Deeds: A.10301 - A.10400

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.10301 - A.10400

[Cornw.] A. 10301. Release by John de Kellygren to Richard de Reskemmer, of his right in lands, &c. in the manor of Rosneythion. Witnesses:— Richard Sergeaux, knight, . . . Trewynnhard, John Enys, . . . Clegher. Lostwythiel, Monday after . . ., the Bishop, 35 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10302. Feoffment by John Calamey of Rudruth to Roger Trevarthyan and Peter de Trelewyth, of a place of land in the town of Porthya (Porthye); rent, a grain of corn at Michaelmas. Marghassiou, Tuesday before St. Andrew the Apostle, 20 Richard II. Endorsed: Porthya.
[Cornw.] A. 10303. Indenture of demise by Thomas de la Fenne and John de Kendale to Thomas son of Roger de Carminou, knight, of their manors of Tretheves, Wynianton and Kenela, for six years at 30l. rent, &c. Carminou, Monday the morrow of St. Margaret, 22 Edward III. French. Cancelled by cuts.
[Cornw.] A. 10304. Feoffment by Peter Pedyt to Oto de Trevarthyan of all his lands, &c. in the town of Tregenhay, with all his messuages, &c. in the borough (burgagio) of Penryn, detailed, and the reversion of the lands, &c. which Joan late the wife of William Tregenhay holds in the town of Tregenhay, &c. Witnesses:—William Bodrugan, John Treneswethen, John Gerveys, John Trefusis, Peter Gerveys, sheriff . . . . . Merthen, Monday after St. Bartholomew the Apostle, 11 Henry IV.
[Cornw.] A. 10305. Feoffment by John de Tresawel and Marina his wife to Peter de Tremaen, of all their lands, &c. in the towns of Trevoeder, Nans- melyntremaen and of their mill in Nansmelyntremaen. Witnesses:—Roger de Carmenou, John de Lanbrun, Joceus de Antreuon, Henry de Trewennard, James de Tresiados. Helleston Burgh, Tuesday after Michaelmas, 15 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10306. Certificate that Luke le Dihil by his attorney John de Bosfrantan had put John de Trevarthian and Isabel his wife in full seisin of 2½a. land English in Trewarvinethvyghan; to hold to them and John's heirs. Trevarthian, Saturday, the Purification of the B.V.M., 16 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10307. Feoffment by Luke le Dihil to John de Trevarthian and Isabel his wife, and John's heirs, of la. land English in Trewarvieneth- vyghan. Witnesses: Reginald de Trembethou, John de Kelerion, Bene- dict Marchaunt, Richard de la Sale, John the clerk. Trevarthian, Saturday the Purification of the B.V.M., 16 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10308. Feoffment by John de Guael, chaplain, to John Trevar- thian and Isabel his wife, and the heirs of John, of the rent and service of Luke le Dyghylle for la. land English, one half next the land of Malecrac (jurta terram Malecrac') and the other next land of Robert Borwyk, which Luke held of him for the term of the life of Joan his, Luke's, wife, together with the reversion thereof expectant on the said Joan's decease. Witnesses:—John de Kelerion, Reginald de Trembethou, Thomas de Kenegi, John de Trenyer, Alan de Tredigember. Trevarthian, Wednesday, St. Philip and St. James the Apostles, 8 Edward III. Endorsed: John Gwael.
[Cornw.] A. 10309. Feoffment by John [de Guael], chaplain, to John de Travarthian and Isabel his wife, and John's heirs, of the rent and service of Benedict — for 1a. of land English in Trewarvenyth[vyghan] and the reversion thereof expectant on the said Benedict's decease. Witnesses:—Reginald de Tre[m]bethou, John de Kelleryon,William le Eyr of Trewelegik, Benedict le March [aunt], Richard de Trevarthian. Trewar- venyth Vyghan, Saturday after the Apostles Philip and James, 7 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10310. Letter of attorney by John le Marchaunt of Marghasyou to William de Tredigembentber to deliver seisin to John de Trevardhian and Isabel his wife, of 3a. land English in the croft called 'Tonenles,' and of 3a. land English in Guaelguardha. Marghasyou, Monday before St. Peter's Chair, 13 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 10311. Indenture being the defeasance of a feoffment made by Thomas de Wael to John de Presclou and Joan his daughter of 2a. land English, which Nicholas de Trembethou and John de Bello Loco formerly held in the field of Chienwael of the said Thomas for term of years; to wit, that the said Nicholas and John may hold the said two acres for the term of six years from the day of date, the charter of feoffment made to them the said John and Joan for term of life notwithstanding; Thomas has been paid beforehand all the rent due to him for the said 2a. together, with ½a. in Chienguall which John and Joan hold of him, up to the end of the said six years. Witnesses:—Alan de Kernych, Benedict de Treuardhian, Richard de Trewennard, John de Aula, Gilbert the clerk. Marchasiou, the Sunday on which is sung the office of 'Letare Jerusalem,' 4 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 10312. Indenture being a feoffment by Ralph [de Reskymmer], esquire, and Elizabeth his wife to John Pa . . . . and Margery his wife and the heirs of John's body, of their land called Gweilcarowe next Penmeneth,next land of the manor of Brewanek, &c, at 12s. rent and suit of court twice a year at the manor of Trevarthyan, and 6s. on deaths. Witnesses: . . . Gurlyn, William Clemmow, Thomas Hele. Trevarthyan, 29 April, 34 Henry VI. Seals.
[Cornw.] A. 10313. Feoffment by Isabel, daughter and heir of John Coly, to Richard Nanskylly, of all her places in the town of Helstonburgh, situate in the street of Manek, viz. one between Benedict Cok's and Thomas Tendant's, and the other between William Snell's and Ruan (Rumoni) Trewothnow's; with all the rent of Eurin (Eurini) Goff and Lucy his wife for a place in the town of Helstonburgh in the street of Manek, between William Peryn's and John Nycolltrokker's, with gardens adjoined, which they hold for term of life; to hold to the said Richard and his heirs to be begotten on the body of her the said Isabel. Witnesses:—John Lannargh, then mayor of the town of Helstonburgh, John Power, Thomas Tendant, and others (named). 14 January, 13 Henry VI.
[Cornw.] A. 10314. Feoffment by Thomas son of Luke de le Sorn to Thomas Peticru, of a messuage and all his land of Nanssauson next Tretherf with all its appurtenances, as Isabel late the wife of Randulph de Tregod formerly held in dower. Witnesses:—Odo de Sicca Villa, Reginald de Trelouthas, Reginald de Kervyhec, John de Kelligren, Reginald de Wolve- doun. Nanssauson, Wednesday before the Apostles Simon and Jude, 12 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 10315. Feoffment by Richard de Treuranek to Peter de Tremaen, of all his lands, &c. in the towns of Treuranek, Renoumergy, and Trenilly, and of the reversion of all the lands, &c. which Nicholas 'le Tavarner' of Lananta and Margery his wife held of him, in dower of the said Margery, in the said towns of Treuranek and Renoumergy, with the reversion of the lands, &c. which the said Nicholas and Margery held of him for the term of the life of the said Margery, in Trenilly, Tregasinith, Penros, Treviskan, and Trenewan; also of the rent and service of John de Bosvorveth, and Amicia his wife, for lands, &c. in Trevyskan, and of Rose (Rosie) de Kenegy for lands, &c. in Trevyskan. Witnesses:—Joceus de Antreuon, John de Kelerion, James de Trefyados, Richard de Trewennard, John de Rospegh. Tremaen, Wednesday after Easter, 16 Edward III.
Cornw. A. 10316. Indenture 'made at Tretherff wythyn the Counte of Cornwall,' 13 December, 14 Henry VII, being the memorandum of an agreement between John Tretherff, the elder, esquire, and John Reskymer, esquire, viz. that the said John Reskymer shall take to wife Katharine daughter of the said John Tretherff, before the Purification next; Tretherff to make estate to them and their issue of land to the yearly value of six marks, and shall pay to the said John 40l. on the marriage day, and shall cause 'ij suffycient men' to be bound to the said John in forty marks, half to be paid within a month after Easter next, and the other half on the translation of St. Thomas, and shall 'bere the hole charge off mete and dryng at the day of maryage'; Reskymer shall make an estate of lands to the value of ten marks yearly to the said Katharine and his issue by her; bonds on either side in two hundred marks for performance of covenants. Witnesses:—Sir John Treffry, knight, John Arundell Talverne, John Tremayn and William Trevenon, esquires. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10317. Release by Thomas de Sorn to Walter Renaud, of all his right in 7a. land in Nansauson, viz. 5½a. below the road from Ladock (Saneta Ladoca) to Treworian, and 1½a. within the big ditch which divides between the sanctuary of St. Ladock and the land of Tretherf. Witnesses:— Andrew de Penhal, John de Trewybrest, John de Nanskelli, Richard le Poer, of Penhal, Alricus de Kaer. Tretherf, Monday after St. Gregory the Pope, 13 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 10318. Indenture being a feoffment by Roger de Carminou, knight, to Thomas de la Fenne and John de Kendale, for the term of their lives, of all his manor of Tretheves, with mills, &c, rents and services of free tenants, advowsons of churches of the said manor, and 2a. land English belonging to the said churches; to hold at the rent of a red rose for the first six years, and thereafter at 200l. rent. Witnesses:—Roger de Reskymer and John de Beaupre, knights, Gervase de Bray, James de Treveados, Hervey Trenaswythou, Richard Beville, Thomas Bloyou. Tretheves, Monday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 22 Edward III. Cancelled by cuts. Seal of arms (a bend), broken.
[Cornw.] A. 10319. Feoffment by Maud de Porth of Tyndel to John de Tretherf, and Isabel her daughter, of her lands, &c. in Tyndel; to hold to them, and the heirs of John. Witnesses:—John Janne, Thomas de Nanskelli, John Hillar'. Tretherf, Sunday, the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross, 23 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Cornw.] A. 10320. Indenture being a feoffment by Ralph Reskymmer, esquire, to William Menwynnek, of his manor of Trefoward; to hold for the term of the said William's life, at 5s. rent. Witnesses:—William Bere, Henry Gylly, John Kympe. London, 22 November, 39 Henry VI. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10321. Release by John Skewys to Oto Trevarthian, knight, of his right in lands, &c. in the manors of Merthyn, Rosewyk, Trevarthian and Tretheves and in the towns of Layty, Chymeder, Willys and Sensowonao and in the advowsons of the parish churches of Ruan Major and Minor (Rumoni Magni et Parvi) and Landewednack (Wgnwolay). Witnesses:— William Bodrugan, Master Henry Wyngod, clerk, John Trethew, John Mertherderwa. Merthyn, Saturday before the Epiphany, [1 ?] Henry V. Seal.
[Cornw] A. 10322. Feoffment by Avice late the wife of John Marsyly of Lesard to Walter de la Medesole, of a messuage with a garden and all her land in Lanvardrogh. Witnesses: —Ralph de Beaupre (Bello Prato), Osbert Hamely, Peter de Glen, Roger de Cleher, John de Trevida. Lesard, Saturday the eve of the Assumption, 16 Edward II. Endorsed: Lavarogh. Lawarsoh.
[Cornw.] A. 10323. Release by Reginald Poter to Sir Richard son of John de Resk', his heirs and assigns, of all his right in a mill situate in his demesne of Treles and in another mill situate in his fee of Polcronogou and in the land belonging to the upper mill, up and down the stream (desursum aqua et deorsum), as the bounds were made by him and the said Richard, with all the multure of the said mills, to wit from Treles, Lanharth, Trebyhan, or Trebian, and Polcronogou, &c.; also grant of the right to distrain the said multure through all his land of Mened Laed and his fee of Treles, as he was wont to do while they were in his seisin, and to empound the beasts of the men, tenants of the said land; also grant that he and his heirs shall not be able to erect any mill in his fee of Treles, on the said water, to the injury of the said Richard, &c.; for this Richard gave him 40 marks beforehand. Witnesess:—Sir John Clerk (clerico) then steward of Cornwall, Sir John de Trewerston, then sheriff of Cornwall, Sir Henry de Bodrogan, Sir Simon de Trejagu, Sir Richard de Tregod, Odo de Ludre, Reginald le S[or].
[Cornw.] A. 10324. Feoffment by Richard le Breyz of Penguenna to John Coly of Helleston Burgh, of a place in Helleston Burgh in the street of the tinners (vico stagnatorum) with a garden, between the tenements of John Wylkyn, smith, and John de Lannergh. Witnesses:—Thomas Gofbyghan, William Cuny, then reeves (prepositis) of Helleston Burgh, John Bon, Andrew Margh', Nicholas Godman, clerk. Tuesday after the Epiphany, 20 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10325. Indenture of demise by John Bruet, chaplain, to Ralph Gavell of a tenement in Lostwytheell, for sixty years, at 4s. 1d. rent. Witnesses:—Robert Smyth, then mayor, John Pethek, John Countre. Wednesday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 5 Edward IV.
[Cornw.] A. 10326. Feoffment by Richard Moton, clerk, and John Sagemour to John Reskymer, esquire, of all the messuages, lands and tofts, tenements and gardens (ortos et gardina), which they had by the gift and feoffment of John Wyett and Maud his wife, in 'le Brygyende' next Lostwythyell. Witnesses:—John Mohun, esquire, John Trelawny, esquire, Richard Code, esquire. 24 January, 19 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 10327. Feoffment by Henry Weaver (textor) of Truru to Walter de Carnduyou and Eleanor his wife, of a messuage and place of land in the borough of Penren. Witnesses:—John le Propre, then reeve, and others (named). Wednesday the morrow of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 15 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10328. Indenture being a feoffment by John de Trevaelek to John his eldest son, in tail, with remainder in default to his own right heirs, of all his lands, &c. in Carwynnek and Carsighan, with the reversion expectant on the decease of John de Carwynnek, his brother, of two chambers with cellars (camerarum cum celariis desuper ipsas), a garden, and a piece of land, with meadow, there; rent for the first seven years, 18s. 8d., and after the first year, for six years, paying to Matthew his brother 13s. 4d. by quarterly payments, and to the lords of the fee the rent due and accustomed, and after the said seven years paying him 32s. yearly for life. Witnesses:— John de Nanskelly, John Carwynnek of Trewolgarthan, John Jankyn of Pleynnynt, Robert atte Ryde, Matthew de Carwynnek. Trevaelek, Wednesday before Michaelmas, 3 Richard II. Endorsed: Memorandum quod terminus Mathei infrascripti incepit de vij annis ad festum Apostolorum Philippi et Jacobi anno regni regis Ricardi infrascripti secundo: also Nota. De terris in Carwennyke et Carsighan. See A. 10332.
[Cornw.] A. 10329. Feoffment by Reginald Lowis, son and heir of Nicholas Lowys of Bodmin to Roger le Tayllour of Bodmin, of a messuage and all his land of Stymgelly, also of a tenement next the burying ground of the chapel of St. Leonard in Bodmin; also of a close next the said burying ground, between it and the lane to Pendougern; also of all his grove in Penbugel next Binycome; also of a close on the north of the grove; also of 2a. land English in Penbugel, which John Coulygesfellard formerly held of him, next the road to Bodmin; also of 2a. land English in Penbugel, which Alexander de Bodiniel held of him there, next Clerkeneweye; also of all his land in Penbugel next the great ditch and elsewhere; with the reversion of all the land which Mirabella, his step-mother (noverca mea) late the wife of Nicholas his father, held in dower in Penbugel, expectant on her death; also of all his tenement in Bodmin in Castelstret, which John Exyon held of him, with the reversion of the adjoining tenement, held by the said Mirabel; also of the service of John Broun and 10d. rent for a tenement John held of him in Bodmin in Castelstret, of the service of Richard Genes and 5s. rent for 10a. land English, which Richard held of him in Penbugel, of the service of Alexander de Penbugel and 12d. rent for 3a. land in Penbugel, of the service of Ralph Donewich and 18d. rent for 3a. land English in Penbugel, of the service of William de Tywarthewy and 5s. rent for 12a. land English which William formerly held of him in Penbugel, of the service of Roger Martyn and 18d. rent for 3a. Roger held of him in his, Roger's, park in his land of Penbugel, of the service of Walter Dyn and ld. rent for the land Walter held of him in his, Walter's, park, called 'Chyappa Park' in his land of Penbugel. Witnesses:—John and William Coulyng, Roger Martyn, Robert le Taillour, William Carballa. Bodmin, Friday after the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 6 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 10330. Feoffment by Michael Treres of Newlyn (de pragio Sancta Neulina) to Walter de Tretherf, of all his lands, &c. of Trewarvene with common of pasture for all beasts over the whole land of Tregensith Tregensonan, wherever the beasts of the said towns graze with their shepherds, &c. Witnesses:—Thomas Trempol, John his son, Thomas Treberek, Thomas Menhyer, Roger Tresalwester. La Medesole, Monday, the morrow of St. Lawrence, 11 Edward III. Endorsed: Trewarvena.
[Cornw.] A. 10331. 'This endenture ymade at Talvren on Tewysday nexte afore the feste of Seynt Petre yn the chayr yn the yere of the reignyng of Kyng Henry the Sexte after the conquest nynetethe,' between Sir Thomas Arundell, knight, and 'Rauf Reskymer, squyer,' witnessing that Ralph had delivered his son William to Sir Thomas to be married to Sir Thomas' daughter Elizabeth, and had granted to them and their issue lands, &c. to the value of 10l. yearly ' yn the manerys of Trelewyth bysydes Redruth and Hellugan and yn these townes and places Ma[u]l[a], Redruyth, Gweelpaule and Trethyn,' &c.
[Cornw.] A. 10332. Counterpart of A. 10328.
[Cornw.] A. 10333. Feoffment by Edith (Zeditha) daughter and heir of Gervase Bastard to Walter de Carmynou, of all her land in 'la. Steorte,' with houses, gardens, &c. Witnesses:—Thomas ate Clyve, the elder, William de Trebarveth, Richard de Penwern, Richard Rous, Richard ate Leghe. Treworgy, Tuesday after the Epiphany, 14 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10334. Indenture being a feoffment by John Reskymour, esquire, to Katharine daughter of John Tretherff, the elder, esquire, and the heirs which he should lawfully beget on her body, of all his lands, &c. in Chyme- dour, Wellis, Sissewana and Leite in the parish of Wynwala; rent, 6s. 8d. Witnesses:—John Treffry, knight, John Arundell of Talverne, William Trevanyon, Peter . . ., John Trelauny, esquires. Chymedour, 3 January, 11 Henry VII. Counterpart of A. 9978.
[Cornw.] A. 10335. Release by John Trethywy Trevalwester to Oto Trevar- thian, of his right in lands, &c. in the manors of Merthyn, Rosewyk, Trevarthian, Tretheves, and in the towns of Layty, Chymeder, Wellys and Sensowona, and in the advowsons, of the parish churches of St. Ruan Major and St. Ruan Minor, and Landewennek (Sanctorum Rumoni Magni, Rumoni Parvi et Wynwolay). Witnesses:—William Bodrugan, Geoffrey Seyntaubyn, John Metherderwa, Master Henry Wyngod, clerk, John Chywarton. Trevalwester, Friday after the Circumcision, 3 Henry V.
[Cornw.] A. 10336. Feoffment by Richard Wysa of Treveryan to Avice daughter of Henry Eylwayn of Tregenebris, of a messuage and two parts of a third part of 1a. Cornish of land in Treveryan, in lawns, moors, meadows, in dry and wet, &c, with two parts of a croft called 'Te Wyn Ha Vaes' in the town of Eskels; to hold to her and her heirs of his body begotten, with reversion in default to him or his heirs; rent, 2s. 8d. Witnesses:—Joceus de Penros, Henry Vyvien, Gregory de Boshanchud, Andrew de Trevescan, John Lohou. Treverryan, Wednesday the morrow of St. Blase, 23 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10337. Indenture being the memorandum of the sale, in the full county of Cornwall, at Lostvyel, Monday after St. Hilary, 16 Edward [I], by Richard de Reskemer to Alice late the wife of Randulf de Tynten, of the marriage and wardship of the body of Joan daughter and heir of John son of William Durant, for 10 marks paid beforehand, with warranty of the said wardship against Sir Oliver de Dynan, with covenant for repayment of the said sum, in default, within three months, the sheriff of Cornwall to distrain, &c. Witnesses:—Stephen de Bello Prato, John de Tregoys, Ralph de Glen, Walter le Gros, William de Tregerioc.
[Cornw.] A. 10338. Indenture being the defeasance of a release made by John de Trewenhelec to Walter de la Medesole of the homage, rent and service which Walter used to do to him for an acre of land Cornish in Tregonan, a grain of corn only reserved, payable at Michaelmas for all service; viz. if the said John, or his heirs, paid to the said Walter 4 marks at Tretherf at Christmas next the release to be void, but otherwise to be valid. Tretherf, Friday the feast of St. Michael, 14 Edward III. Seal. Endorsed: Diffidenc' pro Tregonan.
Cornw. A. 10339. Grant by Thomas Trevergy to Geoffrey Trelan of the rent and service, viz. fealty and 10s., of John Skewys for a half acre of land Cornish in Nanfan in the parish of St. Corentin, co. Cornwall. Nanfan, 16 April, 22 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 10340. Indenture of demise by Walter de Tretherf to Geoffrey de Lanvardrogh, merchant, and Maud his wife, for the term of their lives, at 13s. rent, of a messuage and all his land in Lanvardrogh, doing suit twice a year to his court of Tretherf. Witnesses:—Oliver de Tregasou, Thomas Marsely, Thomas Banathelek and others (named). Lanvardrogh, Monday before the Conversion of St. Paul, 19 Edward III. Endorsed: Lavardroo.
Cornw. A. 10341. Feoffment by Henry de Trefussa to John Myn of Hellestonburgh in tail, with reversion in default to himself, of a messuage and a half acre of land, the messuage opposite the chapel of the B.V.M. between the place of Gregory Eyr and the messuage of Walter Henford, and the half acre in Guelgolestre, between the half acre of John Mark and the half acre of John Alan, rendering therefore to the chief lords of the town of Hellestonburgh the services due and accustomed, and to him and his heirs 20d., half on the feast of St. Andrew and half on the feast of St. James the Apostle. Witnesses:—William Glasen, Ralph Restalec, then reeves (prepositis) of Hellestonburgh, and others (named). Sunday after St. Barnabas the Apostle, 13 Richard II. Endorsed: . . . . . . Gweylgolestr'.
[Cornw.] A. 10342. Indenture being the defeasance of a recognisance made by John de Lanbrum, Tuesday the eve of St. Dunstan, before the justices of the king of the bench at Westminster, 7 Edward III, to Roger de Reskemmer in 40l. viz. if the said Roger, and Joan his wife, were not impeached, at the suit of Richard, son of William de Reskemmer, and Clarice his wife, of any manner of waste, &c. made in the lands, &c. whereof a fine was levied to them in the king's court by Ralph Frankeleyn, chaplain, in Trelewith, Sturt, Penenpons, Melinchytrelewyt, Treles, Lanharg, Trebervith, Roscurvyll, Porthaleu, Carnellas, Treliver, Trevalgon, and in the mills of Tregudin, Treles, Trelewyth and in Hellygywytton, the execution of the said recognizance should remain in suspense. Dated at Westminster the day and year abovesaid.
[Cornw.] A. 10343. Assignment by Richard Gerard alias Pett and Joan his wife to John Reskymer, esquire, of a term of eighty years in a messuage with shops, gardens, &c. in the town of Lostwythyell, between the tene- ment of John Courteys, wherein Ralph Ambros then dwelt, on the east, Thomas Wylcok's tenement, which Isabel South then held, on the west, the 'hyghstrete' on the north, and the 'Copelak Water' on the south, with a right of way over John Courteys, land, which they had by the demise of John Courteys of Pyll in the parish of Lanlyvery, co. Cornwall, by charter dated 1 April, 1493. Witnesses:—John Arundell of Talfren, esquire, John Gayer, William Yonge. Losswythyel, 4 June, 11 Henry VII. One seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10344. Feoffment by William . . . . . and Alice . . . . to Walter de Tretherf and Maud his wife in tail with remainder in default to Thomas de Trempol and his heirs, of the messuage and land which . . . . . held as conventionary tenant in Trewens with . . . . in . . . Goenrestyr, Penmene and Trewens, which they had by the gift of the said Walter and Maud. Witnesses:— . . . . de Glyn, John Hamely, Gervase de Bray, . . . ., Oliver de Tregasou. Treuru, Thursday the feast of St. Ambrose, 10 Edward [III]. Endorsed: Trethirff, Pemene, Gonretyre, Trewyns.
[Cornw.] A. 10345. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Pedicru to Thomas son of Luke de le Sorn in tail, of a messuage and all his land of Nansau- son with common of pasture in the lawns of his manor of Trederf as his other free tenants had in the same and estover of turves, &c. (de jannis brueriis et turbariis) in the common moor of the said manor; rent for the first fifteen years, 20s. for all service, save suit of court every three weeks, &c, within the manor of Trederf, or the manor of Brongolou, and there after 2s. yearly. Witnesses:—Odo de Sicca Villa, Reginald de Kervec, Reginald de Penres, John de Tregorrec, Reginald de Wolvedon. Nanskilli, Tuesday before the Purification, 11 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 10346. Demise by William de Trenruf, for the term of his life, to John de Porthcollomp, of all his lands, &c. in Eglosmaddarn, at the rent of a grain of corn at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—John Coulyng, William Gurlyn, John Nevyle, Thomas de Trenruf, Henry the clerk. Trenruf, Thursday before St. Lawrence, 44 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10347. Demise by William Reskymer, esquire, to George, archbishop of York, primate of England, papal legate, Humphrey, Lord Stafford of Southwyke, knight, John Arundell, knight, John Cheyny, esquire, Oto Trefusis, and John Kympe, for the term of their lives, at the rent of a red rose at Midsummer, of all his lands, &c. in Trelanmur, Trelanvyan, Trelyver, Treberveth, Tregoys, Nuham, Carvodres, Bosvagowe, Tregarrek, Tretheves, Trewynard, Trefussa, Tredrue, Sule, Trevelgon, Menadu, Argansawith (?), Rospleth, Carveynec, Trevek, Pennarth, Herluwys, Dobleboys, Trewynyan, Melynnowith, Nansauson, Tretherf, Nanskelly, Goenretir, Trevervyn, Seynt Mausa, and Treweres. Witnesses:—William Code, esquire, John Denys, Thomas Clemens, Peter Gerveis, Thomas Hylle. Reskymer, 1 June, 7 Edward IV. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10348. Confirmation by Alan Bloyou, lord of Treyudwal, to William de Brevannek, of the release made by Sir Ralph Bloyou his father to Robert de Brevannek son of Clarice, in frank marriage with Rose, Ralph's niece (nepte), of the service Robert and his ancestors used to do to Ralph and his ancestors for their tenement in Brevannek and Penmeneth, to hold to the said Robert, and his heirs by the said Rose, by payment of 12d. yearly to the said Ralph at Michaelmas for all service; also grant that the said William, his heirs and assigns, should not be required to do suit of court outside the manor of Treruwal, nor should their beasts, or distresses, be carried outside the said manor of Tregewal. Witnesses:— Robert le Cras, Benedict le Brun, Belin de Elegon, Benedict de Moelvre, John the clerk. Copy; marginal note, Carta Alani Bloyou militis . . . . .; list of places, with money values, endorsed.
[Cornw.] A. 10349. Acknowledgement by John Thorny of Lavardrogh that he had received from John Tretherf, esquire, on Thursday the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle, 7 Henry V, at Grauntpound, a writing of release, as follows:—
Release by Ralph Ady of Lavardrogh to John Tretherf, of his right in a messuage, the third part of a garden (tercia parte unius orti herbarum), an acre of land and a meadow adjoined, called 'Buthen en Hesk' in the town of Lavardrogh, and also in the common pasture, with free egress and ingress through the whole of the said town, which Adam de Lavardrogh, his father, demised to his brother Roger for life. Witnesses:— Ralph Trenewyth, Stephen Boswydell, John Tregaso, Otto Treaghen, Ralph Tredenen. Tretherf, Wednesday before Palm Sunday, 1 Henry V.
[Cornw.] A. 10350. Indenture being a feoffment by Ralph Reskymer to John Waita of Trelewyth, of all his lands, &c. in the town of Caer next Carskeys, at the rent of a red rose at Midsummer for the first forty years, for all service, save suit of his court of Trelewyth, twice a year, and thereafter at 20s. rent, at the four terms usual in the hundred of Penwyth. Witnesses:— Henry Trewynard, Henry Gorlyn, Richard Neuton. Trelewyth, Monday before St. Nicholas, 14 Henry IV.
[Cornw.] A. 10351. Chirograph being the memorandum of an agreement between Oger de Kyrnyk, and Benedict son and heir of William de Brevannek touching the boundaries between the lands of the said Oger in Trevanek and Penberthy and the land of the said Benedict in Trevardhyan, made on Saturday after the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross, 12 Edward [I] at Lanceston, viz., Benedict has released to Oger his right in a pond (vivario) made by him next the causeway (cauceam) of Trevanek; Oger has released to Benedict his right in the lawn of Roscren and has granted that the moor between Penbirthy and Trevanek and the land of Trevardhyian shall be divided from one sike to the other (de uno sicco ad aliud), so that half shall remain to Benedict as belonging to his land of Trevardhyan and half to Oger as belonging to his lands of Penbirthi and Trevanek, and bounds shall be made from the said causeway through the middle of the moor to the land of Stephen de Tregillyou, and from the causeway southwards bounds shall be made by friends chosen on either side; other disputes touching divers transgressions, except Andrew de Loegans' against the Benedict, shall be forthwith arranged by four common friends; they submit themselves to the authority and distraint of the Sheriff of Cornwall for due performance. Witnesses:—Peter de Nanscoyt, Henry de Kaul', knights; John de Kellerion, Benedict le Brun, Richard de Trelewyd. Copy.
[Cornw.] A. 10352. Indenture of demise by Roger de Reskemmer to Odo de Trevael and Maud his, Roger's, sister, for term of their lives, of a messuage and a third part of all his lands, &c. in Tregudyn, saving mills, mill streams, a messuage called Chyenmelyn and a garden, two pieces of land called 'Parkenmelyn' and 'Erouw endemeyn,' a piece of meadow adjoining the said messuage, and the 'multure' of the said Odo and Maud; rent, 10d. for all service. Witnesses:—Oliver de Caermenou, knight, Richard Cereseaus, the younger, John le Pedit, of Trenerth, William de Trelouthas, John de Polmorna. Predannek, Thursday after the Conversion of St.'Paul, 5 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 10353. Feoffment by Ralph, lord of Tregod, to Reginald de la Medesole, of a messuage and a half-acre of land in the town of Tretheref, with a moiety of a ferling of land of his land in the lawn of Restyr, namely all the land John de Hendre formerly held of him there, with common of pasture and estover of peat and furze (de blestis et jaonibus) in all the lawn aforesaid of Restyr. Witnesses:—Stephen de Bello Prato and Lawrence de Dynesel, knights, William de Trevael, Robert de Bosco, John de Trewybrest, John de Trebihan, clerk. Tregueny, Tuesday after Midsummer, 24 Edward [I].
[Cornw.] A. 10354. Feoffment by Nicholas de Tretherwe, in the parish of Ladock (Sancte Ladoce), son and heir of Andrew de Tretherwe, to Henry styled (dicto) Herdyng of Trewrugowe, of a selion (sullonem) of land of his land in the town of Tretherwe, lying between (collateraliter in medio) two selions of the said Henry, the upper end reaching to Henry's kitchen garden (ortum olerum) and the lower to Nans Sauson. Witnesses:—Michael de Insula, Richard de Restyr, John de Nanskelly, Osbert of the same, Andrew de Penhal. Tretherwe, Friday the morrow of St. John before the Latin Gate, 9 Edward II. Endorsed: Tretherff.
London. A. 10355. Indenture of demise by William Ayscough, bishop of Salisbury, John Noreys, Thomas Danyell, and William Lowe, esquires, Edward Ellesmer, and Thomas Lute, to Ellen late the wife of John Bamme, son and heir of Henry Bamme, late citizen and goldsmith of London, of 100s. rent for the term of her life from their lands and tenements in Old Change (veteri Escambio), London, in the parish of St. Mary Mag- dalen of Oldfisshstrete, late belonging to the said John Bamme. 11 July, 25 Henry VI.
[Warw.] A. 10356. Feoffment by Ralph de Clopton, son of Nicholas de Clop- ton, knight (militis) to Sir Thomas de Bissopesdon, of two parts of an acre of meadow which he had in the great meadow of Scotr[i]th, viz. in a place called 'la longe Quikedole Havedaker'; rent, a pair of white gloves, or a halfpenny at Easter for all service; for this the said Thomas gave him 12s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir William de Lodinton, Sir William Trussel, Sir Henry Pipard, Walter de Bissopesdon and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 10357. Demise by John Reskemer, esquire, to Gilbert Angoffe, of all his lands, &c. in Polgeran for four . . . [years], rent, for the first eleven years . . . . ., and [thereafter] seven . . . at the terms usual in the hundred of Keriar. Merthyn, 29 April, 2 Henry VII. Endorsed: A lease of Polgeran.
[Cornw. A. 10358. The award of William Bodrugan, Richard Treveygnon, John Helygan, Nicholas Bokelly, Peter Eggecomb, and Thomas Tregorra, touching lands, &c. in the towns of Eglosros, Trelank, and Trelewyth, co. Cornwall, in dispute between John Arundell, knight, and Otto Trevarthian, and John Petit of Predannek and Michael Petit his son; the said John and Otto being bound to the said John and Michael, and the said John and Michael to the said John and otto, in 500 marks to accept the same, viz.—John and Otto shall have one hundred acres of wood in Trelewybh, or the soil whereon the said wood [was] at the time of the levying of a fine in the octave of St. John the Baptist, 12 Edward II, between Oliver Carmynow and Elizabeth his wife, querents, and Matthew Penfern, clerk, deforciant; also they shall have a parcel of land in Eglosros, called the glebe of the church of Eglosros with the advowson of the same church; all other lands, &c. in the towns of Eglosros, Trelonk and Trelewyth, and in all other towns to the said towns belonging, whereof Ralph Soor died seised, of the inheritance of Carmynowe, shall be divided into two equal parts by the said John Petit and his counsel before Whitsuntide next, one moiety to consist of lands, &c. in the town of Eglosros and in other towns thereto belonging, and the other moiety of lands, &c. in the towns of Trelewyth and Trelonk, the inferior moiety to be supplemented from the other; an indenture, or schedule indented, of the said division shall be delivered by the said John, or Michael, to the said John and Otto, at Eglosros, on Thursday in Whitsun week, and they shall make choice of one of the said moieties before the Sunday before Midsummer following; and the said John and Otto shall prosecute an assise of Novel Disseisin at the next assises in the county of Cornwall, or a special assise if they please, of the said lands, &c. in the said towns, and if they recover the said moiety, so chosen, John Petit and Michael shall execute a release to them the same day, and the said John and Michael shall be quit of disseisin of the other moiety; rents to remain in tenants' hands, &c. Lanceston, 19 March, 2 Henry V. Copy on paper.
[Cornw.] A. 10359. Feoffment by John Nanskylly to his son Richard and Richard's wife, Isabel, in tail, with reversion in default to his right heirs, of his lands, &c. in the town of Nanskylly, Dodwode, Penhall, Trecryk, Tregenna, Treguny, and in the street of Neuham next Truru; rent to him for life, 40s. at the terms usual in the hundred of Poudre. Witnesses:— Reginald Tretherff, esquire, Oliver Tregasowe, James Rosmeryn, Thomas Marsely, Thomas Penwern. Nanskylly, Friday after St. Barnabas the Apostle, 28 Henry VI.
[Cornw.] A. 10360. Letter of attorney by John de Reskemmer to Matthew de Henleston, clerk, to deliver seisin to Roger, lord of Kaermenou, of all the lands and tenements of Chywarlo, Cleys, Hendre, Bronewycmur, Bronewicbyghan, and Chyenwoen, which tenements and lands he had from the said Roger in exchange for the lands of Trevagecmur Trevagecbyghan, Tregelly bighan, Brehelg, Lannerg, Chygwen, and Wyk, and the services of John de Nansfyn, Luke of the same, Robert de Trevaiecmur and John Chauntecler for the lands and tenements of Nansfyn, Trevaiegmur, Brehelg and Crubzu, notwithstanding the writing partite (partito) of the said exchange of the said lands remaining in his custody. Wyk, Wednesday after St. Michael in September, 1300. Endorsed: Chywarlo, &c. Carmynow.
[Cornw.] A. 10361. Indenture of demise by Reginald Tretherff and John his son to John Lanhergy, for the term of fifty-two years, of 6s. 8d. rent from all their lands, &c. in the town of Medschole; they had paid him 2d. by way of seisin. Witnesses:—Mark Mighelstowe, Ralph Trenewyth, Thomas Galy, Henry Stonard Roger Queynt. Lostwythiell, Tuesday in Easter week, 2 Henry IV. One seal. Endorsed: Medshole.
[Cornw.] A. 10362. Feoffment by John de Tredaek to Michael de Lannergh and Margaret his wife, in tail, with reversion in default to himself or his right heirs, of all his lands, &c. in the town of Arlyn, together with the rent and service of John . . . . . . . . . of Arlyn, and John William of Rescoll, for their holdings in Arlyn and Rescoll. Witnesses:—Sir John Petyt, knight, Michael Petyt, John Erysy, Thomas Trefranow, William Tyrel Trenmern, John Penhal. Arlyn, Monday after St. Margaret, 24 Edward III.
[Cornw. A. 10363. (1) Indenture of demise by John Reskymer, esquire, to John Teek and —, of all his lands, &c. in Tolonde within the manor of Reskymer Manek, for the term of their lives in survivorship, at 40s. rent and suit of court every three weeks and the best beast as heriot on deaths.
(2) Demise by same to Joan Harry, widow, Richard, 'Olyvy,' and John her sons, of all his lands, &c. in Trevenegowe in the parish of St. . . . . (Sancthraci); to hold for their lives in survivorship; rent, 15s. at the terms usual in the said manor.
(3) Thomas John sues John Jenkyn of Trenewele . . . . Drafts, or memoranda, on paper.
[Cornw.] A. 10364. Indenture of demise from Easter next for one hundred years by Robert Courteys, esquire, to William Dyer, Margaret his wife, and Richard Taylder, of a tenement, with a parcel of land annexed, in the town of Lostwithiell, between the Prince's mill on the west and Stephen Kendale's land on the east, the Fowey river (cursum aque de Fowy) on the south and the road over the bridge on the north; rent, 8d. at Michaelmas, the tenant to do repairs. Witnesses:—William Menwynnek and others (named). Thursday, the morrow of St. Gregory the Pope, 38 Henry VI. Seal.
[Cornw ] A. 10365. Letters patent, being an exemplification by the official of . . . . . ., at the request of John Trevarthyan, of an award of the prior of Bodmin, reciting that disputes had arisen between the said John Trevarthyan and Richard . . . . . touching the lands, &c. which formerly were William de Trembethou's in the towns of Trembethou and Kemyelnessa, and elsewhere, which the said John [alleged were, by virtue of a charter thereof] made to John de Bosfrankan, [granted to] the said John de Bosfrankan for life, with remainder to the said William de Trembethou and his issue by Amicia his wife, with remainder, in default, to the heirs of the body of the said William, with remainder, in default, to the said John Trevarthyan in tail, as in the charter thereof to the said John Bosfrankan made more fully [appeared; and further] the said John Trevarthyan alleged that the said John Bosfrankan and William were dead and that the said William [left no issue, by reason whereof] he possessed the premises, by virtue of the said gift; to which the said Richard replied that the said John [was not seised, because, as he said], the said John Bosfrankan was not seised of the premises in the lifetime of the said William, but the said William, as lord thereof, held his courts at Trembethou and Kemyelnessa, and [received the fealty] of William Drew and others (named), tenants for the time being of the said William . . . . . . . [and it was agreed that friends of both parties] should examine and hear the confessions or statements of the said Master John and of the said tenants with regard to the said seisin had [and the said John Trevarthian chose] . . . . ., John Penros, James Gerves, and the said official [nos offic' predict'], and Richard chose Henry Trewyn . . . . . . and William, prior of Bodmin, was chosen as arbitrator . . . . . . . . and the said prior, and the said eight friends of the parties, examined the said Master John Penpo[ns] and [the said tenants] touching the said John Bosfrankan's seisin in the said lands by pretext of the said gift, [and they found that] the said John Bosfrankan was seised of the premises by pretext of the said gift . . . . . and the said tenants in the said courts of the said John Bosfrankan at individually (divisim) did fealty to him. [Whereupon] the said prior delivered his award, namely that the said John Trevarthian should possess and peacefully hold all the said lands and tenements, and that the said Richard should confirm [the premises] to the said John and his said heirs [with remainder to] . . . . ., if the said John should die without heir of his body; and the said Richard [made] the said confirmation; whereupon the said John requested the said official (nos offic' predict') to testify (ad perhibendum testimonium) to the two foregoing matters, who accordingly made the said letters patent. Witnesses:— . . . . . John Petyt Treleswethen, Nicholas Kyllyhellan, John Trethewy, James Trevosus, Ralph Melyo[nek], Thomas . . . . . Dated at Penpons, 22 July, 46 [Edward III]. Copy.
Middx. A. 10366. Release by William Gyles, citizen and grocer of London, to Robert Curson of Bedewell, in the parish of St. Mary, Willesden, of his right in three pieces of land in the parish of Willesdon aforesaid, one in 'le Bery' field, with Robert's land on the east and west, and Stonylane on the north; another in 'Bedwelfeld,' with Robert's land on the east and west, Stonylane on the north and Richard Stokker's land on the south; and the third in 'Hakkersfeld' abutting on the highway on the south, with Robert's land on the other sides. Witnesses:—John Robert and others (named). 17 May, 8 Henry V.
[Linc.] A. 10367. General release by John Billyng of Thurleby and John Frende of Witham to Edmund Wylughby of Uffyngton, esquire. St. George's day, 8 Henry V.
[Wilts.] A. 10368. Indenture of demise by Maud, abbess of Lacok, and the convent of the same, to John le Politer of Lacok and Julian his wife, for their lives, of the tenement which Edmund le Ferrour formerly held near 'Laebrokbrigg,' together with 'Swaynescroft,' lying between land, formerly Reginald Crok's, and 'Wyke strete'; rent, 6s. 4d. and suit of court twice a year. Thursday after the Conception, 23 Edward III. French.
London. A. 10369. Counterpart of an acquittance by William Haradon, the prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity, London, to John Bryan, citizen of London, for 2s. quit rent from his tenement in the parish of St. Michael of Bassyeshawe, London, between the tenements of the prioress and convent of Haliwell on the north and of John Hore, 'brewer,' and Alice his wife on the south. The morrow of Midsummer, 13 Henry IV.
[Sussex.] A. 10370. Release by Macelina, late the wife of Henry Kantel, to God and St. Pancras and the monks serving God there [at Lewes], of her right in a messuage without the gate of their hospital; for this they gave her 30s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Robert le Wimpler, Roger le Walewe, Richard le Walewe, Ralph Piperwit and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 10371. Feoffment by John Brun, clerk, son and heir of Noel Brun, to John Trevaylek, of all his lands, &c. in Tregony. Witnesses:—John Petit, esquire, Thomas Trevaignon, and others (named). Thursday after St. Thomas the Martyr, 17 Henry VI. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10372. Letter of attorney by Robert Kyrrys, of Westham, co. Essex, 'gentilman,' son of John Kyrrys, late of Rostvyek, co. Cornwall, to Martin Stabbe and Michael Kernegwyn, to deliver seisin to John Gybbes, of all his lands, &c. in the towns of Rostvyek and Garros, in Gulval parish (parochia Sancte Wilvele) in the hundred of Penwith, co. Cornwall. Rostvyek, 28 July, 18 Edward IV.
[Leic.] A. 10373. Letters patent by Stephen de Cornhill appointing his brother William de Cornhille his attorney to sell to Master Henry de Newerk the ward (la garde) of Mustone which he had by the lease and grant (del les et le grant) of the earl Marshal, authorizing his said brother to make estate of feoffment thereof according to the earl's writing, &c. London, Thursday after Ash Wednesday, 14 Edward [I]. French. Seal of arms.
[Cornw.] A. 10374. Indenture being the defeasance of a feoffment made by John le Men to Ralph de Bossehan, chaplain, of a place in St. Mary Street, Helleston Burgh, viz. on payment of — shillings on the morrow of Michaelmas, the feoffment to be void. Witnesses:—Richard Yvet, then reeve, and others (named). Thursday after St. Martin, 17 [Edward IV].
[Cornw.] A. 10375. Feoffment by Martin Nanspian, chaplain,' brother and heir of Reginald Nanspian, to John Tretherff, the elder, esquire, of all his lands, &c. in Tendeyll Mor, with 'husbot' and 'heybot' in the wood of Tendeyll. Witnesses:—John Arundele Talverne, John Petitte, John Trevanyon, esquires, Stephen Tregasowe, Richard Nanspian. Tendeyll, 8 August, 6 Henry VII.
Cornw. A. 10376. Deed poll by Robert de Bilkemore, knight, reciting that he had recovered against Philip de Trendrenen 140l. at Launceveton on Monday the eve of St. Lawrence, 13 Edward III, before John Inge and his fellows, justices of assise in the county of Cornwall, by a jury of assise of Novel Disseisin (per quandam juratam assise nove disseisine) of a yearly rent of 20l. by virtue of which recovery the sheriff of Cornwall delivered to him, by a writ called 'Elegit,' a moiety of all the messuages, lands and tenements of the said John in the towns of Trendrenen, Breweny, and Trevabon, together with a moiety of the rents and services of John Wennou, Benedict de Berrys, Margery de Tresela, Joceus Bocher, Roger Penvarn, Robert de Tresala and Roger Baker for the lands, &c. which they severally held of the said Philip in the town of Breweny, to hold to him and his executors according to the said writ (secundum virtutem brevis predicti de communi consilio regni Anglie inde provisi); assignment by the said Robert to John de Trevarthyan of all the said messuages, lands, tenements, rents and services, to hold to the said John and his executors till the said 140l. be fully raised. Witnesses:—John Skirbek, Ralph Keyl, John Tremayn, William Dref, John Porthkellom. London, Wednesday before the Apostles Simon and Jude, 30 Edward III.
Cornw. A. 10377. Acquittance by Richard Nordon, citizen and tailor (scissorem) of London to Ralph Reskemer of the county of Cornwall, esquire, for 10l. 19s. 11d. received by the hands of Peter Meser of Helston in the said county, in full discharge. 31 August, 25 Henry VI.
[Cornw.] A. 10378. Feoffment by Richard son of William de Reskemmer to Roger de Reskemmer, knight, and Joan his wife, of all his lands, &c. of Tregoys and Boscauan, for their lives, doing to the chief lords the services due and accustomed, with reversion to himself and his heirs. Witnesses:— Ralph Blogyou, knight, Richard Ceregeaus, David de Selgene, John Billoun, Walter de Merthermeylar. Reskemmer, Tuesday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 6 Edward III.
Middx. A. 10379. Indenture being a feoffment by Robert Curson of Bedewell in the parish of St. Mary, Willesdon, clerk, to John Eobard, the elder, of the same, of 2a. arable in Lytellescroft in the prebend of Nesedon in the said parish, one acre abutting on the barn late Thomas Robard's, the road to Shirwykbrigg, &c., the other on the highway, the tenement and garden late the said Thomas Robard's, &c. in exchange for two acres of arable in Hakkersfeld in the said parish, next land of the said Robert, 'Shirwykstrete,' &c, whereof the said John hereby enfeoffs the said Robert, &c. Witnesses:—Thomas Charleton, knight, Thomas Frowyk, esquire, and others (named). 1 March, 3 Henry VI.
Middx. A. 10380. Release by Henry de Frowyk, son and heir of Thomas de Frowyk of Southmymmes, to William de Middelton the elder, of Wyllesdon, in the said county, of his right in the said William's lands, &c. in Wyllesdon and Hendon, in the said county, which Thomas his father had in mortgage (in morgagio) by the gift and feoffment of the said William. Witnesses:— Ralph Roberd and others (named). 12 September, 5 Richard II. Seal, broken.
Memorandum, endorsed of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in April of the said year; also Relaxacio Frowik et Charleton.
Middx. A. 10381. Release by Thomas Charleton and Alice his wife to William Midelton, son and heir of John Midelton, of their right in the lands which the said William inherited from his father in Wilisdon and Hendon. Witnesses:—William Barnevile, Ralph Roberd and others (named). London, 14 December, 12 Richard II.
[Cornw.] A. 10382. Release by John de Trencrek to Richard de Reskemmer, of his right, by the gift of John Stour and Denise his wife, in the towns of Tredowargh Roscorville, and Prescan. Witnesses:—William Lambron, Peter Tremayn, Gervase Brae, Richard Trenemyny, Walter Merthermeilar. Reskemmer, Monday before Michaelmas, 30 Edward III. Endorsed: Prescan.
[Chesh.] A. 10383. "This endentur tripartitit beres wittenes that vareance hevynes & debate is styrd bytwen Sr Edward of Wevere on that on party and Richard of Bulkeley on that other & thayres of the quych vareance & debate thai ben put in arbitrement & dome of me Sr John Stanley and I the forsaid Sr John haf herd thair chalanges & thair unswares thur'ghle for the quych I the forsaid Sr John orden deme & award that thai be full frendes for all maner of matter fro the begynnyng of the word unto this day And also I award that the forsaid Sr Edward be at Chestir on Wednesday that next comes in presence of the Chaumberlayn & sych notable persons as he will take to hym for to exkews hym in sych fourme as his unswares arne to the chalanges mad to hym and that he com in esy wysse and yf the forsaid Richard lyke to have persons ther to se the declaracion made send who that he will undir the nowmbre of a dosen persons so that thai be noght open enmys ne at discencion with the forsaid Sr Edward at this present tyme. Ant that the said Richard be at Chestir the next Seterday after Myghele day in presens of the Chaumberlayn," &c. as above, "And yf so be that the said Chaumberlayn may noght be no way present at thos tymes that then the forsaid Sr Edward and Richard ben redy befor Dedwod & sich notable persons as he will take to hym to perfourme as my dome will abof said & that thai ben redy to mete and kys at sych day & plas as is lymyt horn by the forsaid Chaumberlayn or Dedwod"; also they are to find "aythir to other faur(?)men ychon of twenty powndesworth of lond bownden in a c. li. to perfourme this award"; "also I award that nawther of thaym shall come at the Wych chyrche unto the tyme that thai hav kysset," &c. "Wry ten the fryday next befor Myghele day the [y]er of Kyng Henre the sext the fyft [y]er of hym" (1426).
[Somers.] A. 10384. Grant by Gilbert de Benigwrthe to Sir Hubert de Burgh (Burgo), of 100s. of land in the manor of Cliva, which Walter de Benigwrthe held, and which descended to him from the same Walter by hereditary right, with all the right that Walter, or he, or any of their ancestors had therein; to hold to the said Hubert and his heirs, or to whom he pleased to give it, whether to a religious house or elsewhere; which land William de Romare gave to Matthew de Benigwrthe his uncle (patruo) by charter, to wit all the service of Erkenbald de Craudune, and all the land of Golsmithecote, with men and all belongings, and all the land of Bilre- broc with men and all belongings, and a half virgate of land of 'la Torre,' which Robert Kinebald held, and one quarter (unam quarter) of 'la Hille' of Wacheford and 30d. from a certain man who is called Wite, and 2s. from Henry Cook (coco), and one 'border' who is called Boie, with his holding in and without the town, with all belongings which belong to those lands aforesaid, as the charter which the said Matthew had of the said William de Romara witnesses; for this Hubert gave him 50 marks beforehand. Witnesses:—William and Benedict, bishops of London and Rochester, Eustace de Facumberge, then the king's treasurer, Robert de Nevill, clerk, Stephen de Sedgrave, Osbert de Giffard, Robert Aguillun, Robert de Nereford, Richard de Dol, Ralph Gernun, Gregory de Turri, Robert de Aubervilla.
[Cornw.] A. 10385. Feoffment by John Trevysa, and Amisia his wife, to Henry Trevysa and Martin Pendre, of all their lands, &c. in the towns of Lannargh Mor, Helstonburgh, Hellogan, Bodryvyell, Trewodones, Carvolgh Carnegynfyn, Boswyn, Trevynsyn, Penhelec Byan, Polleowe, Trefoyll, and Padystowe. Witnesses:—John Reskymmer, esquire, Henry Gyllyot, James Veyll, William Harrys, Henry Tregassa. Lannargh Mor, 10 August, 22 Edward IV. Seal.
[Lanc.] A. 10386. Indenture, being the award of John Hodeleston, Thomas Broghton and John Kirkeby, 'squyers,' 'for as mekyll as of lang tym ther has ben contravercy, variaunce and debate betwix Roland Kirkeby, squyer,' and 'Roland Thorneburgh, squyer,' and the said parties had agreed, and 'sworn apon a boke,' to abide their 'ordynaunce, dome and awarde,' they 'orden, deme and awarde,' Monday next after the 'feste of the Nativite of Seint John Baptist,' 36 Henry VI, that Roland Thorneburgh shall pay Roland Kirkeby 20 marks, viz. 5 marks 'at the feste of Seint Wolfray callet the fair of Dalton' next, 5 marks at 'the feste of the Purificacion of our lady' next, 5 marks at 'the feste of Whissonday' next, and the residue at the said feast of St. Wolfray following; also that the said parties shall 'stand sad, trewe and feythfull frendes,' 'in saveyng and kepyng of thair wirship and thair othes abovesaid.'
Warw. A. 10387. Feoffment by William Catesby, esquire, son and heir of John Catesby and of Margaret his wife, to John Talbot, lord de Lyle, knight, William Lovell, knight, William Tressham, Henry Grene, Thomas Tressham, Robert Catesby, the elder, esquires, William Breteyn, vicar of the church of All Saints, Northampton, John Gervys, rector of the church of Bukkeby, John Verney, rector of the church of Lodbrok, John Wattson, rector of the church of Rodburn, and John Prudd, of his manors of Gren- burgh and Lodbroke, in Grenburgh and Lodbrok, with their appurtenances in Wollsoote, Wallcote, Grenburgh and Lodbrok, co. Warwick. Witnesses:— Edward Doddynsyll, William Peyto, knights, John Brome, Thomas Hugeford, Thomas Boughton, esquires, William Dersett of Thurlaston, John Wythinale of Grenburgh, Thomas Shukkeburgh of Shukkeburgh. Gren- burgh, 8 April, 26 Henry VI. Seal, a goat's head, erased; rush band, remaining.
[Cornw.] A. 10388. Letter of attorney by John Trevarthian to John Gerveys, Master Stephen Gerveys, Thomas Seynt Austell, clerk, and Gregory Carlunyek, to deliver seisin to John Tremayn, James Gerveys, John Urban, John Trethewy, John Skewys and John Trethewy, the younger, of the manors of Merthyn, Rosewyk, Trevarthian and Tretheves, with the advow- sons of the churches of Landewednack, Ruan Major and Ruan Minor (Sanctorum Winwaloi, Rumoni Magni et Rumoni Parvi), with rents and services of free tenants to the said manors belonging, and of lands, &c. in Chymeder, Sensewana, Guylles, and Leyty, as in his charter thereof to the said Tremayn and the others made. Sunday after the Ascension, 22 Eichard II.
[Salop.] A. 10389. Feoffment by John Holegot of 'la Seete' to Roger, lord of 'la Seete,' of four selions of land and one ridge (cursonem) of land in the field of 'la Seete.' Sunday before St. Valentine, 10 Edward III.
London. A. 10390. Indenture whereby the prior, Robert, and convent of Holy Trinity, London, after reciting two grants made to them, long before the Statute of Mortmain, by Nigel of Rouen and Walter son of Simon (A. 10392 and A. 10391) of 13s. 9d. quit rent from premises in St. Margaret, Lothbury, London, and that the said premises were then in the occupation of Edmund Hoddisdon, citizen and mercer of London; release to the said Edmund, in consideration of his building on the site within the next ten years, of all arrears of the said rent, and reduction of the said rent for the next forty years to 8s. 5d., secured not only on the said site, but till the site was built upon, on another tenement of his in the same parish; with defeasance of his bond to them in 10 marks due at Christmas in the event of his building, as above said, within the said ten years. The morrow of Michaelmas, 6 Henry IV, beginning.
Endorsed: Contra Edmundum Hoddesdon de quadam vacua placea
London A. 10391. Sale (vendidi et forisaffidavi) by Walter son of Simon to the prior, Richard, and canons of Holy Trinity, London, of 5d. quit rent which William of Rouen (Rothomago) used to pay him for a messuage of the fee of the said canons in the parish of St. Margaret of Lohdeber' in London. Witnesses:—James the Alderman, and others (named); for this the canons gave him 5s.
London. A. 10392. Grant by Nigel of Rouen (Nigellus de Rothomago) for his soul's health to God and the Church of the Holy Trinity, London, and to Richard, the prior, and the canons there serving God, of 1 mark rent from land and houses, which he had in the parish of St. Margaret of Lothebery between land of Lawrence Potter (Pottarii) on the west and land of Walter de Essex on the east; to hold in free, pure and perpetual alms; with power of distraint and of impleading the tenants, if need be, by gavelet. Wit- nesses:—Sir James, and Sir Gilbert son of Fulk, the aldermen, and others (named).
Endorsed: Carta Nigelli . . . . . . . . quam tenet Willelmus nepos ejus.
[Cornw.] A. 10393. Bond by John Vyvyan to William Reskymmer, esquire, in 100l. on St. George's day next, conditioned for his standing to the award of John Vavyser, Richard Whitelegh, John Glyn and John Penlyn, upon all matters in dispute between them, the award to be delivered before Monday before St. George's day. 16 April, 7 Edward IV.
[Cornw.] A. 10394. Indenture of demise by Reginald Tretherf, esquire, to Andrew Raulyn of Medessole and Elizabeth his wife for their lives in survivorship, of a close called 'Park engrous' in Medessole; rent 6s. 8d. suit of the court of Tretherf twice a year, and a heriot on the survivor's death. Tretherf, 16 May, 33 Henry VI. Seal.
Endorsed: Michell.
[Herts.] A. 10395. Feoffment by Thomas de Flaunden to [Hugh son of] Oto, knight, of parcel of his wood next the 'Churchewey' &c.; rent a double rose (rosam dupplicatam). Witnesses:—Sir John de Cheyne, Sir Stephen son of Stephen de Cheyndut and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 10396. Feoffment by John Zandou of Trenans to John his son in tail of all his lands, &c. in Trena[n]s and Trelewith, to hold of him during his life by 14s. rent, and after his death of the chief lords of the fee, &c; with reversion in default of John's issue to John son of Thomas Zandou of Lidestou, his heirs and assigns. Witnesses:—Nicholas Herdin, Pain Tredenek, William Rosdeniek. Trenans, Monday after St. Leo the Pope, 40 Edward III.
Endorsed: Carta de Trelowyth et Trenans.
[Warw.] A. 10397. Release by John Chaumbyr of Kenelleworthe to Robert Grene and Richard Preue of 'Hatton in le Wodelond,' of all actions touching the administration of the goods of the will of Henry Balle, deceased. Warwick, 17 April, 6 Henry VI. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10398. Indenture being a feoffment by Richard Tremayn, William Bryt and John Tremayn to Elizabeth daughter of Lawrence Pata, of all their lands, &c. in Tregemynyon, and a place of land with a garden annexed in St. Mary Street, Helston Burgh, with the rent and service of Peter Anny for lands, &c. which he held of them in Leen, with the reversion of the same; to hold to the said Elizabeth for the term of her life, with remainder after her decease to the heirs of John Tremayn of Tremayn on the body of the said Elizabeth begotten; and if it happen her and her heirs to die within nine and a half years, the said premises shall remain to Lawrence Pata, his heirs and assigns, for ever, rendering therefore to them and their heirs for the first twenty years, beginning from the day of the death of the said Elizabeth, or of her heir, within the said nine and a half years, a grain of corn at Michaelmas, and after the said twenty years to Richard Tremayn and his heirs, 10l. at the quarters usual in the hundred of Kerrier. Witnesses:—Thomas Pellour, John Skewys, Hugh Presk. Chyenall, Thursday the morrow of St. Hilary, 1 Henry VI.
[Wilts] A. 10399. Chirograph indented, being the memorandum of an exchange between Juliana, abbess of Lacok and the convent of the same, and Alan Bretun, of 2a. in 'Esleforlang,'for 2a. one on 'Elrig' called 'Sclefaker,' a headland (et est hevedlond), the other in 'Inlonde.' Witnesses:— Reginald Crok and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 10400. Letter of attorney by John de Porthnanter to John Mynwynion and Thomas Bally of Tregeue to deliver, seisin to John Trevarthyan of a furlong (ferlingo) of land, with houses, garden, &c. in the town of Trefleghyou, with the rent and service of John Vel in the same town, as in the charter of feoffment which he had made to the said John for life. Trefleghyou, Tuesday the morrow of the Circumcision, 42 Edward III.
Endorsed: Treflygyou.