Deeds: A.11501 - A.11600

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.11501 - A.11600

[Essex.] [Herts.] A. 11501. Indenture being the defeasance of a feoffment made by Henry Porter, of Storteford, and Sarah, his wife, to John Bryon, the younger, and Katharine, his wife, of all their land, &c. in the towns of Storteford and Farnham, ½a. land in Cassefeld excepted, to wit, the said John and Katharine grant that Henry and Sarah may quietly enjoy the premises for the term of their lives in survivorship; and further the said John and Katharine shall pay 20s. to the marriage of Henry, Margery and Alice, the three children of John Bryon, the elder, by Joan, his wife, daughter of the said Henry and Sarah, viz. 3s. 4d. to Henry, 10s. to Margery, and 6s. 8d. to Alice. Monday after the Purification, 2 Henry V. Seals.
[Somers.] A. 11502. Counterpart of demise by Robert Hull, and Isabel, his wife, to Walter [Baty] and Rose, his wife, for the term of their lives, of a croft called 'Mullewardesley,' in Postrigge, at [5s. 4d.] rent and suit of court. Dated Thursday . . . . 2 . . . . Damaged.
[Somers.] A. 11503. Counterpart of demise by Robert Hylle, and Isabel, his wife, lords of Schurreveton, to Thomas Lauerens and Avice, his wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of the reversion of a tenement and half tenement in Schurreveton expectant on the death of Juliana Knap; rent, to Robert and Isabel, and the heirs of Isabel, 21s. and suit of court twice a year at Schurreveton, a heriot according to the custom of the manor, &c. Schurreveton, Sunday after All Hallows, 5 Henry V.
[Somers.] A. 11504. Counterpart of demise by Robert Hulle and Isabel his wife, lords of Shirveton, to Adam Knap, and Juliana, his wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship of a tenement and a half in Shirveton; rent 21s. to them and the heirs of Isabel, suit of court twice a year, the two best beasts for a heriot, &c. Spaxton, the feast of the Purification, 1 Henry IV.
[Somers.] A. 11505. Counterpart of demise by Robert Hull, and Isabel, his wife, lords of Ayly, to Ralph Stevyns, and Agnes, his wife, and John, their son, for the term of their lives, of a parcel of land called 'Wycchelond' in Ayly; rent, to Robert, and Isabel, and Isabel's heirs, 6s. 8d., suit of court twice a year at Ayly, &c. Spaxton, the feast of St. Nicholas, the Bishop, 22 Richard II. Seals.
[Herts.] A. 11506. Indenture being the memorandum of an agreement between William Say, knight, and John Forster, esquire, that whereas the abbot, William, and convent of St. Albans, by their letters patent, dated 3 October, 2 Henry VII, 1486, with the assent of the said John, their steward, gave the said office of steward of the monastery, with all fees, &c. to them conjointly, the said Sir William will claim no part of the said fees during John's life, but the said John shall take the same as before when he was sole steward. Dated at the town of St. Albans in the said year.
[Bedf.] A. 11507. Indenture being the defeasance of a feoffment made by John son and heir of John Averey, of Sharnebrok, to Sir John de Langeton, clerk, and Robert, Sir John's brother, of all his land, &c. in Sharnebrok Felmersham and Wodhull, to wit at the end of ten years from date they shall pay him 10l. for every year they continue to hold the premises; they shall pay to William de Cugenho, the elder, the 20 marks lent to him by William; when he comes to his lands (ad terras . . . . venire contigerit) in county Leicester, they shall find him 5 marks for ploughs and other necessaries; they shall find him, while continuing in the service of the said Sir John, a sufficient robe yearly during the period of ten years, and for Margaret, his wife, and John, their son, continuing in the company of Robert's wife, the necessaries of life, for a period of three years, &c. 5 January, 17 Edward II. Fragment of seal of arms. Cancelled by cuts.
[Herts.] A. 11508. Indenture being the defeasance of the feoffment made by Henry Glympton, of Little Hadham, to Sir Thomas Morwelle, knight, John Baryngton, Walter Bawde, Henry de Fylongleye and Sir John Brownyng, chaplain, of his land, &c. in Hadham aforesaid and Storteford, viz. that after his death Margaret, his wife, shall be enfeoffed by them of all the land, &c. in Hadham, for life, while chaste and sole, with remainder to Henry de Fylongleye, his cousin (cognato) in fee, the said Henry finding a chaplain for twenty years, or two chaplains for ten years, after his death; to celebrate for the souls of Roger and Roger, the priests, his late masters (pro animabus Rogeri, Rogeri, sacerdotum nuper magistrorum suorum), of him, the said Henry, and of Joan, his wife, &c.; in the event of the said Henry de Fylongleye dying before the remainder take effect, the premises to be sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds expended in masses for the souls of the said Roger, Roger, Henry and Joan, and of the said Henry de Fylongleye and Margaret; the rent of 13s. 4d. due from Thomas Pynchepole in Storteford to remain immediately on his decease to the said Henry de Fylongleye. Sunday after St. Maurice, 20 Richard II.
Memorandum that the said Henry de Fylongleye promised to perform his part of the above. Seal.
Essex. A. 11509. Indenture being a feoffment by Elizabeth Waldegrave, late the wife of Thomas Waldegrave, knight, widow to William Say, esquire, son and heir of John Say, knight, for term of his life, without impeachment of waste, of the manors and advowsons of Great and Little Wenden, co. Essex; attorneys to deliver seisin Thomas Aldham and Thomas Bardes. Witnesses:—Thomas Mongomery, William Pirton and George Veer, knights, Thomas Tyrell, Alfred Corneburgh, John Clopton, Thomas Cornewaleys. 18 April, 20 Edward IV. Seal.
[Linc.] [Notts.] [York, W.R.] A. 11510. Counterpart of feoffment by Ralph de Brunham to Master John de Brunham, the younger, and Ralph Dade, chaplain, for the term of their lives, of all his land, &c. in the Isle of Haxholme, Blakstane, Fininglay and in Estfery; also gift to them of all his goods, &c. Brunham, Monday in the octave of St. Martin, 33 Edward III. Cf. A. 11516.
Devon. A. 11511. Indenture between Robert Hull, lord of Halton, and Richard Pyperel, witnessing that, whereas Robert held his lordship, or tenements, in Legh Bryttevill, Strechchelegh and Cadelegh, and Brygge, co. Devon, in right of Isabel, his wife, of the said Richard by knight service, to wit of one knight's fee, and by a rent of 6d. at Michaelmas; the said Robert has paid the said Richard 100s. for his relief for the said fee, and done homage to him therefore; for which services the said Richard under- takes to acquit the said Robert and Isabel, their heirs and assigns, against the chief over lords in respect of the same tenements. Halton, Midsummer Day, 8 Henry IV.
Endorsed: Chapellegh.
[Herts.] A. 11512. Indenture of demise by John le Baud to John Breggeman, the younger, Alice, his wife, and John and Agnes, their children, for the term of their lives, at 2s. rent, of a building, with adjacent curtilage, in the town of Staundon, in the hamlet of Pokerich, between the lane from Pokerich to Melkleye windmill, &c. Thursday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 17 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Somers.] A. 11513. Counterpart of demise by Robert Hull and Isabel, his wife, lords of Shirveton, to John Pouleshill, and Denise his wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of a close of pasture called 'Tounmede,' in Shirveton, at 8s. 6d. rent to them and the heirs of Isabel. Spaxton, the feast of St. . . . . . ., 21 Richard II. Seal, broken.
[Herts.] A. 11514. Indenture, being a feoffment by Robert de Louthe, 'esquier,' to Peter Cheyne, and Alice, his wife, of Esenden, of a field of land called 'le Wildefeld,' with a moor belonging; rent, 5s. Christmas, 9 Henry IV. French. Fragment of seal.
Essex. A. 11515. Indenture being the defeasance of a bond in 40 marks, due at Easter next, from Thomas Pulford and John Wroth, 'squiers,' to John Say, 'squire,' and John Jakelyn, viz. on payment of 40s. yearly at Easter and Michaelmas, until any benefice, parsonage, or vicarage, in the gift of the abbot and convent of Waltham, in the county of Essex, fall vacant. 24 November, 33 Henry VI. Fragment of one seal. English.
A. 11516. Counterpart of A. 11510.
[Essex.] A. 11517. Feoffment by John Purchaz, of Rikelinges, to John son of John Gelons, of the same, and Isabel, his wife, for their homage and service, and 57s. in gersum, of 3a. land there, in 'Grovefeld,' abutting on the garden of Brenthall (aula arsa), pasture of Dame Amicia de Sey, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Fulk de Bathe (Bathonia), knight, John de Pinchepole and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 11518. Feoffment by John son of Anketell, son of Rose (Royse), to William Paysable, of Covintre, of a curtilage there, in Park Street, next land of Philip 'Barbe de Averel,' &c; rent, a clove at Easter; consideration, 10s. beforehand. Seal, with legend: s. iohanis. hanketil.
[Warw.] A. 11519. Release by Adam de Somervyle, knight, to Isabel late the wife of John de Fleckenho, of Catesby, William son of John de Fleckenho, and Simon, his brother, and the heirs and assigns of Simon, of his right in a messuage, and 20a. land in the town and fields of Lodbrok, which the said John, and Isabel, his wife, had by the feoffment of one Adam de Somervyle, and by the feoffment of one Adam de Somervyle, and by the release of Sir John de Somervyle, knight, late lord of Stocton. Stocton, Tuesday after the feast of St. John before the Latin Gate, 3 Edward III. Witnesses:—Sir Henry de Lodbrok, Sir Robert de Napton, knights, and others (named). Seal of arms (three eagles displayed, between cross-crosslets fitchy,), with legend, sigill. ade de so . . . . . .
[Warw.] A. 11520. Release of even date by Roger de Somervyle, knight, to same, of same. Seal of arms (an inescutcheon barry and a canton, within an orle of birds (merles), for 'Merlay,' or for 'Merlay' and 'Stuteville'), with legend: s. rogeri de somervile.
[Warw.] A. 11521. Release by John Somervyle, of Stoctone, knight, to John del Hul, of Fleckenho, and Isabel, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of his right in a messuage and 20a. land, in the town and fields of Lodbroch, which they had by the feoffment of Adam de Somervyle. Lodbroch, Thursday after St. Mary Magdalen, 14 Edward II. Witnesses:— Sir Henry de Lodbroch, knight, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] A. 11522. Feoffment by Adam Somervyle, of Stoctone, to John del Hul, of Fleckenho, and Isabel, his wife, for a certain sum given before in gersum, of a messuage with a toft and croft and 20a. land, in the town and fields of Lodbroch, to hold to them and the heirs lawfully issuing from them, of the chief lords of the fee by the services due therefore, with remainder, in default of their issue, to the said John, and his heirs. Lodbroch, Tuesday, the feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 14 Edward II. Witnesses:—Sir Henry de Lodbroch, knight, and others (named).
Warw A. 11523. Indenture of demise by William de Tyrington, and Joan, his wife, late the wife of Robert le Fiz Wyth, to John de Catesby and Emma, his wife, and the heirs of John, for the term of the life of the said Joan wife of William, of all their lands in Bobenhull and Schoteswelle, co. Warwick, which the said Joan held in dower of the land late the said Robert's; rent, 5 marks. No date. Seal of arms (on a bend within a bordure engrailed three escallops) with legend: sigillv. will'i. tyrington, and seal.
[Notts.] A. 11524. Grant by Richard de Chestrefeld, clerk, to William de Wakebrigge, William de Rempston, Henry de Bristowe, chaplain, Henry Paye, of Maunsfeld Wodehous, and William del Bakehous, of Welbek, their heirs and assigns, of the reversion of the lands in Flyntham of his inheritance, formerly William de Goreham's, expectant on the decease of Adam de Grendon, and Agnes, his wife, who held the same for the term of their lives by the demise of Roger de Chestrefeld, clerk, his brother. Flyntham, 1 July, 42 Edward III. Seal (Mother and child enthroned, with angel on either side adoring and shield of arms in base, viz. a fess dancetty, in chief three fleurs de lys), with legend: s. ricardi de chesterfeld.
[Notts] A. 11525. Demise by Thomas de Shurburn, chaplain, late vicar of Flintham, for the term of his own life, to William son of Fulk de Hotot, dwelling in Hoveryngham, in tail, with remainder to Robert and Richard, brothers of William, with remainder to the said Fulk, their father, successively in tail, of 19½a. arable and 2½a. meadow lying dispersed in Flintham, as contained in the charters which he had of his feoffees; rent, a clove at Christmas. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Bingham, Sir William Sampson, and twenty-one others (named). Copy.
[Notts.] A. 11526. Chirograph of fine levied at Lincoln on the morrow of the Purification, 41 Henry III, before John, abbot of Peterborough, and others, justices in eyre, between William de Leffremunt, querent (petentem), and Robert de Wycheford, whom Robert de Boloyne vouched to warranty and who warranted to him, of a messuage and three bovates of land in Flyntham, to wit the said William acknowledged the same to be the right of the said Robert, &c. and for this the said Robert gave the said William 10 marks and a palfrey.
Endorsed: Cirografum Magistri Willelmi Lefirmunt.
[Notts.] A. 11527. Feoffment by John Bozon, brother of John Bozon, knight, to John son of Ralph de Oleby, of the third part of a messuage in Flintham, between the messuages late William Ward's and Thomas de Gorram's. Saturday after St. Giles, the abbot, 31 Edward III. Ecclesiastical seal.
[Notts.] A. 11528. Feoffment by Adam Smyth, of Flyntham, and Agnes, his wife, to John Asslot, of the same, of the messuage there, which they had by the gift and feoffment of John Hotoft, of the same. Sunday after the Annunciation, 16 Richard II. One seal.
Endorsed: J. Haslatt landes.
[Notts.] A. 11529. Counterpart of release, for term of his life, by John Hosee, of Flintham, to William Colston, of the same, and Maud, his wife, of all suits, &c. for divers tenements which they held in his fee there, with specified exceptions. Tuesday St. James the Apostle, 21 Edward [I].
[Notts.] A. 11530. Feoffment by Durand le Mareschal, of Flintham, to John Smith (fabro), of the same, and Isabel, his wife, and the heirs and assigns of John of 5r. arable and 3r. meadow there, in 'Galle' and 'Croppildole' respectively. The feast of the lifting up of the Holy Cross, 1321.
[Notts.] A. 11531. Release by same to same, and her heirs and assigns, of his right in 3r. land in Flintham field, in 'Galle' abutting on Kniveton field. Feast of St. Thomas, the Apostle, 1322.
[Notts.] A. 11532. Feoffment by Alice, daughter of Geoffrey Freman, of Flintham, spinster, to William le Westren, of a place, 6½a. arable and 1a. ½r. meadow which she had as her purparty of the inheritance of Geoffrey, her father, rendering therefore to Sir John Husee, the chief lord of the fee, the services due and accustomed.
[Notts.] A. 11533. Release by Isabel, daughter of Sir John Hosee, knight, to her said father, Sir Thomas, vicar of the church of Flintham, and Roger de Muston, clerk, executors of the testament of Agnes Hosee, her late mother, of her claim to goods by reason of her mother's decease, or to lands in Flintham given to her by her father in discharge of such claim. Sunday before St. Peter's Chair, 1290. Seal, with legend, si. isabelle ho . . . .
Notts. A. 11534. Indenture being the award of Thomas Cranmer, John Whittyngton, Robert Powtrell, 'gentilmen,' John Kerchever, and Richard Arnold in matters in dispute between William Husy, of Flyntham, co. Notts, 'gentilman,' and Adam Langley, of the same, 'gentilman'; (1) they are to 'fall frendes and order them sylvez luffyngly as frendes shuld doo'; (2) 'a stall made in the parishe chirche of Flyntham 'by Adam to 'contynue and stand to the honour of God as it was first licensid' without William's 'interrupcion or lett'; William to help expel from the lordship of Flyntham 'all such catall and shepe of William Bassettes esquyere as there pasture and feede overchargyng the commyns of the same'; William to do the repairs 'in stonewark and tymber of the hous nowe in the holdyng' of Adam according to indentures between them; Adam to release all actions, viz. 'his suyte takyn for a defamacion and also for a prevey seall to the seid William directid to appere afore the lordes of the kynges most honourable councell with a supena,' at William's costs and charges; William to pay Adam for his 'suytes and for his vexacions,' 26s. 8d.; 'Adam shall not giff ne marke laudes in his holdyng of the seid William Hussy is over lordes markes which shulbe hurtfull or prejudice to the inheritaunce of the seid William,' and shall remove hedges and dikes wrongfully made, 12 April, 23 Henry VIII. English.
[N'th'l'd.] A. 11535. Grant by Eleanor, queen of England, lady of Ireland and duchess of Aquitaine, mother of Edward, king of England, to Sir Alexander de Baillol, in fee, in free marriage with Eleanor, his wife, of the castle and town of Midford, with Felton and Molston, with the parks and mills appur- tenant thereto, which she had of the inheritance of Sir Roger Bertram; to hold of the king in chief, to them and the heirs of the said Eleanor by the said Alexander, or any other husband, begotten; if she died without issue in Alexander's lifetime, he should have a life estate therein, with remainder, in default of heirs of her body, to the Queen. Witnesses:—Edmund, 'our son,' Henry de Lascy, earl of Lincoln, John Bek, Robert de Turberville, Imbert de Muntferraunt, Nicholas de Seint Mor, Richard Fokeram, John de Oketon, Hugh de la Penne. French.
[N'hamp.] A. 11536. Confirmation in perpetual alms, for the soul of his father, mother and ancestors, and for the health of himself and his heirs, by William, earl of Ferrers, of the gift which Lettice, his aunt (amita) made to certain (nominatis) brethren of the Hospital of Jerusalem, in Passeham, to wit the mill of the same town, as freely as in the time of the first Henry the king, and of Robert de Ferrers, his grandfather; this alms of the said mill Richard Baligan shall hold by hereditary right, paying yearly to the Hospital and the brethren 2 marks. Witnesses:—Robert de Ferrers,'my brother,' Robert 'my uncle,' Henry de Ferrers and others (named).
Endorsed: Norhamt' scir.'
[Sussex.] A. 11537. Inspeximus and confirmation by Ralph the second, bishop of Chichester, the king's chancellor, of a charter whereby Sefrid the second, bishop of Chichester, his predecessor, confirmed to the canons regular of the causeway of Arundel (de Calceto Arundell'), serving God there in the hostel of the poor of Christ, of (1) the site beyond the bridge of Arundel, whereon the church of St. Bartholomew and St. Thomas, the Martyr, was founded and dedicated by bishop John, his predecessor, and the almshouse and hospital, for the reception of the poor by the said canons regular; (2) exemption from all authority other than the bishop's; (3) the right of electing their Master, with the bishop's assent; (4) their lands, viz. land on the east descending to the causeway, from the wood of William Harang to the causeway, and from Edward's land to the land of the Hospital of Jerusalem; (5) land on the west of the church, where stone is taken for the causeway, as it extends from land of the Hospital of Jerusalem to the king's meadow, which they had by the gift of Reginald Harang, and by the grant of William Harang, his heir; (6) two acres of [meadow] which William Harang gave to the church, on its dedication; (7) Basset meadow which he gave in exchange for the tithe of bread and drink (panis et potus) which he previously gave, because he doubted his servants could not faithfully and completely give the said tithe; (8) land extending from 'Hanedell' to five [acres] of the church of St. Mary of Limenistre, which lie nigh Edyuecroft, and from the hospital ditch on the north to the ditch on the south, with the meadow adjoining the said land, which the said William gave in exchange for the tithe of his hay of Limenistre which he had given them; (9) the meadow which Edwin held and two crofts between it and the causeway cross, which William gave them, because they were near them; (10) of the gift of Herbert son of Osmund:—the land of Edyue . . . . . . . and the land of Hanedell, with the meadow adjacent, which Herbert gave them with the assent of his lord William Harang; (11) of the gift of the same William:—the land lying from the land of Hanedell to the land of the Hospital of Jerusalem, and from the land of Gernagan de Palinges to the acre which Edward Chevaler held; (12) of the gift of Emma de Eton, mother of the same William and with his assent, 8s. from the rent (censu) of the land of Bedefund, for the light of the said church, which land is of the frank marriage of the said Emma; (13) of the gift of William de Fresneto:—the whole tithe of his assart of Kingesham; (14) of the gift of Randolph de Brok:—part of his meadow towards the west; (15) of the gift of William de Alta Ripa:— . . . . . . under the castle of Arundel, towards the east; (16) of the gift of Gernagan de Palinges, and by the grant of his son Ralph:—part of their land, as they confirmed it . . . . ; (17) of the gift of the said Ralph:—the land of Horsecroft, together with Brache, as extended from the land of Colewell to the land of St. Bartholomew [and St.] Thomas, and from the ditch of the Hospital of the House of Palinges to the land of their bonds- men (rusticorum suorum); (18) of the gift of Walter de Dunstanvill:— all that part of the land which is on the south of the way which goes to B[r]embr[e], which is between the land of the abbot of Fecamp and land of Albert the clerk, and common of pasture for their beasts with his men of Bergham; (19) of the gift of Albert the clerk of Blakehurst the land of Blakepol, between land of Henry de Trouton and land of Ralph Gernagan of Palinges; of the gift of William Aguillun:—the land of Aldelond, with meadow adjacent; of the gift of Robert St. John 1a. meadow in his meadow of Arundell. Witnesses:—Matthew, the dean, Lewis, the precentor (cantore), Geoffrey . . . . chancellor of Chichester, Richard, the arch- deacon, and others (named). Witnesses to present confirmation, Thomas, the dean, Ernisius, the precentor (precentore), William de Nevill, treasurer, William, archdeacon of Chichester, Reginald, archdeacon of Lewes, and others (named). Aldingburn, the Kalends of March, in the eighth year of his pontificate. Decayed.
[Camb.] [Herts.] A. 11538. Fragment of charter, endorsed 'Carta Warini abbatis monastarii Sancti Albani facta monialibus de Prato'; a rent of 1 mark from the church of Waldene is mentioned, and land in the borough of Cambridge.
London. A. 11539. Feoffment by Robert de Wodehows, clerk, to Thomas Broun, citizen of London, and Margaret, his wife, of a messuage, with shops, and a void piece of land adjacent, which he had by the gift of Godewin Turk, citizen and fishmonger of London, and Parnel, his wife, who had the same by the grant and sale of John de la Chambre, clerk, and Adam Hunteman, executors of the testament of Peter de Blakeneye and of John de Cantebrigg, executor of the testament of Cecily, late the wife of the said Peter, in the parish of St. Dunstan, in Tower ward, situate between 'Tamysestrat' and 'Sygrymeslane,' the lane to St. Dunstan's Church, &c., to hold to them, and the heirs and assigns of Thomas; rent, to the Prior of Holy Trinity, London, 2s. Dated . . . ., 11 Edward III. Copy.
[Wilts.] A. 11540. Chirograph indented being the counterpart of the memoran- dum of an agreement made on the Finding of the Holy Cross, 23 Henry III, between Gilbert Basset, of the one part, and the prior and convent of Farleigh (Ferlega), Richard Pipard and Hugh Bernard, of the other, to wit, Gilbert released and quit-claimed to them 22a. land and 3 perches in Tikethorn, which he had caused to be broken up and ploughed for enclosure (ad infossandum), &c. in exchange for 26a. land and 3 perches on Stoford Hulle, to wit from the brook which runs from Geoffrey's mill to Cudelinchehull, a road for the use of all the parties beyond (extra) Cude- linchehull excepted, &c. Witnesses:—John Biset, Reginald de Caln, John de Chireburg, Henry de Wadden, Samson le Bigod, Thomas Gulofre, William de Caln, William de Tinhide, Henry Crok, Silvester Luvel, Richard de Heanton, William de Burdevill.
N'th'l'd. York. A. 11541. Grant of free warren to the prior and convent of Kirckam in Kirkham, Whytewell, Crammun and Wodehus, co. York, and Karrum, Killum, and Neuton, co. Northumberland. 16 October, 36 Henry III. Copy. See Charter Roll Calendar, i. 405.
[Salop.] A. 11542. Counterpart of demise by William Huggeford, knight and Margery, his wife, to Philip Gille of all their land, &c. in Body Stocton Hope and Hopeclos, except land in Newehallefeld and the hamlet called Cornelshete, for twenty years, at 5 marks rent; the said Philip shall erect a grange of five bays with a garderobe, and William and Margery shall erect a sufficient chamber, where they were built before, before Michaelmas next; the chamber, grange and garderobe to be kept in repair by Philip; Philip shall have 4s. from them for the building of the garderobe, &c. Body Stocton, Sunday after the Close of Easter, 15 Richard II.
[Essex.] A. 11543. Notification to R. bishop of London and others by Hubert Chamberlain (camerarius), that he had given in perpetual alms to Christ Church, London, and the canons there the tithe of his lordship of Benedisc, of corn (blado), hay, flax and all manner beasts, and of all other titheable things, except what are wont to be given to the church of Redewintur, to wit an acre of wheat (frumento), another of oats, a lamb and a little pig (porcello) yearly; his wife Agnes, his sons Richard and John, and Maud his daughter, agreeing to, and confirming, the gift; for the soul of earl Eus- tace, &c.; also he had given to the said church 3a. land and a dwelling (tres acras de terra et mansuram terre), quit of all service as alms ought to be, in which the canons could put their tithe and other things. Witnesses:— Leofwin, the priest, Alvred, the clerk, and others (named). Cf. Monasti- con, VI, 153.
[Linc.] A. 11544. Feoffment by William Hardi, of Scotton, to Ranulf, son of Ranulf, of the same, of a croft of pasture (herbagii), and of 4 selions of arable, one lying at Northorp, next the bridge, &c.; rent, a clove (clavum gylofrarii) at Christmas. [The feast of] St. Edward the King and Martyr, 1286.
[Devon.] A. 11545. Counterpart of an agreement between Alexander Sidnam and William Glydon, mason, for building a malthouse in Alexander's tenement 'without Northyate of the cite of Exceter over ayenst Wynard is Almyshous,' with 'a sufficiaunt roffe of iij coopyll,' &c., to cost 8l. &c. 26 April, 18 Edward IV. English. Receipt for 4 marks endorsed.
Cornw. A. 11546. Indenture of apprenticeship of John Goffe to John Gybbes, of Pensans. Counterpart of A. 10022.
[Linc.] A. 11547. Indenture being the memorandum of an agreement made at Ixening on the eve of St. Andrew, the Apostle, 3 Edward II, between Aymer de Valence, earl of Pembroke, lord of Weseford and Mountiniak, and John Darcy; John to continue with the earl for life, in peace and war, receiving in time of peace his keep and suitable garments (robes), as one of the earl's other yeomen (valletz), and in time of war, his keep, mount (mounture) and armour, and to attend the earl's person; at tournaments in peace time, to choose his own lord, or if retained by the earl, to receive from the earl what he might have had from another; for this the earl has given him 100s. rent in the town of Geynesburgh in tail by charter, and his reasonable expenses for the ferry boat, if the farm of the ferry should not increase; on his taking knighthood, the earl to enfeoff him of 13½ marks, land or rent, &c. and he thereupon to serve the earl, both sides the sea, in the Holy land, &c. with keep, &c. as one of the earl's bachelors. French.
London. A. 11548. Bond by Aymar de Valence, earl of Pembroke, lord of Weisford and Montingnak, to Robert Persone, skinner (peletier), of Wale- brok, in 54l. 18s. 4d. for pelts (pelure) bought of him, due in thequinzaine of Easter next. London, Saturday, Easter Eve, 6 Edward II. French. Cancelled by cuts.
[Berks.] [Warw.] A. 11549. Indenture being the defeasance of feoffments made by Sir Baldwin Mountford, knight, to Sir John Clynton, and others, of the manors Ilmyndon, Mouncspathe, Ulnale and Ramenham,and to William Mountfort, William Boule and Simon Thorverton of the manor of Coleshull and of all his goods, &c. viz. should he die before his return from Spain, he willed that his said feoffees should enfeoff his wife of the manor of Ilmyndon, for life, with reversion to the heirs of his body; that they should pay his debts and perform his testament from the issues of the manors of Coleshull, Moncspathe, Ulnale, and Ramenham and from his said goods, and there- after should enfeoff his said wife of the manor of Coleshull, for life, with the like reversion; that they should apply the profits of the manors of Moncspathe, Ulnale and Ramenham for the marriage of Margaret, his daughter, and the benefit of Thomas, William and Baldwin, his sons, at the discretion of the said Sir John de Clynton, and of the said William, William and Simon, till the coming of age of his son and heir, and then, all being performed as above, should enfeoff him thereof for ever; he also willed that if the church of Ilmyndon, or of Ramenham, fell vacant in his absence, they should present such person as William de Boule should nominate, to whichever church he chose, and should present the said Simon to the other, on the next vacancy. French. Copy.
[Cornw.] A. 11550. Indenture, much decayed, being a statement of accounts between Ralph Reskymure, esquire, and his receiver, Thomas Treuthgans, dated at Reskemure, Sunday after St. Gregory, the Pope, 21 Henry VI.
[Cornw.] A. 11551. Counterpart of A. 10941, with the additional words, subsequently deleted, 'to delyvere ayen un to the said parson at his request.' English.
A. 11552. Order by Joan de Valence, countess of Pembroke, to allow Ralph de Sutton, her receiver, certain sums upon his account, viz.—60l. paid to William Parsone, skinner of London, for pelts (pellur') bought of him, by the hand of Master G. her leech (fisici), for Christmas last; 4l. to Stephen de Honylane, skinner of London, for fur (fur') for her summer robe; 20s. 20d. to Reginald de Tunderle, merchant of London, for 65 ells of canvas (canabi) bought of him for her household; 6s. 8d. to Anselm Gobyon for his expenses at London to make that payment; 6l. 13s. 4d. for a colt (pullano) bought for her carriage (currum) in Wales by the hand of Roger Bluet and Walter le Ferur; 60s. for a tun (doleo) of wine bought at Sturgoyl by the hand of Sir Ralph Bluet:—total, 76l. 20d.; 13l. 6s. 8d. for five tuns of wine bought at Bristol, by the hand of Sir P. Abbot and John le Garin[er], and 17s. 8d. for freight thereof from Bristol to Monemue, carriage to the water &c.:—total, 14l. 4s. 4d.; and 14s. 2d. for the expenses of Sir P. Abbot and John le Garin[er] going to Bristol for the said wine, for five days, with toll (portagio), figs and raisins, and 6s. 8d. to Roger Bluet for his market (marchia) [at] Castle Godric:—total, 91l. 6s. 10d. to be allowed. Castle Godric, Saturday before St. Peter's Chair, 28 Edward [I].
A. 11553. The like, by same, to same, viz. 108s. 5½d. to Thomas de la Grave for wine, &c.; 58s. to Master Giles de Barntton for his expenses from Easter, 28 Edward [I], to Michaelmas following on the lady's affairs; total:—8l. 6s. 5½d. Morton, Wednesday, the morrow of All Hallows, 28 Edward [I]. Fragment of seal of arms, as to next document.
A. 11554. The like, by same, to same, viz:—for spices (speciebus) bought at Wyncestre fair by the hand of William de Caperegg, viz. 72s. for a hundred and a half of wax; 18s. 9d. for a hundred and a half of almonds; 40s. for 24lb. ginger; 40s. for 24lb. canel; 24s. for 24lb. pepper; 3s. for 24lb. rice; 8s. for 4lb. galingale; 26s. for 4lb. saffron; 7s. 6d. for 100lb. cummin by the greater hundred (per majus centum); 26s. 8d. for two loaves of sugar of 20lb. weight; 21d. for 6 ells of canvas to put all the above in; total:—13l. 7s. 8d.; 6s. for the expense of Richard [Ri'di] de Andevere, William de Capereg and himself (Rad'i), there, for two days, and of Sir Roger de Inkepenne for one day, and 3s. 6d. for the expenses of the said William there for three days, after the others' departure; 11s. 2d. for the expenses of the said William, Robert of the wardrobe, and Roger the tailor, there, for four days buying pelts (pellur') and canvas to put them in, and 6d. for the weighing of a sack and a half of wool of Colingeburn; 11½d. for the expenses of the carter from Colingeburn for two days fetching the spices and pelts to Swyndon; 2s. for the hire of lodging for the said William and the others while they stayed there: total 24s. 1½d. Total to be allowed, 14l. 11s. 9½d. Swyndon, Wednesday, the eve of St. Michael, 28 Edward [I]. Seal of arms, viz. barry of six vair and [G] dimidiating barry and an orle of martlets.
A. 11555. The like, by same, to same, viz., 20l. to William de Coumbe Martyn, merchant, in part of 113 marks, for cloth (pannis) bought of him at St. Edward's Fair at Westminster, 28 Edward [I]. Swyndon, Monday before St. Lawrence, in the said year. Fragment of seal of arms, as above.
A. 11556. The like, by same, to same, viz.:—59s. to Clarice de Saukevile, her damsel, for the purchase of linen, taffeta and silk (lineam telam chen 'et celic'), and other small matters for her chamber; 2s. 6d. to Roger the tailor for fur for his Whitsuntide robe; 13s, 4d. to John, her clerk, for his Christmas robe; 4s. for two furs bought for Robert son of Dame Joan Comyn against the same term; 3s. for two gold rings bought by the hand of the said Clarice. Sum total, 4l. 22d. &c. Swyndon, Wednesday, the feast of St. Margaret, the Virgin, 28 Edward [I]. Seal of arms, chipped, as above.
A. 11557. The like, by same to same, viz.—20s. to William Goule for his expenses going to York for the plea of the church of Wrydelinton; 3s. to Richard (Ri'do) le Barber for fur for his Christmas robe; 26s. 8d. delivered to her beloved damsel, Clarice de Saukevile, for silk (celic'), and other small matters needful for her chamber. Total 49s. 8d., &c. Swyndon, Thursday, the feast of St. Marcellin and St. Peter, 28 Edward [I]. Seal of arms, as above.
A. 11558. The like, by same, to same, viz.—26s. 8d. to Clarice de Saukevile, her damsel, for gold rings bought from the said Clarice; 20s. to Dame Gonnor Symeon, her damsel, of her gift; total, 46s. 8d., &c. Castle Godric, Monday, the feast of St. Benet, the abbot, 28 Edward [I]. Fragment of seal of arms, as above.
London. A. 11559. Chirograph indented, being the testament of Gilbert son of Fulk, 'about to go to the Holy land of Jerusalem'; he gives to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, in pure alms, for his soul, and his parents' souls, his capital messuage (managium) in Lim Strate, and the lands and rents there which were Peter the chaplain's, and Ailnoth the lime-burner's (calcerii), the garden he holds of the said canons, and the land and rent which he bought of Peter the clerk, to wit in the parish of All Hallows, Colemannecherch, his wife Ellen to have the premises while sole, or, if she remarry, the canons to cause her to have 5 marks quit rent for life in the city of London, due to her for her dower, and to enter themselves upon the premises forthwith, and to receive the charter he had made them thereof, which was deposited in equal hand with the monks of Stratford. Specific bequests to wife of brewing utensils, silk bed (culcitrum de serico) and the other bed to Winnoc (Gunnoce), her servant; to his wife, brass pots, caldron, basins, bath, pan, two chests and three tables; brass pots, &c. three cross-bows and spears (baliste et lancee), four axes (bipennes) and an iron hat (capellum ferri), for sale for the poor in hospitals and three feather beds (culcitra plumarum) to be given to three hospitals, with three counterpanes (chalonibus), for his soul, and his five shields (scuta mea) to Holy Trinity. On the day of his obit ½ mark from the said rent to be given to the canons of Holy Trinity for a refection, 3s. to the canons of Tremhale, and to the sextry of Holy Trinity ½ mark to buy oil for use (ad concinandum) before the high altar of the Blessed Trinity; to his brother, 3s. quit rent and for an obit after his death; to the church of St. Andrew 2s. rent for oil for use before the high altar. Executors, the abbot of Stratford, the prior of Thremhale, William 'my brother,' Ilger the goldsmith. Witnesses:—John de Lesn', Richard de Melcleg', Master Robert de Thefunt, and others (named). Fragment of seal, detached.
Endorsed: Tenementa in istis cartis contenta postea devenerunt ad manus nostras preter Willelmi de Kylkenny.
[Glouc.] A. 11560. Testament, with probate endorsed, of John Adams, dated 25 September, 1473, 13 Edward IV; soul to God, body to be buried in church yard of St. Mary, the Virgin, of Thornbury; mother church of Worcester, 8d.; parish church of Thornbury, for necessary works, 20s.; to William Adams and John, his sons, for their schooling (ad frequentandum laborem scolasticum), 5l. 6s. 8d.; to Agatha, his daughter, 13s. 4d.; to Joan, his daughter, 6l.; to the said Agatha, a ½ burgage, abutting on the highway to the church of St. Mary of Thornbury, &c. in fee; the like to the said Joan; to Master Thomas Stuard, rector of the parish church of Rochampton, to pray for his soul, 6s. 8d.; to John Greyve, chaplain of the chantry of St. Mary the Virgin, of Thornbury, 6s. 8d. for the same cause; to Thomas Hulpe, chaplain, for the some, 3s. 4d.; for a suitable chaplain to celebrate for his soul, and for such as he was bound, in St. Mary's church, Thornbury, for a year, 8 marks: the residue to Isabel, his wife; the said Isabel, and William, his son, executors.
Endorsed: Proved before Arnulph Colyns, LL.B., Commissary General of John, bishop of Worcester, in the chapel of Newport, 11 December, the said year, administration granted to the executors.
[N'hamp.] A. 11561. Testament, with probate endorsed, of Ellen, wife of William Revel, of Buckeby, dated Tuesday, the feast of the Circumcision, 1354; soul to Almighty God, body to be buried in parish church of Buckeby, and what is right to God and Holy Church for a mortuary with her (coram me nomine princ') in remission of her sins; to Nicholas, the parish chaplain 2s. to have her in mind among the others at celebration; all things touch- ing her funeral on the day of her burial to be ordered at the pleasure of William Revel, her husband; the residue to her said husband and her children; executor, her said husband.
Endorsed: Proved before the official of the archdeacon . . . the morrow of All Hallows, VII. Id. February . . . . . . . Fragment of seal.
[Norf.] A. 11562. Testament, with probate endorsed, of Robert Clere, of Ormesby dated Thursday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 1357; soul to God, St. Mary and All Saints, body to be buried in church of St. Margaret, of Ormesby; to high altar there 6s. 8d., to the lights at executors' disposal, and to the repairs 10 marks, more or less, at executors' disposal; to the repair of St. Peter's church Ormesby, 10s.; to the churches of St. Michael and St. Andrew 6s. 8d. between them: church of St. Mary of Burgh, 20s.; church of Strattone nigh Hevyngham, 13s. 4d.; churches of Wyntirthon and Estsomerton 2 marks, more or less, at executors' disposal; 10l. to the poor, to be distributed before burial; 100 marks for masses in first year after decease for souls of self and wife Alice, and 40l. for like in second year, if it can lawfully (licite) be done, from goods and chattels; to wife Alice all crops, all beasts, horses, cows, sheep and oxen, old and young, his whole chamber, all vessels, gold, silver, brass, and wood, to dispose for their souls, and all other his goods and chattels, not bequeathed; to son Robert, 20 marks; to every monk of the house of St. Benet of Hulme, Holy Trinity, Norwich, and every canon of the House of Langele, dwelling and celebrating there, 2s.; to Thomas Hare, his servant, 40s. and 4 quarters of barley; to William Maufras, his servant, 13s. 4d. and a quarter of barley; to the repair of the bridge of Burgh, 20s.; to the master of the Hospital of St. Giles, and his brethren, 20 marks, to each chaplain celebrating there, 40d., to two brothers and four sisters of the said house, 40d. apiece, to each bed in the church, 2s.; executors, wife Alice, Walter, rector of the church of Wynterton, son William and son Robert, and Walter Fraunceys, rector of the church of St. Mary of Burgh.
Endorsed: Proved before the official of the Archdeacon of Norwich, IV Kal. June, 1360, administration granted to the executors. Sealed at Ormesby the said day and year. Fragment of official seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 11563. Testament, with probate endorsed, of John of Peterborough (de Burgo Sancti Petri), dated the eve of St. Chad, the Confessor, 1360; soul to God and St. Mary, body to be buried in the chapel of the Holy Rood (Sancte crucis) in the church of the Holy Trinity; in wax about his body, on the day of his burying, 20s.; to every chaplain coming to his (suum) Dirige, 2d.; to Sir William, chaplain of the parish church of the Holy Trinity, ½ mark; to the two clerks of the same, 8d.; to the church of St. Mary of Coventre, 6d.; to the church of St. Chad of Luichefeld, 6d.; to six chaplains, 24l.; to Alice wife of Thomas de Lodbrok, a maser; to the wife of William de Catesby, a woollen coverlet; . . . . . . ; to John Vynter, 40d.; to Philip de Francketon, 10s.; to Hugh de Bascote, 40d.; to Roger Makkeneye, 40d.; to Emma, 5s.; to Tibot, 2s. 6d. and a hood; to the two hospitals at Peterborough (Burgh'), 20s. each; to Sir Thomas Sad, chaplain, and hermit, 20s.; to Agnes daughter of Geoffrey Bullok, a hanging laver (pendens laxatorium); to a certain illegimate son, 'but this shall be at the executors disposal'; executors, William de Gatesby, his master, and Joan, William's wife, to dispose of the residue as seemed to them expedient.
Endorsed: Proved VII Id. April, 1361, in the church of the Holy Trinity, Coventry, before the dean of Coventre, commissary of Master Robert Prymme, sequestrator of Robert, bishop of Coventry, and administration granted to the executors.
[Warw.] A. 11564. Testament, with probate endorsed, of John Prest, of Coventre, merchant, dated Monday, the morrow of St. Peter's Chains, 1361; soul to God, St. Mary and All Saints, body to be buried in the chapel of St. Mary of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist, Coventre, if convenient, otherwise in Holy Trinity church, nigh the tomb of Margery, his late wife; to fabric of said church, 26s. 8d., to the high altar, 40s.; to every light, 12d.; to fabric of the cathedral church of St. Mary, Coventre, 40s.; to the convent of the same, 40s., to the prior, 13s. 4d., to the sub-prior, 6s. 8d.; to the fabric of the cathedral church of Lichfield, 6s. 8d.; to the Hospital of St. John the Baptist, Coventre, 6s. 8d.; to the nuns of Wroxhale, Catesby, Pynleye, Hynewode, and Rothewell, 20s. apiece; to the abbot and convent of Combe, (Cumba), 40s.; to the abbot and convent of Stonleye, 40s.; to brother Robert Waydour, 40s.; to the fabric of the church of St. Nicholas, Coven- tre, 6s. 8d.; to Sir William de Butturton, chaplain, 13s. 4d.; to Sir William de Weston, 6s. 8d.; to Sir William Suwet, chaplain, 6s. 8d.; to every sister of the said hospital, 2s.; to every patient (languenti) in the same, 6d.; to every chaplain of the gild of St. Mary and St. John, 12d.; to to every chaplain coming to his (meam) vigil, 6d.; to the friars minors of Coventre, 40s., to the friars Carmelite, 40s.; to William de Catesby, 10 marks; to John son of the same William, 100s.; to Joan wife of the same William, a silver cup (ciphum), with a cover, called a bowl (bollo); to John Boyden, his larger brass pot, and a dish, with a laver (lavatorio), a cup (cifum) called a 'macer,' a piece of silver and twelve silver spoons; to Thomas, John's brother, the same; to Simon Coupere, the same; to Edward de Wedon, and William Wolf, 2 marks apiece; to the Austin friars (fratribus Austin') of Wyrcestre, six silver spoons; to every poor person a 1d. loaf; to each candle bearer (portanti ceram), a cloak with hood of 'russet': in wax to burn round his body half a hundred of wax; for funeral expenses, 100s.; to the gild of St. Mary and St. John a cup (ciphum) called 'Note,' his fairer one, which he bought in London; to the same gild 21 marks, which Richard de Stoke owed him; to his sister Isabel, and her son, 20l.; to Joan de Bussheley, 20s.; to Margaret de Dalby, 40s.; to Alexander de Slawtleye, 20s.; to Parnel, Alexander's sister, 13s. 4d.; to Alice, servant of Emma Percy, 13s. 4d.; to the daughter of Beatrice le Coupere, servant of Edward de Wedon, 13s. 4d.; to a certain servant of Felicia de Nortthurne his cousin (cognate), 13s. 4d.; to Richard de Corleye, his servant, 13s. 4d.; to Adam Peche, 26s. 8d.; to Felicia de Nortthurne, 6s. 8d.; to John Wayte, 6s. 8d.; to the pavement of 'Doggelane,' to the gate called 'Davy yate,' towards Eton, 100s.; to Joan de Meysham, 20s.; to Alice sister of the said John Boyden, 20s.; to Sir William de Grene, canon of Chacumbe, 13s. 4d.; to mend the way below his orchard, 100s.; residue to be disposed by his executors for his soul and souls he was bound to pray for (deprecari); executors, the said William de Catesby, in chief (principalem), John William's son, William Wolf and Edward de Bedon; Item, to Patryk, his servant, 13s. 4d.; to Richard de Stockyngforde, 3s. 4d.; to chaplains celebrating according to executors' disposal, 60l.; to Isabel Pakemon, 20s.; to Sir Henry, his chaplain, 6s. 8d.; to Margery, wife of Richard de Corleye, 6s. 8d.; to Roger Page, of Fyntspade (?), 3l.; to Sir Henry, chaplain of St. Mary, 12d.; to Thomas the deacon, 12d.; to John de Caludon, 12d.; to William de Offechurch, for his labour, 3s. 4d.
Endorsed: Proved XIX Kal. September, 1361, before the sub-prior of the Cathedral Church of Coventre, and the dean of the same Deanery, in the Chapter House of the said Church, and administration granted to three of the executors, William Wolf renouncing. Fragment of seal.
[Heref.] A. 11565. Testament, with probate endorsed, of Alice le Kymber,wife of John Rybbesford or Rybbysford, of Webbleye, dated Saturday before St. Valentine, 1408; soul to God, body to be buried in church-yard of St. Peter and Paul of Webbeleye; to the lights of the Holy Rood (sancte crucis), 12d., of St. Mary, 12d., of St. Nicholas, 12d., of St. Katharine, 12d., of St. Ann, 6d., of St. Stephen, 12d.; bequests, of bed, and a bowl, to husband John, for life, with remainder, as to the brass bowl (ollam eneam), to her daughter Juliana, and to Hugh and Walter, sons of Juliana, and to such persons as shall hold her burgage with buildings (edificatum); to the said Juliana, Hugh and Walter, a large dish (patellam), an oven (fornacem), a 'rereingecoumbe,' a 'mayschewat,' a 'jollecoumbe,' a 'myddelcoumbe,' a 'betchin,' a 'trinde,' a big chest (archam), a big tub (alceum'), a small tub, a big winnowing fan (ventilabrum), a big sack called a 'masschefette,' two boxes (cistas), and the remainder of her goods to go with the burgage.
Her said burgage, with buildings, to the said Juliana, Hugh and Walter, and the heirs of the bodies of the said Hugh and Walter, reserving to her said husband for life a chamber at the south head of the hall and a barn course (cursu orii) at the east end; with remainder, in default of Hugh and Walter's issue, to her daughter Joan, in tail, with remainder, in default, to Richard Millisone and David Haywarde, for sale, the proceeds to be dis- tributed in alms and divine services for her soul, and the souls of Stephen ap Rees, and Richard, his son, and her, and their benefactors; request to the son and heir of Alexander de Strete, in whom was the legal estate of the said burgage, to effect her will, as above; the said Juliana, Hugh and Walter, to pay to John and Richard, sons of Geoffrey le Tayllour, and of Joan her daughter, 40s. at, or before, twelve years of age, or in the event of their decease, to Elizabeth, their sister, at eighteen, or under, or if all the said children die, to Joan her daughter, when Hugh and Walter are out of their apprenticeship, or else to be applied in alms; to the vicar of Webbele, 40d. to pray for her soul; her wood (lignum) between her said two daughters; if her husband sell the said chamber, &c. the said Hugh and Walter to be preferred as buyers; if John Lether claimed the burgage in right of said Juliana his wife, the said Juliana to lose her right therein for the time (pro illo tempore), so that the John Lether should have nothing to claim therein; executors, the said Richard and David.
Endorsed: Proved before the Commissary General of the Bishop of Hereford in Webbeley parish church, 12 January, 1410, and administration granted to David Heyward, and Richard Myllyes, the executors.
[Essex.] A. 11566. Testament of William Gilberd, of Retyngdon, dated 16 January, 1448; soul to almighty God, St. Mary the Virgin, and All Saints, and body to be buried in the church yard of the parish church of Retyngdon; to the high altar there, a calf, for tithes and oblations forgotten; fabric of church, 6s. 8d.; to each priest at his burying, 4d.; to each clerk at the same, 2d.; to his servant Margery, a calf; to his servant John Gerold, 12d.; to Alice, his servant, 12d.; residue to his wife Joan and to his executors, for his soul and his parents' and friends' souls; executors, his said wife and William Ame; John Wode, clerk, to be supervisor. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 11567. Testament of William Bokkyng, of Tounbernyngham, the elder, dated on the eve of the Holy Trinity, 1473; soul to almighty God, St. Mary, his mother, and All Saints, and body to be buried in the church- yard of the church of St. Mary of Barnyngham; to high altar there, 16d.; to repairs, 12d.; to St. Mary's light therein, 6d.; to the high altar of Plumpsted church, 12d.; to the high altar of Northbernyngham, 4d.; to his sons Thomas, Clement and William, a brass pot (ollam eris) apiece, and to the said Nicholas (sic) the biggest boiler (cachabum), his wife Margery to have the use of the above for her life; to the said Thomas, Clement and William, a calf and six sheep apiece; to Nicholas, his son, 40s.; to his servant, Margaret, three sheep; a fit and secular chaplain to celebrate for his soul in Tounbernyngham church, for half a year, the said chaplain to have 10s. for a trental (tricenali) in the same church, in honour of St. Gregory; residue of goods to wife.
His said wife to have the issues and profits of his lands in Tounbernyng- ham, Plumpsted, Northbernyngham, Matelask, Roughton, Haneworth, Felbrygg and Metton, for life, with remainder, as to lands in Toun- bernyngham, Northbernyngham, Plumpsted and Matelask, to Thomas, his son, in fee simple, executing a release to the said Nicholas and William, his sons, of his right in lands in Roughton, &c. who should enjoy the same in fee simple, with cross remainders; executors, his wife, and sons Thomas, Nicholas and William.
Memorandum endorsed that, 2 November, 1473, at Norwich, administra- tion was granted to Margery, Thomas, and Clement (sic), the executors within named.
[N'hamp.] A. 11568. Testament, with probate endorsed, of Edmund de Wat- ford, made Saturday after St. Andrew, the Apostle, 1291; soul to God, St. Mary and All Saints, of the heavenly court (curie celestis), and body to be buried in the church of St. Peter in Watford before the rood (coram cruce); for his mortuary (nomine sui principal'), his horse, to wit 'le morel'; on the day of his burial, for his funeral rites, and for distribution to the poor, 10 marks; for wax, 1 mark; to the fabric of St. Peter's church, 2s.; to St. Mary's light, 12d.; to the common lamp, 6d.; to the friars minors in Northampton, 4s.; to the friars preachers, 4s.; to the friars Carmelite iiijs.; to the Austin friars of Oxford, 4s.; to the House of St. Leonard without Northampton, 12d.; to the friars of the sack (sacca), 6d.; to Emma, his wife, 10s. yearly rent, to be received from Nicholas de Cranford, until the age of a certain ward and marriage, if it happen, for the support of his elder daughter, begotten on his first wife, to be supported so long by the said Emma; to the singing clerks (clericis psalteria sua tollentibus), ½ mark; to Sir Roger, the vicar of Watford, ½ mark; to Sir John, the chaplain, 2s.; to Richard, the clerk, 12d.; to Sir Robert de Lalleford, 12d.; to Ralph, his servant, 3s. 4d. to be received yearly from Robert Simon, of Esseby, until the age of the said ward; the residue of his goods to Emma, his wife, and his sons and daughters, for their support, after payment of his debts; executors, Sir John de Langeton, William Breton, lord of Tecne, Emma, his wife, Ralph de Turvile, William de Harudon, of Esseby, to dispose of his goods for his soul at their discretion.
Endorsed: Proved IV Kal. February, 1291, at Bockeby, before the Official of the Archdeacon of Northampton, and administration granted to the executors, Sir John de Langeton renouncing.
[Norf.] A. 11569. Testament of Thomas son of Peter of Aldeburg; soul to almighty God, St. Mary the Virgin, and All Saints, and body to be buried in the church-yard of St. Mary of Aldeburg; to the altar there, for his transgressions, a calf and 12d.; to the repair of the said church, 12d.; to the repair of the chapel of St. Peter of Aldeburg, 6d.; to the repair of the churches of Tweyt, Wykemere, and Thurertun, 2d. apiece; to every parish chaplain of the said churches at Rogation time, 2d.; for distribution to poor on day of his obit, 10s.; for oblations, lights, and clerks singing psalms (saltaria canentes), 1 mark; on the seventh day and thirtieth day, to the more needy poor, at his executors' provision, 10s.; for the expenses of his friends coming to the service (ad exequias meas), on the day of his obit, 20s.; to his son Ralph, or another, going for him to the Holy Land, 5a. land in Matelask, or 10 marks; to the church of the Holy Trinity, Norwich, 6d.; to the friars minors of Norwich, 2s.; to the friars preachers of the same, 12d.; to the friars Carmelite of same, 6d.; to the friars of the sack (fratribus de sacco), 6d.; to every anchorite of Plumstede, Aylmertun, Gresham, and Aleby, 2d.; to Margaret, his wife, half his goods; to the friars minors of Yarmouth and Norwich for an obit (pro dimid' annuali celebrand'), 2 marks respectively; his clothing to the poor; to the poor widows in Alde- burg, 2d. each; five sheep (bidentes) to his brother John's children; three sheep to William Humfrey's children; to Ralph, Peter, Roger, John, the younger, and Thomas, his sons, fifty sheep, three cows, two heifers, an ox (boviculum), and five seams of barley; to Peter and Roger, his sons, the crop of three roods of corn sown in Aldeburg; to Robert Humfrey, John le Man and Ralph Aylene two bushels of barley apiece; to Margaret, his wife, and William, his son, all his horses, utensils, &c. Dated 20 February, 1272; sealed with his own and his executors' seals; executors, Margaret, his wife, William, his son, Henry, chaplain of Antingham and John le Curezun. His debtors, Roger, parson of Gresham, 6s. 8d.; Clement de Hanewrth, 7s.; William Baudewin, 4s.; Thomas de Curezun, 40s.
[Norf.] A. 11570. Release by William, son of John Sparwe, of Norwich, to William de Wychyngham, knight, Hugh Fastolf, Reginald de Eccles, William Clere, and Henry, parson of the church of St. Mary of Burgh in Fleg, of his right in the manor of Burgh in Fleg called 'Vaushalle.' Ormesby, Thursday before St. Simon and St. Jude, 40 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 11571. Indenture of demise by William Pere, chaplain, and Richard Taskere, of Catesby, to Philip Frauncton, and Alice, his wife, of 8a. arable and ½a. meadow in Heliden nigh Catesby, which they had by the gift and feoffment of the said Philip and Alice in fee simple; to hold for the term of their lives in survivorship by the rent of a rose at Midsummer. Tuesday after the Annunciation, 4 Henry IV. Seals.
[Essex.] A. 11572. Grant by Peter de Besevile to the church of the Holy Cross of Waltham, and the canons regular there, in pure alms, of 1a. wood in the town of Springefeld; rent, a clove at Christmas. Seal, with legend, s. petri. de. besevil.
[Surrey.] A. 11573. Feoffment by Felicia, late the wife of John Paierne, of Ritherheth, widow, to Elyas Russel, citizen of London, of 4d. rent due from him for ½a., and ½ yard meadow which he had by her gift and feoffment in the parish of St. Mary of Retherheth; rent, a clove at Easter; considera- tion, 4s. beforehand in gersum. Seal, with legend, s. felicie. rel'. ioh'is.
[Surrey.] A. 11574. Feoffment by John Freg, of Retherheth to Elias Roussel, and Juliana, his wife, citizens of London, of a place and 2a. arable in the parish of St. Mary of Retherheth, on North Swanworth, next land late of Gilbert le Sopers, &c.; rent, 2s. to the chief lords, the prior of Bermonde- seye: consideration, 5 marks beforehand in gersum. Seal, with legend, s. ioh'is. frig.
[Essex.] A. 11575. Release by John son of Nicholas le Younge, of Borham, to John son of Philip le Tayllour, of Borham, of his right in 1a. of land there, in Wymmellefeld, whereof he impleaded the said John son of Philip in the king's court at Westminster, before the justices of the bench, 3 Edward II. Chelmerford, Friday after the Ascension, 3 Edward II. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 11576. Counterpart of chirograph indented, Michaelmas, 36 Henry III, being a demise by Richard son of Richard, of Borham, to Robert de Eadburbur', clerk, of his land in Borham from the said feast of Michaelmas for five years, at 100s. rent, the said Robert to acquit the said tenement yearly of 4l. against the abbot and convent of Wautham, of the farm due for the said land; Richard shall receive the fallow, meadow and pasture at Hockeday of the fifth year; Robert to be allowed all his costs in pleas or suits of court of county or hundred or at the bench or before the justices in eyre, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas de Ralleg', Sir William de Ralleg' and others (named). Seal perishing (a pelican in her piety), with legend, sigill'. roberti. de. e[ad]bvrbi . . .
[Essex.] A. 11577. Robert son of Henry, to all his men and friends, French and English, &c. Know that I have given, and by my present charter confirmed, to Sawallus son of Peter, of Borham, for his homage and service, all the essart of my fee which is between Sagaresheia and Lea, which is named Redene; rent, 3s.; consideration, ½ mark of gersum, and to John my son and heir, a cap (j. cappam ad plumam); if my chief lord make his firstborn son a knight, or marry his firstborn daughter, and seek an aid from me, and his other free men therefore, Sewallus shall aid me according to what shall seem of right to belong to 3s. rent of that fee. Witnesses. Seal, with legend, sigill'. roberti. filii. henrici.
[Essex.] A. 11578. Grant by Walter son of Nicholas Reynberd to the abbot and convent of Waltham Holy Cross, in free alms, of all the land which William Reynberd, his uncle, formerly held in Borham. Seal (lion and dragon), with legend, leo. pvgnat. cvm. dracone.
[Norf.] A. 11579. Counterpart indenture being the defeasance of a feoffment made by Robert de Erpyngham, knight, John de Berneye and Robert Bolour, to William de Braham, Sir Adam de Hauboys, parson of the church of Cokefeld, Reginald de Eccles and Robert de Aysshfeld, of the manor of Bokenham Ferie, with the advowsons of the churches of Bokenham Ferie and Hasingham, and of all other the lands &c. in Bokenham and elsewhere in the hundreds of Blofeld and Walsham, which they had by the feoffment of Sir John de Ratlesden, knight, with the exception of Seman Braunch, late bondman of the said manor; viz. if William, and the others, fail to pay 80 marks, at Norwich, to Sir Robert and the others, at certain dates, the charter of feoffment, with seisin, to be void. Friday, the Nativity of the B.V.M., 37 Edward III. Four seals, one of arms (a cross flory, Braham).
[Essex.] A. 11580. Grant in free alms by Hervey Ridel to the church and canons regular of the Holy Cross of Waltham, of a croft in the parish of Borham, which he had by the gift of Robert de Monte, called Huniland; and Gilbert, son and heir of the said Robert gave to the said church and canons, in free alms, the homage and service, to wit 20d. yearly, which he, Hervey, owed to the said Robert and his heirs for the said croft; also grant of his land which he had by the gift of Gilbert de Kenelued[on], and ½a. adjoining; also of 11a. of land in the parish of Springfeld, in the field called 'la Lee,' which he had from Robert son of Walter, of Sprin[g]feld. Seal, with legend, sigill'. ervei. ridelli.
[Surrey.] A. 11581. Release by William le May, son and heir of Henry le May, of Retherheth, for himself, his heirs and assigns and blood (pro toto sanguine nostro), to John de la Barre, citizen of London, of his right in 1a. land in Madebrok in the parish of St. Mary of Retherhethe, next Schytenhale meadow, &c. Sunday, the feast of Michaelmas, 8 Edward II. Seal, with legend, s'. willelmi. le. mey.
[Essex.] A. 11582. Feoffment by Sampson son of William of Crikkesee, to Fulk, bishop of London, of all his fourth part in the marsh of Turnicole; to hold of William de Crikkesee and his heirs by 6d. rent; consideration, 9½ marks. Witnesses, William de Grandcurt, knight, Robert de Uleham, and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. sa[m] sonis . filii. will'i.
[Surrey.] A. 11583. Release by Alice (Elicia) daughter of Isabel le Luminurs, of Bermundes[eie], to William de Rokesle, and Sarah, his wife, of her right in 1a. land in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen of Bermundes[eie], in 'Watirfeld,' which they bought of her said mother, to whom she is heir. Seal, with legend, s. [a]lice. le. luminurs.
[Essex.] A. 11584. Release by Clariscia late the wife of Geoffrey le Spek, widow, to Philip Taylur, of her right in the tenement which he holds of her said husband's gift; consideration, 16d. beforehand. Witnesses, Gervase de Aldeholt, and others (named). Seal.
[Middx.] A. 11585. Feoffment by Reginald ate Slade to John de Middelton, citizen of London, of 1a. arable in the parish of St. Mary of Wylesdon, in Scheprode field, next land of William Robert, &c. Thursday, the feast of St. Matthias, 34 Edward I. Seal, with legend, s. reginaldi. atte. slade.
[Essex.] A. 11586. Bond by Robert Philpot, of Borham, and Margery, his wife, to Edmund Dodebrok, and John Cornewayls, of the same, in 20l. at Michaelmas, conditioned for their appearance before the justices of the Bench at Westminster in the quinzaine of Michaelmas to answer Joan Saykok of a plea of transgression. Tuesday, St. Peter's Chains, 48 Edward III. Seals.
[Essex.] A. 11587. Gift, grant, quitclaim and confirmation by Alice de Wym- bisse, late the wife of John de Wymbisse, to Fina de Massingham and Edmund and Etheldred, son and daughter of Simon de Twamhulle, for their service, and for 40s. beforehand, of 1½a. meadow in Little Waltham. Wednesday before St. Tyburcius and St. Valerian, 31 Edward [I]. Seal, with legend, s. alicie. de. wimbis.
[Middx.] A. 11588. Indenture of demise by Margery one of the heirs of William 'in the hal' of Wylesdon, of the prebend of Nesedon, to John de Middelton, citizen of London, of all her land and inheritance in Wylesdon and in the prebend aforesaid; her messuage and three crofts, and the 6a. land, whereof she had before enfeoffed him, excepted; for twenty years from Michaelmas, 28 Edward I. Witnesses, William Roberd, and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. margerie. ethehale. See A. 11844.
[Surrey.] A. 11589. Feoffment by Lawrence Smith (faber), of Bermondeseye, to William de Rokesle, and Sarah, his wife, citizens of London, of 2a. 3r. land in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen of Befmundeseye, in the field of Retherheth called 'Tufordthisfeld,' between lands of John Paul and Henry Freg, 'Beleannesbregge,' the wall of the Thames, &c. 4 December, 24 Edward I. Seal, with legend, s. lorencifabri.
[Cornw.] A. 11590. Indenture between Adam de Carleton, archdeacon of Cornwall, patron, rector, protector, and disposer of the things and brethren of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist nigh the bridge of Helleston in Cornwall, William de Rosmeber, priest, warden of the said Hospital, by the said archdeacon deputed, and the fellow brethren of the same place, of the one part, and Roger de Reskemmer, knight, of the other; to remove all discord between them and the said Sir Roger, and to secure his goodwill, &c. for the future, they grant to the said Sir Roger, Joan, his wife, and his heirs, the right of appointing one of the brethren of the Hospital to say mass daily for the souls of Sir Richard son of Gilbert de Reskemmer, the said Roger and Joan, the ancestors and successors of the said Roger, and all faithful deceased, &c.; 6d. to be paid out of the lands of the Hospital at Menethclusou, Penfunten, and Nyewham for every mass withheld, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph Bloyou, Sir Oliver de Kaermenou, knights, Richard de Cereseaus, John le Petit, Simon de Trewydhosa. The day of St. Peter's Chair, 1331, 6 Edward III. One seal, broken.
[Essex.] A. 11591. Release by Luke, son of Robert, of Wrytele, clerk (clerici), to Philip le Taylur of his right in the tenement which Philip had by his gift and feoffment in Borham, with quittance for 10 marks paid him therefore. Seal, with legend, s. luce. fil. roberti.
Memorandum endorsed that the seal with which the feoffment had been sealed, had been burnt, &c.
[Surrey.] A. 11592. Feoffment by Henry Freg, fishmonger, of London, to Gregory de Rokeslee, citizen of London, of 2s. yearly quit rent from a tenement which the said Gregory has in the town of Retherheth by the demise of Cristine and Juliana daughters of the late William le Rus, between the Thames, &c.; vent, a clove at Easter, &c.; for this Gregory gave him in exchange a messuage in the same town which he had by the demise of Edith la Rous. Witnesses:—John, clerk of the vintry (rinetria) and others (named). Seal, broken, with legend, [s.] henrici. frig.
[Surrey.] A. 11593. Feoffment by John de la Bare to Robert de Swalclive and Joan, his wife, and Robert's heirs, of a curtilage and 4a. meadow in Bermondeseye, to wit that curtilage which was Isabel le Luminour's, and the acres lying next 'Tounmanwal,' 'Horseyedoune,' &c. Seal, with legend, s. ioh'is. delabare.
[Essex.] A. 11594. Release by John Tylworthe, citizen and fishmonger of London, to Thomas Saycok, of Borham, and John, his son, of his right in a croft of arable called 'Gylescroft' in Borham, between land of Sir Hugh Burnel, knight, land late John Loundenyzsch's, &c., which croft descended to John Philpot on the death of Robert Philpot his father. Thursday before Whitsuntide, 22 Richard II. Seal effaced.
[Surrey.] A. 11595. Feoffment by Walter Baker (pistor) to John Cook (coco), of all his land in the bishop of Winchester's marsh, between lands of Nicholas de Retherhee, Richard de Wimbeldon, the highway to Widiflette, &c.; rent, 2d., and to the lords of the fee, to wit to the bishop of Winchester 2s. and to the prior and convent of St. Mary of Suwerck, 2s.; consideration, 24s. Witnesses, Richard le Arsuner, and others (named). Seal (a lion), with legend, s. wa[lt]eri. pistoris.
[Norf.] A. 11596. Feoffment by Robert Clere, of Ormesby, to Master John de Brecham, parson of the church of Refham, William de Hokerygg, perpetual vicar of the churches of Ormesby, and Walter son of Walter de Fileby, of his manor of Burgh, called 'Stalhamhalle,' with the advowson of the church of St. Mary of the same town; also of 8½a. land in Burgh, which he bought of William Strumsawe. Witnesses:—Sir John de Cayly, Sir Roger de Ormesby, knights, and others (named). Friday, the feast of St. Gregory, 13 Edward III. Seal, with legend, sigillv. roberti. clere.
[Warw.] A. 11597. Counterpart indenture being the memorandum of the sale by Sir John de Bisschoppesdon to John de Pesham, of Rowhinton, and William de Charindon, for 20 marks, of the fishing of Lapworth pond from the feast of St. Gregory, 3 Edward III, to the morrow of the Close of Easter following; pike, bream, tench, perch, roach and eels are mentioned. French. Seals.
[Surrey.] A. 11598. Release by Ralph le Fiskere, and Emma atte Mede, his wife, late the wife of Adrian le Poletier, to Adam Russell, son and heir of Elias Russel, and . . . . his wife (uxori), of their right in a piece of meadow called 'le Horsecroft' in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen of Bermondeseye, next 'Mulewardestrete,' &c. Seals
[Middx.] A. 11599. Release by Alice, daughter of Robert Selveyn, to the prior and canons of Holy Trinity, London, of her right in a tenement which her said father formerly held in Edelmeton, and which John Selveyn, her uncle (patruus) afterwards had and gave to them; consideration, 60s. Witnesses, John de Chodres, sheriff of Middlesex, Henry Bokointe, and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. alicie. fil'. rob'ti. selvein.
[Essex.] A. 11600. Feoffment by Henry Wether, and Maud, his wife, of Herewardestoke, to Sewallus Sawene and William Lovel, of Springefeld, of 1½a. land in Borham. Friday after the Purification, 9 Edward II. Two seals, with legends, (1) s. matild wethir, (2) s. will'i. love[l].