Deeds: A.13501 - A.13600

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.13501 - A.13600

Warw A. 13501. Counterpart of demise, 20 January, 34 Elizabeth, by Sir William Catisby, of Ashebie Legers, co. Northampton, knight, to John Catisbie, of Newneham and Anthony Tirringham of Henwicke Halle, co. Bedford, esquires, of the manor of Lodbroke alias Ladbroke, with land, &c. there, now in the occupation of Katheren Throkmerton, widow, and of the meadows and pasture grounds, now in her occupation, in Rodborne alias Radborne, together with the advowsons of the parish churches of Lodbroke alias Ladbroke and Rodborne alias Radborne, to hold for the term of one and thirty years to commence after his and the said Katheren's decease, at 50l. rent to his heirs and assigns. English.
Norf. A. 13502. Indenture of bargain and sale, 23 November, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, by Clement Bockyng, of Town Barnyngham, the elder, yeoman, to Clement Bockyng, the younger, his son, of the same, husbandman, in consideration of 50l. to be paid him as specified in thirteen writings obligatory of even date by which his said son, together with William Smyth, of Barnyngham, aforesaid, yeoman, and Thomas Peye, of Thurgutton, 'rough mason,' stand bound to him, of his freehold and copyhold land in Barnyngham aforesaid, Norwodebarnyngham and Plumsted. English. Seal. See A. 13544.
A. 13503. Indenture, 3 March, 29 Elizabeth, between William Mill, of Grayes Inne, co. Middlesex, esquire, of the one part, and John Reede, of Vatcherye, co. Surrey, esquire, of the other, being the defeasance of a writing obligatory of even date, acknowledged in the Common Pleas, whereby the said John stands bound to the said William in 600l.; to wit, if John pay 440l. on 1 November, 1587, according to a proviso or condition contained in indentures of bargain sale between them, dated 14 October, 28 Elizabeth, or if he observe all the covenants in the said indentures contained, the recognizance to be void. English. Signed Will'm Mill.
[Norf.] A. 13504. Bill of acquittance by Thomas Allyson otherwise Shorte for 40s. received from Thomas Hoo, gentleman, according to the condition in a deed indented made by him to Hoo concerning the purchase of a 'parcell of land edified' in Burnham Ulpe, bought by Hoo. English. Mark and seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Warw. A. 13505. Indenture of demise, 4 June, 14 Elizabeth, by George Catesbye, of Gresmounte, co. Monmouth, esquire, one of the sons of Richard Catesbye, knight, deceased, to John Rawbonne, of Norfyll, co. Worcester, and Robert Grene, of Botley, co. Warwick, yeomen, of his capital messuage or manor house commonly called 'Lapworthe Halle,' otherwise called 'Irelandes ferme,' with all land, &c. thereto belonging, in the parish of Lapworthe, in the occupation of William Bothe and George Walker; also of his pasture or close of ground called 'Sparhawkes fielde,' in the said parish, and of a close called 'Welcrof te' in the parish of Belshard; to hold from the Purification last for fifteen years, at 20l. rent by half- yearly payments at his dwelling-house in Gressemount; he covenants to acquit them of money due therefrom to Richard, Edmund, Edward and John Catesbie, gentlemen, his 'bretherne'; they shall provide him and his servant and 'geldynges,' lodging meat and drink and 'horsemete,' for one week yearly, &c. English. Signed George Catesbye. Witnesses' names endorsed.
N'hamp. Warw. A. 13506. Indenture, 12 November, 21 Elizabeth, being an assign- ment by John Driden, of Copes Ashebie, co. Northampton, esquire, to Sir William Catesbie, of Legers Ashebie, in the said county, knight, in consideration of 1,500l. of the wardship and marriage of Margaret Wilkes, one of the sisters and co-heirs of Robert Wilkes, esquire, deceased, granted by the Queen's letters patent, 28 April, 20 Elizabeth, to Robert, earl of Leicester, K.G., baron of Denbigh, and by him assigned by deed, 4 May, 20 Elizabeth, to the said John; covenants that Margaret is not 'affied or contracted' &c.; that John may enjoy the lands descended to her, in the counties of Warwick and Northampton, till 30 September next, acquitting her lands in Hodnell of the payment of 6l. 13s. 4d. parcel of a rent charge of 20l. due to one John Skevington, esquire, from two closes of pasture there, called 'Whetingtons,' &c. English. Signed John Dryden. Seal. Names of witnesses, Fran' Dymock, Erasmus Dryden, Robert Calcot, endorsed.
Suff. A. 13507. Deed poll, being a sale and feoffment by Anthony Denny, knight, to Robert Bumpstede, of Redsham, gentleman, of a parcel of land in Great Redsham, containing 8a., between lands of Christopher Plater, esquire, William Bumpstede, gentleman, father of Robert, John Dewke, gentleman, and 'Redsham great strete,' which parcel of land formerly belonged to Metyngham College; attorney to deliver seisin, John Everede. 11 July, 38 Henry VIII. Signed per me Antoniu' Denny. Seal of arms, quarterly coat.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
A. 13508. Counter bond by 'Rauffe,' earl of Westmorland, to Thomas Darcy, knight, lord Darcy, in 600l. at Midsummer next, to keep the said Thomas, lord Darcy, harmless in respect of six obligations whereby they stand jointly bound, with others, to Sir Thomas Nevill and Sir Bryan Tuoke, knights, and Robert Norwich, 'serjaunt att the lawe,' 'for the especyall lyvere' of the said earl. Signed, Rauff Westmorland. Seal, broken.
Warw. A. 13509. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 1 December, 6 Edward VI, by Sir Richard Catesby, of Assheby Legiers, co. Northampton, knight, to Thomas Smyth, of Staverton, co. Northampton, 'husbondman,' of all that his messuage in Priors Hardewyk, and two several 'croftes or closses and one yarde and one half yarde of arrable londe' there and in Priors Merston, to the said messuage belonging, lately in the occupation of Richard Raynbow, now deceased, and also of all other his land, &c. in Priors Hardewyke and Priors Merston; covenants that the premises are of the clear yearly value of 16s., and are quit of all charges by Sir Richard and his ancestors save the chief rent and the title of dower of Dame Elizabeth, now his wife, &c. English. Seal.
Norf. A. 13510. Bond by Thomas Hoo, of Burnham [Overey], gentleman, to Katharine Sy[mson] in 3l. viz. 20s. at the feast of St. Andrew, the Apostle, next and in the following years. 10 December, 2 and 3 Philip and Mary. Signed per me Thomam Hoo. Names of witnesses, Nicholas Chapman, vicar of St. Clementes, and others, endorsed.
Surrey. A. 13511. Deed poll by John More, one of the justices of the Common Bench, John Glaymham, esquire, Christopher Jenney, Thomas Willoughby, John Redford and Thomas Polstede, whereby, after reciting that by the description of John More, serjeant at law, he and the others, in Trinity Term, 5 Henry VIII, recovered against Humphrey Conyngesby, one of the justices of the King's Bench, Andrew Wyndesore, knight, and John Erneley, the manor of West Horsley, 20 messuages, 400a. land, 500a. pasture, 300a. wood and 100s. rent, in West Horsley, Est Horsley, Chedyngfold, Okley, Shire, Effingham and Biflete, and the advowson of the church of West Horsley, which recovery was to the use of John Burghchier, knight, lord Barners, his heirs and assigns, at the request of the said lord Barners they release to Thomas Unton, esquire, John Dauncy, knight, Robert Norwich, gentleman, Robert Lord and Richard Berne, their right therein, to the use specified in an indenture 11 February, 9 Henry VIII, between lord Barners and the said Thomas Unton. 20 February, 9 Henry VIII. In the margin the signature of John Berners, and at foot the signatures and seals of More, Jenney, Willughby, and Polsted, and the note 'J. R. mort' est.'
Devon. A. 13512. Bond by Jasper Badge, of Tavistock, 'yeman,' and Richard Badge, his son and heir apparent, to John Fytz, esquire, in 160l., conditioned for their making, together with Richord, Jasper's wife, a good estate to him, by indenture, fine, or otherwise, of 'the best leaze, the oxen park, the Haledon, with the grove or wood thereunto adjoyninge and the meadowe under neath the same called the Hedweare medowe,' 'nowe in the tenure of one Walter Trowte,' and the close called 'the Gratten,' 'nowe in the tenure of one Walter Elforde of Hole,' 'all which premisses nowe ar or latelie were parcelles of the tene- ment' wherein Jasper dwells, called Pashill alias Passell, in the parish of Tavistock, for a term of twenty-one years, to commence, as to 'the best leaze and oxen park,' from Michaelmas, 1589, as to the 'Haledon' with the grove and meadow, from Michaelmas, 1587, as to 'the Gratten,' from Michaelmas, 1584, at 6s. 8d. rent. Signed, Jaspar Baydge, Richard Baydge. Seals. Names of witnesses, Wyllym Badge, and others, endorsed.
[Cornw.] A. 13513. Indenture of demise by Reginald Tretherf, esquire, to John Jamys, Marina his wife, and Amisia their daughter and the heir of John Jamys, of a tenement and all his land to the said tenement belonging in Trethenyn for the term of their life, and if it happen Marina and Amisia to die, the tenement to remain to John and the heirs of his body, rendering therefore yearly for fine of suit of court of his manor of Brongolow 12d. at the feast of St. Michael in September, saving to him all tin found there, according to the custom of the stannary, and the best beast as 'hariot,' when it happen the last lawful heir of John to die, &c. Witnesses, Sir William Reskymer, clerk, John Hendye, Luke Nansysek. Postscript: Reserving wood (lignis) for the repair of his other tenements in Brongolow. Tretherff, the feast of the Purification, 30 Henry VIII. Seal. Endorsed: Tregathenen. John Games.
[Surrey.] A. 13514. Depositions, 18 June, 88 Henry VIII, of John Lymden, clerk, and John Stydolff, esquire, 'concerning a covent seale exhibited by John Stydolf of the pryory of Rygate' (A. 13494). 'First upon his othe he saith that at the tyme of the sealing of the said dede hymself was pryor and hade thre channons there than. Item he sayth that the said dede was delyvered by this deponent to Thomas Stydolf and John Stydolf in Novembre which was one hole yere and seven moneths before such tyme as the kinges commyssioners came to suppresse the said howse,' &c. English. Paper, 4 pp. See Cal. Letters and Papers Henry VIII, vol. IX. p. 269.
I. of Wight A. 13515. Counterpart of demise by Richard Totenam, abbot of Qnarr, in the Isle of Wight, with the consent of the convent to Richard Veyle of Neuport, 'shypwright,' of a tenement with buildings wherein the said Richard Veyle dwells, on the north of the high street, &c.; to hold to the said Richard, Joan his wife, and one of his sons or daughters for their lives in survivorship, at 6s. rent; he shall rebuild within two years, &c. The feast of St. Philip and St. James, 1 Henry VIII. Seals.
A. 13516. Indenture tripartite, 18 August, 6 Henry VIII, between Thomas, bishop of Lincoln, postulated to be archbishop of York, of the first, John Wythers, clerk, of the second, Anthony de Vivaldis, merchant of Genoa, William Botry, mercer, and Thomas Raymond, grocer, citizens of London, of the third part; whereby the said Anthony, William, and Thomas undertake to pay, in the Roman Curia, the full tax, or annate, for the see of York and for the pallium to the see belonging, with all charges for the expedition of bulls, &c.; and to procure and expedite the necessary bulls; which bulls shall be at Calais before 1 November next, to be forwarded thence to London, &c.; in part payment whereof John Wethers undertakes to pay them 2,000l. viz. 1,000l. in hand, and 1,000l. within eight days after the delivery of the bulls, as above, in London; and the said bishop undertakes that Richard Pace and William Burbanck, Englishmen, Apostolic prothonotaries residing in the said Curia, shall before Michaelmas next pay to Lazarus de Grymaldis and Andrew Gentile and their fellows, merchants of Genoa, following the said Curia, his proctors, 5,704 ducats of gold of the camera, with proviso in default, &c. Signed T. Lincoln' post' Ebor' and per me Jo Withers. One seal. See A. 13541. Cf. Cal. Letters and Papers Henry VIII, vol. 1, No. 5334.
Norf. A. 13517. Indenture, being a feoffment by John Giggez of Burnham St. Clement, gentleman, in consideration of 23s. 4d. to William Symson, of the same, of a parcel of land there, which he had by the grant, 12 December, 28 Henry VIII. of Roger Touneshende, knight, at the rent of 1d. at Michaelmas. Burnham, 7 May, 1 Edward VI. Seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed, in the presence of Richard and John Hoo, and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 13518. Indenture of demise, 15 May, 28 Henry VIII, by Philippe Calthorpe, esquire, to John Pepys, of Southecreke, co. Norfolk, 'merchaunte,' of 'all that hys fouldecours called the Mersshecours in Burneham Overe wythe the pasture and shake wyth all the liberties belongyng,' to hold 'in lyke maner and forme as the said John Pepys latte had of Sir Phylippe Calthorp knyghte,' from Midsummer next for ten years, at 5l. 10s. rent; John covenants 'to fynde the tennauntes of the said fouldecours . . . . . . tathyng to ther londes, as it hathe byne used in tymes paste,' &c. English. Signed be me Philip Calthorp. Seal. See A. 13557.
Norf. A. 13519. Feoffment and release by Katharine Symson, of Burnham St. Clement, widow, to Thomas Hoo, gentleman, of a barn, newly-built, and all other her buildings, lands and tenements in Burnham aforesaid, abutting on the highway from Burnham to Holkham, which William Symson, her late husband, had by the feoffment, 7 May, 1 Edward VI, of John Giggs, of Burnham, gentleman, late deceased. The eve of St. Nicholas, the bishop, 2 and 3 Philip and Mary. Seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin in the presence of Nicholas Chapman, clerk, vicar of Burnham, aforesaid, and others, endorsed.
London. A. 13520. Deed poll whereby Robert Losse of Cannons, after reciting his demise (A. 12793) to William Dernier alias Dormer, confirms the same, to hold without any manner of condition, and releases all conditions and provisos therein contained. 19 February, 31 Elizabeth, 1588. English. Signed Robert Losse. Witnesses, Phillip Hawtrey, Hugh Losse, John Wynton. Seal.
Endorsed: Copied.
Surrey. A. 13521. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 22 August, 9 Henry VIII, by Sir John Burghcher, knight, lord Berners, to Henry Eden, 'gentilman and marchaunte of the staple at Caleys,' of 'all his manour of Westhorsley,' and of all his lands, &c. 'in the townez and parisshes of Westhorsley, Esthorslegh, Chedyngfold, Okley, Essyngham (sic) and Byflete,' to the said manor belonging; with covenants by lord Berners to deliver deeds, make estate, &c. and by Eden to pay 580l. in hand, and that lord Berner's statute of even date in 1,000l. shall be void if the above covenants are observed. English. Signed per me Henricu' Eden. Seal.
Norf. A. 13522. (1) Counterpart indenture, 27 April, 38 Henry VIII, between Richard Hoo, of Skerneng, gentleman, and Humfrey Deen, of Wegenhall Marie Magdalene, gentleman; in consideration of a marriage to be had between the said Humfrey and 'Jahanne,' one of Richard's daughters, it is agreed between them as follows:—the marriage to be solemnized before Michaelmas next at the parish church of Skerneng; Richard to make and provide 'an honest and convenient repast or dyner the day of the solempnizacion of the seid espousallez or marriage with lodgeng meat and drinke for the aliez frendez and kynesfolkez of the same Richard and Humfrey soo longe as they or eny of them shall be contentid reasonablie to tarie and abide at the mansion hous of the seid Richard at Skerneng'; the said Johanne 'to be apparaled' at Richard's cost 'accordyng to her pore degree and behaviour'; Humfrey before the said feast to assure lands of his inheritance to the value of 8l. a year to the said Johanne and her assigns for life; Richard to pay Humfrey 80 marks to wit, 20 marks in hand, 20 marks at Christmas and 20 marks at Midsummer, each payment to be made in the parish church aforesaid 'upon the funt stone,' between two and three 'in thafternone,' for the assurance of which payments Richard covenants that he will before Michaelmas next enfeoff the said Humfrey of land, &c. of his inheritance in Skerneng to the yearly value of 45s. to hold to the said Humfrey and his heirs in case of default. English. Signed by me Humfrey Dene.
(2) Receipt, 28 October, I Edward VI, by Humfrey Deane, for 20 marks from Richard Hoo.
Worc A. 13523. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 1 April, 33 Elizabeth, by John Catesbie, of Newneham, co. Bedford, esquire, and William Chibnall, of Ashebellegers, co. Northampton, gentleman, to Thomas Best, of Waresley, co. Worcester, yeoman, and John Baker, of the city of London, 'upholdster,' and the heirs and assigns of Thomas, of the manor of Waresley, with all the copice woods called Payton Grove alias Paynters Grove, in Orcharde or Pephall, co. Worcester, 'one lytle moore called Styldon moore' with woods and underwoods, and all lands, &c. 'waters, fyshinges, pooles,' &c. in Waresley, Orcharde and Peppall, to the said manor of Waresley belonging; lands, parcel of the said manor, in the parishes of Elmley Lovet and Elmdbrigge, in the occupation of one Thomas Nashe, excepted; warranty against themselves and their heirs. 1591. English. Signed, Thomas Best, John Baker. Seals. Witnesses' names endorsed.
N'hamp. A. 13524. Indenture between Sir William Catesby and George and Samuel sons of George Breton, of the same date and to the same effect as A. 12798.
[Surrey.] A. 13525. Charter by King John to the abbot of Waverley. Rot. Chart, p. 161 b. Copy. See A. 13537.
[Norf.] A. 13526. Release by William Symson, son and heir of William Symson, of Burnham Overey, to Katharine Symson, widow, of his right in a barn or house, lately called 'Symsons Barn,' &c. in Burnham aforesaid. 1 November, 2 and 3 Philip and Mary. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Chester. A. 13527. Counterpart indenture, 1 March, 37 Elizabeth, to lead the uses of a fine to be levied by Richard Bavand, of the city of Chester, alderman, to Thomas Bunbury, of Stanhey, and Henry Birkenhed, of Huxley, esquires, Valentine Broughton, John Fytton, David Lloyd and Thomas Fletcher, of the city of Chester, aldermen, and Thomas Johnes of 'Salopp in the countie of Salopp, draper,' and the heirs of Bunbury, of messuages, cottages, shops, land, &c. as described, in Chester and the county of the said city, viz. to the use of the said Richard Bavand, his heirs and assigns. English. Signatures and seals. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Norf. A. 13528. Indenture of bargain and sale, 2 November, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary, by Clement Bockyng, of Townebarnyngham, 'husbondman,' to John Pyttes, of Sheryngham, baker, of his land, 'fre and bond,' &c. in Townebarnyngham, Northwodebarnyngham, and Plumstede, with covenant that his wife shall release her right in the premises, 'in the copy hold as in the fre hold,' to Pyttes, who shall pay 'the ordinary costes,' 'besyde xxs.' to his said wife when she. 'shalbe examined for the fre hold,' and that one William Wattes shall quietly enjoy the premises during the term of his lease thereof, &c.; in consideration whereof Pyttes covenants to pay 100l., viz. 35l. in hand, 5l. at Michaelmas, 10l. at Christmas and thereafter 10l. at Christmas yearly till all be paid. English. Signed by mark. Witnesses, Thomas Bockyng and others (named). Seal.
[Kent.] A. 13529. Draft of warrant for privy seal granting to Henry Stafford and Ursula, his wife, the manor of Brasted, co. Surrey (sic), in the king's hands by reason of the atttainder of Edward, late duke of Buckingham.—Henry VIII. In margin:—Md that this lordship ys vij myles frome Croydon and of xxxli. value by Mr Auditors reporte and no place theruppon but an oulde ferme, in different hand whiche I wolde repayre by cause I have no hosse nor land ny London by vjxx milys.
Warw. A. 13530. Exemplification under the seal of the Common Pleas, 5 July, of a recovery suffered in Trinity Term, 22 Henry VII, by Robert Catesby, gentleman, to John Muscote, Edmund Haselwode, William Saunders and John Chaunces, of seven messuages, 200a. land, 42a. meadow, 50a. pasture, 18s. rent and the rent of a red rose, in Thurleston, Bubnell, Dunchurche, Bukkyngton, Greenburgh and Ryton. Official seal, chipped.
Cornw. A. 13531. Indenture of bargain and sale, 10 May, 35 Elizabeth, by Oliver Carminowe, of Fentengolethe, esquire, to Frauncis Carnsew, of Bokelly, gentlewoman, 'dafter of William Carnsew, esquire, desessed,' in consideration of 8l., of 12s. rent 'out of Bokelly aforesaid,' residue of a rent of 20s. reserved upon a grant, 6 November, 13 Edward IV, of his lands in Bokelly to William Carnsew, by one John Carminow, who after- wards, by deed, 5 August, 18 Edward IV, granted 8s. of the said 20s. rent to one John Butler. Seal of arms. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Surrey. A. 13532. Original letters patent whereby the king releases to Hugh le Despenser, the younger, his right in the manor and advowson of Shaldeford, which Hugh holds for the life of Emma wife of Robert de Mohaut (Monte alto) by the demise of the said Robert and Emma, who held the same as of her dower by the assignment of Richard son of John, her first husband, of the inheritance of Roger de Clifford, late rebel, and of Idonia wife of John de Crumbewell, and which after Emma's death ought to have reverted to the said Roger and Idonia, and their heirs, but whereof the reversion by reason of Roger's forfeiture belongs, on Emma's death, to the king and the said Idonia, and their heirs. Brustwyk, 15 July, 17 Edward [II]. Cf. Pat. Roll. Cal. under date.
Suff. A. 13533. Bargain and sale and feoffment by William Bateman, of Toppisfelde, co. Essex, carpenter, and Margaret, his wife, to Thomas Russham otherwise Barbor, of Sudburie, gentleman, and one of the aldermen of the said town, of a messuage, or tenement, with a garden, from of old called 'Alredes,' formerly John Scalder's, afterwards William Heyron's, lately Thomas Felton's and subsequently Giles Strachie's, in the parish of All Saints, in the street lately called 'lez Frerestrete,' between the tenement and curtilage of Peter Ottrington, 'cordener,' on the east, and the great gates and entry extending beyond the said street into land late of John Ingram, 'peynter,' on the west, abutting north on Robert Missinge's croft, late of John Wynne, 'draper,' and south upon the said street; which messuage or tenement they had by the feoffment of Thomas Leake, of Sudburie, by his charter indented, 24 May, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary. Sudburye, 15 December, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
N'hamp. A. 13534. Bond by Humphrey Stafforde, of Kyrbye, co. Northamp- ton, knight, to William Catesbye, of Leagers Asshebie, in the said county, esquire, in 20l., conditioned as follows:—Whereas Catesbye has delivered to Sir Humfrey 'so manye thornes as have ben sufficient for the fencyng and hedgyng of one parcell of grounde now beinge pasture and latelie wodde grounde lieng in Kyrbye' aforesaid, 'in the parysshe of Gretton,' 'comenly called Thrawlo and the Lyes,' viz. 144 'polle in length after xxj foote to every polle,' 'agaynst' Thrawlo, and 56 'polles' against the Lyes, and has paid half the cost of the ditch and 'quick setting' the said 'thornes,' namely 5l. &c.: if Sir Humfrey maintain the hedge, so that Catesby's coppice adjoining, called 'the long coppice,' and the 'sprynge' of the same when the coppice be felled, shall be protected, the obligation to be void. 2 June, 11 Elizabeth. Signed Humfrey Stafford. Seal, a quarter ermine, and a chevron. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Comw. A. 13535. Bargain and sale and feoffment by Walter Kendall, of Penlyne, esquire, to Peter Bevell, of Rosilion, esquire, of the land, &c. in the several fields and wastes of Bostavey Vehaun and Charman Crudder alias Charen Crudderer, within the parishes of Seint Blasye alias Lan- dreath and St. Austell, now in the occupation of William White, John Trenannce and others; attorneys to deliver seisen, Nicholas Jolyff and William Brode. Bostavey Vehaun, 10 March, 23 Elizabeth. Signed per Walterum Kendall. Names of witnesses, and memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Middx. A. 13536. Counterpart of demise, 12 February, 1568, 11 Elizabeth, by John Wale, of the parish of St. Mary Matfellon alias Whitechappell with- out Algate of London, sawyer, to Thomas Maior, citizen and blacksmythe of London, of a garden plot on the south side of 'Whitechappell strete,' in the said parish, in the lordship of Stebbunhuth, &c. from Christmas last for eleven and three quarter years, at 6s. rent. English. Signed by mark. Seal.
[Surrey.] A. 13537. Duplicate of A. 13525.
[Somers.] A. 13538. Grant by James Tillie, esquire, to John Owgan and John Walshe, esquires, of the next presentation to the parish church of Charlinche, in the diocese of Bath and Wells. 6 October, 1556, 3 and 4 Philip and Mary. Signed per me Jacobu' Tylley.
Surrey. Sussex. A. 13539. Grant to Eustace Webbe, gentleman, of the office of escheator in Surrey and Sussex during pleasure. 4 December, 17 Elizabeth.
[Sussex.] A. 13540. Licence for Alina late the wife of John de Moubray to grant to Hugh le Despenser, earl of Winchester, the reversion expectant on the decease of Mary, late the wife of William de Brewosa, who holds them in dower, of the manors of Fyndon, Wassyndon, Bedyng, West- grenestede, and Kyngesbernes, held in chief. 16 June, 17 Edward [II]. See Pat. Roll Cal. Cf. A. 13556.
A. 13541. Bond of even date by Thomas, bishop of Lincoln, postulated to be archbishop of Canterbury, for the performance of covenants in A. 13516. Signature and seal.
Norf. A. 13542. Counterpart indenture, 25 July, 27 Henry VIII, between John Gigges, of Brunham Seynt Clement, gentleman, and Humfrey Deane, of Wigenhall saynt Maries, gentleman; in consideration of a marriage to be had between the said Humfrey and Susan, John's daughter and heir apparent, before the feast of 'saynt Lauraunce the martir' next, Humfrey covenants to make an estate of all his land in Wigenhall, or elsewhere in the county of Norfolk, to Sir Roger Touneshende, knight, Thomas Bedyng- feld, knight, John Fyncham, John Bedyngfeld and Fraunceis Bedyngfeld, esquires, and John Russell, as to 10 marks yearly thereof to the use of the said Humfrey and Susan and the heirs of Humfrey's body with remainder in default to his right heirs, and as to the residue to the use of the said Humfrey in tail and in default to use of him and his heirs, with leave to him to settle or bequeath the said residue for 12 years, &c.; he further covenants to pay John 100 marks, viz. 20 marks in hand and the rest 20 marks yearly at the Purification; in consideration of which John covenants to make an estate within two years next to the said feoffees of the manor of Vewtrez with all 'mesez londez,' &c. in Burnham Saynt Clement, Burnham Norton, Brunham Westgate, Burnham Sutton, Brunham Depdall, Brunham Seynt Andrew, Burnham Thorpe, Holkeham, Wighton and Warham, as to 10 marks yearly thereof to the use of the said John and Agnes, now his wife, and the heirs male of John's body, with remainder in default to the said Susanne in tail, with remainder in default according to the last will of 'Thomas Gigges fader of the seid John'; provided that, if John have male issue, Humfrey shall have the said 10 marks yearly for his life after the deaths of the said John and Agnes; and as to the residue they shall stand seised thereof to the use of the said John and Agnes and the heirs male of the body of the said John, with remainder to the said Susanne in tail, with remainder in default according to the will of the said Thomas; provided that John may assign the said residue to any wife, or bequeath the same for twelve years; covenant by John that the premises are discharged of all former bargains, sales or incumbrances' an estate made by dede of feoffement,' 14 August, 20 Henry VIII, to Sir Edmonde Bedingfeld, knight, Henry Bedingfeld, Christopher Jenney, the elder, Robert Tounes- hende, George Touneshend, Thomas Touneshende and Christopher Elemham, esquires, Thomas Sidney, and Robert Eyer, gentleman, William Salman, Richard Hoo and Thomas Hoo excepted; provided that if John die leaving male issue, the said Susanne or any issue of her body, by the said Humphrey begotten being then alive, it shall be lawful for the said Humphrey, after the death of the said John and Agnes, to enter into the said manor and lands and to take the issues and profits thereof till he has received 116l. 13s. 4d. his estate in the said 10 marks ceasing upon such entry. English. Signed by me Humfrey Dene. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 13543. Indenture of award, made at Denham, co. Suffolk, 27 May, 6 Elizabeth, by John and William Hoo, gentlemen, upon matters in dispute between Richard Hoo, gentleman, their father, and Thomas Hoo, his eldest son; (1) whereas Thomas claims 36l. 6s. 8d. 'for mariage money lately due by oon Humfrey Dene, gentleman, lately discessid,' which Richard covenanted to pay him by indenture, 20 January, 1 Mary, between the said Richard and Humfrey, they award that Richard shall pay the same before Michaelmas next; (2) whereas Thomas claims 20l. which Richard received of him 'for the wardship and mariage of Elianour Dene and Mary Dene now lately also discessid, which said Elianour and Mary was afterwards taken owt and from the possession of the said Thomas by oon Leonard Irby, esquier, servant to the right honorable Lord Clynton and Lord Say, High Admirall of Inglond, so that' he 'could not enjoye and have theffect of the bergayn and grant of the said Richard,' as by indenture, 1 November, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, appears, they award that Richard shall pay 13l. before Michaelmas, 'in recompence of the seid' 20l.; (3) whereas Richard claims 24l. for a year and a half rent of the manor of Estodenham and 9l. 'which upon other reconnynges' Thomas 'doth confesse to owe' him, and which, contrary to the indenture of lease, Thomas detains against the money due to him as above, they award that Thomas shall pay this 33l. before Michaelmas; (4) whereas Thomas claims 100l. for damages, in that 'Richard sealid not an obligacion of' 600l. for performance of covenants in indentures, 8 August, 6 Edward VI, according to promise, 'the not sealing whereof was thoccacion why the seid Humfrey sealid not the like obligacion to the seid Thomas, by reason whereof great sute vexacion and contencion was in lawe between the seid Humfrey and Thomas by the space of xij yeres, to the damages of the seid Thomas of cli. and more,' in recompense thereof Richard is willing that Thomas shall occupy the said manor of Estodenham for four years without paying any rent, notwithstanding the said lease; (5) whereas Thomas claimed the lands, &c. specified in a schedule to an indenture, 20 May, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, the land, &c. 'late John Pomfret and John Bullock' specified in a 'dede indented,' 16 May, 3 and 4 Philip and Mary, 'Pescoddes pitell, Gravelpitclos, and Busshiclos,' specified in a deed 31 July in the said year, and the 'threfalgate clos and divers other landes' specified in a deed, — December, in the same year 'as londes forfeited, for that the seid Richard Hoo sinse his first covenaunt concerning the same londes made with the seid Thomas by the seid indenture of theight August,' 6 Edward VI, had 'made certeyn feoffments' thereof 'to certeyn persons by the dedes last remembrid to the dishenheritance of the seid Thomas as he pretends, and forasmoch whither it be a forfeyture or no is partly dowtid unto us the seid arbitrators,' 'the seid Thomas is content to demise' 'unto the seid John Hoo, all the premisses in this last covenaunt lastly before- mentioned,' woods and underwoods excepted, from Lady Day last for twenty-one years, if the said Richard live so long, at a rent, over and above the rent which John pays for 'the same amongst other to the seid Richard,' of 5l. 6s. 8d. English. Signatures of John, William, Ric'us, and Thomas Hoo. Seals of arms, viz. Quarterly 1 and 4, quarterly [Sa. and Arg.] charged in the second quarter with an annulet, 2 and 3 [Arg.] three fleurs-de-lis [Sa.], charged, in the case of John Hoo, with a crescent for difference.
Norf. A. 13544. Counterpart of A. 13502.
Norf. A. 13545. Counterpart of feoffment by Clement Bockyng, the younger of Townbarnyngham, to William Smyth, of the same, and Thomas Peye, of Thurgutton, of all the land, &c. in Townbarnyngham, Norwode- barnyngham and Plumsted, or elsewhere in the county of Norfolk, which he bought of Clement Bockyng, the elder, as by charter (A. 13544) appears, the feoffment to be void if he save them harmless in respect of thirteen obligations, whereby they stand jointly bound with him, at his request, for the payment of 50l. to the said Clement, the elder. 25 November, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary. Signed by mark. Seals.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Norf. A. 13546. Release by Francis Heselton, son and heir of John Heselton and Olive his wife, deceased (defuncte), at the request of William Yelverton, esquire, and in part performance of a bargain and sale by the said William, to Thomas Hoo, gentleman, of his right in the manor of Vewtres, and in all the land in Brunham Overey, Brunham Ulpe, Brunham Depdale, Brunham Westgate, Brunham Norton, Brunham Sutton, Holk- ham and Creake, which formerly were of John Gigges, gentleman. 24 July, 9 Elizabeth. Seal of arms, broken. Names of witnesses, Henry Doyly, esquire, William Hoo, gentleman, and others, endorsed.
Somers. A. 13547. Bond by Raffe Lambe, of London, gentleman, to John Sidenham, of Lye, co. Somerset, esquire, in 80l. at All Hallows next, conditioned as follows:—Whereas Ratfe by deed of even date has granted to John a messuage or tenement in Sedgebroke and Bromdon in the parish of Clottysworthy, and divers other lands, &c. if at the date hereof Raffe 'be very owner' of the same 'yn fee symple,' and if the same be clearly discharged of all but a lease thereof to one John Fryern for life, whereon a rent of 18s. is reserved, &c., the bond to be void. 8 October, 2 Edward VI. Signed per me Rad'm Lambe. Seal.
Lanc. A. 13548. Counterpart of bargain and sale by John Danyell of Derresbury, co. Chester, 'squyer,' to Cristor Woddes, William . . ., Gilbert Dallom, Thomas Holte, the younger, and James Barro, of a parcel of his land in Sutton, lying in 'Paladin Croft,' which croft 'late was in the occupacion of Adam Haywarde and contenes hyt selfe about one acre of londe'; also of 'one annuale rent of iijs.' out of a 'mese and landes in Sutton' called 'Torbok Hows,' 'now in holdyng of Emme Torbok,' 'for thentent that they' with the said 3s. rent shall 'pay the kynges ballyff of Derbishir ijs. yerely of frerent dew to the Kynges grace for Sutton Raynhill and Eccleston and xijd. yerely for sakkefee'; bond in 20 marks for performance of covenants. English. Endorsed . . . . which proveth also the said John to be chef lorde . . . .
Warw. A. 13549. Documents relating to the manor of Ansty:—(1) According to the statement of John de Stoke, 6 Richard [II], Michaelmas term, Thomas fitz Lucian, baron of Donnore, in Ulster, married Agnes Bukervylle, the heir of Ansty; they had issue Geoffrey Ireys and Philip Irreis; from Geoffrey issued the wives who were married to the Cuyllys, from Philip issued Katherine mother of John de Stoke, the wife of John Eliz of Coventre; the which Agnes, in her widowhood, gave certain lands in Ansty and elsewhere to the said Philip in tail, with remainder in default to the right heirs of Geoffrey, and gave the said manor of Ansty to Geoffrey in tail, with remainder in default to the heirs of the body of Philip, &c. And this was said in the presence of Robert Burgoillon, John Rai, Richard Deistere, and others, when we supped with Rai at the Fleur de liz in Chepe, Tuesday after St. Luke, the Evangelist.
Item memorandum that on Maunday Thursday, 5 Richard II, Roger de Arden, of the County of Chester, ravished—, late the wife of John Stanop in the county of Nottingham, for which he was indicted and outlawed, Thursday after Michaelmas, 6 Richard II.
And memorandum, concerning the note of a certain fine levied, &c. which was levied before Roger de Kirketon a little before his death, who died on the feast of St. Nicholas, 5 Richard II, whereof a writ to produce the note to Roger's executors.
On the dorse a pedigree, showing that Geoffrey, son of Thomas Lucian alias Ireys, as above, had issue Henry, who had issue Thomasine.
(2) A writ 23 October, 6 Richard II, to the escheator of Warwickshire to put John de Catesby in possession of the manor of Ansty, to whom the king had committed its custody, being in the king's hands by the death of Margery late the wife of John Deyncourt rendering an extent thereof yearly to the exchequer; with memorandum endorsed of livery of seisin to Catesby, in the presence of witnesses (named).
(3) Copy of an inquisition taken at Ansty by the homage, Saturday after Denis, the Martyr, 6 Richard II, on the death of Margery Deyncourt, late the wife of Sir Roger Culy, knight, with extent.
Copy of the above writ.
(4) Copy of charter by Agnes de Busshervile, lady of Ansty, widow, to her son Richard, of all her land of Raddeford, formerly Robert de Busshervile's, at a rent to her and her heirs of a pair of white gloves. Undated.
(5) Pedigree of the heirs of Thomas Lucian and Agnes his wife.
A. 13550. Bond by Steven Burrell, of Lowestofte, co. Suffolk, yeoman, to William Roberdes, of Wynston, co. Norfolk, gentleman, in 140l., conditioned for the performance of covenants in indentures of even date between the said William, of the one part, and the said Steven and Elizabeth his wife, of the other. 4 June, 23 Elizabeth, 1581. Signed By me Stephen Burrell. Witnesses, Vincent Sheffeld, gentleman, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
Chester. A. 13551. Counterpart of demise, 18 January, 25 Elizabeth, by Jhon Danyell, of Darsbury, co. Chester, esquire, in consideration of 6l., to Richard Pinnington, of Sannky, co. 'Lankester, workeman,' of a 'house, messuage or tenement with one close or pasture of land,' belonging thereto, in Darsbury, containing 2a. ground, to hold for the lives of the said Richard Pynnington and Margaret his wife, and Richard Barrowe, of Preston, son of Jhon Barrowe, in survivorship, at 5s. rent, at Midsummer, and 'Saint Marten the Busshop in Winter,' 'ij. rent hennes iiij. dayes sheringe ij. dayes dyching one day filling of mucke, one day weeding of corne, one day worke in the hey,' which 'services bones and averages,' shall be done by a good workman at Richard's charge, &c. English. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Norf. A. 13552. Indenture of bargain and sale and feoffment by Clement Bockyng, late of Townebarnyngham, 'husebondman,' in performance of covenants in indentures between him and John Pyttes, of Sheryngham, 'baxster,' of even date, of all the land, &c. in Townebarnyngham, Nor- wodebarnyngham, and Plumstede, or elsewhere in the county of Norfolk, which he had by the feoffment, 24 November, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, of Clement Bockyng, his father. Dated 2 November, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary. Provided that upon payment by Pyttes of 100l. as specified in the said indentures seisin had hereon shall stand. Seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Kent. A. 13553. Release by Roger Jenkyns, of Syttyngborne, 'yoman,' to Harbert Bate of Mylton alias Myddleton, 'yoman,' of his right in two messuages or tenements and two gardens, in Syttyngborne. 25 May, 31 Elizabeth. Signed by mark. Fragment of seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Heref. A. 13554. Release by Robert Gwyllym, one of the sons and co-heirs of John Gwyllym, late of Bedleston, deceased, to John Gwyllym of the same, his brother, of his right in the land, &c. which descended to him on his father's death, in the lordships of Irchenfeld and Godriche, or elsewhere within the hundred of Wormelowe. 28 August, 1 Elizabeth. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Sussex. A. 13555. Draft of letters patent, undated, granting to John Gage, knight, vice-chamberlain to the king, the manors of Rokelonde, Telton, Hellingle, Fryston and Excett, with land, &c. there and in Borham, in the king's lands by the attainder of Thomas, cardinal archbishop of York. Has been used, as appears by endorsements, as a parchment cover for documents.
[Sussex.] A. 13556. Original letters patent of licence for Alina, late the wife of John de Moubray, to grant to Hugh le Despenser, earl of Winchester, the reversion expectant on the decease of William de Brewosa, the elder, of the castle and manor of Brembre, and the manors of Knappe, Shorham Horsham and Beaubusson, and 8,000a. wood in Brembre, held as alleged in chief; with licence to the earl to enter thereon, &c. Tower of London, 16 June, 17 Edward [II]. See Pat. Roll Cal. Cf. A. 13540.
Norf. A. 13557. Indenture of demise, 7 October, 21 Henry VIII, by Sir Philip Calthorp, knight, and Philip Calthorp, esquire, his son and heir, to John Pepys, of Southcrek, 'yoman,' of 'all that his fouldecours called the Conyver cours with the pasture and shak therunto belongyng to gedre with a closse called Wrenne Park Clos' in Burnehamthorp; also of a 'fouldecours called the Mersshe cours in Barneham Overey' with the liberties thereof, in like manner as the said John late held the same 'in ferme of the seid Sir Philip'; to hold from Midsummer next for seven years, at 9l. 18s. rent, 'which extendeth to the summe of lxixli. vjs.,' whereof they have received 33l. 6s. 8d. in hand, the residue to be paid, &c.; John covenants 'to fynd the tenauntz of the seid fouldecours called conyver cours tathyng to ther londes as it hath ben used in the tyme that' Sir Philip occupied the same; to leave 'as many hirdelz apon the seid fouldecourses' as he found there, &c. English. Signatures and seals of the Calthorps. See A. 13518.
Sussex. A. 13558. Original letters patent of grant to the executors of Maurice de Credonio of the custody, during the minority of his heir, of his land, &c. in the town of Burne. Westminster, 15 May, 21 Edward [I]. See Pat. Roll Cal.
[Norf.] A. 13559. Feoffment by William Shepherd, the elder, of Bodham, to Clement Bokkyng, the elder, of Tounbernyngham, William Shepherd, the younger, of Bodham, and Thomas Bokkyng, of Eggefeld, of a messuage, with building, 2½a. ½r. arable lying dispersed in Tounbernyngham and Northewodebernyngham, and of two pieces of land called 'Lynglond' in Tounbernyngham containing la.; whereof the messuage lies between the messuage of the said Thomas Bokkyng on the east, &c.; the first piece of land, called 'Buskelond,' contains 3r. and lies in Tounbernyngham, next land of Henry Wynter, esquire, &c.; which messuage and the said six pieces of land he had jointly with Clement Bokkyng, Edmund Cosyn and William Reed, since deceased, by the feoffment of William Bokkyng, of Tounbernyngham, and Robert Medow, of Hevyngham, as by their charter appears; also feoffment by same to same of six pieces of land in Toun- bernyngham, whereof the first piece is headland (forera), &c.; of which six pieces Thomas Bokkyng, father of the said Clement Bokkyng, the elder, is enfeoffed, as by charter indented appears; to hold the said messuage, builded, and twelve pieces of land, containing in all 5a. 3r. land, to the use of the said Clement Bokkyng, the elder, his heirs and assigns for ever. 19 June, 18 Henry VIII. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
[Staff.] A. 13560. Release by Roger son of W . . . . . ; for this . . . has given me . . . Witnesses . . ., William ad Moram, Geoffrey de Alresawa . . . Fragment.
Endorsed: Pipe parva.
[Norf.] A. 13561. Feoffment by John 'Sterlyng,' executor of the will of Ellen Porter, of Burnham Overey, John Baker of Burnham Thorp, and Thomas Collyson, in performance of her will, to Oliver Reymes, gentleman, Thomas Walpole and Thomas Curtes, all of Walsyngham, Geoffrey Goldale, of Burnham Norton, and John Sawnder, of Burnham Overey, to the use of the said Oliver, of 6a. land in eight pieces in Burnham Overey, Burnham Thorp and Holkham, which they had, jointly with her, by the feoffment of Geoffrey Porter, of Burnham Overey, Thomas Beelys, of Burnham Thorp, William Baker, of Holkham, John Thyrlowe, of Burnham Overey, John Dyx and John Sawnder aforesaid, by charter dated at Burnham Overey, 5 September, 13 Henry VIII. Warranty by John 'Starlyng.' Burnham Overey, 12 March, 13 Henry VIII. Seals.
N'hamp. A. 13562. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 21 June, 28 Henry VIII, by Richard Catysby, 'esqwier,' to Sir Richard Knyghtley, of Fawllesley, knight, of a 'mesuage or tooft' in Snotescombe and a close adjoining; consideration, 13l. 6s. 8d. English. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 13563. Acquittance by 'Kateryn Symson, wedowe,' to Thomas Hoo, gentleman, for 20s. in part payment of the barn, &c. bought of her 12 January, 3 and 4 Philip and Mary. English. Paper. Seal.
Endorsed: Thother paymentes for this purchase appere in my accompts.
[Sussex.] A. 13564. These are the parcels (particule) of lands and rent of the heir of John Walint' of Rye (Rya). Five acres at Grikes of the tenure of Brede, rendering nothing to banks and dikes (wallis nee wetergangis), &c.
Warw A. 13565. Indenture of fine in the octave of St. Hilary, 18 Elizabeth, between William Catesbye, knight, querent, and John Spencer, esquire, and Mary, his wife, deforciants, of a messuage, toft, two barns, a dovecot, two gardens, two orchards, 2a. pasture and la. wood in Wormelayton. Whereas the said John and Mary hold the same for the term of their lives in survivorship with remainder to John's first-born son in tail male, they grant the same to William for forty-one years from Michaelmas next, if they so long live, at the rent of a red rose; consideration, 40l.
Suffolk, &c. A. 13566. Counterpart indenture, 1 July, 2 Henry VIII, being the memorandum of an agreement between King 'Harry' VIII, of the one part, and Thomas Howarde, knight, lord Howarde and the Lady Anne, his wife, one of the daughters of King Edward IV of the other; whereas the said Thomas and Anne had heretofore petitioned for her 'part and purparte' of the land, &c. of Dame Anne, countess of March and Ulcestr', mother of Richard, duke of York, father of King Edward IV, and of the purchased lands of the said king; the king by advice of his council grants that he will, by letters patent, before Michaelmas next, give to the said Lady Anne and the heirs of her body to be hereafter begotten, the castle and manor of Wyngfeld, the manor of Sileham with Velez and Stradbroke, a mill, 600a. land, 60a. meadow, 253a pasture, 60a. wood, 100a. heath, 100a. marsh and 52l. rent in Wyngfeld, Sileham and Stradbroke, co. Suffolk; the manors of Frostenden and Cretyng, 20 messuages, 20 'carues of lande,' 100a. meadow, 1,000a. pasture, 100a. wood and 10l. rent, in Frostenden and Cretyng, co. Suffolk; the manors of Cotessey and 'Stokton with Soca,' co. Norfolk; the manors of Cudlyngton, Lewkenor and Newenham Courteney, 13 messuages, 16 'virges' and 20a. land, 24a. meadow and 100s. rent in Throp, Cudlyngton, Sulthorn and Hanewell, co. 'Oxonford '; the manor of Langley Westbradley, co. 'Bark'; the manors of Gresthorp and Normanton, 12 messuages, 6 'oxganges,' 20a. land, 40a. meadow, 40s. rent, in Gresthorp, Normanton, Sutton and Northclyfton, co. Notts; the manors of Blyburgh and Westwode, 24 'oxganges' land, 55a. meadow, 6 messuages, 6 tofts, 30 'oxganges of land in thandes of the tennauntes at wills' and 80a. wood, in Blyburgh and Coryngham, co. Lincoln; the manor of Faxflete, 7 messuages, 28 tofts, 24½ 'oxganges of lande and medowe,' 16l 6s. 10d. rent in Northdalton, Faxflete, Blaktoft Brownflete, South Cave, Yverthorp, North Cave, Hothume, Santon and Southclyf, co. York; the manor of Norton under Hampden, co. Somerset; the manor of Wylmyngden, co. Kent; and the manor of Evyngdon, co. Leicester; covenant by the king that if the said manors, &c. be under the yearly value of 1,000 marks, he will make up the said value to her by the grant of other manors, &c.; further the king grants that he will by other letters patent, before the said date give to the said lord Howarde the manors of Claxton, co. Norfolk, and the manor of Fyndon, co. Sussex, to hold 'to the said lord his heires and assignes for ever;' for all which the 'said lord Howarde, and Lady Anne his wife,' covenant to make estate to the king of all the lands, &c. of the said King Edward IV, 'whereto the said Lady Anne is enheritable,' with warranty by her 'against the Abbot of Westminster and his successors'; and 'the said lord' covenants not to claim 'as tenaunt by the curtesy of England' 'after the decesse of the said Dame Anne.' English. Signed Thomas Howard; Anne Howard. Seals.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the Bench, in the first roll of Charters, &c. Easter Term, 3 Henry VIII. See Cal. Letters and Papers, Henry VIII, vol. I, no. 1129.
Pemb. A. 13567. Counterpart indenture, 31 July, 2 Henry VIII, between Res ap Thomas, knight, of the one part, and Thomas Daw and Isbell his wife of the other, being the defeasaunce of their 'dede of fee symple,' of the 29th inst., whereby they enfeoffed Sir Res of two tenements at Rudberd in the parish of Carew and of all other their land there, viz. he shall re-enfeoff them thereof upon payment of 20 marks, and he binds himself in 100 marks in default. English. One seal remaining.
Endorsed: Redbarh. See Cal. as above, vol. I, no. 1193.
[Bedf.] A. 13568. Indenture being a grant by Sir Henry Wiatt, knight, 'for the kyndnes and favour that I have founde in the right noble lady Elsabeth Countes of Kent and for that she shall contynew good lady unto me,' to William Gascoigne, esquire, and William Marshall, gentleman, to the said lady's use, during the life of Richard, earl of Kent, her husband, of 6l. annuity out of his manor of 'Dame Elynsbury.' 10 December, 4 Henry VIII. English. Signed Henry Wiat. Seal. See Cal. as above, vol. I, no. 3576.
Calais. A. 13569. Assignment by John Baker, 'burges and master mason' of Cales, to James Wading 'of the cawsee' of a lease for forty years, at a rent of 3l. 'gr' money curraunt in Cales,' renewable for ever upon payment of 'a fatt capon and a gallon of wyne,' made to him, 16 August, 1511, by Thomas Marshal, 'marchant of the staple of Cales,' of 'certeyn ruynous tenementes voyd groundes gardens and quitrentes,' in Castelstrete, 'apon the south syde of the tilt there,' in the parish of 'sainct Nicholas,' in the town of Cales, late in the tenure of John Hubert, 'burges deceassed,' by him rebuilt and wherein he now dwells. Certified under the seal of Reymond de Cuttures (Cutturns), mayor, and the aldermen of Caleys, 17 June, 14 Henry VHI. English. Fragments of seals. See Cal. as above, vol. III, no. 2330.
Kent. A. 13570. Indenture, 24 September, 17 Henry VIII, being a bargain and sale by Charles Knevet, of the parish of Lye, esquire, to Thomas, Viscount Rocheford, in consideration of 60l., of his capital messuage and 'mancion,' called 'the Halle place' in Lye, and of his land there 'now inclosid abought with pale,' covenanting within six days next to make estate thereof to John Sakvile, esquire, Thomas Jefferey and Henry Crymbill, to the use of the said Viscount, his heirs and assigns, and covenanting to give the said Viscount the refusal of other his land there, or elsewhere in the county of Kent, if he be minded to sell; provided always that if he repay the said 60l. at Michaelmas, 1526, at the Viscount's 'manor place of Hever,' Sakvill and the others shall stand seised of the premises to his use. English. Signed Charlys Knyvett. Seal. See Cal. as above, vol. IV, no. 1661.
Bucks. A. 13571. Indenture of demise, 12 January, 1525, 17 Henry VIII, by John, the abbot, and the convent of 'oure blessed lady of Oseney', to Edward Standish of Oxford, gentleman, and Richard Newman late of London, fishmonger, of their portion of tithes in Westbury and also of their 'mese or tenaundry' there, from Lady Day next for twenty-one years, at rents of 26s. 8d. and 7s. respectively. English.
Memorandum endorsed that the lessees shall pay all quit rents. Signed per me Jo'em abbat' de Oseney. Cancelled by cuts. See Cal. as above, vol. IV, no. 1882.
A. 13572. Bond by Andrew Growte, of London, merchant, owner of 'le Mary' of Grenewich, now in the port of London, and Peter Yong, of Ratclyf, co. Middlesex, 'maryner,' to Christopher Coo, esquire, in 40 marks at Christmas next, conditioned for the payment of 21l. at the said feast. 11 June, 18 Henry VIII. Signatures and seals. See Cal. as above, vol. IV, no. 2242.
[Middx.] A. 13573. Statute staple by William Hollys and William Dauntesey, citizens and mercers of London, and merchants of the staple of Calais, to John Halle, citizen and grocer of London, and merchant of the same staple, in 300l. at Lady Day next for goods bought of him in the staple of Westminster. 19 November, 19 Henry VIII. Fragments of seals. See Cal. as above, vol. IV, no. 3588.
Calais. A. 13574. Original letters patent, under the seal of the exchequer of Calais, whereby King Henry VIII grants to Robert Wingfeld, knight, his deputy of the town of Calais and the Marches thereof, a marsh called 'Measne Broke,' within the lordship of Marke in the Marches aforesaid, between 'Couswade' marsh, on the east, a brook (rivum) from Guysnes Plashe to the Isle of Coln, on the west, a brook which divides his land there from French territory (terram gallicam), between 'le Plashe' of Andern and 'le Cowbridge,' on the south, and 'Symns Dyke,' which runs east and west from the west corner of 'Colnhill" through 'le Coln bank' to 'Couswade,' on the north; which marsh contains 4,000a. and has hitherto produced no revenue to the king or his predecessors, being constantly inundated or drowned; to hold by fealty and 20l. rent, to be paid at Michaelmas yearly at the Exchequer of Calais in time of peace. Dated in the Exchequer of Calais, 20 September, 21 Henry VIII. Witnesses:— William Husey, knight, controller, and Robert Fowler, esquire, vice- treasurer, of Calais. Equestrian seal and counter-seal (fortified gateway and towers).
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the new green (glauco) register of charters of the Great Hall of Calais in the time of Richard Patryk, mayor, 21 Henry VIII. See Cal. as above, vol. IV, no. 5947.
Surrey. A. 13575. Feoffment by John Merston, the younger, citizen and fishmonger of London, son of the late John Merston, the elder, citizen and fishmonger of London, to Thomas Tailloure, citizen and fishmonger of London, Thomas Brakyn, of Cambridge, esquire, Richard Brayfeld, Edward Colyn and Richard Turke, citizens and fishmongers of London, and Thomas Bateman, of the parish of St. Margaret in Suthwerk, 'waterman,' to the use of the said Thomas Tailloure and his heirs, of his garden called 'Banasters Gardeyn,' containing 3a. more or less, with four cottages and 'a gate house,' and . . . . ponds (decem et . . . [s]tagnis) therein, with wharf, steps, &c. situate at 'le Stewes' in the parish of St. Margaret, Suthwerk, formerly belonging to his said father, and before that to William Danvers, J.C.P., and Thomas Danvers, esquire. Suthwerk 2 June, 23 Henry VIII. Signed per me John M'ston.
Memorandum endorsed of livery seisin by the said John to the said Richard Brayfeld, in the presence of John Smyth, of the parish of St. Margaret, 'bruer,' and others (named); also Enrolled in full court of the manor of Southwerk of the liberty of Stephen, bishop of Winchester. at a court, 19 February, [23] Henry VIII; also E. Alleyn, Tho. Mason. Ibid, vol. V, no. 282.
London. A. 13576. Indenture of demise, 14 February, 23 Henry VIII, by Sir Henry Wyat, knight, to Robert Ellowe, of 'Saint Clement Danes withoute the barres of the newe Temple of London, yoman,' of the 'tenement called the Clement' in the said parish, from Lady Day next for thirty-one years, at 3l. rent. English. Ibid, no. 806.
[Cornw.] A. 13577. Counterpart of demise by John Reskymer, esquire, son and heir of John Reskymer, esquire, to John Humfray, Joan his wife, and John and William, their sons, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of a toft in Marhasbean, to build a new house thereon within seven years, and of three closes, called 'Parke Chypons,' 'Parke an Parcour' and 'Began Knappe,' and a piece of land, whereof the toft lies between lands of the heirs of Lanharth, the heirs of Vyvyan, the heirs of John Rawe and 'le cornyn,' on the east, west, north and south; the close called 'Parke Chypons' lies between other lands of his, the bridge called in English 'Pons Bolyn,' land of the heirs of Vyvyan and land of the heirs of Lanharth, on the north, south, east and west; the close called 'Park an Parcour' between 'Parke eneythyn,' land of the heirs of Brevannek Wolas, the highway to Trethwall mill and land of John Mercer, on the north, west, south and east; the close called 'Began Knape' between land of the marquess of Dorset on the east, of John Clys on the north and west, and of David Manegere on the south; and the piece of land lies between the lands of Lanharth and Vyvyan on the east and west; rent, 28s. 6d. viz. 2s. for the toft and 26s. for the closes and land, doing suit of his court of Marhas- bean twice a year, in May and September, and 6s. 8d. heriots on deaths; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Penros and James Chynowth. Marhasbean, 30 September, 24 Henry VIII. Signed John Reskym'. Ibid, no. 1363.
Calais. A. 13578. Feoffment by Henry Lacy, late alderman of Calais and Richard Blont, son and heir of Alice, late wife of the said Henry, to William Powllett, knight, controller of the king's household, Master Thomas Cromwell, master of the Jewels, Henry Norice and Thomas Henedge, gentlemen of the Privy Chamber, and Robert Fouller, esquire, vice-treasurer of Calais and the Marches, to the king's use, of their great tenement, curtilages, garden, and void land, in the parish of St. Nicholas of Calais, in 'Farthing strete' alias 'Eschequor strete,' between the tenement of Richard Whetehill, knight, and land late Hugh Norton's on the south, 'Cowlane' on the west, and land of the king on the north, &c. Certified under the seal of Thomas Tate, the mayor and the aldermen, of Calais. Calais, 11 November, 24 Henry VIII. Signatures. Two seals, and fragments of official seal.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the new green register of charters of the Great Hall of Calais, in the time of Thomas Tate, mayor. 24 Henry VIII. Ibid, no. 1537.
Calais. A. 13579. Release, 23 November, 24 Henry VIII, by same to same of same. Signatures and seals. Ibid, no. 1571.
Calais A. 13580. Feoffment by James Wading of Calais, brewer (braxator), to William Powlett, knight, and others, as above, to the king's use, of his land, &c. there, in the parish of St. Nicholas, in 'Castelstrete,' between 'Pennystrete' alias 'Old Haven,' on the east, the tenements late of lord Sandes and of the heirs of John Page, on the south and 'Showlane' on the west. Certified under the seal of the mayoralty, &c. 26 November, 24 Henry VIII, Signed James Wadynge. One seal.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the new green register, &c. in the time of Thomas Tate, mayor, 21 Henry VIII. Ibid, no. 1581.
Calais. A. 13581. Release by Richard Whetehill, knight, and Elizabeth, his wife, with warranty by Richard for himself and his heirs, to same, of same. Certified as above. 3 December, 24 Henry VIII. Signed Sr. Ric' Whettehyll; E. Whettyll. Seals and fragment of seal. Endorsed, as above. Ibid, no. 1606.
Calais. A. 13582. Deed poll by Edward Jenkyns, of Calais, soldier, and Joan his wife. Whereas King Henry VII, by letters patent under the seal of the said town, 20 August, 15 Henry VII, demised to Thomas Barton, merchant of the staple there, for seventy years at 3s. 4d. rent, four tenements, and an old 'wolhouse,' with a void site adjacent, which by reason of their decayed state had come to his hands, abutting on 'Sainct Nicholas strete' on the south, a tenement and void site then John Huberd's, now the king's, on the north, a 'wolhouse' then belonging to William Cope, esquire, now to the king, on the east, and 'Sholane' on the west, &c.; they assign the lease, which has come to their hands, to William Powlet, and the others, as above, to the king's use. Certified as above. 5 December, 24 Henry VIII. Seal and fragment of official seal. Endorse- ment as above. Ibid, no. 1607.
Calais. A. 13583. Feoffment by Thomas Jacson, of Calais, soldier, and Mariona, his wife, late the wife of Thomas Hues, burgess of the same, Henry Mountney, soldier of the same, and Katharine his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of the said Thomas Hues, and Elizabeth Hues another such daughter, to William Powlett, and the others, as above, to the king's use, of a tenement with a cellar beneath in Calais in St. Nicholas' parish in 'Sholane,' the street called from of old the Corn Market (mercatum granorum) on the north, the tenement late of Richard Whetehill, knight, late in the tenure of James Wading, and now the king's, on the east and south. Certified as above. 6 December, 24 Henry VIII. Seals, and official seal. Endorsement as above. Ibid, no. 1611.
Calais. A. 13584. Release, 8 December, 24 Henry VIII, by same to same of same. One seal remaining. Endorsement as above. Ibid, no. 1615.
Calais. A. 13585. Release by Richard Davy, of Calais, soldier, and Joan, his wife, and James Thatcher, of the same, soldier, Christian, his wife, to Robert Baynam, alderman of Calais, of their right in a void place of land, lately built on, near 'le Milkgate' in the parish of St. Mary the Virgin, in Calais, next land of William Fithean on the south, land late William Raufson's on the north, the churchyard on the west, and the street leading to 'le place' sometime John Courtney's and late of Thomas Thwaytes, knight, &c. Certified as above. 26 May, 25 Henry VIII. Fragments of seals. Ibid, vol. VI, no. 539.
Kent. A. 13586. Indenture of demise, 14 July, 25 Henry VIII, by Thomas, 'erle of Wilshire and of Ormonde,' to Richard Lawe, of Tunbrige, 'yoman,' of a 'certyne parke grownde palid called the Cage with a dwellynge howse or lodge within the same,' in the parish of Tunbrige, from Michaelmas next for twenty-one years, at 5l. rent; covenant by Richard to 'kepe encrease and maynteyne the said Erlys game of redde dere and falowe dere' in the said park, without fee, except 'wyndefalle woode and the said Erlys lyvery,' &c. English. Seal. Ibid, no. 826.
[N'th'l'd.] A. 13587. Counterpart of demise, 1 March, 25 Henry VIII, by Thomas Darcy, knight, lord Darcy, and Sir George Darcy, knight, his son and heir apparent, to John Haggarston, 'of Berwyk upon Twede, merchaunt, and Custaunce Bekk,' of the same, widow, of 'oone half of all the watters and fisshyng in Twede nygh Barwyk upon Twede bilonging to Baumburgh,' which they have by the king's gift for term of their lives, for ten years from Michaelmas last, if they live so long, at 10l. rent, 'twoo barelles of good salmon of the best of Berwyk bynde, rede, swete, and able merchauntes, and noo gylses,' to be delivered in London or Kyngeston upon Hull, and 33l. 6s. 8d. 'fyne or garsomme,' viz. half at the feast of 'Seynt Petir called Advincula' next, and half at the same feast, 1535. English. Signed per me John Hagarston, per me Custaunce Beyke.
Memorandum endorsed of sealing and delivery, 16 April, 25 Henry VIII. Ibid, vol. VII, no. 273. Cf. A. 13620.
Berks. A. 13588. Indenture of demise, 1 December, 26 Henry VIII, by Mr. John Olyver, 'doctor of lawe, Dean and the Canons of Kyng Henry the eightes college in Oxford,' to Richard Watkyns, of London, gentleman, of the manor and farm of Huddon and Edyngton, 'in the countie of Berkes and within the paryshe of Hungerford in the dioces of Sarum,' from Michaelmas last for ninety years, at 22l. rent, &c. Dated at Oxford, aforesaid in the comen howse of the sayd college.' English. Ibid, no. 1500.
[Chester.] A. 13589. Final concord made in the full county of Chester, Tuesday the feast of St Hilary, 14 Edward II, between William de Venables, of Neubold, and Alice, his wife, querents, and Richard de Bradefeld, clerk, deforciant, of the manor of Neubold, with the exception of seven carucates, lands, and 26s. 2d. rent in the same; William acknowledged it to be the right of Richard, as of his gift, who for this gave it back to William and Alice, for the term of their lives, with remainder to Richard son of William de Venables, and Joan, his wife, in tail, with remainder in default to Thomas son of William de Venables, and Maud, his wife, in tail, with remainder in default to William son of William de Venables, of Neubold, in tail, with remainder in default to the right heirs of the said William de Venables. Copy, parchment.
Staff. A. 13590. Indenture of fine in the octave of St. Michael, 31 Elizabeth, between John Holte and Robert Sidway, querents, and Ralph Egerton, knight, and Alice, his wife, deforciants, of the manors of Wrynehill alias Wryneford, Heywood Barnes, Chedulton, Forde and Boturton, 500 messuages, 60 cottages, 50 tofts, 4 mills, 4 dovecots, 500 gardens, 500 orchards, 3,000a. land, 3,000a. meadow, 5,000a. pasture, 2,000a. wood, 3,000a. furze and heath, 500a. moor, 500a. marsh and 50l. rent there and in Uncott, Great and Little Rownell, Betteley, Mere, and Rannstall; viz. whereas Ralph holds the said manors, &c. for life, with remainder to the said Alice for life, they grant them to the said John and Robert, and John s heirs, for Ralph's life, with remainder to Francis Fytton, esquire, for sixty years, if Alice live so long; consideration, 1,400l.
[Staff.] A. 13591. Indenture of fine, from Michaelmas into one month, 3 Henry VI, between William Hasles, querent, and Roger Fayrefeld, and Agnes, his wife, deforciants, of a messuage, 12a. land, 2a. meadow and 2a. wood in Chetelton and Leghes, which Roger Wolriche, and Sibil, his wife, hold for Sibil's life; viz. they grant the reversion, expectant to Agnes on Sibil's death, to William and his heirs; consideration, 20 marks.
[Staff.] A. 13592. Counterpart of the above.
[Cornw.] A. 13593. (1) Feoffment by John, styled de Chamont, lord of Trenewed, to Mabilla daughter of Master Ralph de Treredeneck in tail of his land of Boden wour. In margin. Boden meour. See A. 10295.
(2) Feoffment by John styled de Calvo Monte, lord of Trenewed, to Pascowe (Pascasio) de Treredenek and Nicholaa, his wife, of [all his land] which is called Nanstrelaec. [Sunday] the feast of the Apostles Philip and James, 1306, 34 Edward I. In margin. Nanstrelaec. See A. 10294.
(3) Feoffment by Henry de Pomere son [of Henry de Pomere] and of Alice de Ver, to Robert de Carmyno, for [his homage and service] of the whole land of Tretheuerky . . . . . In margin Tretheves. See A. 10041.
(4) Ratification for the term of his life by Merlo (sic) de Nansladron [of the estate of Master Ralph de Tr] eredeneck, Mabilia [his daughter] . . . . See A. 10066.
(5) Feoffment by Odo son of Hewinus to Michael his son for his service and homage of 1a. land to wit the whole of (totam) Treguthyn with the mill, &c. In margin Tregudyn.
(6) Feoffment by Roheisia de Suvr' (sic) to Richard son of Gilbert for his homage and service, and to his heirs, of the whole land of Tregudyn and of Trevuthian, which he and his predecessors (decessores), &c. In margin Tregudyn. See A. 6580.
(7) Grant by . . . ore . . . . . in the town of Tregudyn in which (quibus) Richard . . . . 3 ferlings of land for 7s. rent . . . . . Richard Fisher (piscator) 3 ferlings in the same . . . . In margin Tregudyn.
(8) [Receipt by] Jo . . . . . . . of Henry de la Pomeray, esquire, . . . . . Tregony, co. Cornwall, . . . [the day] of making of [these] presents from John . . . . as feoffees of William Reskymer, esquire, . . . by the hands of Peter Jak, the reeve (prepositi) . . . . . Tretheves, 42s. in full . . . . . 1 October, . . . . . . In margin Tretheves.
(9) Release by Ralph Bloyou, knight, lord of Treyudwall, to John de Trevarthian, of his right in the whole town of Trevarthian. Thursday after St. Martin, the Bishop, 3 Edward III. In margin Trevarthian.
(10) Feoffment by Hugh de Bello Campo to Richard son of Gilbert for his homage and serviee of the whole land of Nanthendor and his whole land of [Trenant]bighan. In margin Nanthendor. Trenantbighan.
(11) To all, &c. Richard [son of Archittin] de Kestell, greeting. Know that I have [released] for me and my heirs and assigns [to Thomas de] Trelanbighan and his heirs suit of my court [of Trewens]. In margin Trelanbighan. Trewens. See A. 12052.
(12) Feoffment by Richard Seneschal (Senescallus) . . . . . . . [son] of Gilbert and his heirs for his service . . . . . . one mark which to me . . . . one acre of land in Trelangbighan.
(13) Release by Hugh le Engleys of his right in a knight's fee in Trelan to Richard de Reskymer. In margin Trelan.
(14) Acknowledgement by Serlo de Nansladron, lord of Medley, that he has received the service and fealty of Richard son of John, lord of Reskymmer, and a relief after the death of the said John for all lands &c. in Penfenten and other, &c. Thursday after the feast of All . . . . . 2 Edward II. In margin Penfenten. Newham. Lannarghvian.
(15) To his beloved in Christ, William de T . . . . . ., . . . . . de Burdon, greeting. Know that whereas I rendered to John de Trevarthian four . . . . . acre of land Cornish in P[enmeneth] . . . . . . John (Johanne) I had for 13 marks . . . . which (quibus) the said John to me . . . . . . next after the feasts of Saints . . . . . Edward II. In margin Penmeneth.
(16) Release to John de Trevarthian . . . . In margin Penmeneth. Brevannek.
(17) Feoffment by Osbert le Sor, lord of Trelanmur, to Thomas son of Robert de Trelanbighan, for his homage, &c. of ½a. land in Trelanbighan. In margin Trelanbighan.
(18) Feoffment by Robert Brito, son of Reginald (Roginaldi), of Trelan, to Robert son of Stephen de Trelanbighan, for his homage and service, of all the land which Stephen, the father of Robert, held of Reginald (Regenaldo), his father, in Trelanbighan. In margin Telanbighan.
(19) Release by Robert Breto lord of Trelan, of his right in the whole moor above (de super) the town Ki[nihavot]. See A. 8999.
(20) Release by Osbert le Sor, lord of [Trelanmur], to Thomas de Trelanbighan, of his right in the moor of Goen Wardu. In margin. Goenwardu. See A. 8964.
(21) . . . . by . . . [Br]ito, of Trelan, . . . . to . . . . [Resk]emer, and his heirs . . . .
(22) Feoffment by Robert Brito, son of Roger, of Trelan, to Robert son of Stephen de Trelan bighan, for his homage and service, of all the land which Stephen, Robert's father, held in Trelanbighan of Roger, his father. In margin Trelanbighan.
Copies, 6 pp. paper, 3 blank.
[Berks.] Essex. A. 13594. (1) Probate copy of the will, 22 December, 1470, of William Hatteley, otherwise called William Barret, of the parish of . . . . ., co. Essex, gentleman; to be buried in the parish church of Wansted, before the image of Our Lady; to the parson for his sepulture and offerings forgotten, 6s. 8d.; to wife Agnes the forty 'kene' 'in the Herdwike of Wansted'; said wife to have to her and her assigns all his land, &c. in the parishes of Wansted and Litle Ilford, paying 8 marks to the repair of Wansted church and other works of charity; to said wife 'my place at Redyng with the sygne of the boole,' with other tenements there in which William Rede of Redyng stands enfeoffed with him, to do her free will with; residue with 'hors and cart plowe and oxen' to wife, his 'principall executrice and co-executores with her' William Bretayn, citizen and 'wolman,' and John Whitebred, of London, gentleman, 20s. English. (2) Proved before the official of the archdeacon of Essex, 20 May, 1471, by the executrix with power reserved, &c.
[Norf.] A. 13595. (1) Feoffment by John le Fuller, of Brunham St. Clement, to William Dobbe, of Brunham St. Andrew, of a messuage with croft (crufta) adjacent in Brunham St. Clement, between the messuage and croft of James le Fuller, on the south, the west head abutting on the highway from Brunham market to Holcham. Witnesses:—William le Veautre, and others (named). Brunham St. Clement, Saturday after All Hallows, 16 Edward II.
(2) Feoffment by William Dobbe, of Brunham St. Andrew, to Cristian late the wife of John le Fuller, dwelling in the same, of a messuage and croft, as above. Brunham St. Clement, Monday after St. Gregory, the Pope, 16 Edward II.
(3) Feoffment by Cristian late the wife of John le Fuller, as above, to William de Veautre, of a messuage and croft, in Brunham St. Clement, formerly Simon le Fuller's. Witnesses:— Sir William de Calethorp, knight, and others (named). Brunham, 8 April, 3 Edward III.
(4) Letter of attorney of even date by same to Robert de Veautre to deliver seisin of the said messuage and croft to William de Veautre.
(5) Denis Balton holds a messuage and croft containing ½r. formerly Simon le Fuller's next the messuage and croft of James le Fuller, &c. and renders yearly 8d. Copy on paper.
[Norf.] A. 13596. (1) Feoffment by Edmund Gossone, of Brunham Westgate, to John Godefrei, of Brunham St. Andrew, and John, parson of the church of St. Andrew of Brunham, of a piece of land of ½a. ¼r. 2p. in the field of Suttone at 'Sutton Hill,' between lands of the abbot of Creyke, the said John and Simon Veutre. Brunham, Saturday before the Purification, 6 Henry IV.
(2) Memorandum that John Strowt holds a messuage in Brunham Ulpe, formerly John Heyward's, opposite the common well in 'Ulpe Grene,' &c.
(8) Memorandum that Veutres holds 3r. land at Sutton Hill between land of the rector of St. Albart of Brunham Sutton; also 3r. land in the field of Burnham Norton at Bermer, next land of Sewale Kempe. Copy on paper.
[Linc.] A. 13597. Feoffment by John Bowcher, son of William Bowcher, of Nether Toynton, and Alice, his wife, to Thomas Baylly, of Aswardby father of the said Alice, and Margaret, his wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship, with reversion to themselves, of all the land, &c. in Aswardby, Haryngton, and Hagworthingham, which they had by the demise of Henry Williamson, of Boston, Robert Ward, of Legborne, and Roger Drannt, of Haryngton; attorneys to deliver seisin William Croft, rector of Aswardby, and Alan Croft, chaplain. Aswardby, 23 January, 29 Henry VI. Copy on paper.
Essex. A. 13598. Letter of attorney by John Tapir, of Romford, co. Essex, 'bocheer,' son and heir of John Tapir, 'dede,' to Master Thomas Welde and Thomas Gybon of Wrytell, to deliver seisin to 'Hew Lyghtfote, Henry Sheroff, bourgchier, Clement Spice, squier, William Berners, Thomas Umfrey, William Bedell and Richard Stonard, of his land, &c. sometime Nicholas Tracefelde's in Wyllynghale Spayne, and other his land there, according to his charter of feoffment thereof. 29 May, 27 Henry VI. English. Copy on paper.
Salop. A. 13599. (1) Feoffment by Robert de Stepulton, knight, to Master Robert de Clough, and Joan, his wife, of the whole hamlet (villatam) of Boycote; also of a messuage and nook (nocatam) of land in Pontesbur', which William le Skirmusour formerly held. Witnesses:—Hugh Burnell and others (named). Boycote, Monday, the feast of St. Lawrence, 15 Edward II.
(2) Defeasance of a bond in 100 marks by the same to the said Master Robert at Lady Day next; to wit if he come into the king's court at Westminster in the quinzaine of Michaelmas, Hilary or Trinity next, and before the king's justices there warrant to the said Master Robert and Joan, at their expense, the hamlet and messuage and nook in Pontesburie, as above, the bond to be void. Stepleton, Monday the feast of St. Lawrence, 15 Edward II. At foot:—Marcas is writte libr' in the parchment but it was scraped and writte on again. Copy on paper.
London. A. 13600. Acquittance by John Farman, collector of the rents of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, London, to John Sympson, 'dyer,' for 13s. 4d. in full of arrears for the time in which the said John occupied the tenement wherein the lord of Ormond now dwells and for the farm thereof, viz. for Christmas term last past, which tenement is situate in the parish of St. Peter Parva near Paules Wharf. The morrow of Christmas, 7 Henry VII. Signed per me Dominum Johannem Farman.
Endorsed: The last aquitaunce of Powles made to John Sympson.