), Roger his brother, and others (named). Seal.
A. 6833. Demise by the same, to the same, of the third part of a messuage and of a house above it, in Crockeredene, and of all her part of certain land and of a grove there. Witnesses as in A. 6832. Seal.
A. 6834. Demise by Seluna, daughter of Elyas de Parka, to John son of Eylbricht, of the third part of the above mentioned messuage and house, and of all her part of the other premises named above. Witnesses nearly as in A. 6832. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 6835. Grant by William de Reimes, knight to Fulk Basset, provost of the church of Beverle, for 100l. for the sake of having, whole, the crofts near his court, of a moiety of all his land of Boitun, and other land and wood, viz. part lying in the field called 'Waleuurh,' part in the field called 'Stockilond,' part in the field called 'Broddefeld,' part called 'Flodland,' and the wood lying by land called 'Cusineslond,' meadow land lying in Speltewell and abutting towards 'le Flodlond,' and a meadow called 'Ressemedd'; also further grant of the services belonging to the said lands of the freemen named. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Eboraco and Henry de Batun [ia], the king's justices of the bench and others (named). [Henry III]. Portion of seal. See A. 454.
[Herts.] A. 6836. Grant by Gilbert de Hendune, to John, son of Walran, of feeding (habendi in peesun) for thirty hogs in the wood of Borham which is of the fee of the abbot of St. Albans; for which the grantee has given to the grantor two Norwegian goshawks (osturcos Norhenses). Witnesses:— John de Stebbinges, Henry Buckointe, and others (named). Portion of equestrian seal.
[Herts.] A. 6837. Grant by Richard son of William de Ockersse, to Hugh son of Alan de Titeburste, of a field called 'Marlinge' in Titeburste, adjoin- ing land called 'Horsecroft,' and extending on a field called 'Brodefeld.' Witnesses:—John de Wautune, knight, and others (named). Seal.
N'hamp.] A. 6838. Release by Walter de Hanredon in Esseby St. Legers, to Roger de Baddeby in the same, and Agnes his wife, of his right in land which the said Agnes inherited from Alice her mother in Esseby. Witnesses:—Walter Benet, William de Baddeby, and others (named). Seal.
[Sussex.] A. 6839. Grant by William Hareng, to Reginald de Cliston, of a meadow called 'Fluta,' between the grantor's grove (nemus) and the land of Varnecamp, and extending to Chatesbruge, rendering yearly gilt spurs or 6d. Witnesses:—Ralph de Sancto Audoeno, John Esturmi, Ralph Gernegan of Paling, William de Offiton, John de Owing, Henry the canon of Tortiton, Philip de Suleham, Robert the chaplain of Ychenore, and others (named). Seal.
[Herts.] A. 6840. Grant by Thomas de Bordesdan, son of John, to Roger the baker son of Theobald, of a messuage and land in Bordesdan, part of the land adjoining land of the canons of Holy Trinity, London, and extending on Langeheg, and part near Thriedell. Witnesses:—Richard de Gathesber [i], Adam de Bracking, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Herts.] A. 6841. Grant by Roger son of Thiobald, to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, in frank almoin, for his own welfare and for the souls of his ancestors and friends, of the messuage and land described in A. 6840. Witnesses:—Adam de Bracking, Robert Luvel, Simon de Melkele, and others (named).
[Wilts.] A. 6842. Grant by William le Paumer of Stratton, to Adam de Argoges, of a messuage in Stratton, with a curtilage &c. Witnesses:— Sirs Nicholas de Lustreshulle and Waleran de Bluntesdon, knights, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] [Cornwall.] A. 6843. Acquittance by John de Ripariis, to Roger son of Oliver de Carmynou, for 10l. received from him in part payment of 50l. in which Roger was bound to John by a recognisance made before the mayor of London &c. London, Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 14 Edward III. Seal of arms.
Essex. Cornwall. A. 6844. Acquittance by John de Ripariis of the county of Essex to Roger son of Oliver de Carmynou, of the county of Cornwall, for 10l. in part of 50l. in which Roger was bound to the said John by statute merchant before the mayor of London &c. London, the feast of the Nativity of the B.V.M., 14 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Herts.] A. 6845. Grant by Ralph de Westred, to Matthew the baker (pistori), of London, of a half virgate of land in the parish of Boclond to wit in Hodenho. Witnesses:—Peter de Haseligfelde, and others (named). Equestrian seal, with legend—sigillum radulfi filii willelmi.
A. 6846. Grant by William son of Richard son of Hereward, to John son of Eylbricht, of all his part of certain land, and of a house, curtilage, and grove, in Crockeresdene; if the grantor cannot warrant the above premises, he will give an exchange of as much land in the marsh. Witnesses:—Richard and Roger, son of John le Franceis, Robert de Wilminton, Osbert de Cherlewde, and others (named). Seal.
York, [W.R.] Lincoln. A. 6847. Grant by Hugh le Despenser, knight, to Philip le Despenser, his son, in tail, of the manors of Parlington, co. York, and Hauttebarg, co. Lincoln; with reversion to the grantor. Witnesses:—Sirs John Lovel, Alan de Ellesfeld, Ernald Murdack, and others (named). Seal of arms, injured.
[Bucks.] A. 6848. Grant by Walter del Broc, to Henry Bucointe, of 18d. yearly rent from land in Broc held by Walter Balle and Gregory de Totherno, in exchange for the share which Henry ought to have from land in Estchote, &c. Witnesses:—Walter de Fulebroc, Richard de Grava, William de Walda, Hugh de Lincel', Adam de Cuninthone, Walter de Sala de Lect', and others (named). Seal. See A. 5878.
[Kent.] A. 6849. Grant by Thomas son of John de Wadinhale, to William de Camera and Juliana his wife, of a field called 'Muserode' in Waltham, of the grantor's demesne of Wadinhale, extending to the ditch (kondesium fosse) between his land and the land of his tenants of Sundreye. Witnesses:—Henry de Berefurmentium, Reginald de Wetecre, Guy de Haghenefeud, and others (named). Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 6850. Release by William the elder of Trevil and Sibyl his wife, to William the younger of Trevil, of all the land and all the right which they have had in the town of Miriefeld. Witnesses:—William Cole, Ralph Giffard, John de Karwytha, Roger de Hend', Reginald de Mened, and others. Seal.
[Somers.] A. 6851. Confirmation by Robert Punsoud, to Sir Philip Basset, of the demise which John le Russ made to him for eight years, from Michaelmas 44 Henry III, of the lands and tenements which the said John had of the demise of Robert in Subarewe. Witnesses:—Sirs Roger de Sanford, William del Ydle, Hubert de Ruly, and Geoffrey le Chamberleng, knights, and others (named). See A. 3219. Seal, injured.
[Notts.] A. 6852. Release by Cicely, late the wife of Sir Peter de Rale, widow, to Nicholas her brother, son and heir of Sir Seman de Stokis, of all her right in all the lands and tenements which she recovered in the king's court [against] the said Nicholas, by way of warranty of a grant (nomine warentie carte), viz. a messuage and land which Nicholas de Wydmarpol by writ in the king's court [recovered] in Stanton upon the Wolds, concerning which premises the said [Nicholas had been vouched ?] to warranty. Witnesses:—Eustace de Burneby in Watford, Walter de Harudon in . . . ., and others (named). Injured. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6853. Grant by William son of John de Conyngesby of Morton Bagot, to Richard de Montefort and Rose (Roesia) his wife of various rents specified from lands in Ullenhale held by the persons named. Henleye, Saturday the feast of St. Luke, 39 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[N'hamp.] A. 6854. Release by John Heywode of Daventre, to John Malory of Welton next Daventre, and to Sir Simon the chaplain there, of all his right in all his lands and tenements in Welton which the said John Malory and Simon lately had of the grant of William Tumour, chaplain, and John Asser of Daventre. Sunday after St. Martin in winter, 2 Henry V. Seal.
[Kent.] A. 6855. Demise by Richard Clemens, to Roger Buckescyn, of pasture for two horses in 'Horsenredinghamme,' with the rushes belonging. Witnesses:—William de Windgate, Thomas de Ernescumbe, Robert and Richard de la Gare, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Hunt.] A. 6856. Grant by Henry Godswein of Aylingtone, to Sir William the abbot, and the convent, of Ramsey, in frank almoin, of land in Aylington, part abutting on Langehilweye, and part on the tillage of the abbot at Smalewellefurlong, for the welfare of his soul and the souls of his ancestors. Witnesses:—John de Beaumis, William the monk of Upwode, Walter Prodome, and others (named). Seal.
[Suff.] A. 6857. Grant by Henry son of William Fox, to Sir Philip Basset, of land in the meadow called 'Riedmad' in the parish of Danengho, with further grant of other land, viz. that which Sir Philip bought of Beatrix his mother, in the parish of Charsfeud. Witnesses:—Sir William de Insula and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6858. Grant by Hugh de Merynton of Coventre, to Geoffrey son of Richard le Marchal of the same, of a messuage in Coventre, in the street called 'Between the bridges' (inter pontes). Sunday, Michaelmas day, 2 Edward II. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 6859. Grant by William de Venella, to John son of Richard de Mideltune, of land in Mideltune, part abutting on the road to Subury. Witnesses:—William de Liketun, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw] A. 6860. Demise by Emma, late the wife of John de Catesby, and by John, son and heir of the said John de Catesby, to Thomas Roude and Robert Halughton of Coventre, for thirty years, of a tenement in Coventre, in 'le Iremongersrowe.' Witnesses:—William Bedford, mayor of Coventre, and others (named). Michaelmas day, 10 Henry IV. Two seals.
[Middx.] A. 6861. Acknowledgment by William de Westmeln, clerk, that he is bound to Ranulph Bokoynte to make no claim during the life of Helewise, relict of Henry Bokoynte, concerning 12d. yearly rent which the said Helewise has been accustomed to receive from Robert Nel in Kingesbery; the said rent to revert to William after her death; but if she grant it to him to be received, yearly during her life, then it shall remain to him for ever by the warranty of the said Ranulph. Witnesses:—Roger de Dona, William de Preston, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Wilts.] A. 6862. Counterpart indenture of grant by Henry Wynegos, to Sir Richard de Wilton, rector of the church of Cumppton, Agnes de Waram, and Robert de Middelton, for the life of the grantor, of a messuage with a close adjoining, and land, which he had of the grant of the late Sir Nicholas de Haveressam in Cumppton; paying 10s. yearly to the grantor as specified, and one suitable garment (warnementum) at Michaelmas or 3s. 4d., the sheriff of Wilts to distrain in case of non-payment &c. Witnesses:— Thomas de Chaucumbe, James de Trowe, knights, and others (named). Seal of arms (Wilton).
[Essex.] A. 6863. Grant by Christian daughter of Stephen de Thoriton, to William Maurin of Peltindon, of various rents, specified, in Thoriton. Witnesses:—Sir William de Ripariis, and others (named). Seal.
[Oxford.] A. 6864. Feoffment by John Abel, to Robert de Harwedone, clerk, of his manor of Dadyngton, which he had of the grant of Osbert Giffard, with the reversion of the lands and tenements which Sarah, late the wife of Osbert son of Osbert Giffard held by way of dower in the same town; with warranty against Margery the grantor's wife. Witnesses:—Sir Richard Dammari, Giles de Insula, Henry de Willemmescote, knights, and others (named). Seal of arms.
[Oxford.] A. 6865. Grant by Agnes de Humet, to Robert Lotie with Alice his wife, in free marriage, of land in Curtlinton, and a house with a toft, and meadow land [in] Pithinghee; part of the land in Herbrigesmore, part by the lake of Tullindun, part in Grenetullindon, part on Corvellon, over against Rueminstre, part in Heilunidingho, part on Kinchwellehul, part in Sondiford near 'la Mor,' part in Cathalle, part in Haringisdon, part in Wallwed, part in Trousfurlond, part in Caldewellemore, part on Benull, part in Waterfurlond, part opposite the lake of Blegeson, part in Grenewell, part in Lunclebudelham, part in the meadow of Hinecroft, part in Ruiforlond near 'al Mulpape,' part in Blachamore, part in Snackacre, part on the slope (in clivo) of Pepinghee beyond Werpeie, and part in Wasreford; rendering yearly 16d. and the ploughing of one acre viz. half in summer, and half in winter. Witnesses:—Brother John, abbot of Aulnay (Alnete), and others (named). Seal with legend—agnetis de bellomonte.
[Scotland.] A. 6866. Acquittance by William de le Strothir, mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne, for 250l. received by the hands of Sir William de Calabre, chaplain, on behalf of his lord, Sir William More, knight, lord of Abercorne, in part payment of 675 marks due by him on account of the marriage of Mary de Dowglas. Last day of June, A.D. 1360. Seal of arms. See A. 6148.
A. 6867. Grant by Alexander de Ketelingham, of Henleye, to Robert his son, of land in Henleye. Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 1 Edward III.
A. 6868. Grant by Alexander de Ketryngham of Henleye, to Robert his son, of the same, of land called 'Calvystoft' in Henleye, adjoining the grantor's land called 'Presteslond,' and abutting on the high way from Henleye Church to Bouewelle. 4 March, 6 Edward III. Seal.
London. A. 6869. Grant by John Fraunkeleyn, citizen and draper of London, and Cicely his wife, to Geoffrey Crymelford, citizen of London, John Depham, clerk, and Richard Person, citizen of London, of all their tene- ment with houses built thereon in the parish of St. Mary Colchirche, London, adjoining a brewing house called 'le Horshed.' 8 December, 4 Henry IV. John Walcote being mayor, Robert Chichely and Richard Merlowe, sheriffs, and William Staundon, alderman of the ward. Two seals.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment in the Husting of London held on Monday before St. Lucy the Virgin, 4 Henry IV.
[Warw.] A. 6870. Release by Roger son and heir of Philip de Aylesbury, to John Buckemor and Agnes his wife, for their lives, of all his right in a moiety of the manor of Lappeworth, and in all the lands, tenements, and rents &c. lately belonging to the said Philip in Wydenhay, Toneworth, Dodeston, Burmyncham, and Merston Botyler. Thursday the feast of the Annunciation, 18 Richard II. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 6871. Grant by Richard Pyg of Bedon, to Sir Hugh, son and heir of Sir Hugh le Despencer (dispensario), of land in Rustesale, which the grantor had of the demise of Sir Alexander de Avyno. Witnesses:— William Cok of Uphavene, John at le Wodemulne, Peter de Wyleford, John Skylling of Cherleton, and others (named). Seal. See A. 4632.
[Herts.] A. 6872. Grant by Robert son of Turold, to Hugh de Rifford, of land in Berchedene, part abutting on the pond of Absedene, part on Bambescoteshelle, part in Heunersche, and part by Reswelle. Witnesses:— Luke de Absedene, Roger de Yhintune, Ralph de Corneia, and others (named). Seal.
[Norf.] A. 6873. Grant by Nicholas Trote of Runham, and Mabel his wife, to Robert Clere of Ormesby, and Alice his wife, and his heirs, of land in Ormesby, adjoining land of the master of Norman's Spittle (hospitalis Normanie), Norwich, in exchange for land in Thirkeby. Sunday before St. Bartholomew, 20 Edward II. Seal.
[Middx.] A. 6874. Grant by Thomas le Hackere of Willesdone, to John de Middeltone, citizen of London, of land [in Willesdone] in a field called 'Scherwykfeld.' Willesdone, Friday before St. Mark, 85 Edward I. Seal.
[Middx.] A. 6875. Grant by Margery in the Hale, daughter and one of the heirs of William in the Hale, of Wylesdon, of the prebend of Nesedon, to John de Middelton, citizen of London, of land in Wylesdon, lying in a field called 'Schrewyk.' Witnesses:—Reymund de Bordeaus, Richard de Hoxegath (Oxgate), and others (named). Seal.
London. [Surrey.] [Herts.] A. 6876. Grant by William de Ore, to Adam de Strattone, clerk, of all the lands, rents, and tenements, &c. in London, Retherhethe, and Shenle, which he had through Mary his wife, with warranty to the grantee for the life of the said Mary; in return for which the said Adam has given him 20 marks, and has acquitted him against Aaron de la Rye, a Jew, to whom William was bound in 120 marks. Sunday after the Assumption, 52 Henry III. Seal, injured.
A. 6877. Grant by Hugh le Despencer (dispensarius), son and heir of Hugh le Despencer, to Sir Geoffrey le Despencer, his uncle, of all his wood of Thorp Munfort and all the soil of the same, which descended to him from his said father, and from William le Despencer his uncle, viz. from Lousterbothes Durnes, by the grantor's wood called 'la Haye' to his park, &c. adjoining the ditch between Thorpwatecroft and the field of Thorpmunfort as far as Cadaker and so by other boundaries specified to 'la Thurne'; with reversion to the grantor in case the said Geoffrey has no heirs by his wife. Witnesses:—Sirs Gilbert de Segrave, Thomas de Dutton, and others (named). Portion of seal of arms.
[Linc] A. 6878. Grant by Robert de Poynton, son and heir of Walter de Poynton, to Petronilla daughter of John de Hagh, for her life, of the reversion of the manor of Canewyk and of all the lands and tenements &c. in Canewyk, which Orframina, the grantor's mother, late the wife of the said Walter, holds for her life of the grantor's inheritance, except certain land held from the prior of the church of St. Katharine, and from the abbot of Kyrkesteede. 24 September, 4 Richard II. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6879. Grant by Adam son of Walter le Blund of Coventre, to Thomas Symond of the same, of 9d. yearly rent, and a hen at Christmas, from a tenement near the bridges of Gosforde [in Coventre.] Witnesses:— Henry the baker (pistore), then bailiff, Henry de Lilleburne, Robert de Lodelowe, and others (named). Seal.
Glouc. A. 6880. Release by Edith daughter and heir of Thomas Dyer late of Thornbury, baker, to John Adam of the same, of all her right in a messuage &c. by the name of a half burgage, late belonging to her said father within the said borough of Thornbury, adjoining a villein tenement of the lord (inter tenuram domini nativam &c.) called 'Packers.' 20 October, 38 Henry VI. Seal.
[Devon.] A. 6881. Bond by the mayor, bailiffs, and burgesses, of Dertemouthe, to the king, for 1000l. to be paid at Michaelmas next. 22 September, 2 Henry VII. Seal.
Underwritten: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the above bound parties perform the covenants contained in a pair of indentures of even date made between them and the king, then the above bond shall be void. English.
[Norf.] A. 6882. Grant by Agnes daughter of John Osbern of Scrouteby, to Simon de Steynegate and Hawise his wife, of land in Scrouteby. Friday the feast of the Exaltation of Holy Cross, 26 Edward III. Seal.
[Somers.] A. 6883. Feoffment by William Orchard son of William Orchard of 'la Wechie,' and Joan his wife, to Gilbert de Edyngton and William his son, all of that messuage and land &c. which the said Joan had of the gift of Eva, late the wife of Robert Raymys, in Edyngton. Wednesday after St. George, 5 Edward III. Seal and portion of seal.
London. A. 6884. Counterpart indenture being a release by Peter the prior, and the convent, of Christ Church, London, to Alan son of Peter, of 17s. 2½d. quit rent in London, which the said Alan had been accustomed to pay them, viz. from lands in the parishes of St. Leonard, St. Michael Bassieshaw, St. Stephen Colemanstrate near London wall, and St. Mary Magdalene Alegate, and from a stall at the butchers' market (apud macellum), Estchep; for which release and all arrears to the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula, 15 John, the said Alan had given them 16 marks, and ½ mark to the convent for pittance. Witnesses:—Thomas de Haverell, William son of Reigner, Gervase de Aldermanburi, and others (named). Feast of St. Peter ad Vincula, 15 John. Seal of (quasi) arms and counter seal.
Norf. A. 6885. Declaration by Edmund Clere, esquire, son of John son of William Clere, esquire, of Ormesby, the elder, of his last will as to the manors of Burgh, called 'Vaushalle' and 'Stalhamhalle,' which he lately had of the demise of Oliver Groos and Nicholas Wychyngham, esquires, and whereof he had enfeoffed William Paston of Paston, and others named, to his own use; viz. the said Paston and his co-feoffees are to permit Elizabeth late the wife of John Rothenhale, knight, his mother, to enjoy the said manors during his absence beyond the seas, and if she die during his absence, the said Paston and his co-feoffees are to take the profits thereof to the said Edmund's use; if Edmund die without issue, in his mother's lifetime, the said feoffees are to make a lease to her of the said manors for her life, and after her death they are to assign them to Robert Clere, Edmund's brother, in fee; the said Robert giving security for the payment of 100 marks to the said Paston &c. within two years after the death of Edmund and his mother, to be distributed in alms &c. for the souls of the said Edmund, Robert Clere the elder, and Alice his wife, who bought the said manors, William Clere their son and Denise his wife, parents of John Clere, father of the said Edmund, and for the souls of his said mother and brother. 26 April, 9 Henry VI. Seal.
[Salop.] A. 6886. Grant by Joan daughter of Walter Russel of Appeley, to Matilda, late the wife of Sir Walter de Huggeford, of all the land which she the said Joan held of the demesne of Sir Walter de Huggeford, in Appeley, viz: all that field extending from the road to the land of the new hall, and from 'la Littewode' to the land of 'la Smiethoc'; also other land adjoining land belonging to the church of Stockton; extending to Webbecroft; rendering to her and her heirs 1d. at Stockton church on the marriage of their eldest daughters, and 7s. 6d. yearly to the lord of Huggeford; with warranty by the grantor or by Thomas de Achton. Witnesses:—Sirs Baldwin, prior of Wombrug, Walter de Dunstanevil, Madoc de Sutton, and Walter de Kembricton, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6887. Grant by Thomas Haldeyn son of Thomas Haldeyn of Coventre, to Nicholas the cook (coquo) son of Richard Harlaund of Waspirton, and to Felicia his wife, of a messuage in Coventre by the broad (latam) gate, adjoining land of the abbess of Polisworth. Witnesses:— Robert de Chilton, bailiff of Coventre, and others (named). Injured. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6888. Grant by Robert le Fitzwith, lord of Bobenhull, to Robert le Fitzwith, his nephew, and to Agnes, his wife, in tail, of his manor of Bernangre by Bolkynton with its appurtenances in Bernangre and Shulton, by the service of a rose at Midsummer, with reversion to the grantor in fee. Wigyngton by Banbury, Saturday, Midsummer eve, 26 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[York W.R.] A. 6889. Grant by Thomas le Raggede, to Sir John, earl Warrenne, of all the fourth part of Scambayndene, which Robert de Notingeham, and John son of John Lovayn, formerly held of the fee of the said earl; to hold from the king in chief. Witnesses:—Sirs Geoffrey de Nevile, Brian son of Alan, John de Stayngreve, Thomas de Chaworthe, and others (named), knights, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6890. Grant by Dame Rose (Roisia) Montfort, John Barewe alias Smethier, of Coventre, John Sli and Richard Parsones, of Lappeworth, to John Brome of Lappeworth, of all the lands, tenements, and rents, &c. which they had of his gift and feoffment in Lappeworthe, Henleye, and Stodleye; with further grant to him of all the goods and chattels which they had of his gift. Monday the feast of St. Nicholas the bishop, 8 Henry IV. Seal of arms and two seals.
[N'hamp.] A. 6891. Release by Henry le Heir, of Welton, to William atte Brigge, vicar of the church of Asscheby, and John Doget, chaplain, of all his right in land in Welton, lately belonging to Henry Rotour, and which Henry Engelond lately held of the demise of the said William and John. Asscheby Leger, Saturday before St. Andrew, 17 Richard II. Seal.
[Warw.] N'hamp. A. 6892. Grant by Robert Catesby, to Nicholas West of Daventre, and John Freman, vicar of Haddon, of 13s. 4d. yearly rent, from lands and tenements in Bobenhull, which rent the grantor lately had of the grant of John Catesby, his father; with further grant of all Robert's lands and tenements, &c. in Watford. 16 October, 14 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6893. Release by Elizabeth late the wife of Thomas Chaloner of Coventre, widow, to William son of William de Teynton, of all her right of dower, &c. in a seld (seude) in the Earl's Street (rue le Counte), Coventre, and in a chamber belonging thereto, demised by her said husband to John le Mason and Alice his wife, for their lives, assigned by John to Sewalle de Bulkynton, Geoffrey de Caldecote, and Hugh de Packwode, and assigned by them to the said William de Teynton of Coventre. Sunday after St. John the Evangelist, 24 Edward III. French. Seal.
[Bucks] A. 6894. Grant by Eve daughter of Elyas de la Forde, to Walter son of Walter son of Robert de Cippenham, of one acre in Boveneye, in the tillage called 'Wethule,' which she had of her mother Edith's gift. Witnesses:—Henry Lovel, Simon de Werthinpole, and others (named). Seal, injured.
Norf. Suff. A. 6895. Grant by Thomas de Narford, knight, and Elizabeth his wife, to Hamo de Felton and John de Erpingham, knights, Robert de Rollesbi, and John Kegevill, of all their purparty of all the lands and tenements, &c. which the said Elizabeth inherited after the death of John de Westlee of Ormesbi, in Ormesbi or elsewhere in Norfolk, with 5 marks yearly rent in Westleveton, co. Suffolk; also all their purparty of the reversion of all the lands and tenements, &c. which John Faukener holds by the law of England, of the inheritance of the said Elizabeth and her parcener, in the said counties, and also of all the lands and tenements, &c. which Margaret late the wife of Thomas de Ormesbi held in dower of the inheritance of the said Elizabeth and her parcener in the said counties. Friday after St. Leonard the abbot, 49 Edward III. Seal of arms, and seal.
[Warw.] A. 6896. Grant by Roger Pouel of Toneworthe, to Richard de Montfort and Isabella his wife, of land in Toneworth at Werderwoth, adjoining 'la Brodmedwe' and Bikeruscote. Sunday the feast of St. Valentine, 30 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[N'th'ld.] A. 6897. Grant by Alan son of Elyas de Merdesfen, to John de Reyndone, clerk, and Christian his wife, of a messuage and land in Merdesfen, with the reversion of all the lands and tenements which Elyas de Wyttone, and Constance his wife, the grantor's mother, held in dower, of the grantor's inheritance expectant on the death of the said Constance. Witnesses:—Sirs Hugh Gubion, sheriff of Northumberland, Robert Bertrham, and John de Oggil, knights, and others (named). Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6898. Grant by Richard, son and heir of the late Eustace Golafre, of Watford, to Richard son of Richard Martyn of Welleton, of 4s. yearly rent from a messuage, &c. in Welleton; with release of all his right in all issues from the said, tenement. Wednesday after St. Matthias, 22 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6899. Release by Henry de Wolricheston, vicar of Toneworth, to Richard de Montefort, Richard Dolfyn, chaplain, Roger Ulbarwe, and Roger atte Grene, of Lappeworth, of all his right in all the lands and tenements which they formerly had of his grant in Toneworth. Monday before St. Thomas, 48 Edward III. Seal.
[Herts.] [Norf.] A. 6900. Release by Isabella late the wife of John son of Luke de Otteleye, widow, to Hugh le Despenser, and to the executors of the late Alyna la Despenser, his mother, and to the heirs of John de Stangno and Lucy his wife, of all her right of dower in all the lands and tenements, of the fee of the said Hugh, which belonged to the said John, her late husband, and to the said John de Stangno and Lucy, in Berninge- ham, Ighynton, and elsewhere, of the said fee. Witnesses:—William de Ahys, Roger de Shrubelund, and others (named). Seal. See A. 768, 5480.