Deeds: A.10401 - A.10426

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.10401 - A.10426

[Cornw.] A. 10401. Indenture, being a feoffment by Oto de Trevarthian to Michael Fyttok, tailor (cissori) and Sarah his wife in tail, with reversion in default to himself and his right heirs, of a place of land, containing 1½ perches, in the town of Marghasbighan, adjoining the gable-end (punioni) of the house formerly John Byghan's on the north and extending towards the place of William Jowany on the south; rent 6d. at Mid-Lent and Michaelmas in September, and suit of court twice a year. Witnesses: —Thomas Bourwyk, John Kellerion, Henry Trefussa, Robert Bony, William Tregewora, the younger. Marghasiow, Tuesday after St. Matthias the Apostle, 14 Henry IV.
London. A. 10402. Feoffment by Richard Leugar, clerk, and Sibyl late the wife of William Parys, executors of the said William's will, to Sir Adam de Stratton of 107s. 8d. rent which the said William used to receive in the city of London, viz. 30s. from Sir Henry le Waleys for houses in Corde wanerstrete, 12s. from Sir William de Durham (Dunolmia) for houses in the parish of St. Werburga, 8s. from Alice de Len for houses in the parish of St. Mary of Somerset, 2½ marks from Richard Parys for houses in Ropere- strete, 8s. 4d. from Nicholas le Gaunter for selds in Westchepe, and 16s. from Agnes [le] Bret for a seld in Westchepe; the sale whereof for the discharge of his debts and the safety of his soul was ordered by the said William in his last will. Witnesses:—Sir Walter Hervy, then mayor of London, Richard Parys and John de Buddele, then [sheriffs], William de Durham (Dunolmia), Henry le Waleys, John Adrian, Philip le Taillour, Reginald de Suffolk, Robert de Cornhull. London, Tuesday the morrow of St. Clement, 56 Henry III. Memorandum, endorsed, of enrolment, Monday the feast of St. Clement the Pope, in the 56th year, in the full husting of London.
[Cornw.] A. 10403. Letter of attorney by William Reskymer, the elder, to William [Roscourek ?] and John Kympe, to deliver seisin to William Bere, of all his lands, &c. in Reell, of which . . . . . . . ysok was conventionary tenant. Thursday, the feast of St. [Simon] and St. Jude, 30 Henry VI.
[Cornw.] A. 10404. Feoffment by Oto Trevarthyan to James Polwheverer, of all his lands, &c. in the towns of Stekyer and Trefouard. Monday after St. Gregory the Pope, 3 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Stykkyer.
Cornw. A. 10405. Chirograph indented, being the final concord made between Richard son of John, lord of Reskemmer, and Sir Roger de Carmenou, to wit that the said Roger is bound to have (tenetur habere) his estover for his hearth in the wood of Kelliancrek, provided he or his wife tarry at Carmenou (dum modo perendinaverit aput Carmenou ipse vel uxor ejus vel utrique); in time of pannage (cum vero pannagium acciderit) the said Richard son of John shall have two pigs in pannage, and the said Roger shall have the third pig in the said wood; and the said Richard shall have two keepers (parcarios) and the said Roger shall have one keeper; and if more shall have entered (si plus intraverit) in the wood of Tregois, on the side of (ex parte) the said Roger, than the third pig, in the town of Tregois it is to be impounded (debet imparcari) and not else- where; and if more shall have entered in the woods of Lanmarg, on the side of the said Richard, than his two pigs (bini sui porci), as aforesaid, in the town of Lanmargh they are to be impounded, and not elsewhere; but the said Richard and Roger, or their heirs, shall in no way be able to sell or give from the said wood of Kelliancrek. Witnesses:—Sir Andrew de Cardinan, Sir Robert son of William, Sir Simeon de Brakelege, Sir Richard Baucein, Sir Stephen Baucein, Sir Richard son of John of Conerton, Sir Henry de Kemiel, John de Lanbrun, Odo de Ludre.
[Cornw.] A. 10406. Grant by William de Trelouthas to Walter de Tretherf, of 40s. of yearly rent from all his lands and tenements in Trelouthas Mur and Trelouthas Vighan; to be paid to the said Walter and his heirs at Tretherf, at Michaelmas and Easter, with power of distraint. Witnesses: —Peter de Glyn, John Hamely, Gervase de Bray, John de Aldestowe, Oliver de Tregasou. Treuru, Thursday after St. Alphege, 10 Edward III.
Endorsed: Trelowthes.
[Cornw.] A. 10407. Grant by Silvester de Lannergh byghan to John Myn of Hellestonburgh and Joan his wife, and their heirs, of 40s. rent from his lands, &c. in the town of Lannergh byghan, &c. Sunday after Michaelmas, 2 Richard [II].
[Warw.] A. 10408. Counterpart of agreement between William Attilburgh, mayor of Coventre, and Robert Huggeford, viz. that Richard Ryvell, son- in-law of the said William, with the assent of Joan his mother, William's wife, shall marry Margery, Robert's daughter, forthwith, at the parish church of Milverton; Robert, on the day of marriage, shall pay William, to the use of the said Richard and Margery, 10l. and 10l. at Easter following; all the lands, &c. wherein the said William has an estate for life shall be extended at their true value above drawbacks after the decease of the said Joan, and from the total 6 marks shall be yearly deducted to find a chaplain, to be nominated by the said William, to pray for the souls of her father, mother and ancestors and for all Christian souls during the said William's life; the residue to be equally divided, one half to William for life, the other to the use of the said Richard and Margery, with the reversion to them of the whole; feoffees of the respective moieties to be appointed; the muniments of the estate to be put in a chest with two keys, William to have one and Richard the other. Eddemescote, Saturday after St. Lucy the Virgin, 8 Henry IV. Two seals, one cracked, a buck's head caboshed with the legend 'hugford.' See A. 8470.
Cornw., Devon. A. 10409. Indenture, undated and not executed, between John Aroundell and John Trevarthian, for the partition of the inheritance of Carmynouwe, viz. of the manors of Carmynouwe, Wynyanton, Kenel, Merthyn, Tretheves and Rosewyk, a messuage and an acre of land Cornish (de terre Cornewales) and 100a. in the towns of Stekyer and Trelewyth, and a messuage on the west of the bridge (en le westpartie del pond) of Exeter, co. Devon; that is to say that the said John Aroundell shall have for his purparty the manors of Carmynouwe, Kenel and Wynyanton, and the reversion of the land held by Robert Eynesford in Hendre, the land west 'del pond' of Exeter, 'wayf' and 'straif' in the hundred of Kerrier, and the advowsons of the churches of Wytston and Eglosrose, except the towns of Seyntsewana, Chymeder, Wyllys and Leyty in the said manor of Wynyanton, that is to say all the lands which are on the east side of the water which is called 'Louel,' as it runs between the land of Trevergy and the land of Seyntsewana and so to the sea, saving to the said John Aroundell a meadow on the east of the said water, containing an acre English; also the said John Aroundell shall have the third part of the wood of Merthyn next the wood of Banathelek, except 6a. next Merthyn, together with all the wood of Trelewyth, and their appurtenances; further it is agreed that the said John Aroundell shall pay no rent and do no service to the manor of Rosewyk for the land of Rosmordo which is in the manor of Carminowe; and the said John Trevarthian shall have the said manor of Merthyn, and the two parts and 6a. of the wood of the same manor, as abovesaid, together with the manors of Tretheves and Rosewyk: also the said John Trevarthian shall have all the said towns of Seyntsewana, Chymeder, Wyllys and Leyty, that is to say all the lands and tenements on the east side of the stream (del ewe) as abovesaid, saving to the said John Aroundell the 'moulture' of all the tenants on the said lands and tenements to his mill of Carmynowe and the meadow (pree) aforesaid; also the said John Trevarthian shall have a messuage and one acre of land Cornish in the town of Stekyer, that is to say, all the lands and tenements in the said town, together with the wood of the same town; also the said John Trevarthian shall have the advowsons of the churches Landewednack, St. Ruan Major and St. Ruan Minor (de Wynwola, Rumon' le greinder et Rumon' le meinder); also the said John Aroundell shall enclose his purparty of the wood of Merthyn, allotted to him on the said purparty; each party is to secure the reversion of his purparty to the other in default of heirs of his body; the costs of any suit to be shared between them, particularly as to 6s. 8d. from the mill of Poltuske and 4s. rent from the heirs of Alet or from the messuage or land on the west 'del pond' of Exeter, and also that the said John Trevarthian shall have 3s. 4d. from the said mill of Poltuske and 2s. from the heirs of Alet, allotted to the said John Aroundell, as soon as, at their joint costs, the same are recovered, and until the said 6s. 8d. and 4s. are recovered the said John Trevarthian shall have 5s. 4d. from the land of the said John Aroundell of the said inheritance, the payment of the said 5s. 4d. to be respited till the said John Aroundell enjoy the reversion in Hendre held by the said Robert Eynesford.
[Cornw.] A. 10410. Release by William de Trevaelek to Simon Touker, of his right in 2d. yearly rent which Simon paid him for his lands (de omnibus terris meis) within the liberties of the borough Graundpount on the west of the river Fal (aque de Fale). Sunday after St. Luke, 3 Henry IV.
Endorsed: Trevelak.
Warw. A. 10411. Feoffment by John Catesby, esquire, to Nicholas Mettley, John Cotes, and Robert Catesby, esquires, John Wattson, parson of the church of Rodburne, William Pagyngton and William Overton, of his manor of Grenburgh, co. Warwick. Witnesses:—Richard Knyghtley, Geoffrey Allesley and Eustace Burneby, esquires, and others (named). 1 April, 15 Henry VI.
London. A. 10412. Chirograph, indented, being a feoffment by William de Betton, citizen of London, to Alexander de Chigwelle, lorimer of London, of a tenement in the parish of St. Agnes within Aldresgate, London, between the highway, the churchyard and a tenement of the dean and chapter of St. Martin le Grand; rent, 2 marks; consideration, 3½ marks in gersum. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Sandwich (Sandwyco), warden (custode) of the city of London, Thomas Romeyn and William de Leyre, sheriffs, William le Mazelyner, alderman of that ward, and others (named).
Endorsed: The Dolphyn at Aldersgate.
Hants, Somers., Wilts. A. 10413. Indenture being the memorandum of an agreement between Dame Maud de la Mare and Nicholas Benton, the father, that Nicholas Benton, son and heir of the said Nicholas, shall take to wife Joan daughter of Sir John Roches, knight, and Wilelma (Willeame), his wife, and the said Nicholas the father shall give the said Nicholas and Joan the manors of Ayschcame, co. Somerset, and the manor of Nether Worfton, co. Wilts, and 10 marks yearly rent in the manor of Compton Chamberlayn, co. Wilts, till such time as he shall have possession in the manor of Tabelershall, co. Sussex, which manor he shall give to the said Nicholas and Joan after the decease of his sister Cecily who holds the same for her lifetime; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder as to the manors of Ayschcame and Nether Worfton to the said Nicholas the son, his heirs and assigns, and as to the manor of Tabelershall, to the right heirs of the said Nicholas the father; further the said Nicholas the father shall before the feast of St. Peter's Chains enfeoff such persons as he pleases of the manor of Chilton Candevere, and the manor of Wyke Daundele, co. 'Haumpteshir,' and of the manor of Compton Chamberlayn, co. Wilts, on condition that they shall re-enfeoff him thereof for term of his life, without empeachment of waste, with remainder after his decease to the said Nicholas and Joan and the heirs of their two bodies begotten for ever, with remainder in default as to the manors of Chilton Candevere and Wyke Daundele to the right heirs of the said Nicholas the son, and as to the manor of Compton Chamberlayn to the right heirs of the said Nicholas the father. Stepullavyngton, the feast of St. Alban (Albon) the Martyr, 2 Henry IV. French.
[N'hamp.] A. 10414. Grant and surrender by Margaret de Braunfeld to John de Braunfeld, her brother, of all the lands and tenements which formerly were Simon Warner's in the town and fields of Throp next Daventre and in the fields of Welton, and which she had for the term of her life by her said brother's demise. Throp, Friday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 20 Edward III. Witnesses:—Sir John Mallore, knight, and others (named).
[Herts.] A. 10415. Grant in free, pure and perpetual alms by Nicholas le Mestre of Westmeln, to God and the church of the Holy Trinity, London, and Gilbert, the prior, and the canons of the same, for the safety of his, his ancestors', and his successors' souls, of 6d. quit rent. viz., 4d. Simon Bukoc paid him for 1a. in 'Nethersuhtfeld,' next land of Theobald the clerk and 'Admundeslane' and abutting on 'Erningstrat' and 'Benham,' and 2d. Jordan Estmund paid him for 3 roods in 'Mannefeld'; also of 1a. whereof one rood lies between land of the said Jordan and Theobald, one rood between land of the said Theobald and the said canons, abutting on land of Richard le Mester and Amicia de Snelleswell and ½a. lies in 'Benham' with land of the said Theobald on either side, extending from 'Benhamdane' to 'Admundes lane.' Witnesses:—Sir John Baard, Sir Robert de Rokell, knights, John de Marinis and others (named).
Endorsed: Westmell. Nicholas le Mayster dat nobis . . . . . .
Linc. A. 10416. Indenture being the defeasance of a bond by John Morys, citizen and butcher (carnifex) of London, to John Possenet of Denton, co. Lincoln, 'drower' in 7l. 18s. due on the feast of St. Martin in the Winter next, viz. on payment of 7l. 18s. at certain dates. 6 July, 11 Henry VI.
[Warw.] A. 10417. Indenture being a memorandum of an agreement between Richard Oysel of Coventre and Alice his wife and Nicholas Maunsel, dyer, and Margery his wife, concerning the wall of the house of the said Nicholas and Margery in the market place (foro) of Coventre, alleged by the said Richard and Alice to have been built too near to their oven (furno); the wall to remain as built; if the said Richard and Margery, or their heirs, repudiated the agreement, they should pay ½ mark each to the buildings of the great monastery of Coventre and the great monastery of Lichefeld as penalty, to be compelled thereto by ecclesiastical censure, to wit by suspension and excommunication from day to day by the Official of the archdeacon of Coventre. Witnesses:—Henry Baker (pistore), then bailiff, and others (named). Coventre, the feast of St. Edmund the King and Martyr, 19 Edward [I].
[N'hamp.] A. 10418. Release by Thomas Rage to Thomas Rage his brother, of his right in lands, &c. in Braundeston which belonged formerly to William Rage his father. 12 September, 1 Richard III.
[Middx.] A. 10419. Release by William Waleys of Woxebrugg and Alice his wife to Hugh le Despenser, earl of Winchester, of their right in a messuage and close adjacent with two virgates of land whereof Nicholas atte Garden (de gardino) held one and Philip Hughwes the other, in the town and fields of Estcote. Witnesses:—Sir Ingelram Berenger, Robert de Leukenore, Thomas le Gay, Reginald de Lymham, Walter de Fifhyde. Kenynton, 4 April, 16 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 10420. Letter of attorney by John de Hellygy to . . . . to deliver seisin to . . . . . de Polger, son of Maud his sister, of an acre of land English in the town of . . . . . . in 'Croft en Wennder,' which croft John Spanyel formerly held of him. Dated at Helly . . ., . . . . the Pope, 26 Edward III. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10421. Indenture being the defeasance of a grant by Odo son and heir of Edward de la Launde to Ralph Trenewyth, of all his land, &c. in the town of Trevael, on payment at Trenewyth of certain sums at certain dates. Wednesday before St. Peter's Chair, 3 Richard II. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10422. Writ of pracipe directed to the sheriff of Cornwall against John Bevile of Reskymmer and Emma his wife to restore possession to Henry son of Richard Trewennard and Richard Tyrel and Rose his wife, of 5 messuages, a mill, 6 furlongs (ferlingos) of land and 36s. 2d. rent in Porthmenstre, Caerskes, Daghenele, Carnkerou, Trelewyth next Tredroe, Crous next Trelewyth, Scoerd next Tredraeth, Caer next Trevelien, Caer next Penpol and Boscudyn next Caerskes; and against William de Sulgene to restore possession to the said Henry, Richard and Rose, of 3 messuages, 5 furlongs of land and 7s. rent in Treworian next Tregasinith, Hendre next Trevarnigon, Penryn next Legha and Treworgans next St. Buryan (villam de Sancta Beriana), which they claim to be the right and inheritance of them the said Henry and Rose, and whereon the said John and William have entry only after the demise which Ralph de Trelewyth, cousin of the said Henry and Rose and to whom they are heirs, made at a time when he was insane (non compos mentis), to Roger Reskymer and Joan his wife, as they allege, &c. Westminster, 22 April, 36 [Edward III]. Copy.
[Cornw.] A. 10423. Letter of attorney by Richard Nansplock to Nicholas Franck, chaplain, to deliver seisin to Henry Nansplock, his brother, of his lands, &c. in the towns of Nansplock. Nansplock, Monday before St. Andrew the Apostle, 6 Richard II. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10424. Indenture of fine levied at Westminster in the octave of the Holy Trinity, 30 Henry III, before, &c. between Giles de Chaunceuz, querent, and Bartholomew de Chamond (Calvo Monte) and Isabel his wife, impedients, of the manor of Plenet, acknowledged by them to be his right, to hold to him and his heirs of them and the heirs of Isabel; rent, a pair of white gloves at Easter; consideration, a sore sparrowhawk. Copy.
Endorsed: . . . Plenynt.
[Cornw.] A. 10425. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Clemou to his son, of all his lands, &c. in Trenans; to hold to the said John and his heirs of the body of Joan daughter of John Trenans begotten, rendering to him therefore during his life 13s. 4d.; if John die without such issue, the premises to remain to the said Joan for the term of her life at the like rent; and after his decease at the rent of 6s. 8d. to his heirs. Witnesses:—James Nanfan, Richard Feres, John Skewys, Henry Boskervan, Thomas Bevyle. Trenans, Monday after the Purification, 2 Henry VI. Copy.
Endorsed: Amice carissime placeret vobis deliberare Thome Kestyll vaccam suam detentam apud Gwyndreth usque diem Dominicam proximo futuram quo die idem Thomas defferet ibidem predictam vaccam vel alia catalla ad valencian predicte vacce et . . . . faciet per Ricardum Feres. Johannes Skewys.
[Cornw ] A. 10426. Indenture of demise by John Reyskemer to Master Ralph Tregrygyou, dean of Exeter, James Gerveys and John Rosmaryn, for the term of their lives, of his manor of Reyskemer, and all his lands, &c. in Tregoys, Boskawen, Sule, Trevelgon, Wyk, Lannargh, Trelees, Tregudyn, Trelyn, Prysken, Treberveth, Carnhellys, Trefynweth, with his mills of Wyk, Tregudyn and Trelees, and rents and services of all his free tenants in the hundred of Kerrier; rent, a grain of corn at Michaelmas for all service, doing to the chief lords of the fees the rents and services due and accustomed; provided however that they shall pay all his debts from the issues of the said lands, &c. and provide a marriage portion of — marks for Joan his daughter. Witnesses:—Richard Cergeaux and William Lambron, knights, Matthew Br . . . ., . . . . Tregaddreth, Peter Gorran. Reyskemer, Monday after St. Augustine, 9 Richard II.