Deeds: A.13601 - A.13672

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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'Deeds: A.13601 - A.13672', in A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5, ed. H C Maxwell Lyte( London, 1906), British History Online [accessed 23 July 2024].

'Deeds: A.13601 - A.13672', in A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Edited by H C Maxwell Lyte( London, 1906), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024,

"Deeds: A.13601 - A.13672". A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Ed. H C Maxwell Lyte(London, 1906), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024.

A.13601 - A.13672

A. 13601. Acquittance by Robert Spenser, knight, and Eleanor, his wife, countess of Wiltes, late the wife of James, earl of Wiltes, to Thomas, earl of Ormond, William Husee, C.J.K.B., John Cheyne, knight, William Hody, knight, John ByconyII, knight, William Dunthorn, clerk, William Martyn, William Frost, and Thomas Cary, for 40 marks, paid in St. Paul's, at 'le Rode de le North dore,' London, between 8.0 and 11.0 a.m., part of an annuity of 80 marks from certain manors and lands to be paid by them to the countess for life according to their writing indented, on the 3rd June and 3rd November. London, at 'le Rode' aforesaid, 3 June, 5 Henry VII. Signed R. Spens'; Alyanore W.
[Wilts.] A. 13602. (1) Memorandum of agreement, Sunday after the transla- tion of St. Thomas the Martyr, 55 Henry III, between Sir Roger de Caleston, knight, and Master Walter Scammel, treasurer of Salisbury, to wit, Sir Roger gave to Master Walter all the land which he had in the manor of Ebelesbornewak, to him, his heirs or assigns with the court, garden and other appurtenances as in homages, reliefs, &c., woods, meadows, &c., for 100s. yearly to be paid to him, his heirs or assigns, whereof Master Walter has paid the whole rent for the next ten years, and during the said term shall do and pay nothing further; after the term of nine years, to be reckoned from Michaelmas next, he and his heirs or assigns shall pay 100s. to wit, 25s. quarterly; power of distraint reserved; warranty; to this writing (scripto mutuato) the parties have alternately put to their seals. Witnesses:—Sir William de Sancto Martino, Sir P. Escudemor, Sir Geoffrey le Chamberlain, Sir John de Bredisherthe, knights, John de Becham, Hamo de Lacoke, James de Trowe.
(2) Feoffment by John de Erdescote and Gervase de Chilton, to Roger de Calston, and Joan, his wife, of the manor of Littlecote next Remmesburi, with the advowson of the chapel of the same manor, and 100s. rent in Eblesbornwake, which they had by Roger's gift; to hold to the said Roger and Joan, and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to John son of the said Roger, in tail, with remainder in default to Roger's right heirs. In witness whereof to this charter tripartite, whereof one part remains with the said Roger and Joan, another with the said John son of Roger, and the third with Sibyl de Sancto Martino, mother of the said Joan, . . . . . . Witnesses:—Sir Hildebrand de London, knight, Robert de Hongreford, John Anger, Elias Fareman, Walter de Schereveton, William de Waldameshale, John de Tomese, William de Hellethrop, Walter de Warneforde, Walter de Chilton. Littlecote, Friday after St. Valentine, 2 Edward III.
(3) Memorandum at foot of above.
(4) Feoffment by Lawrence de Calston, son of Roger, to Sir Lawrence de Sancto Martino, knight, of all his land, &c. in Litlecote and Somerfelde, in the hundred of Rhemmebur'; also of 100s. rent from the land, &c. which Philip Skammel and his heirs held of him in Eblesbourne Wake; also of 100s. rent from the land, &c. which Thomas son of John de Wynterbourne held of him for life in Little Durneford with the reversion thereof expectant on Thomas' decease; warranty. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Sancto Mauro, Sir John de Pavely, knights, Thomas Hungre- ford, John Everarde and others (named). Ubeton, Sunday after the Circumcision, 29 Edward III.
(5) In the Memoranda of Michaelmas Term, 7 Henry V, ro. 514:— William Darell and Elizabeth, his wife, by Thomas Broun, their attorney, seek against Marina, late the wife of Thomas Calston, esquire, the manor of Litilcote next Ramesbury and 10l. rent in Little Derneford and Ebbes- borne Wake, which John de Herdescote gave to Roger de Calston and Joan his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, and which after the decease of the said Roger and Joan, of Lawrence their son and heir, and of Thomas, son and heir of the said Lawrence, ought to descend to the said Elizabeth, as daughter and heir of the said Thomas, by form of the gift, &c. And the said Marina, by Henry Bradlay, her attorney, came and defended her right, &c. and she is not able to deny that the manor, &c. are the right of the said Elizabeth, and the said William and Elizabeth recover accordingly, &c.
(6) Memorandum that Elizabeth Lee paid all her life and John Lee, her son, . . . .
Copies on one skin.
Kent. A. 13603. (1) Deed poll by John Lenne, the elder, William Cutenale, William Robard, the younger, and William Robard, the elder. Whereas they hold a third part of the manor and advowson of Morston, for the term of the life of Robert Sprynget, Thomas Horden and Robert Sprot, with reversion thereof to Walter and Richard Colpepir, Stephen atte Melle, John Hogges, Thomas Sprynget and Roger Twysden and their heirs; and whereas the said Walter Colpepir, and the others, have granted the said reversion to Hugh Burnell, knight, lord of Holgot, for the term of his life with remainder thereof to Robert Rykedon, John Whitside, clerk, Richard Fox, John Bablake and Nicholas Wylkys, their heirs and assigns; surrender by them the said John Lenne, and the others, to the said Hugh Burnell, Robert Rykedon, and the others of the said third parts and of all their estate therein. Morston, 13 October, 2 Henry V.
(2) Grant by John Dreylond, of Faveresham, co. Kent, to Hugh Burnell, knight, lord of Holgot, Robert Rykedon, of the county of Essex, and the others as above, of his estate in a third part of the manor and advowson of Morston, to hold to them, and to the heirs and assigns of Robert and the others. Morston, 12 September, 2 Henry V.
(3) Grant by John Frogenhale, of Tenham, co. Kent, to Hugh Burnell, knight, lord of Holgot, for life of a third part of the manor and advowson of Morston, which, together with John Dreylond, of Faveresham, he had by the feoffment of Richard Lutre, since deceased, with remainder after Hugh's decease to Robert Rykedon, and the others, as above. Morston, 12 September, 2 Henry V.
(4) Letter of attorney by Dreylond to William Barbour, of Osprenge, and Roger Calwe, to deliver seisin to Hugh and the others of the said thirds. Morston, 12 September, 2 Henry V. Copy on paper.
Anglesea. A. 13604. (1) Letters patent by Henry, prince of Wales, duke of Guienne, Lancaster and Cornwall, earl of Chester, of licence to Willym ap Gruffith ap Willym to acquire to himself, his heirs and assigns, from the Prince's beloved squire, Hugh Mortimer, his chamberlain, all the land, &c. which were of the said Willym ap Gruffith and of Tuder, his son, in the towns of Penmynyth, Dynsiloy Rys, Eskeyvioc, Hirdrefaic, Newbergh, Penwenllis, Bodva, Turgarw, Comlannergh and elsewhere in the county of Anglesey, and the lands which the same Willym ap Gruffith bought of the Prince in the town of Gwaredoc, which were of Tuder ap Gronw Vaghan, and all other lands which were of the said William ap Gruffith and of Tuder, his son, as well of inheritance as of purchase (prida), with all bondmen (villanis, nativis, releriis, amobragiis), &c. as fully as they, or their ancestors at any time had the same, and similarly all the lands and tenements which were of Tuder ap David Lloyt, Gronw ap David Lloyd, Tuder ap Gruffith ap David Lloyd, David ap Weirwyll vergh Tuder ap Rys, Tuder ap Howell ap Madoc, Javyn ap Jorworth ap Eignon, Eignon ap Madoc ap Mabon, Keneurig ap Madoc Duy, Jevan ap Hoell gogh, Jevaun Bychan, Madoc Duy ap Madoc ap Willym, Gruffith ap Rys gogh, Gruffith ap David gogh ap Jorworth ap Tuder, Willym ap Gronow, David ap Jorworth Duy, Eignon ap Willym ap Madoc, Tuder ap Willym ap David Lloit, Gruffith ap Jorworth ap Edden', and David Gogh ap Willym, within the commote of Dyndaethoy, and the lands and tenements, which were of David ap Gronw ap David in the hamlets of Ugheldrefughaph, Ugheldrefissaph, Crymlyn, Wastaniell and Carroc, and a messuage in Bathavarnwyon, and a moiety of the lands and tenements which were of Jevaun ap Howell ap Keneurig by purchase (in prida) within the commote of Turkelyn, and the lands and tenements which were of the heirs of Madoc Vaghan ap Madoc Kogh in the towns of Ynyskynut and Carneddor Rydd, and the lands and tenements which were of David Lloyt ap Gruffith ap David of Erryanuell, Jevaun Vaghan ap Madoc Voel, Lleuellin ap David Gethyn and Couus ap Jevaun Lloyt, in the same county of Anglesey, and the lands and tenements which were of Willym ap Tuder ap Howell in the town of Eskevioc within the commote of Meney; which lands, &c. the heirs thereof forfeited to the Prince by their rebellion, and the Prince gave them to the said Hugh. Dated at Carnarvon, 26 November, in the ninth year of his princedom of Wales. By letters of privy seal.
(2) Howell ap Howell ap Llewellin and Angharat late the wife of Howell ap Llewellin, farmers of all the lands and tenements which were of the said Howell ap Llewellin in the towns of Comssyok, Lles Tywyn, and Caerkeby being in the Prince's hands as escheat by reason of Howell's rebellion, for the term of four years, this year being the first, for the yearly farm of 3s. 4d. by the pledge of William ap Gruffith ap Willym and Jorworth ap Eignon ap Madoc.
(3) Letters patent, as above, to Richard del Wode for his good service, of all the lands, &c. which were of Meredith ap Tuder and of Morvret his wife, and of all the lands, &c. which were of Mevanvy vergh Eden, within the county of Anglesey, which came to the Prince's hands by their forfeiture, to hold to the said Richard of the Prince and his heirs, and to Richard's heirs male, English on the father's and mother's side, for ever, by the services due before the Welsh rebellion, on condition that Richard and his heirs dwell thereon in person, and neither alienate nor mortgage the same. Caernarvon, 8 December, in the ninth year of his princedom. By letters of privy seal.
(4) Letters patent, as above, to the Prince's squier Hugh Mortymer, his chamberlain, of all the land, &c. which were of Willym [ap] Gruffith ap Willym and Tudur his son, and son and heir of Morvyth vergh Gronw ap Tudur in the towns of Penmynyth, [Dynsi]loy Rys, Eskeivioc, Hirdrefaic, Neuburgh, Penwenllys Botva, Turgarw, Comlannergh, and elsewhere in the lordship and county of Anglesey, and also of all the land, &c. which the said Willym [ap] Gruffith bought of the Prince in the town of Gwaredoc which were of Tudur ap Gronw Vaghan, with the bondmen (villayns nayfs, relefs, amobres), &c. and of the land, &c. which were of Tudur ap David Lloyt, Gronw ap David Lloit, Tudur ap Gruffith ap David Lloit, David ap Weirvill vergh Tudur ap Rys, Tudur ap Howell ap Madoc, Gruffuth ap Jevaun ap Jorworth of Terys, Javyn ap Jorworth ap Eignon, Eignon ap Madoc ap Mabon, Keneurig ap Madoc duy, Jevaun ap Howell gogh, Jevaun bychan of Pen . . . . . ., Madoc duy ap Madoc ap Willym, Gruffuth ap Rys gogh, Gruffuth ap David gogh ap Jorworth ap Tudur, Willym ap Gronw, David ap Jorworth duy, of Bathanarn, Eignon ap Willym ap Madoc, Tudur ap Willym ap David Lloit, Gruffuth ap Jorworth ap Eden and David goch ap Willym, in the commote of Dyndaithoy, and of all the lands, &c. which were of David ap Gronw ap David in the hamlets of Ugheldrefughaph, Ugheldrefissaph, Crymlyn, Wastanell and Carroc, and of a messuage in Bathavarn Wyon which was of the said David ap Gronw, and a moiety of the lands and tenements which Jevaun ap Howell ap Keneurig had by purchase (en pride) in the commote of Turkelyn and of the lands, &c. which were of the heirs of Madoc vaghan ap Madoc Kogh, in the towns of Ynyskynut and Carneddor Rydd, and of the lands, &c. which were of David Lloit ap Gruffuth ap David, of Errianuell, Jevaun vachan ap Madoc voel, Llewellin ap David Gethin, and Kouws ap Jevaun Lloit, of Neuburgh, in the lordship and county of Anglesey, and of all the lands, &c. which were of Willym ap Tudur ap Hoell, in the town of Eskeivioc, in the commote of Meney, all forfeited by their heirs for insurrection and rebellion. London, 26 March, 8 Henry IV. French. Copies on one skin. On dorse, per me Rob'tu' Combrebache.
Cornw. A. 13605. Copy on paper of A. 12089. For 'Bos,' read 'Vos.' Endorsed: Copia. Carta de Arrowan et alibi.
Warw. A. 13606. Bill of acquittance, 15 January, 33 Henry VIII, by Sir Marmaduke Constable, knight, to Sir John Seyntlowe, for 300l. in part of 600l. for the purchase of certain land, &c. in Hoddenhull. English. Signed M. Constable. Fragment of seal.
Camb. A. 13607. Bill of acquittance, 26 April, 33 Henry VIII, by William Hawke of Shelfforthe, yeoman, to John Chapman, of Thryplowe, gentleman, for 7l. 18s. 8d., in full of 80l. for land, &c. in Thryplowe. English. Signature. Seal.
London. A. 13608. Counterpart of demise by Master Alayn Percy, parson of the parish church of St. Mary atte Hylle of London, and John Awsten and William Brayfeld, 'wardeyns of the goodes, werkes, rentes and ornamentes' of the said church, with the consent of 'the moost substanciall and discrete persones' of the same parish, to Thomas Lucas, citizen and fishmonger of London, of the 'rnese or tenement with shop celer solers,' &c. where one Gilbert Godfrey, basketmaker, now 'enhabiteth,' in the lane called 'Saint Mary at Hill lane in the said parish, from Christmas next for thirty years, at 3l. 6s. 8d. rent, &c. 1 December, 33 Henry VIII. English. Signed per me Thomas Lucas.
York [W.R.] A. 13609. Indenture of demise, 2 February, 20 Henry VIII, by William Fitzwilliam and William Gascoingne, the younger, knights, Godfrey Folgiam, the younger, George Folgiam, John Anne, John Pecke, Rauff Westby, Nicholes Wortlay, of Hardwik, Robert Stuydall, Thomas Greyn, Thomas Porter, Thomas Vestye (sic), Edward Hagh, Henry Cadbye, Roger Walkden, John Amery, John Mapples and Thomas Nicholson, feoffees 'of all the landes and tenementes belongyng to our ladye chauntre callyd other wiese Boswill chauntre founded within the pariche church of Conysburgh and Ser George Boswell chauntre preist of the seym,' to John Lopton of Loversall, his wife and children, for thirty years from 'Penticost' next, of all the land, &c. to the said chantry belonging, now in John's occupation, in Doncastre and Loversall, at 4l. 6s. 8d. rent to the said George and his successors, &c. English. Signed Thomas Restye, Will'm Gascoyngne, Henr' Caidby prest, Edward Hawgh, prest, Rob't—, Thomas Porter, John Anne, gener', Tho's Greyn, gent', John Am'ye, Roger Walkden, Thorn's Nicholson, John Mapples.
York [W.R.] A. 13610. Indenture of demise, 6 January, 11 Henry VIII, by John Haitfeld, of Doncastre, gentleman, to Richard Chester of Lyversall, of 'the eldest sustir part of the maner of Lyversall,' now in Richard's holding, from 'Pentecost' next for seventeen years, at 3s. 8d. rent for seven years, at 'Seint Martyn in wyntur and Pentecost' equally, and thereafter at 3l. 6s. 8d. rent, with bonds in 30l. on either side for observance of covenants. English. One seal.
London. A. 13611. Indenture of demise, 14 July, 26 Henry VIII, by the dean and chapter of St. Paul, London, at the king's request, to Thomas Hutton, t'oon of the fotemen to the Kynges grace,' of a tenement with shop, &c. in the parish of 'Seint Myghell atte Querne of London in Chepesyde, wherein oon Robert Wygge citezein and haberdassher of London now dwelleth,' 'havyng no leesse of the seid deane and chapitre,' from Michael- mas, 1535, for forty years, at 3l. rent, &c.; his bond of even date in 20l. to be void if he keep covenants. English. Ecclesiastical seal, chipped.
Herts A. 13612. Indenture of demise by Richard, abbot of St. Albans, and the convent of the same, to Thomas Veuters, of Abbots Walden, 'yeman,' of the water-mill called 'Walden Myle' alias 'Whytwell Myle' in Abbots Walden, &c. from Lady Day last for forty-one years, at 5 marks rent, &c., with defeasance of bond of even date in 20l. by Thomas and one William Aunsell for observance of covenants. 28 July, 30 Henry VIII. Signed per me Ricardu' abbatem. Fragment of ecclesiastical seal.
Endorsed: Enrolled before Thomas Mildemaye, king's auditor there; also 'A lease of the corne mill in Paules Walden . . .'; also 'Surrendered and a new lease made to William Reade, 1567.'
[York, W.R.] A. 13613. Release by Thomas Barmeby, and Hellen, his wife, and Robert Starnedall, and Margaret, his wife, to John Wirrall, of Doncastre, and his heirs, of their right in the land, &c. in Loversall, which he had by the feoffment of William Wayne, of Barmby upon Don; warranty. 12 December, 14 Henry VIII. Fragments of seals.
[York, W.R.] A. 13614. Bond by William Wayne, of Barmby upon Doon, to John Wirrall, of Doncastre, in 20l. at the Purification next, conditioned for John's quiet enjoyment of land, &c. at Loversall specified in a deed thereof. 18 September, 14 Henry VIII. Seal.
Lanc. A. 13615. Indenture of demise, 14 September, 34 Henry VIII, by Rauff Trafford, of the Garet, esquire, to Margaret Trafford, widow, his mother, of all those 'measez burgages,' land, &c. in the occupation of Robert Hill, Rauff Royle and Roger Bury, in the town of Mamchestre, for sixty years from date at a pepper-corn rent, the term to cease at her death. English. Signed Raff Traffard. Fragment of seal.
Cornw. A. 13616. Feoffment by Thomasine Phelypp, widow, daughter and heir of Richard Blaunde, to Walter Kendall, of all her land, &c. in Tregantell within the parish of Lanlyverye; attorneys to deliver seisin, Thomas Treveryon and William Brode. Witnesses:—Thomas Lytleton, and others (named). Tregantell, 1 April, 33 Henry VIII. Seal.
Camb. A. 13617. General release by Thomas Brakyn of Cambridge, esquire, to Edward Battysforde, of Chesterton, gentleman, and Margaret, his wife; further, to fulfill the award of the right worshipful Gyles Alyngton and Thomas Elyott, knights, John Hynde, 'the kynges serjant at lawe,' Philip Parys, Thomas Hutton and Thomas Chechely, esquires, dated 30 September, 33 Henry VIII, he grants to the said Edward the pasturing of ten score sheep in his manor of Chesterton, to him, his heirs and assigns for ever; also he grants him 'the office of heywardship' of his said manor from Michaelmas, 1541, to the same feast following. 7 October, 34 Henry VIII. English. Signed by me Thomas Brakyn. Seal of arms (a fess chequy between three martlets).
A. 13618. Counterpart indenture, 24 November, 34 Henry VIII, between Edward Conwey, of Arrowe, co. Warwick, esquire, executor of the will of Dame Joyes Conwey, widow, late wife and executrix of the will of Sir Hugh Conway, knight, of the one part, and Thomas Sandes, lord Sandes, executor of the will of William Sandes, knight, lord Sandes; whereas the said William, at the time of his decease was indebted to the said Sir Hugh in 400 marks by two several obligations, it is agreed between the parties that if the said Thomas pay the said Edward 100l. viz. 10l. in hand, 10l. at Lady Day, 10l. at Michaelmas, and so on till all be paid, the said obligations shall be void. English. Signed Thomas Sandys.
Bedf. A. 13619. Award, 6 August, 29 Henry VIII, by Nicholas Luke, esquire, and Nicholas Hardyng, gentleman, between John Gostwyk, of Wyllyngton, esquire, Edward Peke, of Southievell, gentleman, Thomas Baxter, late of Beston and John Carter, of the same, of the one part, and Reynold Tychemersh, William Fleccher and Hugh Haroden, of Northievell, of the other, 'att this tyme beyng wardens and rulers' of the land, &c. in Beston, Hacche, Thornecote, and Budnow, heretofore bequeathed by William Fitz and Cecile Beton to finding an honest priest to sing in the chapel of 'Seynt Anne sett uppon the porche of the parysh church of Northievell,' 'and for an obite yerly to be kept in the seid church' for their souls and their friends' souls; to which lands the said Gostwyk and the others lay claim; they award that the feoffees of the said land shall stand seised thereof to the uses declared in the said wills, and that the said wardens shall pay to the said Gostwyk and the others 16l., &c. English. Signature of 'Nycholas Luke,' with seal of the letters 'N.L.,' and 'Nycholas Hardyng,' seal lost. See Cal. Letters and Papers, Henry VIII, vol. XII, pt. ii, no. 458.
N'th'ld. A. 13620. Bond by Leonard Morton, of Barwyk upon Twede and George Morton, of the same, to Thomas Darcy, knight, lord Darcy, in 100l. at Easter next, conditioned as follows:—Whereas the said Leonard and George, John Haggarston and Custance Bekke, widow, have taken of the said lord Darcy and of Sir George Darcy, knight, 'the hoole waters and fisshyng in Twede nygh Barwyk upon Twede belonging to Baumburgh,' as by indentures of even date appears; if the said John and Custance before the Purification next seal and deliver as their deed to Thomas Grey, 'squier,' Lyell Gray and Mathew Thompson, to the use of the said lord, the one part of the said indentures, and also an obligation of 100l. of even date, wherein the said Leonard, George, John and Custance be bound for performance of all the articles in the said indentures specified; or in case the said John and Custance refuse, if the said Leonard and George do, before the said feast, name and appoint two other sufficient sureties, unto the said Thomas, Lyell and Mathew, within the county of Northumberland, or town of Barwyk upon Twede, such as the said Thomas Grey and the others will accept on his lordship's behalf, and if the said sureties seal and deliver, &c. then the bond to be void. 11 November, 25 Henry VIII. Seals. Witnesses' names, 'Dompne Thomas Benet, master of Coket Elande, Gawen Aiscogh, and Mathew Thomson,' endorsed. Ibid. no. 186 (61). Cf. A. 13587.
Essex. Middx. A. 13621. Counterpart of agreement, 16 February, 29 Henry VIII, by Margaret, countess of Salisbury, and 'Harry Poole, knyght, lord Mountague,' her son and heir apparent, in consideration of 718l. 13s. 4d., to make an estate before Midsummer next to William Bower, of London, alderman, of land called 'the Wyke,' co. Middlesex, and other their land, &c. in Stepney, Hakney, Oldforde, and Homerton, in the said county, and in Layton, co. Essex, in fee simple. English. Ibid, vol. XIII, pt. i, no. 294.
Bucks. A. 13622. Indenture of bargain and sale, [30 January], 29 Henry VIII, by Sir John Nevill, knight, lord Latymer, to Sir Thomas Crumwell, knight, lord Crumwell, lord keeper of the king's privy seal, of the manor of Wingrave. English. Signed John . . . . . Injured. Ibid, no. 312.
Bucks. A. 13623. Release by same to same of right in same. 18 February, 2[9] Henry VIII. Signed John Latymer. Seal of arms, broken. Ibid.
Bucks. A. 13624. Acquittance by same to same for 280l. purchase money for same 1 March, 29 Henry VIII. English. Signature. Ibid.
Oxford. A. 13625. Counterpart of demise, 7 April, 29 Henry VIII, by Christopher, son and heir of Thomas Clement, to Christopher Crispe, of his land, &c. in Clayour, from Lady Day last for twenty years, at 16s. rent; bonds in 20l. on either side for observance of covenants. English. Signed by me Crystofer Cryspe. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed. Ibid, no. 700.
Middx A. 13626. Indenture 27 May, 30 Henry VIII, between Edward, earl of Hertford and viscount Beauchamp, and Thomas Yorke, of Ramesbury, co. Wilts, esquire. Whereas Thomas has bargained and sold to the earl 'certeyne maners,' &c. in the parishes of Twykenham, Thystelworth, Wytton, Heston, Hounselowe, and Warton, and by indentures of 25th inst. has covenanted that they are of the yearly value of 38l. 6s. 8d., and has farther covenanted to pay the earl, if his possession be disturbed, 366l. 13s. 4d.; the said sums are now by agreement reduced to 28l. 6s. 8d., and 166l. 13s. 4d. respectively. English. Signed E. Hertford. Fragment of seal. Ibid. no. 1079.
Merioneth. A. 13627. Indenture being a feoffment by Owen ap Jevaun ap Owen, free tenant (lib't') of the king of the town of Penaran, comote Penllene, to John ap Ho[e]ll Vychan, freetenant of the king of the town Castall, in the said comote, of two tenements called 'Bache y Llyndye' and 'y plase in yr Heleke' with a parcel of land in Pennarran; to hold with all his right in the comote Penllene and the comote of Dyrenyon, &c. Pennaran, 12 July, 31 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal. At foot, Ex' per me Joh'em Pakyngton Justic'. Endorsed. Enrolled of record at the Sessions of the county of Meryon' held at Caernarvon, Monday after the Visitation of St. Mary, 31 Henry VIII. Ibid, vol. XIV, pt. i, no. 1257.
Chester A. 13628. Grant by Randal (Ranulphus) Maynwaryng, of Swanley, gentleman, son and heir apparent of Randal Maynwaryng, of Kerthyncham, esquire, in consideration of the grant to him of the bailiwick of Berneshaw with the yearly fee of 40s. and the profits of the bailiwick by Ralph Leftwiche, gentleman, to the said Ralph for life of a rent of 4 marks from his land, &c. in Lower Whitley, Hurdeleston, Pooles, Acton by Hurdeleston, Nantwich (Wico Malbano), Berneshaw and Swanley, in the occupation of John Mascye, William Alvaston, Hugh Molton, John Wynnyngton, William Bromley, Agnes late the wife of Hugh Maynwaryng and himself; he has put him in seisin by 2d. 15 June, 36 Henry VIII. Signed per me Ranulphu' Maynwaryng.
[York, W.R.] A. 13629. Letter of attorney by Hugh Wirrall, of Doncaster, esquire, to Charles Baccus, his servant, to receive seisin from Henry Fuller, of Doncastre, of 14a. in Wadworthe, according to a charter thereof of even date. 3 April, 36 Henry VIII.
Bedf. A. 13630. Counterpart of demise, 20 September, 37 Henry VIII, by Sir Thomas Grene, clerk, Master of the College of Northievell, and the fellows of the same, to William Wood of Northievell, of the mill and millhouse within the 'precynt' of the said college, for twenty-one years from Christmas next, at 13s. 4d. rent. English. Seal.
[Suff.] A. 13631. Indenture of feoffment, in consideration of 34l., by John Raven, of Hadley, to James Hall, of 11a. land and pasture called 'Layham,' parcel of land called 'Brigmans,' which he bought inter alia of William Forde, of Hadley, esquire, by indenture, 20 November, 37 Henry VIII; to hold of the chief lords by 4s. 9d. rent. 20 December, 38 Henry VIII. Seal. Names of witnesses, John Colman and others, endorsed.
Heref. A. 13632. Probate copy of the 'testament conteynyng in hym self my last will' of Richard Nevell, citizen of Hereford, of the parish of 'Seynt Petur' in that city, 14 June, 1526; to be buried 'by my other wife undyr the chapell of the northe dorre withyn the mynstur churche- yerd'; 'reparacions of the cathedrall churche of the mynstur aforesaid,' 12d.; 'hye autre' in parish church of St. Petur for 'teythynges,' &c. 12d.; 'howse that I dwell yn to Johan my wife' for life, executors after her death to 'make a state' thereof to Thomas Hosier 'my son in lawe' in tail when he 'cummyth unto a lawfull ayge,' to 'Rychard Hosier my son in lawe,' at twenty years of age, 'my tanhowse' with instruments and vessels, to him and his heirs; if 'my seid son Thomas' die without issue the said 'howse that I dwell yn shall remayne,' after Johan's death 'unto our lady service' in parish church of St. Petur 'to pray for me and to kepe every yere a solempne obite for me and my wife my fathyr my mothyr and for all crysten soulles'; likewise if 'my seid son Rychard' die 'before his mothyr' without issue, the tanhouse to remain after his mother's decease 'unto our lady is servyce' in parish church of 'seynt Awdoene there to be prayed for by name perpetually'; 'to Margarett my doghter in lawe' 5 marks 'that I am bownd to pay to hur and other v markes' if she 'ordyr her self in good maner and a fethyrbed and all that longithe to a bed with other howsehold suche as her mothyr shall thynke convenyent at the tyme of her marrayge'; executors to 'ordene at the day of my buriyng vj tapers of iijli. a pece and ij pryckettes of — li. a pece' immediately after decease 'shall cawse a trentall of massis to be seid for my soull' in St. Petur's church: to two honest priests to sing and pray for his soul, his father's, mother's and wife's souls in St. Petur's by the space of a year, 10l.; to every of his executors, 10s.; to brother Thomas, best gown; to Thomas Nevell, his brother, years to come bi indenture of land and pasture called 'Hampton Parke; to Thomas Nevell 7a. meadow in 'Lugge Medow,' 'whiche I have bi indenture of maistur Thomas a Monyngton of Sernesfild'; a certain pasture in 'Buckenyll,' in the parish of Wulhope, to wife Johan, 'which I have bi indenture of Robert Shyere dwellynge yn Buckenyll'; land and pasture 'that I purchesid of John a Wud lyinge be yend the priour' to wife Johan 'duryng the yeres that I have in them'; 'ferme that I have at the townesyend be yend seynt Gyles' to wife Johan and her assigns perpetually 'aftyr the custum and maner'; to wife Johan meadow and pasture there 'which I have taken bi indenture of the Deane and the Chaptur' of Hereford; residue to wife Johanne to pay debts, 'bryng me honestly to erth,' &c.; executors 'Johan my wife Thomas Nevell my brother and William ap Res.' Witnesses:—Mr. Water Colyns, Syr Rychard Mores and Syr William Robertes. English. Proved before Robert Jones, Bachelor of Law, sub-dean of Hereford, 13 July, 1526, by the relict, the other executors renouncing.
Bedf. A. 13633. Indenture of demise by the abbot and convent of Wardon to the master and fellows of the College of Norryhell, of 'Drewswod' in Norriheill as 'inclosid and dichid in with the creste or brynke of the fore- said diche,' from Michaelmas last for forty years, at 10s. rent. 2 June, 28 Henry VIII.
A. 13634. General release by Robert Sheffeld, knight, to Richard Chapman, chaplain, steward of his household, notwithstanding that there remains in Robert's hands 206l. 10s. 6¼d. after the determination of his last account, which was on the day of the making hereof. 15 October, 8 Henry VIII. Signed Robert Sheffeld.
Berks. Warw. A. 13635. Inspeximus by John Spriggy, mayor of Norhampton, and copy under the seal of the mayoralty, at the request of persons interested, of:—
(1) Indenture of feoffment by Thomas de Morhalle, parson of the church of Quenton, and Richard de Budeford, parson of the church of Ilmendon, to Sir Peter de Mountford (Monteforti), knight, lord of Beaudesert (Bello deserto), of the manor of Odes in the town of Henton, co. Wilts, and a water-mill in the town of Twyford, which they had by Sir Peter's feoffment; also of all their land, &c. in the town of Ramenham, co. Berks, and in the towns of Coleshulle, Bromwych, Scheldon, Henleye and Wellusbourn, co. Warwick; also of 3s. rent in the town of Toneworth, from a tenement which Geoffrey Moul formerly held, and of a pond (stagnum) in Kyngesford; all of which they had by Sir Peter's feoffment; to hold to the said Sir Peter for the term of his life, with remainder to Richard de Mountford (Monteforti) and Rose (Roisie) sometime the wife of Nicholas Durvasal, and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to the said Richard, in tail, with remainder in default to the right heirs of Sir Peter. Witnesses:—Sir John Sutton de Duddeleye, knight, William de Peyto, William Duddyngseles, Walter Notehurst, Richard de Abyndon Dated at Whitchurch, co. Warwick, Monday after the Ascension, 37 Edward III.
Memorandum endorsed (French) of livery of seisin, Tuesday after the Translation of St. Thomas, of the manor of Odus and the mill of Tyforde (sic) to Sir Peres de Munfor, for life, with remainder to Richard de Munfor and Royse his wife, in the presence of, &c.
(2) Indenture of feoffment by Peter de Mountford (Monteforti), knight, lord of Beaudesert (bello deserto) to Richard de Budeford, parson of the church of Ilmyndon, and John de Preston, of all the land, &c. which were Walter de Swannesdych's in Toneworth, Sollihull, and Knoll; also of all the land, &c. which were William de Hauvyll's in Toneworth; also of all the land, &c. called 'Goddeharpelond,' which were Geoffrey Gillou's in Toneworth; also of 16s. rent which Thomas Miles used to pay for the lands which he held of Sir Peter, to him and the heirs of his body, in Stodleye, which used to be John de Shetyndon's there; also of 8s. rent which Thomas Edward and Alice his wife used to pay for land, &c. which they held of Sir Peter, to them and the heirs of their bodies, in Buvynton next Temple Grafton, and which Sir Peter had by the feoffment of Nicholas Edward there; warranty. Witnesses:—William de Peyto, Philip de Ayllesbury, Robert Crouwenhal, Richard Gouwer, John Hawe. Dated at Whichirch (sic), Monday after St. Andrew, the Apostle, 38 Edward III. Seal of arms of Sir Peter.
Memorandum endorsed (French) that Phelipot de Ayllesbury attorned to Sir Richard de Budeford and John de Preston in the hall (sale) of Lapworth, Thomas Miles of Stodleye and Adam Otheyng, Wednesday before the Conception, in the full court of Henleye, before, &c. and Thomas Edward to Jankyn de Preston at Whichirch on Sunday after Christmas.
(3) Feoffment by Richard de Budeford, parson of the church of Ilmyndon, and John de Preston, to Sir Peter de Mountford (Monteforti), knight, of all the land, &c. which they had by his feoffment in the towns of Stodleye, Buvynton next Temple Grafton, Toneworth, Sollihull and Knoll, to hold for the term of his life, with remainder to Richard de Mountford (Monteforti) and Rose (Roesie) his wife, in tail, with remainder to Richard in tail, with remainder to Sir Peter's right heirs; warranty. Witnesses:— William de Peyto, Philip de Ayllesbury, Robert Crouwenhal, Richard Gouwer, John Hawe. Dated at Whichirch, Thursday before the Puri- fication, 89 Edward III.
Dated at Norhampton, as to the putting to the same seal, 16 July, 4 Henry VI. Seal of the mayoralty, chipped.
Wilts. A. 13636. Indenture, being the livery made to Sir Hugh le Despenser the elder by Sir Adam Walraund, sheriff of Wyltes, of the lands, tenements and chattels of Sir Alan Plogenet in Langeford and Wadden, by the king's writ, to hold to the said Sir Hugh, as free tenement, according to the form of the king's statute till he shall have levied therefrom 63l. 6s. 8d. which he recoverd against the said Alan in the king's court, viz. at Langeford, the whole grange within the gate, the house next the garden, the granary, the chamber at the end of the hall with the cellars beneath them, a small hen-house with the place between the house and the granary, both gardens, with the curtilage and pond and ditch therein; also the homage (Item liberari eidem homag' videlicet) to wit Roger le Rous, John Tropinel,William Lovecok, Richard de Bourton, Robert Parys and John Kykebat, freemen (liberos) in Wadden, with their services, Nicholas atte Grene, Cecily Wylles and John le King, half-virgaters, with their services, Robert Gurlewey, William Tabour and Walter le Pope, tenants of the fourth part of a virgate of land, with their services, William Cachepeni, cotter (coterell') with his services, Margery la Dukes, cotter, with half her service; at Langeford, Walter de Langeford, John Aynel, Margery de Kingesmull, Walter Thomas and Maurice le Boteler, freemen, with their services, John le King, Lawrence le Knyt, half-virgaters, with their service, William Bernard, half-virgater, with half his rent and service, Simon le Tailur, Walter le Holt, Agnes la Moune, and Richard le Chepman, cotters, with their services, Robert le Schuperde, cotter, with half his service; half the rent of the fair yearly; land sown with corn, &c.; at Wadden, the whole grange, which stands next the churchyard and the house which extends from the grange of Sir Alan westwards, and a small house between that house and the grange of the said Sir Hugh, also that part of the garden to the west as Sir William Paynel lately held with curtilage adjacent, &c. The seals of the said Sir Hugh and Sir Adam are alternately put to. Dated, Sunday after St. Mark, the Evangelist, 6 Edward [I]. Seal.
A. 13637. Item ytt ys presentyd by the omage of the curtte the ix day of yanuary.
Allso we fynd that Maynes lond wythe the apertense hathe behoden as ytt ys nowe wytheoutt remembrans of man also we fynd that Maynes dyche ys pessell of the lond of Georgy Marston cayllyd Maynes allso we fynd that all the copyehollders of thys maner may falle and sell all maner of tymber and underwodes acordyng to the custum of the maner. Signed by marks. Paper.
N'hamp [Rutl.] A. 13638. Letter from King [Edward III] to his son [the Prince of Wales]. Our cousin Anne, late the wife of Edward le Despenser, has shown us that she has no title to the manor of Burghle, co. Rutland, but believes that Waryn son and heir of Gerard del Isle, knight, intended to enter thereon and expel her. She begs us to procure her and her son Thomas an estate in fee of the said manor and offers by letters under her seal on her own and her son's behalf to make an estate in fee to us of the castle of Morende, and certain other lands in Northamptonshire, which belonged to Thomas de Ferrers, knight, near our forest of Whittelwod, as you are well aware; we have accordingly bought the said manor of the said Waryn, who has released his right in it to the said Anne, in her possession, and she has since enfeoffed us and our heirs thereof, to the intent that we may reenfeoff her and the said Thomas thereof, under a certain form, in exchange for the said castle and other lands. Wherefore we, and the said Anne, are now sending her squire, John de Grytford, to the said Thomas to explain the bargain and covenants to him and to show him a charter and letters of attorney, which he is to seal at his mother's request, to complete the exchange, and to bring them back to us. Wherefore we would have you cause and if need be request the said Thomas to seal the said charter and letters without alteration, according to the purport, as we understand of his mother's letters to him, &c. but if he declines to do as his mother desires, and refuses to seal, to have him sent to us in England as quickly as possible with the said John, so that in his presence the affair may be ended in one way or other. Do not omit to do this, clearly under- standing that the manor of Burghle is worth four times the castle and other lands which we shall have by the above exchange. Given under the signet of our ring at our manor of Clipston, 4 August, [36 Edward III]. French.
N'hamp. [Rutl.] A. 13639. Memorandum of the treaty between counsel on behalf of the king, and counsel on behalf of Dame Anne la Despenser, for herself and her son Thomas, for the castle of Morende.
First, at the king's desire (en plesance de . . . . le Roi), the said castle was offered to him in exchange for other lands, by her warrant (ses lettres de garant) addressed to Sir William de Wykham by her [son] clerk, John de Newenham, acting for her (chargez de la dite Dame), on St. Peter's eve.
The lady's demand in consideration of the said exchange is that the king shall cause her to have a release of the manor of Burlegh from Sir Gerard del Isle for whatever claim he may have as heir of Sir Henry del Isle, or by virtue of any entail; which manor the lady has by the gift of the said Sir Henry, to her and her heirs.
Item that Sir William de Ferrers shall receive satisfaction for his remainder in the said castle.
The king's demand is that, if he cause her to have a release of the manor of Burlegh, as above, he shall have the said castle, and Plumpton Pirie, with their appurtenances, all the land, &c. which she has in Yerdelegh Gobyoun, formerly belonging to her husband, Sir Edward le Despenser, and all the lands and tenements which were Sir Henry del Isle's in the county of Northampton.
[Kent.] A. 13640. Certificate out of the Court of Arches, Monday after St. Agatha, [12]94, by R. de Ros, canon of St. Paul's, Commissary-General of the Archbishop, upon an appeal, apparently, from the jurisdiction of the Ordinary, in a tithe case between the prior and convent of Holy Trinity, London, and the abbot and convent of Lesn', William de Birston, and Daniel de Preston being their proctors respectively. Damaged.
Wilts. A. 13641. Indenture witnessing that Henry Sturmy, sheriff of Wilts, has delivered to Hugh Tyrell and Katharine, his wife, a moiety of all the lands and tenements which Emma, late the wife of Thomas Cheynduyt and William de Chiselden had in the said county, by virtue of the king's writ to him and as appears by an extent made before him at Bereford St Martin, Thursday after St. Ambrose, 47 Edward III, viz. a moiety of a messuage with curtilage and a close adjacent with a ham of meadow in a close in Bereford St. Martin, worth 6s. 8d., 70a. arable worth, at 6d. an acre, 35s., a moiety of 92a. unbroken land in the common pasture, worth 3s. 4d., a moiety of 8a. meadow in the common meadow, worth, at 2s. 6d. an acre, 20s., a moiety of the rent of assise of free and bond tenants, over and above 40s. which are paid to Ivo fitz Garyn lord of Wilton, 11l. 2s. 5d. arising from the rents of divers tenants in the town of Bereford St. Martin, viz. from Hugh Tyrell and Katharine, his wife, yearly, 10s., from Thomas Hungerford, 16s. 0½d., from Richard Lambard, of Doniton, 7s. 0½d., from Richard Lambard, of Bereford, 6s., from Nicholas atte Hoke, 2s. 6d., from Robert Tilye, 1½d. Item from the rents of bond tenants, viz. from William Rogers, Juliana Pryntes, John Anketille, Agnes Pynkama[n], Walter Flete, John Muliere, and Ralph Flete, 12s. apiece, and from Henry Kembere, 2s. 6d.; the moiety of a cottage formerly Stotes, worth 12d., the moiety of a toft and land formerly Jolyfblod's, 40d., the moiety of the tenement and lands formerly Reigat's, 20d., a moiety of the pleas and profits of the courts of the said Emma and William de Chiselden, 20d., the moiety of a rent called 'Churschut,' worth 20d. Sum of the moiety of the lands and tenements aforesaid in all their issues beyond drawbacks, 7l. 7s. 0½d., extended by Thomas Rede and other jurors (named), to be received by the said Hugh and Katharine until they have levied 40 marks. Sealed by the said sheriff and the said Hugh respectively. Dated at Bereford. Seal of arms.
N'hamp. A. 13642. Warrant by Thomas, earl of Sussex, viscount Fitzwalter, lord de Egremont and de Burnell, K.G., captain of the gentlemen pensioners and gentlemen at arms of the queen,president and lieutenant general of the council of the North and chief justice and justice in eyre of all the queen's forests, parks, chases and warrens this side Trent, to the warden or lieutenant and verderers of the queen's forest of Rockingham; being certified by their certificate, 25 June, 13 Elizabeth, that certain coppices called 'Broke Coppice, Thackholme Coppice and Evenno Coppice alias Evenno Quarter,' parcel of the possessions of William Catesbye, esquire, within the said forest, can be cut and sold without damage of the queen's vert or venison, he licences Catesbye to sell, cut and carry the same at certain dates. Given under the seal of his office, 18 December, 14 Elizabeth, 1571. Signed T. Sussex'. Seal of arms broken, quarterly of eight.
[Norf.] A. 13643. Copy on parchment of the will, 28 July, 1473, of Margaret Spitlyng otherwise called Margaret Dyx, late the wife of William Dyx of Great Yarmouth, deceased; soul to God, &c. body to be buried in the church (in facie ecclesie) of the Friars Preachers of Yarmouth; to the high altar of the church of St. Nicholas the Bishop, there, for tithes forgotten, 2s.; to the Friars Minors Carmelite (fratribus Minorum Carmelit'), 12d.; to the Austin Friars, 12d.; to the Friars [Preachers] aforesaid for the souls of herself, and of John Spitlyng and William Dyx, her husbands, deceased, her parents, &c. 5 marks; to Alice, her daughter, 26s. 8d., Elizabeth, her daughter, 4 marks; her dwelling place in Yarmouth, with two gardens, to be sold, for payment of debts and performance of will; Thomas Stone, clerk, her feoffee (feoffator meus) therein to release his estate to Robert Crowmer, burgess and merchant of the same, when required, which Robert she appoints her residuary legatee and executor.
[Dorset.] A. 13644. Probate copy of the will, 10 October, 1408, of John [Tou]ky; to be buried in the churchyard of St. Mary of Brideport; to the fabric of the church of Salisbury, 4d., of the church of St. Mary of Brideport, 20d., of the church of St. Andrew, 6d.; to the rector of the parish church of Brideport, 3s. 4d.; to the parish chaplain, 12d.; residue to wife Rose; she and son John to be executors. Proved before the official of the Archdeacon of Dorset by the executors. Newton, 11 January in said year.
[Somers.] A. 13645. R. bishop of Bath, to his diocesans (parrochianis) and all faithful. We grant just demands without delay, wherefore assenting to our brethren the monks of Ferleia we confirm the gifts made to them in churches and lands in my diocese (parochia mea) to wit, the church of Cluttuna, the tithe of the lordship of Thimbresbera by the gift of Geoffrey the sewer (Gaufredi dapiferi), the mill of the same town by the gift of William his son, the land which renders 6s. in Clutt', by the gift of Ilbert de Caz. Item 7s. from the mill of the same town by the gift of William de Greinvilla, the church of Feremberga and the land which renders 5s., the land of Bara by the gift of Osmund the knight, the tithe of the lordship of William de Bera, the land of Pridia by the gift of William son of John, the land of Chinctuna by the gift of the same William, the land of Middetuna by the gift,of William Denebold, the land of Heamtuna by the gift of the same William, the mill of Duuelicium by the gift of Ralph Wac. Cursed be the offenders, &c.
Endorsed: Martyn de Hull. Thorn' de Hull.
London. N'hamp Warw. A. 13646. Will and testament, with probate annexed, of Thomas Wilkes, of Hoddenhull alias Hodnell, co. Warwick, esquire, merchant of the staple —, 16 August, 1558; to be buried in parish church of St. 'Michell tharchangell in Coventre;' to he 'worshipfully buryed;' 100 marks for one hundred gowns for poor people of said city at burial; after funeral and debts paid, executors to take out of his goods 2,000l. to be delivered to Sir Richard Leveson, knight, and William Hewet, alderman, and Edward Leveson, esquires, to be put out to interest so that the profits may satisfy Margaret Sentlowe, wife of Sir John Sentlowe, knight, yearly during her life 200l. by half-yearly payments, and the manor of Hoddnell and other his lands in Warwickshire be exonerated of the said payment, and after her death 1,000l. thereof to be paid to the mayor, sheriffs and aldermen of the said city to be 'from tyme to tyme bestowed upon woolles to be put forthe to the poore people' thereof 'to be made and converted in to good clothes and that the same clothes so therof made shalbe . . . . conveyghed to Blackewell Hall in London, ther to be solde to the moste advantage,' the profit to be bestowed 'to the only use and reliefe of the poore housholders' of the said city and suburbs, and 'thole stocke of ' 1,000l. being 'receyved agayne for the sayd clothes, shalbe foorthewith bestowed agayne upon woolles or as it shall fortune to be receyved for the sayd clothes by percelles,' 'to then tent the poore people may be set a woorke therewith contynuallie,' the mayor, &c. to give bond for the repayment to Sir Richard, and the others, of the said 1,000l. at the end of a term of eighteen years from the death of the said Margaret; further his executors within a year of the death of the said Margaret are to deliver to the — of Brydewell, London, and within two months to the masters of the several 'hospitalls' of Christes Churche, London, 'St. Bartholomews Spyttell,' London, and St. Thomas 'Spittell in Southwerke,' 200l. apiece, to be employed to their profit, the mayor and aldermen of the city of London giving bond for the repayment of the said sums at the end of ten years. After the said terms of eighteen and ten years, or as soon as they can recover the said sums, his executors are to buy land to that value and to annex it to his manor of Hodnell, the profits to be applied to the relief of poor scholars of (1) St. John's College, Cambridge, (2) of Mawdlen College,'Oxford, and (3) marriages of poor maidens, repair of bridges and mending highways; he gives to Tymothy Clerke and William Gornarde 100l. apiece at twenty-one, over and above the portions bequeathed to them by their parents and friends; 'to my naturall brother William Wilkes and to my doughter in lawe his wyfe' a black gown and hood and to his brother a black coat; to his cousins Sir Richard and Edward Leveson and John Skevington, gowns and coats; to Elizabeth Cannan, immediately after the decease of Nicholas Cannan, her husband, if she survive him, 100 marks; to the reparations of St. Michael's, Coventry, 4l.; house- hold servants, 5l. apiece, a 'blacke cote' to the men, and a 'blacke frocke' to the women; to John Fawkoner, of Napton, 5l., to Jerome Westall, of Woodstocke, 20l.; to 'my Aunte Dennys Leveson, my cosen Sir Richard Leveson, knight, William Hewet, and to my cosen Edwarde Leveson, esquyres,' a ring of 4l. apiece; to cousins Thomas Suchelas, Nicholas Leveson, and William Leveson, Alice Hewet, Gresell Sadler, Mary Calthrop, Denys Strete, Elizabeth Leveson, daughter of Sir Richard Leveson, knight, and Anne Hewet, John Skevington, 'my soonne Hardinge and Margaret his wyfe,' Robert Wygge, and Thomas Digman, of London, a ring of 40s. apiece; 'to my sayd brother Wilkes and to my doughter in lawe his wyfe,' rings of 40s.; to Jone Wilkes 'my welbeloved wyfe,' 100l., plate and household stuff at Hodnell and saddle horses, upon condition that she dwell and 'kepe hospitalitie in the same howse' during her life, for half every year at least, and further shall leave the household stuff at her death to his executors; residue to executors 'to be disposed employed and distributed for the welthe of my soule and all Christen soules' at their discretion, 'and as they shalbe ther unto godly disposed'; executors, wife Johane Wilkes, faithful cousins, Sir Richard Leveson, knight, William Hewet and Edward Leveson, esquires, overseers,—(on same skin):—
21 August, 1558, I, Thomas Wilkes, of Hoddenhull alias Hodnell, co. Warwick, esquire, make this my last will and testament of my manors, lands, &c. in the counties of Warwick, Northampton, and the city of London. To wife, Johane 'my mansyon howse of Hoddenhull, alias Hodnell, co. Warwick, and 300 marks rent out or lands there, to be paid her half yearly for life; to executors, burgages, &c. in London, for sale and with the proceeds to 'fynde so many schollers' at Oxford and Cambridge for such time as they think fit; 'to my naturall brother William Wilkes and to my doughter in lawe Fraunces his wyfe,' 50l. yearly rent from land in Warwickshire, for the term of their lives in survivorship, upon condition that the said William surrender to the said executors, his lease, interest and term of years in the rectory, parsonage and tithes of Middleton Cheynie, co. Northampton, that the profits thereof may be used for the maintenance of his house of Hodnell, and shall 'do his endeavour by all diligent studie and labour,' at executors' cost, 'to obteyne and get into his handes one advowson of the sayd rectory and parishe churche now in thandes of Doctour Wright Archedeacon of Oxford to thuse of me and myne executours'; all lands, &c. in the counties of Warwick and Northampton, except said rents to wife and brother, to following uses:—if brother William fortune to have male issue, executors ' shall fynde the same issue male all maner of necessaries for his educacion and bringinge up untill he accomplishe thage, of fyve years, and after the sayd fyve years,' 'shall fynde the said issue male at Grammer scole, the Universities and Innes of Courte untill the sayd issue male do accomplishe thage of xxiiij. yeres,' and if he order himself during said term, and afterwards in the matter of marriage to executors' satisfaction, they shall make estate to him of the said lands in tail male; in case of his misbehaviour, or death without male issue executors to sell the premises and 'distribute the whole monye therof receyved for the welthe of my soule my fathers soule and all Christen soules.' English. Proved in the prerogative court, 6 February, 1558, by Edward Leveson, power reserved to Joan Wilkes, the relict, Richard Leveson, knight, and William Hewet.
Calais. A. 13647. 'To alle trewe Christen men,' 'Richard Cok maire of the towne of Sandewiche and Juratez of the same towne after due reverencez senden gretynge,' 'and because hit is gret mede to bere witnesse of trewthe and that is this the day of makynge of thes presentez appered afore us noghte coacte ne constreyned oure right trusty and wele beloved Sir Thomas Smyth vicar of the chirche of seynt Clement in Sandewiche John Serle comen clerk of the same towne and George Dove of the same mariner,' and deposed that they were present in Dove's dwelling place, 25 November, 1447, 'where the said Thomas Smyth ministred the sacrementez of holy chirche to on Harry Debate arbulester' of the king 'in his towne of Caleys, and the said John Serle wrote his testament and laste will' whereby he 'ordeyned Joane his wyfe John Horneby and Thomas Hamon his executourez and John Coys overseer and the same day the said Harry passed . . . . of this worlde unto our lordes mercy.' 'In witnesse . . . we . . . do putte our seall of office of mayralte . . .' Yeven the vijt day of Maye,' 27 'Harry the vjte.'
[Leic.] A. 13648. Probate by John Wardale, L.L.B., commisary general of William, bishop of Lincoln, in the archdeaconry of Leicester, of the will (annexed but missing) of John Burto[n merchant,] of the diocese of Lincoln, granted to the executors therein named. 12 March, 1439.
A. 13649. Extracts from Domesday. The 'Terra Eegis' in the counties of Northampton, Somerset and Dorset.
London. A. 13650. Pleas held in the Husting of London, Monday after the translation of St. Edward, 7 Edward II. Extracts from the will of [Godwyn le Hodere]. To a chaplain celebrating in the church of St. Mary of Wolchirchehawe for his soul, the souls of Philippa and Bona, his wives, and of all faithful departed, 6 marks of his rent from his tavern, with the hall built above it and chambers, on Cornhull, in the said parish of St. Mary, for ever, with power to parishioners to distrain; to wife Bona, tenement in the parish of St. Lawrence in the Jewry, for her life, with reversion to his right heirs. Testator's name supplied from Calendar of Husting Wills, i, 241.
[Wilts.] A. 13651. Certificate by Simon, archbishop of Canterbury, that the abbess and convent of Lacok appeared before his commissaries at his late visitation of the diocese of Salisbury and established their right to hold the churches of Lacok and Shireveton, of the said diocese, appropriated to their own use. Deverellangebrigg, Kal. July, 1332, in the year of his consecration the fifth.
York [N.R.] A. 13652. Indenture of fine in the quinzaine of Michaelmas . . . Edward III, between Eichard de Bernyngham, knight, querent, and Robert and Richard de Thorp, deforciants, of a moiety and third part . . . . in Bernyngham, Dalton Norreys, Mortham and Neusom in Broughton Lithe, to Richard for life [with remainder to] Geoffrey le Scrope, knight, in tail, with remainder in default to Geoffrey's right heirs.
[Monmouth.] A. 13653. Indenture of fine, Michaelmas, 8 Elizabeth, between Thomas ap Owen, querent, and Walter Herbert, of Skenfrith, gentleman, and Katharine his wife, of land, &c. in Penrose and Treyrgaer . . . . . Damayed.
York [W.R.] A. 13654. Exemplification under the seal of the Common Pleas, 20 April, of a fine levied Easter term, 17 Elizabeth, by Peter Etheryngton, gentleman, and Margaret, his wife, to George Savile, gentleman, of a mes- suage, &c. in Wakefield.
[Wilts.] A. 13655. Appointment, certified under the seal of Roger, bishop of Salisbury, by Joan, abbess of Lacok, of John de Harnham, the younger, as her proctor to sue and receive conditional absolution from the sentence of excommunication, if any, for non-payment of procurations to Sir Ither de Concorito, canon of Salisbury, papal nuncio, due for the first year of his stay in England, &c. Poterne, III Kal. January, 1329. Fragment of episcopal seal.
[Norf.] A. 13656. Notification by John, bishop of Norwich, that he has given the church of St. Athelbert of Burnham to William the priest (sacerdoti) of Burnham and instituted him parson thereof upon the presentation of Robert, the abbot, and the convent of Ramesey, provided that the said William, the chaplain, shall pay to the said monks the due, ancient and yearly pension of one mark, on the feasts of St. Margaret and Michaelmas equally. Witnesses, Thomas, the archdeacon, and others (named).
Surrey. A. 13657. Indenture of fine, the morrow of All Souls, 33 Elizabeth, between George Dallye, querent, and Richard Jenkynson and Margaret, his wife, deforciants, of a messuage and garden in Camerwell; warranty against themselves and the heirs of Richard.
Surrey. A. 13658. Counterpart of A. 13657.
[Bedf.] A. 13659. Notification by R. bishop of Lincoln, to the faithful of his diocese that Rodbert de Broi by the hand of Walter de Broi, his son, has restored for himself and his heirs to the bishop, for the church of Rameseia, the land of Craweleia which against justice he had occupied; for which the same Robert was excommunicate. The said Walter de Broi likewise has released his claim thereto. Witnesses, Geoffrey the chaplain, Nicholas de Hamt', Gilbert the almoner, Lawrence de Bucend', Walter the chaplain of Bucend', Osmund the priest of Branc', Master Roger [of] Huntend', William the sheriff, Burred' [of] Huntend', Ralph son of Bernard. Cf. A. 7873 and Ramsey Cartulary, vol. 1, p. 257.
[Essex.] A. 13660. (1) Libel of Roelanus, rector of the church of St. Mary of Wanestede, addressed to the judge, against the prior and convent of Holy Trinity, London, at 'Halegate'; showing that they have a grange in the parish of the said church, commonly called 'Cann Halle,' for the lands whereof and the beasts fed thereon they are bound to pay tithes to the said church, or its rector, by common law (jure communi); which tithes in his time they have never completely paid, except two quarters of corn, viz. one quarter of rye and one of oats, and this retention of tithes, both greater and lesser, they have practised since his institution, seventeen years ago; he seeks that, notwithstanding any alienations or grants of his predecessors, the tithes be restored, and that they pay in full for the said grange and for the fields called 'Hocfeld,' 'Holnfeld,' 'Bycheryswellefeld' and 'Bromfeld,' and that they pay lesser tithes for the feed of beasts there, according to time and places in which they pasture, and that he be satisfied of arrears, allowing for the two quarters, as above, &c.
(2) Certificate by R. archdeacon of Leicester, Papal delegate, of what was done before his commissaries, the sacristan of the church of St. Mary of the Castle, and Master Nicholas, his official, in the above cause. Roelanus appeared personally, the prior and convent by Nicholas de Cornwall (Cornubya), their proctor; the bull of Pope Innocent Ad audienciam nostram percenit, dated the Lateran, VII Kal. April anno one, was read; the archdeacon's commission to the Sacristan and Official, dated Leycestre, Tuesday after the Holy Trinity, 1276, was read, committing to them cognisance of the causes between the said rector of the one part, and the said prior and convent, Thomas David, John Hamund, Lawrence Godhewe, and Maud de Boddele, of the other; the conventional libel (libello convencionali) was read, whereby the said rector sought the greater and lesser tithes from the demesne of the said prior and convent at Leytone, in the parish of the church of St. Mary of Wanstede; whereupon, the said Roelanus acknowledged that he had heard and inspected the tenour of certain instruments, to wit, of a composition formerly made, touching the said tithes between the said religious and a certain predecessor of his, rector of the same church, with the consent of the patron, of letters of the diocesan bishop and of the chapter of St. Paul's, London, and of Papal letters; whereby it appeared that the said prior and convent were entitled to retain the said tithes, saving to the rectors for the time being the said two quarters; the rector's suit is accordingly dismissed, &c. Dated the year of our Lord above.
[Camb.] A. 13661. Letter of attorney by Thomas le Diakne, of Iclinton, proctor of the prior and convent of Mountmerilon, to Walter de Hunting- fieud, to receive, in the names of himself and of the prior and convent, 7 marks, which the wife of the late Walter Perepount, of Hocle, owes to them, of arrears of the farm of the water-mill (molyn eweriz) of Wykham, in the parish of Hokle, for three and a half years past, the last term of payment whereof was at Whitsuntide last; also notification that the said prior and convent have leased and given to Sir Aymar de Valence, seigneur of Mounteingnak, all their manor of Iclinton together with the said mill and whatever belongs to them in the realm of England, by their deed, and by the confirmation of the King of England, with release of his procuration to the said Aymer. Iclinton, the morrow of St. John the Baptist, 28 Edward [I]. Fragment of seal, with legend si . . . . . . . . ricardi. de. fo[n]te. Cf. A. 6692, 10793.
Norf. A. 13662. Fragment of an indenture of fine . . . . acres of land in the same two parts . . . . if [Robert son of Pe]ter and Margaret die without issue . . . . . they shall remain to the right heirs of the said Robert son of Andrew; and the said 24a. land . . . . . for the life of the said Peter and . . . ., with remainder to the said Robert son of Peter and Margaret, daughter of the said Andrew, in tail, with remainder in default to the right heirs of the said Robert son of Andrew.
[Norf.] A. 13663. Indenture of fine in the quinzaine of Easter, 40 Edward III, between Robert Herward, of Aldeburgh, querent, and William de Wilbeye, and Joan his wife, deforciants, of a fifth part of the manors of Wykemere and Bodham, and a fifth part of the advowson of Wykemere; viz. they give him two parts of two parts of the said fifths in fee, together with the reversion, expectant to them, and the heirs of Joan, on the death of Alice late the wife of Thomas de Bodham, who holds the same in dower, of a third part of the said fifths, and with the like reversion, expectant on the death of Margaret, late the wife of John son of Thomas de Bodham, of a third part of the two parts of the said fifths; warranty for themselves and Joan's heirs; consideration, 100 marks.
Norf. A. 13664. Indenture of fine in the octave of Michaelmas, 36 Elizabeth, between John Grebby, querent, and Anthony East and Elizabeth, his wife, deforciants, of a messuage and 2a. pasture in Kings Lynn; warranty for themselves and Elizabeth's heirs.
[York, W.R.] A. 13665. Indenture of fine in the octave of Michaelmas, 5 Edward VI, between John Pek, esquire, querent, and Henry Middelton son and heir of Brian Middilton, gentleman, deforciant, of a messuage, cottage, 20a. land, 60a. meadow, and 60a. pasture, in Wakefeld and Sandall, viz. of the messuage and cottage, 3a. land and 3a. meadow, parcel thereof, in fee, and of the reversion of the residue expectant on the decease of Anne Middilton, widow, late the wife of Brian.
[Kent.] A. 13666. Indenture of fine, the morrow of the Trinity, 35 Henry VIII, between Thomas Watton, esquire, querent, and Nicholas Sybyll, esquire, and Agnes, his wife, deforciants, of the manor of Chymbham, and land, etc. in Farnyngham; warranty for themselves and the heirs of Nicholas.
[Camb.] A. 13667. Preliminary decision, with adjournment with view to a compromise, Wednesday after the Apostles Peter and Paul, 1279, in the church of St. Michael, Cambridge, before the dean of Christianity of Cambridge, and Master Adam de Boudon, rector of the church of Sutho, commissaries of the prior of Huntingdon, papal delegate, in a cause upon appeal to the pope, between the prior and convent of Anglesey and the prior and convent of Spinney (Spineto). See "History of Bottisham," Cambridge Antiquarian Soc, pp. 222–3.
Devon. A. 13668. Indenture of fine in the octave of St. Michael, 2 and 3 Philip and Mary, between Edmund Sture, esquire, William Fountayn and Henry Luscomb, querents, and Simon Ealegh, esquire, deforciant, of the manor of Courtysknoll, and land, etc. in Courtisknoll, Gare and Dypforde, acknowledged to Edmund, with warranty to them and Edmund's heirs.
Linc. A. 13669. Indenture of fine, in the quinzaine of Easter, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, between John Copledyke, knight, querent, and Anthony Archer and Alice, his wife, and Thomas Archer, deforciants, of 3a. pasture in Langton by Parteney; warranty for themselves and the heirs of Thomas. See A. 13671.
Somers. A. 13670. (1) Indenture of fine in the quinzaine of Michaelmas, and of postfine in the octave of St. Hilary, 20 Henry VIII, between Henry Somerset, earl of Worcester, Nicholas Wadham, knight, and Amyas Paulet, knight, querents, and Andrew Lutterell, esquire, deforciant, of the castle, lordship and borough of Dunster, the manor of Mynnehed alias Mynhed, and lands, etc. in Dunster and Mynhed; acknowledged to be the right of them and the heirs of Nicholas, with warranty to them and the heirs of Nicholas;
(2) The like to Edmund Wyndam, esquire, John Wyndam, gentleman, Baldwin Malett, Roger Yorke and Giles Hill, and the heirs of Roger, of the manors of Carehampton and Rodehewysshe, the hundred of Carehamp- ton, and lands, etc. in Carehampton and Rodehewysshe;
(3) The like to John Rowe, Anthony Fitzherbert, knight, Baldwin Malet, John Bradmore and John Saunders, and the heirs of John Rowe, of the manor of Culveton, and land etc. in Culveton and Holford.
Linc. A. 13671. Counterpart of A. 13669.
[Kent.] A. 13672. Indenture of fine three weeks after Trinity, 34 Elizabeth, between Edward Wotton and William Cromer, esquires, querents, and Isaac and Belknapp Rudstone, gentlemen, deforciants, of the manors of Boughton Mounchelsey, Paulster, and Horton Kyrkeby, and land, etc. in Boughton Mounchelsey, Lowse, Lynton, Eastfarley, Maydston, Charte next Sutton Valence, Gowdherste, Stapleherst, Witersham, Ston', Ebeny, Horton Kirkeby, Farningham, Fakeham, Darteford, Westbeere, and Cheslett; to them and the heirs of Edward; warranty both by Isaac and Belknapp.