Deeds: A.9101 - A.9200

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.9101 - A.9200

[Staff.] [Worc.] A. 9101. Feoffment by William de Stafford, knight, to James son of William his son, in tail, of the manor of Hamelcote and a mill &c. in Bettecote within the manor of Swynforde, with reversion in default to himself. Bromshull, Friday before St. Michael, 11 Edward II. Copy.
[Staff.] [Worc.] A. 9102. (1.) Feoffment by William de Stafford the elder to John de Stafford his son and Margaret John's wife, in tail, of the manor of Amel- cote and lands, &c. in Bettecote and the mill of Bettecote, with remainder in default to James de Stafford and his heirs. Amelcote, Friday before the Conversion of St. Paul, 11 Edward III. Copy.
(2.) Document on dorse, illegible.
[N'hamp.] A. 9103. Feoffment by Joan Unfray of Welton to Henry de Welton, merchant, of London, of a tenement, &c. in Welton. Witnesses:—Sir John Malori, Sir Richard the vicar, and others (named). Sunday after St. Peter's Chair, 6 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 9104. (1.) Letter of attorney by John Trethek, esquire, to John Beachamp the younger, Thomas Treuthgans and Randolph Tremerun to deliver seisin to James Trewyff Lannargh, of all lands, &c. in Erlyn. Thursday before St. Denis, 18 Henry VI.
(2.) Memorandum attached:—Ben[edict] Vivian was seised of one 'logge' among other things in Porthenys and had issue Isabel, who was seised of the said 'logge' and had issue Joan, and she was seised of the same 'logge' and had issue Richard, and he was seised of the same 'logge' until he was disseised by Lawrence Goldsmyth now bailiff of Alwarton, to the use of the lord there, as he says, &c. On the dorse:—Richard de Clardu holds in Arbyn Tremour and elsewhere and renders therefore yearly 3s. . . . . . .
[Warw.] A. 9105. Release by William Dastyn, son and heir of Margery Dastyn of Derset Magna, to William le Clerc of Geydon, of his right in 10 a. arable in Le Hurlonde in Southende Derset, and in 1 rood meadow in Southende Derset and Herdewyk. The feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 18 Edward III. Seal.
Cornw. A. 9106. Bond by Eustace Henry of Marghassiowe and Lawrence Tregher of the same to Otho Trevarthian, knight, in 40l. due at Easter next, conditioned for their being prepared against the king's crossing the sea next, with a boat called the 'Mary of Mountesbay,' and four of their fellows with them, as the said Otho, sheriff of Cornwall, by virtue of the king's commission caused them to be arrested. 1 February, 4 Henry V.
[N'hamp.] A. 9107. Feoffment by William Scot of Lilleburn to John Botyler of Cleycotes next Lilleburn, of land in Cleycotes, described. Tuesday after the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, 34 Edward III.
N'hamp. A. 9108. Release by John A. . . . . ., Richard . . . . . and Robert . . . . . to William . . . . . and William . . . . ., of their right in those two meadows in Aysscheby Leger (?). The feast of St. Lawrence, 16 Richard II.
A. 9109. General release by William at Low of Harburbury to Richard Noris of Campden and John Noris his son. The Purification, 20 Henry VI. Seal.
N'hamp. Warw. A. 9110. Bond by Francis Dymock of Erdington, co. Warwick, esquire, to John Dreden of Copesashebye, co. Northampton, gentleman, in 100l. conditioned for the payment of 50l. on 25th March next. 5 November, A.D. 1573.
[Berks.] A. 9111. Release by Elizabeth Clerk of Redyng, widow, to John Langeham, and Joan his wife, of her right in tenement in New Street, Redyng. 10 January, 15 Edward IV. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 9112. Feoffment by Elizabeth Clerk of Redyng, relict of Thomas Clerk late of Redyng, deceased, widow, to John Langeham and Joan his wife, of a tenement in New Street, Redyng, which she lately had by the feoffment (A. 9113) of Robert Fareley, son and heir of Richard Fareley, jointly with the said Thomas late her husband. Attorneys to deliver seisin, John Athelard and John Wilcok. Witnesses:—Stephen Dunster, then mayor of the borough of Redyng, and others (named). 8 January, 15 Edward IV. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 9113. Feoffment by Robert, son and heir of Richard Farle of Redyng, to Thomas Clerk of Redyng aforesaid, 'draper,' and Elizabeth his wife, of a tenement in Redyng in New Street, which descended to him the said Robert on the death of his father Richard. Witnesses:— John Chamburlayn, then mayor of the town of Redyng, and others (named). 2 May, 36 Henry VI. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 9114. Feoffment by David Gower of Redyng to Richard Farle of the same, 'barbour,' of a tenement in New Street, Radyng. Witnesses:— Robert Morys, mayor of Redyng and others (named). Friday before the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 9 Henry V. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 9115. Feoffment by William Huntyngdon, 'glovere,' of Redyng to David Gower of the same, of a tenement in New Street, Redyng. Witnesses:—Robert Godewyne, mayor of Redyng, and others (named). Friday the feast of the Conception of the B. V. M., 7 Henry V. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 9116. Acquittance, apparently, by Richard . . . ., to Isabel late the wife of John de Tre . . . for money and beasts received by the hand of Benedict Berkele on account of the marriage of Joan, daughter of the said John . . . . Tuesday after St. Cyrycus and St. Julita, 19 Edward III. Fragment of seal of arms. Damaged.
[Cornw.] A. 9117. Counterpart of demise by John Reskymer, esquire, son and heir of John Reskymer, esquire, deceased, to John Humfray, Joan his wife and John and William their sons, for the term of their lives in survivorship of . . . . 30 September, . . . . Henry VIII. Two seals. Injured.
[Surrey.] A. 9118. Release by Peter Saring of the parish of St. Mary Magdalen of Bermundesey to William de Rokesle, citizen and corder of London, and Sarah his wife, of his right in land in St. Mary, Retherheth; rent, ½d. at Michaelmas; for this they gave him 70s. gersum. Seal, broken.
Endorsed: Petrus Hareng.
[Cornw.] A. 9119. Grant by Walter Nuhall to John Devyok of all his goods. 'Synt Wynno,' . . October, 6 Edward IV. Seal, broken.
[Cornw.] A. 9120. Indenture being a feoffment by John Trethek, esquire, to . . . . Lannargh, of all his lands &c. of Erlyn in tail, rent . . . at Michaelmas, with remainder in default of his issue to Elizabeth wife of Richard Ferres in tail. Thursday, . . . . 18 Henry [VI]. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9121. Feoffment by Simon de Haroudone of Asscheby Liger, chaplain, to John son of Robert de Holm of the same, of 2a. arable there, situate as described. Sunday before the Purification, 7 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 9122. Feoffment by Henry de Craunford in Yelvertoft to William his son, of a messuage &c. there. Wednesday before St. Peter in Cathedra, 19 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] A. 9123. Letter of attorney by John Aston of Yelvertoft, dwelling in Norhampton, to George Dixon of Yelvertoft, Thomas Gundewyn of the same and John Boys the younger of Assheby Legger, to deliver seisin to John Gundewyn the elder of Yelvertoft, son of the late John Gundewyn of the same deceased, of a messuage &c. in Yelvertoft and Cleycoton, which belonged formerly to Thomas Gundewyn deceased, late of Yelvertoft. 30 August, 3 Edward IV. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 9124. Letter of attorney by Roger Bretun of Wychingham to Ralph Cheny of Duntone to receive seisin of land in Brunham St. Clement's whereof he has been enfeoffed by William Crask of Brunham St. Clement's. Sunday after St. Hilary, 14 Edward III.
[Heref.] A. 9125. Feoffment by John Ondyes, chaplain, and Thomas Stormy to John de Lonteleye of Webbeleye, of 10½ a. arable in the lordship of Webbeleye, described. Monday after Michaelmas, 49 Edward III.
[Linc.] A. 9126. Feoffment by Agnes de Pointon late the wife of Thomas de Pointon of Canewyke, widow, to Robert Hare, citizen of Lincoln, of 1 a. arable in Canewyk. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas, vicar of Canewyk, and others (named). Ash Wednesday, 1320, 14 Edward II. Seal, broken.
[Heref.] A. 9127. Feoffment by Roger, vicar of Webbele, and John de Leye the elder to Robert Broun of Mucheledene and Joan Cote his wife, and his heirs and assigns, of land in Webbele and Leye next Webbele, whereof the said Joan enfeoffed them, a half burgage in 'le Weststrete' which Roger le Taylour of Webbele bought of them excepted. Thursday after St. Gregory, 37 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 9128. Feoffment by William Robert of Yelvertoft, son and heir of John Robert late of Yelvertoft, deceased, to Nicholas Coveley of Chirche Lalford, co. Warwick, of land, &c. in Yelvertoft, which formerly belonged to Thomas Tekene and John Tekene son of Richard Tekene late of Yelvertoft and which they had by the grant of Henry Lordessone otherwise called Henry de la Heus, chaplain, and Peter Tekene late of Yelvertoft, and which descended to him the said William on the death of the said John his father. Witnesses:—John Dixson, rector of the church of Yelvertoft and others (named). 14 August, 38 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bedford.] A. 9129. Release by William le Coynte and Alice his wife to the abbot, Hugh, and convent of Ramesey, of their right in land, &c. within the bounds of the park of Suthlingdon and of common therein; for this the abbot and convent gave them ½ mark beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir Richard son of Ralph, coroner, and others (named).
A. 9130. Bond by John Mounford, perpetual vicar of Mancestre, co. Warwick, and Alan Stretton, citizen and skinner of London, to Robert Armeburgh, esquire, in 10l. due on the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 1453. 12 February, 30 Henry VI. One seal remaining.
N'hamp. A. 9131. Indenture of demise by John de Stokes of Theydon Gernoun to Hugh Sompter of Little Denynton, of lands, &c. late William Moweyn's, in Denynton, to hold from Michaelmas, 45 Edward III, at the pleasure of Giles son and heir of William Moweyn; rent, 30s. at Easter and Michaelmas equally; with bond for the observance of covenants by the said Hugh in 100s. Theydengernoun, Monday, Michaelmas day, 45 Edward III.
A. 9132. Counterpart indenture being the defeasance of a bond in 10,000 marks, due at Midsummer, by Adam de Houghton, bishop of St. Davids, Henry Wakefeld, bishop of Worcester, Henry, lord de Percy, William, lord de Latymer, Sir Robert de Aston and Sir John de Ipre, knights, to Richard, earl of Arundel and Surrey, and John de Arundell his brother, on payment to the said earl and his brother of 5,000 marks on the said feast. London, 21 March, 51 Edward III. French. Fragments of the earl's seal of arms.
Leic. A. 9133. Letter of attorney by Thomas Staunton, of Staunton, esquire, and William Thorp of Thorp, esquire, to William Lunde and John Cokerell to deliver seisin to Thomas Thurland, William Babyngton, esquire, Gervase Clyfton, esquire, Thomas Lokton and Roger Hudson, of the manor of Fenedrayton next Bozesworth. 8 June, 8 Edward IV.
[N'hamp.] A. 9134. Feoffment by John de Lye and John Broun, chaplain, to John Malorie and Joan his wife, of the manor of Welton, which they had by the feoffment of the said John, with remainder in default to John's right heirs. Sunday before St. Juliana, 24 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 9135. Release by Thomas son of Thomas de Eglosmerther to Robert his brother and Sibyl his wife and their heirs on her body begotten, of their homage and service for the land they held of him in Eglosmerther and Tredogamur; also grant to them with like remainder of the homage, rents and services of Reginald le Meynyk, Reginald his, Thomas', brother, and William G'dlen, for the tenements they held of him in Eglosmerther, and of the fealty and service of his, Thomas', mother Isabel for the tenement she held of him in dower there, with the reversion thereof, and of the rent and service of Robert and Waryn his, Thomas', uncles. Monday the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, 1310. Copy.
[Warw.] A. 9136. Letter of attorney by Joan, late the wife of William Breton, knight, to Richard Lyne to deliver seisin to William de Folkeshull, chaplain, and William Clerk of Offechirche, of the lands, &c. which she had together with her said husband by the feoffment of Nicholas de Somorton and Nicholas Salemon, chaplain, in the hamlets of Haye and Gorcote in the parish of Stodleye. The last day of February, 5 Richard II.
[Warw.] A. 9137. Feoffment by William Tomeson of Clyve, and Maud his wife to William Clyve, of land in the fee of Kynnesbury at Clyve. The feast of St. Margaret the Virgin, 6 Henry IV.
[Salop.] A. 9138. Release by William Hextall, esquire, cousin and next heir of Isabel de Hopton late of Ludlowe, to Thomas Gryme of Seete, of his right in a tenement, &c. described, in Ludlowe. 9 December, 39 Henry VI.
[Notts.] A. 9139. Grant by Gilbert Nutebroun, chaplain, that, whereas John Auburne of Flintham has granted to him the reversion of a messuage and land there, which Emma late the wife of Robert Auburne of the same held for the term of her life, and she has attorned to him accordingly, the said Emma shall not be liable to impeachment of waste. Michaelmas day, 35 Edward III. Seal. French.
[Derby.] A. 9140. Feoffment by William Helyn of Brassington, chaplain, to John Brown, of two gardens in Wyrkesworth in 'la Dale,' at 14d. rent. Thursday before the Purification, 14 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Herf.] A. 9141. Release by Thomas son and heir of Thomas Smyth of Webbeley to John Garewey of Ley, of his right in a messuage in the High Street, Webbeley. 6 November, 16 Henry VI. Damaged.
[Lanc.] A. 9142. Feoffment by Margery, daughter of Simon le Taleour of Ormeskyrk, to Sir Adam del Moelys, chaplain, of a third part of her lands, &c. in the borough of Ormeskyrk. Monday after St. Ambrose the Confessor, 24 Edward III.
[Linc.] A. 9143. Letter of attorney by Roger de Aswardby, rector of the church of Irtlingburgh, to Sir John Wad, rector of Aswardby, to receive seisin of land in Hagworthyngham which he had by the feoffment of Adam Broun of the same. The day of St. . . . . the Martyr, 45 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 9144. Counterpart indenture between Thomas de Trelanvighan and Paschasius de Treredenec of the one part, and Master Ralph de Treredenec of the other; reciting that the said Thomas had married his daughter Nicholaa to the said Paschasius, to dwell at Tredenec with her husband by the will and express consent of the said Master Ralph; agree- ment that if the said parties were unwilling or unable to dwell together, the said Master Ralph should give the said Paschasius and Nicholaa half the crops in the lands of Treredenec and Melindr and half the beasts there, also half the household implements, except copper and brass vessels, silver and china cups and spoons, books, money and jewels; so that they could set up house where they pleased. St. Keverne (Sanctum Akaferanum), Wednesday after the Circumcision, A.D. 1295.
[N'hamp.] A. 9145. Feoffment by Henry Geffrei, of Yelvertoft, to William de Tekne of the same and Agnes, his wife, of land there. 19 May, 18 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 9146. Acknowledgment by Joceus de Antreuon that he held the messuage, &c. in Bedow, which he had by the gift of William son and heir of Robert de Bedow, of Thomas Petigrewe of Bronwolo and Alice his wife, by the rent of 4s. 4d. payable to them at Tretherff and suit of court. Trurou, Wednesday the feast of St. Katharine the Virgin, 4 Edward II. Copy. Paper.
Suffolk. A. 9147. Feoffment by Master Thomas Wellys of Upwell, 'gentylman,' to John Wellys his son, Master John Selot, archdeacon of Sudbury, Master Thomas Cooke, rector of Upwell, John Clopton, William Clopton his son, Thomas Higham the younger, esquire, Sir William Redycke, rector of Outwell, Master William Dunthorn, citizen of London, and Sir John Stonham, chaplain, of the manor and advowson of Todenham or Tudenham, co. Suffolk; attorney to deliver seisin, Sir John Leget, rector of Todenham. 9 February, 15 Edward IV.
Pemb. A. 9148. Indenture of demise for one hundred years at 33s. 4d. rent by John, lord Ferrers of Charteley to Thomas Fyscher and Agnes his wife, of his lands, &c. in Gylforde. 29 April, 4 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 9149. Letter of attorney by R . . . . . to William . . . . and William to deliver seisin to . . . . . . . of a house and garden in the town of . . . . with all the land in Gwaelstrech and Goenan, as in the charter which Ralph . . . . . . of the church of St. Madern made to the said Richard thereof was more fully contained. Dated at Trebighan, Thursday before the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 37 Edward III.
[Somers.] A. 9150. Counterpart of demise by William . . . . . [Byc]onyll, William Mountagu of Henley, William Assheby, esquires, . . . . . cob, Thomas Hervy and John Foweler, to Margaret late the wife of Walter Sidenham, esquire, for the term of her life, of lands &c. in Tymbercombe, Kytenore Quarum, Kytenore Mounces, and elsewhere within the parishes of Tymbercombe, Lullokkesburgh and Mountagu, Luccombe and Cuttecombe, and a burgage in Mulverton, then in the tenure of John Wrentemore, which they had by the feoffment of Robert Halsewell, esquire, and Henry Franke; with remainder after her decease to the heirs of the body of the said Walter, with remainder to the right heirs of John Sidenham late of Brympton, esquire. 20 February, 12 Edward IV.
[Cornw.] A. 9151. Indenture being, apparently, the defeasance of a feoffment by John Nichol of Tretherf. Dated at Tretherf . . . Seal. Damaged.
[Cornw.] A. 9152. Feoffment by Juliana daughter and heir of Richard de Marghasbighan (Parvo Foro) to Richard de Trevarthian and Sibyl his wife of land in Marghasbighan (Parvo Foro); with remainder in default to John son of the said Sibyl in tail: rent, 12d. yearly and suit of court twice a year at Marghasbighan (Parvum Forum); with remainder in default of issue of the said Sibyl and John to David and Robert de Trevarthian brothers of the said Richard for the term of their lives. Tuesday before the Conversion of St. Paul, 14 Edward II.
[Chesh.] A. 9153. Release by Robert de Bulkelegh to John son of John de . . . . of his right in a place of land with buildings . . . . Middlewich, Tuesday before St. Augustine, . . . . Edward . .
[Warw.] A. 9154. Counterpart of demise by Richard Mountfort to Walter Smyth of Whitchurch and Joan his wife, and John son of the said Walter for the term of their lives, of lands, &c. called Brales in Wellesborn Mountfort, rent for the first year . . s. 4d., and thereafter to him and Rose his wife and his heirs nine quarters of drag, &c. Ilmy.don, Monday after the Annunciation, 44 [Edward] III. French.
[Linc.] A. 9155. Letter of attorney by Alan de Claxby of Freston and Robert Couper of the same to John Gull of Boston to deliver seisin to John Bene of Boston, of land in Freston which they had by the feoffment of Sciucius, vicar of Freston. Wednesday after St. John before the Latin gate, 4 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Cornw.] A. 9156. Feoffment by Nicholas de Roskelli to Thomas, lord of Trelanbihan, and to the men of the said Thomas holding in Trelanbihan, of the common pasture without his close towards Trelanbihan, except in corn and meadow.
Endorsed: Trelanvyghan.
[Cornw.] A. 9157. Letter of attorney by John Jankyn to Andrew Borles (?) and Sir Richard . . . . to deliver seisin to Peter, John and Richard Tremayn of lands, &c. in Mogyonbyhan. Tremayn, Wednesday after the Beheading [of St. John] the Baptist, 8 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9158. Indenture being the defeasance of a bond in 40 marks wherein Geoffrey Reynald, William Ferrour and John Joey, all of Bucby, were bound to Warm Lucien, knight, viz. that whereas the said Geoffrey and Joan his wife in right of her lands in Bucby, claimed the body of Roger Palmer of the same as their bondman; if they, before Easter next, released all their claim against the said Roger and his issue and paid him 100s. at Midsummer and 10 marks 6s. 8d. on the feast of All Hallows following; then the said Warin granted that the said writing obligatory should be void. Sunday after the Invention of the Holy Cross, 20 Richard II. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 9159. Release by Roger de Trenansaustell (?) to Ralph de Rosta . . . of . . . . in Tregeue in the town of . . . . . Witnesses:—Ralph Bovile, Thomas de Trenelwyth . . . . St. Austell, Thursday after St. Lawrence the Martyr, 14 Edward III.
[Berks.] A. 9160. Bond by John Langham of Redyng, co. Berks, 'iremonger,' to Alexander Sydenham, in 10l. due at Lady Day, conditioned for the acquittance of the said Alexander in respect of 'cheffe rentys' out of a tenement there. 1 July, 9 Henry VI.
[Cumb.] A. 9161. Feoffment by William del Brotis to John his brother of 1a. in the territory of Seton in Coupland called 'le Blackhacer,' in 'le Brotis' next Hytemor, rendering therefor yearly to Richard de Kellet a rose at Midsummer and to Alan de Coupland 1d. on the day of St. James the Apostle for all service.
Leic. N'hamp. A. 9162. Indenture being a letter of attorney by George Catesby, son and heir of William Catesby, esquire, and Elizabeth his wife, to John Burman, Henry Gryffith, William Sossyngdale and William Hynkeley, to receive seisin of land, &c. in Westhaddon and Northampton, co. Northamp- ton, the manor of Houghton, &c. in Houghton, co. Leycester, the manor of Gretton, &c. in Gretton, co. Northampton, and of all the lands, &c. in Silesworth, co. Northampton, from Christopher Bonefant and Thomas Foxe. 10 May, . Henry VII.
Executed by 'George Catysby.' One seal remaining.
London. A. 9163. Grant by Richard Osbarn and others, as in A. 7825, Julyan being deceased, to John Marchant, of the reversion of the two tenements therein mentioned. London, 18 January, 5 Henry V.
Leic. Notts. A. 9164. Indenture whereby Joan, late the wife of Hugh Huse, knight, grants to Hugh Huse, esquire, the lands, &c. in Flyntham, co. Notts, and Drayton, co. Leicester, which came to her by way of dower after her said husband's decease, he rendering 10 marks therefore to her yearly. Copy.
[Linc.] A. 9165. Release by William Warde of Aswerby executor of the will of John Burton of Marum, to John Shyrwyn of Revesby, Thomas Mason and William Hogeson, of his right in land, &c. in Marum, late the said John Burton's. 20 April, 8 Henry VII. Seal.
[Worc.] A. 9166. Attornment by Margery, late the wife of Richard de Croupes of Aldermuston, to Hugh de Cokeseie and Denise his wife, to whom Walter de Piriton and Richard Rees had granted the reversion of the lands she held of them for life in Goldicote and Aldermuston. Saturday after the Close of Easter, 18 Edward III.
[Leic.] A. 9167. Release by Agnes [late] the wife of John Sleford of Great Bowdon, widow, to Robert Sleford, of Zelvertofte, of her right in a messuage, &c. in Great Bowdon. Saturday after St. Andrew the Apostle, 6 Henry IV. Seal, broken.
Bedf. A. 9168. Bond by John Knoth of Arlechesey, co. Bedford, the elder and John Semper, of the same, 'husbondmen,' to Thomas Stratton of Becleswade, co. Bedford, 'gentylman,' in 4l. due on St. Bartholomew's day next. 26 May, 15 Henry VI. Seals.
[N'hamp.] A. 9169. Release by Ralph Roy, vicar of Herbury, to Thomas Clerk, cousin and heir of John de Braundeston, clerk, of the land, &c. he had jointly with John Roy his father and Margery his mother for the term of their lives in survivorship, by the demise of the said John, land which he had demised to William Roy his brother excepted. Asscheby Leger, Sunday after the Purification, 3 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9170. Indenture being the defeasance of a bond in 100s. wherein John de Stoke of Assheby Leger was bound to Roger Haroudone of the same; conditioned for the quiet enjoyment by the said Roger, Joan his wife and John their son of 9a. land there, according to the form of the indentures thereof made to them for the term of their lives by the said John. Sunday after St. Hilary, 38 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 9171. Demise for twelve years by John Slawston of Welton to Simon Schawe of the same, of a messuage, &c. there. Monday after the Epiphany, 17 Henry VI.
[Cornw.] A. 9172. Indenture of demise by James Lannargh to John Trevilian, esquire, for life, of the manor of Trefoward called 'Trefoward Home', also of the rents and services of John Pentire, Thomas Fairchild, John Hendre, Thomas Moleis, John Drew, Robert Wolgaron and John Cokworthy for messuages, &c. which they held of him in Litell Bodwydok, Kenes, Mylle, Fenne, Cleys, Wolgaren and Trevoglers; also release to the said John, for life, of the rent and service due for the messuages, &c. he held in Westhendre, Trevoglers and Tregong[er] as of the said manor. Lostwithiall, 10 June, 32 Henry VI.
[Cornw.] A. 9173. Release by John son and heir of William Poyher of Penhal to John Nanskelly of his right in messuages, &c. in (?) Penhal. Graund- pount, Sunday after Christmas, 47 Edward III. Damaged.
[Cumb.] A. 9174. Feoffment by Thomas Sturdy to William de Newton of a tenement called 'Flecherland' in Little Cornay. Witnesses:—Sir John de Hudelyston and others (named). Cornay, 20 October, 10 Richard II.
[Linc.] A. 9175. Release by John son and heir of James de Sothewelle of Canewyk to Thomas de Loversale of the same, and Maud his wife and the heirs of Thomas of his right in a toft there, position described. Whitsunday, 1351.
[Norf.] A. 9176. Feoffment by William de Draytun to Alexander son of Richard the clerk (clerici ?) of Skerning of 3a. land there. Damaged.
[N'hamp.] A. 9177. Release by Emma daughter of Thomas Betrik of Braunston, widow, to her father, of her right in a messuage, &c. he gave her in Braunston. Sunday before St. Paul the Apostle, 33 Edward [I].
N'hamp. A. 9178. Grant by Ralph Hastynges, knight, to William Catesby, esquire, of the stewardship of the manors of Harlston and Horpoll, of the latter for life, of the former during the nonage of John Dyve, with 20s. and 20s. yearly therefrom during the respective terms. 1 June, 22 Edward IV. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9179. Feoffment by John Maulore and Joan his wife to their daughters Joan and Rose, with reversion in default of their issue to themselves, of two messuages, &c., which they had by the feoffment of Simon de Throp, in Welleton. Brotton, 22 Edward [I]. Copy.
Endorsed: Copia originalium factorum de redditu Henrici Vyel de Welton.
[N'hamp.] A. 9180. Release by Joan late the wife of John Malor[y], lord of Welleton, to her daughters Joan and Rose of the rent they had by his feoff- ment in Welleton. 23 Edward I. Copy.
[Cornw.] A. 9181. Indenture being an obligation by John son and heir of Benedict de Trevarthian to pay his said father yearly at Brevannec an annuity of 8l. 13s. 4d. secured on his tenements in Brevannec, Penmeneth, Olvenginois (?) and Beaulugooth. The morrow of St. John the Baptist, 1314. Injured.
[Cornw.] A. 9182. Feoffment by Peter le Archer to Stephen de Tynten of a messuage, &c. which he had in right of Joan his wife in Legh (Legha), to hold for the term of her life. St. Buryan, Sunday after St. John before the Latin gate, 15 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 9183. Release by Alice daughter of James Tregarun of Rospygh to Richard de Rospygh for life, with remainder to John his eldest son and Thomas his son successively in tail, of her right in lands, &c. in Rospygh, Lesghre, Treweur, Bosworveth. Friday after the Epiphany, 14 Richard II. Copy.
[Oxford.] A. 9184. Demise by Thomas de Clare, brother of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hereford, to Dame Rosamund, late the wife of Sir Geoffrey Marmyun, of land, &c. of the manor of Chakenden belonging to him by reason of his wardship of John son and heir of William Marmyun, from the feast of the Annunciation, 50 Henry III, to the full age of the said John. Witnesses:—Richard de Mora, Robert de Esthall, William de Huntecumbe, John de Burefeud and Walter de Hanley, knights, Roger de Brome. London, Wednesday in Easter week in the said year.
[Hunt.] A. 9185. Release by William son and heir of Robert de Infirmaria, to John le Lauender of Rammeseye and Emma his wife and his heirs, of his right in land in Rammeseye, position described. Monday, the feast of St. Margaret the Virgin, 4 Edward II.
Bedf. A. 9186. Bond by Simon Lammesse of Bykelyswad, 'glover', to Rose Stratton and William Polard in 40s. on the feast of St. Thomas the Martyr next. 28 May, 5 Edward IV.
[Herts.] A. 9187. Grant in free alms by William de Poleye to Ralph, prior of Holy Trinity, London, and the convent of the same, of 2a. land in Wydihale, position described, and 2s. rent from a tenement of their fee in the hamlet of Buntingford, position described.
Memorandum endorsed that the above land and rent were received in exchange for land of the fee of the earl of Gloucester in Popeshale, 'quia tediosa fuit minus.'
[N'hamp.] A. 9188. Indenture being the defeasance of a bond by John Slawston of Welton to Agnes, wife of the late Henry Brokhole of Welton, William her son and Agnes (sic) her sister in 20l., conditioned for his good behaviour to them. Monday before St. Katharine the Virgin, 3 Henry V. Endorsed: Obligacio pro bono gestu.
[Surrey.] A. 9189. Feoffment by William atte Marsh (de marisco) to Arnold de Wykeford of a messuage in Micham and 17a. land, situate as described.
[Essex.] A. 9190. Chirograph indented, being a release by Sir Henry de Pinkeny to Ralph Chaumpiun for 4 marks paid him in gersum and half a mark to dame Alice, his wife, of his right, by way of bondage, in the body of Thomas son of Augerus of Elmedun and the children he might beget if he married; also in land, &c. which the said Angerus held in Elmedun, to hold by the free service of 30d. yearly; in the event of Thomas' death, without such issue the premises to revert to him, the said Sir Henry.
[Warw.] A. 9191. Counterpart of demise, Michaelmas, 3 Edward IV, by William Catesby, knight, and Joan his wife, to John Brown of Tonworth, 'husbond,' of a field there called 'Lytyll Fenlond,' position described, for sixteen years at 5s. rent. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 9192. Feoffment by Joan atte Leye, daughter and one of the heirs of Master Nicholas Tregafora, to Nicholas Gervas, of her land, &c. in Tregafora and Treween, and in Camelaforde and Lostwythyel. Marwyn- churche, Monday after the Purification, 9 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[York, W.R.] A. 9193. Feoffment by Magota, daughter of Robert son of Richard de Burton in Lonesdale, to Alice late the wife of Gregory de Thorneton, of a messuage in Burton in Lonesdale, next the chapel of St. James, &c. 20 December, 45 Edward III.
[Berks.] A. 9194. Feoffment by Joan Catour, late the wife of William Catour of Radyng, to John Kente of Radyng, of a tenement in New Street there, which descended to her on the death of Henry Lambyn, late vicar of the church of St. Lawrence, Radyng. Saturday, the eve of St. Matthew, 23 Richard II. Seal and stray seal.
[Berks.] A. 9195. Letter of attorney by same to William Scoriar and Thomas Bath to deliver seisin to John Kent of said tenement. Sunday, the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 23 Richard II.
Bedf. A. 9196. Bond by John Lorde of Coton, 'husbondman,' and Thomas Lorde of the same, 'sengylman,' to Thomas Stratton, 'gentylman,' in 20l. at Michaelmas next. 3 July, 21 Henry VI. One seal.
Cornw. A. 9197. Feoffment by Denise, lady of Mudion, late the wife of Sir Richard de Alet, widow, to Alice her daughter, of the town called C[h]enhal, beginning in the water called Reshente, and so following the highway to the white cross called 'Crous Dame Julian'; rent, a pair of white gloves at Michaelmas; also grant of common of pasture for all beasts and estover of fuel in the waste of Mudion.
[Cornw.] A. 9198. Indenture being a feoffment by Oliver de Carmynou, knight, to John de Carmynou his elder son and Joan wife of the said John, in tail, of his hall of Eglos Ros with chambers, &c. the corn-mill of Trelonek and the multure of all his lands in Eglosros, &c. by service of a grain of corn at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—John le Ercedekne, William de Bodrugan and John Petit of Trenerth, knights, and others (named). Methyn, Sunday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 17 Edward III.
A. 9199. General release by William de Brantyngham to John de Catesby. 13 May, 9 Richard II. Seal.
[Suff.] A. 9200. Feoffment by William Hervy of Burstalle to John son of Adam atte Hall (de aula) of Cleydon, of land in Burstall, position described. Sunday after St. Denis the Martyr, 3 Edward III.