Deeds: A.8701 - A.8800

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.8701 - A.8800

[Warw.] A. 8701. Feoffment by Henry de Erdinton, knight, to Walter son of Nicholas Lente, for his homage and service, of a nook (nokam) of land called 'le Harpe' in Erdinton next Pinnokestret between land late William Mancell's and land of Thomas de Grene; also of a place of land in the Lady's Garden, which Ralph the reeve (prepositus) formerly held, rendering 1d. at the feast of St. Michael and ½d. at the feast of St. Mary in March for all service save one suit to the court of him and his heirs on reasonable summons next after the feast of St. Michael.
[Devon.] A. 8702. Certificate by Peter, abbot of Bussestre and the convent of the same place, that they had received from Sir James de Oxton, for their men of Brouneston, a writing, recited, being a release by him, as James de Oxton, lord of Great Modbyry (Modbyria) to William son of William Edward of Brouneston, Walter Cole, Richard Germeyn, William Hayman, Robert Smith (fabro), William Clerk (clerico), Ralph le Dosser, John le Boor and Henry Boghedon of all manner of suit of multure of corn (bladi) which he had formerly exacted from them to his mills of Modbyry and Schypham as his right by reason of his lordship of the holding (ratione dominii mei de tenura) of Brouneston, so that neither from them or any subsequent tenants of the lands and tenements they then held &c. Witnesses:—Sir John de Bykebyr [i], knight, John de Ayslegh, Peter de Prydeaus, Roger Spridel, Thomas le Boys. Dated at Great Modbyr [i], Monday after the feast of St. Michael, 5 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 8703. Bond by Robert Scardon to John Berwyk and Joan his wife in 100s. due at the feast of St. Michael then next, conditioned for the quiet enjoyment of a house, garden and a fardel (quarterio) and l½a. land English in the borough of Bosseney according to the form of an indenture, dated 20 January, 16 Henry VII, he had made them thereof. Bosseney, 21 January, 16 Henry VII.
[Surrey.] A. 8704. Feoffment by William Baudri of Mucham to William atte Marsh (de Marisco) of a messuage in Mucham between John Saleman's and the common pasture; also of 17½a. land, 2½ lying behind the said messuage and 15 at Ameresse; also of 7s. quit rent, viz. l½d. from John Rikelot, 19d. from Beatrice le Sehc, 1d. from Richard de Martelake, 2d. from Reginald Heyne, 1d. from Godwyne, 1d. from Gilbert Typet, 2d. from the Almoner of Mertone, 1d. from William Durant, 1d. from Maud Durant, 17½d. from Emicia le Kynne, l4d. from Peter de Heyford, ½d. from Peter Lekuyt, ½d. from Agnes Scot, 4d. from Peter le Priur, 1½d. from Walter de Cumbe, 4d. from Thomas Wyndut, 2d. from John de Forde, 2d. from William atte Marsh (de Marisco), 2d. from Arnulph de Wycford, 1d. from William le Longe, 1d. from William Sidher, 1½d. from Robert Dumppe, 2d. from John Purden and 2d. from John son of John de Bandone; to hold of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses:—Richard de Chelesham and others (named).
Cornwall. A. 8705. Indenture between Richard Aldryngton, canon of Exeter, of the one part, and Otho (Otes) T[revarthian] of the other; witnessing that the said Richard had received from Otho two deeds of release, one made to the said Otho by Richard Pennans of all manner of personal actions and also of surrender of the lands of the said Otho in the county of Cornwall, which were put in extent and delivered to the said Richard Pennans by virtue of a recovery obtained against (taille devers) the said Otho, Peter (Peirs) Pedyt, Philip Rescawrek and Joan his wife, John Willycok of Penryn, John Rosmaryn, Stephen Morys, Raff Cusgaran, John Cornysch and others upon an assise of Novel Disseisin brought against them by the said Richard Pennans; and the other whereby Richard Pennans released to the said Otho Peter, and the others, all manner of personal actions; to keep the said deeds of release upon the following condition, viz. if the said Philip Rescawrek and Joan, John Willycok of Penryn, John Rosmaryn, Ralph Cusgaran and John Cornyssh released by deed all their right in the lands and tenements formerly William Tregenay's in Penryn and Tregenay and which the said Richard Pennans recovered by assise of Novel Disseisin against the said Otho, Peter Pedyt and others, as above, or [if] the said Philip and Joan, John Willycok, John, Ralph and John or any of them would not. release, and the said Richard Pennans sued execution, against those who would [not] thus release, of the damages recovered by the said assise, or grieved or vexed them, their heirs or executors, by writ or otherwise, on account of the said damages, or if the said Richard Pennans sued execution of the said damages against the said Otho or grieved or vexed him, his heirs or executors, by writ or otherwise on account of the said damages, or if the said Philip and Joan, John Willycok of Penryn, John, Ralph, and John would release and the said Richard Pennans would not accept such release or releases, that then the said release made to the said Otho above should be delivered to the said Otho and the other release to those to whom it was made. 16 January, 13 Henry IV.
Endorsed:— [Penryn and] Tregenhay. Fragment of seal of arms. See A. 8815.
[Cornw.] A. 8706. Bond by Matthew de Roscol to Roger le Taillour of Bodmin the elder in 14s. for cloth (panno) bought of him and received Wednesday after the feast of St. Francis, 1 Edward III, to be paid to him at Christmas next. Seal.
[Linc.] A. 8707. Letter of attorney by William de Brakyn of Lincoln, mercer, to John de Kexby of the same, mercer, to receive and recover from John de Gr[i]mysby, mercer, 20s. wherein he was bound to him by a tally (per unam talliam). Lincoln, Saturday before Palm Sunday, 5 Richard II.
[Linc.] A. 8708. Release by John Swynshed of Sausthorp to Thomas de Bleseby dwelling in Aswardby of his right in four selions of land lying dispersed in the south field of Aswardby abutting on 'le Sausthorp Mare.' 27 December, 5 Henry V.
[Notts.] A. 8709. Indenture of demise by John Bischop of Flintham and Emma his wife to Henry Freman of Flintham and Iseult (Isolde) his wife of a toft, called 'Aburn Place,' with a croft adjacent, in the said town, next the tenement formerly of Thomas Hort of Flintham; also of 4a. land and ½a. meadow in the field and meadow of Flintham; to hold during the term of the life of the said Emma, rendering therefor yearly 8s. 6d. Sunday after the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 42 Edward III.
[Cornw ] A. 8710. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Eoscruk son and heir of Richard Roscruk to Thomas son of James Roscruk of the rent and service of John Tomkyn for the land &c. he held of him in the town of Penhalwyn, with the reversion of the said land &c. on the expiration of the said John's term therein, to hold by the rent of 1d. for the first twenty years and thereafter by 40s. rent payable at the terms usual in the hundred of Kerrier. Witnesses:—William Tregos, William Bryt, John Skewys, Richard Feres, Richard Bonython. Penhalwyn, 4 July, 8 Henry VI. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 8711. Feoffment by John de Trevaylek to William son of John Trevaylek the younger and Joan his wife and the heirs of their bodies of all his messuages, lands and tenements in the town of Carwennek, rendering 20s. to him yearly for the term of his life. Witnesses:—William Lambron, knight, John de Resprine, Robert Trevaignion, William Tre . . . ., Richard Tregisky. Carwennek, Thursday the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, 15 Richard II.
[Berks.] A. 8712. Feoffment by Richard Wellam, citizen of London, to Stephen Bekke of Redyng of two tenements situate together in New Street, Redyng, on the south side between John Lewynden's and William Huntyngdon's tenements on the east and west; also of a messuage in 'Le Gutternelane' of the same town on the east side between the tenement of the lord abbot of Redyng on the north and the grange John Yde held of the said abbot on the south; which tenements and messuage he had by the gift and feoffment of Robert Fryday of Whytchirche; also grant of all the necessaries therein then existing. Witnesses:—John Whyte, mayor of Redyng, Robert Morys and others (named). Redyng, Wednesday, before St. Martin the Bishop, 4 Henry V.
[Cornw.] A. 8713. Feoffment by Nicholas son of Thomas de Brenyon to John de Trenbethou and John his eldest son, of all his land in the town of Brenyon on the west and south of the said town, as the ditch of the lane goes from Thomas Jahan's house in a line towards Legwr in Carnb[re]nyon, and as the little lane goes from the chapel of St. Mary Magdalen of Brenyon towards the well in the park (?) of Brenyon; for this they gave him 40s. beforehand . . . . . . . .
[Bedf.] A. 8714. Bond by William Blok of Berford, co. Bedford, to Thomas Stratton of Bykelyswade in 40s. due on the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula next. 28 June, 27 Henry VI.
[Chesh.] A. 8715. Feoffment by Roger Dunan to William de Birchis of his half land (totam dimidiam terrain meam) in Timperleye and the moiety of the land which Mabeli[a] held in the town of Timperlee, with appurten- ances and buildings, after the death of Mabilia, rendering a pair of gloves yearly for all service. Witnesses:—Sir William de Bagelee, Sir William de Massy, Henry de Timperlee, Simon de Cley, Matthew de Hale.
A. 8716. Chirograph, not indented, being an agreement between Hamo (Hamundum) de Valuines and Henry son of Reiner of London concerning all the land which was Roger de Sumeri's whereof they had the custody, together with the said Roger's heir, by the grant of John, count of Mortain, viz. the said Hamo retained all the land of Mimmes for his part, and the said Henry retained for his part the land of Haselingfeld and the land of Elmedun and the land of 'la Lee,' with a carucate of land which was an escheat (escaeta est) at Dudeno; provided that if either of them in any way lost any part of the before named lands he should recover from the other's part.
[York, N.R.] A. 8717. Feoffment by Ranulf son of Henry to Alfred (Auvredo) de Marines his cousin (cognato) for his homage and service, of the mill of Patrick Brumton, as freely, &c. as he himself held it, saving to him and his heirs multure of his demesnes, rendering therefor yearly, to wit at Richemund fair, two gilt spurs, or 6d.; it is to be known that the aforesaid Alfred and his heirs shall possess and enjoy the said mill until the said Ranulf son of Henry or his heirs provide the said Alfred or his heirs with six marks worth of land in a competent place. Witnesses:—Sir Peter de Brus, Sir Ranulf son of Robert, Roald Constable (constabulario), Robert Fossard, Robert de Scegnes, Geoffrey de Forsete, then dean, Thomas his brother, then official, Geoffrey son of the dean of Forsete, Elyas de Retherby, Robert son of Eve of Neuton.
[Cornw] A. 8718. Letter of attorney by Robert Mowy, of Hellestonburgh, to John de Anter' to deliver seisin to . . . . and Joan his wife, of a tenement . . ., as in his charter thereof. Friday before the Chair of St. Peter, 40 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 8719. Indenture between Robert Herward, son and heir of Clement Herward and Robert Randys, reciting the feoffment made by Robert Berney, knight, William Frere, clerk, Henry Pakenham and John Thornham, by charter dated at Wykemere, Thursday after the Apostles Peter and Paul, 12 Henry IV, to the said Clement his father and Cecily then his wife, now the wife of Robert Randys, of the manor of Wykemere called 'Boddamhalle' and lands, &c. in Shypden formerly Robert Tebald's, which they had by the feoffment of . . . ., to hold to the said Clement and Cecily and the heirs and assigns of Clement; confirmation thereof by the said Robert and grant that the said manor and lands should remain to the said Robert and Cecily for the term of their lives in survivorship. Dated . . . ., 23 [Henry VI]. Injured. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 8720. Feoffment by Geoffrey son of Miles de Wotton to William son of the parson of Wotton, for his service, of one rood of arable there next land of John de Cortenhale; rent, a needle and thread (unum acum cum filo) at Easter, for all service.
[Cornw] A. 8721. Letter of attorney by Reinfrid Meyndy to James Tregarn and John Trewethyan to deliver seisin to William Reskymer, esquire, of messuages, lands, &c. in Langwich and Chyenodrek. Witnesses:—Richard Tregoes, Otho Trefuses, John Kympe . . . Seynt Maugan, 14 September, 8 Edward IV. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 8722. Feoffment by Thomas de Walton, of Bobenhull, with the assent of Alice his wife, to Maud daughter of William Aylmer of Wiliby, for her service, of a virgate of land, &c. in Bobenhull, with reversion, if she died without issue, to the said William Aylmer and Eufemia his wife, their heirs and assigns, as freely, &c. as Richard le Wernun gave it to him; rent 1d. at Easter to the lights of St. Mary's Church, Bobenhull, for the souls of Thomas's ancestors, and to William and Eufemia 10s. yearly. Seal.
[Cornw ] A. 8723. Letter of attorney by Thomas son of Ralph de Trebervet to Geoffrey de Tredutual to deliver seisin to Benedict de Roscrou of all his land of Trebervet. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Tregod, Alan de Rosmeryn, Roger de Treger, Geoffrey de Tredutual, Matthew le Bayus. Penryn, Saturday after St. Andrew the Apostle, 24 Edward [I].
[Chesh.] A. 8724. Indenture of demise by Henry, king of England, . . ., lord of Ireland and lord of Halton, by William Daniel, lieutenant of William de Stanley, steward of Halton, to Roger Bydull and Adam Alicok, of the water mill of Congulton, the toll of fairs and markets, 'le Meldhall,' bakehouse, and the house beyond, and the cottage next it, with the gardens to the said Meldhall cottage and bakehouse annexed; and also of a moiety . . . . . . . of Congulton, the said forfeiture to be taken as anciently accustomed; to hold from Michaelmas then last for a year, at the rent of 10l. 13s. 4d. of new increment at the Annunciation and Michaelmas equally, whereof 10 marks used to be paid for the mill, 4 marks for the toll, &c., 13s. 4d. for the ancient increment and 13s. 4d. for the new increment; also of a moiety of all goods and chattels waif . . . . . . within the lordship of Congulton; also of a moiety of chattels arising from strays within the said lordship during the said term; also of a parcel of underwood called 'Whateleybonke Croft' next the said mill, with a moiety of all amercements of all transgressions in the same 'Watelebonke,' for repairing the pond of the said mill: the king to keep the Meldhall &c. in repair with timber and all else needful; the said Roger and Adam to keep the water mill on the Dane (super aquam de Daan) in repair by view of the steward; sureties on behalf of the said Roger and Adam, Thomas de Werburton of Halton and Thomas Ronyn of Congulton. Tuesday before the Apostles Simon and Jude, 4 Henry V.
[Bedf ] A. 8725. Feoffment by John Perot of Southyevl to John Stondon of the same of 6 selions of arable there, situate as described. Monday, Midsummer Day, 38 Edward III. Seal, broken.
[Chesh.] A. 8726. Feoffment by Henry de Coton to John son of Henry Teger of a messuage and curtilage in Middlewich (Medii Wici), which he had by the gift of Felicia late the wife of John, son of John de Loghteburgh. Middlewich, Monday the morrow of St. Clement the Pope, A.D. 1337.
[Surrey ] A. 8727. Letter of attorney by Juliana Freke to John Sterr of Cove- ham, husbandman (agricolam), to deliver seisin to William Thornle of Perforde and Henry atte Wone of Certeseye, of the lands, &c. she lately had by the feoffment of Sir Robert Gamelyn, clerk, and Richard Freke of Feccham in the parish of Coveham and Little Bookeham. Seal. Cf. A. 5741.
[Warw.] A. 8728. Feoffment by Henry Aleyn of Lapworth to Sir Hugh de Braundiston, knight, and Margaret his wife, for 10s. beforehand, of a field in the town of Lapworth, between the highway leading from Henleye to Burmyngham and the highway from Osneford to Lapworth church; rent 1d. to the chief lord of the fee at Michaelmas, for all service. Seal.
[Linc.] A. 8729. Feoffment by John Basse of Folethby and Idonia his wife to Robert de Cokryngton of Aswardby, of a half messuage in Aswardby called 'Cordan Place,' and a half bovate of land in Aswardby and Haryngton. Witnesses:—Robert, rector of Aswardby church, Robert, rector of Haryngton church, and others (named). Sunday before St. Mark, 2 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 8730. Feoffment by Roger son of William de Essebi to Eustace de Arderna son of Alexander for his homage and service and for 7 marks and 40d., of four virgates of land in Essebi, with three cotters (borderis) in the said town, to wit the cottages (bordellam) which Hawisia, Walter Cook (cocus), and Tustanus Cook (cocus), held; rent 16s. Fragment of seal (a bird). Cf. A. 6266.
[Chesh.] A. 8731. Grant by Eustacia daughter of Roger, by the consent (concessum) and good will of her husband (sponsi mei) Alan, to Walter son of Hernis, of her land called 'Stanifurlung,' lying between Bondecroft and the highway (pupplicam viam); for four marks he gave her beforehand; saving however the service of the lord Simon and his heirs, viz. 12d. yearly. Witnesses:—Aug[erus] the chaplain, William chaplain of Daven- ham, Abel the chaplain, Robert de Wodeford, William de Weunia, Thomas de Warihul, Robert de Warihul, Nigel Palmer (palmifero), Richard Turisus. Fragment of seal.
Camb. A. 8732. Feoffment by Richard Dyke and Richard Cleve of Berton to Richard Aylemer of Berton and Henry Aylemer, of 1 a. arable lying dispersed in Berton field, part at 'Cambrigge Wey,' land of the college of Clare Hall, Cambridge, on either side, which acre they had by the gift and grant of Joan Freman, Robert Fanne, Nicholas Birde and John Aylemer of Berton. 5 February, 22 Edward IV. Seals.
Bedf. Notts. A. 8733. Indenture, being a feoffment by William de Northwell, clerk, to his dear mother and lady, Agnes de Northwell, and John de Northwell, son of Agnes Chaucer of London, and the heirs of the body of the said John begotten, of all his lands and tenements, &c., free tenants and bond and their issue, lands and chattels, in Northcarleton and Sutton on Trent, co. Nottingham, and Luyton, Lymbury and Biscote, co. Bedford, with reversion in default of John's issue to his own heirs. Witnesses:— Sir Philip de Lymbury, Hugh de Crumbewell of Carleton, and others named). Seal of arms.
[Wilts.] A. 8734. Indenture, being a feoffment by Nicholas, prior of St. Denys next Suhamton and the convent of the same to Richard Shepherd (bercario) and Maud his wife, of all their land in the town of Stratford which lay between the land of the commonalty of Salisbury (inter terram commune Sar'), which Peter de Vivon held on the one side and Roger Hwetaker on the other, and stretched from the highway to the water up to the piece of meadow on the water, which meadow they had retained to themselves; also grant of the pasture of the said meadow after they had carried their hay and had depastured it with their beasts, up to the feast of the Purifica- tion when they wanted to close it (quando idem pratum ponere voluerimus in defensum); also grant of pasture for one ox in the common pasture of Stratford; rent 6s., and suit for them to the court of the bishop of Salisbury and other foreign services belonging to their lands in Stratford. Witnesses:—Robert de Munden, then bailiff of the bishop of Salisbury and others (named).
[Somers.] A. 8735. Feoffment by Walter de Romesi to Walter le Lyf and Lucy his wife of all his land and wood at Chalvehulle on Cantok in the parishes of Nitherstaweye and Overstaweye, between the wood of Philip de Colum- bars and the wood formerly William Trivet's and abutting from the wood of Sir Robert Fiz Payen up to the wood of the hospital of Bridgwater (Brugeswalteri); to hold to them, and the heirs and assigns of Walter; rent 8d. to the chief lords. Endorsed: A hye rent for Nether Stowye and Over Stowye.
[Somers.] A. 8736. Letter of attorney by Walter de Romesi, knight, to Richard Jeverny and Adam Chandos, to deliver seisin to Walter le Lif and Lucy his wife, of land and wood at Chalvehulle on Cantok in the parishes of Nither- stoweye and Overstaweye. Pipelpenne, Tuesday after St. Edmund the King, 6 Edward II.
[Linc.] A. 8737. Feoffment by Henry son of John son of Gilbert at Welle, of Bagendyrby, to William de Wynceby, parson of the church of Bradde- ford Dale, and William Terus, parson of the church of the mediety of Bagendyrby, of the lands, &c. in Bagendyrby and Stanesby, which he had by the feoffment of John son of Gilbert his father of Bagendyrby, which formerly belonged to Peter Bavent, knight, one fourth thereof only excepted and reserved to him. Friday in Easter week, 7 Richard II.
Hants A. 8738. Feoffment by John Brytt of Crischurche Twynham, to William Peynter of Crischurche and Elizabeth his wife of a messuage, &c. in Crischurche opposite the castle there on the east of the High Street, &c.; which he had by the gift of Alice Browne late wife of William Attewode; also of two cottages in 'la Castelstrete' between the tenement of William Berkeley, esquire, &c., one of which cottages he had by the gift of the said Alice, the other by the gift of Thomas Couper and Emmot his wife; also of 3a. land, la. in Benetteshay next land formerly belonging to Walter Hyder, vicar of the said town, &c., two acres whereof he had by the gift of the said Alice, and the third acre by the gift of the said Thomas Couper and Emmot his wife. Witnesses:— John Bokelond then reeve (preposito), Robert Imberley one of the constables, and John Parlett, bailiff, of the said town and others (named). 1 February, 19 Edward IV. Endorsed: pro domo Andree de Laye.
[Cornw.] A. 8739. Indenture of demise by Ralph Reskymer, esquire, to George Nevyle, bishop of Exeter, chancellor of England, master Henry Webber, dean of the cathedral church of St. Peter of Exeter, master John Burgh, clerk, Robert Ingelton and Richard Lanargh, for the term of their lives, of all his manors, &c. in Reskymer Manek, Trevarthian, Trelowitheyll, Merthyn, Trethevis, Wynyanton, Roscorwill and Carveynek, rendering to him therefor yearly 100l. Witnesses:—John Colshull, knight, John Cheynduyth and Robert Hylle, esquires. Dated at More, 6 January, 1 Edward IV. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 8740. Feoffment by William Lyttester of Itryngham to William Ranye of Matelask, of 4d. yearly rent from two pieces of land in Little Bernyngham. Sunday after St. Barnabas, 47 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 8741. Indenture, being a feoffment by Robert Tebaud of Scypeden to Lawrence Atese, of a place of land there, at Crowemere, described, at 12d. rent. Crowemere, Friday the feast of St. Mark, 39 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 8742. Indenture, being a feoffment by Robert Tebaud of Schippe- den to Peter le Chapman of Gresham, dwelling at Crowemere, of a place of land at Crowemere in the town of Schippeden, described, at 3s. rent. Shippeden, Saturday the feast of St. Mark, 23 Edward III.
[Bedf.] A. 8743. Feoffment by Andrew Barbour of Dunstaple and Joan his wife to Richard Parchemener, clerk, John Ampthull, Richard Lexham, Robert Holme and Henry Mauntell, of that messuage which John de St. Amand (de Sancto Amando), lord of Milbrok, gave to William de Kentebury and Ida his wife, in West Cotes and Estcotes; also of 7a. there formerly belonging to John Harank of Cotes and afterwards to Robert Odierne, which William de Kentebury bought; also of 5 a. land there which formerly belonged to Robert, son of Richard de Kerdyngdon, with all other the lands, &c. there which descended to the said Joan. Westcotes, Monday after the Purification, 5 Henry V.
[Bedf.] A. 8744. Release by Margaret Manebi of Henlowe to John Baldewine and Joan his wife, of 3 roods of land with covenant to pay them divers sums in default. This she swore on the sacrament and a missal in Henlowe Church in the presence of Sir Hugh the chaplain and William le Noble. Monday before St. George the Martyr, 7 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 8745. Feoffment by Luke Skynner to Henry Coly of Eglosnyulyn, of land in Medeshole annexed to a close of John Seyntaubyn; to hold of the said Luke, during his, Luke's, life, by the rent of a grain of pepper, and after his decease to hold of the chief lords of the fee by the rent and service due and accustomed. Witnesses:—Odo Treloddrow, Peter Fowy, and others (named). 16 February, 2 [Henry] V.
Oxford. A. 8746. Release by Maud daughter and heir of William Candovere of Aston, widow, to Thomas Hertemere of Postelcombe and . . . . . of the same, of her right in the lands &c. in Aston and Challeford after the decease of . . . . , which they had by her feoffment; also general release to them. Aston, Sunday after Allhallows, . . . . Edward [III]. Fragment of seal of arms.
[Cornw.] A. 8747. Indenture between Martin de Ferers, Robert Hill the younger, and Richard Piperell, of the one part, and Ralph Soor of the other, being the defeasance of a feoffment made by Ralph Soor of the manors of Eglosrose and Trelewyth, viz. if he pay the said Martin 200 marks in which he is bound to him the feoffment shall be void. Birfferers, Sunday after the Epiphany, 12 Richard II. Seal of arms, broken (Ferrers). Endorsed: Eglos Roos et al'.
N'hamp. A. 8748. Counterpart indenture between Thomas Larcher, prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England of the one part, and John de Lungevill of Norhamton and Margaret his wife of the other, reciting that a plea was moved between the said parties before Geoffrey le Scrop and his fellows, justices in eyre in the county of Norhamton, the prior alleging that they lately held a messuage in Norhamton of the master of the Templars (milicie Templi) by service of 30s. yearly, which rent the said prior by reason of the abolition (adnullacione) of the said order and the grant of King Edward II ought to receive, agreement between the parties for the payment of the said rent for all service. Norhamton, Tuesday after St. Gregory the Pope, 4 Edward III.
[Bedf.] A. 8749. Feoffment by Roger de Dewsbury and Nolenta his wife to Nicholas de Boweles of Great Holewell, of land and meadow, described, in Cliftone. Shefford, Friday after Michaelmas, 11 Edward II. Memorandum endorsed that a fine was levied of the said land.
[Flint.] A. 8750. Feoffment by David ap Eden' Duy, Erddylat vergh Angharet vergh Eignon ap Cad' and Jevan ap Angharet, proprietors (proprietarii) in Brynpolyn in the lordship of the bishop and chapter of St. Asaph, to Jevan ap Ken' ap Jenaf, of 2 a. land in the place called Kaer Pruddyn. Dated at Lanelwy, Sunday after St. Nicholas the Bishop, A.D. 1391. Fragments of seals.
Linc. A. 8751. Feoffment by John de Harington, knight, to Sir Roger de Cobeldik, knight, and Alexander his son, of the manor of Harington, with the advowsons of the churches of Harington and Aswardeby, and all he had in the towns of Harington, Aswardeby, Hagworthingham, Sausthorp, Langeton, Dalby, Soterby, Enderby, Askeby, Braytoft, Irby, Thorp, Croft, Waynflet, Freskenay, Billisby, Halington, Raytheby, Scry- vilisby and Swaby, saving to him and his heirs the homage and service of Walter de Freskenay, John son of Michael de Raytheby and William de Foleteby; rendering to him during his life 20l. yearly. Witnesses:—Sir Simon le Chamberleyn and Sir Thomas de Riggisby, knights, and others (named). Glaston, Monday after St. Gutlac, 14 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 8752. Feoffment by Richard Sergeaux to Edward Courtenay, earl of Devon, Nicholas Wamford, John Reynill, William Talkarne, Odo Brasigonna, Stephen Bodulget, Walter Bodulget, Thomas Nanfan, Robert Stour, John Trevedo, William Woblee, or Wolle, and Nicholas Brouford of all the estate he had in the manors of Bodrugan, Treworek, Trethaek, Tredrym, Restronget, Tremodret, Trevelyn, Nantian, Carburra, Pendryrn and Trethu, with all other the lands, &c. he had of the inheritance of Bodrugan. 12 September, 9 Richard II. Copy. Endorsed: La copi de la charte qe monsieur Richard Sergeaux ffit devaunt la ffyne leve pur garder qe le ffyn ne serroit effectuel. Auxi schaches qe Bokylly ad vew le copi de la taill a le derner Counte le quell Johan Shyrston ad affirme pur bon pur voir et unqure est prest avouwer. Auxi vous enprie de notiffier ceste mater.
[Cornw.] A. 8753. Letter of attorney by Stephen Hey[vos] to Andrew de Treverbyn to deliver seisin to Roger, lord of Bodrugan and Iseult (Isoldam) his wife, of the manor of Rostronget. Endorsed: Copia literre seisine Steffani Hey[vos] unde copia carte ejusdem literre patet in recordo huic consuto.
[Norf.] A. 8754. Feoffment by Peter de Loges to Peter de Weutre and Leticia his wife and the heirs of Peter for their service and for 6 marks gersum of la. land in Burnham St. Clement, rent 1d. at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Snytertun, knight, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 8755. Feoffment by John Sifflet of Hattone to Nicholas Wilemyn of Hamsclape of a rent of 1d. and a rose, viz. ½d. from Simon le Chapman and ½d. from William de Wold and a rose from Richard Eliis; rent to the chief lord of the fee a clove gillyflower if required at Michaelmas; consideration 12d.
[Chesh.] A. 8756. Feoffment by John son of John de Louttebourwe to Robert son of William de Bulkyley, of his land and tenement with the free rent he had by the demise of John his father and by inheritance or otherwise within the town of Middlewich (medii wici), with a place of land in the territory of Neuton called 'Nineteen Selions,' and 3s. 6d. rent from the messuage of Adam Smith (fabri). Witnesses:—Sir Hugh de Venablis, Sir William de Brerton, knights, Richard de Foulishurst, sheriff of Cheshire, and others (named). 1 Edward II, at Middlewich. Seal, broken.
[Wilts.] A. 8757. Feoffment by William Paynot the elder to William Paynot the younger, his son, of 4a. arable in Stratford field, which he had by the feoffment of Edith late the wife of John Stikeberd of Salisbury (Nova Sarum), positions described. Sunday after St. Nicholas the Confessor, 10 Edward III.
[Heref.] A. 8758. Feoffment by Thomas Smyth of Webbeley to John Chabbenor, esquire, and John Dysshewall, of 4a. meadow in 'le Polehurn,' described. Webbeley, Friday before Allhallows, 22 Henry VI.
[Chesh.] A. 8759. Bond by Hamo le Massy of Potynton to John de Osbaldeston in 100l. due at Easter next, conditioned for his observance of the award of John Savage, Matthew (Mayo) del Mer, Richard de Manley and William Danyell touching the matters in dispute between them. 11 February, 12 Henry IV. Condition in French.
[Linc.] A. 8760. Feoffment by Richard son of Henry de Sausthorp to Albin son of John Cok of Asworthby of 3 selions of arable in the fields of Asworthby, described.
[Wilts.] A. 8761. Chirograph, indented, being a demise by Alais late the wife of Richard de Grimstede to Nicholas de Haversham, for eight years, from the feast of St. Michael, 18 Henry III, of her dower in Grimstede and the services and customs which her men of Pleitesford owed her for the meadow of Exmede; for this he gave her 16 marks. Witnesses:—Odo de Grimstede, knight, John Gereberd, William Donneie, then parson of Grimstede, Robert Walrand, Robert, chaplain of Cumbton, and others (named). Seal, effaced.
[N'hamp.] A. 8762. Release by Henry son of Batemon Saunpsum of Watford to Ralph son of William Saunsump, of his right in a messuage lying between his house and the highway with entry and exit to the same place with his, Ralph's, beasts together with his cart (karecta); also release to the said Ralph of his right in 1½a. arable in the fields of Esseby St. Leger; for this Ralph gave him ½ mark beforehand.
[Linc.] A. 8763. Release by John Swynhird of Freston to Roger de Cobeldik of lands, &c. in Freston. Thursday after St. Peter at Vincula, A.D. 1312.
[Heref.] A. 8764. Feoffment by Thomas Mymme son and heir of Walter Mymme to William Vicaryes of a tenement and garden in Webley, next land belonging to the chantry of the B.V.M. in the parish church of Webley, &c. which descended to him on the death of his said father; attorney to deliver seisin, Walter Garrewey. Webley, 16 December, 16 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 8765. Feoffment by Richard le Gurloeth of St. Keverne (Sancto Kyerano) to John son of Henry Gayn, of land in the town of Heleston Burg between the house of Peter Hervi and the place of Noel de Kelligam, to hold of the chief lords of the borough of Helleston. Witnesses:—John Gonies and John Antre[u]on reeves (prepositis) of Helleston, William de Pengersick, Roger de Erise. St. Keverne, Thursday after the Purification, 1326.
[Cornw.] A. 8766. Letter of attorney by James Gerveys to Peter de Antron and Michael Gerveys to deliver seisin to Peter de Tremaen of land in Hellestonburgh. Hellestonburgh, Saturday after the feast of the Epiphany, 28 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 8767. Feoffment by William son of Henry de Pirye Pavely to Semannus de Stok for 1 mark paid beforehand, of his right in 6a. arable (harabilibus) and la. meadow which Nicholas Oter and Alice his wife bought of him, to hold to them and their heirs lawfully begotten as his charter to them witnessed; to hold to the said Semannus with all their appurtenances &c. in Perye, rent a rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—Thomas Golafre, then rector of the church of Horepol, and others (named). Seal, with legend —s. willelmi de peri.
[Chesh.] A. 8768. Indenture made at Chester Wednesday the eve of St. Gregory, 23 Edward III, between Thomas de Dutton of the one part and Adam son of Roger de Moldeworth of the other, witnessing that they were agreed for the marriage of Adam son of the said Adam de Moldeworth and Margaret sister of the said Thomas; the said Thomas to pay the said Adam the elder 20l. at Midsummer next, whereupon the said Adam the elder was to make estate to the said Adam the younger and Margaret and the heirs of their bodies of 100s. rent, and make corporal oath not to alienate his lands and tenements, &c.
[Norf.] A. 8769. Feoffment by Adam son of John de Hecham and Florence his wife, daughter of Thomas son of Baudewin de Skerninge, to William son of William de Wenling, of 20a. arable in Frausham by the perch of Frausham (per perticam de Frausham) in two pieces; rent 1d. at Michaelmas for all service; for this he gave them 20 marks and did homage to them for (de) the fee. Frausham, the morrow of St. Nicholas, 38 Henry III. Witnesses, Sir Osbert de Caylly, Sir Reginald de Dunham, Sir Gilbert de Frausham, Sir Saer de Frivill, and others (named).
Endorsed: Carta de xxti acris terre arabilis jacentibus in Sowdoles in Fraunsham Magna.
[Devon.] A. 8770. Counterpart of demise by John Sydenham, esquire, to John Holewey, 'smyth,' Isabel his wife and William their son for the term of their lives in survivorship, of two tenements with buildings in Axmyster on 'le Castelhull' which John Batalre formerly held; a void parcel of ground between the said tenements; 5 a. arable and 5 a. meadow, bounded as described; and a close containing three virgates of land in Willehey; rent 12s. yearly, and the tenant to build three new tenements, according to the use of the country or better, within three years, &c. Axmyster, the feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 34 Henry VI.
Endorsed: De tenemento in Axmyster dimisso Johanni Smyth.
[Chesh.] A. 8771. Release by Felicia, late the wife of John son of John [de Loghteburgh] to [Richard] son of Robert de Bulkilegh, of her right in the land, &c. which Robert de Bulkilegh and Felicia his wife and Richard their son had by the feoffment of the said John late her husband in Middlewich (medio wico) and Neuton next Middlewich. Middlewich, Tuesday before St. Martin, 14 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 8772. Feoffment by Osebert de Stonlinke to his brother Robert, for his service, of two shillingsworth of land which Walter Dubbe had held and William his son then held, to hold &c. in perpetual inheritance, rendering therefor yearly a pair of gloves (unas cirotecas), price 2d. (ex precio duorum nummorum) at Easter for all service, saving the service of the king and of the earl, to wit, to scutage, when a knight gives 20s. then he shall give 10d. and three farthings and to castleguard 3 halfpence. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Glottinkeham and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 8773. Feoffment by John Scifled of Hatton to Ranulph Smith (fabro) of the same, of land there; rent ½d. at Michaelmas; for this Ranulph gave him 13s. 6d. beforehand. Seal, effaced.
A. 8774. Indenture made at Droghda . . . . 27 . . . . de Barton, clerk, purveyor (provisorem). Illegible.
[Cornw.] A. 8775. Letter of attorney by Thomas Tailor (cissorem) of Pensans to Peter Guylgyer of Helleston to deliver seisin to Michael Mychillyk of Marghasyou of a messuage, &c. in Hellestonburgh. Hellestonburgh, Friday after St. Andrew the Apostle, 41 Edward III. Seal, broken.
[Bedf.] A. 8776. Indenture of demise by Adam de Bouel of Holewelle to Herbert de Ryseley, of 60s. yearly rent in the town of Holewell to be received from his tenants there, named; to hold for six years to begin at Michaelmas 1294, and longer, until he shall have receive 30 marks; other payments by the said Adam to count. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Bray and others (named).
[York, W.R.] A. 8777. Feoffment by Thomas son of German Filcok of Wakefeld to Thomas son of William Erel of the same, of land in Thome (spineto) between the land of the said Thomas Orel on either side &c. Wakefeld, 9 January, 21 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Herts.] A. 8778. Release by Terry (Theodericus) son of William de Blemont to Sir William his brother, of the heath (brueram) the said William had granted him for life, lying between the wood of the canons of Holy Trinity, London, the wood of Hamstede, the land of William le Despencer (dispensatoris) &c.; for this William gave him 40s. Witnesses:—Robert de Halewic, Robert de Haliwell, William de Stapelherst, John de Lesn' and others (named).
[Linc.] A. 8779. Letter of attorney by Richard Pynchebek son of Thomas Pynchebek, Richard Welby son of Roger Welby, Athelard Welby, parson of the church of Surflete, and John Edlyngton, vicar of the church of Pynche- bek, to John Burwell, parson of the church of Haryngton, and Robert Strete to deliver seisin to Margaret late the wife of John Copuldyk son of William Copuldyk, esquire, Thomas Bawde, esquire, of Haddam, co. Hertford, and Ralph Pynchebek, vicar of the church of Weston, of the manor of Harying- ton and a water-mill called 'Stubwath myll,' a meadow called 'Igneys ' and lands, &c. called 'Philypotlandes' in Haryngton and Aswardby, with their appurtenances in Haryngton, Aswardby, Bagenderby, Langton, Sawse- thorp, Sotyrby, Dalby, Parteney, Braytoft, Irby, Croft, Freskeney, Belesby and Hagworthyngham. Haryngton, the feast of St. Lawrence, 15 Henry VI. Fragment of seals.
[Warw.] A. 8780. Feoffment by Henry de Bonevill of Thornton to master Henry de Braunteston, of all the land he had in Bischopwood by the gift of William son of Alexander, boundaries described, together with the dower Margery la Hare held thereout when it fell in; to hold of the lord bishop of Worcester and his successors the chief lords of the fee by service of 6s. yearly. Witnesses:—Ivo, parson of Lapworth, John le Archer and others (named).
Endorsed: . . . . de terra de Bischopwod juxta Lapwrth.
[Cornw.] A. 8781. Feoffment by Gilbert son and heir of Sibyl Body to John de Trev [a] rthyan of a place of land in Marghasbighan situate between the places of Matthew Borwyk and John Bousowan. Marghadiou, Monday after St. John before the Latin gate, 46 Edward III.
[Linc.] A. 8782. Feoffment by Roger son of William le Clerk of Boston (de Sancto Botulpho) to Sir Roger de Cobeldyk, knight, of land in Freston, to wit in 'le fenlandes,' boundaries described, with the homage and service of John le fitz Orger for tenements in Freston; also of the reversion of two parts of three messuages, &c. in Freston, Toft and Butterwyk expectant on the decease of Joan late the wife of John Orger. Freston, Friday, the feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude, 11 Edward II.
[Chesh.] A. 8783. Release by William son of William de Heton to Sir Geoffrey de Dotton, of his right in the land which his father William gave to Hamo his brother in Heton. Witnesses:—Master Hugh, rector of the church of Chedle and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 8784. Feoffment by . . . . Grene of Becclis, clerk, and William Kekell of Wyndell to John Chirchows, of Wyndell, John Parker, of Becclis, John Walles the younger of Alby, John Lewes of Gelyngham and John Hunte of the same, of a messuage with a pightell adjacent in the town of Gelyngham with appurtenances in Gelyngham, Geldyston and Wyndell which they had by the feoffment of John Gyrdeler late of Gelyngham, Robert Thursby of Wykyn, gentleman, John Parker and Robert Fraunceys of Becclis. Gelyngham, 20 October, 9 Henry VII.
[Oxford.] A. 8785. Feoffment by John Skalp of Nethercote and Amicia his wife to John Bonevyll of South Weston and Margaret his wife and his heirs and assigns, of 6½a. arable in Adewell and Postelcombe; positions described. Adewell, 2 July, 22 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 8786. Feoffment by Robert le Gris to Simon son of Hestan of a land next his, Simon's, messuage towards the east, described, rent 8d. yearly, for all service, save 2d. scutage; for this Simon gave him 1 mark gersum. Witnesses:—William de Vallibus, William de Wasigeforde, Nicholas de Berc, Alan de Kirkestede and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 8787. Feoffment by Agnes Drayton late the wife of John Drayton of Welton by Daventre, widow, to John Ledyngton of Welton, of land there. Copy.
[N'hamp.] A. 8788. Feoffment by Richard de Landa with his wife Agnes' consent to Hugh le Eyr, his wife's father, of 2½a. arable which he had by the gift of Geoffrey le Eyr.
Hereford. A. 8789. Indenture of demise, 16 December, 23 Henry VII, by William Morys of Webley, to Walter Baskirvile, knight, of all his lands, &c. in Bradley in the parish of Webley, with a parcel of land there called 'within the mote,' to hold from the feast of the Purification next for three years, by the rent of a red rose at Midsummer if required.
[Cornw.] A. 8790. Feoffment by Henry Hanecoces of 'la. Medesole' to Stephen de Hayvos of one acre of land English with a garden and place in the town of 'la Medesole,' which he had of William de Hendr[e]; to hold of the chief lords of 'la Medesole.' La Medesole, Sunday the eve of St. Thomas the Martyr, 2 Edward II. Endorsed: Carta Henrici Anecok de la Medesschole.
A. 8791. Bond by John de Cliffton to Sir Richard de Grenacre, knight, and Sir Thomas de Mirebourne, to save them harmless against Richard de Grene of the sum of 300 gold crowns of France (escuz dor dou coign don roy de France) to be paid before Christmas next under penalty of the double, in which sum they were bound for him to the said Richard de Grene on account of a prisoner he had of the said Richard. Certified under the seal of Peter dou Parc, captain of Moncontour. Monday after Michaelmas, 1360. French.
[Cornw.] A. 8792. Feoffment by Ralph Reskymer, esquire, to Edmund, bishop of Exeter, William, lord de Bonevyle of Chuton, John Arundell, esquire, Henry Bodrugan, esquire, and John Vyvyan of all his messuages, &c. in Seynt Keveran, Gregonan, Curtehouse, and Trelyn. Witnesses: Hugh Courtenay and John Colshull, knights, Thomas Bodrugan, esquire, and others. Thursday before St. Margaret the Virgin, 28 Henry VI.
[Wilts.] A. 8793. Chirograph, indented, being a demise by Ela, the abbess, and the convent of Lacoc, to William de Treubrige, for life, of a virgate of land in Netton which William Seman formerly held, rent 10s. for all service; he cannot sell the land or any part of it or destroy the buildings; for this he gave them 5 marks. Witnesses:—Sir Robert, vicar of Lacoc and others (named).
Cumb. Lancs A. 8794. Bond by Rowland (Radulphum) Kirkby, Richard Clifton and William Syngilton of Broghton, esquires, to Thomas Broghton, knight, in 500l. due at Easter next, conditioned for 'Rawland' Kirkby's standing to the 'ordynaunce dome and award of Edward Bethom, John Penyngton, knyghtes, John Boteler and Richard Eglesfeld, squyers, arbitrours' chosen by him and the said Sir Thomas Broghton, touching the lands in dispute between them in the counties of Lancaster and Cumberland, &c. Whit Sunday, 9 Edward IV.
[Westmd.] A. 8795. Indenture of demise, the feast of St. Martin in winter, 21 Edward [I], by Alice late the wife of John del Lyth to John de Wessington and Godyth his wife, for seven years, of all the land, meadow, wood and the tenants with their tenements which she held of William son of John de Stirkland, for ten years; rent 10s. yearly.
A. 8796. Letter of attorney by Richard Snoden to Grono ap Jevan ap Eignon to arrest Henry ap William ap Grono his apprentice and restore the said Henry to his service according to the indentures between them. 20 October, 15 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 8797. Manumission by Oliver, lord of Carmynou, of Martin son of Davit de Hae, his bondman (nativus) of his land of Carmynou, with his issue (sequelis) begotten and to be begotten, and his goods moveable and immoveable, acquired or to be acquired; giving him and them power to buy and sell, to go and come within his land, and to have their dwelling where they could acquire it, like the free men manumitted by him; for this Robert Hackes of Penhal gave him 40s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir John le Seneschal, knight, Henry de Goddrevi, Roger de Reskemmer and others (named).
[York.] A. 8798. Feoffment by Richard de Thwayt of Denigby to Richard son of Robert Edwarde of Mekysburg and Alice his wife of a toft with buildings in Mekysburg, boundaries described; also of a bovate of land belonging to the said toft. Witnesses:—William le Vavasour and others (named). Wednesday before St. William, Archbishop of York, A.D. 1331.
[Warw.] A. 8799. Grant by William de Arden to William Frank, son of Richard, his man (Willelmo franco homini meo tilio Ricardi), of a half virgate of land and 3a. of his demesne (dominio meo) to wit at Reinaldes- methe; rent 5s; to him and his heirs, &c. in the town of Robburne; for this William gave him 1 mark, to have the inheritance.
[Norf.] A. 8800. Release by War[in] son of Hugh de Norrepp to Hugh son of Robert Tebaud of Schipeden of his right in land in Norrepp, situate as described. Schipeden, Tuesday the feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 1 Edward II.