Deeds: A.8901 - A.9000

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.8901 - A.9000

[Cornw.] A. 8901. 'Byll endentyd made yn the fest of the Natyvyte of Sent John Baptyst,' 13 Henry VII, between Dame Alice Fortescue, widow, and John Reskymer, esquire, being her acquittance for 40s. on account of 15l. as conditioned in his bond to her for 20l. and also for 43s. 8d. on account of a yearly rent of 4l. 7s. 10d. granted her by the said John and Jane his wife.
[Linc.] A. 8902. Feoffment by Ranulph and Alan sons of John Jordan of Freston to Roger de Cobildyk, knight, in tail, of land in Freston at Rosdyk, in exchange for land there at Kyndampittes; rent, a white rose at Midsummer.
[Herts.] A. 8903. Feoffment by Henry son of Adam Bukuinte to John son of Waleran of the land the said Waleran held of Adam his father, between land belonging to the abbey of St. Albans, the highway to Watford &c. and land the canons of St. Bartholomew of London held of the fee of William de Reimes &c.; rent, 3s.; covenant to defend the same against the king for one virgate and seven acres of land; also grant of land in front of the land of the said canons; for this John gave him 5s. Witnesses:—John Bukuinte and others (named).
[Wilts.] A. 8904. Counterpart of chirograph indented, made Michaelmas, 12 Edward [I], being a demise by Reginald Crok of Wyke to Ralph le Frensce, for five years, of ½a. and piece of meadow in Lacok; consideration 10s. paid beforehand. Fragment of seal.
[Norf.] A. 8905. Feoffment by Geoffrey Hildewelle and Thomas Elyngham to Francis Southwell, esquire, John Sturges and Thomas Hoo, gentlemen, and Geoffrey Brakke, to the use of the said Thomas Hoo, of 2a. land within an enclosure of the said Thomas Hoo, viz. in 'Sir Howes Crofte,' in Skernyng, which they had by the gift of Clement Pountfrayte of Skernyng, by charter dated 30 May, 23 Henry VII. 1 June, 23 Henry VII. Seals one broken.
Memorandum endorsed of livery of seisin, Ascension day, 23 Henry VII.
[Norf.] A. 8906. Feoffment by John [Fuller] of Brunham St. Clement to William . . . . . of Brunham St. Andrew, of land in Brunham St. Clement, situate as described. Saturday after All Hallows, 16 Edward II.
[Herts.] A. 8907. Mortgage by Hugh de Marins (Marinis) son of Guerricus, by the assent of dame Alice de Marins his mother, to Thomas de Nevill, chancellor of Licheffeld, for 100s., of 15a. land of his demesne in Westmill described, to hold from the Purification next after the making of Eustace de Faucunberge to be bishop of London, viz. 5 Henry III, for ten years so that he should take ten crops therefrom; at the end of the term to come back to him untilled as the said Thomas received it; in the event of his or his heirs' inability to warrant the land, he had secured the said Thomas both by his faith and by the following sureties, John de Marins, his brother, Michael Boissel and Geoffrey des Estockes &c.
[Berks.] A. 8908. Grant by Maeinselinus de Bulehee to Henry de Columbers of the hide of land in Uffentuna which Miles de Bulehee his brother held in demesne and gave to Sibyl his wife in dower, the tenements of Henry and Jordan excepted; rent, 4s. yearly; also confirmation of the virgate the said Miles gave the said Henry for his homage and service; rent, a pair of gilt spurs for all service, the messuage (masagio) which John Clerk (clericus) then held of him excepted: this gift was made before Matthew de Columbers, who is lord of that fee.
[Linc.] A. 8909. Writing obligatory by William son of Ralph Chubb of Wythern and Philip Balderyk, chaplain, of Strubby, for the payment of 60s. at Michaelmas yearly at Bagenderby to Thomas son of Philip Clerk (clerici) of Bagenderby for the lands, &c. in Bagenderby and Somerby he had granted them; the writing to be void if before the said feast they enfeoffed him and Juliana daughter of Ralph Chubb of Wythern thereof. Thursday the feast of St. George, 1349.
[Warw.] A. 8910. Feoffment by Mariota de Fraunketon daughter of Ralph of the same in Coventre to Robert de Donestaple and Margaret his wife, her sister and their heirs lawfully begotten, of a messuage with buildings in Coventre, position described; with power to the survivor of them to dispose of the premises; rent yearly to the prior and convent of Coventre 6d. for all service.
[Glouc.] A. 8911. Grant by Constance de Lega, widow, for the souls of her father William de Lega and of Mabel de la Mare her mother &c. of the manor of Wudesmonescote for making in the town of Lacok an abbey of nuns, to be called the place of St. Mary: willing that the abbesses and nuns there for ever shall hold the said manor in pure alms, discharged of all secular service belonging to the king and his bailiffs and to her and her heirs, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Pavely, knight, and others (named).
[Hunt.] A. 8912. Grant in pure alms by Nicholas son of Nicholas de Brocton to the almonry of Rames [ey] of a messuage and land, described, in Brocton. Witnesses:—William de St. George then steward of Rames[ey] and others (named).
[Devon.] A. 8913. Grant by William Bloyow with the assent of Joan his wife to John de Holebrok son of Thomas de Holebrok, for twenty years, of his lands, &c. in Rosmoundsforde and Pydecomb and in 'la More' in the parish of Aylisbear, by service of 12s. yearly on the feast of St. Michael and 2s. to the lepers of St. Mary Magdalen of Exeter. Sunday after St. Matthew the Apostle, 32 Edward III. Seal.
[Bedf.] A. 8914. Release by Margery late the wife of Walter Maneby of Henlowe to John Baldewene of Henlowe and Joan his wife, of her right in 3 roods in Cliftone. Monday the Nativity of the B.V.M., 10 Edward III.
[Wilts.] A. 8915. Release by Aliz daughter of Robert Caperun to Nicholas de Haversam and his heirs, of her right in the land in Cumptun formerly her father Robert's; rent, 1d. at Michaelmas. [1236, cf 7674, 9421]
[Essex.] A. 8916. Feoffment by Robert, chaplain of Elmedun to Henry son of Henry Lohout, of a croft in Ælmedun called Ærneburwecroft, with the croft of Marculf and with the grove rounding from the highway to the grove of Robert Lohout; to hold of Guy Cook (coco) and his heirs, in fee; rent, 3s. saving the king's service, belonging to five acres of that fee; for this Henry gave him 8 marks; wherefore he quitclaimed his right to the said Henry and delivered to the said Henry the charter' he had from Guy Cook.
[Chesh.] A. 8917. Indenture reciting that there was a dispute between Ralph son of Nicholas de Vernun and Adam lord of Bostok, touching 'hopurfre' and 'tollefre' in Bostok mill; it was agreed on Friday after St. Peter and St. Paul the Apostles, at Davenham, as follows:—Adam granted Ralph free multure for ever in Bostok mill, viz. 'hopurfre' and 'tollefre' for all manner of grain of his own, viz. 'hopurfre' thus, whenever the grain of the said Ralph or his heirs entered the mill, a sackful of the grain then in the 'le hopur,' whosesoever it was, should be ground without hindrance by the said Ralph, and after that Ralph should grind his grain without hindrance; and if his, Ralph's, grain entered the mill before Adam's, he should grind a quarter before Adam, and then Adam a quarter, and so quarter by quarter, till the grain of each of them was all ground; and similarly if Adam's grain entered first, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Vernun, Sir Hugh de Dutton, Sir Roger de, Chedele and Sir William de Brerton, knights, and others (named).
[Camb.] A. 8918. Release by Alice late the wife of William le Bel of Haden- ham to Adam le Bel of the same, of 2s. rent paid her by way of dower in the town of Hadenham out of the tenement of her said late husband.
[N'hamp.] A. 8919. Feoffment by Thomas son of Alice de Cranford of Essebi St. Leger to Seman de Stokes of 3 half-acres of land there; rent, a rose at Midsummer for all service; consideration, 24s. beforehand. Witnesses:— William, vicar of Essebi, and others (named). Seal.
[Chesh.] A. 8920. Chirograph indented, being a friendly composition made 1278, at Whitsuntide, between Adam de Hatton and Alice his wife and Henry le Norreys, lord of Derisbury, and Margery his wife, concerning ponds and mills in Derisbury and Hatton. Witnesses:—Sir Roger, prior of Northon, Sir Geoffrey de Dutton and others (named).
[Devon.] A. 8921. Release by Nicholas de Bolevyle, knight; reciting that Sir Henry de Champernoun (Campo Arnulphi) father of his wife Joan, before her marriage enfeoffed her, among other things, of the rent and service of Master Reginald de Champernon for the manor of Clistwyke, with the reversion of the said manor, but the said Reginald neglected to attorn to her; release by Nicholas of his right, by reason of his said wife, in the said services and reversion to William son and heir of the said Sir Henry. Witnesses:— Sir Stephen de Haccomb, Sir Otho de Bodrigan, Sir John de Carmynou, and Sir Robert de Beaupel, knights. Tywardraith, Friday after the Purification, 3 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 8922. Indenture being a grant by Reginald de [Treth]erff and John his son to John Lanhergy, for fifty years, of 6s. 8d. from their lands &c. in Mcdschole yearly. Lostwythiell, Tuesday in Easter week, 2 Henry IV.
[Essex.] A. 8923. Grant in free alms by Maurice de Windesor and Edith his wife, as of her inheritance, to the nuns of Wikes of the isle of Siricheseie and the tithes of their lordship of Purle, an acre of corn and an acre of oats, a lamb and a fleece excepted.
[Oxford.] A. 8924. Feoffment by John Coleman of Stokestalmache to John Clement of Whytefeld and Agnes his wife of land in Stoketalmache, formerly belonging to Robert Coleman and Agnes his wife, also a place of land formerly Robert Parson's; rent, to the heirs and assigns of a tenement called 'Panyters' in Stoketalmache, 8d. yearly. Monday in Whitsun week, 4 Henry IV.
[Berks.] A. 8925. Grant by Elizabeth Clerk of Redyng, widow, to John Langham and Joan his wife of all her goods, whereof she put them in possession by delivery of 4d. Witnesses:—Stephen Dunster, then mayor, John Bakester and George Yonge, constables, of the borough of Redyng. 8 January, 15 Edward IV.
[N'hamp.] A. 8926. Feoffment by Andrew son of William de Cotes to William de Bussey (Busseto), knight, of land in Grendon for 1 mark paid beforehand.
[Norf.] A. 8927. Feoffment by Isabel daughter of Roger Martyn of Schipe- dene to Hugh son of Robert Tebaud of the same of a messuage there. St. Mary Magdalen's day, 31 Edward [I].
[Wilts.] A. 8928. Confirmation by Adam de Port of the grants made by Roger son of Ralph, his knight, and Hawys mother of the said Roger, and by Robert the priest (presbyter), of two virgates of land to Serl and Maud his wife. Witnesses:—Odo de Arguill[is], Ralph his son, Robert the priest (presbyter) of Swend[on], William, priest of Stantun, William, clerk of Stretton, Nicholas, clerk of Redburn, and others (named).
[Camb.] A. 8929. Feoffment by Walter le Nevu of Wilburham to Eustace son of Roger de Wilburham, for 4 marks, of land in Wilburham; rent, 3s. Witnesses:—Sir Walter parson of Wilburham and others (named).
Endorsed: Hee sunt carte Ewstacii filii Rogeri de Parva Wilburham.
[Warw.] A. 8930. Feoffment by Geoffrey atte Bridge (de ponte) of Hetton to Simon Bartholomeu of land there; consideration, 12d.
[Lanc.] A. 8931. Release by Agnes late the wife of Robert Motton to Alice her daughter wife of John Wawane the elder, of her right in a tenement and in the third part of a house &c. which the said Alice had by her feoffment in the hamlet of Whetelay within the town of Thornelay. 16 June, 10 Henry IV.
[York, W.R.] A. 8932. Feoffment by Denise late the wife of Robert son of Eudo de Teleby, widow, to Ralph her son of her land in Bradewell and in Fislak and in Tudeworth and in Wykeresle; rent, 1lb. cummin on the feast of St. Martin yearly, doing to the earl of Warenne the service belonging to him for the land of Bradewell and Fislak and Tudeworth, viz. ½ mark yearly; and to William de Livet service for the land of Wykeresle.
Camb. A. 8933. Feoffment by John Lenton and Richard Levechyld to Edmund Hanson, clerk, rector of Tofte, co. Cambridge, George Baasley of the same, Nicholas Maye and Thomas Baasley, son of Thomas Baasley, of the same, 'smyth,' and John Grene of Comberton, in the said county, of 3½a. arable in Berton. 10 November, 19 Henry VII. Seals.
[Salop.] A. 8934. Release by Thomas de la Mare and James and Richard his brothers to Maculin de la Mare, Richard de Cornewaile, John Darras, Thomas son of John de Whitton, William de la Boure and Edward de Whitton, of their right in land &c. formerly William de la Seete's by inheritance, and which John Adames. vicar of Leyntwardyn and Nicholas Bakar, chaplain, had by his gift and feoffment in Over Assheford, Nether Assheford and Huntiton. Assheford, Tuesday the feast of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, 13 Richard II.
[Chesh.] A. 8935. Indenture being an agreement made between Sir Geoffrey de Chedel and Sir Richard de Stokeport, touching pastures in Echeles and enclosures made therein. Witnesses:—Goscelin de Badelesmere, justice of Chester, Sir Hamo de Mascy, Sir William de Venables, Sir Ralph de Vernoun, Sir Hugh de Dutton, Sir Richard de Mascy, Sir Roger de Dounvile and Sir Patrick de Haselwell, knights, and others (named). Dated in the full county of Chester, the eve of the Ascension, 9 Edward [I].
[Cornw.] A. 8936. Feoffment by . . . . to John de Trevarthian and Isabel his wife of 3a. land English in Trewar . . . . Monday [after ?] St. Peter in Cathedra [13 ?] Edward [I]. Faded.
[Hunt.] A. 8937. Chirograph, indented, being an agreement between Hugh, the abbot, and the convent of Ramesey, and William the porter (portarium), viz. the said William being too infirm personally to serve as porter, the abbot and convent grant to him for life, to be received from the cellarer daily a monk's loaf and knight's loaf, a measure of beer and a dish of fish or meat; also at Westun yearly 4a. of grain, viz. two of corn and two of oats belonging to his office; in return the said William surrenders his office. Witnesses:—Walter son of Robert, knight, and others (named).
[Hants.] A. 8938. Feoffment by John Huse, clerk, Richard Bedhamton and John Bred to Richard Stake of Frendestapull and Mary his wife, in tail, of the lands &c. in Frendestapull, Farlyngton and Farham, which they had by his feoffment, with remainder to his right heirs. Sunday the feast of the Epiphany, 5 Henry IV. Seals.
[Somers.] A. 8939. Feoffment by William Fychet son and heir of William Fychet of Brimmore to Hugh le Luf, of the rent and service of Walter de la Ya and his heirs for the lands &c. which the said Walter held of him in Canigton and elsewhere of the fee of John de Gornay; also of the rent and service of Oliver de Pophille for the lands &c. which the said Oliver held of him in the said fee; also of the rent and service of Beatrice de Bodisham and her heirs by Hugh de Bodisham for the lands &c. which she held of him of the said fee; rent therefor yearly to the chief lords of the said fee, ½lb. of cummin at Michaelmas.
[Herts.] A. 8940. Chirograph, not indented, being a grant by the canons of Holy Trinity, London, to Geoffrey de Bordesden, of land which William de Aldeber' held, in exchange for land near Bordesden &c.
[Heref.] A. 8941. Feoffment by John Fraunce the elder of Tretillee in the parish of Llangaren to Sir John Phelpotte, chaplain, and William Phelippe of Trevawdy, of lands &c. in Tretillee in the hamlet of Tredonok in the hundred of Wormelowe; attorney to deliver seisin, Walter ap Yerward. The feast of the beheading of St. John the Baptist, 15 Henry VII. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 8942. Feoffment by Roger son of Benedict of Metton to Thomas Collector of Audburc, of land in Metton, described. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Curson and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 8943. Release by Estrild late the wife of Fulcher de Welles, widow, to H. the prior and convent of Lewes, of her dower in land at Welles called Briggereche.
Endorsed: . . . . Merslonde.
[Devon.] A. 8944. Feoffment by Roger le Arbeloster to Henry de Gevele and Margery his wife, in tail, of his tenement outside the south gate of the city of Exeter in St. Mary Magdalen Street, bounded, &c.; with reversion to himself; rent, 4s. Witnesses:—Master Hamund Parlebyen, then steward of Exeter, John de Bitelisgate, under bailiff, and others (named).
[Camb.] A. 8945. Confirmation by William Thalemasch to Walter son of William Clerk (clerici) of Wilburgeham, of land of his fee of Wilburgeham, which he, the said Walter, received of his, William's men, in exchange.
[Wilts.] A. 8946. Feoffment by Thomas le Wyte of Natton to Roger le Draper of Lacok, of 1a. arable in 'la Inlond,' against Pensedoune between land late John Bluet's, &c.; consideration, 40s. Lacock, Tuesday the feast of St. Leonard the abbot, 4 Edward III.
[Cumb.] A. 8947. Notification by Henry son of Arthur that he had granted to Alan son of Ketel and his heirs, to hold of him and his heirs Ravenes- berg, bounded as described; also he granted to the said Alan and his heirs right of way to the same by two paths in his forest; rent, 2s. yearly; saving to himself stag, boar and hawk.
Endorsed: Pro libertatibus infra forestam de Coupll[and].
[Linc.] A. 8948. Feoffment by Nigel son of Thomas de Pincebek to Gilbert Kegge of Lincoln and Alina, Nigel's sister, of land in Toft, which formerly belonged to his mother Margery, which she exchanged with Sir Roger de Huntingfeld her brother for the land of Suththorp; rent, 1d. yearly for all service. Witnesses:—Master John de Richemund, rector of Toft, William de Holgate, mayor of the city of Lincoln, and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 8949. Feoffment by Joan Wynde, widow, late wife of William Wynde, to Richard Hoo, gentleman, of la. arable in Skarneng which she, the said William Wynde, and Thomas Seeker, since deceased, had by the gift of Katharine Newman late wife of Richard Newman, executrix of the wills of Thomas Belde and the said Richard Newman, by charter dated at Skarnyng, 17 April, 27 Henry VIII. Skarneng, 25 February, 1 Mary. Memorandum endorsed of livery of seisin.
Leic. A. 8950. Bond by Stephen son of Sir Richard de Weston, knight, deceased, to Simon de Sibthorp in 40l. due at Leycestre in the church of St. Mary there at Whitsuntide next. Leycestre, Friday after the feast of Hilary, 4 Edward II.
Endorsed: A noblegasyon.
[Cornw.] A. 8951. Feoffment by William de Gotholgan to Richard Greet and Margery his wife of messuages, &c. in Porthenes. Thursday before St. Gregory the Pope, 27 Edward III. Seal. Faded.
[Linc.] A. 8952. Feoffment by Maud Latin of Scoton to Sir Robert de Nevill rector of Scoton, of land there; rent, a ginger root at Christmas. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Nevill, Sir John de Nevill, rector of Malmeton and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 8953. Counterpart of feoffment by John Reskymer, esquire, to Nicholas Jacrobyn and Joan his wife of land at Marghasvean; rent, 3s. 6d. yearly at Michaelmas, and suit to his courts held at the manor of Trewar- thean and at Marghasowe. Attorneys to deliver seisin Nicholas Love and William Parkyn. Marghesewe, 30 September, 14 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 8954. Indenture of apprenticeship of Nicholas Trenewyth, 'bastard,' to Richard Nanskylly. Witnesses:—Peter Merser, mayor of Helstonburgh and others (named). Monday before . . ., 19 Henry VI.
[Warw.] A. 8955. Feoffment by Margery late the wife of William de Lindesya to Thomas de Grenebergh in frank marriage with Maud her daughter of land in Wilibi.
[Cornw.] A. 8956. Grant by Henry de Pomery son of Maud de Vitri to John de Bugeles of ½a. land in Carwenran next Tredrin; rent, 2s. at Michaelmas; consideration, 20s. Witnesses.
[Salop.] A. 8957. Release by William Lymmell, merchant of the Staple of Calais, to Thomas and John Lymmell, executors of the will of William Lymmell late of Bruggenorth, deceased, of all his part of the goods of the said William his father; also general release to them. 10 October, 24 Henry VII. Signed: Per me Willelmum Lemell. Seal.
[Linc.] A. 8958. Feoffment by Ralph son of William de Dexthorp to Richard Cordan of Aswordeby of land in Aswordeby, bounded as described; rent, an iron needle.
[Cornw.] A. 8959. Release by Richard son of Richard de Crenhoc of his right in the land of Crenhoc to Robert de Trekeminnon, clerk; rent, 35½d. to Benedict de Wendr[on] and his heirs; consideration, 40s. Witnesses:— Sir Richard de Tregod and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 8960. Feoffment by Roger Harpour of Denford to Roger Lyne of Suldrop, chaplain, of a messuage called 'le Gossted' and land in Denford, as described. Tuesday the feast of the Annunciation, 22 Edward III.
[Suff.] A. 8961. Feoffment by William son of Hugh le Rous (Ruffi) to the prior and convent of St. Peter and St. Paul, Ipswich, of the rent &c. which they formerly held of Claricia daughter of Gerard de Hemmingestun; rent, 18d.; consideration, 1 mark. Witnesses:—Sir Hamo Passelewe, then sheriff, and others (named). Seal.
Hants. A. 8962. Demise by Geoffrey Hore of Lovedene, co. Hants, to Peter Beveroo, clerk, of Winchester, Robert Munkeston, rector of Farlyngton, and John Norton of Suthwyk, of burgages in Farham and lands, &c. in Frendstapulle and Farlyngton, which he and Thomas Cook, late parson of Bedhampton, since deceased, had by the gift of Thomas Snokeshull of Cranle, co. Surrey; rent, to Mary late the wife of Richard Stake during her life, 5 marks. Frendstapull, 1 May, 8 Henry VI. Seal.
[Herts.] A. 8963. Release by Agnes daughter of William Marshall (mareschalli) of Aspeden to the prior, John, and the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of his right in land &c. in Aspeden. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Rupell' and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 8964. Release by Osbert le Sor, lord of Trelanmur, to Thomas de Trelanbian, of his right in the moor of Goen Wordu.
[N'hamp.] A. 8965. Feoffment by Richard Warner of Trop to Alice Beneyt of Welleton, of land in Welleton, situate as described, for 30s. paid before- hand; rent, 1d. with clause as to a future exchange.
[N'hamp.] A. 8966. Release by William son of Reginald de Grendone with assent of his wife Aliz, to the brethren of the Hospital of Jerusalem, in pure alms, of the land which they had by the gift of Reginald his father in Grendone, situate as described; also grant to them of 6d. rent from Andrew Besy for land next to land of the church there.
[Denbigh.] A. 8967. Feoffment by Thomas ap Grono ap Jevaun ap Engion to Jevaun ap Hoell ap Robyn and John ap Jevaun ap Robert, of land, &c. in Ryvyat, Toyssoke and Nantglyn Canon in the commote of Issalet in the lordship of Denbeigh. Ryvyat, the last day of July, 30 Henry VIII.
[Camb.] A. 8968. Feoffment by Peter son of Thomas le Jovene of Haselinfeud to John son of John Amys of the same, of land on Hollebroc between land of the prior of Anglesheye &c.; rent, 2s.; consideration, 30s.
[Wilts.] A. 8969. Chirograph, indented; in the year after the consecration of Robert de Bingeham to the bishopric of Salisbury, at Michaelmas following, Maud de la Mare demised to Robert de Wittham (vicarium de Wittham), vicar of Lavinton, her land of Gares &c. a moiety of certain fines excepted, for ten years at 100s. rent, and 1lb. of pepper at Christmas.
[York, W.R.] A. 8970. Acquittance by John Tetryngton, attorney of John Sotheron, to Thomas de Clapam 'dil Lound' for 100 marks for lands &c. which the said John Sotheron had in the wapentake of Yowcross. 'Le Lound,' Saturday, Easter eve, 10 Richard II.
[Chesh.] A. 8971. Chirograph, indented, being an agreement made 1285, on the feast of the Assumption, between Hugh de Derisbur[i] and William de Morthwayt, his son-in-law (socerum) viz. the said William to find Hugh board and clothing and lodging for life in his house of Morthwayt, or where ever else he might dwell, and his heirs after him if he untimely died and the said Hugh survived him; in return the said Hugh gave to the said William and to his heirs by Amicia, daughter of the said Hugh, all his land in Derisbur[i], saving to himself his chattels moveable, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Buddeworthe, prior of Norton, Sir Hugh de Dutton, knight, Nicholas de Leycestre, bailiff of Hauton, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 8972. Feoffment by Benedicta atte Hill (super montem) of Welleton to Richard son of Richard Martin, for 1a. arable there, described; rent, 6d.; the land to revert to her if he died without lawful issue. Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] A. 8973. Notification by William son of Robert de Benestede that he had given to Hubert de Gurnai 30a. of his demesne to hold as a free 'socheman'; rent, 5s.
[Westmd.] A. 8974. Demise by Roger de Wesington to John his brother, of a messuage, &c. in the hamlet of Asthauyt for 30 years, which William son of Adam formerly held to farm of John Wesington his father, in the said hamlet, in the town of Striclandekettyl; rent, 16s.; the tenant to make 10 roods of wall and ditch yearly till the whole was fully enclosed &c. Thursday the morrow of the Purification, 19 Edward III.
[Chesh.] A. 8975. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Stoke of Calveley to Richard Chirchehouse, of land in Nantwich (Wico Malb'o); rent, 14s. Thursday in Whitsun week, 30 Henry VI.
[Wilts.] A. 8976. Demise 46 Henry III, on the feast of St. Cuthbert, by Roger Lof son of William Lof to Hugh Clerk (clericum) son of Nicholas atte Mill (de Molendino) of Worfton, of land in Wecckelscote, for ten years, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Andeli and Robert Bloet, knights, and others (named).
Endorsed: Wyklescote.
[Norf.] A. 8977. Indenture being a feoffment by Robert Herward, John Atte Fen of Great Yarmouth (Magna Jernemuta) and Clement Herward to Robert Crane of Shipden, of land in Shipden. Thursday after St. Faith, 1 Richard II.
[Cornw.] A. 8978. Release, Monday afterr the Epiphany, 27 Edward [I], at Helegon, by Michael called le Pedit, guardian of the heirs of Richard de Heligon, to Walter son of Hugh le Gros and Joan his wife of his claim against them and their tenants of Bolleythou for multure to the mill of Helegon, till the said heirs came of age.
[Norf.] A. 8979. Release by Eda daughter of Thurstan de Frausham, widow, and Roger son of Simon de Skarning, to the monks of St. Mary of Mendham, in pure alms, of their right in a moiety of the land which Lesfeinus son of Lewinus of Wendling held of the said Thurstan in Frausham and Wendling.
[Wilts.] A. 8980. Indenture of demise by Thomas le Wyte of Natton to Roger le Draper of Lacok, and Alice his wife, for their lives, of land in Natton against Pensedoune. Lacok, Wednesday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 5 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 8981. Demise by John son of William Rivel of Crendon to Henry Maykous, clerk of Buckeby, and Maud his daughter, for their lives, of the tenement Wymond Terri held in Buckeby; rent, 12d. to the chief lords and 3s. to him and his heirs.
[N'hamp.] A. 8982. Feoffment by Ralph Lovel of Welleton to Richard son of Martin Lovel of the same, of land there. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 8983. Feoffment by Ralph Luvel of Welleton to Martin Luvel of the same, of land there.
[Essex.] A. 8984. Notification by Brainell de Wiches, that he has granted to the nuns of Wikes 2a. of his land next theirs, in pure alms.
[Leic.] [N'hamp.] A. 8985. Release by Thomas Mayhou of Desborgh to William Pyri, of Northampton, 'corviser,' of his right in lands, &c. formerly belonging to Richard Mayhou of Desbergh his father, in Great Boudon and Farndon. Boudon, the feast of St. Maur (Mauri) the abbot, 12 Henry IV.
[Linc.] A. 8986. Feoffment by Richard Altheyn of Freston, to Sciucius, vicar of the church of Freston, John del Brewer of Freston, John White and Gilbert son of Alexander son of Richard de Freston, of land &c. in Freston. Tuesday after the Translation of St. Benedict, 23 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 8987. Feoffment by Robert Fyssher of Skernyng, John Fysher of the same, the younger, and Geoffrey Michell of Wendlyng, to Margaret late the wife of John Rooke of Gressenhale, Geoffrey Bracke and Thomas Bracke of Skernyng, of land in Skernyng, which they had, with other things by the feoffment of Edmund Tabbe of Skernyng, by charter dated the last day of March, 8 Henry VII. 10 May, 15 Henry VII. One seal.
[Surrey.] A. 8988. Feoffment by William Thornle of Pereford and Henry atte Wone of Certesey to Juliana Freke of Coveham, of the land, &c. they lately had by her feoffment, at Dodewyk in the parish of Coveham in the lordship of Little Bookeham. Dodewyk, Saturday the feast of the Purification, 4 Henry VI. One seal.
[Essex.] A. 8989. Release by Humphrey son of Humphrey the dyer (tinctoris) of Burc' of his right in a toft which was his father Humphrey's, and his mother Aquisia's in the town of Bure'. Witnesses:—John de Canffeld and others (named).
[Glouc.] A. 8990. Chirograph, indented, being an agreement made 1190 on the morrow of St. Hilary, between G. de Neapol', the prior, and the brethren of the Hospital of Jerusalem in England, and William de Lega son of William, to wit William granted and demised to them his land of Cale- mundesden, to wit all his lordship and the whole pasture of Aldesgare and 2½ virgates of bond land which Symeon, priest of Culne, and Martin held; to hold of him and his heirs in fee farm, by 3 marks rent, saving to him and his heirs the land which Walerand held and the service of Henry de Chaveringewurd.
[N'hamp.] A. 8991. Feoffment by Richard Lovel of Welleton to Richard son of Martin Lovel of the same of 3 half-acres and 1 rood there, positions described, for 3 marks paid beforehand; rent, 1d. at Easter.
[Norf.] A. 8992. Feoffment by Cicely late the wife of Henry de Bpdham to Sir Thomas, rector of the church of Wykemere, of 2a. land in Wykemere, with the advowson of the church there, to hold for the term of his life; rent, 2 quarters of barley at Michaelmas, for all service. Wykemere, Sunday before St. Barnabas the Apostle, 2 Edward [I].
[Cornw.] A. 8993. Two documents attached:—
(1) Feoffment by Ralph Dyhil to Isabel late the wife of John de Trevarthyan, of a messuage and land in Trewarveneth Varghas. Trevarthian, Saturday the eve of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 17 Edward III.
(2) Letter of attorney apparently of even date to . . . .to deliver seisin of, apparently, the above premises.
[N'hamp.] A. 8994. Feoffment by William de Aubeny the third to Robert son of William de Medburne of 2 virgates of land in Wilberdeston to hold by the sixteenth of one knight's fee for all service.
[Warw.] A. 8995. Feoffment by Simon son of Simon Bertulmeu of Hatton to Simon de la Grene of 3 half-acres of land there, positions described; rent, 2d.; consideration, 30s. paid beforehand.
[Cornw.] A. 8996. Feoffment by Oto Trevarthian to Robert Tregewore and Alice his wife of land which William Chymeder formerly held in Penmeneth, between the town of Gwallan and the land of Brevannek; rent, 8s.; with reversion to himself in the event of their deaths without issue. Marghassiou, Monday before St. Andrew, 2 Henry V.
[Norf.] A. 8997. Feoffment by John Turk of Scypedene to Robert Tebaud of the same, of 3s. rent for the land which the said Robert gave him by charter in Scypeden, lying at Crowemer. Scypedene, Monday the eve of the Epiphany, 39 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 8998. Inspeximus by William le Brette of the charter of confirma- tion of Tudwored le Brette, his grandfather, to John son of Peter de St. Constantine of half a knight's fee of Mortain in the town of St. Constantine and the advowson of the church there; with confirmation thereof to Nicholas de Sancto Mougano. Copy.
[Cornw.] A. 8999. Release by Robert Breto, lord of Trelan, of his right in the moor above Kinihavot, boundaries described, to Osbert de Lauda and his heirs.
Endorsed: Gonehanok quod bundat super Trelanvyghan.
[Warw.] A. 9000. Feoffment by Thomas son and heir of Richard Coll[i]ns of Hardewyk to John Cotes and Robert Catesby, esquires, John Wattson, rector of Rodburne, John Gervyse, rector of Bukkeby and John Verney, rector of Loddbrok, of a messuage and land &c. in Hardewyk Priors afore- said. Witnesses:—William Peyto and Edward Doddyngsell, knights, and others (named). 9 April, 26 Henry VI. Seal.