Deeds: A.11401 - A.11500

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.11401 - A.11500

[Chester.] A. 11401. Feoffment by Warin le Grovenour, lord of Buddewr[th], to Robert Daa his son, of a place of land in the town of Buddewr[th] in the forest, viz. beginning from 'le Dede cherlischiche,' &c.: with leave to make a fish pond, &c. and leave to fish with nets in all waters within the bounds of Buddewr[th] except in two 'mulne' pools and reservoirs (cerneuris), &c. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Virnun and Sir William de Bre[r]eton, knights, and others (named). Seal (a pheon), with legend: s. warini. le. grovenur.
[Bedf.] A. 11402. Release by William Frenchss of Southyevel to William Wombelard of Stanford of the parish of Southyevel, of his right in ½a. land called 'Stubbedhalfacre' in the South field of Southyevel on 'Rowmerfurlong' abbutting on 'Gyddyfurlong.' Tuesday after Mid- summer, 44 Edward III. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 11403. Indenture made at Aysshewater being a memorandum of the delivery by Halnath Maulyverer, esquire, 1 April, 7 Edward IV, to William Reskymer, esquire, of 114 charters concerning lands and tenements of the said William, over and above 40 charters previously delivered to Richard Penarth, William's servant.
[Bedf.] A. 11404. Release by William Spenser of 'le Hill' to Thomas Hall, of 'le Hill' aforesaid, of his right in 1a. arable in Wardon fields in Watehill furlong, formerly belonging to John Ordewy and Ellen, his wife, of 'le Hill,' which the said Thomas had by the gift and feoffment of William Essex of Stratton. Monday before St. Peter's Chains, 18 Henry VI. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 11405. Release by Beatrice late the wife of Richard de Wycham to Valentine Clerk (clerico), her son, of her right in land (in una terra) called 'Samuelesl[ey]' and in another land called 'Pekelesfeud,' which she formerly had in keeping from (habui in custodia per) Master Gilbert, formerly rector of the church of Langedon; doing service to the heirs of Geoffrey de Lee (Leya) as she had been accustomed to do. Witnesses:—Master William de Purl', Sir John de Langedon, knight, and others (named). Seal, broken, with legend s. beatricis. h . . . . .
Endorsed: La Lee. Carta Beatricis . . . . de Wykh' . . . . .
[Essex.] A. 11406. Feoffment by Beatrice late the wife of Richard de Wycham, widow, to Valentine her son, of all her land at Lee (Leyam) called 'Samuelesleg,' and another land called 'Peclesfelde,' which were given her in free marriage; doing service to the heirs of Geoffrey de Lee (Leya); according to the charters which Valentine has thereof. Witnesses:—Sir Roger and Sir Nicholas, chaplains of Lee (Leya), John de Langedon, knight, and others (named). Seal, with legend: s. beatricis. huxori'. ricardi.
Endorsed: La Lee. Carta Beatricis . . . . de Wykham . . . .
[Notts.] A. 11407. (1) Feoffment by Alice de Holme of Gunthorp, widow, to John de Stoke, clerk, of a messuage in the town of Kneton and 16a. arable in the fields of the same, which she inherited. Gunthorp, Mondav before Whitsuntide, 30 Edward III.
(2) Feoffment by John de Stoke, clerk, to Richard Chilcote and Alice his wife and the heirs begotten between them with remainder in default to her right heirs of a messuage, between the rectory and Alice de Otringham's tenement, and of all the land, &c. in Kneton which he had by the gift and feoffment of Alice de Holme. Gunthorp, Wednesday before Michaelmas, 80 Edward III.
Copies on one skin.
Cornw. A. 11408. Letters patent of Robert Hulle. Whereas James Pennarth has enfeoffed Thomas Pyken, Sir Richard Trevelyan and James Melyhonek of all the land, &c. in the county of Cornwall which he held of the said Robert, and of Joan his wife, a relief shall be paid therefore, but none for the feoffment back to the said James Pennarth in tail, with remainders in fee as to third parts of the premises, respectively, to 'Otys' Trevarthian, John Pyken son and heir of the said Thomas, and William Melyhonek son and heir of the said James. Bodrugan, 2 September, 2 Henry V. French. Cf. A. 8499 and Corrigenda.
[Chester] A. 11409. Release by Richard son of William de Craunache of Middlewich to Robert de Bulkylegh, Felicia his wife and Richard their son of his right in all the land, &c. which belonged to Thomas son of Nicholas of Middlewich between the lands of Robert de Croxston, the lord of Holt and Thomas de Wevr[e] and the river Qwelok. Tuesday before Whitsuntide, 1321. Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.] A. 11410. Feoffment by William Long (longus) of Culerne to Nicholas Wace of a virgate of land in Winterburne Basset which Walter Dunstan- ville the first gave to Adam his father of Thikwude; rent, 1lb. cummin and to the lord of the fee 6d. at Michaelmas, for all service; consideration, 25 marks. Witnesses:—Sir Sampson de Boxe, Sir Reginald de Calne, Sir Hamund de Bakhamtun, Sir Richard de Henitun, Sir William de Cardunville, knights, and others (named).
Leic A. 11411. (1) Release by Thomas Barkeley of Womandham, knight, and John Busshe of Ougham, knight, to William Rolgar [altered to 'Rogarth'] of Womandham, husbandman, his heirs and assigns of their right in a messuage with a garden, croft, and dovecot adjacent, with three virgates of land, &c. in Womandham, formerly belonging to John Arvy and Ivot his wife of Womandham, lately deceased, which [they] bought of Margaret, daughter and co-heir of the said John and Ivot, to whom the same had descended and which the said William had in his full possession and seisin by their feoffment. Grantham, the feast of St. Lawrence the Martyr, 10 Edward IV.
(2) Feoffment by William Rolgar [altered to 'Rogarth'] of Womandham, co. Leicester, husbandman, to John his son, of the above premises; attorney to deliver seisin, Richard Percewal of Edmondthorpe. Lady Day, 2 Henry VII. Copies, on one sheet of paper.
[Cornw.] A. 11412. Demise by Thomas Marsely of Lesard to Thomas son of Roger de Carmynou, of all the land, &c. in Goevos, which he had by the feoffment of Roger de Carmynou, from the day of date to the feast of St. Martin in Winter next at the rent of a red rose at Midsummer. Lesard, Thursday after the feast of St. Scolastica the Virgin, 21 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 11413. Feoffment by Roger son of William de Carburra to Roger son of Oliver de Carmynou and Elizabeth his wife and the heirs of the bodies of the said Roger and Elizabeth of the manor of Ressewyk with the advowsons of churches belonging to it, the tithing of Lucies, bondmen and their issue &c. with remainder in default to the heirs of Roger; warranty against Margery his mother, Joan his wife and all other claiming the same or part thereof by seisin of William his father or himself, and against all men of his blood. Witnesses:—William Botreaux, Oliver de Carmynou, Reginald de Botreaux, knights, Peter de Glen, James de Trevyados. Bodmin, Monday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 14 Edward III.
[Chester] A. 11414. Bond by John Donne of Utkynton and Thomas Dutton of Dutton, co. Chester, esquires, and Lawrence Starky of Northwyche and Geoffrey Starkey of Stretton, co. Chester, gentlemen, to Thomas Danyell, esquire, in 10l. at Christmas, 1449. 3 May, 25 Henry VI. Seals, (1) an arrow-head and the letters 'J.D.,' (2) a plume of feathers and 'J. Douton,' (3) a unicorn's head erased and 'God help.'
A. 11415. General release by Nicholas Holbym to Ralph Reskymer, esquire, and William Whyn. 20 January, 22 Henry VI. Seal, cracked.
[Cornw.] A. 11416. Indenture being a feoffment by John son and heir of William Poyher of Penhal to John Nanskelly and Izod (Isolde) his wife, and the heirs of their bodies issuing, at 3d. rent on the feast of St. Michael in September yearly for the first sixty years, and thereafter at 40s. rent, of all his land, &c. in the town of Penhal, together with the rents and services of William Ruythan, Walter Forster, John Nansciviel and William Restourek, and William Luce, for the messuages, &c. which they held of him there, together with the reversions thereof when they happened. Witnesses:— Ralph Clegher, Reginald Tretherf, and others (named). Penhal, Thursday before St. Thomas the Apostle, 46 Edward III. Cf. A. 9173.
Bedf. A. 11417. Bond by Richard Stebeneth of Stratton, co. Bedford, 'yoman,' to Thomas Stratton, in 100s. at Christmas. 4 November, 22 Henry VI. Seal.
[Notts ] A. 11418. Release by Lucy de Sibethorp to Nicholas de Bernack of her right in the moiety of a messuage and of 5½ bovates of land in Flintham, which he had by the gift of Isabel daughter of Robert de Sibthorp, her sister, by fine levied in the king's court. Witnesses:—William de Bernack, rector of the church of Gonaldeston, and others (named). Friday after St. Michael 'in Monte Tumba,' 10 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 11419. Release by Martin Nanspian, chaplain, brother and heir of Reginald Nanspian, to John Tretherff the elder, esquire, of his right in land with 'husbot' and 'heybot,' &c. in Tendeyll Mor, whereof John was then seised. Witnesses:—John Trenowyth, John Trevanyon, John Trevenour, Lawrence Penkevell, George Trejaghan. 16 August, 7 Henry VII. Cf. A. 10375.
[Wilts.] A. 11420. Chirograph, indented,being a demise by Reginald Crok to John le Nywe and Juliana his wife for the term of their lives, of 7½a. land which Margaret Prodomme formerly held of him in Lacok; also of a messuage, cottage, two curtilages, a croft, 4a. land and a piece of meadow there which Robert Daly formerly held of him; rent, 3s. 4d. for all service save royal service and suit of his court of Cherloweswyke. Sunday before St. Barnabas, 6 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 11421. Feoffment by John Trevarthian to Roger Trevarthian his son and Stephen Mertherderwa of all his land, &c. in the towns of Trevarthian, Brevannek Wartha, Brevannek Woles, Penmeniff, all his land in crofts called "Gwel en Gwyns,' 'Gwel Beauleu', 'Gwel Thomas a Wel' and 'Gwel Bevyle,' with the rents of all his tenants in the said crofts, all his land in a croft called 'Polpry' beside Marshasyow, all his land in the towns of Marshasyow and Marshasbyan, with the rents of all his tenants there, all his land in the towns of Hellegon, Treffouwel, with the mill of Treffouwel, Cardynan, Kargenwyn W[artha, Kargenwyn] Woles and the third part of the manor of Treffowarde with the rents and services of all his tenants there; to hold for the term of his life, rendering therefore at Midsummer a rose and to the chief lords the services due and accustomed; with remainder to his son John, in tail, with remainder in default to the said Roger, his son by Joan daughter of John Penherhard, his wife, in tail, with remainder to the heirs of his body, with remainder to his own right heirs. Dated at Trevarthian, Monday after Michaelmas, 48 Edward III. Cf. A. 10061.
[Cornw.] A. 11422. Assignment by William Dyer to John Reskemer, esquire, of the estate which he had by the grant of Robert Courtes, esquire, in a tenement, with a parcel of land annexed, in the town of Lostwithiel between the Prince's mill on the west, Stephen Kendall's land on the east, the river Fowy on the south and the road leading over the town bridge on north; rent, to Robert's heirs, 8d. at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Ralph Cavell, mayor of Lostwithiel, and others (named). St. Gregory the Pope, 12 Henry VI.
[Bedf.] A. 11423. Feoffment by John son of Ralph Randulf of Suthyevel to John de Cryngelford of the same and Alice his wife of ½a. land there, in the south field, on 'Stratfurlong.' Sunday before St. Dunstan, 12 Edward III.
[Cornw ] A. 11424. Indenture made at Merthyn Monday before the Annunci- ation, 10 Henry IV, between Otho Trevarthian of the one part and Ralph de Reskymmer of the other, witnessing that the said Otho had delivered seisin to the said Ralph and others of his manors of Merthyn and elsewhere, by virtue of a charter, of even date, which he had made thereof to Sir Edward Courtenay eldest son of Edward earl of Devon, Edward Charles (sic), lord de Powys, John, lord de Haryngdon, William, lord de Botreaux, Robert [Hu]lle, justice of the king, and to the said Ralph to hold to the said Edward and the others, on condition that they should surrender the same to him on his request. Witnesses:— . . . . Talbot and John Herle, knights, William Bodrugan, John Walesbrewe, John Basset, Richard Trevage, Richard Trevaygnon. Damaged.
[Cumb.] A. 11425. Feoffment by James de Waybnthwaith to Nicholas de Suenhous, of a tenement in the town of Bolton, called 'Hegardynlande.' . . . . Michaelmas, [6] Richard II.
[Cornw.] A. 11426. Feoffment by Amicia, late the wife of John Marsily of Lesarth, widow, to Walter de la Medeshole, of a messuage with garden annexed, and all her land in Lauuardrogh. Witnesses:—Ralph de Beaupre (de Bello Prato), Osbert Hamely, Peter de Glen, Roger . . . . . ., . . . . de Trevida. Lesarth, Saturday, the eve of the Assumption, 16 Edward II.
Bedf. A. 11427. Bond by Richard Hamond of Arlycheseye, William Hamond, John Semper and John Baldok of the same, to Thomas Stratton of Bykelyswad, co. Bedford, 'gentylman,' in 20l. on the feast of the Holy Trinity. 20 April, 19 Henry VI. Seals.
[Cornw.] A. 11428. (1) Indenture being a feoffment by Benedict de Trevarthian to John his son ann heir, of a messuage and 2a. land Cornish in the town of Trevarthian, in tail.
(2) Indenture being a charter by [John] son of Benedict de Trevarthian reciting the above feoffment and charging the premises with an annuity in his father's favour of 20 marks payable quarterly, if on the feast of St. Lawrence, 1314, he did not re-deliver the premises to the said Benedict. Copies on one skin: damaged.
[Cornw.] A. 11429. Demise by John Trevarthyan, the elder, to Roger Trevarthyan his son, for life, of all his land, &c. in the towns of Trenewan, Trevyan, Trevernogou, and Trewonglyth, with the rent and service of the heirs of Sulgene for all land, &c. which they held of him in Hendr', with the reversion of the land, &c. which Richard Boskennou held of him in Marghasbyghan for life. Witnesses:—John Kyllyryon, Robert Bony, of Marghassyou, Henry Trefussa, David Aleyn, John Pascou. Trevarthyan, Tuesday before St. Martin, 18 Richard II.
[Norf.] A. 11430. 'This byll indentyd be twene Roberd Randyss of Alborowgth squyere on the to party and Crystyan Bullewer of Thyrsford on the todyr party sum tyme the wyfe of Roberd Bullewer bondeman unto the seid Roberd. That the seid Crystyan hath compownyd and payde unto the seid Roberd for alle meveabyll godyss tenementes londyss and pastures. Except v. acryss of londe the wyche is clepyd Ryckyss the wyche weren the seid Roberd Bullewer in hys lyfe. And also more ovyr except the chyldyr the wyche were be getyn be the seid Roberd Bullewer and hys wyfe of the wyche meveabyll godyss aforeseid tenementes londes and pastures forseid except aforne except . I . Roberd Randyss myn eyryss and myn executurss and aturneyss the seid Crystyan and the aturneyss of the seid Roberd aquitawnssyn wyth owtyn ende. In the reyne of Kyng Herry the sext aftyr the conquest xiij yere.'
[Cornw.] A. 11431. Release by Gregory son of Nicholas Chanpeon of Tresam- well to John de Penhale and Joan his wife, their heirs and assigns, of his right in two messuages and l½a. land Cornish in Tresamwell. Witnesses:— John de Trethaek, William Coysgaryn and others (named). Penryn, Friday the feast of St. Petroc the Confessor, 1 Edward III. Copy on paper. Cf. A. 6302.
Endorsed: Tresamball.
[Cornw.] A. 11432. Indenture between Michael de Tren[e]wyth and Sir John de Trejagu, knight, being the defeasance of a feoffment made by the said John of all his land, &c. in the towns of Nanscolleth, Tredenek and [S]ouranou, with water and windmills, and of a feoffment made by Bartholomew Senescha[l], clerk, of a messuage with all his land in the town of Trethywe, with a mill there, as in divers charters of the said Michael and John was contained; the said charters to be void on payment by Sir John of sixty-four thousand-weight of white tin, not coined, whenever he please within the next coinage after the feast of St. Barnabas, the Apostle, next, or in the next coinage at [Truru Marche] or Lostwythyel. Dated the feast of St. Peter's Chair, 16 Edward [I]. Blind.
[Cornw.] A. 11433. Letter of attorney by Peter de Trewythenech to John de Anter to deliver seisin to John Marchel, smith, of Helleston and Paschasia his wife, of a place, with a garden and a piece of land in Hellestonburgh, the place being at the head of Helleston bridge, between the tenement of Michael de Lannergh and the road from the bridge to St. Michael's church, and the piece of land between the road from the town to the mill and the land of Hellescodz. Hellestonburg, Friday the feast of St. Michael in September, 31 Edward III. Damaged.
[Cornw.] A. 11434. Demise by Peter de Trewythenech son and heir of Roger de Trewythenech to John Marchel, smith, of Hellestonburgh and Paschasia his wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship of a site (placeam) with a garden adjoining and belonging to it at the head of Helleston bridge between Michael de Lannergh's tenement and the road from the bridge to St. Michael's church and a piece of land between the road from the town to the town mill and Hellescodz; rent, 2s. payable at the feasts of St. Andrew the Apostle, Mid-Lent, St. James the Apostle and St. Michael in September. Witnesses:—Philip Raulin, reeve of Hellestonburgh and others (named). Friday the feast of St. Michael in September, 31 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 11435. Feoffment by John, lord of Eglosmerther, to Walter de Tretherf and Maud his wife of all his land, &c. of Trethoggamour with the homage, rent and service of Richard Grathelen and his heirs, for the land they held of him in Eygiou, and of John de Rygiou, John de Ponson, William Steyner, William Penwyd and John Uda, for land they held of him in Trethoggamour. Witnesses:—Stephen de Trewythynec, Roger de Cleher, Stephen de Boswydel, Odo de Trevael. Tretherf, Friday after St. Ambrose, 16 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 11436. Feoffment by Bartholomew Berkeley to John Lona and Joan his wife and Richard their son, for the term of their lives, and to the heirs of the body of Richard, of a half-acre of land called 'Atwyll,' which William de Trehiviou formerly held; rent, 8s. and suit of court of Ardmely, &c.; they shall have ingress and egress over the waste of Bodow to feed all beasts, as the other free tenants; also to have yearly a daywork (diet') in the moor of Halyos. Bodanno, — before St. Katharine, the Virgin, 1306. Copy.
[Norf.] A. 11437. Chirograph, indented, made at Shepedene, Thursday after St. Barnabas, 39 Edward III, being a feoffment by Robert Tebald to Adam Ie Taliour of Saxthorp, of a place of land in Shepedene; rent, . . . . . .
[Notts.] A. 11438. Agreement made on the feast of St. Edmund, the King and Martyr, 1274, being a demise for the term of six fully gathered crops by Robert de Alverton in Flintham to Roger on the (super) Grene of the same, of 1½r. arable on 'Garebrade' in the territory of Flintham; con- sideration, 7s. in gersum.
[Sussex.] A. 11439. Release by Thomas Grauntpound of Yfeld to John Man of Rouspere and Agnes his wife, for term of their lives, with remainder to John, William and Richard their sons successively in tail, with remainder to their right heirs of his right in a piece of land called 'Botlynges' in Yfeld, between the road from Craule to Rouspere, land of the prioress of Rouspere, &c. Sunday before Michaelmas, 34 Edward III.
[Chester.] A. 11440. Letters patent by Henry duke of Lancaster, earl of Derby, Lincoln and Leicester, steward of England, to John de Hallum, for his good service, of the office of porter of castle of Halton and parker there, with 2d. daily, for life. Leycestre, 5 July, 1357. French.
[Cornw.] A. 11441. Counterpart of feoffment by Ralph Reskymer, esquire, to John Arundell, the elder, esquire, in tail, of all his land, &c. in the town of Stykkyer nigh Trelowith; rent, to him for life, a red rose, and after his death, to his heirs, 8s. at the four terms usual in the hundred of Poudre, and to the chief lords the services due and accustomed. Witnesses:—John Arundell, the younger, and .William Reskymmer, esquires, and others (named). Truruburgh, 8 January, 37 Henry VI. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 11442. Feoffment by Richard de Trewennart to John de Tremayn, William de Luscote and James Gerves, of all his land, &c. in Trevalsens, Menven, Gorvos Bychan, Nans, Trefreek, Gorvos, Bregheus, Hellesbyghan, and Fow. Witnesses:—Thomas de Carminou, knight, John de Trevarthian, Henry de Trewennart, William Tirel, John Pellour. Trejewal, Tuesday before St. George, 43 Edward III.
[Bedf.] A. 11443. Feoffment by Alice late the wife of John Gys, knight, sister and heir of Edmund Gacelyn, to John Cryngelford of Southyevele, in tail, with remainder in default to his right heirs, of a furlong (quarteriam) of land called 'Holewey quarter' and that which William Blaker formerly held in Southyevele and the tenement which Reginald Race held, with the cottage and land formerly of William Pyk the elder in the said town; rent, 10s., and two suits of her court of Southyevele yearly. Friday, Mid- summer day, 30 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 11444. Release by John [lord] of Trethogga to Walter de la Medeshole of his right in a half-acre of land in Trethoggamur and in all the town aforesaid. Witnesses:—Robert de Bosuaenou, Michael de Trescrowyn and others (named). Lanescli, Friday before the Ascension, 17 Edward III.
[Notts.] A. 11445. Feoffment by Isabel de Muskham, late the wife of Thomas de Muskham, to Maud her daughter of all the land, &c. which she had in the town of Flyntham by the gift and feoffment of the late John de Husee; to hold to the said Maud, in tail, with reversion, in default, to Thomas de Muskham her son. Witnesses:—Sir John de Mounteney, knight, John de Husee and others (named). Wednesday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 2 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 11446. Feoffment by John Coleman of Reylee (Reylega) to Peter de Neuport, archdeacon of London, for 15s. in gersum, of the field called 'Estfeld' in the parish of Tunderl[e] of the fee of William le Butiler, between land of Ralph Scufle, 'Northfeld,' the wood called 'Wyberneswde,' &c. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Ginges, Sir Simon Perdriz, Sir Martin son of Simon, knights, and others (named). Reylee, Saturday before the Purification, 38 Henry III. Seal, with legend: s. ioh'is coleman.
Endorsed: Carta Coleman de vij. acris facta Petro.
[Essex.] A. 11447. Feoffment by Robert de Wiberneswode to John Colemann of Reylege, for his homage and service and for 10s. in gersum, of the whole field called 'Estfeld,' in the parish of Tundreslea, in the fee of William le Butilier between land of Ralph Scufle, 'Northfeld,' 'Wyberneswode,' &c.; rent, 10d. and 1d. to a scutage of 40s. and so in proportion; covenant that Maud daughter of Richard de Bruera, her heirs and assigns, shall have a right of way from the 'lane' to 'Northfeld,' at the west end of 'Estfeld.' Witnesses:—Sir Martin son of Simon, and others (named). Seal, with legend: s. [rober]ti. fil. rob', de. bosco.
Endorsed: . . . . de vij. acris . . . .
[Essex.] A. 11448. Confirmation by John Coleman of Reylee (Reylega) to Sir Henry, the dean and the chapter of the church of St. Paul, London, of the field called 'Estfeld,' in the parish of Tunderle, of the fee of William le Butiler between land of Ralph le Scufle, 'Northfeld,' 'Wyberneswde,' &c.; for this Peter de Neuport, archdeacon of London, brother and fellow canon of the said dean and chapter, gave him 15s. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Brus, Sir Ralph de Ginges, Sir Martin son of Simon, knights, and others (named). Reylee, Saturday before the Purification, 88 Henry III. Seal, with legend: s. ioh'is. coleman. Endorsed: . . . de vij. acris . . . .
[Somers.] A. 11449. Release by Henry Wyvelescombe and William Jurdan, chaplain, to John Stanys and John Woderoue of their right in the manor of Norton Beauchamp, nigh Worspring, and in the fourth part of the manor of Worle, and in 2 carucates and 3 virgates of land, 40a. meadow, 13s. 4d. rent, and ½ lb. cummin, in Kywestoke, Worspring, Rolliston, Bowere, Nywelond, Churchehulle, and Nyweton, co. Somerset; warranty by Jurdan and his heirs. Certified under the seal of the mayoralty of Bristol. Witnesses:—Richard Daccoum, John Rodeneye, Maurice With, knights, and others (named). Bristoll, 2 August, 5 Richard II. Fragment of seal (merchant's mark), with legend: s. henrici. wy . . . . .
[N'hamp.] A. 11450. Feoffment by John Balle, of Ryschton, to his daughter Alice in tail, with remainder to himself in fee, of a messuage, with curtilage, between the tenements of Agnes his daughter and John his son, and 2r. land, one 'atte Westhegges' in the west field of Ryschton, the other on 'Schortlond,' in the east field; rent 2d. Witnesses:—Thomas Lovet, John de Weldon, John de Langeton, Edmund Russel, and others (named). Tuesday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 23 Edward III.
[York, W.R.] A. 11451. Feoffment by John de Rypers, and Robert, his son, of Loversall, to William son of John, son of Peter, of Waddeworth, of 4a. land in four selions in 'le Wodfeld,' abutting on 'le Hevedes' and Balby wood. Loversall, Sunday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 1341.
Leic. Notts. Warw. Worc. A. 11452. Release by Richard Bluet, clerk, Joan late the wife of William Thirnyng, knight, Beatrix late the wife of Hugh Shirley, knight, William Babyngton, Gerard Meynell, Geoffrey Poutrell, John Hornyngwold and Thomas Hyntus to Ralph Shirley, knight, of their right in the manors of Rakedale, Wilwys, Radc[l]yff on Wreeke, Barough on Sore, Dunton and Whatton, co. Leicester, Radc[l]yff on Sore, Thrompton and Colstounbasset, co. Notts and in the manor of Sheldon, cos. Warwick and Worcester, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas Mountgomery the elder, John Cokayn and Thomas Gresseley, knights, Bartholomew Mountgomery and Thomas Staunton, esquires. Radclyff on Sore, 20 [blank], 9 Henry V. Two seals, (1) on a helmet a nag's head, (2) on a helmet a dragon's head.
[Warw.] A. 11453. Feoffment by Roger Arley of Lodbrok to Richard Noreys of the same of 5½a. land there. Sunday after St. Martin, 13 Richard II. Seal, broken.
[Kent.] A. 11454. Release by Richard Groveherst, John Cotynge, John Milis and David Wilkyn to John Polyvore of their right in a tenement near Pynewygill formerly Alice Hamon's and in 2d. rent therefrom. Middelton, 3 October, 28 Henry VI. One seal.
[Kent.] A. 11455. Feoffment by Agnes Robard, widow, to William Moore and William Cotyng, 'tanner,' of a messuage, with a garden, in the parish of Middelton, at the lane leading to Pynwyghellismelle, &c. 2 October, 5 Edward IV. Seal.
[York, W.R.] A. 11456. Feoffment by Christian late the wife of Stephen Serjaunt of Loversale to Robert Ripers of the same, of 5a. land which she had by the gift and feoffment of John Ripers her father in the fields of Loversale, next the land of the said Robert, abutting on 'le Wyke' and 'le Kardyke.' Monday after St. Lucy the Virgin, 37 Edward III. Seal of arms (a beast passant) with legend. s. joh'e . . . .
[York, W.R.] A. 11457. Feoffment by Robert Ripers of Loversall, to Sir William de Farendall, chaplain, of 5a. land lying together in the fields of Loversall, extending from the meadows 'del Wyke' to 'le Kardyk.' Thursday after St. Nicholas the Bishop, 42 Edward III.
[York, W.R.] A. 11458. Feoffment by William de Farendalle, vicar of the church of Doncastre, to John Burton of Waddeworth of 5a. land lying together in the fields of Loversalle, extending from the meadows 'del Wyke' to 'le Kardyke,' which he had by the feoffment of Robert Rypperes. Loversalle, 6 April, 3 Henry IV. Seal, broken.
[Derby.] A. 11459. Release by Joan, late the wife of Martin de Wermundesworth to her children Edmund, Oliver, Thomas and Margaret, of her right in a toft and all the land, &c. in the town of Breydiston, which she had by the feoffment of Roger de Draycote her father, for the term of their lives. Breydiston, Tuesday after St. James the Apostle, 1322, 16 Edward II.
[Derby.] A. 11460. Feoffment by Joan late the wife of Martin de Wermondes- worth to her son Nicholas, of her dwelling house (mansionem) in Breydeston, which she had by the gift and feoffment of Nicholas de Wermondesworth; with the reversion of all the lands and tenements which she had given to Edmund, Oliver and Thomas her sons, and Margaret her daughter, for the term of their lives. Breydeston, Monday the feast of St. Mark, 16 Edward II. Seal.
[Derby ] A. 11461. Chirograph indented being the memorandum of an agree- ment between Ralph Barry of Torlaston and Nicholas son of Hugh, of Breydeston, to wit Ralph has granted to Nicholas and his heirs 8 bovates of land in Breydeston, together with the whole land which Nicholas formerly held of Sir Henry de Boketon, for which Nicholas did homage to Ralph in the county of Nottingham in the time of Simon de Hedon, then sheriff there, on Tuesday after the Annunciation, 43 Henry III; to hold to Nicholas and his heirs of Ralph, and his heirs or assigns, for ever, rendering therefore 6s. 10½d. for all service, &c., as the charter of feoffment which Ralph has of the said Henry de Buketon more fully witnesses, with right of distraint. Witnesses:—Sir Simon de Hedon, then sheriff, Ralph son of Ralph Bugge, Richard Bugge, his brother, and Others (named). Seal, with legend: salvet. nos. deus.
[Derby.] A. 11462. Indenture being the memorandum of the assignment of her dower to Joan late the wife of Martin de Wermundesworth by Nicholas son of the said Martin, Wednesday, Michaelmas day, 16 Edward II, in the towns and territories of Breydiston and Wyvelesthorp, including rents from tenants named, profits of court and fruit in orchard. Seal.
[Chester.] A. 11463. Acquittance by John Bromley of Badynton to William son of Ralph de Egerton for 10 marks for the term of St. Martin last, in part of 40l. wherein the said William and others stood bound to him by recognizance made before the Justice of Chester. Monday after the Conception, 2 Henry V.
[Chester.] A. 11464. Counterpart of articles of agreement 4 October, 1600, 42 Elizabeth, between John Egerton, knight, and Robert Wilde of Torperley, 'yoman,' viz. that Sir John should pay on Robert's behalf 29l. to Randel Haukin of Rushton, and 12l. to Richard Samon, and further should pay within a month 140l. more to Richard Gerrard or such other person as Robert should appoint. Signed Per Robert Weld. English. Paper. Seal.
Endorsed: Robert Weyldes articles.
[Herts.] A. 11465. Release by Isabel daughter of William le Spicer to William Aynel of her right in her part of the whole messuage in St. Albans which her father held of William's father; consideration 20s. Witnesses:—William de Husseburn, steward, Adam de Benn', reeve, Alexander le Gigur, Thomas his son, William le Berre, and others (named). Seal, with legend: s. hisebele. fil'e. wilelmi. l'. spicere.
Camb. A. 11466. Feoffment by John Thirlowe of Thriplowe, co. Cambridge, the elder, John Lorkyn of Heydon and Thomas Flexman of Newton, co. Cambridge, to William Frevell, esquire, Thomas Lokton, esquire, John Battysford, 'gentilman,' Alexander Wood, 'gentilman,' Thomas Hewyk, chaplain of Thriplowe and John Pepyll of the same, of the land, &c. in the town of Thriplowe, which, together with John Ansty the elder of the county of Cambridge, 'gentilman,' John Brown of the same county, 'yoman,' and John Gatward of the same, since deceased, they had by the gift and feoffment of John Bassett of Chyshull, co. Essex, the elder, Thomas Marchall of Dunmowe, John Smyth, William Grene and Thomas Goodman of Chishull, and which formerly belonged to John Bassett of Chishull, the elder; also feoffment to them of 6½a. land in divers fields of the town of Thriplowe which they, together with the said persons, since deceased, had by the gift of the said John Bassett and the others, viz. in 'Chirchefeld,' 'le Hethfeld' and 'le Westfeld.' Thriplowe, 30 November, 9 Edward IV. Seals.
[Staff.] A. 11467. Feoffment by Adam son of William de le Bentyleye to Joan his daughter of all his land, &c. at 'le Bentyleye,' in the fee of Chetilton; rent, to him for life, 20s. at Midsummer and thereafter a rose to his heirs. Witnesses:—Thomas and Eobert Schirard and others (named). Tuesday before Whitsuntide, 1357. Seal.
Surrey. A. 11468. Grant by King Henry III, for the betterment of the town of Guldeford, to the good men thereof, and their heirs, that the county of Surrey shall be held there, and that the justices in eyre shall sit there. 7 January, 41 Henry III. Contemporary copy. See Charter Roll Cal. I, p. 456.
[Cornw.] A. 11469. Indenture being a feoffment by William Carnsuyowe, esquire, to William Carnsuyowe, his son and heir, and Elizabeth late the relict of Geoffrey Beachymp, of his land, &c. in Trecarne, Trewff, Trevyn, Trevalserow, and Gelli, toll of tin excepted; to hold to the said William and Elizabeth and the heirs begotten between them. Witnesses:—John Reskarrocke, esquire, William Taverner, Nicholas Cavell. Bokelly, 20 April, 16 Henry VII.
[Salop.] A. 11470. Grant by Richard, the abbot, and the convent of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Apostles, of Shrewsbury, to John Coplond and Joan his wife, the abbot's sister, for the term of her life, of eight convent loaves, called 'michis,' and seven gallons of convent beer, weekly; also of the tithes of sheaves and hay of the towns of Prescot and Stanwardyn in 'le wode' in the parish of Bassechurch; [of a meadow called 'Carnecollmedow' opposite the place called 'Carnecoll' on the other side of Meole erased]; of the corner house, wherein the said John and Joan dwelt, on the right of the road to the meadow of the monastery called the Almoner's garden; of the shop (opellam) in John's occupation over (super) the bridge, without the east gate of Shrewsbury, between the shop (opellam), belonging to the abbot in the occupation of Richard Wentenor towards Shrewsbury, and the other shop (opellam), belonging to the abbot, towards the monastery in the occupation of John Tayler, glover; also of a messuage in Colneham, containing in width 27 yards (virgatas lan') between Thomas Mitton's lands and the land of Thomas Scryven, and in length from the highway to the stream called 'Meole broke' over against the pasture called 'Carnecoll' and 'Carnecoll Medow'; also of twelve cartloads (quadrigatas seu currus) of firewood yearly from the forest of Lithewod, by delivery of the forester or bailie there; also of a pasture called 'Judas Buttis,' after the death of Lewis Lye, father of the said Joan; to hold for the life of the said Joan with further grant in the event of her pre-deceasing the said John her husband, that he shall have the said house, shop (opellam) and messuage in Colneham for his life. 25 October, 24 Henry VII.
Note at foot: Examinatur per Walterum Hendle Richard Watkyns.
[Cornw.] A. 11471. Feoffment by John Jankyn Thomayngow son and heir of Jankyn Thomayngow of Lavowsa to John Tretherff the elder, esquire, and Elizabeth his wife, of all his lands, &c. in the town of Lavowsa, which are called Placea Enfenten; attorneys to deliver seisin, Vivian Penwern and Thomas T . . . . . . Witnesses:—John Arundell Talverne and others (named). The eve of the Apostles Peter and Paul, 17 Henry VII. Blind.
Endorsed: Seyntt Maussa.
[Cornw.] A. 11472. Bond by John Carnarthour to John Reskymer, esquire, in 100 marks at Whitsuntide next, conditioned for his standing to the award of John Trefrye, knight, John Trenowith, Edmund Courtenaye, esquires, and Thomas Bere, arbitrators chosen by himself on the one side and the said John on the other, touching the title to certain lands &c. in Pennarth nigh Treveke &c., the award to be made before the feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle next; and for his saving the said John and one John Vycary harmless in respect of a writ of privy seal, returnable to the king and his council at Westminster in Easter term next. 21 April,' 5 Henry VII.
Sussex A. 11473. Release by Thomas Baibroke, John Knyth, John Yonge of Buxsted, to William Weston the elder of the same, of their right in a messuage, &c. there, which they, together with him, had by the gift and feoffment of John Puxsty of Hethfeld, co. Sussex. 1 February, 14 Henry VII.
[Heref.] A. 11474. Feoffment by Lewis Dee of the parish of Aston, co. Hereford, and Alice his wife, to Sir John ap Phelpott, chaplain, and Walter ap Yerward, of the land, &c. at Tretyllee in the hamlet of Tredonok, in the hundred of Wormelou, which descended to her on the death of John Gomro her father. 5 November, 19 Henry VII. Seals. Cf. A. 9287, &c.
Salop A. 11475. Bond by John Valans of Brugenorth, co. Salop, to Thomas and John Lymell of the same, mercers, in 10l. at Midsummer, conditioned for his performance of covenants in indentures of even date. Witnesses:— John Preue and William Bromley, bailiffs, and others (named). 7 August, 19 Henry VII. Signed, John Valons. Cf. A. 8555, &c.
Essex. A. 11476. Feoffment by Thomas Attwode the elder of South Bemflete, co. Essex, to John Attwode the younger, of the same, Eleanor his wife and Stephen their son, John May the elder and James Attwode of the same, of a messuage, &c. formerly John Prowde's there between 'Burgesfild' and 'le Flete,' &c. which, together with James Attwode, John Geffrey, John Bolle and Walter Gristede, he had by the gift and feoffment of Peter Geffrey. 19 March, 6 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 11477. Chirograph, indented, being a feoffment by Benet de Trevarthian to John his son and heir, in tail, with reversion, in default, to himself, if living (si idem Johannes sine exitu de corpore suo matrimonialiter exiunte me vivente obierit) and his heirs of a messuage and 2a. land Cornish, &c. in the town of Trevarthian. Witnesses:—Alan de Kernyk, John de Kerthin, John de Trebethou, John de Trekyliau, John le Marchaunt, Alfred the leche (medico), John Presclou. Trevarthian, Thursday after St. Cyricus and Julitta, 7 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 11478. Feoffment by Vincent del Ennes to his son Ralph in tail, with remainder in default to John, his younger son, in tail, of a place of land, with a garden, in Marghasbean (Parvo Foro), between Robert le Bretun's and William atte Hall's (de aula); to hold of Juliana de Marghasbean (Parvo Foro) and her heirs by service of 12d. yearly, payable at the feasts of St. Andrew the Apostle, Mid-Lent, St. James the Apostle and St. Michael in September, for all service, save the king's service belonging to (quantum pertinet super) the tenth part of a ferling of land in the said town, and save suit of court of the said Juliana, and her heirs, twice a year, at the next courts after the Kalends of May and the said feast of St. Michael, at Marghasbean (Parvum Forum) and not elsewhere, upon reasonable summons, at which court if the said Ralph or his heirs shall be in mercy once or more in one day they shall be quit for 2d. the forfeit however having been emended by view of the good men. Witnesses:—Michael de Polper, Godfrey de Trefrenk, Thomas le Guyn, Eichard de Caergas, Gilbert the clerk (clerico). Enes, Saturday the morrow of the Circumcision, 4 Edward II.
Endorsed: Parvo foro anglice Marhas bean.
[N'hamp.] A. 11479. (1) Memorandum of an agreement between the men (la gent) of Weleton and Simon de Throp as follows. Whereas a dispute had arisen (ke la un cunteck fou mou) between them touching a tilth (coture) in the fields of Welton qalled 'Fulwellhull,' with the headlands (cheves) belonging, they bind themselves on either side (de ame pars) to submit to the award of four good men of the neighbourhood (ke eus se metterunt en quatre prodeshommes de meme le vyne), with power to the four to take to them a fifth if they cannot agree, &c. They have found pledges on either side, viz. on Simon's side Thomas Golafre, parson of Horpol, Gyles de Morton and Adam de Capis, on their side Simon de Tuwe, Richard Martyn, Richard le Eyr. The award is to be made, on Sunday before the feast of St. Margaret, 9 Edward [I], on the spot. This writing was made on Monday, the eve of St. John (la velye sen Jon) in the said year. The pledges have appended their seals. French. Fragments of two seals.
(2) Memorandum of an agreement made in the ninth year of King Edward between John Mallore, of Welton, and other the free tenants of the same town, of the one part, and Simon son of Ralph de Throp nigh Daventre, on the other. To wit, whereas dispute had arisen touching a tilth (cultura) in Welton field, called 'Folewellehul,' they had agreed as follows:Simon and his heirs shall sow the said tilth together with the said free tenants in the said field, when the said John and other the free tenants sow; and the said Simon shall have the headlands (capita) to the said tilths (culturas) belonging, when sown, without any contradiction; their common of pasture to remain to the said tenants in the said headlands after the hay is carried (post fenum levatum), the said Simon being in no way excluded, and the common of pasture of the headlands in fallow (capitum in varecto) shall remain to the said free tenants all the year round in manner abovesaid; if the free tenants wish to enclose (hechiare) elsewhere in the field of Welton, Simon and his heirs shall enclose (hechiant) in the said tilths the same quantity of their portion, and the said Simon and his heirs shall mow as many heads of selions as they sow; all the other headlands of selions in fallow [the tenants] shall feed throughout the year without any contradiction of the said Simon and his heirs. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de (sic) Baud, then sheriff of Northampton, Seman Stoke, William de Bradden, Robert de Vauncy, Peter de Raleya, Robert de Hamme, knights, and others (named).
[Sussex.] A. 11480. Grant and confirmation in free alms by William Musard son and heir of Richard Musard, with the assent of William his heir and Joan his wife (uxoris mee) to God and St. Pancras and the monks of Lewes, of the hide of Trepham, with croft and meadow, which his father gave them, with the way to the meadow whereby he carried his hay to his court, in the town of Epinges, to hold in all pastures, &c. where his men commoned, with quittance of pannage; he and his heirs would acquit the said land of scutage, &c. danegeld (danegheldum) only excepted; also grant of the land called 'Hooc' within their land at Epinges; also release of the common opposite William de Herefort's house called 'Pettes.' Witnesses:—Alan de St. George (de Sancto Georgio), Robert le Vesellier, and others (named).
Endorsed: Ipynges, in rapa de Arundel, Cic' dioc'.
[Essex.] A. 11481. Demise by Rose (Roisia) daughter of Cristina daughter of Adam de Haulee of Waltham Holy Cross to the said Cristina, her mother, for life, of her whole tenement in Waltham aforesaid in Roumelond, with 1a. meadow belonging. Monday the morrow of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 5 Edward III.
Endorsed: . . . . Hawle . . . .
[Bedf.] A. 11482. Letter of attorney by Roger Gryngelford, son and heir of John Gryngelford of Southyevele to Sir William Wombelard, clerk, of the same, to deliver seisin to John Scharman of Stanford and Margaret his wife, and John's heirs and assigns, of all his land, &c. in the parish of Suthyevel. London, Monday the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 45 Edward III.
[York, W.R.] A. 11483. Feoffment by William [B]atman son and heir of Thomas Batman in Lonesdale to Richard son of William Redmayn of Thorneton, of a messuage and toft in Thorneton. 4 April, 4 Henry VII.
[Heref.] A. 11484. Feoffment by Walter Kymbere to John Badam, John Wircetre, Thomas Halle, and John Synawgh, of a burgage with building in the town of Webbeley. 26 April, 8 Edward IV.
Linc. A. 11485. Counterpart of demise by Thomas Salisbury, clerk, William Babyngton, esquire, Richard Pynchebek esquire, John Vavasour. John Pynchebek and Thomas Fitz William the younger, to Thomas Zouche and Margaret his wife, for tne term of her life, with remainder to William Copuldik son of John Copuldyk esquire (armigeri), his heirs and assigns, of the manors of Haryngton, Fryskeney and Frampton, co. Lincoln, lands, &c. excepted, late belonging to the said John Copuldik esquire in the towns of Skirbek, Kirketon in Holand, Algerkirk and Conyngesby, which manors they, together with Peter Ardern who had released his right therein to them, lately had by the gift of the said Thomas Zouche and Margaret, and of John Edelyngton, clerk. Witnesses:—William Skipwith, knight, Thomas Fitz William, the elder, and Thomas Meres, esquires, and others (named). Haryngton, 24 November, 36 Henry VI.
[Lanc.] A. 11486. Feoffment by Robert son of Adam le Taylour (cissoris) of Over Kellet to Adam Spornestan of Horneby and Alice his wife, of a messuage with a croft, which he had by the gift and feoffment of John le Tayllour his brother, between land of St. Bees (Sancte Bege) and land of Sir Ranulf de Daker in the town of Over Kellet. The feast of St. Leonard, 1331.
[Wilts.] A. 11487. Feoffment by Margery le Jonge, daughter of William le. Jonge of Uptone Knoel to Peter Escudemor, son and heir of Sir Walter Escudemor of a place of land there. Monday after the Nativity of the B.V.M., 12 Edward II.
Bedf. A. 11488. Bond by John Yonge otherwise called John Hogon of Dunton, co. Bedford, 'husbondmon' to Thomas Stratton and Thomas Horle in 20l. at Midsummer. 2 May, 6 Henry VI.
Linc. A. 11489. Bond by Robert de Hagham, parson of the church of St. Guthlack of Est Depyng to Master Peter Dalton, treasurer of the church of Lincoln, and Sir Henry de Layceby, chaplain, in 40s. at Lincoln on Christmas day, conditioned for the payment to them there of 20s. at Christmas and 20s. at Easter following. Feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 2 Henry IV.
Bedf. A. 11490. Release by William Frenche, of Suthyevell, to John Scherman, of Stanford, and John, son of the said John, of the same, of his right in land, &c. in the county of Bedford, as in his charter thereof contained. Southyevell, Monday after Corpus Christi, 14 Richard II. Seal of arms, perishing, apparently a fess impaling fusilly.
[Cornw.] A. 11491. Letter of attorney by John Seynt Aubyn to . . . . . . . Kayre, son of Walter, to deliver seisin to John . . . ., of . . . tenements in Nansausan and Fentenlasek, according to . . . . . . . . Dated at Treth[erf], . . . .,13 Henry IV.
Endorsed: Nansawsyn . . . . .
[Chester.] A. 11492. Indenture of demise by Richard de Marketon, and Maud, his wife, to Richard son of Robert de Bulkylegh, and Agnes, his wife, and Richard's heirs and assigns, of all the land, &c. which descended to them on the death of Rose (Roesie) daughter of Silkoc of Middlewich, in Middlewich and Neuton beside Middlewich, and of a yearly rent from John de Luchteburch; to hold from Christmas 1331 for 20 years; rent, 1d. at Midsummer for all service; the tenants to do repairs and deliver up the buildings, at the end of the term, in as good repair as Mary, late the wife of Richard son of Geoffrey received the same at the commencement of the term. Witnesses:—Robert de Bulkylegh, and others (named).
[Notts.] A. 11493. Indenture being the award of Edward Hyllton, Richard Esott, Thomas Watt and George Bredon, of Nottingham, arbitrators indifferently chosen by the worshipfull John Hillston, prior of the monastery of Lenton, between Robert Curtouse, of Nottingham, 'sadellar,' and Roger Garnett, of the same, 'tallow chaundellar'; the parties to be lovers and friends henceforth; to forgive each other all trespasses; and to forfeit 40l. if they keep not the award. 12 March, 19 Henry VII. English.
[Cornw.] A. 11494. Feoffment by William son of Richard de Alet, to Bartholomew Chamont, of all his land of Trenewyth, and all his land of in Pl[o]nnent, together with the homage and service of Ambrose de Fonte, to wit white gloves yearly at Michaelmas; saving to him his demesne of Plonnent and the advowson of the church of Plonnent; and together with the service of Oswald de Trenans, to wit 4s. payable quarterly for three ferlings of land in Trenans and suit of court every three weeks and suit of the mill of Trenowyth; the homage and service of Ralph de Tredenek, to wit 20d. for ½a. land payable quarterly with an aid once a year, at the next court after the Purification, and common suit of court and suit of mill; the homage and service of Richard de Reskymer, for 2a. land in Roscurvyl, and suit of court twice a year, at the Kalends of May and Michaelmas; the homage and service of Edward de Trewens, for 1a. land in Trewens, to wit, 2s. by quarterly payments, and suit of court every three weeks; the homage and service of Henry le Frances, of Tredewy, for five ferlings of land in Bodenmur, to wit 2s. 8d. with an aid once a year at the next court after the Purification, and suit of court; the homage and service of Reginald Crucka of Lannergh, for 1a. land in Lannergh, to wit 8d. by quarterly payments and common suit of court; the homage and service of Lawrence de Seyntlo in the town of Carneldon for 1a. 31/5 ferlings land, to wit 15d. by quarterly payments, with an aid once a year at the next court after the Purification, with common suit of court; the homage and service of Richard de Tregos for 1a. land in Carn, to wit 1d. at Michaelmas, with suit of court twice a year, at the Kalends of May and Michaelmas; to hold the said land with homages, rents and other profits, &c. Witnesses:—John de Trevaga, [steward] and John Clerk, (clerico), under-steward of Cornwall, Sir Roger de Trelosk, Sir Gervase de Hornecot, Sir Baldewyn de Rywers, Lawrence son of Richard, Ralph Glannefrount, Ralph Elger.
Endorsed: le Tenour de Roscurvyll. Copy.
Herts. A. 11495. Chirograph, indented, being a demise in fee farm by Thomas son and heir of Sir William Baud, knight, to William Sckeyn or Skeyn of Standon, co. Herts, of a cottage, garden, and two tofts there, at 4s. rent. 14 January, 11 Richard II. Seal.
[Somers.] A. 11496. Counterpart indenture being a memorandum of the sale by Hugh Loterell, knight, Thomas Stowell, knight, John Warre, Hugh Cary and John Southewode, rector of the church of Spaxton, executors of the testament of Robert Hille, to John Hille, John Stourton, the elder, and Edward Colyforde, for 37l. payable at certain dates, of the dead and live stock on the manors of Spaxton and Postrygge, horses called 'gillyngis,' &c. four pipes of cider (secere), a grey horse, a small roan (rubeo) 'gillyng,' two saddles and a bridle, excepted. Sunday after St. Barnabas, 1 Henry VI. One seal, broken.
A. 11497. Indenture made at London, 13 November, 33 Henry VI, 'between John Leventhorp, squier, and Thomas Leventhorp sonne of the seid John' and 'Cristyne, that was the wyfe of Henry Clowvyle, squier, John Say, squier, John Berdefeld, fader to the seid Cristyne, and Thomas Lokton, squier,' witnessing 'that the seid parties bene accorded,' that the said Thomas, the son, should take the said Cristyne to wife before the Purification next; the said John the father to settle 20 marks worth of land on the said Thomas and Cristyne, in tail male, 10 marks worth of land on them, for her life, and a reversion of a further 10 marks worth for her life upon his decease, to be in lieu of dower, &c. English.
Essex. Herts. A. 11498. Counterpart indenture made at Little Hadham the morrow of St. Hilary, 8 Henry V, between Walter Baud, esquire, of the one part, and Thomas Ryngstede, clerk, and John Gale, the younger, feoffees of Walter's manors, &c. of the other, witnessing that whereas they are enfeoffed of the manor of Uppewyke, in the towns of Aldebury and Farnham, cos. Herts and Essex, of a field called 'Stapeley,' in the hamlet of Uppewyke, of 41a. 3r. arable, a meadow called 'Holmed,' five pieces of pasture, two groves and a garden, formerly parcel of the manor of 'Darcyes' in Aldebury, and of a tenement with a garden, late Agnes Bounde's, in the hamlet Uppewyke, his last will, with their consent, is, that, after his decease they shall made estate to Katharine, his wife, for life, thereof, charged with two (duas) . . . . to Agnes atte [Wode] for life, with remainder to his issue by the said Katharine, with remainder in default to Walter son of John Baud, to whom he recently stood godfather, in tail male, with remainder to John, son of the said John, in tail male, with remainder to William, son of Thomas Bawd, with remainder to his own right heirs.
Somers. A. 11499. Indenture between John son of John Elys, of Pury, and Joan, his wife, late the wife of Nicholas Parys, and daughter and heir of William Power, of the one part, and John Churchey, of Este Chilton, and Robert Bartelot, of the other; whereas the said Joan, while sole, had enfeoffed the said John and Robert of all her land, &c., in Pury, in the hundred of Northpederton, Pederdham, in the hundred of Canyngton, and Rorford, in the hundred of Andredesfeld, on condition they should re-enfeoff her, or her nominees, thereof, such lands excepted as they the said John and Robert had previously held in severalty by her demise for the term of their lives; it is agreed between the parties that the said John and Robert shall make estate to Cecily, Joan's daughter, for life, of 13s. 4d. rent which the said John Churchey, and Cecily, his wife, were wont to pay to the said Nicholas Parys, and Joan, his wife, for the land, &c. which John Bartelot and Cecily, his wife, lately had for the term of their lives by the demise of William Power; to hold the said rent with the reversion of the premises expectant on the death of the said John Churchey, and Cecily, his wife, to the said Cecily, the daughter, for life, rendering 1d. at Michaelmas to the said John Elys and Joan; with remainder of the said rent of 13s. 4d. together with the said reversion to the said John son of John Elys, and Joan, and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to Joan's right heirs; and shall enfeoff the said John and Joan of the residue of the premises in tail, with remainder in default to [Joan's] right heirs. Bruggewater, Monday after All Hallows, 5 Henry IV. One seal.
[Kent.] A. 11500. Indenture of demise in fee farm by John, the abbot, and the convent of Boxele, to Thomas Cole, of the parish of St. Werburgh in Hoo, and to the heirs of his body, and so always to their right heirs of their bodies, of five parcels of land in their fee in the said parish, whereof one piece, called 'Sagoueshaghe,' contains eight day works (deywercas), and a half, and lies at 'Opstrete,' &c. the tenants bearing all charges civil and ecclesiastical, doing suit of court every three weeks, paying 6d. an acre for a relief, and paying a rent at Christmas of two hens and at All Hallows of two seams and four bushels of palm barley (ordei palm' boni et puri grani), worth . . . . . . (valentis juxta precium melioris . . . . . . . . . . ordei per unum quadrantem in bussell'), and each seam shall contain eight bushels, and every eighth bushel shall be heaped up (cumulatus); with power of distraint in default over the said five pieces and also over two houses, one enclosure (hagha), and two parcels of land belonging to the said Thomas in the said fee, situate as described; with reversion to them of the premises in default of heirs. Boxele, Michaelmas, 34 Edward III.