Deeds: A.6501 - A.6600

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.6501 - A.6600

[Norf.] A. 6501. Grant by Luke Lance, to Robert the carpenter of Brantestune, and Alice his wife, of meadow land in Haveringelond and a piece of arable called 'Settesedlep.' Witnesses:—William Peche, Hugh de Alvingetune, Gilbert de Wichingeham, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 6502. Demise by Alice, late the wife of Robert son of John de Charwelton, to William Snow of Heliden, for his life, of the two cottages in Heliden, which he had of the demise of the said Robert. Thursday in Easter Week, 4 Edward III. Seal, defaced.
[Essex.] A. 6503. Letters patent by Stephen de Bello Campo, releasing to Sir Philip Basset, certain land in Ressey of the fee of Lamers, in exchange for land called 'Bogeslond,' which the said Sir Philip has released to him.
[Wilts.] A. 6504. Grant by William de Cumbrewelle, to Alan Basset, of Robert Sckilebi, his man, of Depedene, with all his issue. Witnesses:— William Cinnoc, Reginald de Caune, Nigel de Coleshulle, Alexander de Stodlee, and others (named). Seal.
Endorsed: 'Depeden. La Wiz in Cumptun.'
[Essex.] A. 6505. Release by Stephen Bruningg, to Sir William de Monte Caniso, son of Sir Warin de Monte Caniso, of a tenement which he sold to Richard Le Brun, and which Alice Bruningg, his mother, gave him. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Sancto Claro, William de Clovile, Hamo le Petit, Laurence de Plumberg', and others (named). See A. 6511.
Berks. A. 6506. Grant by John de Sancto Philberto, knight, to Richard Hake, for his life, of 10 marks yearly rent from the manor of Craswelle. London, Sunday before Michaelmas, 24 Edward III. Seal of arms.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in October of the year within written.
[York, E. R.] A. 6507. Grant by Walter de Brambre dwelling in Scrayngham to Scolastica, late the wife of Godfrey de Melsa, of all his share of a toft and croft which he had of the feoffment of John del Park in Lepington. Tuesday after Ascension day, 9 Edward II.
[Heref.] A. 6508. Grant by the King, in frank almoin, to the Knights Templars, of all the land of Harewde, and if they should lose the same by judgment of the King's Court, he undertakes to give them an exchange of the same value. Given by the hand of Master Richard de Mariscis, the King's chancellor, at Warham, 21 August, 17 John. Copy.
Endorsed: 'Clam [ium] fr[atru]m milic [ie] Templi.'
[Middx.] A. 6509. Indenture witnessing that John, bishop of Rochester, [treasurer], and the chamberlains of the Exchequer, have delivered to William de Hull, chaplain of Isabella, the King's daughter, for her use, by virtue of the king's privy seal directed to them, two large gilt pitchers (picheras) of the size and weight specified. Westminster, 12 May, 31 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6510. Grant by Thomas Abell of Toneworth, to Henry de Sidenhale, Richard Gower, and Robert de Bentforde, of the same, of a tenement in Sulihull, which he had formerly demised to Robert Tyberay and Alice his wife, for their lives, and which the said Alice, after her said husband's death, had released to him. Sunday the feast of the Epiphany, 43 Edward III. Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 6511. Release by Richard le Brun of Suth', to Sir William son of War [in] de Montek [aniso], of the tenement which he bought from Stephen Bruning, and which Alice Bruning gave to the same Stephen, her son. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Sancto Claro, William de Clovile, Hamo le Petit, Laurence de Plumber', knights, and others (named). See A. 6505.
[Norf.] A. 6512. Release by Eda Elger, daughter, of Walter Elger, of Forneset[e], to Robert Elger, her brother, of all her right in certain land in Fornesete whereof he had enfeoffed her, and which he had sold to certain persons, named, which sale she ratifies, &c. The day of St. Gregory the Pope, 55 Henry III. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] A. 6513. Grant by Osebert de Screuele, to Iseult (Isoude) daughter of Robert the carter (carectarii) of Wys, of Screuele, of a plot of land in Screuele with ditches and hedges, &c, extending to Screule wood. Witnesses:—John, lord of Screule, Warin Warde of the same, William de Alveston, and others (named).
N'hamp. A. 6514. Bond by Cristian Golde of Welton, widow, to John Hynkley, for 20l. to be paid at the Purification next. 20 December 24 Henry VIII. Seal.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the said Cristian perform all the covenants, &c., obligatory on her as specified in a pair of indentures of even date, between the above parties, then the above bond shall be void. English.
Devon. A. 6515. Award by William de Courteney, William Kyngeston, and Richard Graynfild, knights, arbitrators in a dispute between the right honourable Arthur Plantagenet, knight, viscount Lisle, and Dame Onore his wife, of the one part, and John Cobley and Roger Gyfford, esquires, of the other part, relative to the turning of part of the course of the water of Tawe near the weir of Womberlegh, to the alleged injury of the said Lord Lisle and his wife, &c. 20 February, 22 Henry VIII. English. Copy on paper.
Addressed: 'To the honorable and my sing'ler goode lady my lady Vicountes Lissle in Cales be thus delyvered.'
[I.of Wight?] A. 6516. Grant, in frank almoin, by Osebert de Niweport, to the monks of . . . . . . . ., of two acres of land, lying (next the land) they have of Roger de Wintonia in . . . . . . . . Witnesses:— Walter de Westle, Alan de Burgo, and others (named). Portion of docu- ment.
[Norf.] A. 6517. Grant by Robert, brother and heir of the late Thomas de Iford the steward of the prior of Lewes, to brother Miles, the prior, and the convent of Lewes, of the tenement called 'Blythewyk' in Welle which belonged to his said brother. Monday after St. Denis, A.D. 1271. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: 'Utwelles.'
[N'hamp.] A. 6518. Grant by Walter Wryhte, son of Thomas Wryghte, of Asscheby Leger, co. N'hamp., to John de Catesby and Emma his wife, of a messuage with a curtilage [in Asscheby Leger], next the tenement of the said John, late belonging to Robert de Craunford. Thursday after the Exaltation of Holy Cross, 7 Richard II.
Endorsed: 'Charter of Walter Wryghte of the tenement over against the gate of the prior of Laund.' 'Assheby.'
Leic. A. 6519. Grant by Hugh le Despenser, to his kinsman, Sir Alan de Elsefeld, for his life, of the manor of Ernesby, with the cattle, &c. thereon. Witnesses:—Sirs Robert le Waleys, William le Waleys, John de Folevill, and John le Fauconer, knights, and others (named). Seal of arms.
[Essex.] A. 6520. Grant by Geoffrey son of Robert le Parmenter of Little Watham, to Arnulph son of Henry de Pandfeld and Fina his wife, of all his land in the parish of Little Watham. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Stanford, knight, Sir William de Ambly, Simon de Furneys, and others (named). Injured. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6521. Confirmation by Simon son of Sir Ralph de Throp, of a grant which he lately made to Master Henry de Bray, of all his lands, rents, and tenements in Weleton by Daventre, with the exception of the homage and service of John Malorre and Joan his wife, and their heirs, in respect of a tenement they held of him there. London, Saturday after St. Nicholas the bishop. 23 Edward I. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 6522. Will of Anne Debnam, leaving her body to be buried where the lady Alice Davy, the prioress of Wekys shall please; also bequeathing 6s. 8d. to each of the sisters of the said priory, and the same amount to Sir Henry Fytton, the rest of her estate to be disposed of by the said prioress for the soul of the testatrix, and specially for the support of a chaplain to celebrate for her in the said priory, &c., the said prioress to be her executrix. Witnesses:—Thomas Tenche, Sirs Henry Fytton and Peter Corbett. 21 February, A.D. 1480. Portions of seal.
Endorsed: Memorandum of Probate before the official of the archdeacon of Colchester on 13 March, of the above year, and of the grant of admini- stration to the said Lady Alice.
[Notts.] A. 6523. Demise by John Wydschire of Flyntham, to Richard Ingram of the same, for the term of six crops, of land in Flyntham lying in 'le Swynholes,' at a yearly rent of a rose at Midsummer. Sunday before St. Agnes the Virgin and Martyr, A.D. 1336.
[Lanc.] A. 6524. Grant by Edmund de Nevill, to John de Lancastre and John his son in tail with remainder in default to Agnes his daughter in fee, of 10a. land in Caton and Claghton, which he had of the gift of his sister Joan and by the release of William son of Roger and Margaret William's sister. 10 April, 4 Edward III.
[Leic] A. 6525. Grant by John Lestrange (Extraneus), knight, son and heir of John Lestrange, to Hugh son of Hugh le Despencer (Dispensarii), of his pourparty in Driehurst and Radeleker in the park of Querndon between the pourparty of Henry de Erdinton and Matilda his wife, and the pour- party of Sir Ralph de Crumbwell and Margaret his wife. Witnesses:— Ralph Burt of Querndon and others (named).
A. 6526. Release by Robert Seelche, to John son of Jordan de Flexm', of all his right in a messuage and land at Witeuelle. Witnesses:— Philip de la Hoe, and others (named). Seal.
[Berks.] A. 6527. Release by Richard le Stalkere, son of Roger le Stalkere, to Sir Fulk Basset, bishop of London, of all his right in the land which he had claimed to hold of Sir Fulk as of right and which Sir Fulk holds in demesne of the fee which the releasor's father formerly held at Spenhame- lande. Witnesses:—Sir Gilbert de Haustede, Everard de Wanetinge, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 6528. Release by William de Wascuil, to Richard son of John, of all his rent in Henny from the mill of Sharneford and from the land belonging thereto, and all the service which he had in Lamers from Simon son of Winebald, in exchange for a rent in Lamers from land formerly belonging to Laurence de Wiggebergh. Witnesses:Richard de Bello Campo, parson of the church of Lamers, and others (named).
[Surrey.] A. 6529. Release by William son of the late Walter Bischop of Tanruge, to Walter Bischop, his brother, of all his right in land in Tanruge called 'Quattes croft,' rendering yearly to the lord of the fee 12d. and a barbed arrow, with a rose at Midsummer in St. Peter's church, Tanruge, &c. Chepstede, St. Margaret's day, 18 Edward [I].
[Warw.] A. 6530. Grant by Matilda, late the wife of Stephen, son of Herbert, widow, to Ranulph son of William de Franketon, of land in Coventre, in the prior's street, adjoining the road which extends 'in Westgardinum,' Witnesses:—Richard de Aula, Geoffrey de Wilnhale, William de Pailinton. and others (named). Seal.
[Worc.] A. 6531. Grant by William de Auneford, to Walter de Piriton, and Richard Rees, of the reversion of a messuage, six cottages, and land in Aldremuston and Goldicote, which Margery, late the wife of Richard Croupes of Aldremuston, held for her life, of his inheritance. Pershore, Sunday after St. Matthias, 18 Edward III. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 6532. Letters patent by the King granting to his brother, William de Valencia, the custody of the manor of Waneting, until the full age of the heir of Fulk son of Warin, deceased, the King's tenant in chief, who had demised the said manor to the said William for six years, yet unexpired. Westminster, 19 October, 49 Henry III. Fragment of Great Seal.
[Berks.] A. 6533. Agreement between Adam de Strattone, clerk, and John de Lattone, viz. that the said John shall pay 6d. yearly rent to the said Adam, and do suit at his court in Optone every three weeks, for a tenement in the same; the said Adam to save the said John harmless in respect of the said service. Feast of St. Margaret the Virgin, 16 Edward I.
Berks. A. 6534. Release by William Mareschall of the city of Winchester and Elizabeth his wife, to the King, and to Isabella de Foye, and the King's heirs, of all their right in the manor of Benham Lovell near Hamstede Mareschall, and in all other lands and tenements, &c. within the county named, formerly belonging to William Danvers, the late husband of the said Elizabeth, and which came to her by way of dower after his death. Thursday in Easter week, 8 Richard II. Seal of arms and seal.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in February of the year within written.
Warw. A. 6535. Confirmation by Geoffrey del Dounes, William Stevenson, Thomas son of John de Ascheton, and James son of Thomas de Baggelegh, to John de Catesby, of all his estate in the manor of Rotteley, and in all lands and tenements in the county named, which he held by virtue of a lease from the said (sic) Robert. Lichesfeld, Wednesday after St. Hilary, 48 Edward III. French. Seal of arms with legend sigillum roberti de legh and three other seals, one armorial.
[York, e.r.] A. 6536. Letter of attorney by John de Meaus, authorising Ralph de Essigwald to receive seisin of land in Lepington which he had of the grant of Lece, wife of William Fraunsays of Lepington. French.
[Essex.] A. 6537. Grant by P [eter] the prior, and the convent, of the Holy Trinity, London, to Hasculf Gernet, of 7s. rent in Little Waltham which they had of the grant of Alice, daughter of William son of Wydo; in return for which Hasculf has released all his right in all the land of the fee of [the earl William (?) de Ma] ndevill in Brambel which belonged to William son of Wydo, or to William son of the said William. Witnesses:—Bernard de Rokell, Bennet de Mendham, and others (named). Injured.
[Glouc.] [Dorset.] [Somers.] A. 6538. Letters patent by the King, granting to Giles Capell, knight, late the husband of Isabella Capell, deceased, one of the daughters and heirs of Richard Newton, esquire, deceased, licence to enter upon all his share of the manors and lands, &c., of the said Richard, who held from the King in chief, which lands, &c, came into the hands of the Crown at the said Richard s death, through the minority of the said Isabella, and of Joan, wife of John Gryffyne, esquire, another of the daughters and heirs of the said Richard &c. &c. Westminster, 10 July, 8 Henry VIII. Cancelled. See Inq. p. m. 16 Henry VII. Nos. 12, 32, 81.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment on the Exchequer Memoranda Roll, L.T.R. of Michaelmas Term, 8 Henry VIII.
[Salop.] A. 6539. Copy of the court roll of a court held at Wrycton and Walkyslaw at which William Bullocke of Sydnall, John Bullock his brother, and Joan, William's wife, took of Edward Rawley, esquire, the lord, two pastures called 'Walcam Wood' and 'Smythes Leys' in Walkyslaw, the said William to have two parts of the said pastures for his life, and the said John to have the third part for William's life, after whose death the said John and Joan are to have the said two pastures for their lives, and after their decease Elizabeth, William's daughter, is to have the said pastures for her life, according to the custom of the said manor; the tenants not 'to toppe' any tree which is more than fourteen inches in circumference, &c. 18 January, 33 Henry VIII.
[York, w.r.] A. 6540. Release by Matthew son of Thomas de Halifax, to Adam the clerk of Schircotes of all his right in an assart called 'Upper (superius) Syahecroft,' and a croft called 'Little (parvum) Syahecroft.' Witnesses:— Sirs Walter de Peverelthorp and Roger de Bradeford, chaplains of Halifax, William de Ecclisley, and others (named).
[Bristol.] A. 6541. Letters patent by Bartholomew de Brianzon, knight, witnessing that he has received from Sir Philip Basset, in the name of Sir Warin de Bassinggeburn, the castle of Bristol and the foreign manor belonging to it with the prisage of ale called 'la Tine' with the stock and furniture (garnestura) of the said castle. London, Saturday after the translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 45 Henry III.
[Westm'l'd.] A. 6542. Letters patent by the King, granting to his brother, William de Valence, in tail, all the debts owed by William de Lancastre in the Jewry (in judaismo) throughout England; with further grant that Peter de Brus and Walter de Lindesseye son of William de Lindesseye, the heirs of the said William de Lancastre may assign his lands, or part of them, to the King's said brother, in discharge of the said debts, &c. Westminster, 88 (sic) October [32] Henry III. Injured.
Endorsed: 'Carta de debito W. de Lancastra xxoxijo.'
[Glouc.] A. 6543. Demise by Thomas atte Wode, to Maurice ate Wode and Alice his wife, for life, of the reversion of a house and curtilage, &c. in Pochamton, expectant on the decease of John le Worthe son of Alice le Worthe, extending on the high road to Cheselhungre. Sunday after St. Leonard the Confessor, 23 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 6544. Release by William son of Simon, to Sir William, son of Sir Warin de Monte Caniso, of all his right in all the lands and tenements &c. which he had of the demise of Sir Frank (Franci) de Boun, and which formerly belonged to John de Boun, in Thoritone and Suth [amfeud ?]. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Sancto Claro, William de Watevile, Robert de Hecham, and Hugh Blund, knights, and others (named). Seal.
[Berks.] A. 6545. Letters patent by Master Richard de Offinton, to his reverend lord, Sir Adam de Stratton, the King's clerk, informing him that he has granted to John de Goseya, his nephew and heir, all the lands and tenements which he had of the gift of Sir Adam in Offinton, and asking Sir Adam to admit the said John as tenant, with resignation by the said Richard of the homage which he performed for the same. Wynekefeld, 6 June, 18 Edward [I].
[Essex.] A. 6546. Grant by Miles de Sumery, to the canons of St. James's, Northampton, in frank almoin, of 6s. yearly rent from land in Chishull. Witnesses:—Sir William de Insula, William de Culewrd, sheriff of Essex, Robert Loud, Reinbald de Clavereng, and others (named). [9–20 Henry III.] Fragment of seal.
[Linc.] A. 6547. Grant by Geoffrey son of Roger de Grestorp, to Osbert son of John le Long, of land in Kanewik, part abutting on the field of Bracebrig, and part in Rylandes. Witnesses:—Martin Martel, William de Kanewyk, and others (named). Seal, injured.
[Leic.] A. 6548. Undertaking by Christian, late the wife of Robert de Noueray, that in consideration of having been dowered by Dame Margaret de Ferar [iis], countess of Derby, out of the lands which belonged to her husband in his life; in the event of her son John holding certain land which her said husband, in his life, gave to the said John, his son, she will claim no dower from the same, by any right by which John, her husband's eldest son, who is a ward of the said countess, might be bound to warrant her claim to his said brother. Witnesses:—Master Peter de Cosinton, rector of the church of Burton, Ralph de Medburn, William Brun, rector of the church of Swithelond, and others (named). [A.D. 1248–1294.]
[N'hamp.] A. 6549. Appointment by Henry de Bray, John de Burneby, and Edmund de W . . . . ., executors of the will of Sir Eustace de Watford, deceased, of Benedict de Watford, clerk, and Ralph de Turvill, as their proctors in all matters and causes before the judges touching the execution of the said will &c. with ratification of whatever the said Bennet has done, in their name, in a cause moved against them before the Master of St. John's Hospital, Northampton, commissary of the archdeacon of Northampton, by Sir Geoffrey de Leukenore, knight, on Friday before St. Peter ad Vincula. Watford, feast of St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 1276. Seal, and fragments of two seals.
[Heref.] A. 6550. Grant by John ap G [wil] 1 [i] m of Bidelston, and William Don of Tredonok, to Richard ap Jeyv[an] of Langaran, and Margaret daughter of Walter Abadam, of all the lands and tenements &c. called 'Tretillee,' in the township of Tretyllay, in the hundred of Wormelow, which they lately had of the grant of the said Richard. 5 June, 33 Henry VIII. Two seals.
[Salop.] A. 6551. Grant by John de Huggeford, knight, to Thomas de Huggeford, rector of the church of Hampton Lovet, of all his lands and tenements &c. in his manors of Huggeford, Appeleye, Myddelton, and Ledewyche, with the advowson of the church of Stocton; with further grant of 'housbote,' 'haybote,' and sufficient fuel, in the wood of Sutton Madoc, and common of pasture in the wood and fields of the same. Monday after St. Hilary, 20 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.] A. 6552. Grant in frank almoin by Florence Murdac, to the abbey of Stanlegh, with her body, of 10s. rent from a tenement in Sutton, with all her right in the said tenement, for the light of the altar of the Virgin Mary, for the soul of the grantor and those of her ancestors and successors. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Wihtefed', Ralph Belet', and Robert de la Stane, Robert de Stintesford, dean of Dorchester, Robert, vicar of St. (sic) Forthinton, and others (named).
N'hamp. A. 6553. Confirmation by William Bradshawe of Couesgrave, clerk, parson of the parish church of Couesgrave, to Edward Furthoo of Furthoo, esquire, in performance of an agreement between the said Edward, Nicholas Ryall, clerk, parson of the parish church of Furthoo, and John Mowlsoe of Couesgrave, husbandman, of the one part, and the aforesaid William, of the other part, of land and pasture in Furthoo lying in 'the newe pasture,' formerly given in exchange or otherwise by Christopher Emerson, clerk, late parson of the parish church of Couesgrave, deceased, to Thomas Furthoo, esquire, deceased, father of the said Edward. 3 September, 42 Elizabeth. English. Signed. Seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
Kent. Surrey. A. 6554. Demise by Robert Gavell of Cobham, co. Surrey, gentle- man, to William Master of Lymsfyld, in the said county, husbandman, for twenty-one years, of his messuage or farm house called 'Bachelers,' with its appurtenances, in Lymsfild aforesaid, and in Eaton Bridge, co. Kent, with various covenants, specified, to be observed by the parties. 24 August, 8 Elizabeth, A.D. 1566. English. Signed.
Underwritten: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
[Cornw.] A. 6555. Grant by John Tremayn, to Laurence, son and heir of . . . . ., . . . . . John Penroos, [of ?] Methele, and Elizabeth [his wife], in tail, of all the messuages, lands, and tenements &c., [which ?] . . Richard Henry and Sir Roger Cristov, rector of the church of St. Wynwa- lay, . . . . . . in . . . cionaria, Mogen Vean, and Chynale by Henford, with reversion to the grantor. Bo . . . nn . ., Sunday after the Epiphany, 27 Henry VI. Much injured. Seal.
A. 6556. Letters patent by Herebert son of Matthew, to brother Martin cle Huntelkumbe, canon of Beading, ordering him to pay the bearer 6 marks out of the moneys of the late Peter son of Herebert, to support the expenses connected with the will of the said Peter.
Essex. A. 6557. Grant by Thomas Saveryn of Esttilbury, to John Swayn and John Roote, of a cottage and garden called 'Cheswykkes,' in Tilbury, adjoining a garden belonging to the manor of Southhall, and abutting on the high road to Horndon. 15 March, 20 Henry VIII. Seal.
Wilts. A. 6558. Feoffment by James Altham of Latton, co. Essex, esquire, and Emanuell Wolley of London, grocer, to William Chaderton of Brodfeld, esquire, Paul Hall and William Hamlin, gentlemen, of the manors of Corson and Liddiard, and of all their chantry of Ramsburie, and all their messuages and lands, &c. in Corson, Liddiard, Bamsburie, and Perton alias Purton, late belonging to Thomas Chaderton of Liddiard, esq., with letter of attorney authorising the said Thomas Chaderton, and Henry Chaderton, gentleman, his brother, to deliver seisin. 26 June, 11 Elizabeth. Copy.
Underwritten: Memorandum 'that this is the copie of the dede that John Wright makyth mencon of in his deposicon to be delyveryd to the exa [minant] e at his examinacon.'
Middx. A. 6559. Defeasance of a recognizance by George Shellitoe of Gray's Inn, esquire, to Clement Scudamore of London, esquire, for 1000l. acknowledged before Sir Henry Hobart, knight, and baronet, chief justice of the Common Pleas; witnessing that if the said George shall pay to the said Clement 520l. 16s. 8d. on November 21 next, in the house of William Bolfe, scrivener, in Fleetestreete, London, then the said recognizance shall be void. 20 June, 16 James I. A.D. 1618. English. Signed. Portion of seal of arms (Shilletoe).
Endorsed: Name of witness to sealing and delivery.
[Wilts.] A. 6560. Grant by Beginald Crok of Wyk, to Bichard Denkyng, of Beuelegh, and Agnes his wife, for their lives, of all the tenement in Beuelegh which Ralph Denkyng, his father, lately held of the grantor, and land in 'la Shortelond,' doing suit at the court of the grantor, when summoned, and at the court of Lacham at the two 'Lawedayes,' &c. Lacok, feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, 3 Edward III. Seal.
Endorsed: 'Bewley.'
I. of Wight. A. 6561. Demise by John Flemyng of Newport, merchant, to John Samborow of the parish of Adertone, husbandman, for twenty-one years, of a dwelling house and garden &c, in [Newport ?] on the north side of the high street. 15 June, 11 Elizabeth. English. Signed. Seal.
[Bedf.] A. 6562. Grant by Margaret Gringilford, daughter of John Gringil- ford of Southzevele, deceased, to Sir William Gombelard, chaplain, of the same, of all the lands and tenements, &c. in Southzevele, which she had of the gift of her said father. Sunday before the exaltation of the Holy Cross, 35 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 6563. Feoffment by Jerome Crowe, rector of a mediety of the parish church of Skernyng, clerk, to John Poumfreyt of Skernyng, the elder, John his son, William Slappe, clerk, and Clement Poumfreyt, of Skernyng aforesaid, of the messuage and garden [in Skernyng], with a croft adjoining, and lands, &c. which he lately had by the feoffment of the said John Poumfreyt. Feast of St. Kalixtus the pope and martyr, 21 Henry VII.
[Norf.] A. 6564. Grant by Matilda Rok of Matelask, to William Sket, the elder, and Robert Rok, of the same, of a messuage in Matelask. Sunday after St. Laurence, 5 Richard II.
[Wilts.] A. 6565. Release by Peter son of Walter de Salice, to his brother, John de Salice, of all his right in land which Walter de Salice, his father, formerly held in Natton. Witnesses:—Richard de Wik, Simon de Murmeston, and others (named). Seal.
[Kent.] A. 6566. Indenture between Sir Thomas Wyat, knight, and Thomas Legh, esquire, witnessing the receipt by the said Legh of 1000l., part of the price of the manors of Palster and Boughton Mounchelsey, sold by him to the said Sir Thomas for 1730l. according to an indenture of bargain and sale between them, of even date; the said Sir Thomas and one Robert Rudston, esquire, being bound to the said Legh in 1000l. by a bond dated 21 April, in the underwritten year, for the payment of the remaining 730l. 17 April, 5 Edward VI. English. Signed. Seal.
A. 6567. Grant by Walter Lithfot, to Matilda de Baskervile, of land in Doditon, adjoining the moor below the wood. Witnesses:—Henry de Solers, Walter de Stanlac, and others (named).
Hants. A. 6568. Presentment by the tithing man (decenarius) of Farlyngton within the hundreds of Portesdown and Bosmer, made at the tourn of Edward Berkeley, esquire, late sheriff of Southampton, held at Grene- feld on the undermentioned day; viz. that the foot path from Hamuldon to Havant beyond the land lately belonging to Thomas Sharpe and now to Thomas Fauconer, gentleman, is obstructed by the said Thomas and Thomas, to the injury of John Gunter and others, the truth of which is attested by the jurors, named; and the said Thomas and Thomas are commanded to repair the said path before the next tourn, under a penalty of 20s. each. Wednesday, 17 October, 5 Edward IV. Seal, defaced.
Endorsed: 'A coppy of a presentement of the sherevys turne for a way at Stokes.'
Kent. [Sussex.] A. 6569. Will of Robert Clerke expressing his wish to be buried in the churchyard of Ringmer, and bequeathing 10s. to the poor men's box of Ringmer; amongst other bequests, his son, John Clerke, is to have four kine and four two yearling bullocks when he is twenty-one years old, and is to pay the testator's wife 40s. a year, during her life, out of a piece of land called 'Stonelacke' in the parish of Chiddingstone: after the testator's death Thomas Sharpe is to pay the said John Clerk 20l. which the testator has already paid for land to William Wygmer, the elder; Thomas Sharpe is to have certain land called 'The Hooke,' for 15l. which the testator owes him; his wife is to have his house and land at Chiddyngstone, as tenant, and to bring up the testator's son till he is of age; the testator's wife, Johanne, to be his executrix, &c. &c. 10 July, 6 Elizabeth. A.D. 1564. Names of witnesses. English.
Underwritten: Memorandum that the said will was proved before Richard Kitson, clerk, B.A. commissary of the peculiar of the deanery of Sowth- mallyng, in the immediate jurisdiction of Christ Church, Canterbury, lawfully deputed by Augustine Brodbrydg, clerk, M.A. dean of the peculiars of Sowthmallyng, Paggam, and Terryng, in the parish church of Clive, and administration granted, on the fifteenth of November, A.D. 1564, &c. Seal (ecclesiastical).
[N'hamp.] A. 6570. Acquittance by Richard Catesby, esquire, for certain sums, specified, received from Sir William Catesby, knight, by the hands of William Chibnall, for the annuity of 30l. due to the said Richard. Ashby Legers, 7 November, 27 Elizabeth. Paper. Signed. Seal.
Underwritten: Name of witness to sealing and delivery.
Bedf. Herts. A. 6571. Release by John Hamound, chaplain, to William Burgoynon, of all his right in all the lands and tenements, &c. in Eddeworthe, Stratton, Mulho and Holm, co. Bedford, and in Buntingforde, Apseden, Troching, Bokelond, and Alfladewyk, co. Hertford, which he had, jointly with Peter Belgrave, parson of the church of Blounham, of the grant of the said William, and Juliana, his wife. Themesforde, Tuesday after the Purifica- tion, 10 Richard II.
Norf. A. 6572. Grant by John Bynges of Skernyng, chaplain, to John Peyntour, John Pumfreyt and William Secker, all of the same, of all his lands and tenements, &c. in Skernyng, or elsewhere in the county of Norfolk. Monday before Ascension Day, 9 Henry V.
Endorsed: 'Antique evidenc [ie] terrarum voc [atarum] Pomfrettez.'
[Heref.] A. 6573. Grant by Felicia daughter of Kenewrik Vauhan, to Zevan son of David ab Wasinyhangel, and to Felicia his wife, of land in the fee of Mordicston, part adjoining the high road to 'le Neuton.' Ewias Lacy, Thursday after Michaelmas, 15 Edward [I].
Lanc. A. 6574. Acquittance by John Payne of London, gentleman, and Henry Best of London, scrivener, to Frauncis Tunstall, esquire, for 200l. received from him in the house of the said Best in Fletestrete, payable under an indenture of bargain and sale between the said parties, for the rectory and church of Tunstall. 20 November, 34 Elizabeth. Seals of arms.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
[Norf.] A. 6575. Bond by Stephen Stinting of Suthrepp [es], to Hugh Tebaud of Schipeden, for 4s. yearly rent for land in Schipeden at Crowe- mere, sold by the said Hugh. Monday before St. Gregory, 1 Edward II.
[Norf.] A. 6576. Bond by Richard Madur of Suthrepp [es], to Hugh Tebaud of Schipeden, for 15d. yearly rent for land in Schipeden at Crowemere, sold to Richard by Hugh. Wednesday after St. Gregory, 1 Edward II.
[Wilts.] A. 6577. Acknowledgement by Edmund Gacelin, lord of Chippeham, in a dispute which had arisen between himself and the abbot and convent of Stanley, as to the bounds between their respective woods within the forest of Chippeham, and as to certain oaks, an oak having been felled by the said Edmund's men in the said forest near a pig-stye (porkariam) belonging to the said abbey; the said Edmund consents to the bounds as now placed by common agreement, and acknowledges the said oak and all others, with the soil of the place where they are, to belong to the said abbey. Tuesday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 17 Edward I.
Endorsed: 'De bund [is] inter boscum nostrum et boscum domini Edmundi Gacelin in foresta de Peuwesham.'
[Glouc.] A. 6578. Indenture between the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Parrie, knight, Master of the Court of Wards and Liveries, and Robert Kelwaie, esquire, surveyor of the same Liveries, on behalf of the queen, on the one part, and William Rogers, son and heir of William Rogers, deceased, on the other part, witnessing that whereas it has been agreed to grant to the said William a general livery of all the lordships, manors, lands, and tenements, &c. which came to him from his father, the said William has delivered to the said Thomas and Robert the annexed valuation or extent of the same; with agreement by the said William to the appointment of auditors to value the said premises at his expense, &c. &c. 11 November, 1 Elizabeth. English. Signed. Seal.
Glouc. Annexed: Valuation or extent of the manors, lands, and tenements, &c. lately belonging to William Rogers, gentleman, deceased, and which after his death descended to William Rogers, gentleman, his son and heir, viz. pasture and meadow called 'Rostleye,' and wood and underwood in Rost- leye, within the parish of Whitington, two messuages with land and wood in Farmecot and Gwyting, held of Thomas Andrewes, knight, as of his manor of Eberton, and a tenement in Whitington. One skin.
[Cornw.] A. 6579. Grant by Joan, late the wife of John Russel, widow, to Walter de Tretherf, of moor and turbary in Suthanos, adjoining the stream dividing the land of Suthaenos from the land of Goenretyr; with further grant of common of pasture for all cattle on all the grantor's land of Suthaenos. Tretherf, Saturday after the Purification, 6 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 6580. Grant by Roheisia de Duvr [e], to Richard son of Gilbert, of all the land of Tregudin and Trevicthian, which he and his predecessors held in socage from her and her ancestors, and of all the land of Reskelli, and Kiniavots which she had conveyed to him; the said lands to be held in fee, by the service of the tenth part of a knight's fee. Witnesses:— Michael de Borham, Ralph de Adlinges, Henry de Sancto Georgio, Reginald de Trelan, Stephen de Sancta Mabena, and others (named).
[Bedf.] A. 6581. Grant by Robert Bone and John Cnouston, chaplains, of Clifton, to John Stanford of Stanford, and Roger Cryngylford, citizen and goldsmith of London, of all their lands and tenements &c. in Clifton, Henlowe, and le Hoo, which they had of the feoffment of John Cockow and Henry Pycard. Wednesday after St. Martin in November, 16 Richard II. Portion of seal of arms, and seal.
Cornw. A. 6582. Release by John Reskymer the younger, gentleman, to John Reskymer the elder, esquire, and William Reskymer, gentleman, of all his right in the manors and lordships of Merthen, Reskymer Cutter, Reskymer Meanege, or Meneage, Ressowyak, or Rossowycke, alias Lucias, Trevarthyan, Trelowith Hayle, Trelowith Redruthe, Tremayn, Trevethes, Helloogan, Trevowarde, and Wynnyanton, and in all messuages and lands &c. in those places, and in Rossewothgam, Tregentallan, Trevoyas, Tren- gove, Trenk . . . . . ke, Trevorder, and Kerdevas, and elsewhere in the same county. 4 December, 38 Elizabeth. A.D. 1595. Portion of seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
[Norf.] A. 6583. Feoffment by John Westhaghe, rector of a mediety of the church of Skernyng, William Belde, John Colyn and Thomas Newman, of the same, and Alan Peyntour of Estderham, to John Poumfreyt of Skernyng, the younger, Joan his wife, Richard Pynnes, Clement Nobyll, and Robert Rook, of the messuage with a croft and garden annexed, and land, in Skernyng, which they had of the feoffment of William Deye, late of Skernyng, now of Estderham, and of Richard Deye, late of the same; with letter of attorney authorising Robert Baker, clerk, to deliver seisin. 18 February, 2 Richard III. Seal and fragment of seal.
Hants. A. 6584. Letter of attorney by Peter Beneroo of Winchester, clerk, and John Norton of Nuttele, late of Suthwyk, authorising Robert Munkeston, rector of the church of Farlyngton, and Geoffrey Ingler of Havont, to deliver to Robert Snokeshull and Agnes his wife, seisin of two burgages in Farham, and of all the lands and tenements, &c. in Frendstaple and Farlyngton, which the said Peter and John lately had of the demise of Geoffrey Hore of Lovedene. Wednesday the morrow of the Purification, 12 Henry VI. Two seals. See A. 6245.
[York, w. r.] A. 6585. Confirmation by Joan, late the wife of William de Skargill, knight, to Robert Leche, William Bate, Robert Bull, and Thomas Sadeler, of Wakefeld, of all agreements concerning a capital messuage in Wakefeld, with a garden, croft, and meadow land in 'le Morecroft,' and on Burghman- toftes, and meadow called 'Gemmecrymble,' which Robert Taillour, of Stapelton, and John de Mogelyngton, demised to the said Leche and others named above. Tuesday the feast of the Annunciacion, 5 Richard II.
[Norf.] A. 6586. Grant by John Fayreman, vicar of the parish church of Skarnyng, Thomas Newman, and Thomas Rownyng of the same, to William Deye of Estderham, late of Skarnyng, John Clon', and Richard Deye, of a messuage and land in Skarnyng, formerly belonging to John Bengys, chaplain, the messuage with a garden and croft abutting on a tenement called 'Hawys' and on a garden called 'le Hempzerd,' part of the land being called 'Rodecrofte,' and part lying at Alderys, abutting on the land of Huntyngfeldhall, part at Felker, part at Lacyeswonge, among the lands of Northendhall, part at Derbouth, part at Godystofte, part at Hesylhawe with 'le Brodmer on the east,' abutting on Foxthweyt, and part at Toftys. 20 January, 13 Edward IV.
[Cornw.] A. 6587. Grant by Oto, lord of Trevarthyan, to William Tregewora, Clarice his wife, and William their son, for their lives, of all his messuages, lands, and tenements, in Breuannek. Marghassyov, Monday after All Saints, 12 Henry IV.
Norf. A. 6588. Sale by William Hobbys, son and heir of Aleyn Hobbys, late of Gillyngham, to Ralph Willughby, esquire, of his messuages called 'Sawer,' 'Howlett,' and 'Hobbys,' with land, meadow, and pasture, in Gillyngham, Geldeston, Wyn [ston], and Wyndell, or elsewhere within the 'sokyn' of Stocton, &c. 13 January, 13 Henry VII. Injured. English. Signed.
Suff. A. 6589. Mortgage by Edmund Wheler the elder of the parish of Polsted, 'husbondman,' to Robert Leyes of Stoke by Naylond, 'husbond- man,' of 'Capells Tenement,' in Polsted, which he had bought of Willliam Waldegrave, knt., on 3 Oct. then last, adjoining 'Saytefeyld,' alias 'Sayers filde,' and the lord's land called 'the downe,' parcel of the tenement of Blackesall, and abutting on a grove called 'Overfeylde grove,' and on a heath called 'Polsted heathe'; for the payment by the said Edmund to the said Robert, of 34l. 5s. on Michaelmas day next, in the parish church of Polsted between 8 a.m. and 12 a.m. 11 October, 25 Elizabeth. Signed. Seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to delivery of seisin.
[Norf.] A. 6590. Grant by William Deye of Estderham, John Clon' and Richard Deye, of the same, to Thomas Rownyng of Skernyng, William Rownyng of Estderham, and Robert Rook of Skernyng, of land in Skernyng, part lying at Alder, part among lands late of Huntyngfeldhall, and part at Felker. 12 June, 14 Edward IV.
[Norf.] A. 6591. Grant by Rose, late the wife of Hugh Tebaud, of Schiped [en], to Clarice her daughter, of land in Schiped [en] at Crowe- mere, abutting on 'le Stordes.' Sunday after the Epiphany, 2 Edward II.
[Wilts.] A. 6592. Grant by Thomas le Whyte of Natton, to Roger le Draper of Lacok, and Alice his wife, for their lives, of land in Natton called 'Hevedhalfaker,' at Horsforlangesheved. Witnesses:—John le Frenche, John de Beuelegh, and others (named).
Surrey. A. 6593. Demise by George Bygley of Coveham, gentleman, servant to Sir Anthony Browne, knight, to Thomas Howse, of Yatley, co. Hants, yeoman, for eighteen years, of the mill called 'Coveham Mylle,' with all water courses and ponds, &c. belonging thereto; reserving to the grantor half the fish caught by the said Thomas in the said waters. 20 August, 6 Edward VI. English.
[Norf.] A. 6594. Grant by William Deye late of Skernyng now of Estderham and Richard Deye of the same to John Westhaghe, rector of a mediety of the church of Skernyng, William Belde, John Colyn, and Thomas Newman, of the same, and Alan Peyntour of Estderham, of a messuage with a croft and garden annexed, and land, in Skernyng [described in A. 6586], which the grantors, with John Clon, deceased, lately had of the grant of John Fayreman, late vicar of the parish church of Skernyng, Thomas Newman, and Thomas Rownyng, of the same. 13 June, 17 Edward IV.
N'hamp. A. 6595. Demise by William Owen of Bozesworth, co. Leicester, gentleman, to John Watkyn of Watford, yeoman, for twenty-one years, of a capital messuage and land, with a close called 'Watfordes close,' in Watford. 4 March, 34 Henry VIII. English. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6596. Release by John de Warrewyk of Greneburgh, to Henry Hamound, vicar of the church of Greneburgh, of all his right in land, which he holds for his life, on Toftforlong in Greneburgh, of the grant of Henry Puller, and in 10s. rent which the said Puller reserved to himself after the term of twenty-one years after the date of the said writing. Sunday the eve of St. Barnabas, 26 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 6597. Memorandum that Philip (Phelipot) de Aylesbury is bound to Richard Montfort in 100l., to be paid on Monday in Whitsun week in the church of Lapworth, upon condition that the said Richard shall sue a writ of formedon, at his own expense, in the name of the said Philip and Agnes his wife, and the said Richard and Rose (Roisie) his wife, against Sir John . . . . . ., and John Page, concerning the manor of Lapworth; if the said manor be recovered then the said Philip and Agnes shall proceed to a new division of the same within a month after recovery, between the said Philip and Agnes, and Richard and Rose, and of the rent of tenements called 'Stakes'; if the said manor be recovered as above, the said Philip shall pay Richard 4l. 6s. 8d. at the feast of St. John the Baptist next coming and at the Michaelmas following, after which Richard agrees to deliver up his bond to Philip; if the manor be not recovered by the said writ, Philip shall restore to Richard the costs of the said writ, &c. Henle, Wednesday after St. Hilary, 37 Edward III. French.
[Linc.] A. 6598. Release by Ellen, late the wife of John de Haye, of Kane- wyk, to Richard Lung of Lincoln, of all her right of dower in land in Canewyk, which Alexander Lung, brother of the said Richard, had of the grant of the said John. Lincoln, 15 April, 6 Edward HI. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 6599. Grant by Margery, late the wife of John Lyztwode, of Toneworth, to William Bakun, vicar of the church of Toneworth, John Blakenhale, chaplain, and Thomas Warying, of the same, of a messuage and two crofts in Toneworth, the messuage and one croft lying between the lane called 'Cartereslone' and the land called 'Certeslond,' and extending from the land called 'Marioteslond,' to the road to Toneworth 'Chirche'; the other croft lying between land, late of Richard Dolfynne, 'weduwesone,' and the road called 'Clooslone,' and extending to the lane leading to Toneworth 'Chirche.' Sunday after the apostles Peter and Paul, 6 Henry IV. Seal.
N'hamp. A. 6600. Grant by Edward Lisle, knight, lord of Lisle, to William Catesby, esquire, for his life, for counsel received of him, of a yearly rent of 40s. from the manor of Farndon, in the parish of Woodeforde. 16 May, 22 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.