Deeds: A.6401 - A.6500

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.6401 - A.6500

[Surrey.] A. 6401. Grant by Edmund Scopeham, gentleman, to John Wrey, of a tenement with a garden in Shene alias Richemount, extending from the high road to the wall of the Friars Observant; with letter of attorney authorising William Thursby to deliver seisin. 22 January, 18 Henry VII. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6402. Grant by Richard de Montefort, to Simon Felton of Henleye, and Alice his wife, of a messuage with a curtilage in Henleye, extending from the street to a stream running from the sluices (clusis) of the mill called 'le Parkmulle'; also land in the field of Wotton called 'Botteforde buttes.' Wednesday, Michaelmas day, 46 Edward III. Seal of arms.
Heref. Salop. Worc. A. 6403. Grant by Thomas Lucy, knight, to John Baldewyn, William Fermour, John Densell, William Sawnders, esquires, Richard Wayman, William Browne, merchant of the Staple of Calais, John Peryent, and Nicholas Helyn, of the manors of Kyngston and Bodnam, co Hereford, Hykford Middelton, co. Salop, and Byshampton, co. Worcester, with all his other lands and tenements, advowsons of churches and chantries &c. in the places named above; to the uses specified in certain indentures made between the said Thomas and one Richard Fermour, merchant of the Staple of Calais; with letter of attorney authorising John Smythe and John Bawght to deliver seisin. Last day but one of August, 17 Henry VIII. Signatures of Brown and Densell.
Linc. Notts. A. 6404. Agreement between Sir Aymer de Valence, earl of Pem- broke, and John Darcy, viz. that the said earl will enfeoff the said John in tail, of the fords of the Trent belonging to the earl's manors of Gey- nesburgh and Doneham, until the said earl shall enfeoff the said John, in tail, of 20 marks in land or rent, otherwise secured, in return for which the said John, within the quinzaine of Easter next, is to take up knighthood, and during his life, serve the said earl in peace or war, at home or abroad, and in going to the Holy Land when required, &c. Hertford, 10 April, 3 Edward [I.].
A. 6405. Acquittance by brother Hildebrand Inge, Turcopolier (Tri- coplerium) of Rhodes, for 464l. 10s. 4½d., received from the King, by the hands of Sir John Waltham, bishop of Salisbury, and treasurer of England, in which sum the King was bound to brother Robert Halez, late prior of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Clerkenwell, 18 Richard II. Seal of arms.
[N'hamp.] A. 6406. Release by Ralph son and heir of Ralph le Botiler, of Northkelingworth, to Alice late the wife of Thomas de Craunford of Yelver- toft, of all his right in a messuage and land in Yelvertoft. Saturday, the feast of St. Hilary, 3 Edward III.
N'hamp. Warw. A. 6407. Bond by William Goughe of Ashbie Legers, husbandman, to William Catesby of Bushwood, knight, for 20l. 10 April, 21 Elizabeth. Seal.
Underwritten: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing, that if the said William Goughe shall perform the covanants contained in a pair of indentures of demise, of even date, then the above bond shall be void.
[Warw] A. 6408. Bond by William Athewyk and Lewis Cardian alias Cardigan, to John de Catesby, for 100l. to be paid at the feast of the Holy Trinity next. 28 April, 22 Richard II. Seal of arms (Ladbrooke) and seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6409. Grant by William de Buckeby and Benedict his brother, dwelling in Weleton, to John Malorre, lord of Weleton, and Sarah his wife, of a house with land and a curtilage in Weleton, which the grantors bought from Richard de Duston. Monday after St. Euphemia the Virgin, 9 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] A. 6410. Grant by Robert de Welleton, dwelling in Daventre, to John Mallori of Welleton, of land in Welleton, part above 'le benche,' which is the headland on which the land of the lord abuts, and part upon Foules- wellehul. Witnesses:—John son of Philip de Daventre, Simon de Twe of Welleton, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6411. Grant by John Scyflet of Hatton, to Elyas, brother of Simon de la Grene, of the same, of land in Hatton, lying on the tillage called 'Nepforlong,' adjoining land held by the prior of Stodley, and extend- ing to a meadow called 'Lynworthing.' Witnesses:—Simon de la Grene, William de Alveston, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 6412. Grant by Nicholas de Flore, the abbot, and the convent of St. James without Northampton, to Emma, late the wife of Edmund de Watteford, and to Edmund, son and heir of Edmund de Watteford, of land in Watteford, lying [in] Wylfurlong, in exchange for other land in Watteford, on Grotenecroft. St. Vincent's day, 31 Edward I.
[N'hamp.] A. 6413. Demise by Roger and Nicholas, sons of Edmund de Watford, to William son of Richard Saunsum of Watford, for the lives of the grantors, of a messuage and land in Watford. Tuesday, the feast of St. Botolph, 28 Edward III.
Oxford. A. 6414. Agreement between Richard Fytzhugh and William Cates- bye, esquires, that the said Richard shall suffer William Hodges, gentleman, and Richard Townesend to recover against him by writ of entry sur disseisyn in the post in the Common Pleas, the manor of Wallcott, with messuages, cottages, and lands, &c. in Walcott, Charleburye and Shorthampton; also that if, aftor the said recovery, the said manor and lands, &c., should be lawfully recovered from the possession of the said Fytzhugh, by any person except such as may recover the same from the said Catesbye or by title from Sir Richard Catesbye, knight, deceased, then the said Fytzhugh shall not sue the said Catesbye for any recompence, &c. 1 April, 17 Elizabeth. English. Signature and seal of arms (Fytzhugh).
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
Hants. A. 6415. Bond by the mayor, burgesses, and commonalty, of Crist- churche, to the King, for 1000l. to be paid at Michaelmas next. 13 September, 2 Henry VII. Seal, injured.
Underwritten: Condition, in English, of above bond, witnessing that if the above bound parties shall perform the covenants contained in a pair of indentures of even date, made between them and the King, then the above bond shall be void.
[N'hamp.] A. 6416. Grant by Amice, wife of William Vincent, of Welleton, to William Ketelbernt, of land lying on Longeforlong, towards Welleton, and extending towards the road from Brantuston. Witnesses:—Richard Martin, Robert de Duston, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 6417. Release by William le Vyneter of Lodbrok, to Thomas atte Chircheyerd of Solihull, and Alice his wife, and the right heirs of Thomas, of his right in 6s. 8d. rent, which they were wont to receive from John le Mareschal of Coventre and Agnes his wife on account of the dower held by them of his inheritance. Westminster, Thursday after Midsummer, 18 Edward II. Seal.
Warw. A. 6418. Release by John Broune of Warrewyke to John de Catesby of Assheby Leger, co. Northampton, of his right in a moiety of the manor of Lappeworth, late belonging to Philip Aylesburey and Agnes his wife, in her right. Tuesday after Michaelmas, 7 Henry V. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6419. Grant by Robert Attebruge, to Sir John Mallore of Weletone, of a half acre of his arable there for a half acre lying on the Hore Ston, next land of William Kitelbern, the field of Draitone, and 'la dede cherl.' Friday before St. Simon and St. Jude, 16 Edward I. Seal.
[Hants.] A. 6420. Grant by Benedict de Haveresh [am], son of Robert, to Henry son of Richard son of Daniel, of that part of his land of Museclive which is called 'Cuwich',' with the men who hold it (named), and all their issue; also land in Mukeleshulle which Denise the widow holds, and the said Denise with all her issue, and the meadow of Jewode; the grantee to render the twentieth part of the service of one knight's fee. Witnesses:—G. prior of Southwick (Suwic'), Alexander de Burh', Richard de Holehirst, and others (named). Seal defaced.
[Glouc.] A. 6421. Grant by William Steyt of Thornbury, to John Morton, clerk, of a void piece of land in the high, street of Thornbury. 15 Novem- ber, 8 Henry VI.
[N'hamp.] A. 6422. Grant by Henry le Champioun of Weleton, to Thomas the tailor (cissori), of the same, of land in Weleton, part at 'le Weyetuesel,' part at Cockesmedeoverende, in the west field, and part at Mathewether in the south field. Sunday after St. Augustine, 5 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] A. 6423. Grant by Edmund de Watford, to Nicholas de Watford, his son, of land in Watford in 'le Hoverende mede,' lying by a meadow of the abbot of St. James' without Northampton, which the grantor had of the feoffment of William Chaumburleyn; with further grant of the reversion of certain land held for her life by Eda, late the wife of the said William. Friday after St. Margaret the virgin, 14 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 6424. Release by Adam son of Richard Haldeyn of Coventre, to Henry of Coventre, called the baker, of all his right in 8d. yearly rent from a curtilage in Coventre. Witnesses:—Martin Colebront, Thomas Oky, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 6425. Grant by Ranulf de Franketon to Nicholas son of Warin, of land in Covintre, part extending from the waste garden to the great house where the grantor's father used to live. Witnesses:—Robert de Corleya, Anketin de Wykewan, William de Pailinton, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 6426. Grant by Sarah, late the wife of Henry Roter of Welton, to Thomas, son of Henry le Eyr, of the same, of land in Welton, part lying on Gruthamweye, part on Langeforlong, part on Longecleyforlong, part on Sherte Cleyforlong, part on Orochoo, part 'undur le Hoo,' part under Tonestale, and part in 'tho Bonesewelle,' with the reversion of land in 'tho Culeswelle' after the death of Anastasia, late the wife of Richard Lovel. Thursday before the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 19 Edward II.
N'hamp. A. 6427. Release by Richard Pickeryng of Gretton, Robert Blakesley, Robert Presgrave, and Christopher Goodyere, of the same, 'husbondmen,' and Edmund Goodyere of Harborough, co. Leicester, baker, to William Catesbye, esquire, of all their right, and of all common of pasture, in certain parcels of demesne land in Gretton, part called 'le Hylles,' com- monly called 'the Overnettes pasture,' part called 'le Nether Neattes pasture' at Fracksyck, and in lands called 'Catchecrofte Leyes' and 'Carrycrouft Houle,' and part called 'Prymmes Home.' 10 October, 14 Elizabeth. Signed.
Endorsed: Sealed and delivered in the full court of Gretton held there on the day and year within written.
[N'hamp.] A. 6428. Grant by William Inggelond of Welton, to John de Catesby, and Emma his wife, of all his estate in a cottage with a curtilage, &c. in Welton, lying in 'le Netherende.' Monday after St. Peter ad Vin- cula, 18 Richard II. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6429. Acquittance by William Whittyngton, abbot of Combe, for 100s. received from William Catisby, knight, for one year's farm of all the lands and tenements in Rodburn, Hodenhull, and Ascote, lately leased by the said abbot to the said Catisby. 12 October, 16 Edward IV. Portion of seal.
[Leic.] A. 6430. Grant by William the tailor (cissor) of Scwneford (Swin- ford), to Hugh son of Hugh de Scwneford, of land near [land of] the nuns of Eton (Nuneaton), part adjoining the road from Scaewell (Shawell), parts on Torphul and Crosforlong, part in Marchesakerdene, part on Langesachedole, part at Medweaker, part at Fulsike, and part extending in Oherdale, with all that part of the grantor's toft which Alice, his mother, formerly held, with further release of all his right in the pasture belonging to certain land in Scwneford, and in land, part on Stotfold near Walecote, and part on Holdehole, also in land near land of the Hospitalers, part on Banlond, and part on Wrongelond; rendering yearly ½d. to St. Mary's light in Scwneford church, for the souls of the grantor's ancestors and successors. Witnesses:— Gilbert de Stormurthe, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] [Warw.] A. 6431. Grant by John son and heir of John Adam of Braundeston, dwelling in Napton, to Nicholas Aillene of Assheby Leger, of 13s. 4d. yearly rent from the grantor's lands and tenements in Braundeston and Napton. Sunday after St Luke the Evangelist, 42 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 6432. Agreement between Robert de S . . . . . and Henry Bagot of Coventre, relative to 4s. 10d. yearly rent which the said Henry gave to the said Robert, in purparty of a certain rent in Harenhale near Coventre, to be received from lands and tenements which formerly belonged to William Underwode, and which the said William held from John de Bromleye &c. Sunday before the conversion of St. Paul, 2 Edward II. Injured.
[Warw.] A. 6433. Letter of attorney by William Catesby, esquire, son and heir of William Catesby, knight, authorising John Spenser to receive seisin from William Whytyngton the abbot and the convent of Combe, of the manor called 'Rodburnegraunge,' and of lands and tenements, &c., in Rodburn, Hodenhulle, and Ascote. 4 October, 21 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[Linc.] A. 6434. Grant by Henry son of Jordan the clerk of Lincoln, to Robert Hare, citizen of Lincoln, of land in Canewyk, abutting respectively, part on Yotenwellebeck, part on Mykeldyk and Hyghtyngtongate, part on 'le Streme de Whytewellesike' and 'le Lynges,' part on Etygate, part on 'le Kyrkegate,' part lying in 'le Toftes' and abutting on 'le Cliffeegge' of the commonalty of Lincoln, and part lying on 'le Soures' under Canewyk, with land in the meadow of Canewyk, part abutting near, and part upon, Wulgerhou. Lincoln, Tuesday after Palm Sunday, 15 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 6435. Grant by Walter the diker (fossorius) of Shotriche, to Robert the weaver (textori), of Stratford, of a messuage in Stratford at Berfurlughe. Witnesses:—Robert de Pidele, Simon de Haleford, Nicholas de Hamton, and others (named). Seal.
Linc.] A. 6436. Grant by Robert son of Robert Hare of Lincoln, to Nicholas de Tevelby, of Lincoln, merchant, of land in Canewyk part abut- ting on Mikeldyk and Hyghtyngtonegate, and part on Etigate. Tuesday after St. Guthlac the Confessor, 13 Edward III. A.D. 1339.
[Warw.] A. 6437. Grant by Alice, late the wife of William Gamel of Coventre, widow, to Robert Bonhome of the same, of two shops in the high street towards 'le Potteresrowe' in Coventre, adjoining the running water called 'Schireburn.' Sunday after St Petronilla the virgin, 11 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 6438. Grant by Warin Warde of Schreueleye, to Thomas Lovekyn of the same, of land in Schreueleye, part lying at Thorwacres upon Wilmecroft, and extending to the meadow of Westitren, part lying on Blakelond, part on Medeforlong in Cowemorfeld, and part on the same tillage 'attenakerzard.' Monday after St Mark, 9 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 6439. Release by Amice, relict of Walter Brum of Taneworth, to her son John, of all her right by reason of her dower to fish in the ponds on the tenement of the said John, with grant also of a plot of moor in Taneworth. St. Barnabas' day, 8 Edward II. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6440. Grant by John [B]roun of Thoneworth, to Amice his mother, for her life, of a messuage, garden, curtilage, and land, in Thoneworth, which she held in dower; also grant to her of 2 skeps of corn, 4 of oats, and a cock of hay yearly. Midsummer day, 6 Edward III. Injured. Portion of seal, defaced.
[Warw.] A. 6441. Sale by Roger son of Robert the smith, to William son of Humphrey, of his smithy (fabricam) in the market place [Coventry], which William the smith of Franketon, and his fellows held. Witnesses:— William de Brinkelawe, Richard de Warewick, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6442. Grant by Robert Tyscote of Henley in Ardern, and Isabella his wife, to John Porrey of the same, of a messuage with a garden, &c. in Henley aforesaid. Friday after St. Luke, 34 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6443. Demise by Philip de Aylesbury and Agnes his wife, to Henry Smythes, Agnes his wife, and Eadyth their daughter, for their lives, of a messuage and land which Walter Robyns lately held from the grantors in villenage; rendering 16s. yearly to the said Philip and Agnes, and 3d. for 'tak' and 'tol,' at the terms usual in Lappeworthe. Saturday before St. Margaret the Virgin, 7 Richard II. Portion of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6444. Demise by William Leiard of Norhampton, the younger, and Joan his wife, to Robert le Spicer, burgess of the same, and Mabel his wife, for their lives, of two shops in the Cobblers' Row (Rengo Sutorum), Norhampton; with ratification by the said Joan of the present grant, in the full husting of Norhampton. Witnesses:—John de Geytyngton, mayor of Norhampton, and others (named). Monday after St Martin in winter, 34 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Surrey.] A. 6445. Charter of free warren for John de Monteforte in his demesne lands of Esshestede, Newdegate, and Redeston. Westminster. 10 June, 21 Edward I. Copy.
Warw. A. 6446. Grant by Rose Mountford, to John Blakunhale and Richard Boys, chaplains of the chantry lately founded by her, at the altar of St. Mary in the parish church of Toneworth, and their successors, of all the lands and tenements in Toneworth and Aspelee which formerly belonged to Thomas Colyns of Toneworth, and which she lately had of the King's grant; they to celebrate for the King during his life, and after his decease, for his soul, and the souls of his progenitors and those of his mother and consort, deceased, as also for the souls of herself, her ancestors, heirs and benefactors. 8 May, 1 Henry IV.
Leic. A. 6447. Demise by John Nel of Great Derset, to William le Clerc of Geydon, and Joan his wife, for their lives, of a messuage and land in Dunton which Ralph Geffrey held of the grantor in villenage, together with the said Ralph and all his issue, and 69s. 6d. yearly rent in the same town, to be received from the moiety of a messuage called 'Buristede' and from other messuages and land, with the reversions of the said tenements when they happen. 4 April, 10 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6448. Certificate that William de Catesby has delivered to Simon de Lichefeld, clerk of the Common Pleas, a bond for 200l. in which William is bound to John Percy of Coventre and John Styward of the same, to be kept en owel mein, on the following condition, viz. that the said William shall be ready to enfeoff certain chaplains, to be named by the said Percy in fee simple, of a place called 'la Selde' in Coventre, by the feast of St. Lawrence next, on a condition contained in the deed of feoffment, that if the said Percy is paid 170 marks by the said date, or if John, William's son, shall satisfy the said Percy of 146l. 13s. 4d. by the morrow of Michaelmas next, then the said chaplains are to be bound to make feoffment to the said John Catesby for ever; also on feoffment made to the said chaplains Percy is to satisfy William of 50 marks. If the said feoffment is made with warranty, the old deeds of feoffment and release with warranty shall remain with William, otherwise Percy is to have the old deeds in William's custody delivered to him; if the said John fail in carrying out the above, then the said feoffment is to be made to the said Percy for ever, &c. Westminster, 12 July, 46 [Edward III.]. French. Seal.
[Worc.] A. 6449. Release by John de [Bi]sshopesdon, knight, to his son Roger de Bisshopesdon, of all his right in all the lands and tenements, &c. which he had at Herdewyk, in the town of Elmeleye L [ovet], and in the town of Wiche Bate, and which he had formerly demised to the said Roger for the term of his life. Wodecote, feast of St, Nicholas, . . . Edward III. Injured.
[Warw.] A. 6450. Release by Joan daughter of John de Lodinton, to Sir Hugh de Braunteston, knight, and Margaret his wife, of 12d. yearly rent which she used to receive from Peter Cock for a croft in Lapwrth called 'Julienes croft.' Witnesses:—Richard de Folewode, John Wodard, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 6451. Grant by John Eliis of Hattone, to Hugh son of Simon son of John de la Grene, of the same, of land in Hattone, lying on the tillage called 'Roulowe,' and extending to the road called 'le Netherefildene Wey.' Witnesses:—Simon de la Grene, Simon Bertulmeu, William de Alveston, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[N'hamp.] [Leic.] A. 6452. Grant by Thomas le Eyr of Welton, and Robert West of Staverton, to Henry le Eyr of Welton, and Agnes his wife, of all their lands and tenements, &c. in Welton, Staverton, Braundeston, and Sadyngton, with the third part of a water-mill in Welton with a pond and holm, which the grantors had of the gift of the said Agnes Ace (sic). Tuesday, the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, 32 Edward III. Copy.
Warw. A. 6453. Assignment by William Harris of Grayes Inn, in the county of Middlesex, gentleman, and John Bluet of Water Lambeth in the county of Surrey, yeoman, to John Frier of Ashoo and George Gosse of Stonley, co. Warw., yeomen, of all their years to come in the manor of Bromeham Farme alias Bromeshall in the parish of Lapworthe, which they had by assignment, 19 June, 34 Eliz., of Elizabeth Harward alias Catisby of Quynton in the county of Gloucester, widow, and William Catisby, her son and heir apparent. 20 May, 35 Elizabeth. English.
Berks. A. 6454. Grant by Sir John de Sancto Philiberto, knight, to Richard Hake, for life, of the manor of Carsewell near Faryndon, in lieu of an annuity of 10 marks charged thereon, and subject to 10 marks rent. Saturday after the Purification, 27 Edward III. Seal of arms (St. Philbert).
[Warw.] A. 6455. Grant by King Henry [II], in frank almoin, to the nuns of Wrocheshale, for his own soul, and the souls of his father and ancestors, of 10 marks, yearly, to be received at the Exchequer, Westminster, at Michaelmas, until the King shall assign them a benefice, ecclesiastical or other, of the same value. Witnesses:—Gocelin, bishop of Salisbury, Richard de Luci, Richard, archdeacon of Poitiers. Wodestoch. [A.D. 1163 —1173.]
Camb. A. 6456. Feoffment by Richard Fitz Lowys and Henry Tey, esquires, to Thomas Mongomery and Thomas Delamare, knights, Thomas Tyrell, Thomas Kyngeston, and William Grene, esquires, and others, named, of the manor of Weston Colvyle, alias Colvyles, in Weston, which the grantors together with John, bishop of Ely, by the name of John Morton, clerk, keeper of the rolls of the King's Chancery, and others, named, who have released their right therein to the grantors, lately had of the grant of William Fyndern, knight; with letter of attorney authorising William Stotevyle and John Norys to deliver seisin. 12 May, 19 Edward IV. Portions of two seals.
London. A. 6457. Grant in frank almoin by Robert de Rothom [ago], son of Robert de Rothom [ago], to the canons of the Holy Trinity, London, of 10s. quit rent, part of a yearly rent paid by Hugh de Parisiis and Emma his wife for a tenement in the parish of St. James at the Vintry (apud viniteriam). Witnesses:—Nicholas Duket, William Hardel, Gilbert son of Fulk, Nicholas de Gatesbir [i], Richard de Beninton, Elyas de Croyland, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 6458. Grant by Hervey de Borham, dean of the church of St. Paul, London, to Philip le Taylour and Rose his wife, the grantor's kinswoman, and her heirs, of land and the third part of a messuage, with wood, and 14d. yearly rent, in Borham which he had of the grant of Robert the baker of Borham; rendering yearly a chaplet of roses (unam capellam rose) at the feast of St. John the Baptist. Witnesses:—Sir Philip de Eye, canon of St. Paul's church, London, Sir Laurence de Scackario, knight, and others (named). [A.D. 1274—1276.] Seal.
N'hamp. A. 6459. Acquittance by William Byspham, feodary of Sir John, duke of Lancaster, in the county named, for 25s. received from Geoffrey Revill, by the hands of William Ferre, of relief for the fourth part of one fee in Bokkeby. 27 October, 15 Richard II. Seal.
London. A. 6460. Bond by Edward Charnock, court hand writer, and John Radcliff, merchant taylor, citizens of London, to Thomas Smith, William Smith, and Henry Smith, infants within age, sons of Matthew Smith, deceased, for 40l. 1 February, 34 Elizabeth, A.D. 1591. Signed. Two seals.
Underwritten: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the said Edward shall pay to the said Thomas, William, and Henry, when they attain their full age, their shares of so much of a certain yearly rent of 4 marks to be paid to the said Edward during their minority by an order of the Court of Requests, as shall be so received by him, then the above bond shall be void.
[Essex.] A. 6461. Mortgage by Peter de Suthtun, Margaret his wife, and Robert his son, to Richard son of Reiner, for 8l. of all their land of Leitun, for four years from the Michaelmas next following the issue of the new money of which Philip Aimer was the moneyer (cambitor); the men of the town are to perform all service due to the King and to earl Aubrey and if Richard is put to any expense in regard to the stock, or houses, &c. of that land with the privity of the mortgagors or by view of their men, they will restore it at the end of the four years, &c.; also in the fifth year Richard shall have all the crop of Wiplesham, the present mortgage being made at London before Dame Arnica and Robert de Leiburn, her son, who have allowed the same. Witnesses:—Robert de Tresgoz, Henry son of Ailwin, Gualter de Gurnai, Thomas de Middeltun, and others (named). [A.D. 1181.]
[Worc.] A. 6462. Demise by Thomas Byshull son of John Byshull late of Kyngesnorton, to John Treveyn, for twelve years, of all his capital messuage there, with land, &c., late in the tenure of Agnes wife of Henry Lee, Thomas' mother. Moseley in Kyngesnorton, feast of St. Luke the Evangelist, 10 Henry VII.
Endorsed: Note that the said Thomas has received from the said John Treveyn 20s. for one parcel called 'Cokkismore' for a term of three years.
[Kent.] A. 6463. Letters by Richard the prior, and the convent, of the Holy Trinity, London, granting to Ralph the chaplain, the perpetual vicarage of their church of Bixle, as formerly taxed by Stephen, archbishop of Canter- bury.
[Sussex.] A. 6464. Release by Alice, relict of Alexander de Merisfeld, to Godfrey de Tonebrugge, of all her right in a curtilage in the parish of St. John's, Suthenovre, at Lewes. Witnesses: John Serle, Robert le Haftere, and others (named).
Kent. A. 6465. Bond by Thomasine Ware, widow, John Clampard of Chydyngston, and Thomas Clampard of the parish of Sele, 'yomen,' to Jarerd Danyell, citizen and fishmonger of London, for 40l. to be paid at the feast of the Purification next. 17 March, 13 Henry VII.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the above bound parties discharge and acquit the said Gerard, and John Carleton and Rauf Watton, his feoffees, before the said feast, of all quit rents, &c. due up to the above date, for certain lands and tenements in the parish of Plumsted, which the said Jarerd and his said feoffees lately purchased from the above bound parties, then the above bond shall be void.
Salop. A. 6466. Lease by Edmounde Lucy, esquire, and Johanne his wife, lords of Stokton, Appley, Higeford and Norton, to Roger Hasilwode of Newton, for thirty years, of 'the newe parke' in the parish of Stokton with a 'cokshote' in the same, in a place called 'Dony Hylles,' also of a pasture called 'Pykerydding' in Stokton, by the bank of the Severn; with the underwood growing therein, except 'hegerowes, oke, asshe, ewes, and crabtrees.' 7 April, 9 Henry VII. English.
[Warw.] A. 6467. Release by William, son and heir of Nigel Richard and of Lucy his wife, of Bobynhull, to Thomas his brother, of all his right in all the lands and tenements, &c. in Bobynhull, which Lucy his mother gave to John de Stafford, canon of Lincoln, and which the said Thomas holds. Tuesday, Midsummer day, 6 Richard II. Seal.
Glouc. A. 6468. Grant by John Foort of Gloucester, 'gentilman,' to Maurice . . . ., and . . . ., of all his lands and tenements, &c. within the hundred of Thornbury, a certain portion excepted . . . ., . . Henry VI. Mutilated fragment.
N'hamp. A. 6469. Lease by William lord Hastynges, William Catesby and John Eltonhede, esquires, William Austyn of Norhampton, gentleman, and Thomas Hunt of the same, draper, to Herry Gaybell of Fardyngeston, Julyan his wife, and William their son, for their lives, of a place called 'the Over Court' in Fardyngeston, with all lands, &c. belonging thereto. 1 October, 18 Edward IV. English. Seal and portions of seal.
Worc. A. 6470. Bargain and sale by George Catesby, esquire, to Robert Throgmerton, esquire, of all his lands and tenements, &c. in Hill alias Hulle, and More; the said George to make as sufficient an estate in law to the said Robert before Christmas next as the said Robert or his counsel can devise, any former leases, nevertheless, of the premises, made by the said George to other persons to stand good, &c. 2 July, 16 Hen. VII.
Hants. A. 6471. "Letters testimoniall" by "Lorde Henrye Wynsouer, Lorde Egedius Marquis, Gorge Pallet, Wylliam Pallet, Olyver Walloupe, Wylliam Warram, Thomas Peckesalle and Frauncys Flemmynge, knyghtes, and justices off the peace, and off Coram," certifying that on the 23 June last a mansion house with barns and stable, with grain and other stuff and goods to the value of 100l. belonging to their "welbelovyd nyghboure" Robarte Day, husbandman, and Jane his wife, of Marten Wourdye, was destroyed by fire, to the "utter discomforde and undoynge" of the said Day and his wife and six children, who are hereby commended to the charity of all Christian people. 9 August, 4–5 Philip and Mary, A.D. 1557. English. Signed. Portions of fire seals.
[Worc.] A. 6472. Grant by Walter de Piritone and Richard Rees, to Hugh de Cokeseie and Denise his wife, and his heirs, of all the lands and tenements, &c. in Aldermustone and Goldicote which Margery, late the wife of Richard de Croupes, holds for her life; together with the reversion of the lands and tenements which John Isbele and Joan his wife, and Alice Isbele, hold in the same, for Margery's life. Saturday after the close of Easter, 18 Edward III. Seal of arms and seal.
[Suff.] A. 6473. Grant, in frank almoin, by Thomas son of Thomas de Bradeleye, knight, to the nuns of Bung [ay], of a thousand red herrings which the grantor and his ancestors used to receive as a yearly rent from the said nuns. Witnesses: Sir John, vicar of Metingham, Morgan de Ilketelessal, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 6474. Grant by Richard son of Thomas le Blake of Watburleye, to Roger called 'le Wolf,' of Coventre, of land in Watburleye adjoining the high road to Allesl [ey]. Tuesday after St. Mark, 9 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 6475. Grant by Thomas le Blake of Wabburleye, to Alice his daughter, of land in Wabburleye, next the land he had given to his daughter Joan, adjoining the path leading from the high road to Briddesmarleputh, and extending to a field called 'le Bothine.' Coventre, Friday the feast of St. Matthew, 7 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 6476. Grant by Joan, daughter of Thomas le Blake, of Wabbur- leye, to Thomas Ruffyn of Sowe of land in Wabburleye, extending to a field called 'le Bothine.' Coventre, Friday after St. Mark, 12 Edward II. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6477. Grant by Thomas Ruffyn of Sowe, to Simon Pakeman of Coventre, and Agnes his wife, of all rents and services due from Joan, wife of Hugh de Copston, for all the land which the said Joan holds in Wabburle by the demise of Joan, daughter of the late Thomas le Blake; with further grant of the reversion of the said land. Wednesday after St. Augustine, 12 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 6478. Grant by Roger le Wolf of Coventre, and Alice his wife, to Simon Pakeman of Coventre and Agnes his wife, Elias de Lenna and Matilda his wife, and the heirs of Simon, of land in Wabberle, part adjoining the high road to Allesl [ey], and part next the path leading to Briddesmarleput, and extending to a field called 'le Bothine.' Wednesday after St. Mark, 10 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 6479. Grant by John Maucler of Leycestre, clerk, to Simon Pake- man of Coventre, Agnes his wife, Elyas de Lenna and Matilda his wife, and the heirs of Simon, of a meadow under Asshawe, and a field adjoining, which he had of the feoffment of Eoger Gopyl of Wabburle in fee. Tuesday the morrow of St. Mark, 10 Edward II. Seal, injured.
[N'hamp.] A. 6480. Grant by Thomas de Hynton, son and heir of William de Hynton, to William de Hampton, clerk, of land in Hynton by Brakkelee, part lying on 'le Sond,' part on Sondy Crorre, and part on Sondy Crorren- mor, towards Mukelpol. Michaelmas day, 36 Edward III. Seal.
N'hamp. A. 6481. Release by William de Southo, late the vicar of Watford, to Margaret de Craunford, sister and heiress of Roger de Watford, chaplain, deceased, of all his right in all the lands and tenements, &c. which he had of the grant of the said Roger, in Watford, Newbotel and Creton, or else- where in the same county. Densangre, 20 June, 5 Henry IV.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in September 7 Henry IV.
[Berks.] A. 6482. Grant by Agnes, relict of Henry Pax of Basingestoke, widow, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of a water-mill in Grenham without Neubyr [y], called 'Doddesmulne,' with a meadow and cottages adjoining, which she inherited from her father, Roger le Forester. Witnesses:—Sirs John de Columbar [iis], and Geoffrey de Turbeville, knights, William de Brikeville, John de Crekkelade, and others (named). Portions of seal.
[Kent.] A. 6483. Grant by Walkelin de Grenewiz, to Berold the priest (sacerdoti), his kinsman, of land in [Grenewiz?] called 'Trinmad,' subject to the service of keeping up the wall to defend the said field against the Thames. Witnesses:—Alulf de Grenewiz, Thomas the chamberlain of Lefesham, and others (named). Mutilated.
Endorsed: 'Grenewyche.'
[York, E.R.] A. 6484. Release by Robert son of John Bretoun of Lepington, to Scolastica, late the wife of Godfrey de Melsa, of all his right in a messuage and land in Lepington whereof he had enfeoffed her by charter. Sunday after St. Hilary, A.D. 1328.
Westm'l'd. A. 6485. 'A Remembraunce of the title of James Pykeryng, esquyer, brother and heire male of Christopher Pykeryng, knyght, deceased, to the manours of Kyllyngton and Thurbank in the countye of Westm'land entailled to the heires males of his auncestours.' 19 Henry VIII. English chiefly. Paper.
Berks. A. 6486. Release by William son of William Brun, to Richard de Ripariis, knight, and Sarah his wife, of all his right in all the lands and tenements, &c. which he formerly recovered before the Justices of assize in the county named against Adam de Stokke and Roger de Stocke in Poug- hele and Esegarston. Hungerford, 16 January, 17 Edward [I.].
[N'hamp.] A. 6487. Demise by John Mallore, knight, lord of Weltone, to Richard Taillour of Weltone, Agnes his wife, and Richard and Joan, their children, for their lives, of a plot of waste land in Weltone in Ailemere 'stret,' which Simon Smyth formerly held in bondage,; with other land in Weltone, part on Horsepol, part on Erdeburgh, part on Tonstal, part on Fouleswellehul, part on Thurnewellehul, part at 'les Plottes' and part at 'le Bouchesende'; with grant by the said John that the said Richard and Richard shall not be placed in the offices of frankpledge or ale-taster, and if so elected, they shall not pay rent while holding the said offices. Thursday after St. Katharine the Virgin, 38 Edward III.
[Glouc.] A. 6488. Letter of attorney by Hugh le Despenser, authorising Walter de Hertrugge to receive seisin of land and wood near the said Hugh's wood and castle of 'la Musardere,' whereof he had been enfeoffed by Sir Henry de Penbrugge. Bardesle, Wednesday the feast of the apostles Philip and James, 31 Edward [I.].
[Surrey.] A. 6489. Demise by William de Ayremynne, clerk, attorney of Dame Eleanor, late the wife of Sir Henry de Percy, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, earl of Winchester, in the name of the said Dame Eleanor, of a meadow, pasture, fishery and rent, and of all other lands and tenements which she held by way of dower in Lameheth. Westminster, 18 April, 16 Edward II. Seal.
York. A. 6490. Bond by Edmund Seynter, of Middelhaddelsey, 'yoman,' to Oswald Grice, gentleman, for 100 marks, to be paid at Christmas next. 20 December, 18 Henry VIII. Signed. Seal.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the said Edmund do observe the covenants specified in a pair of indentures, of even date, between the said parties, then the said bond shall be void. English.
[Essex.] A. 6491. Grant by Simon son of Adam, to Ralph de Hasting', of all his land which William Gosse held at Eademor, together with the said William and all his issue. Witnesses:—Ralph de Berneres,Ralph de Niuelland, Master Roger, parson of Phairsted, Hugh de Illegh, Alan the chaplain of Nuhtlegh, and others (named).
Wilts A. 6492. Grant, in frank almoin, by Richard Thebaut of Ricardeston, to the abbot and monks of Stanley in Wiltshire, of an acre and a half in the territory of Ricardeston, in the tillage called 'la Woremfurlang,' between their land land and his, and extending upon the road called 'la Thwrsweye.' Witnesses:—Reginald Waz, Philip de Gay, William de Berwyk, and others (named).
[Camb.] A. 6493. Grant in frank almoin by Walter the nephew of Wil- burh [am], to the brethren of Anglesey, for the use of the sick poor, of land in Wilburh [am], parts abutting respectively on the fields of Bodekesh [am], and on the fields of Queye. Witnesses:—William Talemasch, Peter the clerk of Wilburham, Walter de Franchevile, and others (named).
[Berks.] A. 6494. Release by Walter le Sterkere, son of Roger le Sterkere, of Neubyry, to Sir Fulk Basset, bishop of London, of all his right in all the lands, tenements, and meadows adjacent, in the marsh of Spenehemelonde, which Richard, his younger brother, held by will of the said bishop. Witnesses:—Elias de Baggenore, Richard de la Frith, Simon de Berewyc, and others (named). [A.D. 1241–1259.] Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 6495. Release by Man[ser] Arsic of Gilbert son of John the Marshal and his heirs from their ward of Dover for 10s. which they ought to pay yearly on the Sunday after the Close of Easter to him or to his bailiff at Cogges. Witnesses:—Margery his wife, Alberic Arsic his uncle (patruo meo), William Arsic his brother (fratre meo), Humphrey (Cnf') de Bertona, and others (named); and on behalf of Gilbert:—Adam de Pirit [on], and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Swindon.'
[Brecon.] A. 6496. Title of Sir Thomas West, knight, now lord La Warre, cousin and heir of Sir John Mortymer, of Cure, co. Worc. knight, deceased, to the castle of Penkethley, and two parts of the barony of the same, with divers manors, lands, and tenements, &c. in Penkethley, Scatheropp, and other towns and hamlets in the lordship of Breknokk, which premises were held by the said Sir John Mortymer 'of Edward, duke of Bukkingham, as in right of an olde inheritaunce,' but which Sir Richard Herberd, knight, 'wrongfully hath and kepith,' &c. Temp. Henry VIII. English. Paper.
[N'hamp.] A. 6497. Grant by Henry atte Welle, son and heir of the late Richard atte Welle, of Weltone, to Thomas le Taylur, of the same, and Cristiana his wife, and his heirs, of 6½d. yearly rent from the cottage with a curtilage in Weltone, which they held for term of years of the said Richard his father; with further grant of the reversion of the said premises. Thursday after St. Mark the Evangelist, 5 Edward III.
N'hamp. A. 6498. Release by Emma, late the wife of John de Catesby, daughter and heiress of Robert de Craunford, to Edward de Metteley, and Margaret his wife, and to Robert Burdet and Joan his wife, of all her right in all the lands and tenements, &c, in Watford and elsewhere in the county named, which they had of the gift and feoffment of Margaret, late the wife of the said Robert her father. 20 January, 8 Henry IV. Seal.
N'hamp. A. 6499. Sale by William Catesby, esquire, to William Stok, knight, for 42l. of all the wood and underwood growing in Broke coppice, in Gretton wood, within the forest of Rokyngham, except crabtree, for three years, &c. 5 October, 14 Edward IV. English. Seal, broken.
Sussex. A. 6500. Bond by Robert Strudwicke, of . . . . . ., 'yoman,' to the Queen for 20l. 27 January, 31 Elizabeth. Portion of seal.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the said Robert do, from time to time, continue his personal appearance in the court of Star Chamber and do not depart till order be taken with him for the contempt which he hath committed, then the above bond shall be void. English.